Chapter 55.5 Intimate Moment with Belinda (Chapter contains only sex if you don’t like that you can skip it and not miss any story)

After biting my ear and whispering in my ear Belinda begins to rub her hands over my body while nibbling on my ear. I have on hand on her breast, and one of her butt and I can feel the feeling Cassandra was talking about but where do I go from here?

Do I do like the adventurer in my dungeon did? That just seemed like mating… I have learned enough that isn’t necessarily what this is supposed to be about, it’s about feeling pleasure… I don’t know what to do next. Apparently Belinda can since my hesitation.

Belinda: “What’s wrong?”

“I… I don’t know what to do next.”

Belinda giggles in my ear and says. “It’s ok I am just winging it myself.”

Belinda then lays forward and begins to suck on my lower lip. She then takes my hand that is grasping her butt and places it on her shoulder then begins to slide it down. Once I begin to move my hand along her shoulder on my own she moves her hand down massaging my chest.

As my hand slides down her shoulder it catches the strap of her gown, and as I move my hand the strap falls down. I go to put it back, but without letting go of my lip she gently shakes her head placing her hand on my cheek.

She then uses her other hand to take the hand on her breast off placing it on the other shoulder beginning the same motion. Once I begin moving that hand she then let’s go of my lip. As the second strap falls along her arm the gown falls exposing her bosom.

Belinda then leans forward and begins to nibble on my ear as she takes one of my hands placing it back on her now exposed breast, and while I cup it with my hand the protrusion in my palm begins to stiffen.

Curious I release her breast and lightly begin to brush her nipple with my finger. As I continue to lightly brush it, it continues to get harder causing Belinda’s breath in my ear to get rougher. After the nipple becomes hard I stop, and Belinda releases my ear, sitting up.

She then lightly places a hand behind my head raising it up, she brings my face to her breast she says. “Use your tongue.” When I do as she asks and begin running my tongue across her nipple like I did with my finger, she lets out a soft moan as she runs her hand down my back.

I then bring my hand up manipulating her other nipple with my fingers. With every moan my heart skips a beat, and I decide stop trying to hold the feeling back that is building within me. She runs her fingers through my hair pushing my face harder in her chest when she moans while rubbing her other hand down my back.

She takes both of my hands placing them on the bottom of her nightgown and then raises her arms. When I pull her nightgown off of her she grabs ahold of me and rolls around pulling me on top of her.

Reaching down she begins to pull at the string on my pants loosening them. I now lean forward and begin to kiss her, after a few seconds she parts my lips with her tongue shoving it my mouth this time however I twirl my tongue around hers.

She now has managed to loosen my pants enough that she then pulls them down. With her tongue in my mouth one of my hands seeks out her breast again. I use my other hand to pull my pants off the rest of the way.

She then runs one of her hands down my stomach, tickling it and causing the muscles to contract. She continue to work her hand down till she takes hold of my penis, she pushes, pulls, and rolls it around in her hand causing the feeling within me to fill me with pleasure. With one hand manipulating her breast I  slip the other one in the strap of her panties.

When I begin to pull them down she uses her other hand to assist me the quickly kicks them the rest of the way off. She takes my free hand in hers placing it between her legs and pushes on my hand till I start to lightly rub.

Her hand on my penis becomes more forceful as she moans when I my fingers on her vagina reaches a certain spot. I then decide to focus my attention on that spot. As her breath becomes heavier and heavier, her moaning increases, the stroking on my penis intensifies as she directs my fingers with her other hand to move faster and faster. Until she lets out a deep moan throwing her head back and her body convulses.

When her body quits twitching she rolls me back over straddling me, while leaning forward kissing me. She then sits up placing on hand on my stomach, and she then pulls herself off of me to guide my penis.

She slowly guides my penis around the edge of vagina, and then slowly enters the tip inside. She is met with resistance as she begins to push it in deeper. She winces as she pushes just a little harder. Finally something gives and she calls out loudly as she quickly slides all the way to the base.

A small amount of blood is visible on my penis as she slowly slides it in and out of her. She looks to be in pain, but as I go to say something she places a finger against my lips. She slowly leans forward, as she begins to slide faster.

By body begins to numb as the feeling takes over my entire body. She continues to pick up speed as she leans all the way forward kissing me again, and then she sits back up. Taking one of my hands she places it on one of her breasts again, and the other she guides to the spot where our bodies meet having me rub the small protrusion just inside the slit.

Her body begins to jerk and spasm again, her vagina clinching onto my penis as she does. As soon as she is capable she resumes her movement increasing the intensity yet again. We both are now moaning loudly as the sensation builds up in my body so much I don’t know if I can take it anymore.

“I don’t know how much more I can take.”

Belinda: “Hold on just a little more.”

She then pulls my hands into hers weaving her fingers between mine she leans forward using them as anchors as she gives it all she has.

“I…I can’t”

Belinda: “Now!”

The sensation overwhelms me and causes me to convulse, filling my body with a state of euphoria, at the same point Belinda calls out her body twitching.

Breathing heavily, body still twitching here and there Belinda lays forward giving me a kiss. She then lays down placing her head on my chest.

Belinda: “That was amazing…”

I run my fingers gently down her spine causing her body to twitch. She curls up on top of me and her breathing begins to slow, just before she drifts off to sleep she lightly says. “I love you Two-Twelve.”

I have to admit to myself that was exhilarating, but much like alcohol the mess that follows is rather distressing. I am forced to cast [Clean] spell on myself, and Belinda before I can peacefully drift off to sleep.


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