Chapter 196: Unease

  When I wake up early the next morning there is little in the way of any news on how things are going with Madam Erin. I send a message to Dyson asking for a update, but either he is ignoring me or he is under the effects of one of the traitor’s items and … Continue reading Chapter 196: Unease


Chapter 192: The Justicars of Two-Twelve

  Belinda, Rory and I arrive at Ceres's dungeon to check on the training groups, and it ended up turning into a bit of a party. Everyone enjoyed themselves so I guess that is all that matters, or at least most everyone. Bandy’s group continued their training late into the evening and everything had already … Continue reading Chapter 192: The Justicars of Two-Twelve

Chapter 190: Training in Ceres’s Dungeon Part 2

  Ceres’s representative Saerus PoV It looks like I got stuck with a pretty vanilla group: Two humans, two dwarves, and two elves, a true textbook show of the 'civilized' races that appear as adventurers in nearly every bard's tale, and a male and female of each, on top of that. The human female seems … Continue reading Chapter 190: Training in Ceres’s Dungeon Part 2

Chapter 189: Training in Ceres’s Dungeon

  “Now we can see what everyone can do!” We spent the entire evening yesterday getting to know the new members of our group, but as they had just been summoned it wasn’t like there was much for them to tell. We did get to learn about their personalities though, and I think we will … Continue reading Chapter 189: Training in Ceres’s Dungeon

Chapter 188: Merretta’s Civil War

  “Welcome everyone!” –My voice rings out causing the large group of people in front of me to start settle down.- Two-Twelve spoke of there being a few non-conventional members to these groups, and to be honest I was expecting the few dwarves, elves, avian, and cat-folk to a degree, and even the lizardmen are … Continue reading Chapter 188: Merretta’s Civil War