Chapter 68: Zoey & Roxy’s Surprise

I was summoned barely over an hour ago. My master told me quite a few distressing things. He told me I was summoned as a gift for another dungeon, I guess if that is what he wants from me that’s what I got to do, but I feel he seemed disappointed in me.

He did give me some clothes, and basic equipment but told me to walk right into a human town… He even wants me to head straight to the adventurer’s guild. He said I would meet my new master there, but surely he doesn’t expect me to make it that far.

I am almost on the town now…Soon they are going to see me and call the guard and that will be it… I don’t want to die this quick, I am scared… I close my eyes tight and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

After what feels like forever I still don’t hear no horns or screams… Suddenly I bump into something soft.

Soft voice: “Are you ok?”

What? No screams? I slowly open one of my eyes, then quickly open the other looking around. There are humans surrounding me with concerned looks on their faces… This is it this is how it ends… But wait… The person a bumped into…

She is a fox… No I mean she is literally a fox. She is wearing clothes that leave very little to the imagination. She is holding a basket in one arm and has her hand on her other hip. She has no weapons and has the same look on her face as the humans.

I had resigned myself to my fate my master didn’t want me and sent me to die, but this beautiful young woman in front of me surely she did nothing wrong. Maybe I can at least save her. I grab her arm and start to run.

Soft voice: “Hey!”

Something hits me in the back of the head and I fall to the ground…It was the woman? What’s going on… Is it really going to end this way my mind is cloudy as I pass out…

I open my eyes again I am staring up at the sky, wait I am not dead? I’m not dead right? Something blocks the sky from my views. It’s a face, a humans face…

Human: “Are alright? You kind of asked for it though, you can’t just grab a woman, even if it is one of Denova’s girls.”

“You’re not going to kill me?”

The human laughs and says. “Of course not, but if you get handsy with the town girls again you might wind up in a cell.”

Soft voice: “Well if he is not dead, Denova will be waiting for me I should get back. Thanks Harald.”

Human: “No problem Cassandra I will take it from here.”

Laying here on the ground and watching the fox Cassandra walk away I can see clearly up her short skirt. She isn’t even wearing anything under it. Maybe I did die and this is heaven, but what is with this ugly human kneeling over me.

Harald: “Can you sit up boy?”

The human Harald is trying to sit me up so I follow his instruction.

Harald: “What’s your name boy?”

“Jack… Master named me Jack… Oh but he told me not to call him Master.”

Harald: “Master? Are you a slave?”

“No I am a monster…”

Harald laughs. “You might have put a bit of a fright in Cassandra, but you are by far a monster. You didn’t happen to mean Two-Twelve did you? You said your master told you not to call him master.”

“Two-Twelve… That’s right that is what master told me to call him. I gave me this equipment and told me to go to the adventurer’s guild.”

Harald: “Alright, I will take you there, but promise me you won’t go around grabbing any more of the young ladies alright?”


The human Harald leads me though the human town, I can’t believe what I am seeing everyone is just ignoring me. I even see 2 more monsters on the way and they are laughing and joking with a human… What is this place?

We enter a building and another beautiful monster greets the human Harald…

Belinda: “Hey Harald, who is your friend?”

Harald: “He said Two-Twelve sent him to you, said his name was Jack.”

Belinda: “Oh… I am glad you found him we were starting to get a little worried.”

Harald: “You are going to have to tell Two-Twelve to be a little more careful while helping these slaves. I am glad he is giving them a fresh start but Jack here tried to grope Cassandra. She gave him a bit of a knot on the head.”

The human Harald then actually bows to the monster then he heads back out the building…

“I am sorry I don’t know what is going on why are the humans not attacking us?”

Belinda: “Why would they?”

“Because we are monsters.”

The other monster looks around the room nervous then awkwardly laughs saying. “Well I don’t know what your previous master called you, but any civilized human doesn’t call a beastkin a monster. Now why don’t you come have a seat over here real quick.” She then leads me to a table sitting me down.

Belinda: “Queen come here!”

Another beautiful woman comes walking up she is also human, but I can tell she is a dungeon core as well. Maybe this is my new master.

“Are you my new Master?”

She quickly looks around the room then says. “Is he ok?”

Belinda: “I don’t know he seems pretty confused. The guard that brought him here said he took a blow to the head so maybe we should just give him a few minutes.”

The dungeon core sits down in the chair next to me and reaches her hand out to me.

Dungeon core: “Hi I am Queen.”

Queen that’s who Two-Twelve said my new master was… “I’m Jack…”

Queen leans in close and says. “Yes, I am your new master, but didn’t Two-Twelve explain things to you?”

“He told me I was a gift for you, so you could breed me… I thought he was joking, but then he gave me equipment and told me to walk into this human town and head to the adventurer’s guild.”

Queen looks to be thinking hard on something, then a sudden look of clarity as she says. ” I thin I know what happened. We can fix this. Belinda can you have Two-Twelve meet us here before Logan arrives?”

Belinda: “I think so. What did you figure out?”

Queen: “Two-Twelve made a mistake when he used his ultimate command. I don’t know exactly what he said, but it must of blocked something.”

Queen and the monster Belinda talk back and forth while I am sitting here… After a while Master enters the building in a hurry.

Two-Twelve: “So what exactly happened?”

Queen speaks to him quietly… He then leans over and says something to me. I don’t know what it was but my head clears…


Two-Twelve PoV

“Sorry I didn’t realize, I haven’t ever had to use one before.”

Queen: “That’s alright. at least we were able to fix it. Jack you ok now?”

Jack: “Yes… It was like walking in a fog… I was so confused…”

“I am sorry…”

Jack: “I need to get my adventurer’s ID now right?”

“Well we are kind of past that point, but I guess that is up to Queen now.”

Queen: “We might as well, you never know when it will come in handy.”

Belinda takes Jack to the counter and goes through the process of issuing him an adventurer’s ID.

“I better get back. Logan is waiting for me for the last 2 hours now, and I left the avian with Lilah…”

I let Belinda know and then quickly head back home then transfer to the core room. Roc is laying on the bed messing with his wings while Lilah has one of Roc’s feathers in her hands and she is playing with it while looking at the screens.

“Everything ok?”

Lilah: “Yep!”

Roc: “Yes master…”

“I have to go spend a few hours with Logan… Roc I am going to transfer you back outside, but make sure you stay out of sight. I will send you a message when its time for you to return alright?”

Roc: “Your desire is my desire.”

After sending him out of the dungeon, I can see Lilah is watching the group of adventurers that entered the dungeon earlier, they don’t seem to be putting us in any danger.

“He didn’t do anything weird while I was gone did he?”

Lilah: “Nope!”

“alright…I will be back later.”

After transferring back to the house I meet up with Logan, he seems pretty peeved about have to wait but it doesn’t take him even 30 seconds till he is over it and drags me out into town for the rest of the day…

By the time we finally make it back to the house it has been dark for several hours… We spent the last few hours at the tavern and ended up drinking quite a bit. Just inside the door Logan and I meet with Fire & Ice.

After chewing us out for 20 minutes Queen drags off Logan and Belinda drags me off to bed. Belinda tells me I need to be more responsible, and tells me with Queen here I should be level headed and not be coming home in the middle of the night drunk.

She is right, I completely forgot about Queen after a few hours… Keeping up with Logan is a full time job… I feel sorry for Kline having to deal with it all day every day… I can’t help feel there is something else I am forgetting as I go to sleep, but I guess it can wait till tomorrow…

The next morning before breakfast I am sitting at the counter in the dining room holding my head while Belinda is making the coffee. When Logan taps me on the shoulder with a smile on his face he puts a small bottle into my hand.

It contains the same liquid he gave to Belinda to give to me when we were at the capital. I shutter after downing the bottle, but by the time the coffee is done my head is clear and I am feeling loads better. Lilah is pulling on my sleeve.

“What’s the matter?”

Lilah whispers in my ear. “You forgot about Roc, he has been out all night…”

I quickly jump up surprising Belinda and Logan running from the room. I get out of view and transfer to the core room. I look though the screens but don’t see Roc anywhere. I send a few messages to him but doesn’t receive a reply.

I spend the next 30 minutes trying to find him but have no luck. Eventually I receive a message I quickly check but it is from Belinda. She is asking me if everything is ok, and that Logan and the others are preparing to leave.

I decide there isn’t nothing else I can do so I transfer back to the house to see Logan and Queen off.

Logan: “There he is! You ok? That was quite a reaction, I have felt quite sick after drinking that, but it always went away pretty quick.”

“Yea… Sorry.”

I see that Jack has joined the group.

Logan: “I hear you helped Jack here get back on his feet. He decided he wanted to head to Leona to check out that beastkin village that is said to be sprouting up there, so we are going to give him a lift.”

“That’s good to hear. Good luck.”

Logan then turns to Kline who is holding Scylla’s hands and whispering in her ear. “Alright man you can see her in a month or two when they come to the capital just kiss her already and lets get on the road!”

They both begin to blush, and Kline lets go and is about to step away but Scylla grabs him and kisses him. Kline seems surprised but after a few seconds he appears to kiss her back. When they finally quit they are both blushing profusely.

Logan: “Alright, now we are ready.”

We wave to the group as they head out Zoey quickly begins to tease Scylla, but she just shows her a rude gesture which is very unlike Scylla, and then heads back into the house.

Roxy: “You kind of asked for that. You could be more supportive.”

Zoey: “She is basically my sister, it’s no fun if I don’t give her a hard time.”

Lilah: “Master did you have any luck finding Roc?”

“No I sent him several messages but he isn’t at the dungeon and he isn’t replying. Maybe he will turn up here pretty soon.”

We finish getting ready and by the time I head into the office we still haven’t heard from him. Scylla is helping Belinda today so it is just Bell and I at the office. There are a few things requiring my approval that the others couldn’t handle yesterday, but after taking care of that there isn’t much to do.

Shortly before noon we get the news that we didn’t want to hear however.

Townsperson: “Mayor! The hunters found some kind of giant bird monster in the forest. They managed to knock it out, and are bringing it in now!”

I can’t help but sigh, 3000xp out the window… Bell and I however get up and to check out the commotion… When we get close however I hear a voice.

Roc: “Help! I maybe a bird but I promise I don’t taste like chicken!”

Roc: “Ouch! Watch it! I am a lover not a fighter!”

Roc: “Oh…Hey there beautiful would like…. OUCH!”

Roc:  “Oh! Master! Master! Please don’t leave!”

Harald: “Mayor?”

I sigh… ”I told you Roc, not to scare the townspeople!”

Roc: “I didn’t do anything! I promise I was sleeping then something smacked me in the head. Next thing I know I was being dragged through the village in a net!”

Harald: “You know this monster mister Mayor?”

“He isn’t a monster… It’s a rare type of beastkin, I was having him stay up in the forest because I didn’t want him to scare anyone until I could find a place for him.”

Roc: “Master please tell them to let me go!”

Harald: “I have heard of bird beastkin but never anything like this.”

“I know he is kind of scary looking, so if you want to keep him locked up till I can figure out what to do with him I understand.”

Harald: “He isn’t going to hurt anyone is he?”

“He shouldn’t, he is just a weird looking beastkin.”

Roc: “I promise! I promise! Tell them to let me go!”

Harald: “Well he hasn’t hurt anyone, and if you say its ok…”


Harald: “Well we were worried about the others when they showed up and they turned out fine, so if you say so I believe you.”

Of all people after what happened with Thirty-seven I didn’t think Harald would ever accept something just on my word… The hunters look a little hesetent after looking at the talons on Roc but they eventually pull off the net.

Roc doesn’t hesitate to jump up and take off flying for the forest.

Denova: “What are you doing?! Are you crazy!”

Harald: “The Mayor said it was ok.”

Denova: “Do you know how much money we could of made off of selling a monster like that?!”

Harald: “Didn’t you hear it? It wasn’t a monster.”

Denova: “Just because it can talk doesn’t mean it isn’t a monster. There are tons of monsters that can talk.”

Harald: “The Mayor said it is just a rare type of beastkin”

Denova: “And you are just going to take his word for it?!”

Harald: “I would his long before yours.”

Things settle down now, and after a few days I begin to bring Roc to town for brief periods. The adventurers are more receptive of him then the villagers but after a week or two they start to warm up to him as well.

I still don’t ever leave him alone. He has already tried and failed to seduce every woman in the house and he doesn’t seem to be having much luck in town either, but I try to keep him on a tight leash. That all changes however one day when I had to leave him with Belinda at the adventurer’s guild while I did something and a group of all female adventurers comes into town…

When I enter the adventurer’s guild after taking care of business Belinda is shaking her head while 4 women are surrounding him rubbing his feathers. He is beaming as happy as can be…

“Alright girls, its time for Roc to head home now…”

Roc: “Aww Master! We were hoping to copulate!”

I can’t help to say sarcastically “What the 5 of you?”

Female Adventurer: “We promise to have him home for bedtime mister mayor.” –One of the adventurers say while giggling.-

I can’t help just stand there with my mouth agape I look over at Belinda and she just shrugs while blushing. After that night word gets around quick and he begins to have frequent nightly outings… Until one day Denova storms into my office slamming the door.

Denova: “You have to do something about your bird!”

“I’m sorry?”

Denova: “He is at it again! He is holding up my business! He has most of the girls lined up paying him for services. That’s not the way this is supposed to work.”

“I think I remember someone once saying something is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it.”

Denova: “But he is operating out of my busisness! You don’t see me going stealing other people’s customers from their business.”

“How many times did you try to get me to leave the adventurer’s guild to go to your place instead? I will talk to him though tell him he can’t charge them.”

Denova: “That is not good enough! He would just do it for free then!”

“Fine then he can keep charging, but I will tell him he has to give you the gold.”

Denova: “That’s…! I will get back to you…”

And just like that somehow Denova ended up with her first male employee… For once the girls where kind of relieved because they said he was kind of creepy… I still haven’t unbound him from the dungeon yet, I can do it at any time so I guess there is no rush.

Logan’s failure in my dungeon also spread pretty quickly and the adventurers arriving are starting to have more high level C-rank adventurers. Nobody has found the crystal since it has been moved, but quite a few of the high level C-ranked adventurers have lost their lives on the fourth floor.

Adventurers have stolen all the high quality gear on the kobold, but enough C-ranked adventurers have died I am no longer too worried about it, but I still only replaced it with standard quality gear however. I have also managed to build enough xp to add a couple more of the pit type rooms on the fourth floor adding golems to each.

From the C-rankers that have died quite a few new skills and spells have become available. Although I am not messing with the skills because they cost so much I have learned a few of the spells as well as taught them to Belinda.

Without realizing it spring seemed to pass in a blink of an eye. There is still a little left, but once we go to the capital for the town leaders meeting it will be over.

After adding Bo to their nightly activates every now and then, Zoey and Roxy have been getting along exceptionally well. So well in fact that a week before we are set to leave for the town leaders meeting Roxy and Zoey have a big surprise for us at breakfast.

Zoey & Roxy: “If you would allow us, we would like to get married!”

Roxy: “And I am willing to join your dungeon if you would have me.”

Belinda: “That is wonderful!”

“You have gained another level since we last talked about it right?” –I check it out in [Menu].- “We should be ok right Lilah?”

Lilah: “Yes Master, but I was hoping to hold that xp as a safety net for while you are gone.”

Belinda: “Does that really matter right now? The important part is they are getting married! They can go with us and have a honeymoon at the capital. She can join the dungeon when we get back.”

Belinda seems exceptionally excited giving Roxy and Zoey both a big hug. Then again it is not really that big of a surprise Belinda likes everything party related and from what I understand getting married involves one…

Belinda: “I will have to send out word today just so people can make it in time!”

Roxy: “It is ok. We can have just a small wedding we don’t have to have a bunch of people.”

Belinda: “Nonsense! It’s your special day!”

For some reason I end up heading to work alone today because Belinda has retained the entire household for wedding preparations…Scylla is going with us to the capital, as is Zoey and Roxy now. That leaves only Bell and Lilah to keep things going while we are gone…

Being by myself all week and having to prepare for Bell taking care of things for at least 3 weeks at the office I am extremely tired each evening by the time I finally make it home. When I see the girls faces when I make it home however seems to make it worth it.

Each day the ballroom seems to go through a transformation until the day before we depart is on us… Belinda sent an invitation to the capital, but there just wasn’t enough warning or time, but they promised to do something for them while they are in the capital.

Belinda has spent the entire morning making the final preparations for the wedding. I managed to finally complete my office work this morning and had to rush back home to prepare myself. I don’t have the first clue on how to put on the outfit she has prepared for me so I casually cheat by storing it then equipping it.

For once Belinda prepared a party and Denova was actually invited. Roxy even asked her to participate, even though they have had a unusual relationship Roxy still gives Denova the credit for buying her and bringing her to Tobes to begin with.

They are making me be something called the best man, I am supposed to stand next to Zoey with a pillow and a ring handing the ring to her at the right time. Surely I can’t screw that up… When I finally make it to the ballroom it has been covered in spring flowers, and covered in decorations.

Belinda is wearing a quite attractive dress but it doesn’t seem too special, for a change it is actually a perfect match for the ones Bell, Scylla, and Lilah are wearing. When she sees me she quickly pulls me to the front of the room to stand next to Zoey, handing me the pillow with the ring…

I think everyone in Tobes that could fit are here in the room… Zoey is wearing an outfit much like mine however where mine is mostly black with a few white pieces hers is the exact opposite almost solid white…

Zoey: “Hey boss… This is kind of weird isn’t it?”

“Well you know Belinda…”

Zoey: “She tried to put me in a ridiculous dress, but we manage to make a compromise so I ended up with this. She was going to have Roxy and me both take a bride role, but I think this works better.”

“Yea, I have no idea what you are talking about.”

Zoey laughs. “That’s ok Boss, just don’t screw up your part during the ceremony or Belinda might kill you. You should also consider this a dry run, because you know eventually Belinda is going to make you be standing here in my spot.”

“Marriage? Me?”

Zoey: “Maybe I shouldn’t tell you…”


Zoey: “The entire time she was setting it up she was making comments on how when you two get married she is going to do it this way and that way…”

“We have never even talked about getting married…”

Zoey: “That doesn’t mean she isn’t thinking about it Boss…”

Now that she mentions it when I look at Belinda making the final touches I can practically see the gears turning…And the smile she gives me when she notices me watching her…

“I thought you are not supposed to get married till you love each other.”

Zoey: “Duh Boss.”

“Well… How did you know you loved Roxy?”

Zoey: “Well that’s kind of embarrassing Boss…But I knew the first time there at Denova’s place when she took her tongue and..”

“Ok ok… I don’t need the details…”

Zoey: “Well when did you know that you loved Belinda?”

“I still haven’t been able to understand that emotion…So I don’t know if I do…”

Zoey: “Come on Boss, I have seen the way you look at Belinda. When did you know you wanted her to be next to you forever?”

“Well she was the one that came up to me and said she wanted to be my boss monster.”

Zoey: “Not as your boss monster boss…When was the time you looked at her and said no matter what nobody else can have her that she can only be yours, and you didn’t want to be with anyone else for the rest of your lives.”

“I…I don’t know…I guess this past winter sometime…I guess about the time I started eating every day I never even realized it…”

Zoey: “Well there you go… That was when you knew you loved Belinda.”

“I never…”

The girls take their positions and Belinda quickly hurries to hers as a group begins to play music. The girls make their way across the room to stand opposite of me on the other side of Zoey, and Lilah begins to walk down holding a large basket.

Inside the basket are flower petals that she tosses as she walks. Something else is in the basket I can’t really tell what it is until she gets closer… It’s the small cat stuffed animal I gave Thirty-seven…But instead of the head peeking out of the basket its head must be buried in the basket because its backside is sticking up…

“She could of at least turned it right side up…”

Zoey: “Belinda tried… Lilah said Thirty-seven wouldn’t have wanted it that way.”

Lilah finally makes it to the front and takes her spot. Roxy then enters the far end of the room. The music changes and she slowly makes her way forward to the song. The dress she is wearing is huge, but beautiful. She is walking down the aisle locked elbows with Denova who is wearing a masculine outfit as well.

Denova takes a seat in the front row when they arrive and Roxy continues the rest of the way on her own. Once she reaches next to Zoey, they take each other’s hands. The old man that spoke at Thirty-seven’s funeral, that I later found out to be a priest of Faron takes a position in front of Zoey and Roxy.

He begins the wedding ceremony…It is rather long winded and hard to follow, but once he asks Zoey a question she said “I do.” He then asks the same of Roxy and replies the same. After talking for a moment more he then gives me the cue. I take the ring I am holding and hand it to Zoey…

He continues to talk while Zoey places the ring on Roxy’s finger then Roxy takes a ring that Belinda hands her placing it on Zoey’s hand. After a few more word he says they are now married and tells them to kiss.

When Zoey and Roxy kiss the room begins to clap and cheer. Zoey and Roxy then head to the back of the room…And finally the ceremony is over… Unfortunately that means the party part has just begun… There is quite a bit of dancing, I again end up dancing with a lot of people…

Then there is a large cake that is split up… Of all the food, I can manage just about everything now, but sweet food like cake… I just loath… Belinda however doesn’t take no for an answer and I am forced to eat some. At least it is a very small piece.

After the sun begins to set people finally begin to depart and about an hour later it is finally just me and the girls… I collapse into a chair.

Belinda: “You did wonderfully today. I am proud of you.”

“All I did was hand over the ring…”

Belinda: “Alright. If you say so.”

Luckily the best part of doing stuff like this in the house we are able to clean up the entire mess in a few short minutes… Zoey and Roxy have seem to have disappeared but I guess that is to be expected.

Lilah: “Master. I am going to bed.”

Scylla: “I am as well we got a long trip ahead of us starting tomorrow.”

Bell: “I better go to bed as well…”

“Good night.”

Belinda: “Well Two-Twelve what did you think of your first wedding?”

“Well I barely could follow what was going on, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves so I guess it turned out ok.”

Belinda: “Come here and dance with me.”

“The music has been done for hours now…”

Belinda: “That’s alright. Just dance with me.”

I get up and Belinda takes my hand wrapping her arm around me placing it on my shoulder she places her cheek against mine and begins to step to an imaginary beat. After a few minutes she says.

Belinda: “I am glad I made that decision last year, I wouldn’t trade any of this for anything… I love you Two-Twelve.”


I kiss her after a few moments after we part I look her in the eyes.

“Belinda Gowen… I think I love you.”


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