Chapter 183: Sandra

  After catching up on some much needed sleep, and spending time with Belinda and Rory I checking over things in the dungeon and found that even though Zelios never made it back to my dungeon he did accept my skill, so in addition to multiple new types of Lizardmen, one of which is the … Continue reading Chapter 183: Sandra


Chapter 178: Dungeon #764

  “This is getting us nowhere.” –Says Laura as we continue our process of trying to gather information from the dungeon core Barry.- Laura: “Asking him the same questions over and over for the past four hours is not accomplishing anything. I have far better things to do rather than wasting my time here in … Continue reading Chapter 178: Dungeon #764

Chapter 177: Taking the Fight to the Traitors

  From the moment we returned to my dungeon after getting Two-Twelve’s assistance in evolving Desiree I knew something was off. With my arm still around Angela’s soft, thin waist I decide to explore a bit on the new and improved Desiree by pulling her into me with a deep kiss. As a succubus, Desiree … Continue reading Chapter 177: Taking the Fight to the Traitors