Chapter 55: Our New Home

We wake the morning after the party and then start to prepare to head home. We check on Bell who we kind of neglected yesterday but she seems to be fine. The trip back to Tobes seems to take much longer then the trip to the capital, but in still only takes 5 days when we have managed to arrive back in Tobes.

“The house should be ready now, should we go check it out?”

Belinda: “Not yet… I got to make sure everything is set up just right before you can see it. Why don’t you take Bell up to the dungeon and get that taken care of.”

“What about her name?”

Belinda: “Bell for a cow seems pretty insensitive. Maybe we should ask her what she thinks?”

When we ask her though she seems indifferent about it, but tells us if we don’t like it we can change it.

Belinda: “Are you sure? Bell for a cow beastkin seems sad in a way.”

Bell: “I… I like it… it’s like my necklace…” –She says shyly then flicks the bells on her choker.-

Denova: “Oh my god you got another one…”

Belinda: “We just made it back in town… This town isn’t that small, how do you always know where we are at?”

“She isn’t a slave…”

Denova: “I think I finally get it… Your rescuing them, aren’t you?”

“I am not sure what you mean.”

Denova: “That’s it isn’t it. Where ever Two-Twelve came from you are rescuing the slaves from there.”

Belinda: “Even if we were what is it business is it of yours?”

Denova: “If you’re keeping them all here in Tobes, eventually someone is going to come look for them. Even a princess is not going to get away from stealing this many slaves.”

“For the last time they are not slaves.”

Denova: “Make no mistake, if I find out where you are stealing them from I will turn you in for a reward.”

Denova quickly leaves in a happy mood.

Belinda: “Shouldn’t we do something?”

“Why, they aren’t stolen slaves, so if she goes looking at the wrong places won’t that keep her off our back?”

Belinda: “Well I guess you are right…”

“I guess I will take Bell up now, I guess just let me know when you are ready…”

Bell and I head up to the dungeon, and once we cross the threshold I receive the message.

Monster Bell has changed ownership from Dungeon Core #307 [Queen] to Dungeon Core #212 [——]. Would you like to change Bell’s name?


New Monster Available

Beastkin*                             25xp


A new monster available to summon containing sub-species.

Beastkin are capable of being summoned as sentient at x100 xp cost.

The notification was much smaller this time I guess because I seen it before, does that mean just information that can change is shown? Maybe some monsters have different costs to make them sentient…

“Well Bell welcome to the family…”

Bell: “I… I’m sorry you haven’t told me… How to address you…”

“It’s ok, you can address me however you like. Two-Twelve is fine. You can call Belinda by name as well.”

Bell: “Thank you… Two-Twelve…”

“Well let’s see who is in the dungeon in the moment.”

I transfer Bell and myself to the core room and Lilah comes running up to me hugging my waist.

Lilah: “Master! Master! Master! Lilah missed Master bunches!”

“Well we are back now…”

Lilah: “Is this Lilah’s new sister?”

“Well she is the new dungeon monster. Her name is Bell.”

Lilah: “She looks scary…”

Bell lowers her head and apologizes meekly. “I…I’m sorry…”

Lilah looks at her curiously and says. “…What’s wrong with her is she broken? Why does Master always get the broken ones?”

“She isn’t broken. She is just a little shy… Are the others here, or are they in Tobes?”

Lilah: “Scylla was here a little bit a go, but Lilah hasn’t seen Zoey all week!”

“Belinda went to go check on the house, so I guess we just got to wait for her to call for us…”

I open [Menu] scrolling through the different screens… It feels so good to be back home…I then notice our xp…

“Lilah what happened? Why is our xp so low?”

Lilah bows her head…”Lilah had an accident…”

“What do you mean an accident? What happened?”

Lilah: “Lilah is sorry…”

“Well I can’t forgive you if I don’t even know what you did.”

Lilah: “Lilah was taking a bath with Scylla and Lilah missed the message about the adventurers… Lilah replaced the monsters they killed, but they spit on Master, and kicked him…”

“I didn’t even get a message that the crystal was damaged…”

Lilah: “They didn’t hit it hard enough to cause damage, which is why they spit on Master. After kicking Master they hurt themselves. The other one had to hold him back from attacking Master. They then just spat on Master and left.”

“It’s ok Lilah. The house should be done now, and we can start collecting the xp from town soon.”

Lilah: “But Lilah promised Master, and Lilah let Master down…”

“They didn’t hurt anything not easily replaced, so really its ok Lilah.”

Lilah hugs my waist again, and I pat her on the head.

Bell: “Two…Two-Twelve…”

Lilah looks offended when Bell calls for me by name and says. “No! You got to call Master, Master!”

“It’s ok Lilah I told her it’s alright. What is it Bell?”

Bell:” I…I don’t understand… What I should be doing…”

“Well Lilah, you have been stuck here for almost two weeks now. Why don’t I watch over the dungeon until Belinda calls for me, and you take Bell down to the new house, and see if you two can give Belinda a hand?”

Lilah: “Ok Master!”

Lilah then grabs Bell’s hand which causes her to become nervous… I can’t help but feel the irony of the sight of that Bell with her perfectly toned body scared as the little bunny girl takes her hand… Lilah transfers them both from the room, and I watch as they make their way down the mountain Lilah telling Bell the way things work around here the entire time…

After checking over the stats of the dungeon, Lilah was right, everything looks just the way I left it, but my xp is in a pretty dire place. I usually don’t let it get quite that low, so it actually is making me a bit nervous. If I can’t set the imitation core today, and I don’t get any xp from anywhere else I will hit 0xp at midnight tomorrow night…

As I continue to look over things I begin to notice a few odd things… Some of the kobold’s levels don’t match the levels of the rifts. What exactly has she been doing since we have been gone?

None of the kobold are equipped with the rusty gear anymore, all of them have at least standard iron. Some of the kobold at the deeper levels also has had their gear upgraded. Well Ike and Bo are still listed under monsters so they should be ok, but I decide to pull the screen from behind the desk to be sure.

Ike and Bo are wondering around aimlessly in a 100 foot by 100 foot empty space… Their bedrooms… The girl’s bedrooms… Even Belinda’s bedroom and all of the furniture from all of them are completely gone… Even the walls have been removed.

I quickly check the dungeon inventory, but there is NOTHING there except for the imitation crystal… Maybe they took the furniture down to the new house? But surely that would have been too much trouble… If Lilah broke the items down then the fact our xp is still this low is also quite distressing…

I decide to send Lilah a message to find out…

“Lilah, what happened to all the bedrooms?”

Lilah: “You have seen them already?”

“Yes I have seen them… Where is everything?”

Lilah: “Lilah told Master… Lilah had to fix her mistake…”

“If things really got that bad why didn’t you message me?”

Lilah: “Lilah didn’t want Master to worry while he was away…”

“Several of the monster’s gear has been improved, and there are non-rift monsters roaming the first floor. Why do that if things have gotten this bad?’

Lilah: “I had to summon the non-rift monsters because with Master and Belinda gone many adventurers were coming to the dungeon everyday… I summoned the gear to try to help keep them back.”

“You really should have messaged me about all this…”

I quickly get a message from Belinda.

Belinda: “What are you telling Lilah?! She is crying!”

I then tell Belinda about what happened in the dungeon.

Belinda: “You will be able to place the imitation crystal tonight, and no permeant damage was done. Don’t be so hard on her! She was just trying to make sure you didn’t worry while you were gone!

“I just asked her what happened…”

Belinda: “You keep forgetting she is still a young girl! She thinks you hate her now!”

… How did this become my fault…? I know better than to ask however… I instead just send another message to Lilah telling her I am not mad at her, but I don’t receive a response from her or Belinda.

Even after the sun sets I still haven’t heard from Belinda… Well I mean if I can’t set the imitation crystal tonight, but have it set by tomorrow we should be ok… But when I start to get ready for bed however Zoey appears in the core room…

Zoey: “Hey boss! Welco… What are you doing?”

“… I was about to head to bed.”

Zoey: “What about the new house?”

“Belinda told me she would let me know, but then I made her mad so I figured since I still haven’t heard from her I would have to wait till tomorrow.”

Zoey: “Of course not boss! She has been working hard to make sure everything is ready.”

“So is it almost ready?”

Zoey: “Oh I guess I should have started with that. No she sent me to come get you.”

I pull my shirt back on and put on my boots again… After I am done I pull the imitation crystal from the dungeon inventory… I haven’t looked at it before, but the description was about right… It looks like an ordinary stone pebble that easy fits in the palm of my hand.

Zoey curiously looks at the stone in my hand and says. “Hey Boss what’s that?”

“It is the imitation crystal.”

Zoey: “I somehow thought it would be… Bigger…”

“Well it supposedly assumes the size and shape of my original crystal once I place it.”

Zoey: “Well don’t drop it… You wouldn’t be able to find it again…”

I put it in a belt pouch attaching it to my waist. “Well if she is waiting on us we better go.”

Zoey and I make our way down the mountain. We don’t bother taking a side trail as this will probably be the last time we have to worry about walking from the cave. As we come down the mountain the house can clearly be seen behind the inn, and to say it is large is quite an understatement…

It still needed quite a bit to be complete when we left with just most of the framework done, but the finished product really makes it look so much larger, the inn itself looks small in comparison…

“I didn’t expect it to be that big…”

Zoey: ‘Wait till you see the inside!”

Belinda is waiting outside of Tobes at the gate leading up to the mountain, once she sees us she walks up and grabs my arm.

Belinda: “It is kinda shame it is already dark, so you can’t see the outside well, but the inside is what is important anyway… Come on!”

She then tugs on me causing me to speed up. We could easily cut across over to it, but Belinda makes us take the long way around. Going all the way down the street, over, and then back up when we approach Lilah, Scylla, Bell, and even Roxy are standing out on the street waiting for us.

Zoey quickly makes her way over and stands next to Roxy. Belinda then kisses my cheek then joins the girls. They all then lightly bow and say. “Welcome Home!” in unison followed by their own ways of calling me which causes them to start bickering with one another…

Belinda rejoins me grabbing my arm pulling me to the front door while the others stay standing in the street bickering at each other…

“What about them?”

Belinda: “Let them be for now.”

From the street there is a stone covered arched entry way that could easily hold two horse drawn carriages side by side. There is a fence made from stone and iron that surrounds the entire lot, but it is only shoulder high so I don’t really understand its purpose.

In the half-moon shaped area between the fence and the road up to the house there is a large decretive fountain and several small stone benches. There appears to be several spots for plants to grow, but apparently they have yet to be planted.

Belinda: “I would have liked the flowers to be blooming but it was already too late in the year for flowers. They will have to wait till spring…”

As Belinda leads me from the archway to the stone walkway up to the door I say. “Isn’t this a bit much…?”

Belinda: “Well a princess is going to be living here.”

“I don’t think placing the imitation crystal in the house is going to help, with the amount of xp we got I don’t think I can even cover the yard…”

Belinda: “Maybe you should let Roxy stay with Zoey. I heard they have gotten her up to level 7 that might help a little. Besides I think that would make Zoey very happy.”

“Well that would get us by…But it isn’t exactly going to help us grow it any.”

Belinda: “What did you think was going to happen you place the imitation crystal, and then xp would just flow into the dungeon like a waterfall?”


Belinda: “Two-Twelve, you should know by now nothing in life comes that easily…”

“Looking at this house some might find that statement ironic…”

Belinda: “I have to share it with you, so I am sure that more than enough makes up for it.” –She says jokingly and pulls me inside.-

From the front door there is a large room that goes all the way to the roof leaving lots of space, there are large double doors to either side of me, and a set directly in front of me. Just past the doors on either side there is a staircase arching up till they join together on the second floor.

There are quite a few decretive items in the room, but the only furniture is two small benches to the side of the stairs and a small table in the middle of the room… Belinda looks around excited, seeming to try to make up her mind on as where to drag me first.

She finally decides to drag me though the double doors on the left. Inside this room is a large dining area with a table big enough for 20 plus people on each side… The moonlight and lights of Tobes shine though the large windows that line the room’s exterior wall.

Each window has fancy, heavy curtains that are currently tied open. At the far end of the table against the back exterior wall is a fireplace holding a large Gowen crest on its mantle. On the interior wall off to the right are two more sets of doors, the furthest ones being double doors and the closer single door.

Belinda: “I thought we would start with your least favorite rooms and work our way up, so as you don’t like eating or parties this is where we can hold dinner parties… Moving on…”

She then pulls me through the single door to the right. This room here is another dining area but it is considerably smaller with a table that can hold 4 to 8 people. There is another door on the other side of the table.

Belinda: “This would normally be a servants eating area, but I am sure if we eat any meals when not having a party it will probably be here.”

Directly to my left is a door and next to it is a long open window with a counter at its base showing another room on the other side. She takes me though the door entering a sizable kitchen area the exits though double doors back into the large dining room.

Belinda: “This is the kitchen, it’s actually pretty nice. Kind of a shame we won’t use it much. The door at the end there is just a large storage room.”

She leads me back into the small dining room and out the door on the backside of the table. This room seems to be a short hallway with a window showing the back of the property and the forest beyond.

The room at the end of the hallway is a lounge room or visiting area with several comfortable couches and other chairs. There is a large window in this room showing the back of the property as well as a door leading out back.

Belinda: “This is the living room, a place where you can meet with others to talk or just rest without having to go to your bedroom.”

The interior walls are almost entirely covered in bookshelves each filled. Other than the door we came from the hallway with, and the door leading outside, there is a set of double doors that Belinda leads us through taking us back to the entry area…

She leads me though the double doors opposite from the dinning room. This room starts of normal enough but opens into a huge room that stretches to the roof. This room alone probably makes up 1/3 of the house…

Where the rest of the rooms had wooden floors this room is made of some kind of polished stone. Fancy chandeliers hang from the ceiling, and colorful tapestries hang from the walls where there are not windows…

Given the size of the room there is actually very little within. The side of the room that looks like the rest of the house has a bar similar to the adventurer’s guild or Denova’s place but much smaller, several bottles and jugs sit on the shelves behind it.

There is a door behind the bar, and one leading off the grand room back towards the center of the house.

Belinda: “I really debated putting in a ballroom in the house, but I thought if we didn’t, I would regret it later. I thought you would at least enjoy the bar, I even have several full barrels of your favorite alcohol in the storage room there.” –She points to the room behind the bar.-

“And what’s that door? –I ask motioning to the other door in the room.-

Belinda: “That’s just the downstairs bathroom.”

“There is a bath in the house?”

Belinda laughs then says. “Well of course, a few actually, but no that one only has a toilet and a sink… I am glad to have a real bathroom again… I hated having to use a chamber pot in the dungeon, or wait till I came down to town…”

“What’s it for then if there isn’t a bath?”

Belinda: “Wait… You’re serious?”


Belinda: “Wait a minute… I know you use the restroom, you have complained about it… And after my birthday Amy had to use a [Clean] spell when you passed out and… Well you know…”

“… I am not sure I do…”

Belinda: “Let me think how you said it… uhm… Expel! When you have to expel it after eating or drinking that’s what you said. We just call it using the restroom.”

“Oh so a restroom is where humans usually go? I have seen people in the dungeon use a pot, or even the corner several times, I guess that makes since if you can’t use [Clean].

Belinda: “Well obviously… Wait you have seen people? You don’t do it yourself? I know you do, so what do you do?”

“I just use [Clean]…”

Belinda: ”No no no nonono… You don’t… I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since we have been together and… NO!”


She quickly drags me to the small room off the ballroom. There is an odd pot looking chair against the wall, and she points at it.

Belinda: “There! When you have to use the restroom, or expel food or drink. However you want to say it, you do it THERE…”

“Why go through the trouble?”

Belinda: “No! Even little kids know… Just promise me… You will use the toilet from now on?”


Belinda: “I can’t believe all this time…When we are in bed together you haven’t ever…? Wait I don’t want an answer to that… We won’t ever speak of this again ok? Just use the toilet from now on…”

She then walks out of the room heading back towards the front door. I follow her out and she then starts heading up the stairs. Once at the top of the stairs she points to the side of the ballroom.

Belinda: “Right around the corner there is another bathroom, that one is for the guest rooms, and across the hall is where the bath is located for them.”

She takes me down the other direction down a hallway with three doors on one side and two on the other. Just past the second room on the side there is only two there is a corner turning down another hallway. Before turning the corner Belinda and motions to the doors.

Belinda: “The three on that side are the extra or guest room bedrooms, and they share that bathroom and bath I just showed you at the other end there. The two bedrooms on this side share a bath and bathroom connected to the back side. At the moment one of the rooms is empty and the other is Zoey’s room.”

She then leads me around the corner and up another flight of stairs. The stairs round another corner, at the corner there are two more windows one showing the forest and mountain, the other the front yard, and Tobes beyond.

Reaching the third and final floor just past the landing on the stairs there is a hallway leading left and right.

Belinda: “There are three bedrooms here. –pointing to three doors.- “They are Lilah’s and Scylla’s rooms they share a bathroom in the back along with this third bedroom, but we will get back to it.”

She then leads me the opposite way to a door at the end of the hallway. Opening the door we walk inside. The room is rather huge, there is a desk in one corner, another odd shaped desk with a mirror on the back, two sets of dresser drawers, and another standing cabinet with two doors.

The bed against the back wall is rather large with four tall pillars it looks very much like the beds in Denova’s place but I don’t think it would be a good idea to mention that… On each side of the bed is a small end table and there are several windows lining the walls.

There are two more doors leading from the room, one is a standard door leading to the side of the room, the other one is a set of double doors that have several glass panes in them that lead to a small balcony outside.

After opening the double doors leading outside letting a cool autumn breeze into the room she then opens the other door. Inside there is another one of them toilet things, and another, what did she call it, sinks?

There is one more thing in the room, it’s a large elongated circular bowl… it takes up the majority of the room. By the looks of it this must be the indoor bath thing Belinda mentioned…

Belinda: “So what do you think about everything?” –She says while stepping back into the bedroom and sitting down on the bed sinking into the soft mattress a few inches.-

“Well I haven’t been in to many houses, so I can’t really say if it’s normal or not… But it looks like you really put a lot of effort into everything… But I have a question, you told me where the other girls are staying but you never said anything about you or Bell’s rooms.

Belinda begins to blush while she says. “Well about that… The entire time we were gone we slept together, and I thought maybe we could, you know… Make it permeant?”

She blushes brighter and shakes her hands in front of her while quickly saying. “But if you don’t want to I can use that other room, and Bell can use one of the rooms downstairs.”

“Well the room and bed are both definitely big enough… But you fought so hard to get your own room up in the dungeon. I could use one of the smaller rooms if you just want the big one, it doesn’t matter to me.”

Belinda looks like she is starting to get angry but she is fighting it back, after she takes a deep breath getting up from the bed walking over to me.

Belinda: “I don’t care about the bedroom… I just want to be where ever you are at…”

“Well if you are sure… I have kind of gotten used to you being there when I wake up anyway.”

Belinda squeals and buries her face in my chest while blushing profusely. After a few moments however she raises her head and gently kisses me. After our lips part she says.

Belinda: “I know you don’t understand how big of a deal this is, but love you, and I don’t care if it takes years till I make you understand, but I hope someday you feel about me the way I do about you…”

She then let’s go of me sniffling a quickly wiping her eyes.

Belinda: “Now I better go get the girls out of the middle of the street while you figure out where you are going to put the imitation crystal…”

Belinda quickly leaves the room, and I begin to think… I know if you just set the area and no walls or ceiling you can still get xp, because of Belinda’s group when they stayed in the area outside the cave, but one of the things I don’t know is how high it covers.

I am sure it doesn’t cover underneath the area so I should probably put the crystal somewhere on the first floor. Besides most of the buildings in Tobes are only one floor anyway. When I head down to the first floor I can hear the girls begin making quite a racket outside…

I look around the first floor… I stop under the stairs standing in the doorway between the living room and the entrance room. This looks to be the center of the house. I surely don’t want to put it in the dining room or kitchen…

Both of these rooms have exterior doors though. There are these little spaces under the stairs… They are like little storage rooms it looks like… We don’t really need things like that because of the dungeon inventory, so I could put it in one of them and then close them off…

The girls finally enter the front door laughing and smiling as they are talking.

Zoey: “Whatcha rolling around there on the floor for boss?”

Scylla elbows her, and I stand up and dust myself off.

Belinda: “Hey Zoey… I talked to Two-Twelve, and if Roxy wants she can stay with you in your room.”

Zoey: “For real?!”

Scylla: “Why don’t you go show her around?”

Zoey quickly grabs Roxy’s arm and they run off up the stairs.

Scylla: “Well Lilah want to help me get Bell set up in her room real quick?”

Lilah: “Ok Lilah will help!”

Lilah, Scylla, and Bell then head upstairs as well, Belinda then walks over to me.

Belinda: “So are you having any luck? You got about 15 minutes to figure it out.”

“I was thinking of putting it in one of these small storage areas then sealing them off.”

Belinda: “Both of them?”

“Well it would look odd if one side had the storage area and not the other.”

Belinda: “Then how about you put it in the back corner of one of the rooms, and in a few days when you get enough xp you can just block part of it off, and we don’t lose the space?”

“Yea I guess that could work…”

Belinda leans over and kisses me on the cheek.

Belinda: “I am going to go get ready for bed. Don’t take too long…”

Belinda makes her way to the stairs and stares at me for a few seconds… She then smiles, begins to blush, takes a deep breath, and then heads up the stairs…

I take the small pebble from the pouch on my waist and crawl into the little space under the stairs.  Once I set the stone down in the far corner I receive a message.

Imitation crystal has been placed. Placing an imitation crystal in the current location will result in the creation of a secondary dungeon, and the decision cannot be undone. Do you wish to proceed?


I then have to select the room it starts only covering the small storage room, but I change it to the area coverage like I used outside the cave up on the mountain and spread it as far as I can. Even pushing it to the very limits I can’t even reach the end of the yard…

I move it to where it covers the entire front yard and house but almost none of the back yard and then finalize it.

Area selected contains pre-existing structures. The entire area including any rooms within the structures will still be considered only one room. Are you sure you wish to proceed?

I figured that by the way the walls worked in the dungeon so it is not surprising at all so I say.


The small pebble begins to glow with an intense light like when Belinda became a boss monster, and after a few seconds it begins to grow. It seems to attach itself to the floor and walls. Once it reaches the size of my current crystal it stops glowing and it truly does look identical to my original crystal.

I suddenly get a flood of notices.

New Items Available.

I start to look at the items but notice there are pages and pages of items, each book on the book shelf, each tapestry, and every piece of furniture that is in the house that I wasn’t able to summon before has been added to [Menu]

New Textures Available.

Ceramic                       5xp additional cost per facing

Oak                              5xp additional cost per facing

Marble                        100xp additional cost per facing


There are several other textures that bare no additinal cost like brick, cobblestone, and several types of wood. I don’t know what Marble is, maybe it is the floor in the ballroom area, but if it has such a high cost, just how much did it cost Belinda to have that floor installed…

Secondary dungeon has now been created

Intruders have entered Secondary Dungeon

Intruders have entered Secondary Dungeon Crystal Room

Xp consumption increased by 50% 10xp consumed. Xp will be consumed at the new normal rate at the start of the day.

That’s not good… I don’t have enough xp left for when it hits midnight… I quickly open the dungeon inventory but there is nothing left to scrap. The book items on the shelves actually cost at least 1 xp apiece so i quickly scrap a few. I should be able to resummon them now, so I will replace them before anyone notices…

32Xp consumed for the start of day.  6xp added from captive intruder.

That was really cutting it close though…

There are several other messages about secondary dungeons and such but for now I slide them out of view and decide to head to bed…But before I do I want to try one thing…

I try transferring to the core room up in the mountain and instantly I am standing surrounded by screens. Yes it works! There are a few more screens displaying the secondary dungeon, the border around the outside edge has a different color then the ones from the primary dungeon.

Movement on one of the screens catches my eye and when I look at it I quickly blush then turn away… That is more then I wanted to see of Zoey and Roxy… Without looking at the screen I start to drag it behind the desk where the old bedroom screens used to be but I then stop…

Wait… I am embarrassed… I wasn’t embarrassed watching by the adventurers in my dungeon… I cover Zoey’s image with my hand looking at Roxy…Nothing… I remove my hand watching them and begin to get embarrassed again…

Is she really going to stick that entire thing in… How did that fit… My breathing begins to get rougher and that feeling begins to grow in me as I watch… I quickly slide the screen behind the desk… I can bring up that feeling just by watching…?

I quickly look for the screens showing the other girls rooms, and slide them behind the desk as well to be on the safe side… The last one is a screen showing my room… Belinda is sitting at the weird shaped desk with a mirror looking at herself in it blushing…

She is wearing her short flashy nightgown tonight… She messes with her hair a bit then adjusts her breasts. She then gets up from the chair blowing out the lights in the bedroom and crawls into bed. I guess I better hurry up to bed as well.

Lilah will most likely be watching these screens so I better hide this one as well, After I slide it behind the desk I transfer to my new bedroom. When I arrive it startles Belinda.

Belinda: “Don’t do that Two-Twelve… I almost had a heart-attack!”

“What’s a heart-attack?”

Belinda: “Just get in bed.”

I sit on a little bench that is at the end of the bed and begin to pull of my boots. Meanwhile Belinda crawls over the bed and whispers in my ear. “Let me help.” She then begins to pull on my shirt.

After getting both my boots off Belinda pulls my shirt off over my head, she then wraps it around me taking an end with each hand and pulls me toward the bed. I crawl onto the bed, and she continues to pull me all the way up.

She then pushes me down on my back and throws the shirt off the bed. Crawling over the top of me she leans down whispering in my ear. “Can we pick up where we left off on the bench at the capital?”

When I reach up a hand taking her breast in it she begins to kiss me again shoving her tongue in my mouth again. Her breast in my hand feels very different in this nightgown compared to her shirt. When I place my other hand on her butt grasping it she jumps.

“I’m sorry…”

Belinda: “Don’t apologize it just surprised me.”

She leans forward again and lightly bites my ear before whispering. “I love you Two-Twelve.”


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