Chapter 54: Dinner with the King

When I wake up the next morning Belinda is still sleeping. She has a weird smile on her face while she sleeps and in drooling on my chest… I poke her cheek and she quickly wakes up.

Belinda: “Hu what?… Oh… Morning…”

She sits up in bed then wipes her chin, she then looks at her hand, quickly looks at me…

Belinda: “Oh my god! I am so sorry!

She quickly casts [Clean] on me while blushing…

Belinda: “I can’t believe I did that…”

“It’s not that big of a deal… It’s not like it’s even the first time…”

Belinda: “Wait, what? That’s not true is it?”

“I wouldn’t have said it if it wasn’t…”

Belinda: “Why have you never said anything?”

“I usually cast [Clean] then it’s like it never happened.”

Belinda then gets up out of bed blushing, but when she does she takes the blanket wrapped around her with her. I notice from where it is open in the back she doesn’t appear to be wearing her pajama like outfit that she has been wearing since we left Tobes. She doesn’t even seem to be wearing either of her nightgowns that I have seen her wear.

I start to blush as I ask. “Are you naked?”

Her ears turn bright pink as she sits in a large chair across the room with her back to me, pulling her clothes that where hanging on it under the blanket with her.

Belinda: “I got hot ok?”

“How? You’re a dungeon monster, you shouldn’t experience small temperature changes anymore…”

She quickly has a confused look on her face then looks like she is thinking hard.

Belinda: “Oh my god! I haven’t even broken a sweat since I became your boss monster!”

“After all this time you are just realizing that?”

Belinda: “We had a pretty mild winter this year, and it didn’t even snow, but I didn’t even get cold once…”

“So, why were you naked?”

Belinda: “I….Uh….I must of just got so tired while I was changing, and just crawled into bed without realizing it…”

Something about this is off…But I have learned in matters concerning Belinda its best not to push too hard or she gets really iritable, so it would be best to just drop it…

Belinda: “Oh and this afternoon we have somewhere we got to go…”

“I gathered from when we talked to Amy after first arriving, and then talking with your brother…”

Belinda: “I’m sorry… I wanted it to be a surprise…”

Belinda then gets up leaving the blanket in the chair. She has most of her clothes on but is still buttoning up her shirt making me blush a bit.

“Humans seem to have parties for the weirdest reasons… Is it really such a big deal for me to meet the rest of your family?”

Belinda: “Well since I am the princess, it kind of is…Oh that reminds me we need to go get you some new clothes…”

“What’s wrong with the clothes I got?”

Belinda: “Your name is going to be hard enough to explain I can’t have you meet my father and sisters without you looking presentable…”

“Well fine…. But there isn’t going to be a bunch of people there is there?”

Belinda: “Of course not. Mother, Ben, and Doug probably won’t be there, but father, Logan, Mindy, and Tanya will be for sure. I don’t know about Quinn I haven’t heard if he is back yet or not. Then there is Amy and probably her brother… Oh and the two generals you met with Logan, plus the other two… Let’s see… Other than the servants that should be it.”

“That’s quite a few people…”

Belinda: “Just be thankful I am not one of the Princess of Adra, there are 32 princes and princesses there. Speaking of that… Quinn is supposed to marry one of the princesses after Logan turned them down, but the one he wants isn’t interested, and the one that wants him is kind of weird…”

“I don’t know how that all works… Didn’t you say Ben was between Logan and Quinn though shouldn’t he of been the next one in line?”

Belinda: “Well normally, but Ben is already married and has two kids of his own. That’s why he won’t be here he lives with his wife. She is the princess of Duscae.”

“Mindy, Ben, Quinn…. Are princes and princess always getting married to one another?”

Belinda: “Well it’s kind of expected either that or the ocational adventurer that has made a name for themselves in a big way… Usually for political gain, that’s why I left when I did. I didn’t want to marry someone father just chooses for me without having any say in the matter. Quinn is pretty lucky there are so many princesses in Adra he can find one he is compatible with.

But when it’s like Mindy… There were only 2 princes in Korta so she had to marry the oldest. After he died in your dungeon they are going to make her marry his younger brother now, and he is barely 7 or 8 years old…”

“And that is normal? What about Logan then shouldn’t he of been married a long time ago then?”

Belinda: “Sadly it is… Logan, well he is the oldest. He will most likely take over after father passes, so he gets treated different, he can choose pretty much any princess he wants, so far he has turned them all down though…”

“It seems overly complicated to me… If they try to force you to marry someone that might cause us problems in the dungeon, so what are you going to do?”

Belinda: “That’s the point of introducing you to them all… If I am with you they can’t force me to marry.”

“We can’t tell them about the dungeon though, so I don’t see how that helps…”

Belinda gets mad as she says. “You’re the reason you idiot! I am introducing you as my…My…Lover…”

“Ah I get it now. A lover is like a mate… So if you introduce me as such they will back off? But won’t that cause problems later if you actually find one?”

Belinda really gets mad now she starts to point at me and say something but stops herself. She then storms out of the room slamming the door causing it to raddle on the hinges.

I sigh… Now what did I say… After a long while passes Belinda still doesn’t return, and I don’t know my way around town so I am left waiting.

Belinda POV

After storming out of the room I ran into Amy as she entered the inn. She has a big smile on her face and is about to ask me something but she then notices my face as I fight back tears she pulls me out of the inn.

We move a few blocks quickly till she finds a small restaurant that is mostly unoccupied, after we enter she goes up to the counter and hands the man behind the counter a few gold coins. He then gathers the people in the restaurant.

Once they leave he flips over the sign to closed as he shuts the door behind himself. Amy then forces me down into a chair and sits across from me taking my hands.

Amy: “What the hell happened? Did he hurt you?”

I can’t hold it in any longer and I start to sob I try to tell her it’s not like that, but I don’t know if it came across between the crying…

Amy: “Then what happened was it not any good?”

Between sobs I manage to say. “It’s not… That… We didn’t even…last night…”

Amy: “Well after this long and not getting it I would be upset too, but isn’t this a big much?”

“It’s not about that!”

Amy: “Ok ok… don’t bite my head off. What happened then?”

I can’t even talk about it as I cry, but after a while I manage to calm down a little, and Amy finds us something to drink from the back. It’s some kind of fruity drink but I can’t really taste it…

Amy: “Ok, are you calmed down enough to tell me what happened?”

“He just doesn’t get it…We have been together so long, and after last night I was sure… But he is just a complete idiot.”

Amy: “Most men are… but you’re still not telling me anything… What happened last night?”

“At the park!”

Amy: “I know that but afterwards when you went to the bedroom?”

“He was already asleep when I got there!”

Amy: “Ouch… So what happened this morning to cause you get to so upset?”

“We were talking about the party this evening and about marriage…”

Amy: “He was talking about marriage, or you were? It’s not good to start a conversation like that with men… He didn’t break it off with you did he?”

“That’s the problem! He doesn’t even realize there is something to break off.”

Amy: “But I thought you said last night you were both feeling it.”

“So did I! But I don’t understand how he thinks… He isn’t even associating one with the other…”

Amy: “He is not the first guy to try to woo a woman just for her body…”

“It’s not even like that either. If it was that I would be mad but I could at least make sense of it…it’s just he doesn’t get it…Something about being with the dungeon he just doesn’t understand…”

Amy: “So what are you going to do? Are you going to break things off with him?”

“It’s too late for that…”

Amy: “Oh my god you’re pregnant…Wait you still haven’t even done it yet. Then how can it be too late?”

“Why is that the first thing you think of…I am just going to have to make him understand. I am going to have to spell it out for him, and hope he gets it.”

Amy: “Why go through all trouble, just cut ties with him there are plenty of other men out there.”

“I can’t I am… I’m sorry I can’t say, I already said too much…”

Amy tries to press further but I don’t tell her anything else, after a while I manage to calm down.

Two-Twelve’s PoV

Belinda said that I need a different outfit to wear to the party, if she doesn’t come back soon we might not have time to get something…

When the door handle finally turns I call her name, but instead of Belinda it is Amy who enters the room.

“Belinda isn’t here…”

Amy: “I know you idiot. What the hell did you do to her?”

“I don’t know… We were just talking and she got mad.”

Amy: “Well obviously you said something stupid.”

“I gathered as much…But I don’t have a clue what…”

Amy: “Well maybe if you figured that out Belinda wouldn’t be so mad at you.”

“You know understanding humans isn’t as easy as you guys make it sound.”

Amy: “Then maybe you should leave Belinda alone, and stick to your dungeon.”

“You know I can’t do that…”

Amy: “Well why not?”

“She hasn’t told you?”

Amy: “Told me what?”

“She is already mad enough at me as it is, it’s not my place to interfere…”

Amy: “Fine if neither of you are going to tell me anything, I won’t try to help anymore.”

Now Amy leaves slamming the door… I don’t know how much that poor door is going to be able to take…If I don’t get that new outfit Belinda will probably stay mad at me, I surely should be able to find a place to get new clothes and make it back here…

I leave the inn looking for a store to buy clothing. I find a shop that is full of clothing of all shapes and sizes, so I enter it and being looking around. After looking at the clothes its clear I have no idea what is appropriate…

I head up to the counter. “Maybe you can help me?”

Tailor: “I would be glad to sir, what can I do for you?”

“I am supposed to meet the king this evening, and I need clothing that would be appropriate.”

Tailor: “Yea sure buddy, I got real customers to take care of so get lost will ya.”

“But I am running out of time.”

Tailor: “I said get lost!”

I get kicked out of the store by the angry shop owner… Belinda and Amy are the only ones in the city I even know, and they are both mad at me so what am I going to do now…

Wait I should be able to find my way to that bar again, even if Mel, Trae, or Logan aren’t there everyone there seemed to be soldiers so they should at least be able to tell me where they are at. All three of them are supposed to be at the party so they should surely know what is appropriate.

It takes me a little bit of time, but I manage to find the fancy bar. Once I enter though someone says.

Soldier: “Are you lost? Only soldiers allowed in here.”

Soldier 2: “Wait isn’t that the guy that was drinking with Prince Logan and the Generals the other night.”

Soldier: “You really think so?”

“That’s right. I was here the other night… I came looking for them.”

Soldier: “Well you won’t be able to find them tonight. They are up at the castle for the princess’s party…”

“That’s why I am looking for them… I am supposed to be there.”

Soldier2: “Good luck even getting near the castle dressed like that.”

“Perfect, then you know what kind of clothes I should be wearing?”

Soldier: “Like we would ever be able to make it in a party like that, but I guess they would wear some kind of formal wear.”

“So if I go to a clothing store and ask for formal wear they will know what I am talking about?”

Soldier 2: “I am sure… But you don’t really think you are going to be able to get into that party, do you?”

I quickly leave the bar and begin looking for another clothing store. I found two but when I ask they both only sell women’s clothes… this is starting to look pretty grim… I don’t have much time before the party is supposed to start…

If I can manage to do this without screwing up maybe then Belinda won’t be so mad at me…

I find a store that actually looks pretty promising. The clothing displayed in the window has several layers that have matching colors. I quickly enter the store and head up to the counter.

“I need some formal wear clothing…”

Man: “Formal wear, for what kind of occasion?”

If I mention the castle again I might get kicked out of here. I got it…

“My lover is introducing me to her parents for the first time I need something appropriate for the party.”

Man: “You could defiantly impress them with some clothes from here, but not sure you could afford it is quite in your price range.”


Man: “Yea, and quite a bit of it.”

“She always deals with matters concerning gold…But I have some how much would it be?”

Man: “The cheapest thing in here is 25 gold, what you are talking about is 30 and up.”

“She doesn’t let me carry that much around…”

Man: “Sorry sir, I can’t help you then.”

I sigh and leave the store heading back towards the inn. I can’t even manage that much without Belinda around…When I get back to the inn and enter the room Belinda is there in a panic…

Belinda: “Where were you? Do you know what time it is?”

“I thought… You’re not mad at me anymore?”

Belinda: “Of course I am mad at you…But you can’t just blow off a party with father…We can deal with it afterwards.”

Belinda hands me some clothes.

Belinda: “Put these on… I hope they fit, we don’t have time to get it fitted so I just got something that should be a little big…”

Putting on the shirt and trousers is easy enough but the rest of the outfit is as complicated as putting on a suit of armor… I have to get Belinda to help me. After I am dressed she tells me to step back while she looks me over…

Belinda: “It’s a little bigger than I thought it would be… Well it’s just going to have to do… We are already going to be late.

Once reaching the castle the guards let us in and pulls me through the halls.

Belinda: “Logan! Logan!”

Belinda quickly calls as we approach him in the hall.

Logan: “What gives baby sis, you’re not even ready for your own party.”

Belinda: “We got behind… Can you keep an eye on Two-Twelve while I get ready?”

Logan: “No problem… Leave it to me.”

Belinda finally let’s go of my arm then rushes off.

Logan: “Well what do you say we head on in.”

Logan leads to me to a grand room filled with people… All the women are wearing fancy dresses and the men are wearing outfits much like mine but not baggy like mine. Logan’s outfit however is not the same. Its looks more like a uniform or soldiers garb but much fancier. I start to notice a few more men in the room wearing the same outfit including Mel and Trae when I finally spot them.

Logan: “This actually turned into an advantage, because I wanted to talk to you anyway.”

Logan says as he has me sit at a table and grabs us both a drink.

“Belinda said something about some business you had with me?”

Logan: “I don’t know if she told you, but she told me your little trick.”


Logan: “With the adventurer’s ID.”

“Oh… Yes I knew.”

Logan: “I don’t know how you figured that out, but that was genius. It does pose a bit of a problem though. Adventurer IDs get more expensive every time you make a new one, and you have to put a lot of trust in the person you give your ID too.”

Logan takes a drink from his mug then leans forward getting quieter.

Logan: “But I managed to come up with a solution… After doing some experimenting I managed to make a blank ID with only a number at the top.”


Logan: “This is going to going to change long distance communication forever! I can make 2, 4 or 10,000 of these linked together. Can you imagine adventurers leaving home, but never having to worry about what’s going on at home because they can instantly keep in touch, or multiple units of soldiers able to keep in contact with the commander without having to meet up?”

“So what’s this got to do with me?”

Logan: “Well it came from your idea. After hearing about you from Belinda, and especially after learning your name I know father would never allow Belinda to remain with you. However if I present this to father, tell him it was all your idea, and we give the credit to Belinda I am sure that would go a long way into impressing him.”

“You figured it out shouldn’t you take credit for it?”

Logan: “All I did was come up with a blank one, you’re the one that found the way to use the adventurer’s guild magic to your advantage like that, so I wanted to get your approval before taking it to father.”

“I am worried about how people will use it… But if it going to help Belinda.”

Logan: “I knew I could count on you!” –He then calls over to a young man standing a few tables over talking to some older ladies.- “Quinn! Come here!”

If I understand it right, Belinda’s siblings go Logan, Ben, Mindy, Tanya, Quinn, Doug, with Belinda being the youngest. She told me Logan is 31, but the only other one I have heard the age of is Tanya who is 22.That means her brother Quinn that Logan called to the table has to be around 21 or so.

Belinda told me he was studying in a school in Adra, and said she didn’t know if he was going to be here or not.

Logan: “This is our brother Quinn, he just finished studying in Adra. Quinn this is Belinda’s Boyfriend Two-Twelve. Belinda asked me to keep an eye on him till she arrived, but I need to talk to father about something important before she gets here, so keep him company.”

Quinn: “Two-Twelve? What kind of name is that sounds like some slave name?”

Logan: “You better be nice, or you will have to deal with me.”

Logan then sits Quinn down in a chair squeezing his shoulder,  it looks normal enough but I can tell by the look on Quinn’s face that he must be squeezing hard enough to cause quite a bit of discomfort.

Quinn: “Fine I will keep him company…”

Logan then quickly walks off disappearing out of one of the doors.

“I am sorry, Belinda doesn’t talk much about her family, but I did hear you were off at school?”

Quinn: “Look, I said I would sit here and I will, but don’t expect some kind of touching conversation alright?”


Things just turned awkward quick…. Quinn and I sit in silence for over 10 minutes before a young woman that looks a lot like Belinda just a little older walks up to the table, it must be Tanya.

Tanya: “Quinn what are you doing all the way over here, I thought you were going to introduce me to your friend that came back from school with you?”

Quinn: “I can’t right now… Logan is making me baby sit Belinda’s boyfriend…”

Tanya: Oh this is? –She reaches her hand out to shake mine.-

“Hi, I am Two-Twelve.”

I shake her hand, but after hearing my name she kind of awkwardly pulls her hand back.

Tanya: “Oh… Well Quinn, promise me you will introduce us later.”

Tanya then completely ignores me while talking to Quinn for a minute or two then she walks away…

I am starting to understand why Belinda doesn’t talk much about her siblings except Logan…I see Amy enter the room, she is wearing a fancy dress as well, but nothing like most of the others in the room, she stops to hold the door…

Belinda enters the room wearing a light bluish-purple dress that stands out with her long red hair. It has small straps that tied together in the back leaving her entire back bare, She has long gloves that extend past her elbow that match the color of the dress.

She is also wearing a large belt covered in gems and jewels, it’s fastened to her tight enough it reveals her figure pretty well, her fingers as well are adorned with bright colorful rings all except one, and it’s a plan small steel band, which is the ring of magic I gave her.

The dress hugs her figure all the way down, and extends almost completely to the floor, but it has a long slit on one side that starts mid-thigh and extends to the floor. Even though a large section of hair flows loosely she has two thick braids that start in the front and join together in a single braid in the back.

She even wears a set of earrings and necklace that are adorned with gems and jewels. Her appearance is truly stunning to look at. I find it difficult to look away from her as she slowly makes her way through the room heading up to the table, stopping every few feet to greet other guests.

Amy sticks to her side the entire time, and when they finally reach the table Amy pulls a chair out for Belinda to sit down next to me. Amy then just silently stands behind Belinda off to one side.

“Isn’t Amy going to sit?”

Belinda then leans over to speak to me quietly. “She can’t… It’s just the way things are…”

Once she sits back up an older gentleman walks up to the table and begins talking to her, Amy slips over leaning in to whisper in my ear.

Amy: “Horrible opening line idiot… You better tell her she looks beautiful as soon as she finishes talking with him.”

Amy then slips back into her spot behind Belinda… Belinda talks with the older man a few minutes before he bows to her then departs. I lean over to talk quietly to Belinda.

“What do we do now?” –I feel a jolt against my chair as Amy kicks it and gives me a look.- “You look beautiful by the way…”

Belinda blushes and reaches over under the table, and takes ahold of my hand with one of hers intertwining her fingers with mine.

Belinda: “We just visit with the guests till Father arrives.”

I then sit up and Belinda then speaks outload.

Belinda: “Quinn, I didn’t know if you were going to be able to make it, I am glad you’re here.”

Quinn: “Whatever. Logan said I only had to stick around till you got here so I am out.”

Quinn then gets up from the table and walks off.

Belinda: “Where is Logan anyway, I thought he wanted to visit with you.”

“He did, but then he said he had to talk to your father before he arrived so he told Quinn to stay here. Tanya also stopped by for a moment. I think she liked me even less then Quinn.”

Belinda: “You think that’s bad… Wait till you meet Mindy.”

“I thought you said there would be only a dozen people here tops…”

Belinda: “Most of them are just nobles, they won’t bother us.”

After a while Belinda greets a few more people and introduces me to a few, each seem more shocked then the last when they hear my name… I shouldn’t have lost my chance at giving myself a name… Finally a familiar face appears at the table.

Mel: “Good to see you again boy. Evening Princess.”

Mel walks up to the table with his arm locked with a overweight woman that seems to scream stereotypical noble woman, she even comes complete with the haughty expression on her face and a hand fan held in front on her mouth.

“It’s good to see you again as well, why don’t you have a seat, and we can talk some more?”

The woman has a shocked expression and Belinda elbows me, Mel enviously chuckles then says. “That’s ok we got to make our rounds. Times like these are the only time I get to show off my beautiful wife.”

Once they quickly leave I lean over to Belinda. “What was that about?”

Belinda: “Nobody else can sit at this table but family.”

“Why doesn’t anyone tell me anything…”

Belinda: “I was going to give you the entire rundown of the party, while getting your outfit sized, but you disappeared…”

“Sorry about that…It was getting late, and I just thought… Sorry…”

Belinda: “Just smile, nod, greet people, and answer questions as vaguely as you can.”

I smile sheepishly and nod. Belinda elbows me again but smiles as well.

We sit there for over 2 more hours greeting people, and even Belinda says it seems to be taking to long for her father to arrive. We still haven’t seen Logan again, or even Mindy. Tanya and Quinn are still around but seem to be purposely staying far away from our table.

Finally some horns begin to blow and while everyone begins to kneel, Belinda elbows me and makes me stand with her. The only other people still standing in the room is Tanya and Quinn, and I begin to get nervous…

A man in overly fancy robes enters the room though a large set of doors off to the side. The fancy robes and the crown are a dead giveaway that the man is Belinda’s father. Even though his hair is beginning to grey it still has quite a few dark streaks though it and he appears much younger then I would have imagined.

After Belinda’s father enters Logan waltzes in behind him with a wide grin on his face, he is followed by a squirrel beastkin man that quickly moves ahead of the group to join the other people kneeling. A woman enters after that looking how I would imagine Belinda would have looked in 20 to 25 years if she didn’t join the dungeon.

I would say that has to be Belinda’s mother, but she was not supposed to be here, so that must be Mindy, The sour look on her face only makes her look older, she should be just under thirty but if I had to guess her age I would say it was closer to 40, I guess the years haven’t been very kind to her…

Belinda’s father makes his way towards our table stopping tapping a few people on the shoulder lightly greeting them as they kneel. Once he passes an area however the people then quickly get up only to take seats at the tables. The servers and staff seem to remain kneeling though.

Once he passes Quinn and Tanya they slowly join the precession towards our table. Tanya quickly moves in beside Mindy whispering in her ear as they walk. Once the Belinda’s father finally reaches our table Belinda pulls on my arm and we both lightly bow.

King: “Greetings young man. I have heard a lot about you from my son Logan. I hope you are taking good care of my daughter?”

Belinda looks really confused, but she then pulls on my arm and motions for me to say something.

“Uh… Yes sir…”

King: “Wonderful!”

The king then turns around heading towards a throne near the door he entered from. Meanwhile Belinda pulls me back down having me sit again, and her siblings join us at the table.

Belinda: “Logan… What did you tell father?”

Logan: “That’s a secret, right Two-Twelve.” –He says and winks at me.-


Mindy: “Two-Twelve, what a disgrace. Belinda what happened? You left to find a man, and none would have you so you had to buy one.”

Tanya snickers and Quinn grins.

Logan: “At least Belinda’s boyfriend is impressing father not giving him a headache. By the way how is your new 8 year old fiancé doing Mindy?”

Mindy: “Shut your mouth.”

Logan: “Belinda are you going to be ok here? I got one more surprise.”

Belinda: “Yes we will be fine…”

Logan then leaves the table heading over to the king. After talking with the king Logan leaves the room again. The party seems to have resumed and the staff have begun to bring out platters of food to the tables.

After the food arrives at our table Belinda elbows me and I am forced to eat with everyone else… The meat is some kind of roasted animal and its taste is pretty bad, but I manage to eat quite a bit. There are also several other items but only one of them that I can even consider begin edible…

Without realizing it, it has gotten pretty late and I receive a message from Lilah keeping me informed on what happened today in the dungeon. While reading it I receive several sharp jabs to the side from Belinda.

I look over at her and she has a shocked expression on her face as she is looking up towards the throne. I quickly look up to see what’s going on. Logan has reentered the room and is talking with his father, and his arm is locked with a woman wearing a fancy dress much like the others in the room.

“Oh that’s right you didn’t know. Your brother told me to keep it a secret.”

Belinda: “I can’t believe you kept something like that a secret…”

“He wanted it to be a surprise.”

Belinda: “How are you taking this so calmly?”

I look back up and Logan and his date are heading this way and I now see what Belinda is getting so worked up over… I didn’t notice because her back was turned and with the dress, but the woman with her arm wrapped tightly in Logan’s is none other than Queen.

Logan and Queen approach the table.

Logan: “I want to introduce you guys to someone. I know the party was for you Belinda, so I waited till the end, but I thought it was a perfect time for you all to meet my new girlfriend Queen.”

Belinda: “Girlfriend? But how?”

Logan: “I admit we haven’t known each other long, but after we cleared out Leona ruins. She came wondering into to camp. She heard about the dungeon, but not that it was closed. We just kind of hit it off and one thing lead to another.”

Belinda: “But do you even know who she is?!”

Logan: “You know of Queen? I knew you would get a kick out of it. You always looked up to Dyson so much, and now you get the chance to meet one of his descendants.”


Queen: “Oh yes, I told Logan here how I took up being an adventurer, because my ancestor the Hero Dyson… I am sorry if I am crashing your party, I can leave if you like.”

Logan: “That’s nonsense I am sure Belinda would love to hear stories passed down in Dyson’s family.”

Belinda is squeezing my hand pretty tightly, and I still have the sceen open from when I received the message from Lilah so I send a message to Queen.

(What are you playing at?)

Logan and Queen then take a seat, and when Queen sits I see her make a motion to check the message she received.

Queen: “It really is a pleasure to meet you all, and Logan has told me so much about his family.” –I receive a message from Queen and it says.- (Nothing, its exactly as he said. Logan is quite a charming man.)

I send her a message back. (You couldn’t of told this yesterday in the meeting, where you trying to hide it from us, and that was the reason you were in such a hurry?)

Quinn: “Is it really true Dyson destroyed over 100 dungeons?”

Queen: “It’s actually quite an exaggeration, he was only credited for just over 40 but he was involved in around 60 total.” – Another message. – (I didn’t tell a single lie, I was late in meeting dear Logan, I didn’t want to worry him to much by being late.)

Logan: “Belinda you have nothing to say? I thought you would have all kinds of questions.”

(Are you planning on keeping your dungeon a secret for Logan?)

Belinda: “Honestly I am in shock…”

Queen: “That’s ok, I am sure we will be like sisters in no time.” – She sends me another.- (For now but if it works out when the time is right, I might even take him as a boss monster like you did.)

Logan: “You know Belinda just started adventuring about a year ago. Her first dungeon was that one way out there in Tobes, and she even runs the adventurer’s guild there, since Leona is gone now, maybe you should start out there?”

Queen: “I would love too, but unfortunately I have been away from home for quite some time, so I must return. Luckily with Belinda’s research we can keep in touch where ever I go.”

Belinda: “What is she talking about?”

Queen: “Oh did I give away the surprise?”

Logan: “It’s ok. I used the technique you and Two-Twelve use to talk, and was able to replicate it without the adventurer’s ID cards. I presented it to father as Two-Twelve’s gift to you, with his permission of course, and that’s why father was so receptive of Two-Twelve.”

Belinda: “But Two-Twelve! Is that really ok?”

“Well it’s not like we were really keeping it a secret and if it is able to help you I wanted to do it…”

Queen: “Logan was telling me about it… How did you ever come up with such an idea?” –At the same time a message is sent. – (How did you do it?)

“Now that’s a secret…”

We continue to talk for a while, but Quinn and Mindy quickly get bored and they excuse themselves, I keep messaging Queen to make sure she isn’t planning anything against us or Logan, but it seems she is actually being truthful.

Queen: “I am sorry, but it is getting late and I must really turn in, I have a long trip ahead of me. Hopefully we can visit Tobes soon.”

Logan: “I will walk you there.”

Queen and Logan excuse themselves leaving Belinda and I the only ones left at the table.

Belinda: “I see you were sending messages, do you think Logan is going to be ok?”

“She seemed sincere…”

Belinda: “She isn’t planning on telling him about the dungeon is she?”

“She said she wouldn’t unless things really got serious between them.”

Belinda: “Well we need to probably go to bed as well, if we are going to start heading back tomorrow. I am going to go tell father goodnight…”

Belinda gets up and heads up to the throne where her father is silently sitting… Belinda speaks to her father for a few minutes then kneels in front of him. When she returns to the table she is blushing.

Belinda: “… Ok we should go now…”

When we get up walking from the room Belinda says goodnight to several people, and Amy silently follows behind us…Once out of the room Amy makes a strange noise and stretches.

Amy: “I hate these things… You guys seemed pretty upset about Logan’s new girlfriend, and Two-Twelve was fidgeting the whole time. What was all that about?”

Belinda: “Shes…”

“She is like me.”

Amy: “You mean a monster? How do you know?”

“Trust me.”

Amy: “Then being Dyson’s ancestor was a lie?”

“You do promise to keep this all secret right?”

Amy: “I have so far right?”

Belinda: “We are serious.”

Amy: “Ok, I promise.”

We then tell Amy more about Dyson and Queen while still staying clear of the dungeon stuff.

Amy: “If all this is true, then even more reason to warn Logan.”

Belinda: “And tell him what? It’s not like I have much room to talk…”

“Don’t worry, from the last time I seen Logan’s adventurer’s ID I assure you he is more than capable to taking care of her if things go bad.”

Amy: “Not if he doesn’t see it coming…”

“We will keep an eye on her.”

Belinda: “We better go back to the inn now and get some sleep.”

Amy: “Well be careful… And if things get bad remember what I said this morning Belinda…”

Belinda: “It won’t come to that.”

We bid Amy goodnight and make our way back to the inn.


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