Chapter 70: Dyson’s Meeting

I can’t help but become nervous after leaving the office heading back home. When I arrive there is a beautiful young lady knocking on the front door of the house.

“Excuse me, can I help you?”

Young woman: “Mister Mayor?”

“That’s right… What can I do for you I kind of have a prior engagement”

Young woman: “Master Dyson sent me to collect you.”

“Oh…Alright. Madam Erin usually uses a rock halfway up the mountain by the lake. I don’t know if it has to be a rock, but we probably can find one a bit closer. Where did you come though?”

The young woman walks up to me and firmly grabs my wrist. It is actually almost painfully tight, but before I can say something I feel a sudden jerk on my wrist. Before I realize it the world seems to be passing me by at and incredible speed.

The young woman seems to be simply walking like she is strolling through town, but I am flailing about behind her while she keeps a tight grip on my wrist. It feels as if she were to let me go I would probably die…

It lasts for roughly 10 seconds or so, but feels much longer. When she finally stops walking I crash to the ground in front of a large castle in the middle of a worn and rundown massive city. The young woman then lets go of my wrist as I stand up.

There is a clear and visible handprint on my wrist and I can’t help but to rub it. The young woman turns to point at the castle and the large front gates swing open.

Young Woman: “Master Dyson is waiting within.”

“Thank you… I think.”

The young woman looks like she is about to take a step but instead she completely disappears. I quickly look around but she is obviously long gone by now. I then decide to walk through the front gate. Once I pass the massive gates they shut behind me and I am left in a large open courtyard with a massive amount of soldiers training.

Another beautiful young woman walks up to me, she looks to be quite strong I would easily believe she is a soldier, however the clothing she is wearing looks much like Denova’s “advertisement” clothing. She apparently doesn’t have much modesty either as she gives me a deep bow the reveals her breasts to me and her backside to anyone behind her.

Woman: “You must be the Mayor.”

“I am the mayor to Tobes in the Gown kingdom, but most people just call me Two-Twelve.”

Woman: “That’s funny! I am called Two-eighty-seven. Master Dyson has instructed me to take care of “Any” of your needs. However time is limited at the moment, so if you will follow me I will take you to the meeting place.”

Two-eighty-seven leads me through the halls of the castle. She seems like a cheerful and energetic young woman as she bounces and skips when she walks, or it could just be intentional as to reveal what lies under her short skirt…

She finally reaches a door that appears too made of solid gold, and it is covered in different types of gems. The handle of the door looks to be made of a ruby the size of a fist. Two-eighty-seven opens the door and bows to me again.

Two-eighty-seven: “The other guests have arrived so it shouldn’t take long now.”

I enter the room after she motions me to and find several of the other dungeon cores that appeared in the screen last night. Two of the cores are sitting alone, but one has a young mouse beastkin woman wearing clothes like Two-eighty-seven sitting in his lap she has a red face and is breathing quite heavily as he has his hand up her skirt.

Another one has a young boy that is younger then Lilah in a pair of tight fitting shorts and shirt sitting in his lap the dungeon core has his hand on the boys knee. There is a fifth core in the room she too is sitting alone.

I sit down in a chair as much removed from the group as I can. The chair is quite large and comfortable, and before I can get settled in Two-eighty-seven quickly hops in my lap. I quickly lift her up off my lap.

“That’s not necessary…”

Two-eighty-seven: “But I am to take care of you!”

“You brought me here, that’s enough… Why don’t you sit there?” –I motion to a nearby chair.-

She looks hurt but does as I asked. The room has a rather awkward vibe, and it doesn’t help with the squelching sounds coming from under the mouse beastkin’s skirt… Finally the female dungeon core speaks up.

Female core: “Could you please cut it out? That is disgusting.”

The core with the beastkin does finally stop, shrugs his shoulders, and then begins licking his fingers. The female audibly shows her disgust and turns her back to him. Luckily after a few more minutes the door opens and Dyson enters.

Dyson: “Good I am glad the seven of you seemed to make it alright?”

Seven? I quickly look around the room, but I only see 5 other then myself. Then the young boy jumps up from the other core’s lap and takes a seat by himself.

Dyson: “A few of you I know, others I have only met in passing, but for the sake of Miss Sierra I am Dungeon Core #400 Elder Dyson. Let us start here on the left here and introduce ourselves.”

Unfortunately that is me so I stand and say. “I never found a name for myself I liked so people just call me by my dungeon core #. I am Two-Twelve.” After hearing who I am it causes a mixed reaction though the room.

The next is one of the men sitting by himself. “ Dungeon Core #101 [Iakovos].”

The core sitting by himself next to Iakovos quickly jumps from his chair. “Duke Bozhidar… Dungeon Core # 314 [Duke Bozhidar]” he says nervously glancing several times at Iakovos and takes a seat at the other side of the room.

Next is the man that had the boy in his lap. “Dungeon core #502 [Archbishop Hayden]”

Then the boy that was in his lap… “Call me Tom I am number 521”

Then the man with the mouse beastkin “Dungeon Core #48 [Duke Dionysus]”

The woman stands: “That explains it… Sorry as Elder Dyson said my name is Sierra I am dungeon core # 50”


Dyson’s Speech

“Very good! As I am sure you know by now I have been selected as the new Elder, as such the older Elders have decided I am now solely responsible for taking care of the training the new cores. However of course they still don’t trust me.

“Now, 10 cores are being born this year the old elders are taking 3 of them to test against my 7. As such I have chosen you 7 to be their trainers when they are born. Some of you may of trained cores before others have not, but let me just say take everything the elders have told you and throw it out.”

I have chosen you 7 because you each think differently than the typical dungeon core. Each one of you has not only taken a deeper interest in humans, but have even earned power or standing amongst them.

Sierra found herself a human prince after forming her dungeon. In exchange for his love all the xp she gains above what she needs to survive, she uses to produce ore, gems, and other trade goods for her prince.

Duke Dionysus lords over a section of the Adra kingdom. Far from a loved man but he lords over the humans in his care with force and power demanding their respect. Any humans that don’t show him respect end up working the mines of his dungeon.

Duke Bozhidar has an agreement with the king of Dalian and in exchange for xp from the soldiers he provides monsters for their training and their wars.

Archbishop Hayden uses networks of tunnels in his dungeon too keep the humans of Lodia fleeing from the undead scourge that he has created. Their only safety from the scourge is Lodia capital which happens to be the ground floor of his dungeon.

Tom… Tom has been running the continents largest orphanage, behind the scenes of course, for the past 300 years. Although the children that disappear from time to time will be our little secret.

Next is Iakovos. A dungeon core after my own heart he is. He ran things the elder’s way for many many years, but in the last few years he has taking to the life of a mercenary. Not only does he gain the xp from his company of mercenaries, but taking part in every battle himself brings all that wonderful xp home with him as well.

Lastly is Two-Twelve. Our newest up and comer isn’t even 2 years old yet, he has already secured the respect of the royalty of the Gowen kingdom by taking one of the king’s daughters as his. He also has been spreading his fledgling dungeon into what will soon be the second largest city in Gowen.

You all have realized one pivotal piece of information. Humans are the future. Sure Lucille controls Merretta behind the scenes but she does it like she is a god, she doesn’t get down there and “see” the power of the humans.

There are those who jest trying to insult me by calling me “human” but what I have seen of the resilience and adaptability of humans, I take it as a compliment. If we don’t learn from the humans we will surely be crushed by them eventually.

Now the 7 of you are going to take these new cores and shape them to thrive in the human world, so not to be left behind in the coming years. You each have different ways to go about that, and I can respect that, but our 7 new cores must out preform the other elders 3 new cores.

We must prove to the elders that the old ways don’t work anymore and we must adapt to survive. I don’t care about any of the old elder’s rules considering the training of the new cores only their performance.

Give them whatever tools, knowledge, and connections they might need to succeed. I will cover everything with each of you further over the next few months until the new cores are born. As a thank you I have provided a gift for each of you, some of you have already received theirs.”

Dyson stands moving over to Sierra after tapping on his [Menu] he presents her with was looks to be a sword wrapped in a large red silken cloth. She looks at him questionably and he just winks at her and holds one finger up to his lips.

“It will be our little secret. You can return home from where you arrived, be safe.”

She looks a little hesitant but she leaves the sword wrapped, but takes it leaving the room. Dyson then moves to Bozhidar, after tapping away again there is a flash of light like when a monster is summoned and he presents a large box to Bozhidar.

“I heard you were looking for one of these, have a safe trip home.”

Bozhidar peeks in the box and his eyes light up, he then scurries out the door holding the box. Dyson then moves up to Dionysus and rubs the head of the mouse beastkin.

“She is the last you needed for your collection am I right?”

Dionysus nods he then stands tossing the mouse beastkin over his shoulder walking from the room. Next Dyson places a hand on Toms shoulder.

“I actually had quite a bit of trouble with yours but I think I finally got it.”

Dyson leans forward and whispers into Tom’s ear. A Devilish twisted smile forms on Tom’s young looking face and departs from the room.

“Archbishop we have known each other for quite a long time already, I know of something you have hunted for years and I just so happen to be able to finally be able to assist you.”

After tapping a way for a moment Dyson is holding a dried up old femur, but by the look on Hayden’s face says he is grateful. Hayden takes the bone and goes as far as to run his tongue from one end of it to the other licking it before he leaves the room.

“Iakovos, my gift to you is a little hard to carry, but the 100 fresh mercenaries should arrive at your dungeon in the next 30 days or some.”

Lakovos: “You never fail to impress.”

After shaking Dyson’s hand Lakovos leaves.

“I guess that just leaves the two of us. Well three of us.”

“I got to say you surely are a unique dungeon core. I have to admit when Madam Erin chose you during the elder selection as her judge I was skeptical, but you are far from disappointing. I don’t know how you managed to gain access to the observation screen but it sure gave me a shock last night.”

“I haven’t had the chance to learn much about you, but I heard you are quite fond of beautiful women, so I hope my gift is acceptable. I put quite a bit of work into summoning her yesterday morning, and she turned out quite nicely.”

He says caressing Two-eighty-seven’s cheek.

“But after looking in on your dungeon last night I see you haven’t taken any of your monsters other than the princess, and after seeing your reservation with this one today. If you like I will be happy to keep this one and maybe provide another gift if you like.”

Two-Twelve’s PoV

“I don’t know… Is she still bound to your dungeon?”

Dyson: “Yes, I figured transferring ownership would be far less costly for you, I see your xp is rather on the low side.”

“I am not sure if Belinda would be too happy with me bringing home a strange woman, but there is something I am interested in, so I can’t guarantee I will keep her, but I think I will accept your gift.”

Dyson: “It would be quite a shame if you don’t use her to her fullest, but that being said her ability in battle should be quite helpful for a dungeon such as yourself.”

“My only other concern is that you would use her to spy on my dungeon.”

Dyson laughs. “I don’t know how much of the observation screen you have access to, but I now see its not the full functionality of it or you would know I wouldn’t need such things, but if it makes you feel better.”

He looks to Two-eighty-seven and issues an order to clear any and all ultimate commands that she may be bound by.

Two-eighty-seven: “Understood Master, but it still your wish that I join The Mayor is that correct?”

Dyson: “That’s right.”

See seems to ease up a bit nodding, and appears to become more conscious of her appearance pulling on her skirt and crossing her legs and begins to blush a bit.

Dyson: “Now that, that is taking care of. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions. I of course am willing to compensate for any answers.”

“I can’t guarantee an answer, but I guess it won’t hurt for you to ask.”

Dyson: “I now know you have limited functionality of the observation screen, I know better than to expect you will tell all the functionalities you do have, but was it giving to you by Madam Erin?”

“I am actually not sure. As you know we had access to the observation screen during the elder selection. After the selection process was over it never was removed.”

Dyson: “So it wouldn’t be possible to teach it to others… That is somewhat disappointing, but a promise is a promise.”

After tapping on his screen Two-eighty-seven is startled as a sword is equipped to her appearing attached to a scabbard on her waist. I can’t tell how good the sword is, but by the quality of the scabbard and the hilt it must at least be a master quality steel sword.

Dyson: “Of course if you don’t want her to keep it, it is yours I just thought some gear would be a good compensation. Now for the next question, what is a Divine Being?”

“I don’t know what you mean…”

Dyson: “I did extensive research on the Gowen family going as far back as 15 generations. The only non-human in their family tree was a beastkin hidden in there a few generations back. Yet Belinda Gowen is not human, but a Divine Being.”

I decide to tell Dyson as he already knows Belinda’s race should be human but isn’t and that somehow I did it. “All I can say for certainty is my crystal doesn’t allow me to summon boss monsters so instead that happened to Belinda.”

Dyson looks to be thinking hard on something while wearing a difficult expression.

Dyson: “You can’t summon them at all? I think I am starting to understand. It doesn’t happen to every time you take a boss monster does it?”

“Only under when I take a boss monster after passing a milestone in which a normal dungeon could summon one.”

Dyson: “It makes perfect sense, just like I have been saying all along. The dungeon magic is even acknowledging the fact that we have to set out from the dungeons. It made you where you have to go out and form bonds outside your dungeon just so you can have a boss monster. Does it work for other races or is it limited to just humans?”

“I have already answered quite a few questions…”

Dyson taps away quickly at a screen and Two-eighty-seven is equipped with and armor identical to Queen’s with only one exception…No mythril, instead it has plates of a dark colored steel. Two-eighty-seven seems to be relieved to find herself with clothing with more coverage.

“I have only tried it once more but it also worked on a beastkin.”

Dyson: “The one with the silver hair? I knew she looked different…”

Somehow Dyson seems to find the information it worked on more the just humans upsetting and he lets out a sigh. He then taps the screen in front of him equipping a large shield made from the same blackened steel as the armor onto the back of Two-eighty-seven.

After a brief silence I say. “I have to ask… For months you have been following a yeti in elder Fredrick’s dungeon… If you don’t mind me asking, why?”

Dyson: “Oh that? Just a bit of entertainment, I want to see if he can succeed.”

“Succeed at what?”

Dyson: “Killing Fredrick. I don’t know what you told Bless to make her shift her hatred for me to the elders, but she sent him there to kill him.”

“You are just going to let Bless try to kill one of the elders?”

Dyson: “Well it’s none of my business. Besides it will save me the trouble of having to do it eventually.”

“Why do you want Fredrick dead?”

Dyson: “He is part of the problem. Like I said to you and the others I think the elders have gotten to full of themselves. Did you know Draco has never even seen a human without looking through a screen? Lucille and Faron have separated themselves from the humans I think they are actually beginning to believe they are deities.”

“But what about Madam Erin?”

Dyson: “If any of them are able to accept the change, it will be her. She has spent more time among humans then any of the other elders. If it wasn’t for her I might have never been given the chance to become a dungeon core.”

“… Are you sure we are talking about the same person?”

Dyson: “You are right she doesn’t seem like the type, but I can tell she learned compassion from the time she spent with humans. Even if she tries to hide it behind that stone exterior of hers.”

“After the way I have seen her talk about humans, I just find it hard to believe.”

Dyson: “Your title was added to your name by the humans, have you never wondered why she is Madam Erin instead of just Erin?”

“I just thought it was she chose for herself…”

Dyson: “She ran a brothel out of her dungeon for many years, using it to attract people. Of course humans don’t tend to record their atrocities in their history records.”

“What do you mean?”

Dyson: “This was all back when humans first started realizing the large amounts of power they could gain when destroying dungeon crystals, and they started to think they were some kind of gods. The brothel was inside Madam Erin’s dungeon, so they assumed the women inside had to be some kind of monsters. They killed the girls, the clients, and just anything that moved was fair game to them. They didn’t stop until Madam Erin’s dungeon was nearly completely destroyed. After that was when it began to grow towards the sky and gained the name Tower of the Gods.”

“That sounds like it was way back during the purge though.”

Dyson: “Well she stayed cooped up in her dungeon for many years after that, but eventually she did come back down. That was when she discovered what was once her brothel and a few buildings had turned into a town surrounding her dungeon, and she learned of the adventurer’s guild. People like these “adventurers” were the ones that killed everyone she knew, so she originally joined it to try to find the heart of the organization and crush it.”

“She is an adventurer?”

Dyson: “During that time you could guess she met lots of humans, that was also about the time the remaining cores began to collaborate and would become the elders. She eventually learned that the adventurer’s guild had grown so large that there was no single heart, but it didn’t matter much to her though as by that time she had already met her husband.”

“She was married? Was he a human?”

Dyson: “They traveled together for quite a few years, but he hated dungeons. As you can imagine after the purge the new cores being born tried to retaliate against the humans causing many outbreaks of monsters causing many grudges. Madam Erin then couldn’t tell her husband that she herself was a dungeon core, but after a few years he begin to notice that Madam Erin was not normal and was eventually able to piece everything together.”


Dyson: “She tried to convince him to join her after that, but he just couldn’t accept her any longer. In his anger, and resentment he decided he was going to prove that Madam Erin was nothing but a monster so he gathered all the friends they had gained while they were together, and entered the Tower of the Gods.”

“This all sounds like reasons why Madam Erin would hate humans…”

Dyson: “Of course she defended herself, having to watch while her dungeon killed everyone that she cared for after they had all died. She began to realize that maybe her husband was right. All of her friends and her husband, any one of which she would of fought next to and died for, but when it came to her dungeon instead of letting them pass she killed them all.”

“I had no idea…”

Dyson: “After that she has kept her distance from humans, but I know of at least a few times that she has go out of her way to prove she isn’t just a monster. Like when she took in that failed dungeon core #37. She also seems quite fond of you, and I think she sees the potential you have in bridging the gap between dungeons and humans.”

“I am just trying to survive…”

Dyson: “Well let me ask you then. Why did you build a human house in Tobes to live in?”

“Well after getting the imitation core I just figured if I put a secondary dungeon in Tobes I could use it to harvest the xp from the villagers.”

Dyson: “You could have done that without moving in with them.”

“It made moving around in Tobes easier if people where comfortable with me.”

Dyson: “Lucille controls the entire capital of Merretta, and hasn’t stepped foot in it in at least 100 years, so why the need to be able to move around in Tobes? Why not just sit in your core room and spread your dungeon, there isn’t a need for the townsfolk to be comfortable around you if you don’t set foot in it.”


Dyson: “It’s because you enjoy being with the humans. If you ask me it is a tossup between you and Iakovos who is the one to begin to be able to summon humans next.”

“If you don’t mind me asking what are the requirements for it?”

Dyson: “Well let me ask you what are the requirements of summoning a Divine Being?”

“I don’t know…”

Dyson: “Same here, but I think you two may be close. I just don’t know how close.”


Dyson: “Well this conversation ended up quite longer than I anticipated. I still have quite a few questions for you, but they will have to wait for a later date. I chose Speedy to bring here because I thought you would appreciate her beauty, but unfortunately she will be unable to take you both back, so you will have to forgive me. I will send you back myself.”

“That’s alright…”

Dyson: “Alright hold on to each other.”

I take ahold of Two-eighty-seven’s wrist.

Dyson: “No, I mean really hold on to each other.”

Two-eighty-seven reaches around me squeezing me tight. While blushing she buries her face into my chest. I stand there awkwardly.

Dyson: “Now you hold on to her.”

I put one arm around her head holding it and another around her back holding her close…

“Is this really necessary?”

Dyson: “My apologizes, it isn’t, but it will be entertaining to watch.”

Before I can say or do anything Dyson smiles and there is a pull on my chest. Next thing I see is quite a few startled adventurers and then my gaze meets Belinda’s… I quickly release Two-eighty-seven, but she still holding me tight, and I realize I am standing in the middle of the Tobes adventurer’s guild.

“Hey…I’m back…”

The adventurers begin to whisper to each other and Belinda’s face makes several expressions in quick succession as she seems to be thinking of what is going on… I notice it starts to switch to an angry expression almost more than any other so I quickly tap on Two-eighty-seven’s shoulder.

“Hey… We are here… You can let go now.”

Two things spread through town that day like wild fire. The return of the hair changing spray trap in the dungeon, and the Mayor got caught by the Princess with a mistress… I would think the teleportation would have been the bigger concern but it is barely mentioned as a side note…

Thankfully Belinda seems quite understanding of the situation. That is until we return to the house and I store the new equipment and Belinda sees the clothing or I should say lack thereof underneath. She quickly takes her to the bedroom and gives her a bath for some reason and they don’t return for over two hours.

I do receive a message before they go however.

New Items Available to summon.

Dark Steel Sword                        Cost: 250xp
Large Dark Steel Shield             
Cost: 500xp
Dark Steel Battle Dress           
  Cost: 1000xp


While they were gone the other girls have made it home and they have already heard about Two-eighty-seven within town. Zoey joked giving me a hard time, Scylla seemed to be level-headed and ignored the rumors, Bell seems offended and looks wary of me now…

When they finally return Two-eighty-seven is wearing a knee length sundress, her shoulder length chestnut hair is tied into a pony-tail, and she looks rather nervous as Belinda leads her into the dining room.

Zoey: “This is Boss’s mistress? I thought she would have more to her. You know like Bell.”

Roxy slaps Zoey’s shoulder and Bell covers her chest.

Belinda: “Why would you say that… Did he say mine aren’t big enough…?”

Lilah: “It’s not fair! Lilah was supposed to have dibs on Master when he got bored with Belinda!”

Belinda: “He is getting bored of me…?”

“I never said either of them things!”

Lilah: “Master isn’t going to keep her is he?”

“Wait… I never received a message about transferring her ownership.”

Belinda: “You are going to have her join the dungeon?”

“I was… I wanted to see if it would allow us summon humans.”

Belinda: “So what went wrong? Is it because she is human?”

“By the way Dyson talked it didn’t sound like it should have been a problem…”

Belinda: “What if you make her a boss monster?”

“Well she won’t change like you or Roxy did…”

Belinda: “Well that doesn’t matter right?”

I open [Menu] and move to check on making her a boss monster… I quickly stop…

“What is this?!”

Belinda: “What’s wrong?”

“It says it costs 94,000 xp to make her a boss monster…”

Two-eighty-seven: “Of course, because I am level 20. That is why Dyson said it would be easier to transfer ownership.”

“level 20… Wait he said he summoned you yesterday, how can you be level 20 already?”

Two-eighty-seven: “That is the level he summoned me at.”

“Well after Bo and Ike reached max level it said I could summon feral beastkin up to level 10… I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise Dyson can summon monsters at higher levels, so do you know why we can’t transfer ownership then?”

Two-eighty-seven: “Of course. You don’t have permission.”

“But didn’t Dyson already take care of that?”

Two-eighty-seven: “He told me that was his wish, but after you asked him to remove the ultimate command you also have to have my permission.”

“I am sorry… You are right. I got caught up in everything and I forgot to even ask you what you want.”

Two-eighty-seven: “Thank you. Master Dyson did ask me to do this, but before I agree I would like to set some conditions.”

“Of course.”

Two-eighty-seven: “First I want to choose my own name.”


Two-eighty-seven: “Next I do not want to be a sex slave.”

“Not a problem. Done.”

Two-eighty-seven: “I understand I will have to work for your dungeon, but I want to be able to make my own choices about what I do with my time when you don’t have a immediate need for my services.”

Zoey: “You don’t have to worry about that, Boss is the best!”

Scylla: “I agree, Master has never even used an ultimate command on any of us not even once. He allowed Zoey to get married, and is even letting me pursue a relationship with a young man from the Gowen capital.”

Roxy: “I am Zoey’s wife Roxanne, you can call me Roxy. Two-Twelve made me one of his boss monsters yesterday so he hasn’t had me do anything yet, but the entire time Zoey and I have been together he has been really supportive and truly treats everyone like family.”

Bell: “I was a gift from another dungeon as well… I help him at the Mayor’s office… Its hard work, but I enjoy it because it makes him happy… And that makes me happy…”

Lilah: “Lilah is Master’s number two, she takes care of the dungeon so he can do his Mayor type things, and the other things he needs too. He trusts Lilah with his dungeon, his very heart, and Lilah loves Master.”

Belinda has tears in her eyes at the girl’s words, and she walks over to me rubbing my arm as she walks behind me embracing me.

Belinda: “I love Two-Twelve more than anything, and I promise if you join us you can be happy here, as a member of our family.”

Ownership of Two-eighty-seven has changed from Dungeon Core #400 [Elder Dyson] to Dungeon Core #212 [Mayor ——]


Would you like to change Human Two-eighty-seven’s name?


“You said you wanted to choose your name yourself? What would you like?”

Two-eighty-seven: “Sofia…”

“Are you sure?”

Two-eighty-seven: “Yes, I want to be called Sofia.”


Confirm change of Human Two-eighty-seven’s name to Sofia.




New Monster is available to summon

Human (Battle Maiden)                               Cost: 3500xp


Human summoning is a unique ability only granted to Dungeon Core #400 [Elder Dyson] and now Dungeon Core #212 [Mayor ——] Humans can only be summoned as sentient and are split by class. You can spend an extra 25%xp to overwrite class with a random class.

If random class is selected and the resulting class has requirements against what traits that are requested at the summoning the class requirements will override what was selected before.


Battle Maiden has reached level 10. Battle maidens can be summoned up to level 10 at an increased xp cost.
Battle Maiden has reached level 20. Battle maidens can be summoned up to level 20 at an increased xp cost.

Skill Acquired:

[Human Summoner] (Rank 1): A skill unique to Dungeon Core #400 [Elder Dyson] and Dungeon Core #212 [Mayor ——] it allows the dungeon core the ability to summon humans. Monsters bound to dungeon core holding human summoner that possess a class are granted and extra class based skill.


New Skills Available:

[Divine Spear]                                    Cost: 5,000xp
[Keen Eye]                                          Cost: 1,000xp
[Hardened Skin]                                Cost: 2,500xp
[Mobile Defense]                              Cost: 1,000xp
[Knight Training]                               Cost: 1,000xp
[Dungeon Expert]                             Cost: 2,500xp
[Advanced Combat Specialist]      Cost: 7,500xp 
New Spells Available:

Advanced Heal Wounds                Cost: 2,500xp


It takes me a minute to go through all the screens that appear… Not only is Sofia impressive in her own right, but the others even managed to gain a new skill. I wonder if I should tell Dyson that I can now summon humans.

“Well that was something… I think you will be a great benefit to our family Sofia. Scylla could you show her around? She can have one of the three guest rooms or the larger one next to Zoey and Roxy’s room it’s her choice.”

Scylla nods and leads Sofia from the room.

Belinda: “So? Was it everything you hoped?”

“Summoning humans isn’t quite what I expected. It treats classes like it does subspecies for beastkin so I can only summon more with Sofia’s class unless I spend extra xp on a random one. What’s more since her class is sword “Maiden” I think I can only summon women…”

I decide to check Sofia’s status page and am floored by what I see.


Name: Sofia                         Race:   Human                        Class:  Sword Maiden

Level: 20                                XP till next Level:  57,000                  Favored Element: Light

HP: 2100/2100                             MP: 250/250

Strength: 95

Agility: 85

Endurance: 105

Sword Arts: 95

Defensive Arts: 125

Spell Power: 15

Concentration: 20

Spell Arts: 15

Mental Defense: 20

Resistances: Confusion Immunity, Charm Immunity, Fear Immunity




[Dyson’s Girl] (Rank 4): A unique skill granted to every female summoned by Dungeon Core #400 [Elder Dyson]. Rank is determined by Dyson’s satisfaction of the skill holder’s appearance. It is one of few skills that is capable of having a negative rank starting at -5 up to a max of rank 5 which is only reserved for Dyson’s favorite. It is also one of the few skills that can gain or lose rank. At rank 1 skill holder is granted immunity to confusion, charm, and fear. At rank 2 skill holder is granted +5 to Strength, Agility, and Endurance. At rank 3 skill holder is granted +5 spell power, concentration, and spell arts, she is also granted the spell [Protective Will], At rank 4 skill holder is granted a defensive skill and a weapon skill based of class. At rank 5 skill holder is immune to status effects and is granted the skill [Dyson’s Love]

[Mobile Defense] (Rank 2): Extensive training while wearing medium class armor allows the wearer to negate the penalties treating it as only light armor. +5% bonus to armor.

[Iron Bulwark] (Rank 3): Through rigorous training with a shield, you can use a shield more effectively granting a +25 bonus to Defensive Arts, and you suffer less range of movement penalty while holding a shield.

[Sword Training] (Rank 4): Sword training allows the use of basic sword techniques.
Lunge (5mp): A quick lunge attack with a sword boosted by magic.
Cleave (10mp): Allows the user to attack two targets in quick sucession.
Keen Edge (10mp): An attack boosted by magic causing increased damage.
Armor Break (20mp):  An attack that can bypass most armor.
Scorpion Strike (20mp): Gathering magic into you blade you have a chance to cause [Stun] effect
Improved Cleave (30mp): Allows the user to attack all enemies within reach without loss of power
Sword’s Will (30mp): With the assistance of magic the user’s sword seemingly acts on its own accord freeing the user up to preform another action.
Dragon’s Strike: (A furious blow powered with magic causes elemental damage based on user’s favored element. The strike also ignores most armor, and will likely cause the status effects [Stun], [Knock-back], and [Fear]

[Knight Training] (Rank 3): Heavy combat training grants bonuses in combat. +25 ability to Strength, Agility, Endurance, Defensive Arts, and Weapon Abilities.

[Dungeon Expert] (Rank 2): At rank 1 it combines the effects of trap detection and life detection skills. At rank 2 grants +5 bonus to Agility, Endurance, Concentration, and Mental Defense

[Advanced Combat Specialist] (Rank 1): Due to surviving many battles you have become accosomed to battle so well that you have formed your own unique style of combat. +25 bonus to Strength, Endurance, Sword Arts, Defensive Arts, +10 bonus to Agility, and a 50 MP bonus.

[Guardian] (Rank 1): Your greatest strength lies in the ability to defend others. +5 Defensive Arts, Endurance, and Mental Defense


Protective Will (Favored Element) (50mp): The effects of the spell are determined by users favored element. Light surrounds the caster granting a health regain and an increase in defensive power on self for the duration of combat.

Light (Light) (Cost 1mp): Summing your mana with the power of light you can light items and objects up to ten feet away. This spell can be kept active by repaying its original casting cost once per second.

Heal Wounds (Light) (Cost 10mp): A minor healing spell cast up to 20ft away, it heals small amounts of damage. This spell can heal more damage by being kept active, repaying its original casting cost once every 5 seconds.

Cure Wounds (Light) (Cost 25mp): A moderate healing spell can be cast up to 25ft away, it heals medium amounts of damage. This spell can heal more damage by being kept active, repaying its original casting cost once every 5 seconds.

Advanced Heal Wounds (Light) (Cost 50mp): An expert healing spell can be cast up to 25ft away, it heals large amounts of damage, and can regrow limbs with continued casting. This spell can be kept active by repaying its original cost every 5 seconds.


“My god… Some of her abilities are over 100. After what Zoey told me yesterday, Sofia’s defensive ability is 5 times that of a normal human… I also can’t believe Dyson even has his own Skills and Spells.”

Belinda: “Is it really that impressive, because he is the single most famous hero, and he is now a dungeon core elder.”

“I guess you are right. I guess in the morning we can decide what Sofia can do to help us. For now it’s been a long day and I am ready to go to bed…”

Belinda nods and takes my hand as we begin to head to bed she says.

Belinda: “You don’t really think my breasts are to small do you?”



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