Chapter 7: Dungeon Core Information & Mis[Communication]

Dungeon Core Information

Dungeon cores first appeared over a thousand years ago, starting with only 15 cores. Who created them, and the magic known as [Menu] is unknown, but when they were born with all the knowledge they required. It started with a basic urge: ‘I need to build’. The first to begin building, was given the title ‘Dungeon Core #1 [Maric] . Each of the original 15 cores built unique dungeons. Most built basic cave, but everything changed when dungeon core #5 built his dungeon in a volcano. Then Dungeon core #10 [Dalian] choose to build a forest in a single massive floor. The last of the originals Dungeon Core #15 [Hecate] begin mimicking human buildings such a Castle.

After the first ten years rookie cores began to be born every year on the same day, and they were born within existing dungeons. They as well set off building their own dungeons. When the dungeon cores began to number in the hundreds, the humans discovered the value of destroying dungeon cores. A great purge swept through the dungeons leaving only 6 dungeon cores alive. Dungeon core #5 [Draco], Dungeon Core #18 [Faron], Dungeon Core #36 [Madam Erin], Dungeon Core #115 [Fredrick], Dungeon Core #187 [Lucille], and Dungeon Core #212 [Leland]. These six later become to be known as the Elders.

After the purge, the six elders began rebuilding the ranks of the dungeon cores and after reaching Dungeon Core #799, the elders discovered they could not assign a higher number and began reusing the other numbers. Around 300 years ago the elders began noticing that many of the new dungeon cores did not last more then ten years. After investigation they found that the humans had formed a Adventurer’s Guild they required there member to destroy a dungeon’s crystal in order to move to the top ranks. The elders then decided they would begin testing the new cores only allowing the stronger half to build their own cores the remainder stripped of there ability to make a crystal.

The fate of the failed new dungeon cores is given to the core who dungeon they are born into. Some are used as monsters within dungeons, some are abandoned into the world, some are even killed on the spot. Only two cores have ever proven themselves to get a second chance at obtaining a crystal. One remains without a crystal at its teacher’s dungeon, and the other is current Dungeon Core #400 [Dyson].

The rest of the book shows each core number, and information about them I flip through it.

Current Dungeon Core #3 [Alfred] (Deceased)                                        Location: Dungeon 97

Dungeon: Training hall                                                                Crystal: Basic Training crystal

Dungeon contains 1 floor, 4 room, 0 monsters, 0 traps.

Dungeon core level: 1                                                                XP: 5325

Dungeon active: 0 years

Basic training hall is a dungeon within a dungeon to train new dungeon cores. Most favored monster goblin, most favored trap spike trap, most purchased monster goblin, most purchased trap spike trap, boss monster Hobgoblin Hero. (deceased)


Previous Dungeon Core #3 [Sandoval] (Deceased)                                             Location: Merretta harbor

Dungeon: Sea side cave                                                                                     Crystal: Small water topaz

Dungeon at its peak contained 2 floors, 16 rooms, 37 monsters, 12 traps

Dungeon core level: 2                                                               XP: 0

Dungeon active: 0 years

A small like side cave on the coast of Merretta harbor, most favored monster is the water dog, most favored trap is sea geyser, Most purchased monster water dog, Most purchased trap sea geyser, Boss monster water hound (Deceased).


Oye! How did Alfred have so much xp and even a boss monster before he died, I will have to ask Madam Erin, is she really a elder? I guess I will check out her page.


Current Dungeon Core #36 [Elder Madam Erin]                                                      Location: North-side of Emeraldline Forest

Dungeon: Tower to the Heavens                                                                         Crystal: large earthen amber

Dungeon contains 347 floors, 3,784 rooms, 18,476 monsters, 4,025 traps.

Dungeon core level: 640                            XP: 4,359,710

dungeon active: 987 years

The tower to the heavens, the humans claim it was built by the gods sits on the northern side of the emeraldline forest many humans enter it seeking fame and fortune. Mapped up to floor 42, Deepest incursion floor 56, Most favored monster Earth titan, most favored trap crushing room, most purchased monster earth golem (rift), most purchased trap poison dart trap (auto-renew), Boss monster God of the Earth golem (floor 340), and currently hosting dungeon core 212 ——.

Pervious dungeon core 36 N/A


I flip the book open to my own page.

Current Dungeon Core #212 [——]                                                                  Location: dungeon 36

Dungeon: Training hall                                                                                        crystal: basic training crystal

dungeon contains 1 floor, 3 rooms, 17 monsters, 1 trap

Dungeon core level: 1                                XP: 3

Dungeon active: 0 years

Basic training hall is a dungeon within a dungeon to train new dungeon cores. Most favored monster goblin brute, most favored pit trap, most purchased monster goblin brute, Most purchased trap pit trap, spiked trap, faulty dart trap, boss monster N/A

Previous Dungeon Core #212 [Leland] (Deceased)                                Location: Adra Mountain Range

Dungeon: Banshee Caverns                                                                       Crystal: large shadow obsidian

dungeon at its peak contained 100 floors, 1,257 rooms, 8,365 monsters, 257 traps

Dungeon core level: 521                                       XP: 45, 294

Dungeon active: 959 years

Banshee caverns was the first shadow based dungeon home to many ghost and demon based monsters. Located in the isolated Adra mountain range only the fearless braved to enter. Purged one year ago when Adra kingdom’s first prince tried to prove himself brave inside. After the prince’s death, 50 heroes from the adventures guild were recruited and promised riches to destroy the banshee caverns crystal. Leland’s death marked the first loss of a elder, and the strongest dungeon to ever fall to the hands of humans.


I have a lot to live unto if I want to even come close to Leland’s fame and power. I flip through the pages of the book looking for things that jump out like dungeon core 5 seems to have the largest dungeon at over 500 floors, but Madam Erin seems to have the most stored xp. One of the cores is even over 100 years old with only 2 floors. Something catches my eye on dungeon core 37


Current Dungeon Core #37 [Heather]                                         Location: Duscae plains

Dungeon: Duscae valley ruins                                                 crystal: small wind emerald

dungeon contains 6 floor, 50 rooms, 454 monsters, 47 traps

Dungeon core level: 18                XP:20, 015

Dungeon active: 4 years

Duscae valley is riddled with the ruins of a dungeon, but recently it seems the dungeon has come back to life as monsters are now roaming the ruins in droves. Many human archeologists and adventurers have flocked to Duscae plains to study the ruins a why after laying dormant for so many years has re-awoken.


Previous Dungeon Core #37 [Thirty-Seven] (Failed)                                 Location: dungeon 36

dungeon: N/A                                                                                                   Crystal: N/A

Dungeon at its peak contained: 1 floor, 3 rooms, 45 monsters, 30 traps

Dungeon core Level: 0               XP: 0

Dungeon active: 0 years

Dungeon Core #37 [Thirty-seven] trained under Dungeon Core #344 [Myranda] for three weeks before dungeon Core #344 [Myranda] was purged by humans, the elders deemed Thirty-seven capable enough to start her own dungeon if she could get over the trauma she received watching Myranda dying from human hands. Thirty-seven was taken in by Dungeon Core #36 [Madam Erin], and has remained there the last 5 years as practically a mute until the birth of current rookie Dungeon Core #212[——]. She has slowly began to open back up. The elders have decided she will be granted a Crystal again if she can remove her fear of humans, and her core number becomes available again. Making her only the third dungeon core given a second chance.


I wasn’t aware Thirty-seven has been though so much, and that I was having that kind of effect on her. I thought she just didn’t like me. I need to apologize to her. I close the book setting it on the desk and go check to see if Thirty-seven has returned to her room yet.

I reach Thirty-Seven’s room I quickly try to knock on the door before she has a chance to answer but I barely tap my knuckles on the door as it opens. “How do you do that?… You always know..”

Thirty-seven: “Simple, you always inform me with [Menu] that you have arrived.”

When did I do that?”

Thirty-seven: “As I thought. Curious. Try something for me, open [Menu]

I do so. “Now what?”

Thirty-seven: “Now try accessing [Communication]

when I say communication it brings a new windows up listing a tab for allies, and a tab for monsters. Under the monsters tab it has every monster currently in my dungeon, and under allies it has Madam Erin and Thirty-seven. When I select Thirty-seven there is a long list over communication back and forth but its not exactly what we have said to each other. The most recent messages are from myself and are. “I am coming to your room. I am coming down the hall. I am here!”……I quickly scroll though the messages and there is easily 25 to 50 messages from me if not more to every one of hers. Most of her replies are just answers to questions that I asked her in person. Then I see a message I sent. “You have such a wonderful body.” and another “You smell nice.” and a third “you have such a nice ass I just want to grab it.”…. I quickly close the messages…. Oh my god! She must think I am such a pervert. I am to petrified to see what else I must of said..

I am so sorry…. I have no idea how I sent them messages. I have never even seen that screen before now.. You must think I am a horrid person..”

Thirty-seven: “Think nothing of it. I suspected as much and have already talked to Madam Erin of the situation.”

You told Madam Erin the things I was sending you!?” I feel like I want to crawl under my bed and die….

Thirty-seven: “No, I did not tell her what the messages said, just that you didn’t seem to be able to access [Communication] yet where still sending messages without your knowledge.”

Well I believe I have made a big enough fool out of myself for one day, so I guess I better go back to my room and crawl under the bed.”

Thirty-seven: “Wait. What was the original reason for you to come to me room.”

Oh I completely forgot. I was bored so I bought the Dungeon Core Information book from my [Menu] and read about what happened to you during your training and wanted to come apologize to you for dragging you around my dungeon when it probably brought up some hurtful memories. Now I have so much more to make up for I don’t even know where to start..”

Thirty-seven: “Think nothing of it. I was told to keep a eye on your training, and as for the messages I am partly to blame as well. After all, like I said I figured out you seemed to be sending messages without your knowledge a while back and still haven’t said anything so don’t worry about it.”

I still feel horrible just the same.. I think I am going to go rest now.”

Thirty-seven bows then heads back into her room. I move back to my room and drop on the bed and hit myself in the forehead. It takes a few minutes for me to calm down and regain the color in my face before I remember about the boss monster and Alfred’s xp. I open up [Communication] which is now conveniently on the right hand side of the main screen mocking me like it was always there… As soon as I open Thirty-seven’s window the words begin appearing on the screen.

So sorry to bother you again so soon, but I thought of another question I wanted to ask you about on something I found in the book.. I looked at Alfred’s page and it said he had over 5000xp when he died and even had a boss monster. How did he get so much xp and a boss monster so fast?”

she sends a reply immediately.  “No problem at all. However you need to ask Madam Erin that question.”

Thanks, I will.” After closing Thirty-seven’s window I open Madam Erin’s and the words begin to fill the screen.

Do you mind if I ask you a question?”

Madam Erin: “Ah pup, I see you’ve figured out [Communication], I guess after writing that you wanted to suckle  her nipples, Thirty-seven couldn’t keep quiet about it any longer.”

an instant reply  “I said something like that!?”

Madam Erin:”Well, even more interesting, personally I have no idea, but given your reply it sounds like there was at least a possibility of there being one.”

Ahh, I never said anything of the sort….Now I was reading Dungeon Core Information and I found that the other dungeon core in training that was born the same day as me, already had a boss monster and over 5000xp when he died. How did he get so much so fast?”

Madam Erin: “Ah, well you see, well how about this. I will tell you after the battle tomorrow. Win or lose I promise. Also if you ever decide to change your mind on the nipples I could always let you have a go on mine.”

NO THANKS.” I quickly close the window and kick my feet on the bed..Ahhhh.. I finally cool down again and spend the next twenty minutes fighting over if I really want to know what kind of messages I sent Thirty-seven. I finally decide it would be best to never know and I decide to go to sleep..


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