Chapter 162: Corrupt Dungeon

  After arriving to train in Shima we received news that Inari has been out of contact with her monsters for the last few days, and after doing a bit of investigation with [Archjusticar Menu] we have been unable to contact her. I decide it will be best to make sure she is safe so … Continue reading Chapter 162: Corrupt Dungeon


Chapter 161: Two-Twelve Helps His Daughters

  After careful consideration for a few days about my discussion with Maeve, Dawn and Twilight, we receive a spike of xp when I do the monthly recall of our monsters that are out training, but there are several surprises in store for us this month. Bandy slaps her adventurer’s ID on the bar at … Continue reading Chapter 161: Two-Twelve Helps His Daughters

Chapter 160: Maeve’s Deal

  It has been a few days since the birth of Roxy and Zoey’s son Wolfric, and things have never been livelier around the house. Zoey was quickly disappointed in Wolfric’s appetite. Even though he isn’t required to eat he apparently got Zoey’s love of eating, because he seems no different than a normal baby … Continue reading Chapter 160: Maeve’s Deal

Chapter 156: Struggling to Unite the Dungeons

  A few more weeks have past, and I have been spending my mornings with Belinda and Rory, my afternoons trying to work on the portals, and my evenings in Shima gathering xp with different groups from my dungeon. Now that Scylla has rejoined my dungeon along with Kline I took them on their first … Continue reading Chapter 156: Struggling to Unite the Dungeons