Chapter 91: Kline’s Decision

Belinda and I woke up the next morning and prepared to head back to Tobes. After rejoining with Scylla she looking a little depressed and when we arrive at the front gate we find out why. Waiting for us at the front gate is Amy with a rather large pack, and she too looks unhappy to be here.

“I guess Kline decided to stay?”

Scylla doesn’t say anything but bows her head. Amy however seems angry when she says. “That was your big plan? Taking Kline instead of me… How could you even think he would go along with that?”

Belinda: “It wasn’t our first choice. I tried to get Logan to allow both of you to stay but this was the result. I am sorry both of you…”

Scylla seems to be holding back as she says. “It’s ok really… Kline has his duties to Logan, it has always been that way.”

“Do you want to say bye to him? We can wait a while longer if we need to.”

Scylla: “No…We said what we needed to last night. I even gave him back the communication parchment…”

Belinda: “Oh Scylla… I’m so sorry…” –She says while she quickly moves over to give Scylla a hug.-

Scylla’s voice crackles as she says. “I just thought I would have been enough for him…But I guess I was wrong…”

Scylla never sheds a tear, but you can tell it is taking everything in her power to prevent it. Belinda just holds her for a while, and after Amy suggests that we need to get a move on Belinda and Scylla straighten themselves up and we depart from the city gates.

We head out of the capital for a about 15 minutes till we are sure we are clear from the sight of the walls and I then focus on the house while casting [Gate]. Amy’s initial shock quickly fades after Scylla passes through the gate.

Belinda: “You next Amy, you’ll arrive at the house.”

Amy nods moving forward looking at the gate. She seems unsure, but after a few seconds Belinda walks up behind her pushing her through, and then steps through herself. I take a quick look back towards the capital and then follow the rest through.

After arriving back in the house at Tobes I see that Amy is doubled over on her hands and knees looking a little worse for wear.

“Are you ok?”

Amy: “Ugh… That was like when you took Belinda and me to your bedroom on her birthday a few years ago but ten times worse…”

Belinda: “its ok you will eventually get used to it.”

Amy: “I don’t know if I want to…”

Roxy has come down the stairs to see what the commotion is about, so I have her help Amy with her things taking her up to one of the spare rooms.

“I guess I will go check on Lilah and Lylah real quick, and then head to the office. Scylla you can rest, and take as much time as you need.”

Scylla: “Thank you Master, but I would rather just go back to work.”

Belinda: “Really Scylla it is ok, why don’t you at least take today, and if you still feel the same way you can get back to it tomorrow.”

Scylla looks like she wants to argue about it but she eventually just nods and heads up to her room with a sullen expression.

“You think she is going to be ok?”

Belinda: “It’s going to be hard for a while, but I think she will eventually come around… I feel I failed her though.”

“We did our best, Kline’s mind couldn’t be changed when it meant being with Scylla and helping out his sister, so I don’t think anything we could have said would have made a difference.”

Belinda: “Well I could have gone with Logan’s suggestion and not given him a choice.”

“But you really think it would have been good for Scylla and him if you did that?”

Belinda: “I guess you are right… I just wish there was something I could do…”

“Well like you said she will eventually come around…”

I give Belinda a brief kiss then transfer to the core room. Both Lilah and Lylah quickly jump to their feet when they see me arrive grabbing things from around the core room trying to hide it. To say it’s a mess is overstating it a bit, but there are a few plates and silverware scattered about, and the bed looks to have seen use lately with a little stuffed cat sitting on one of the pillows.

Lilah: “Master is back already?”

“You knew we were coming back today, and with the teleport spell it doesn’t take any time at all. What have you two been doing anyway? Have neither of you left the core room at all this past week?”

Lylah: “Of course we did! We took turns getting food!”

“We summoned Lylah so you could get out more Lilah, not for you both to hold up in the core room together.”

Lilah: “Master doesn’t understand! Lilah and Lylah have been really busy…”

“Even at night?” –I say while motioning to the bed.-

Both: “Uhhh…Yes?”

“There have been adventurers staying overnight in the dungeon?”

Lylah: “Well no…”

Lilah: “But there have been so many during the day we thought it would be better safe than sorry, and Lilah didn’t want to disappoint Master like last year.”

“I was gone three times as long last year, and we are in a lot better shape. You know you can set [Menu] to warn you when an adventurer enters the dungeon, and with the tunnel that gives you plenty of time to get ready.”

Both of their ears droop and they don’t say anything else.

“So what about Sofia has she came to help you two at all?”

Lilah: “She has been working on the old adventurer’s guild to begin training the new adventurers so she has been too busy.”

Lylah: “Roxy makes sure we are doing ok she checked with us at least once a day to make sure.”

“Well now that I am back you two can sleep in your own rooms tonight, and you better get the core room cleaned up before I get back.”

Both: “Alright!”

They look a little suspicious but Lilah has never directly disobeyed me, so I will leave it be for now. I then transfer back to the house walking to the office. Bell seems to be fairing alright at the office by herself but she is glad to see me.

Bell: “Other than that everything has been running smoothly.”

“I was a little worried with all the new items that are required, but you handled yourself very well. I am proud of you.”

Bell seems to blush as I say that and she quickly gets back to work. After a few hours at the office I head back on the house. I seen Roxy earlier, but I didn’t have a chance to ask how Zoey was or talk to her at all. I also need to see how Amy is fairing now.

When I make it back home I find a little more then I bargain for when I find Roxy and Zoey in the kitchen… Needless to say I think Zoey is back to normal otherwise I don’t see how she could have been in that kind of position…

Roxy enters the entryway shortly later apologizing profusely… I awkwardly say everything is alright, but that is kind of where we all eat… When Zoey finally joins us she has a sheepish grin on her face.

Zoey: “Sorry boss, it’s my fault I said being your first day back you wouldn’t be home so early… Guess I was wrong.”

“Well I am glad you are feeling better, but keep it to your room please…”

I guess Belinda is right, I mean if they had their own house they could do what they want. I guess we should actually sit down with everyone later and talk about it. Roxy meanwhile still hasn’t quit apologizing.

I don’t tell anyone else about what happened but needless to say it makes eating dinner that night a little awkward for me… When everyone finishes and begins to leave I ask them to stay for a minute.

“I wanted to talk to you all. First of all I am proud of all of you for taking care of things in my absence and after getting the kings approval for Belinda and my wedding to progress I am sure we will be quite busy with that for a while, so I know I can count on you guys all for that.”

Zoey: “Of course boss we are here for you!”

Lilah & Lylah: “You didn’t do anything all week!”

Zoey: “I was sick! Boss can you do something about them that is starting to get a bit creepy…?” –Lilah and Laylah both stick their tongues out at Zoey at the same time.-

“Alright girls, that’s enough, but that wasn’t the only thing I wanted to talk about. I also wanted to ask if you are all happy here?”

Most of them look confused. Katie and Sofia appear the only ones indifferent about my comment.

Scylla: “Of course Master, we love it here.”

Zoey: “Yea you’re the best Boss I could ask for Boss…”

Belinda: “What I think he means is here in the house… We talked about it a little bit and we thought maybe some of you would like to have your own place, even if it is just here in Tobes.”

Katie: “It doesn’t matter to me, I got everything I need right here.”

Zoey: “This isn’t about earlier is it?”

Belinda: “What happened earlier?”

“No, it isn’t about earlier. We started talking about this before we went to the capital. I still need all of your help, but I thought maybe you would at least like to have your own places. They would still be in the dungeon, but they would be your own homes to do what you like with.”

Zoey: “I like you a lot boss, but Roxy and I having are own place where nobody can walk in on us when…”

Roxy: “Yes… We get it Zoey. She means I think we would consider it if you let us.”

Scylla: “I have no reason to leave. I think I will just stay where I am…”

Lilah: “Can Lylah and Lilah…”

“No the core room is not a house, but if you two want a house in town when you get a bit older we can talk…”

Lilah and Lylah seem a little disappointed…

Katie: “I am with Scylla. As long as I have my forge in the basement I will stick with what I got.”

Bell: “I…”

Sofia: “I am down for having my own place, or if anyone wants to be my roomie that is good too.”

Belinda: “How would that be any different than being here?”

Sofia: “It’s not, I am fine either way, but it might be fun.”

“Well if you want to it is fine with me, as long as you remember you still have responsibilities to the dungeon.”

Bell: “I don’t think I could be on my own, but if it is ok with Sofia I might like to try staying with her…”

Sofia: “That’s the spirit, we can have wild parties, have all kinds of men stay the night, and drink without worries.”

Bell: “uhm…”

Belinda: “I don’t mind you living your own life. I just ask you at least remember you represent Two-Twelve and me in your actions.”

Sofia: “I was only joking…Well mostly.”

We continue to talk a while and so far it sounds like Roxy and Zoey are going to have a house commissioned, Bell and Sofia will as well, but Katie, Scylla, Lilah, and Lylah will remain here. Zoey asks for nothing short of a castle, but Roxy says just a simple house is more than enough.

Belinda draws up a floor plan large enough to suit both sets of girls needs and she tells the girls she will begin working on getting it started tomorrow. We finally part for the evening, and even though the rest of the girls are rather neutral about the new houses Roxy seems rather excited.

After the next few days pass we begin to get back in the swing of things, and although Belinda is slowly working on plans for the wedding the majority of it will have to be handled back at the capital in a few months.

Scylla has returned to work but she has been remained rather depressed, but she is just focusing on her work to take her mind off of it, she even chases me out of the office telling me she has got everything taken care of…

She is never downright rude, and I know she is hurting so I give her a bit of leeway, so I head out. I find Amy bored out of her mind at the adventurer’s guild watching Belinda work.

“Maybe you wouldn’t be so bored if you gave Belinda a hand?”

Amy: “No thanks…Maybe I should go apply at the brothel for a job.”

“I don’t think Belinda would like that.”

Amy: “So your Monsters get to do whatever they want, but I don’t?”

“You are not my reasonability, so I don’t have any say in the matter. The magic that binds you is quite different then what binds my monsters.”

Amy: “Well you think you could talk to Belinda for me? I need something to do.”

“I think that was the key word something not someone.”

Amy: “That is easy for you to say. Meanwhile I am the one left doing without.”

“Maybe you should help Sofia over at the old adventurer’s guild.”

Amy: “I would rather just sit here…”

“Well don’t say I didn’t at least try to help. I will leave you to it then.”

I head over to Belinda and talk to her for a minute but she is pretty busy, I tell her I am a little worried about Amy, and she is as well. After giving Belinda a quick kiss I decide to go check out what Sofia is doing over at the old guild.

Sofia has practically gutted the building completely leaving only the bare floor in the front room. I don’t see her anywhere so I head to what used to be the back room. What were once the hallway, storage room, and the two makeshift living quarters where Belinda and Amy stayed when they first arrived is now another wide empty area. Sofia has even taken down quite the walls.

Sofia is huddled in one of the corners working on something but I can’t tell what, and she is so engrossed in it she doesn’t appear to have noticed me yet. I clear my throat to make my presence known and Sofia doesn’t even react.

Sofia: “Yea, yea. Give me just a second…”

I wait for a few more minutes before she finally stands up, stretches, and says. “Whatca doing, checking up on me?”

“Well I got run out of the office for the rest of the day, so I just thought I would see how everyone was doing. What was it there you were working on?”

Sofia: “Nothing…”

“You looked awfully focused on it, do you need some help?”

Sofia: “I see why they chased you out of the office.”

“I thought you would like some help, I guess I will go check on Katie now…”

Sofia: “Hey, wait…”


Sofia: “Belinda was telling me since we missed her birthday and Lilah’s again. Then with the wedding there is a good chance we could miss almost all the others as well, so she was planning on just throwing a single big party for everyone this year.”

“Well that is news to me, but it sounds reasonable…”

Sofia: “Well Bell has been sort of my plus one the last few months. She doesn’t say much but I actually find that the best part, so I wanted to know if you think she would appreciate if I made her a pair leather gloves?”

“You were making a pair of leather gloves?

Sofia: “I will have you know I am quite good with my hands. Thank you very much…”

“I didn’t mean anything by it… I think Bell would like that”

Sofia: “Now I don’t know if you are being honest or just trying to make up for being rude.”

“Like you said Bell and you have grown quite close, she even wanted to move in with you to be your roommate, I am sure she would appreciate anything you make yourself a great deal.”

Sofia: “I am not going to tell her I made it…”

“…Alright. I think she would still like it regardless. I guess if that is all I will now go check on Katie.”

Sofia doesn’t object this time and I have learned better then to delve too deep into it so I leave from the building and decide to go check on Katie at the blacksmith shop.

The blacksmith shop has come a long way in the last few months… What used to be a small building with a poor verity of weapons and armor is now a fully furnished blacksmith. They have been so increasingly busy as of late that when I enter there is one of the young men from the village running the counter.

Young Man: “Mister Mayor. Good to see you today, can I interest you in a new weapon or suit of armor perhaps?”

“No thanks… I actually just came to check to see how Katie is doing.”

Young Man: “Katie and boss are in the back working on a suit of armor, they asked not to be disturbed till it was complete. They seemed quite adamant about it…”

“Well I guess it isn’t anything important, and I can talk to her later. What about you? How do you like working here?”

Young Man: “I have already learned quite a lot, they haven’t let me make anything for adventurers yet, but simple things for the villagers they have let me make a few. Boss is pretty slow, but Katie keeping everything running smoothly.”

“So you want to lean to be a blacksmith as well?”

Young Man: “To be honest I just wanted a job till I could save up some money to buy my adventurer’s ID and some gear. I thought working for the blacksmith I might be able to get a discount so that is how I ended up here, but watching Miss Katie work is rather enthralling…After that I thought it might not be too bad to learn the trade.”

“She does seem to turn blacksmithing into almost an art form doesn’t she?”

Young Man: “Indeed she does… At first I just wanted any kind of weapon and armor I could get my hands on to become an adventurer, but now I wouldn’t settle for anything less than one of Katie’s works. Although the thought of wearing equipment I made myself is starting to have a nice ring to it.”

“I would imagine the pride you would feel in knowing the armor you wear and the weapon you wield being made by your own hands would be quite the empowering feeling. Although I guess if you feel your abilities are lacking it could be quite nerve-racking as well.”

Young Man: “…Your right. I didn’t think of it like that. Maybe I should just wait till I can afford some of Katie’s works…”

“I am sure once they begin to let you make weapons and armor you will begin to have more confidence in your work, but if you focus on wanting to make equipment for yourself, knowing your own life will depend on it will make you want to work that much harder.”

Young Man: “Thanks Mister Mayor, I will keep that in mind.”

After bidding the young man a good afternoon I leave from the blacksmith. There is still quite a bit of time till the sun sets and I have about run out of things to distract myself with so I decide to make a round around Tobes, because I haven’t done that lately.

Concerning what Sofia said earlier, Belinda hasn’t spoken about it to me, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to at least begin looking around for gifts for everyone, as at least I know I should have already came up with an idea for Belinda as her birthday was a few months back already…

I eventually find myself on the other side of town at Denova’s general store. Denova should be busy with her new baby so I should be able to have a look around with too much difficulty. I however quickly find out I might have been wrong as after looking around for a bit Denova approaches me.

She looks a bit more rested then the last time I seen her, and she looks to be starting to even get her old sly smile back it is only visible for a few short seconds, before returning to a depressed expression.

Denova: “I would like you to thank the princess for me. The young lady that responded to the commission at the capital is quite good. I have begun to have enough free time to return to running my affairs.”

“I am sure Belinda would like to hear that, you still look rather troubled though.”

Denova: “It is the incompetence of the ones I left in charge. Did you know the dungeon went through quite the expansion here a while back yet these idiots didn’t bother even trying to get a lock on the new items that started to flow from the dungeon? They even kept buying the older items at the same price making me have an overabundance of weak magical ingredients at the same cost as what everyone else has been selling the more advanced for…”

“Sounds like quite the problem.”

Denova: “Well enough of my troubles, I actually wished to speak with you for a moment.”

“Well I wasn’t really that busy, so what do you need?”

Denova: “Well it is concerning the items coming down from the dungeon, I tried to carry a wide verity here at my store, but as you image as even more items begin to appear in the dungeon it’s going to be hard to maintain enough room for it all.”


Denova: “I was thinking of expanding again, well that is to say opening another store. I have spread this one to thin, it supplies most of the general goods in town now, but with the space taken up with the adventurer type items I am sure I am missing out on some opportunities. If I separate the two I believe I could increase my revenue.”

“Well you will just need to file the form at the office.”

Denova: “Well the general goods items are fine here, but I was hoping with the adventurer’s guild entering the town hall, the old building would be more in lines in the part of town were the adventurer’s tend to congregate. As some of these more dedicated adventurer’s that have been arriving lately haven’t been visiting the brothel.”

“Belinda said something about the restrictions on the old building as it belongs to the guild, but I believe we are going to open a training facility for the younger adventurers.”

Denova: “Then what of the land next to the town hall?”

“Well Belinda has acquired all the area pretty much east of the main road, and I am sure if things continue as they are the blacksmith will need an expansion quite soon, but the area beyond that heading up the mountain is available. We could probably squeeze a few more buildings in there before the grade would become too steep.”

Denova: “That would leave very little room for expansion…”

“Unless you speak with Belinda, I am afraid that is the only option available if you plan on placing it on the main street there.”

We continue to speak about it for a while and she decides to wait for now, asking me to hold the land for her. As the only ones in Tobes with enough funds to handle a property that requires that much work is her or Belinda I don’t see any problem with it so I say I will. Then without any snarky comments she leaves me to return to my looking around. After finishing my browsing I head back home.

A few days later when the form crosses my desk I am almost in disbelief as it appears Belinda has sold a large portion of land right next to the town hall to Denova… That is literally 2 doors down from our house, so before I stamp the form I decide to talk to Belinda about it first.

Belinda: “Yes I realize, but we managed to come to an agreement. I have to say motherhood has really seemed to take its toll on Denova” –She says with a sly smile worthy of Denova’s old self.-

“Well if you are sure…”

I then turn to head back upstairs to complete the form, but before I make it I see someone entering the town hall that causes me to hesitate. Quickly heading over to Belinda and me Kline wears a serious expression.

Kline: “I am so sorry…”

Belinda: “I believe you are saying that to the wrong person.”

Kline: “I realized I made a critical mistake by the morning you planned to leave the capital, and I even tried to catch you before you left. I traveled to all the caravans trying to find the one you were taking, and it wasn’t till I came up empty that I heard you already departed on foot. After getting the Young Master’s permission I quickly gathered my things and tried to catch up, but no how hard I pushed I didn’t seem to be able to catch up…”

“Well sorry about that… I have managed to get the kinks worked out in that teleport spell so we used it to travel back to Tobes.”

Amy quickly joins the conversation with an excited expression. “Does that mean I can return to the capital?”

Belinda: “Hold on a minute… With the pain you caused Scylla, I am not sure if the offer still stands.”

Kline: “Please before you turn me down, can I at least speak with Scylla first?”

Belinda: “I don’t know…”

Kline & Amy: “Please?”

Belinda: “Alright, but if Scylla asks you to leave that’s it.”

Amy pats her brother on the back in the first show of care for her brother I have ever seen as she says. “Good luck Kline…” Unfortunately I know the only reason she hopes he succeeds is so she can then return to the capital…

We start to head upstairs, but we have to force Amy to wait downstairs… “I don’t know about leaving you to alone right now… But I will head in and send Bell out then you and Belinda can come in and it would just be the four of us at least.”

Kline: “I guess it concerns you both as well, so I guess that is fair…”

I head back into the office and ask Bell to step out to talk to Scylla, they both seem a little confused but Bell quickly agrees. When she heads out though and Belinda and Kline enter Scylla quickly grows angry. I don’t think I have ever seen Scylla angry before…

Scylla: “What are you doing here?”

Kline: “Please just let me explain… I know I said some stupid things, but I instantly regretted it. I tried to catch you before you left, but I didn’t know you guys were using a teleport spell to return. If you give me a second chance, I promise I will make it up to you.”

Scylla: “And what about Logan?”

Kline: “He still would like to take me with him when he goes adventuring, but he said if it is a problem I don’t have to go. Other than that I will serve Lady Belinda instead from now on.”

Scylla: “You would stay here, even if I asked you to give up adventuring entirely?”

Kline: “I won’t lie and say gladly, but I do promise if that is what you ask of me I am willing to make that sacrifice.”

Scylla: “Well I won’t take it away from you, and I will still be required to help Master when he requires it as well, but if you are willing to give up so much…”

Kline then moves forward taking Scylla’s hand. “Then if it is alright with your Master, and Lady Belinda.” He then takes a knee. “Will you marry me?”

Scylla: “That’s not fair… I still want to be angry with you…” –She looks over to Belinda and me like she doesn’t know how to answer.-

“I think Scylla is wondering if it is too late to get her own place now.”

Belinda elbows me, but smiles while Scylla’s once angry face, that turned confused, now turns to one of embarrassment.

Scylla: “I… I will…”

Kline quickly jumps up wrapping his arms around Scylla, and then gives her a deep kiss which seems to make her blush even more.

“Bell and I can take care of things for the rest of the day, and I am sure you two have quite a bit to talk about, so why don’t you take the rest of the day off Scylla.”

Belinda: “And I am going to have to try to explain to Amy that she is going to have to go back to the capital… I am sure it is going to break her poor little heart.”

Scylla laughs wiping a tear from her eye. “Thanks Master, Kline and I will make dinner this evening to make up for it.”

“Really you don’t have to.”

Scylla: “It isn’t any trouble. We can still talk while making dinner.”

Belinda sighs and says. “Fine, but we might be a bit late tonight, so you might want to wait a few hours before you plan on starting anything.”

Scylla: “If things are busy here we can just talk while we work then…”

“That’s quite alright, I am sure there are some things you need to talk about alone…”

It takes a bit of work but we finally manage to convince them to head to the house… I still don’t think they got the idea though. Anyway Amy quickly rushes in the office after they leave together with a beaming grin on her face.

Amy: “Does this mean I get to go home?”

Belinda: “I was hoping you felt being with us was starting to feel like home… But yes Kline is staying so you can return to the capital. Remember though part of the agreement means you will serve Logan from now on, meaning you have to do what he asks.”

Amy: “I am going to go pack my things then! I can probably make it quite a distance before nightfall if I leave within the hour.”

Belinda: “I didn’t think you hated being with us that much…”

Amy: “Of course I don’t mind you, it’s this small town I don’t like.”

“Well if you stick around till the morning I promise I will send you back to the capital with the teleport spell. That should at least save you the travel time.”

Amy looks a little hesitant after the last gate spell but she eventually agrees. After she leaves the room Bell slowly peeks in the door.

Bell: “Is it ok to return now?”

I laugh and say. “Yes, we are done now…”

Belinda had commissioned quite a bit of land to be cleared behind our house to begin another road, and for the girls houses, so it is not going to be difficult to add a little more to it for a house for Scylla and Kline, but also give her plenty of time to find out if they have any special requests.

It probably won’t be till Belinda and my wedding before the houses are built anyway, so I guess there isn’t any rush. There is also this form I am still holding in my hand about Denova’s new shop as well. It looks like Tobes is going to go through quite the growth spirt yet again. We are going to keep the lower level adventurers busy for quite a while at least.

Once we make it home that evening it is apparent the suggestion to Scylla and Kline was indeed lost on them as they have prepared a grand dinner, and Kline’s things are sitting in the corner of the dining room so they haven’t even went upstairs yet.

The meal turns out very good, even though I of course don’t exactly enjoy the taste… But we all seem to have a good time. With Amy getting to go back to the capital the next day Belinda tries to spend as much time as possible with her.

Even after dinner is over and we begin heading to bed Kline gathers his things and Scylla shows him to one of the guest rooms…

“You know you got engaged today… It would be ok if he stayed in your room from now on.”

They both appear to begin blushing and looking at each other serious expression like it hasn’t even crossed their minds yet…

Scylla: “I guess I…I will…Show you to… Our room then…”

Belinda and I can’t help but shake our heads as Kline gulps, nervously nods his head, and follows Scylla upstairs.

Zoey: “Well boss it looks like you are safe from becoming a grandpa for a while.”

Roxy elbows Zoey as she drags her off into their bedroom, Belinda and I then head to bed as well.


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