Chapter 59: Logan’s Visit to the Dungeon

After midnight hit I had to physically stop myself from calling out loud as I received 5,620xp. I eagerly want to retreat to the core room and being work, but Belinda makes me stick to the party till everyone is gone…

Once the last person is gone Logan wants to help clean up but Belinda says we will take care of it and sends them on their way to bed. Once everyone is clear Belinda uses [Menu] clean the entire room in less than five minutes…

Belinda is in a truly happy mood as we head up to bed. The mood continues once we are between the sheets and it’s the wee hours of the morning before we finally go to sleep… So when Belinda wakes me up a few short hours later I am still pretty tired.

Belinda: “We are setting out for Madam Erin’s dungeon today, so we need to get a move on… Are you going to be alright here with my brother?”

“It should be alright, he wants to head up to the dungeon while here that is the most concerning thing, but I don’t think he will put us in any danger.”

Belinda: “I will make sure before I leave he knows not to lay a finger on the crystal…”

After preparing a big breakfast we use the large dining room for the first time. I simply drink some coffee while everyone eats. Scylla and Kline are teased throughout the meal by Zoey and Logan respectively about disappearing the night before.

They keep insisting there was nothing to it, that they just talked but both are blushing quite a bit, so I can’t be for certain… We all then see the girls off as they prepare to set out and Kline stands there holding Scylla’s hands as they both blush talking quietly and nodding, which seems far more than just talk…

Belinda: “Two-Twelve you better behave this time…Promise me!”

“I will do my best, I promise…”

Belinda then kisses me and gives me a big hug before setting out. While we watch them walk away, and when they finally disappear though the streets of Tobes Logan leans over to Kline and says.

Logan: “So… What really happened last night?”

Kline: “Young Master, I swear nothing happened… I would never lie to you!” –He says while blushing.-

Amy: “When you parted just now it looked like a lot more than nothing…”

Logan: “Right!”

Roxy: “There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Sure Scylla has quite the unique appearance, but she is truly a good girl.”

Lilah then makes a comment that causing Kline to hang his head, and Logan to bust out laughing…

Lilah: “What would the babies look like?”

“You know I actually don’t know…”

Amy: “Beastkin children always favor strictly one parent. The same with a beastkin and a human, although very rarely if the child is a human they might have small traits prominent of the beastkin. Like eyes, teeth that sort of thing, but it’s usually only one thing.”

Kline: “It was only 1 kiss! It wasn’t even on the lips!”

Amy: “Kline… You’re 30 years old… That is sad…”

Logan: “Alright, that’s enough don’t tease him to much…But do you plan on continuing with any kind of relationship?”

Kline: “Well she said she would like to talk with me again, but we didn’t talk about anything like that… I would have to get Two-Twelve and your permission before I even considered it…”

Amy: “You’re such a knucklehead…”

“Don’t feel bad Kline, I still have trouble with such things, Belinda has to spell out what she expects of me…”

Amy: “Sadly he is telling the truth…At least Logan is normal…”

“If you will excuse me, I have a few things I need to take care of this morning. Can you help them if they need anything Roxy?”

Roxy: “Leave it to me…”

Lilah and I retreat back into the house. After ducking into one of the rooms we transfer to the core room. Though the screens I see Roxy telling the others more about Tobes. I turn my attention to the dungeon…

I need to replace the weapons of the kobold, but first I need to see how much it costs to expand the area around the house… I try broadening the area of the dungeon but even taking it to the max it only covers the street and a small section of the inn.

I also receive a warning saying I can’t finalize while a existing structure is only partly covered…I instead take it right to the edge of the inn and stretch the area along the road taking it as far as I can and then finalize it…

1000 xp down and still haven’t accomplished anything. Even starting fresh with another area right on the edge of the inn I can’t manage to cover both wings of the inn in a single room so I have to double the cost to expand it further.

For another 2000 xp I finally manage to cover the entire inn, part of the main street into Tobes, and one other small business next to the inn. I hate to leave it with only that, but I better use the rest of the xp on the actual dungeon…

Lilah: “What are we going to do with all these extra screens? I mean are they really necessary?”

“I think if we just stack each building together and if for some reason we want to check that one we just go to it, but for the most part I don’t think it will be needed.”

I am actually pleased that this worked fine, by the way Madam Erin talked last night I was starting to get worried… I wonder why Lucille has such difficulty…

Madam Erin said something about having to clear the humans from the area, but I thought that was only if you add walls or rooms and such. Can nobody expand the area like I can?

Now that I mention it I don’t recall when that option came up… I think it was around the time I thought it was odd that it cost 10,000xp just for a stairwell so I figured it was a means of covering area instead of just a stairwell.

I then decide to spend most of the remaining xp on replacing items in the dungeon, and I save a small safety net. I finally feel like we are getting back on track now.

I see several messages adding summon-able items to my list from the items in the inn and the other small business.  There is even a message about new summon-able monsters, but at 1xp cost I doubt a cat, rat, or small bird will benefit me much.

My xp consumption went up quite a bit as well it’s up to almost 50xp per day… I might want to make sure this inn is going to pay off before expanding to much more. I didn’t even realize it but the xp consumed raised my level as well.

I haven’t caught up with Belinda yet, but I have at least caught up with Scylla and Zoey, but I am sure they are going to gain more levels while they are gone…

“Well Lilah, I think that’s all I can do for now, I guess I will leave the rest to you. Logan wanted to hit the dungeon while he was here, so if we happen to enter the dungeon, just remove the non-rift monsters.”

Lilah: “Ok, Lilah will take care of everything!”

I transfer back to the house and head into Tobes to look for Logan. Finding the prince in a small village proves very easy as every villager seems to know exactly where he is… I find them at the adventurer’s guild looking at the commissions on the board.

Logan: “Oh Two-Twelve are you done already?”

“Yes, I wanted to check to see how you four where doing…”

Logan: “I was going to go to the dungeon but Amy insisted that I waited for you… So we were just taking a look at the commissions.”

Amy: “I just didn’t want to head out to the dungeon without you knowing where we went.”

“I heard about your level from Belinda, so I am sure the dungeon won’t be anything for you, but Belinda has put a lot of work into keeping it balanced for the adventurers, so I ask you not disturb it too much…”

Logan: “Well I heard several of your girls lead tours into the dungeon, so I thought I would leave it up to Roxy.”

Roxy: “Oh I don’t know… We talked about it, but I have never done it by myself, and my gear is not as good as Scylla or Zoey’s..”

“I could go with you and help.”

Roxy: “But you haven’t gone to the dungeon before have you? You only recently got your adventurer’s ID”

“Well that is true, but I got some training before I came to Tobes, I am a decent mage. I have also seen all the reports and maps of the dungeon while helping Belinda out so I can probably go though it blindfolded.”

Logan: “Sounds like a plan then! What do you say Roxy?”

Roxy: “Well if Two-Twelve is sure… And you three are going to be there as well… I can’t promise much, but I will do my best.”

Logan: “You have the gear packed right Kline?”

Kline: “Yes sir, it’s back at your sister’s house.”

I ask the receptionist if any other groups have headed up to the dungeon. Then Roxy and I take a few of the commissions. We then set back out towards the house. I head to my room while the others get ready and transfer to Lilah and tell her what’s going on…

We don’t have any spare armor, but it’s not like I will be in any danger anyway, so I just wear my normal clothes and take the dwarven sword. I haven’t seen Logan and Kline in their combat gear but I have to say it’s rather intimidating…

Logan has a full-plate much like his sisters although his is made of a dark colored metal, and he even has a helmet with a open face design. Kline’s armor is much lighter made from a breastplate and the rest is like that of chainmail. It looks to be normal steel but the quality is at least master quality.

Logan: “You’re going like that? I know you said you’re a mage but don’t you at least have some robes or something?”

“I will be alright, I am sure between you, Kline, the kobold won’t even know I am there…”

Logan: “Just be careful ok… I really don’t want to have to have that conversation with Belinda…”

Amy: “He will be ok, I have seen his ability.”

Logan: “Well you didn’t do so hot in the dungeon yourself…”

Amy: “That was a year ago!”

Logan: “I heard you haven’t done any training since then either.”

“If things get bad we can let you two go on ahead and Roxy can escort us out.”

Logan: “Ok, I guess that will work.”

We make our way up to the dungeon, I told Lilah to focus on Kline and Logan, and not to hold back. I am not sure about Kline, but Logan is a B rank adventurer, so I am sure either one could take care of the dungeon by themselves…

Roxy looks nervous as she leads us into the dungeon and down the cave tunnel.

Roxy: “The kobold start in the room right though that archway.”

“There is also tripwire in the doorway as well so be careful.”

Roxy: “Sorry I forgot about it…”

“As long as there is nothing new I’ll give you a hand.”

I pull my sword and the rest of the group readies their weapons as well, Kline uses a very well made pair of curved short-swords, while Logan is the standard sword and shield kind of guy.

Before we all have a chance to enter the room, Logan and Kline take care of the kobold…

Roxy: “there is a trap in this doorway as well, and several in the next room.”

“There is a group of kobold just about the same as these ones here, except there are side doors and sometimes some more kobold join the battle from them doors so be careful.”

I send a message to Lilah to send two of the side groups out after the battle starts so I can try to judge Logan’s power level. Last I heard his level is in the 30s, but I don’t have a clue how strong Listel was I want to see how close they are…

Once we enter the next room Kline and Logan quickly charge into battle, Lilah almost doesn’t even have time to send in the two more groups before the first one is completely wiped out…Roxy is standing there pretty much in shock, while Amy looks bored.

Roxy attempts to help once the other two groups move into the room, but she doesn’t even make it across the room. Amy manages to fire off a spell hitting one of the kobold before her brother kills it… I have Lilah send in the other two groups, as Roxy was next to one of the doors just so she can at least get some xp… I use the dwarven sword a bit just so it looks like I am doing something.

Even with that the room is cleared in a matter of a few minutes… The two of them together appear to be about the strength of Listel. I don’t know how much difference there are between levels but if i had to guess, then that means Listel should be around level 60.

“Well done, I believe that clears the first floor…”

Logan: “Well don’t let your guard down, and the moment you do a dungeon will take advantage of it.”

Kline makes sure everyone is ok to go before we head down to the next floor. Even with the more difficult kobold Logan and Kline don’t slow down as they simply eradicate them…

“This next room starts the heavy armored kobold, it is also has the stairs leading down to the bottom floor.”

Roxy nudges me and whispers to me. “I haven’t been down to the third floor yet…”

“It’s ok.”

We enter the next room and Logan still manage to clear the room without taking a hit, but they are beginning to have to block and parry more often…

Logan: “These kobold truly are remarkable, all the rumors are true. I have fought monsters three times the strength of a kobold and not had this much difficulty, I can see why Belinda took a liking to this dungeon.”

Kline: “Just to be safe why don’t we let the others take a breather, I want them to be able to run if something manages to slip past us.”

Logan: “Sounds good.”

“You two are a great team. I don’t think anyone has gone through this dungeon like you two…”

Logan: “The hero Listel… When she was at the capital last time she was bragging about being able to make it to the crystal room and back out in 15 minutes, we have already doubled that.”

“But that was quite a few months back, and the dungeon has grown since then. As a matter of fact, I believe this room was where the crystal was located at that time, and you have been protecting us making sure we are ok.”

Amy: “I know the kobold seem a lot stronger then when we first came to the dungeon that’s for sure.”

“What do we have left to finish off the commissions?”

Roxy: “I have honestly lost track… Just trying to keep up with Logan and Kline is hard enough.”

Amy: “I think we got a few more kobold to go and we will be done with the last one.”

Logan: “Well are you guys ready?”

After we nod we begin heading down the stairs to the third floor, I have never actually walked the dungeon like this it’s kind of a weird feeling. Once we reach the + shaped hallway is in view it looks empty.

I am about to say something, but I want to see if Lilah can actually surprise Logan and Kline. Once they spot the hallways going off to the side however they are quickly on guard. They reach the hallway and… Nothing happens.

Logan: “Roxy, which way?”

She looks over to me…So I answer. “If you want to head to the crystal straight ahead, if you want to clear the dungeon then probably hit the side rooms first…”

Logan: “Alright we will start with this way.” –He heads down one of the side hallways.-

Once I reach the intersection I look down all the hallways but none of the kobold are there… Once in the next room however the group is there like it’s supposed to be. Logan and Kline charge off into battle… I am kind of curious what Lilah did with the other group, but I guess I will wait and see…

The battle doesn’t take too long and one of the kobold manages to get a lucky shot off on Kline, but the wound is barely superficial. After the battle it isn’t even bleeding anymore, but I still heal it anyway. We head back into the hallways heading for the room to the other side.

This room too appears empty…. Since we are not using the crimson brutes, elder, and golems she must be saving these two groups for the main room, heading back into the hallway heading back to the intersection this time two kobold charge out slamming against Logan’s shield and Kline doesn’t have time to react but the wound doesn’t look to serious.

Roxy, and Amy both jump at the sudden surprise I am even ashamed to say it even startled me… It’s only the two kobold though so it only takes Logan a few seconds to get the situation under control.

Logan: “You ok Kline? That one got you pretty good.”

Kline: “Surprised me more then it hurt…”

I heal Kline’s wound without much difficulty…

“You guys sure are tough that looked like massive hit.”

Kline: “This much is nothing, they might be very intelligent kobold, but their strength isn’t any more than a normal one.”

Logan: “I am looking forward to the golems.”

“Well I heard they don’t always appear…”

Logan: “I sure hope they show up today…”

“We have one more room before the crystal according to the last report.”

Logan: “Kline you ready?”

Kline: “Let’s do it!”

We enter the grand room to find the kobold spread far apart from one another, and they make no inclination to pursuing the group all of them seem to be standing with random poses looking to be frozen in time…

Logan: “What’s going on now?”

Kline yells out in a loud voice that startles Roxy for a second. None of the kobold however ever moves a muscle…

Kline: “This is pretty eerie… Can you guys hit them with a spell?”

“The distance is pretty far…”

Logan cautiously moves forward toward one of the kobold. This kobold still stands there unmoving with one sword in its hand pointing straight out and a sword in the other hand that looks like it’s in mid swing…

Logan: “I can’t even tell if it’s breathing…”

He gets close enough to push against it with his shield, and it sways but doesn’t move… He pokes it lightly with his sword which draws blood, but the kobold still remains still.

Logan: “This is just creepy…”

He starts to back off, but the kobold right next to him and only that one suddenly attacks.

Logan: “Good God!” –He screams out.-

The kobold startles him enough that it manages to get past his shield and lays a blow against him. His armor however deflects the attack. Kline and Amy can’t help but bust out laughing while Logan takes care of the kobold.

Amy: “Oh I can’t wait to tell Belinda about that look on your face when that kobold moved!”

Logan: “It just surprised me that’s all…”

“I think that much was clear…”

Roxy screams as another one quickly beings moving swinging its weapon at Kline. He too is surprised but doesn’t call out and manages to dodge the blow taking care of the kobold without difficulty…

We wait for a few minutes but the rest don’t move… Logan and Kline gather everyone together, and we slowly start to walk through the room… Seemingly at random as we pass though the room one of the kobold will “Awaken” and charge the group.

No matter how much we are on guard we are still surprised several times… Once we make it to the door there is still one left. Logan makes several movements but it still doesn’t do anything…

Logan: “Should we leave it be…?”

Kline: “Hold on…”

Kline swings open the door into the crystal room but the kobold still doesn’t move…

Kline: “I guess that one just isn’t going to move…”

Even as we enter into the crystal room the one remaining kobold doesn’t move a muscle.

Logan: “That was intense… It looks like we made it through…”

Roxy: “That’s what a dungeon crystal looks like? It’s beautiful.”

Kline: “Be careful don’t touch it, monsters can come directly out of the crystal.”

Logan: “We didn’t see any golems either, unless them kobold are what people where calling golems. I could certainly understand why… But if there are actual golems they might come out of the crystal if you make a move on it.”

Kline: “This crystal is quite different then all the others I have seen.”

Logan: “I certainly understand Belinda’s fascination with this place. I can say for it being as small as it is. It is probably still one of my favorites that I have been in.”

Roxy calls in a distressed voice. “It’s gone!”

Logan and Kline quickly ready their weapons looking around. Roxy is pointing back into the other room and the one remaining kobold has seemingly disappeared now…

Logan: “Well we better head back up, I don’t want any more surprises…”

We all agree and start making our way back to the stairs, Kline and Logan seem extremely tense the sweat can even be seen on their brows… They finally start to loosen up as we head up to the second floor.

They are still however on guard until we completely exit the cave…

Logan: “That was a blast… For simple kobold to make me feel that tense I hope this dungeon doesn’t become a problem for the village, because I really want to see what it’s like after a few more years… I am definitely going to have to bring Queen here.”

Amy: “That’s an idea. Kline you can bring Scylla here and when she gets scared you can embrace her.”

Logan: “Until he is the one that gets scared!”

Kline: “I am not the one that squealed like a child.”

Logan: “I didn’t squeal.”

Roxy: “I did…”

We all laugh and head back down to Tobes…The rest of the day passes pretty uneventfully. We turn in our commissions and I manage to bow away from the group while they go to eat, and I go talk to Lilah.

“What was that all about while we were up in the dungeon?”

Lilah: “Lilah knew we couldn’t beat them so she was just having fun…”

“Well they really seemed to enjoy it. That trick might work pretty well if we use the golems, or something like that. It also would have greatly increased the effect I think if we had some kind of undead type monsters.”

Lilah: “How does Master summon more types of monsters?”

“So far the only way I know is if it dies in the dungeon, but when I was still training I learned to summon the golems when we destroyed one in Madam Erin’s dungeon. When the girls have returned though no new monsters have become available, so maybe I have to be in the group…”

Lilah: “it’s not like that for other cores is it?”

“Some don’t ever leave their dungeon, so surely not…But my dungeon being unique sometimes has some major drawbacks… Hopefully now we can start to grow and I can go out more like when Belinda and I went to the capital.”

Lilah: “Lilah won’t let Master down again she promises.”

I continue to talk to Lilah for a while, I get the intruder in the core room message when the others return and it appears they are looking for me…

“Alright, I better go see what they are looking for, Don’t stay up here too late.”

Lilah: “Yes Master!”

I transfer to the house just in time to hear a knock at my door. I answer it and it is Amy.

Amy: “Logan is looking for you, he wants to go out.”

“Didn’t you guys just get back?”

Amy: “I mean drinking.”

“We have alcohol here though…”

Amy: “He likes to socialize with people.”

“Alright, I will do it for Belinda’s sake…”

I go downstairs and meet with Logan, I try to use the same logic but he still drags me out into the evening… We enter the tavern and I realize I have never been here either… I have always either drank at Denova’s place or the adventurer’s guild…

The people here seem to consist of mainly the older villagers. I quickly spot the Mayor as he walks up to us and bows to Logan.

Mayor: “Evening Prince Logan and you as well Two-Twelve. I haven’t seen you in here before.”

“I usually stick to the adventurer’s guild or…”

He seems to wait for me to continue but after I don’t for a few seconds he starts talking.

Mayor: “Why don’t you come have a seat with me? Unless you are busy?”

Logan: “We would love to.”

We take a seat at one of the tables and Logan orders us all a drink.

Mayor: “I am actually glad I got the chance to talk to you, I been talking to Two-Twelve here about stepping down as Mayor at the end of the year.”

Logan: “I am sorry to hear that, you have been in charge here in Tobes for a long time haven’t you?”

Mayor: “Most my life… But the town is growing rapidly, Tobes needs someone young that the adventurers can relate too, not some old hunter. Two-Twelve here has been with Belinda almost every step of the way and has managed to keep up with her, I have been trying to convince him to take over for me.”

Logan: “I am sure you got plenty of good years left, but if you really plan on stepping down I think Two-Twelve would be an excellent choice.”

“I have such trouble interacting with people…”

Logan: “But you’re sincere, and you have a great head on your shoulders,”

“Now that I am an adventurer, I might start traveling with Belinda…”

Logan: “You will just have to get some advisers you can trust. If the girls you got living with you and Belinda are any indication of you judge of character I am sure you will do fine.”

“I still haven’t had a chance to discuss it with Belinda…”

Logan: “She will be back in a few weeks, and that will give you plenty of time to convince her.”

Mayor: “People respect you Two-Twelve, and you’re a good guy. You don’t find that combination very often.”

“I don’t know…”

Logan: “When I get back to the capital I will tell father about it, I will have him send Belinda letter stating that it is his wish. She won’t be able to say no to that.”

“Your father barely knows me…”

Logan: “After your discovery, I am sure he would grant you a duke position if you asked. I don’t think you understand how great your discovery was.”

“But you did all the work…”

Logan ignores me and starts talking to the Mayor. “Get this. Two-Twelve here discovered a way to pass written communication over great distances.” He takes out two pieces of parchment demonstrating it for the Mayor.

Logan: “He dedicated the discovery to my sister, and we have started to replicate it in the capital.”

Mayor: “That is amazing…”

They both continue to sing my praises while kicking back the alcohol… I feel rather embarrassed at the situation… Eventually though the conversation trails off and they start talking politics which is even more alien of a conversation to me.

After a few hours Kline arrives in the tavern to collect Logan He seems to have done this on many of occasions, and handles Logan rather well. We pay for the tab and head back to the house after bidding the Mayor a good evening.

I send a message to Belinda after arriving at home asking how things are going and after talking to her for a bit I head to bed.

The next morning I check the message and I am not sure if I should be excited or not when it shows I have received 5425 xp. I am sure I am getting a good amount of xp from Logan and Kline, but maybe now that the inn is covered it is going to be like this everyday.

When I head downstairs I find Logan, Kline, and Amy with their gear ready.

“Good morning… Are you guys heading back to the capital already?”

Logan: “Yes, we have some matters to attend to, so we must get back. I am glad I got to know you a little better, and see what it’s like for Belinda here.”

“I was glad to have you, Belinda was also thrilled you made it to the party. Of course you guys are welcome anytime.”

Kline: “May I have permission to write to Miss Scylla?”

“Of course, I am sure she would enjoy hearing from you.”

Amy: “You take care of Belinda, Two-Twelve.”

“I will do my best.”

Logan: “Tell Roxy, thanks for showing us around and to the dungeon yesterday.”

“I will.”

Lilah comes down the stairs sleepily in her pajamas just in time to see them off with me.

“Well just you, me, and Roxy now.”

Lilah goes back up to her room to get dressed, I then fix her something to eat and Roxy something as well. When Roxy finally arrives I tell her about the others leaving.

“You might want to continue to work on commissions while the rest of the girls are gone to try to catch up, or you can set up your own for taking people into the dungeon. You have been all the way to the core room now after all.”

Roxy: “I am not sure I am confident enough for that yet, I didn’t really have to do anything yesterday anyway… I did manage to gain a level though.”

“Well that’s good.”

Lilah: “Master, I am going now.”

“Ok be careful.”

Roxy: “I have been wondering for a while now, where does Lilah go all day? When I ask Zoey she always deflects the question.”

“Well she has sort of an important job she takes care of for us, I can’t really say much more…”

Roxy: “A job? At her age? I am sorry, I guess I don’t mean to pry…”

“I am sorry I can’t tell you more. Maybe sometime soon we can tell you about it.”

Roxy: “Alright, I guess I am off for now. I will probably grab something to eat in Tobes for lunch and dinner, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

After Roxy leaves I cleans everything up then transfer to the core room.

Lilah: “Lilah is sorry Master. She messed up in front of Roxy.”

“It’s alright. She was bound to notice something sooner or later. I just would like to have Zoey and Belinda here before we tell her anything more.”


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