Chapter 9: Training in Madam Erin’s Dungeon.


I slowly start to wake as I can feel something grab my shoulders then all of a sudden I start getting frantically shaken.


“Wow! Stop. I am awake.” I open my eyes when Thirty-seven lets go of my shoulders then she moves over to the chair where the towel is sitting. She picks up the towel then sits down. My eyes still feel like they are rattling around and the room finally quits spinning as I sit up.


 I know I told her to wake me up by shaking me, but even still that was harsh. I get up and walk over to her placing on hand on her shoulder.


“From now on, like this.” I lightly shake her for a second. “That should be more than enough.”


Thirty-seven: “Noted.”


“How much time do we got?”


thirty-seven: “Twenty nine minutes”


I check the screens and see the other slime, two goblin brutes, and young kobold mage standing in the crystal room; I move them to the first room leaving.


4 goblin brutes with swords and shields in torn leather armor


2 blue slime


2 kobold mage with mage robes and wooden staves


1 hobgoblin with an iron great axe and wearing worn rusty chainmail


I look around the room and decide to buy another chair for 5xp and set it next to the one Thirty-seven is in. I sit down next to her and wait for the battle to start.


Intruders have entered the dungeon.


The first two waves are identical to day 3 and both perish without losing any monsters however there is no longer a break between waves. As soon as the second wave is down the third wave hits, and it too is like day 3. It is also quickly dispatched but the crimson kobold managed to take out two of the goblin brutes, and one of the slimes fall to the spells of the mage.


 After the battle I get a message about acquiring my first small wooden bow and can now craft it for 25xp.


Now the fourth wave hits. Thirty-seven and I are both shocked to see the same setup as yesterday with the 4 crimson kobolds enter the dungeon. They manage to break two of the spike traps and clear the room but once they enter the next its 2 against one and they are all injured, so they eventually fall without me losing anything else.


Intruders Neutralized.


We wait for a few more minutes to wait and see but no other intruders enter. I manage to acquire 130 xp and some gear after spending 30xp to heal my kobolds I notice the new great axe hobgoblin waiting in the crystal room and send him to the front.


 1 slime, 1 kobold mage, and 2 goblin brutes will be ready in the morning from the rift; I started with two days’ worth today so I use xp to summon an extra blue slime, kobold mage, and 2 goblin brutes so the beginning room will have the same head count tomorrow.


 I replace the broken weak spike traps with the normal spike traps, I store the faulty tile switches and buy two regular ones. I leave the one unbroken weak spike trap and faulty tile switch alone. I am now 225xp in the hole for the day but I did manage to get more equipment and replaced the spike traps so not to bad so far. We wait another 30 minutes just to be sure no more attacks come.




Spike Trap: A standard spike trap, not easily broken. Can be spotted without the [Trap Detection] ability.




“So, what now? Do you think we should try taking out some monsters in Madam Erin’s dungeon? We managed today very well, but it’s only going to get harder.”


Thirty-seven: “We can if you like. We should  take 3-4 monsters with us any more, and we will receive a penalty to the xp. Now be sure to learn at least one attack spell. As a Dungeon Core you should wear [Basic Chainmail], and remain out of harm’s way.”


“I already bought all the spells available to me before, and none where attack magic.”


Thirty-seven: “That can’t be right. You should have access to at least basic attacks spells and ones avaliable to the monsters you have summoned unless it is oppisite of your favored element.


I check again and sure as the world.


Fire                    Cost: 75xp


Fireball              Cost: 100xp


Freeze                Cost: 100xp


I go ahead and learn all three. “They are there now; I went ahead and learned all three. Now we just have to earn 500xp to break even for today… At least the magic will not go away… It won’t right?”




Fire (Fire) (Cost 5MP): a small burst of fire at targeted location up to 30 feet away. Causes minor fire damage, and may inflict [Burning] status.


Fireball (Fire) (Cost 10mp): A small projectile of fire can be fired at a target up to 50ft away. Causes moderate fire damage, and may inflict [Burning] status.


Freeze (Water) (Cost 10MP): Ice forms at targeted location up to 50 feet away. Causes minor water damage, and will likely cause [Frozen] status.




Thirty-seven: “Right, once you learn a spell you keep it for the rest of your life. You are rather lucky. Most attack spells are either fire or water element. Most mages favor one, so are unable to cast the other. Even among dungeon cores over half either favor fire or water.”


“Oh, I don’t have a favored element.”


Thirty-seven: “That’s impossible, every creature, even ones that cannot cast magic have a favored element.”


“I learned the basic spells of all six elements, I even got a skill fo…” Thirty-seven cuts me off.


Thirty-seven: “Ok, I won’t ask any more about it. I may be your boss monster during training, but once you’re on your own, you will have to summon another. Discussing anything about your skills, status, or even any special spells you might learn is unwise. Like the layout of a dungeon, they are closely guarded secrets.” –She stops and thinks for a moment.-


Thirty-seven: “However if you truly possess no favored element I wonder what your crystal’s shape will be.” –quickly she shakes her head and changes the subject.-  “Now, name 3 crimson kobolds.”


“I still haven’t given myself a name, and now you want me to name the dungeon monsters?”


Thirty-seven: “Their names don’t matter, they are just kobolds.”


“I guess I can just call them Archer, Block, and Slash then.”


Would you like to register Crimson Kobold’s name as Archer?


Would you like to register Crimson Kobold’s name as Block?


Would you like to register Crimson Kobold’s name as Slash?


I nod.


Name has been registered


Name has been registered


Name has been registered


“Alright, now we just have to get ready.” I take out one of the [Basic Chainmail] and the extra [Gem Studded Iron Rod] out of storage. I start to pull on the chainmail fighting with it trying to get it on… “What equipment do you want?”


Thirty-seven: “If it is ok with you, I will take a [Torn Leather Armor] and a [Steel Sword].”


Monster Thirty-seven (boss) is requesting equipment [Torn Leather Armor], and [Steel Sword]. Approval required.


As I am standing there fighting with the chainmail trying to get it on. I approve, and Thirty-seven instantly equips the items from [Menu]… I slowly set the chainmail down, and then equip it with [Menu]…….”Sooooo…are we ready then?”


Thirty-seven begins walking to me then stops, looking down at the towel. Her facial expression seems to announce a change of mind. I walk over to her, lightly take the towel away from her. She stares with sad eyes, as I place it on the table next to her bed.


“It will be ok. It will be right here when we get back.”


Thirty-seven however looks torn. She walks over to the towel, caresses it gently, then nods, and with that we leave the dungeon core room.


Thirty-seven leads us out of the dungeon and into the hallways while Block follows next to her, Slash is in the middle, and Archer and I bring up the back of the group. Nothing can be seen down the hallway, so Thirty-Seven checks the first door.


 Opening the door the room has completely changed. What used to be my bedroom is now a large room with crates, shelves, and four young kobolds inside draw their weapons as they spot us.


Two of the kobolds rush us and Thirty-seven takes a step back while Archer fires an arrow taking one of the two down. Thirty-seven pauses, then charges, cutting the little kobold in two.


I think she was waiting on me, but I missed my chance… I need to learn to read the flow of battle…


Block stops an arrow that was aimed at my face, and Archer fires back at my attacker, but misses when the kobold ducks behind a crate. I cast [Fire] when the kobold pokes his head out, but I too miss, hitting the crate setting it on fire.


Thirty-seven rushes forward catching the third kobold that is hiding by a box off guard cutting him down. Archer’s arrow finally finds its mark taking down the fourth and last kobold.


Thirty-seven takes a large cloth draped over a few crates and smothers out the fire, and then quickly scans the room before moving back into the hallway.


“What about their equipment?”


“Well we can’t use our dungeon storage outside of the dungeon, so unless it is something we need we will have to leave it behind.”


I nod then we move on to the next room, Thirty-seven opens the door again finding a storage room filled with crates this time there are only three kobolds. Archer quickly dispatches the one charging forward while the two towards the back of the room both ready bows.


One arrow heading for me is stopped thanks to Block, but Archer is grazed by the second one. I instead try casting [Freeze] at one of them but only hit the kobolds bow. The kobold quickly drops it as it ices over, then tries to get behind the other kobold, but Archer is too quick taking him down.


After Block deflects another arrow Thirty-seven dives in, swinging her sword down at its head. The kobold holds its bow up to block the blade but it simply snaps as it takes the blade to the face.


I let out a sigh. “I guess I should have practiced, before we tried actual battle.”


Thirty-seven: “If we begin to run into any resistance tougher then these [young kobold] we will head back so you can train, but at the moment we can handle it without you.”


“That doesn’t really make me feel any better you know.”


Thirty-seven: “That was not my intent.” She scans the room again this time she pries open one of the lids on a crate but returns to the hall.


Moving on the next room Thirty-seven opens the room, and a kobold quickly rushes out surprising both Block and Thirty-seven as it rushes between them. It dives at me with a dagger in hand. The small blade hits me in the gut I feel a pinch, and a small amount of pain, but Slash knocks the kobold off of me killing it.


 Thirty-seven quickly orders Block to hold the door closed as she rushes to me grabbing my chainmail lifting it to look at the wound. She wipes a small amount of blood then holds her hand against it. With fear in her eyes she asks me. “Are you ok?”


“Yea, yea, it is barely a scratch I can’t even feel it. Come on we got kobolds to kill.”


Reluctantly Thirty-seven returns to the door. Block is holding the door tight, but you can tell he is meeting resistance. Thirty-seven steps to one side of the door and Slash steps to the other. Archer readies his bow, and I ready the rod.


 With a nod from Thirty-seven, Block lets go of the door and jumps back but jumps right in front of me. I only manage to see Slash, and Thirty-seven swing there weapons and Archer releases an arrow before Block steps to the side showing three more kobold dead on the floor. I quickly spot a kobold in the far corner of the room and cast another Freeze. The spell hits it causing it to squeal as it freezes solid.


Archer fires another arrow at something not within my line of sight. Block steps in front of Archer as his shield begins to freeze, he steps back out of the way as Archer lets loose another arrow. Block then let’s go of his shield.


Thirty-seven quickly rushes in the room, but stops a few feet in scanning the room. She kicks over three different crates then pries the lid off of a fourth she reaches inside pulling out three small vials. She then makes her way back to the hallway handing me them.


Thirty-seven: “If you get injured drink one of these.” She slides them into my belt.


“Wait, you are up front you should at least take one.”


Thirty-seven: “No, they are for you. I will be ok.”


“I insist.” I pull one out and shove it at her.


She nods and slides it into a slot on the sleeve of her [torn leather armor]. We take a small break while I thaw out Block’s shield with the [Heat] spell, and then move on to the next room.


 Block stands in front of the door with his shield as Thirty-seven turns the brass knob, kicks open the door, then steps back. Block enters the room, followed by Thirty-seven and Slash, next is Archer and I following beside him. Thirty-seven’s old bedroom has been converted to a massive storage room. Shelves of crates line the walls and floors creating a labyrinth. The sounds of scurrying kobold can be heard.


A single kobold jumps from behind a shelf throwing a spear. Block knocks the spear from the air with his shield, and before I can begin casting a spell Archer takes the kobold out with an arrow. As we move deeper Thirty-seven and Block take point, while slash moves to the back guarding the rear. 


When we round a corner two kobolds charge, Thirty-seven takes out one and Block bashes in the other’s skull with his shield. While moving forward two try to sneak up the back of the group but Archer takes out the first before they get close and Slash takes out the second. Rounding another corner we reach an intersection leading either left or right.


“What direction do you think we should take?”


Thirty-seven looks down both. “The path to the right will lead us deeper, however there are a few kobolds to the left. We might want to take them out, so they cannot sneak in behind us.”


“Sounds reasonable, let’s head left first then.”


Heading down the left path leads to another corner then the path opens up to a larger area with several crates stashed around on the floor. Block stops an arrow from a kobold she jumps up from behind a crate, and Thirty-seven steps in front of me taking an arrow in the shoulder from another.


Five of the kobold jump over crates charging our group while Archer takes down one of the kobolds that fired the arrow. I cast [Freeze] at one of the charging kobolds causing him to stumble sliding across the floor as he freezes over.


Block stops a sword slash with his shield from one, while swinging his sword at another. Slash steps past Archer and me taking out the one attacking Block. Thirty-seven jumps to the side as one rushes past her giving Archer the chance to shoot it almost point blank in the face with an arrow, and then Thirty-seven swings her sword down on the last charging kobold.


I cast a [Fireball] at the last kobold hiding behind the crate, but it hits the crate causing it to burst into flames. The kobold jumps back away from the flames leaving Archer a clean shot taking it down. I cast [Freeze] at the crate that is on fire causing the flames to go out. I move over to Thirty-seven as she rips the arrow in her shoulder out.


“Are you okay? That look liked it hurt.”


Thirty-seven: “It’s fine.”


“Let me at least look at it. Slash, Block, you guys guard the path make sure nothing sneaks up on us.”


Block and Slash move over blocking the path, and I pull Thirty-seven over making her sit on a down on a crate. I instruct her to un-equip her armor. It takes her a minute but she removes it, and she sets in on the crate next to her.


I take one of Archer’s daggers and use it to cut open Thirty-seven’s shirt around the wound on her shoulder. She then reaches over with her other arm and just rips the rest of the sleeve off. I use the [Clean] spell to clean the wound, I then take the sleeve she tore off and using the dagger cut it into strips. I cast clean on them, take a patch of the sleeve and cover the wound, and then take two of the strips wrapping it around her shoulder to hold it in place.


“There is that a little better?”


Thirty-seven stands putting her hand over the makeshift bandage and moves her arm around. She lightly grimaces when she stretches but nods. She then picks up the [torn leather armor] and  re-equips it. She then moves around the large area searching through a few crates but returns empty handed.


We then leave the area returning to the intersection taking the other path. We follow the path through a few twists and turns before Thirty-seven stops us as we reach the next corner. She quickly peeks around the corner then pulls her head back quickly; she does it a few more times before turning to the group and whispers.


Thirty-seven: “There are quite a few kobolds in the next area. We are going to have to go at it with a plan. There are two large crates to the right as soon as you enter the room. If we leave Block to guard you and Archer till you guys can take cover behind the crates. Once you are safe behind the crates Slash and I will join Block, and move in on the kobold in front of the crates. Meanwhile you and Archer start taking out the enemies on far end of the room and will all work our way to the center. If it comes to taken damage just take cover, and leave the rest of battle to us.”


Thirty-seven then counts down from three with her fingers then Block rushes forward. Archer and I follow quickly behind him and when I peer around him I see a large open area with a line of small crates in front of us and two large ones to the right. On the other side of the crates stand at least a dozen of the tiny kobolds, and most are carrying swords and shields.


 Archer and I dive behind the large crates as Block stops an arrow flying across the room. Block then takes cover behind some of the small crates and Slash and Thirty-seven rush forward and joins him. Archer opens fire on a mage that is across the room as Slash, Block, and Thirty-seven jumps over the small crates and each smashing into some kobolds.


Block hits one with his shield knocking it off balance then slashes its chest, Slash just brings his sword up in a wide arc almost cleaving a kobold in two, Thirty-seven spins in a circle as she swings her sword horizontally slashing the gut of a kobold spilling his insides onto the floor. Archer’s arrow finds the mage dropping it to the ground and I cast [Freeze] stopping another in its tracks.


More arrows fly in from the far side of the room as they target the trio on the other side of the crates. Thirty-seven dodges out of the way, But Slash takes an arrow in the leg. Block takes an arrow in the side so he can block an incoming [Freeze] spell instead. Five more kobold rush in on the group, while Archer takes out the final mage.


I cast another [Freeze] spell but it misses its mark. Block tosses his shield at one of the incoming kobolds as the shield freezes over tripping it up. He then grabs one of the iron swords on the ground into his empty hand and dives in swinging both the steel sword and iron sword. He drops one with a slash of the steel sword and gravely injures another with the iron sword. Slash brings his massive sword around killing the badly injured kobold, and the one that was tripped up by Blocks shield.


The two remaining tiny kobold both, then go after Thirty-seven. She parries ones sword and turns the tables on him cutting him down but it leaves her open to the other as it cuts a wide slash across one of her thighs. I cast a [Fireball] at one of the two remaining tiny kobolds across the room. My fireball hits it square in the chest as it bursts into flames and one of Archer’s arrows then hits it sending it to the floor.


The last remaining archer fires another arrow at Thirty-seven; Block jumps over next to her blocking the arrow with his arm. As the arrow rips into Block’s arm, the last tiny kobold in melee with Thirty-seven, slashes her again, this time across the stomach. Thirty-seven’s armor blocks most of the damage but a thin layer of blood still is visible. She then spins around with a downward arc crushes the kobold with her sword. Archer readies another arrow but I cast a [Freeze] spell at the last kobold first and it finds it mark freezing it solid.


After battle I rush over to Thirty-seven I quickly tie two of the remaining pieces of her sleeve together and drop to my knees wrapping it around her thigh. After tying it in a tight knot I cast Clean on the wound on her thigh. The wound itself is pretty bad so I tare open her pant leg and borrow Archer’s dagger again I cut a long strip from my own shirt. I take the piece and tie it around the wound tightly.


 I slide her armor over and lift her shirt checking the wound on her stomach. After casting clean I can see that would is pretty superficial so I let it be. After I am done with Thirty-seven I check the Block, and Slash but both have already pulled the arrows out of their wounds and don’t appear to be bleeding anymore. Kobold wounds must not bleed much.


Thirty-seven makes her way through the room checking several of the crates here and there while I defrost Block’s shield again. Eventually she finds one that has something it, but it turns out to be three more healing potions. When she hands all three of them to me I ask her.


“With the wound in your shoulder, and the bad cut on your leg shouldn’t you drink at least one of these? We do have six now after all.”


Thirty-seven firmly shakes her head. “Magic potions are very expensive one time use items, and you should never use them unless it is an emergency.”


“Leaving your wounds untreated like that might leave a bad scar though.”


Thirty-seven looks badly offended at my comment but her face returns to normal after a few seconds. “I don’t know where you got that idea, Dungeon cores and dungeon monsters do not scar. Given enough time a limb will even grow back though the natural healing the dungeon crystal provides.”


“Oh, I had no idea.”


Thirty-seven: “Think nothing of it; I believe this room has now been cleared. Let us move on.”


I nod then we gather back together and head back though the room.  After checking a few dead ends that we passed earlier we return to the hallway.


“Shall we continue some more, or stop?”


thirty-seven: “There are only two rooms left on this floor. If they are not too large let’s clear this floor today.”


“Are you sure, with your wounds I don’t want to push anyone to hard.”


Thirty-seven: “As a dungeon core’s boss monster these wounds are nothing.”


“Well let’s start with the next room and just go from there.”


We move on to the next room assume positions and Thirty-seven turns the brass knob and kicks the door open then steps back. Three surprised kobolds are inside, two turn and rush towards us but Block takes one out and Archer downs another.


 I fire a [Fireball] at a kobold with a bow in the back corner of the room and manage to down it with the first hit. Thirty-seven moves in on the room checks a few of the crates then returns empty handed.


 We move on to the final room and again position ourselves. However this time when Thirty-seven tries to twist the brass knob it doesn’t budge. Block and Slash both take turns crashing into the door but it still doesn’t give.


Thirty-seven: “It looks like this door has been reinforced, we have no way past it. None of us can open it we will have to leave this door to a later date.”


“Ok so shall we return to our dungeon for today then?”


Thirty-seven: “Given the situation, I do believe that would be the best course of action.”


We head back to the dungeon and once we enter the doors.




Dungeon Monsters have returned from battle


Battle results:


Monster Thirty-seven (boss) has gained a level


Monster Archer has gained a level


Acquired: 5 watered down healing potions


Losses: Slash sustained minor damage, Block sustained minimal damage, Dungeon Core 212 —— sustained minor damage. Thirty-seven (boss) sustained moderate damage.


75 Xp gained from external source.  7.5 xp bonus for Dungeon Core 212 ——- battle participation, 7.5 xp bonus for Thirty-seven (boss) participation, 7.5 xp bonus for no dungeon monster deaths, 15 xp bonus for Training core training within parent dungeon, 35.5 xp bonus First time area bonus.


148 XP total rewarded




“Oh, we received bonuses to the xp total.”


Thirty-seven: “Yes, you get bonuses depending on how the battle outside the dungeon went. As a rookie dungeon core you will only receive bonuses, but once you start your own dungeon it is possible to receive penalties.”


“We are still about 350xp in the hole for today though. Let’s go get your wounds treated properly.”


I send Archer, Slash, and Block to the middle room and enter the dungeon core room with Thirty-seven. Once in the dungeon core room, Thirty-seven rushes to the table, beside her bed, picking up the towel clutching it to her chest. I shake my head as I open [Menu] and I find standard bandages for 5xp and buy 5 for now. I un-equip my armor and set the bandages on the desk.


“Ok, un-equip your things and sit on your bed and I will bandage your shoulder and leg properly.”


I see Thirty-seven sit down on her bed and begin accessing her [Menu], I turn to pick up two of the bandages when the messages pop up


Monster Thirty-seven (boss) has sent [Steel sword] to storage


Monster Thirty-seven (boss) has sent [Torn Leather Armor] to storage


Monster Thirty-seven (boss) has sent [Cheap Damaged Clothes] to storage.


I instantly freeze after reading the third message. Quickly I opening up Thirty-seven’s chat window keeping a close eye on it making sure no messages are sent. With a death grip on the two bandages I turn around with my eyes closed. I slowly open one eye and thank god, the towel she is clutching is keeping her covered, but only barely.


 With a small sigh of relief I move over to the edge of her bed and remove the makeshift bandage on her shoulder. I try to stay focused on wrapping the bandage on her shoulder while keeping an eye of the chat message window. After what was probably twice the time it should have taken I finally secure the new bandage in place. Next is her thigh…


Thirty-seven lays back on her bed and swings her leg out causing me panic. I slowly take a deep breath and lightly pull on the towel a bit covering her better. After what feels like a lifetime I finally secure the bandage and quickly stand up and turn around. I take a few deep breaths then begin to walk to the other side of the room when she asks me.


Thirty-seven: “Why don’t you off yours, and let me fix you up.”


I die a little inside as I desperately try to stop a highly exaggerated “YES! PLEASE!” Message in the chat window but it’s too late.


Thirty-seven: “Ok, sit down on your bed.”


I move over to my bed, pull my shirt off, drop it on the bed, and sit down. Thirty-seven stands, picks up a bandage off the desk, and starts walking to me across the room she gets almost to me when she looks down at the towel. She then turns around bending over placing the towel on the chair in the middle of the room.


I quickly shut my eyes and practically scream.  “Wait! Wait! Wait.” I slowly take some deep breaths with my eyes closed. “Your clothes where pretty damaged, how about you pick out some new ones real quick.”


Thirty-seven: “Your wound.”


“It can wait for a few more minutes, it’s not bad.”


Thirty-seven: “Very well.”


I sit in silence with my eyes tightly shut until I hear a ding sound. I slowly open one eye.


Monster Thirty-seven (boss) has requested to purchase [Simple Clothing] for 1xp do you approve.




I feel Thirty-seven’s hands on me as she begins to put the bandage on, and I slowly begin to open my eyes again. Luckily she is wearing the new simple clothing and I let a sigh relief pass me. After she is done with the bandage I plop back onto the bed…


That was by far more dangerous than fighting monsters…After a while I eventually calm down and decide to talk to Thirty-seven about the hunt.


“Well I am glad we got some xp back from the hunt, but I would have liked to get a Block, and Slash to level up as well. I am not all too confident on tomorrows attack.”


Thirty-seven: “I agree.  I believe we have a 50/50 chance. Even if we do make it through the battle, and lose most of the crimson kobolds, it will set us back for the remainder of the month.”


“We do have the equipment from today’s attack, with it we could make another Archer, Slash, and Block. I think if we are going to continue to use them I think we ought to try to keep them alive. I think for now to be safe I will move them back to the crystal room and replace them with some more.”


I move Block, Archer, and Slash to the Crystal room and summon another three Crimson Kobolds giving them all the basic chainmail, giving on 2 steel daggers and a large stout bow, another I give the steel great sword that is left, and the last I give the steel sword Thirty-seven was using and the last Large Steel Shield. That cost me 450xp


“I believe that will at least get us through tomorrow. I don’t want to summon too much back-up just in case we get the option to summon a better monster later.”


With that I spend the remainder of the day looking at some of the other Dungeon Cores in the Dungeon Core Information book.



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