Chapter 67: Unintended Consequences

By the look on Logan’s face at breakfast the next morning I can tell he must have reaped the benefits of Queen’s good mood which hasn’t even shown a small bit of fading this morning still.

Queen: “Logan… Would it be alright if we stay one more day in Tobes? I haven’t gotten a chance to get to know your sister very well, and she said she would show me around at the adventuring guild tomorrow if we could stay.”

Logan: “Well that is cutting into the time we can stay in Leona, but if that is what you want I guess it is ok.”

Queen: “Thank you so much! –She gives him a big deep kiss.-

I told Belinda what was going on so she seemed somewhat surprised but she rolls with it. After breakfast they go prepare their gear for the dungeon, this time only Logan, Kline, and Queen are going. I have Scylla and Bell take care of things for me at the office so I can focus on the dungeon just in case, and to summon Queen’s beastkin.

I take the trip with them to the adventurer’s guild where Queen picks up a few of the commissions I manage to catch a glimpse of her ID to see she already managed to become a C-rank adventurer and somehow managed to raise her level to 8. With the winter we had I don’t see how she could of grown her dungeon enough to reach that level already.

Logan and Kline didn’t plan to take a commission but Belinda makes them saying its like a pass like they would have to get if they went to the Tower of the Gods. After they start heading up to the dungeon Queen almost seems confused I am not following them.

Even once heading home and transferring to the core room when I see them finally heading up the mountain Queen still seems to be checking if I am following somewhere… I guess she doesn’t realize the house in Tobes is part of my dungeon…

Madam Erin seemed to be able to sense when she was standing in my dungeon, but I guess not all cores can. If most cores can’t tell Tobes is part of my dungeon that might turn into quite the advantage someday.

That must have been the reason she was so shocked just by getting Logan to stay another day was enough to get me to spend the xp on the beastkin.

Logan and Kline are much higher level than Queen but her gear is probably 10 times more expensive, yet Logan still seems overly protective of her as they go through the first floor he barely lets her fight at all. He is so protective of her Kline even tells him to chill out and get his head in the game.

They then manage to make a little bit faster progress but Logan looks mighty nervous. Queen seems to be doing fine though. I have only seen other cores fight during the training and she had managed to reach level 4 at that time.

Queen has only gained 4 levels but her combat potential has gone up exponentially. I have seen a few adventurers that have been around that level that have entered the dungeon, and none hold a candle to what Queen is capable of…

Kline: “See I told you there was nothing to worry about, you can tell the blood of Dyson runs through her veins.”

Logan: “Just be careful these kobold are not like normal kobold.”

Logan seems to begin to get more comfortable fighting alongside Queen now. Well I want to watch how they feel about the changes to the third floor and the addition of the fourth floor, so I better hold up my end of the bargain with the beastkin.

I feel a little bad now that I realize that Queen didn’t realize how easy summoning this beastkin was going to be, and she called Scylla beautiful, so I decide to spend the extra 1000xp to summon a random advanced feral beastkin.

Even with that I still going to make a profit from Logan and Kline staying the extra day, but it makes me feel a bit better about it. I open [Menu] prepare for the summoning and then focus… She wants a strong capable male for breeding, so male and has good stamina. As I focus I hit the confirmation.

Once the light fades the monster standing in front of me is rather shocking… He which is a very clearly a he… stands at least a full head taller than me and his shoulders are at least twice as wide as mine. Zoey and Lilah have a lot of features of their animal counterparts because they are feral beastkin, but Scylla’s were always more, I figured it was just because of because of the type of skin but this guy I find it hard to even call him a beastkin…

He is tall bird shaped alike a man, or a powerfully built man covered in feathers, with an eagle’s head for its own, covered in dark brown feathers with a golden hue. Its clear eyes scan at its surroundings as if looking for prey, focusing with all the intensity of a hunting bird.

Its forearms, and both legs under his knees are like those of an eagle’s, ending in mighty digits with long and curved black claws, yet not lacking any of a human’s dexterity because of it, just as its eyes declare the intelligence behind them, announcing ‘it’ as ‘him’ to those who dare look into them for any lenght of time.

As ‘he’ sees me, it takes a knee to the ground, its massive wings folding behind him as if they were a cloak of the finest material, the tip of its longest feathers barely brushing the floor, while his feet’s digits spread slightly, its sharp claws sinking just slightly into the stone floor,  while his right arm bend up so that his fist can rest over his heart . Despite the extra joint between ankle and knee, the gesture is as elegant as it can be.

Bird Man: “Greetings Master, your desire is my desire. Speak and it will be done.”

The thing that makes me snap out of my daze is when I hear Logan say something…

Logan: “What is happening the kobold just went crazy!”

I notice Lilah too has completely forgotten about the battle and is staring as well.

“Lilah the dungeon!”

Lilah: “Li…Lilah is sorry!”

She turns and begins to control the kobold again but keeps glancing over at the newly summoned beastkin. I know clothes make room for tails and such, but this guy is so different I don’t know if clothes are going to work.

I try summoning some clothes and equipping them on him but receive a message.

Monster unable to equip item.

That answers that question… and after reading that message I see another that must have appeared when he was summoned.

Avian now available to summon for 500xp

A new monster available to summon containing sub-species, when summoning a creature with available sub-species you can select the sub-species, or allow a random sub-species to be selected. When random sub-species are selected it is possible to summon a sub-species not currently available.

Avians are capable of being summoned as sentient at x10 xp cost. Sentient creatures have minds of their own and may ignore orders. Once per day you can use a Ultimate Command, and force a sentient dungeon monster to follow any command. Avians that are summoned as non-sentient at still capable of advanced thought they however have no will of their own.

Beastkin of the third tier of evolution are separated into their own category and are not capable of summoning outside their category when summoning a random subspecies.

I sounds like Avian beastkin are treated like a different monster all together… I am going to try something.

“Search clothing available to be equipped on an avian.”

[Menu] pulls though… it displays several articles but they are at least 35xp which isn’t much, but in comparison to normal clothing it is quite a bit. I summon an outfit and equip it on the avian.

Avian: “Thank you Master…”

I promised Queen but I am not sure it is a good idea to try to pass this guy off as an escaped slave… We might have to come up with another plan or try another summoning.

“Well my intention of summoning you was to present you as a gift to another core, but I don’t know if I will be able to do that now. For now just get comfortable here and we will figure out what to do when she returns…”

Avian: “As you desire Master.”

I send a message to Belinda telling her what’s going on and that we may have a problem. I tell her that I need to talk to Queen without Kline or her brother so if she could do something when they return to give me a chance to try to smooth things over.

When I finally get the chance to return to focusing on the dungeon the Trio has already begun their assault on the third floor and taking the + shaped hallway and are working on their second side room. Most of my girls are around 5 levels higher then Queen yet with the exception of maybe Belinda her combat ability is far greater even at level 8,

That leaves me to wonder how much of it is the mythril equipment, and how much of it is just her ability. Kline and Logan to seem to be quite impressed with her, even with such a large level difference between them they are now working as a cohesive team.

Lilah seems to be getting frustrated and doubling down her efforts as the kobold are not even able to land a blow against anyone even Queen.

Lilah: “Lilah is sorry Master… They were easier when they were with Master and Roxy…”

“It is ok Lilah… Logan was pretty laid back last time, but now he seems to be trying to impress Queen so he his giving it his all this time, so we can probably consider this his real strength.”

Lilah: “But Lilah should at least be able to cause problems for Queen, she shouldn’t be stronger then the C-Rank adventurers that enter the dungeon.”

“She is also a dungeon core, so that could have something to do with it. She might have unique skills that help her in combat.”

Logan: “There is quite a few more kobold here then there where last time but the dungeon has had all winter without interference of adventurers to increases its strength, so I wonder what else has changed.”

When they enter the great room they however are quite surprised when the kobold instantly attack. Even with their levels they still struggle quite a bit against the 8 heavy armored kobold. The kobold’s attacks don’t cause much damage if any at all when hitting Kline or Logan, but Lilah seems relieved when she at least causes a few wounds against Queen even if they do seem mainly superficial.

Logan: “I am so sorry Queen I underestimated the dungeon because it was so different last time I was here, we should of asked Two-Twelve if we could of borrowed Scylla. Kline told me she is a healer.”

Queen: “Think nothing of it.” –Queen casts a healing spell that surpasses anything I have yet to see so far instantly healing all of her wounds.-

Kline: “Aren’t you full of surprises… Being as good at combat as you are at your level, and casting advanced healing spells… Are you sure you are not a hero yourself?”

Queen: “No I am not a hero yet, but I had a good teacher.”

Logan: “I would love to meet them someday.”

Queen looks rather sad when she says. “Yea… Maybe someday…”

They struggle quite a bit in the next room as well even with it being only 4 kobold, but their high level gear even manages to cause decent wounds on Kline and Logan. If I could have a group of three times their size with that type of gear I might of even been able to beat them…

Queen heals her own wounds and takes care of the wounds on Logan and Kline as well.

Logan: “The crystal was where that staircase was last fall, it seems the dungeon really has changed in the last few months. If it gets much more difficult we might even need to retreat for now… I never thought I would say that about such a small dungeon before…”

Queen: “I am sorry, if I was stronger…”

Logan: “You are handling yourself far better then you should be able to for your level so it is by no way your fault. There are always things out there stronger then you, so a true adventurer isn’t the strongest, but the one that knows when they have reached their limit.”

Queen seems surprised when Logan says that, and she quickly grabs Logan kissing him deeply. Enough that it makes Kline embarrassed just by seeing it.

Logan: “… I always thought they were wise words, but I never thought they would give that kind of reaction. Not that I am complaining.”

Queen: “The man that trained me once said something similar, you remind me of him sometimes and I can’t help myself.”

Logan: “I am starting to get jealous.”

Queen laughs and says. “Don’t be, it’s not quite like that. I don’t feel that way about him just respect him a lot, but the parts of you that remind me of him makes me love you even more.”

Logan seems to actually blush a bit, and for some reason Kline is blushing a lot more…

Logan: “Well, we better get going. Let’s see what else the dungeon has in store for us.”

Once they head down the stairs, Kline almost walks out the door but Logan quickly stops him.

Kline: “What is it?”

Logan: “Look at the floor… I don’t like the looks of this…”

Logan then takes his pack off and ruffles though it pulling out a rope.

Logan: “There looks to be a stone part ahead, but it just drops off to the side there, so I am going to take this rope and tie it to my waist. You both stay here and hold the rope, if I make it to the stone over there then Queen can come across then Kline.”

Kline: “Young Master please let me go first.”

Logan: “I have no ability to attack at a distance, if you go first you will be defenseless holding the rope while we pass, but you can throw them daggers of yours if something attacks while I am over there.”

Kline looks hesitant but he finally nods. They are actually acting a lot more cautiously then I expected. Logan sets out on the wooden floor after securing the rope. Making very slow progress across it, he eventually makes it to the stone pillar.

Logan: “Ok, it actually looks quite solid, but hold the rope tight as you cross just in case.”

Queen nods and is the next to cross.

Logan: “Kline hold on… There seems to be another wooden floor over here, I don’t want us all to get out here in the middle and then be stranded.”

Kline: “But if you go any further I won’t be able to reach with the daggers, and I should be able to jump that distance if I have to.”

Logan is the one that is hesitant now but he eventually nods, Kline too of course crosses the wooden floor without problem. Kline then heads to the edge of the stone pillar looking down into the darkness.

Kline: “How far down do you think it goes?”

Logan goes through his bag again pulling out a torch. Kline then lights it for him and then Logan drops it off the edge. The torch falls…and falls…and falls. When it finally hits the floor not even a second later one of the slimes rolls over the touch extinguishing the flame.

Logan: “That’s a long way…And there is something alive down there… I have never seen anything like this…”

Queen: “It’s like a pit trap, but it’s the entire room, and the depth of it.”

Kline: “There is another stone pillar on the other side of that floor, and it’s not near as far.”

Kline strolls across the next section of the wooden floor.

Logan: “Kline! Be careful!”

Kline turns after reaching the next pillar. “I’m fine, see? The wood is solid”

Logan is still extremely cautious but him and Queen cross the next section as well.

Kline: “There looks to be one more, and I think I can see the wall.”

Logan: “I’ll go first again.”

Logan crosses the third section of wooden floor. He however draws his sword and screams. “It’s not the wall!”

The golem swings its massive fist. Logan didn’t have a chance to pull his shield but he tries blocking with his sword. The clash of the stone on steel causes a spark the gives a brief glimpse of light and the others can see the other golem beginning to move as well.

The impact was enough to knock Logan back and he is now dangerously close from falling from the edge of the pillar.

Kline: “Logan get back here!” –He says pulling a dagger from his waist throwing it at the golem.-

The dagger klanks against the golem then falls tumbling off the pillar. Logan dives past the golem rolling across the wooden floor. The first golem quickly stomps after him causing the boards to creek and sag but they don’t break.

Logan: “Damnit! It’s strong enough to hold it. Get back!”

The golems pass one at a time, as they chase the group all the way back into the stair well. One of the golems stands on the first pillar while the other is waiting moves back into the darkness.

Kline: “Well what are we going to do now?”

Logan: “Well we should be able to beat the golems, but I don’t want to risk falling though the floor or off the edge during the fight.”

Queen: “I really wanted to see the Crystal I heard it was so special.”

Logan: “I am sorry… I just don’t think we should risk it till you gain a few more levels or we get some more help. Belinda lives here though so we should be able to come back any time…”

Queen: “I understand, I got to see something interesting at least.”

They are far more cautious then I thought…  I didn’t think they would have any problem with the golems. They were even looking forward to fighting them last time they were here. I watch them as they start to head back up.

“Well congratulations Lilah, you just pushed back a group of B-ranked adventurers…”

Lilah puffs out her chest and looks extremely proud of herself, I ruffle her hair and scratch her behind the ears.

Once the group makes it out of the dungeon I send a message to Belinda telling her they are on their way back. After about 45 minutes I receive a message back from her telling me Queen is on her way. Apparently Logan and Kline are excitedly bragging in the adventurer’s guild so it was rather easy for Queen to slip away to come talk.

I look to the avian. “Alright we are up.” After he stands and bows I tell Lilah we are going to be on our way and transfer back to the house. I leave the avian inside and meet Queen as she is heading up to the house.

Queen: “What’s the matter? Belinda said there was a problem and you needed to talk to me. You changed your mind didn’t you…?”

“It’s not that… There was just an accident during the summoning, I don’t think our cover story would work, and I am not sure if you will be ok with the result. I can try again in the morning if you want me to try again however.”

Queen looks confused as I lead her into the house. The avian is kneeling in the entryway with his wings spread wide and his head bowed.

Queen lets out a yelp. “Dear god what the hell is that!?”

“It’s an avian beastkin.”

Queen: “…I see… “

“Like I said it wasn’t exactly the desired result so, if you are not happy with it I can try again in the morning.”

Queen: “Wait you mean you will let me have him?”

“That was our deal.”

Queen: “But no one has ever seen a feral beastkin avian before…”

“But I heard Logan talk about seeing an avian before…”

Queen: “Yea… A normal beastkin avian… You know basically human with a pair of wings and tail feathers… That’s it… Bless, the one in the elder selection with you, she is a bat avian.”


Queen walks up to the avian and he stands. She is a few inches shorter then me so when he stands she has to tilt her head almost all the way back just to meet his gaze..

Queen: “He is a marvelous specimen though…-She says while rubbing her hands across him.- But could I even breed him with normal beastkin? –She pulls his trousers and peeks inside.- “Good god!”

Avian: “Even under perfect conditions the odds of producing an offspring would be next to nil, but if that is your desire, I am sure I could suffer though the many…Many attempts. We could even give it a shot.”

Queen: “Like hell…What kind of beastkin would I even attempt to breed with him?”

Avian: “Subspecies would not affect the odds, but if you are asking for my preference, I would say prey type subspecies. I would enjoy making them squeal…”

Queen: “I don’t know if he could serve the purpose that I wanted…But I am very hesitant to turn him down…”

“It is up to you, like I said I could try again in the morning if you want something. I can now summon avian feral beastkin so if you want to trade for one at a later time.”

Queen: “Can I think about it for a while?”

“Sure, but the longer you take the harder it will be to convince Logan with the cover story.”

Queen: “I understand. You said you could something tomorrow morning? So I will have my answer by then.”

Queen peeks into his trousers again and shutters then says. “I better get back to Logan now before he misses me.”

After she leaves the avian speaks to me rather concerned. “Does that mean I am not going to get to breed?”

“Not for a while it looks like.”

He collapses to the floor looking truly pitiful…

“Well I guess we should take you back to the dungeon for now. Until Queen makes up her mind.”

He perks up for a moment and says. “Is there any females there?”

“…No…Not other then maybe a kobold if they spawned from the rifts, and Lilah is way to young…”

Avian: “I…I will have to endure…”

I haven’t giving him any access so he should be fine in the core room for now, so I take him there but I bring Lilah back with me when I come back to the house.

Lilah: “It is still a bit early isn’t it Master?”

“I just think it would be a good idea to keep everyone at a distance from the avian for now.”

Lilah: “I understand, the less he learns about us.”

“Yea sure… That’s it…”

When everyone returns that even Logan is still bragging about the dungeon, but Queen is wearing a very conflicted expression. Even though Logan has told the story at least three times by now at dinner Scylla asks Kline to tell her about their trip in the dungeon.

After dinner I warn all the girls to steer clear of the core room until we figure out what we are going to do with the avian, and while preparing for bed Belinda asks me.

Belinda: “If Queen doesn’t take him, what are we going to do with him?”

“Well he is a very rare monster, Queen said one has never been seen before…We might be able to put him to use somewhere.”

Belinda: “But how are we going to explain him? Queen told me that his appearance is as close to monster as it comes.”

“The elder Draco looks like a cross between a dragon and a man, Greaks looked almost like a snake. Are there no other races that humans know about other than humans, beastkin, elves, or dwarves?”

Belinda: “Beastkin only in the last hundred years have started to get a fair shake, some kingdoms still treat anything other than a human as monsters including elves and dwarves. There are very rare exceptions a very small portion of intelligent monsters trade with humans, but none associate enough to live amongst them.”

“Well maybe Queen will take him and we won’t have to worry about it, I guess until then there isn’t else much we can do.”

The next morning however Queen gives me the bad news before heading to the adventurer’s guild with Belinda.

Queen: “I am sorry, I might like to have one of your avians eventually, but for now I think it would be best to take a different feral beastkin so I can breed it.”

After they are gone Logan catches me. “Hey mayor, we got an extra day to kill while the women bond, and I even sent Kline to spend time with his lady friend. They can take care of your office today so what do you say we hit the town?”

“Well I have a few things to take care of… But I guess we can after I am done.”

Logan: “Alright, let me know when you are ready.”

Logan heads back off towards his room so I quickly transfer to the core room with Lilah. When we arrive the Avian is laying lazily on the bed, but he quickly jumps up and kneels in front of me.

Avian: “So do I get to breed now?”

“No luck. She wants a different beastkin. Sorry.”

Avian: “So what do I do?”

“Until we can figure that out, I guess you are going to have to wait here in the dungeon.”

Avian: “Yes Master, my desire is your desire…” –He says miserably.-

The avian settles back in on the bed sitting on the edge leaning forward with his “Elbows?” on his “Knees?” holding his “Chin?” in his “Hand?” The position looks so normal but the creature preforming it seems so monster like… Lilah begins her work looking at the screen while I start looking though [Menu]

I notice something keeps catching the avian’s eyes, I turn my head to see Lilah sitting in her chair minding her own business, but every now and then her tail twitches… The next time it twitches the avian stretches his long wing brushing her tail with a feather at the end of his wing, causing Lilah to jump and quickly turn.


The avian returns to resting his head in his hand, and Lilah goes back to work…

“How about Roc?”

Avian: “I’m sorry?

“For your name, you’re going to need one.”

Avian: “Your desire is my desire.”

Set monster’s name to Roc?


Monster’s name is set as Roc.

“Alright, now Roc, if I send you outside do you think you could keep out of sight, and not scare the townsfolk?”

Lilah: “Master is really going to send him outside?”

Roc: “I will be invisible!”

I transfer Roc to the area just outside the cave. I watch him spread his wings and take a deep breath and he takes off flying over the forest away from Tobes.

Lilah: “Master do you think that was a good idea.”

“Well he was driving me crazy… And what is the worst that can happen? A hunter sees him and shoots him out of the air? We wouldn’t have to worry about him then.”

Lilah: “But what about his xp cost?”

“It was pretty much free because of Kline and Logan’s visit. Who knows maybe he will stay out of trouble.”

Lilah looks skeptical, but I am finally able to focus on summoning a feral beastkin for Queen… This time I am not going to risk summoning an advanced feral beastkin just a normal one. If she gets an advanced so be it but I don’t want to risk another Roc…

This time when the light clears after its summoning it turns out to be a normal feral rabbit beastkin male. He looks a lot like Ike, but has a light in his eyes that Ike doesn’t have.  He looks around the room and after seeing Lilah staring at him he awkwardly covers his crotch.

Lilah: “Master! Can Lilah have one?”

I quickly summon him some clothes.

Rabbit: “Thank you Master.”

“No need to call me master. You can call me Two-Twelve.”

Rabbit: “As you wish. What would you have me do?”

“You have been summoned for the purpose of filling and agreement with another dungeon core. She wishes to breed you.”

Rabbit: “Not with her right?” –He motions to Lilah.-

Lilah: “Oh Master please?!”

“Of course not, Lilah is much too young, and she is one of my monsters.”

Lilah: “Just once!”

“You have been spending way too much time around Zoey…” –I say to Lilah, then turning back to the rabbit.- “You seem to fill what she was looking for quite nicely so here is the plan. I am going to give you some basic equipment, and take you just out of town. You are going to head into town and ask for the adventurer’s guild, once there you will get your adventurer’s ID and the girls will take care of the rest, and you can meet your new master.”

I summon some cheap and basic gear and equip it on him.

“You’ll need a name… Belinda showed me a human game called cards once. The Queen was one of the cards, and the other monsters Queen summons seem to use themes from cards. You’re a rabbit so how about Jack? Although I can’t guarantee she will keep the name once she takes over your ownership.”

Set monster’s name to Jack?


Monster’s name now set to Jack.

I spend the next 15 minutes going over a few things with Jack and then even know he shouldn’t know anything about my dungeon I use a ultimate command to prevent him from divulging any secrets of my dungeon. I also send Belinda a message telling her the plan. I then transfer with Jack to the edge of the lake then head for one of the hunter’s trails that leads around Tobes.

Suddenly a large object falls from the sky crashing next to me startling me a bit.

Roc: “Hey master! What we doing now?”

“I thought I told you to stay out of sight?”

Roc: “But you’re Master?”

“Jack here is for Queen, so I am setting it up so they can meet without arousing suspicion from the town.”

Roc: “Can I come?”

“That is the exact opposite of not arousing suspicion, but I guess it won’t hurt long as you stay close to me, and out of sight.”

I lead Jack to the edge of the path that leads to Tobes. “Ok, just follow the trail into town and do just like I said. Remember when you see me the next time you have to act like we have never seen each other before.”

Jack: “Understood.”

Roc and I watch Jack set out heading towards Tobes. I send a message to Belinda telling her Jack is on his way.

Roc: “Can we go to the village too? It has females doesn’t it?”

“You can’t just walk into the town you would scare everyone.”

Roc: “How am I supposed to breed with them all if I can’t even meet them?”

“You’re not breeding with anyone, because I told you that plan is done. Queen didn’t want you.”

Roc: “Never…?” –He has a look like someone just stabbed him in the heart.-

“Well I don’t know about never…But you can’t just go running into town asking to breed with random women. Alright, lets head back to the dungeon.”

Once we get back I stop Roc as I see a group of adventurers heading up to the dungeon.

“Hold on, let them get in the cave then we will go.”

Roc: “Oh, there is one can I ask her?”

“Well you could, but she would probably take that sword of hers and shove it in your gut.”

Roc: “I will endure…”

Once the adventurers enter the dungeon I then head out of the tree line and transfer myself and Roc…


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