Chapter 45: Two-Twelve’s Return to Denova’s Place

When I arrive at the dungeon and transfer to the core room, Lilah is standing there with her hands on her hips clearly upset.

Lilah: “What was Master doing with one of Denova’s girls?”

“Denova tried to trick me, and it almost worked… I am going to have to be more careful around Denova…But why didn’t you tell me that all of the girls Edward sold came from the same dungeon?”

Lilah: “Lilah can talk about the mean man, but Lilah can’t talk about before.”

“If an ultimate command is used it can last indefinitely? What if I use one on you to tell me?”

Lilah looks scared and shakes her head.

“Well it doesn’t matter I guess, I already know now anyway. I want to talk to that slave trader again now…”

Belinda and her group should be moving at night, if things work like they did last time she was there, so after Lilah goes to bed I wait a few hours to send Belinda a message.

“How did things go on your first day in the dungeon?”

Belinda: “It was touch and go for a while there, but I think after a few more days I think we will really be able to get to work then.”

“Well that’s good.”

Belinda: “How are things going there?”

“Well… I was with one of Denova’s girls today, and I got to thinking. You think it would be ok for me to buy another slave?”

Belinda: “You WHAT?!”

“Denova tried to trick me with one of her girls, but I managed to find out she is just like Lilah, she is a dungeon monster. That made me think, when I bought Lilah, and brought her to the dungeon I was then able to summon the Feral Beastkin, so I was thinking if I buy another slave maybe I can summon that race as well.”

Belinda: “Tried? You said tried right? You didn’t sleep with her?”

“No I didn’t sleep with her, I did however black out for a while does that count?”

Belinda: “Thats not what I mean… You didn’t have sex with her right?”

“No… So can I buy the slave? I also want to talk to the slave master again, and I want to find out if he gets all his slaves from that dungeon…”

Belinda: “No you can’t buy a slave… I think you mean well, but let’s just wait till I get back at least ok?”

“Ok, and also be warned a hunter spotted you when you guys where in the forest so Denova is convinced we bought Bo, Ike, Scylla, and Zoey from the slave trader. At this point though, that might be a good thing.”

Belinda: “Yea we talked, of all the people it got back to it had to make it to Denova’s ears didn’t it… What do you mean a good thing?”

“The slave of hers I told you about figured out I am from the dungeon. I don’t know if she knows I am the core or not, but she knows I am from the dungeon…She seemed scared of Denova finding out she is from a dungeon so I think she will keep our secret as long as we keep hers, but Denova is Denova…”

Belinda: “Why didn’t you tell me that from the start! Someone knows about the dungeon?”

“Yes, but like I said it’s a monster from another dungeon, so I think we are ok…”

Belinda: “Maybe I should just come back…”

“No, we can handle things here… You just focus on training Scylla and Zoey…”

Belinda: “Just promise me you’re not going to have sex with anyone!”

“Fine, I promise I will be more careful…”

Belinda: “And?”

“And? I won’t have sex?”

Belinda: “Good… I got to go now, they are about to post the commissions… You’re going to be ok right?”

“Yes, we will be fine.”

After the conversation I feel exhausted so I head straight to bed.

Belinda’s POV

I wake up a little before midnight and prep the team for our first night in the dungeon. I quickly head to the adventurer’s guild and wait for the new commissions to be posted. The crowd has gotten considerably smaller then it was before, but the beastkin woman that tried to kill me last time did tell me that things would start slowing down, I guess she was right.

I manage to get a good spot in front of the board, with plenty of commissions up for grabs I don’t want to bite off more than we can chew right off the bat so I conservatively take only 2 commissions. One is a kill quest the other is a gather quest so we should be able to do both at once.

They both are also for the first though the fifth floor so we should be able to train quite a bit tonight. The receptionist seems kind of worried when she looks at the others IDs when we go to accept the commissions, but I tell her I am training them and show her my ID, while trying to keep the race and favored element section covered by the way I am holding it.

This makes the receptionist nod then stamps the commissions for us, and we then set out to the dungeon. The first few rooms are not hard per say as much as they are just draining… The small golems prove to be to much for the group to handle so I have to command Ike, and Bo, keep everyone healed, and move to the front of the group being a shield for the others.

We still manage to complete the commissions early, and continue to train until it’s time for us to exit. I end up giving another group some of the materials we collected so they don’t fail their commission since we did keep going well after our commissions were done.

When we leave the dungeon the sun is barely rising, but I feel like I have been up for days, I have healed all our wounds with my magic, but I still feel sore all over. When we turn in the commissions at the guild I notice there are a few errand commissions for the town, they don’t have a monetary reward, but they do give tokens that can be used to purchase the dungeon commissions.

I have Scylla and Zoey take a few of them to complete to help build up their commission count, and I then relax a little while they set out. They manage to finish quite a few of them before mid-afternoon, I then tell them it’s time to rest, as we got to start all over once midnight hits again…

When I am preparing to head out to pick up our commissions for the day I receive a message from Two-Twelve… He is at it again, I don’t know how he does it, but when I am gone but everything goes down the drain.

I can’t believe he somehow got taken in by one of Denova’s tricks. If there was anything I thought that would fail more it would be using an attractive woman. After all I even put on that embarassing red nightgown and slept with him, and he has yet to even try anything.

It isn’t me is it? I mean he used to seem not to care, but I have noticed his gaze following me more often lately. He said it was a dungoen monster so it must of been a beastkin, maybe he really does have a thing for the ears and tails.

He at least told me he didn’t have sex with her, and unlike most men that would try that story I actually believe him. I did however make sure he promised me that he wouldn’t in the future as well, and again if he was a normal man I might not believe him, but I think I can take him at his word.

It takes me a couple of hours after his conversation is over before I manage to calm down, and by then the commissions on the board are rather slim. I take what I can then head into the dungeon to destroy some golems while pretending they are Two-Twelve’s head.

The next few days continue run smoothly enough, as the group has started to be able to hold their own, which means I am not taking near as much of a beating, and during the mornings they complete commissions in the town.

After figuring up the totals one morning we have killed close to 100 of the small golems, and even though I have yet to gain a level, the others have all managed to reach level 9. When they hit level 5 both girls managed to get a skill, and Scylla learned [Freeze], and she then learned [Stone Spike] at level 7. The guys unfortunately haven’t gained anything…

When I bring up there status pages in [Menu] I am surprised.


Name: Scylla                 Race: Feral Beastkin (Salamander)                   Class:  Mage

Level: 9                                XP till next Level: 800                    Favored Element: Water

HP: 306/306                              MP: 250./250

Strength: 25

Agility: 25

Endurance: 34

Spell Power: 39


Mental Defense: 34

Spell Arts: 39


Armor: [Master Quality Magician’s Robes]

Equipment: [Minor Ring of Magic], [Master Quality Gem Studded Steel Rod]


[Combat Mage] (Rank 1): Grants +5 bonus to Concentration, Spell Power, and Spell Arts


Clean (Water) (Cost 1mp): summons water to clean items and objects up to ten feet away. This spell can be kept active by repaying its original casting cost once per second.

Soil (Earth) (Cost 1mp): summoning your mana with the power of earth you can soil items and objects up to ten feet away. This spell can be kept active by repaying its original casting cost once per second.

Frost (Water) (Cost 5MP): a small burst of ice at targeted location up to 30 feet away. Causes minor cold damage, and may inflict [Frozen] status.

Stone Pillar (Earth) (Cost 5mp): A small pillar of stone can be grown from any stone, or dirt surface at a location up to 30ft away. Causes minor damage.

Freeze (Water) (Cost 10MP): Ice forms at targeted location up to 50 feet away. Causes minor water damage, and will likely cause [Frozen] status.

Stone Spike (Earth) (Cost 10mp): A small sharp pillar of stone can be grown from any stone, or dirt surface at a location up to 50ft away causing piercing damage.





Name: Zoey                 Race: Feral Beastkin (Dog)                   Class:  Archer

Level: 9                                XP till next Level: 800                 Favored Element: Fire

HP: 306/306                              MP: 90/90

Strength: 34

Agility: 34

Endurance: 34

Bow Arts: 34

Sword Arts: 34

Mental Defense: 25


Armor: [Superior Quality Black Leather Armor]

Equipment: [Top Quality Large Wooden Bow], x2 [Superior Quality Steel Swords]


[Bow Training] (Rank 1): Allows the use of basic Bow techniques.

Long Shot (5mp): an arrow fired at up to twice the normal distance for a penalty to accuracy.

Double Shot (10mp): Two shots in fired in quick succession.

Snipe (10mp): focused attack causing pinpoint accuracy


Bo                                                                XP cost: 800

Race: Feral Beastkin (Dog)                         Gender: Male

Level: 9                                                       Class: None

Favored Element: Water



Ike                                                                XP cost: 800

Race: Feral Beastkin (Rabbit)                     Gender: Male

Level: 9                                                       Class: None

Favored Element: Fire



I am surprised to see the full status of the girls, and here I figured it was just the boss monsters. Their levels are catching up to mine quickly, but their stats are quite a bit lower.

It’s been one week since we arrived here at The Tower of the Gods, and three weeks since we left Tobes, We are now moving on to commissions on the 5-10 floors leaving the group less time to run around town, but we have started taking more of the dungeon commissions with all the extra tokens they have stored up.


Two-Twelve POV


I manage to avoid going to Tobes over the next few days, but Lilah has begun to bugging me wanting to go down there, so eventually I cave, and once the evening rolls around we don our weapons and armor then head to Tobes.

There are quite a few things I have to check with giving the fact I have been gone for so long. We manage to complete the entire visit without incident, but when we start to leave the guild the last person I wanted to see waltzes into the door.

As Denova walks up to me Lilah sticks her tongue out at her, Denova chooses to ignore her as she approaches.

Denova: “Quite the evening you had the other day no? I know I offered a freebie, but a home visit at that, just remember I went the extra mile to help please the customer.”

“I don’t know about “Pleasing” the customer, but Cassandra did manage to help me home alright.”

Denova clicks her tongue then says. “Well maybe next time you stop by I will make sure she takes care of you right. At the normal fee this time of course.”

“Well we were just on our way, so until then.”

I nod to her then walk past heading out the door. Luckily she must have had nothing left to say because she doesn’t stop Lilah and me as we head though town. I use several of the hunter’s trails on the way back to the dungeon tonight, just in case Denova decided to poke around.

A few days later while in Tobes I see Cassandra doing some shopping, so I head over to talk to her… I quickly scan around to make sure Denova isn’t nearby.


Cassandra: “Oh Two-Twelve what a pleasant surprise, you out making your rounds though Tobes today?”

“Yea, something like that, I was wondering if you had some time, I would like to talk more about what we were talking about the other day.”

Cassandra: “Well I am running errands for Denova right now, but in a few hours she is supposed to be meeting with a special client for a few hours, maybe you could swing by the shop then?”

“We are talking about just talking right?”

Cassandra laughs then says. “Sure sure, though if you want to spend a few gold on some drinks while you are there I can at least say I got something out of you.”

“Alright, I will see you then.”

Cassandra finishes her shopping then heads back towards the other side of town, while I finish my rounds around town. After a few hours I then head to Denova’s place. Once entering I sit at one of the stools next to the counter.

The wolf beastkin with the scar on her face is behind the counter again, and she walks over to me.

Beastkin: “What can I get for you?”

“I am supposed to be meeting Cassandra, and I don’t know what it’s called, but I would also take one of them drinks I had the other day.”

The beastkin nods, and leaves the room heading to the other building, she returns a few seconds later Cassandra trailing behind her. Cassandra is wearing different clothes then usual, and this outfit is more typical of standard clothing you see other women wearing around Tobes.

She talks to the other beastkin for a moment then takes a mug, fills it from one of the barrels behind the counter, brings it to me, then sits down on the other stool. Not only her clothing, but her demeanor seems less seductive as well.

Cassandra: “You made it. Now I don’t mind talking for a while, but it’s going to mean I miss some work, so you got to spend at least 10 gold so I don’t get in trouble when Denova returns.”

“Well if you can fill in some blanks for me on what we talked about the other day, I am sure the 10 gold would be a small price to pay. Maybe we should go somewhere we can talk?”

Cassandra: “Buy a few more drinks, and we can go up to my room, sound doesn’t carry from the bedrooms for obvious reasons, although for you I got a feeling the reasons might not be so obvious.”

“I am not oblivious to what you guys do, sure the why of it is beyond me, but I guess you got something you are willing to sell, and there is someone willing to buy, that’s just business.”

I then order a few of the drinks and after handing over the 10 gold we head over to the other building heading up to one of the bedrooms at the far end. The room itself is rather plain with no real decorations or windows. There is a simple table with a few chairs, but the bed…

The bed itself makes up for the lack of decorations in the rest of the room with four intricately carved pillars on the corners with drapes hanging in-between, all of it in bright colors even putting the bed Belinda put in her room to shame.

While I am admiring the bed Cassandra puts a tray containing a large jug of alcohol, and two mugs down on the table.

Cassandra: “We can sit here and talk.” –She then switches to her seductive tone of voice as she says. – “Or if you changed you mind we could..”

I however cut her off by saying. “The table is fine.” I then sit.

Cassandra: “You know I am quite surprised by you honestly.” –She says while topping my mug off with the jug then sliding it to me.-

“How so?”

Cassandra: “There are a few types of people that range from being regular clients, which come here knowing exactly what they want. To the ones completely against this kind of thing, for varies reasons. I figured you to be part of the second group, but you don’t seem against it just disinterested in it… That in itself is something I haven’t seen before.”

“As you gathered the other day I am not like the people of Tobes.”

Cassandra: “Well yea I gathered, but I am from the same type of background, and I am just like any other beastkin, or human for that matter.”

“Like I said before, I understand what it is you do here, and I understand people are willing to pay to do it, I just don’t understand the why.”

Cassandra: “You don’t enjoy it when you do it with the princess? Wait, could it be that you haven’t had sex with the princess? Oh the poor girl…”

“I don’t see the point… I know humans seem to enjoy it, but I watch Belinda eat and drink every day, for just the enjoyment of it, and I don’t understand it. She has gotten me to eat a few food items before and I found it unpleasant.”

Cassandra: “You don’t feel anything? I mean what about the alcohol you seem to enjoy that.”

“Well I mostly just tolerate it. You said I had to spend the gold, so I got it.”

Cassandra: “Surely you have to feel something though, the way you were looking at me the other day, what do you call that?”

“It’s complicated.”

Cassandra: “Of course it’s complicated, all emotions are complicated. Tell me what is it you feel.” –She lowers her voice, and speaks in a more seductive tone. – “When I talk like this?”

I shrug my shoulders. “Nothing different.”

Cassandra: “Ok, how about now?” –She says in her seductive tone while repositions herself then begins to unbutton her shirt.-

Wearing nothing under her shirt she takes it off dropping it to the floor causing me to blush, and turn my head to the side. “Embarrassment now, I thought we agreed to just talk?”

Cassandra: “Embarrassment? Embarrassment is good, I can work with that. I promise I won’t take it too far, now tell me what you feel now?”

She says as she grabs my arm at the elbow then slowly slides her hand back, once she reaches my wrist she picks up my hand bringing it to her breast, and places her other hand on my knee.

“Still mainly embarrassment.”

Cassandra: “Mainly? Ok let’s forget about the embarrassment for now. Let’s explore what else you feel.”

She then stands up then pulls me up to my feet, she then grabs the bottom of my shirt pulling it up over my head then dropping it to the floor. Pressing her body against mine she slowly begins to walk till I back step reaching the bed.

She then places her hand of my chest, and pushes my back onto the bed. She then unties the string holding her pants on letting them fall to the floor. With nothing on underneath them now fully nude she crawls over me, and sits on my lap.

As I lay there on the bed she brings her bushy tail around lightly brushing my bare chest with it. She then grabs both my hands this time placing one on her breast again, and bringing the other around her placing it on her butt.

Laying forward she then softly nibbles on my ear as she says. “Well what do you feel now?”

“I… I don’t know…” I say as my head feels foggy, I am embarrassed enough its making my face feel like it’s on fire, but there is something else, what I am feeling now is different…

Cassandra: “Embrace it… Let it fill you up…And then…”

She jumps off me exiting the bed grabbing her shirt pulling it on her arms, but leaving it unbuttoned. She then walks back to the bed purposely turning around flicking her tail high as she bends over. Her tail comes down brushing my face as she shakes her butt in my face as she takes what seems like an absurd amount of time to pull her pants back on.

She then slowly walks back over to the table, sits down, takes a large drink from one of the mugs. Then slowly buttons up her shirt, while I stare speechless.

Cassandra: “What? I thought you wanted to just talk?”

“What was all that about?”

Cassandra: “Just remember that feeling, that emotion, and next time you are alone with you princess, bring it back. You can both thank me later. Oh and don’t ever tell Denova what just happened.”

I get up from the bed, my legs feel a little weak, and my face is bright red, but I and managing to calm down now. I pick up my shirt from the floor putting it on then sit back down at the table.

“So now can we talk about what we originally came here to talk about?”

Cassandra: “Just like that?”


Cassandra: “All that and you managed to calm down and collect yourself just like that? You really are an odd one.” –She then closes her eyes, and takes a deep breath holding it a few seconds before letting it out before she continues to talk.- “Fine, what is it you want to know?”

“Well anything really. From what I gathered from Lilah, Bianca obviously used a ultimate command to prevent you guys from talking, so what is it you can tell me?”

Cassandra: “As you have guessed, the time before I was traded to Edward, I can’t talk about any of it.”

“That in itself is helpful, you were traded? Do you know what for, or can you say?”

Cassandra: “Old slaves go in, we come out, that’s about all I can say.”

“I think I get it. She has manages to collect xp by taking in the slaves nobody wants then summons you guys as trade. I think I really would like to talk to this Edward again now…”

Cassandra: “You look human though, but you’re from the dungeon. I didn’t think they could make humans.”

“Well I am not human per say, but well let’s just leave it at that.”

Cassandra: “I understand.”

“What can you tell me about Edward?”

Cassandra: “I can tell you anything you want to know about him.”

“Alright, I have heard they call him Beastkin Edward, does that mean he strictly deals in beastkin and feral beastkin?”

Cassandra: “He will buy any slave he can get for a cheap price, but the ones he sells are strictly beastkin, and feral beastkin.”

“I guess that means you all come from the dungeon then?”

Cassandra: “I see what you are trying to do… All I can say is his products do indeed come from the same place.”

“How many sub-species can he get?”

Cassandra: “I don’t know for sure, but for our line of work most of the clients like soft fur and fluffy tails, so most of us were dogs, cats, rabbits, that kind of thing. I was a little different so I had I higher cost, but I hear he can get most anything. The rabbit you got was a “Special Order” for a noble that wanted a playmate for their child, but the kid didn’t like her so they ended up buying one of the other girls.”

“Were they all women?”

Cassandra: “No, there were a few men, but they were mostly stockier sub-species for doing manual labor like bears or bulls. Although honestly I believe it’s just a mindset, I don’t think they are actually any stronger than any other sub-species.”

“I don’t know you seem cunning like a fox… Although that could just be your master’s influence.”

Cassandra: “I believe I will take that as a compliment.” –She says doing her best to imitate Denova’s sly smile.-

The smile alone is enough for a chill to run down my spine…

“I think Lilah was still bound by the dungeon when I got her, are you guys still bound as well… Let me reword it… Do you guys have to eat and such?”

She thinking about the question for a minute then says. “Let’s just say we are “guaranteed” to appear younger longer, heal faster, and stay healthier for a full year from purchase.”

“Like I said… Like a fox…”

We continue to talk for a little while, she tells me about the brothel, the other girls, and even tells me stuff about Denova. I let her drink most of a alcohol, after she tells me how they are not allowed to buy any, but are allowed to drink it if a client buys it for them.

Once the jug and the mugs are both empty, she tells me if I want to “train” the emotion I was feeling earlier she would be more than happy to help for a small fee. I turn her down, but tell her I don’t mind paying her “fee” if we can talk some more sometime, I then depart heading back to the dungeon.

The sun is already beginning to set as I make my way up one of the old hunter’s trails. When I enter the dungeon core room Lilah eyes me suspiciously and even sniffs me.

Lilah: “Master smells funny… Was master doing something that is going to make Belinda mad at him?”

“I kept the promise I gave her.” -I say frankly.-

Lilah: “Why you not wearing your armor?”

“Nobody has been watching us the last few times we went down there, I still took the sword, but I think the armor might be a bit much.”

Lilah: “Master still stinks…”

I sniff my shirt, but don’t notice anything, I then cast [Clean] on myself. I talk to Lilah for a while trying to confirm some of the things I learned from Cassandra, but she isn’t able to help much. I then send Lilah down to bed, then head to bed myself.


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