Chapter 43: New Adventurers in Town

The next morning when I wake up Belinda is still peacefully sleeping, I gently wake her up and then get up putting my shirt back on. After heading to her room to get dressed she returns with Bo, Ike, Scylla, and Zoey. They don’t have their gear I assigned to them but Belinda quickly requests some of the crappy rusty gear out of storage.

I approved it and she equips the beastkin in it. I ask her why and she tells me. “I am going to take them down to Tobes today, I will have them wait just outside of town for a hour or so then come in asking to join the adventurer’s guild, after all they will need their IDs to be able to enter Madam Erin’s dungeon.”

She then checks over their gear while she continues. “If they wore the other gear it would seem rather odd for them to not being high level adventurers already, so I figured I will make them seem like they came here to train in the dungeon, and kill two birds with one stone.”

“That makes sense I guess, they could even move around in Tobes without much suspicions after that as well.”

Belinda then sets out with the group heading down the mountain, and I go to collect Lilah from her room.

Lilah: “Master…Lilah woke up this morning, and Lilah’s room has gotten a lot smaller…”

“It’s ok, it was just extra space anyway, I added some rooms for the new monsters Belinda and I summoned for her to take with her when she goes to Madam Erin’s dungeon.”

Lilah: “Master is not going to get rid of Lilah, because she can’t help to fight, are you Master?”

“Of course not, besides you are fighting really well, in your own way. By commanding the kobold you are giving me the ability to do other things, so Lilah is very important to the dungeon.”

Lilah then puffs out her chest in pride, and after she gets changed into her normal blue dress we head back to the core room. While Lilah keeps an eye on the screens I look over [Menu]. Belinda has seemed to acquire everything she needs for her trip, and I still have a bit of xp left so I decide to take a look at the dungeon.

I manage to finally replace the crimson kobold brutes and elder on the third floor, and decide to add one more golem leaving me with just under 100xp. My current consumption is now 10xp per day, so I should level up in 2 days.

I continue to mess around in [Menu] even after a group enters the dungeon leaving it to Lilah. She keeps looking back to me to see if I am watching the screens but as I am looking down she seems satisfied, I do however have a small screen open in front of me keeping an eye on the battle.

After a while out of a large group of 7 D-ranked adventurers there are only 3 left. Lilah has blocked off their escape as they are fleeing from the dungeon.

“Be careful now, there is starting to be talk in Tobes about the dungeon taking too many lives lately, you might want to pull them kobold back, and let them 3 escape.”

Lilah: “Awe, master was watching… Fine…”

She then pulls the kobold back into one of the side rooms so the 3 adventurers manage to escape.

Lilah: “But I had them!”

“Yes, and good job Lilah.”

Lilah: “Why let them go though, most dungeons don’t work that way do they?”

“Honestly I don’t know, but what I do know, the 3 that escaped might head down to Tobes, and find 4 more friends to help them get revenge, and we then can end up with more xp. Instead of just the small amount we would have gotten from just them 3 alone.”

Lilah: “Ok…”

“Besides if groups manage to escape, it keeps the difficulty of the commissions down, so we don’t have to get stuck with much stronger groups before we are ready for them.”

Lilah: “Lilah still has a lot to learn…”

“It’s ok. You are doing great so far. By the time Belinda returns from her trip, you’re going to be capable of running the dungeon all on your own.”

Lilah: “Yay!”

“After all not long after the time Belinda returns I will have to go for the meeting, this time I don’t know how long it will take, maybe even up to a full month. With Belinda having to attend to things in Tobes I will be counting on you here in the dungeon.”

Lilah: “Master is going to be gone for a month?”

“Well I don’t know, I do know the training for the new cores will take a month, and I have to evaluate the dungeon cores that are training the new cores, so I don’t know how that’s going to work. With the reward for completing it is good enough though it doesn’t sound like it is going to be a simple task.”

Lilah: “Lilah doesn’t want master to be gone that long.”

The rest of the day goes pretty smoothly after lunch another group looks to be heading up the mountain to the dungeon, but I then notice it’s the new dungeon monsters. I watch them head to the dungeon, and I then move them to the core room.

“How did it go?”

Scylla: “We managed to get our IDs alright, although there may be a problem in the future with Bo, and Ike, as they don’t have a class.”

I get the group to show me their IDs.


Adventurer #45,204 [Scylla]                                      Base: Tobes

Race: Feral Beastkin (Salamander)                           Gender: Female

Rank: D                                                                          Level: 1

Class: Mage                                                                   Favored Element: Water

Commissions Complete: 3

Dungeon Crystals Destroyed: 0


Adventurer #45,205 [Zoey]                                     Base: Tobes

Race: Feral Beastkin (Dog)                                      Gender: Female

Rank: D                                                                        Level: 1

Class: Archer                                                             Favored Element: Fire

Commissions Complete: 3

Dungeon Crystals Destroyed: 0


Adventurer #45,206 [Bo]                                     Base: Tobes

Race: Feral Beastkin (Dog)                                   Gender: Male

Rank: D                                                                    Level: 1

Class: None                                                             Favored Element: Water

Commissions Complete: 3

Dungeon Crystals Destroyed: 0


Adventurer #45,207 [Ike]                                       Base: Tobes

Race: Feral Beastkin (Rabbit)                                 Gender: Male

Rank: D                                                                       Level: 1

Class: None                                                             Favored Element: Fire

Commissions Complete: 3

Dungeon Crystals Destroyed: 0


“Three commissions? What did you guys do?”

Scylla: “We delivered some good in Tobes, for a few people, Belinda wanted to make sure people got used to seeing us around, and to see if Ike and Bo would be a problem.”

Zoey: “I can’t tell who is worse Bo and Ike, or the idiot humans that can’t even tell they aren’t normal…”

Lilah: “What do you mean?”

Zoey: “Who is the runt?”

Lilah: “Lilah isn’t a runt! She is Master’s favorite.”

Zoey: “Why is that do you curl up in his lap while he pets you?”

“That’s enough.”

Lilah looks to be getting mad, but once I speak everyone calms back down. I then walk over to Bo and knock on his forehead a few times and nothing happens.

“That’s what she meant, Bo and Ike are like the kobold, they can’t talk, and only do what they are told, and just wonder around aimlessly if you leave them alone.”

Lilah jumps up from her chair and goes over to Ike poking Ike in the ribs a few times.

Lilah: “But their beastkin… That’s weird…”

Zoey quickly takes Lilah’s chair while she is busy, and when Lilah notices she gives her an angry look. She however quickly shifts to a smile then runs over jumping up on my bed then sits down on the edge looking triumphant.

“Did Belinda say anything else?”

Scylla: “She said that she is going to have us run a few more commissions in town tomorrow, and if we do alright, we will set out the day after.”

I go ahead and send Bo and Ike to their room, but ask the girls if they need anything, and they say they don’t I send them each down to their rooms as well.

Lilah: “Lilah doesn’t like the dog…”

“Zoey? She acts rude, but she is harmless.”

I then tell Lilah about Zoey, Scylla, Ike and Bo in greater detail, and we then sit waiting for Belinda to return. Once Belinda arrives I ask her how the group did.

Belinda: “So far they did alright. Scylla and Zoey won’t be a problem for sure, and as long and Ike and Bo are close to one of the others I think it will be alright. Quite a few people were shocked to see a group made completely of feral beastkin, especially Scylla, because I don’t think anyone has seen a salamander beastkin before.”

“Scylla said there may be a problem for Ike and Bo in the future?”

Belinda: “Yea D-rank won’t be a problem, but I don’t know of any adventurers that have ever not had a class by the time they reach C-rank.”

“Well Lilah is actually doing really well learning the ins and outs of the dungeon, so it might not be as big of a deal to leave you two in charge when I have to help out Madam Erin, so you probably won’t have to push too hard on your trip.”

Belinda: “Well if we don’t have to push it, I might take a bit longer to get to Madam Erin’s, so I can train up the others a bit more.”

“That should be ok.”

Belinda: “I have a lot to do tomorrow, to prepare for my trip, so I am going to head to bed.”

She wraps her arms around me and after a few seconds she lets go then transfers out. Belinda leaves first thing the next morning taking the new monsters with her, I pick up Lilah from her room and take her to the core room.

The morning passes without any trouble, I leave a group of adventurers that has entered the dungeon up to Lilah, and she seems to be handling it quite well. When the group flees I receive a message.

Kobold Mage Rift has reached max level kobold mage rifts may now be purchased at any level up to max at a higher xp rate.

“Max level for the normal kobold is level 9?”

Lilah: “Does that mean they won’t get any stronger?”

“That’s exactly what it means… The way they are tearing through them I don’t see the point in making any more…”

I receive a message from Belinda just after lunch.

Belinda: “Hey, I sent the monsters out on a commission a few hours ago and they still haven’t returned, it should have been an easy commission I am starting to get worried.”

“Have you messaged either of the girls?”

Belinda: “I am sorry, I didn’t even think… I will do that now.”

“Lilah, you have been doing really well, how would you like to take the next step?”

Lilah: “Really master? What does Lilah have to do?”

“I am going to leave the dungeon for a while, you keep the dungeon safe while I am gone.”

Lilah: “Lilah wants to go…”

“But I thought you wanted to take the next step?”

Lilah looks sad then says. “Fine, but master has to bring Lilah back something for her hard work.”

“Ok, I promise.”

I equip the chainmail armor and dwarven sword again, and then begin to make my way down to Tobes. Belinda seemed like she was sort of out of it, I am going to go check on her to make sure everything is ok.

I turn off the path to take one of the hunter’s trails into Tobes. I head straight for the adventurer’s guild, but before I reach it I first run into the group of monsters talking to someone. I start to walk to them but as I get closer I notice they are talking to Denova…

I decide I will just message them and quickly try to turn down a side street, but Denova spots me before I have the chance.

Denova: “Two-Twelve! I need your help for a moment.”

I let out a deep sigh then make my way to the group. Bo and Ike both seem to be carrying some large sacks, and Denova seems to be arguing with Zoey.

Denova: “I am telling you the location of the delivery has changed, and you need to take it to my place.”

Zoey: “Our commission is to drop it off here, if you want to take it then that’s on you, if you want us to take it all the way to the other side of town, and you are going to have to give us another commission.”

Denova: “I am not paying you twice for one delivery. I am not signing your commission until you take it to my place.”

Denova shoves some paperwork in my face once I reach the group. I look it over and it appears that Denova ordered some products from the capital though the store here, but she wants the product taken to her place.

“May I see your commission, so I can see what’s going on? –I ask Scylla-

Scylla: “Certianlly Mas…”-I quickly shake my head.-“Sir, here” –She hands me the commission slip.-

The commission clearly states for them to pick up the items from the delivery point and bring them here to this shop, but it does appear to be the items that Denova has ordered.

“This is clearly your stuff, but the commission says to bring it here, so you can’t expect them to take it all the way across town for you for free.”

Denova: “The shop keeper is out for the day, and told me I could sign for my things, but I am not going to sign the commission till they take it to my place.”

“If it was a few doors down or something I could see it, but you place is clear across town I say if you want them to deliver it there you need to at least pay them extra for it.”

Denova: “I am not signing it till they deliver it where I want it.”

“If you don’t sign their current commission, I will have to inform Belinda that you refused to sign just to get out of having to pay.”

Denova: “Fine I will double the commission, but I will give it to them in store credit.”

“What would these young ladies want to do with store credit in a brothel?”

Denova: “They are not even the ones doing the heavy lifting, the guys can use it.” –I give Denova a look.- “Fine, they can have the gold, but I will remember this next time you need my help Two-Twelve.”

“Aren’t you the one always asking me for the favors?”

She makes the changes to the commission and has me sign as a witness, and then the group then begins to follow Denova to the other side of town. I send a message to Zoey and Scylla telling them to be extra careful around Denova and to message me if they have any more problems.

I then resume heading to the Adventurer’s guild. Once I arrive the place seems rather quiet, a few adventurers here and there but nothing more than usual. The receptionists on the other hand have stacks of paperwork and stuff in front of them and they look stressed out.

Once one of the receptionists sees me they all quickly call me over.

Receptionist: “Please Two-Twelve, you have to do something about Belinda, because she is driving us crazy… I know she is leaving for a long trip tomorrow, but we can handle it… She has left enough instructions here to keep us busy for a year…”

“I will talk to her, where is she?”

Receptionist: “She is in the back at the moment…”

I head into the back room and find Belinda elbow deep going through old crates stacked up for storage.

“What are you doing?”

Belinda: “Two-Twelve? What are you doing here?”

“You seemed kind of out of it when you messaged me about the others, so I left Lilah in charge of the dungeon, and figured it would come check to see if you’re ok…”

Belinda: “I’m fine, I am just trying to get this all squared away before I leave tomorrow.”

“What exactly is it that you are doing?”

Belinda: “We have to keep records of all the commissions complete, if someone from the capital comes in asking for information I want the girls to be able to find it, I am just making sure all these old commissions are organized.”

“Do they do that often?”

Belinda: “Well no, but what if it happens while I am gone?”

“Then I am sure they can handle it if it comes up… Are you sure you are ok?

Belinda says she is fine but her shoulders seem to be shaking a bit, so I walk over to her and place one of my hands on top of her head. Belinda stops what she is doing,  and she then begins to cry as she turns around hugging my waist.

I just stand there and stroke her head while she cries… After a few minutes she manages to calm down enough to start to talk.

Belinda: “I…I’m scared…”

“I don’t understand…”

Belinda: “Last time I went to Madam Erin’s dungeon I should have died…If Madam Erin didn’t help me I would have died… And then there is what happened with Thirty-seven… I… I just…”

“Are you saying you don’t want to go?”

Belinda: “I… Of course not… You need me, and I promised not to let you down. I have to do this… I am just…”

“If it’s too soon you don’t have to do this right now… The dungeon is doing ok right now.”

Belinda: “No…It’s ok, I made a promise to you, and to Madam Erin… I can’t let my fear take over, or I will end up like Thirty-seven was… I can do this…”

She then stands letting go of my waist, and wipes the tears from her eyes. She still seems to be shaking a bit, but she has calmed down now as she places the lid back on a crate, and puts it back on the stack. She then kisses my cheek.

Belinda: “Thanks Two-Twelve, I think I am going to be ok now…What do you say we get the others and head home early today? Now that I mention it they should have been back by now.”

“They had to make a delivery to Denova’s place, so they should be back here shortly.”

Belinda: “Denova’s place? Why are they making deliveries to Denova’s place?”

“I bumped into them on my way here, the commission they had been to deliver some items from the capital, but it was items that Denova had ordered though someone else. She wouldn’t sign the commission until they delivered it to her place. I did manage to get her to double the reward though.”

Belinda: “Why does she always have to make things so difficult?”

“I told them to message me if any other problems came up.”

Seemingly right on cue Scylla pokes he head into the back room.

Scylla: “Belinda, we have made it back, what’s next…Oh master you’re here too?”

“Why does everyone insist on calling me master?”

Scylla: “Well Lilah called you master…And Belinda told me not to call her master…What do you want me to call you?”

“Just call me Two-Twelve like everyone here in Tobes does…”

Scylla: “But master is easier…”

Belinda: “Give it up Two-Twelve. Just don’t call him master in front of the villagers ok? We don’t want them to get suspicious.”

Scylla: “Oh…About that…”

“What happened?”

Scylla: “That Denova lady… Before she signed our commission she asked us all kinds of questions. She thinks you went behind her back, and bought us as slaves from someone named Edward or something…”

Belinda: “She never gives up…”

Scylla: “She also seemed pretty suspicious of Bo and Ike, I told her they were both mute, to try to explain why they wouldn’t talk to her, but that seemed to make her even more suspicious…”

Belinda: “I was hoping to get you guys more established in Tobes before we had to deal with her… We leave tomorrow maybe she will get over it before we return… Two-Twelve, do you think you can handle it if she asks a bunch of questions while we are gone?”

“It shouldn’t be a problem.”

Belinda: “Well let’s call it an early day for today. We got a long trip ahead of us tomorrow.”

We then head back to the dungeon, on our way through town I spot Denova heading to the adventurer’s guild, but we manage to duck down a side road before she sees us all together. We head up one of the hunter’s trails to the dungeon, and when we arrive Lilah looks proud of herself.

Quickly looking over the dungeon, quite a few of the kobold that were alive when I left are no longer there, and even one of the crimson brutes looks pretty beat up. There is a message telling me of the items acquired, xp, and by the looks of it there were 3 high D-ranked adventurers or 3 weak C-ranked adventurers.

After we send the others to their rooms Lilah happily tells Belinda, and me about the group she defeated in the dungeon. After her story I give Lilah a pat on the head and tell her she did a good job. She then asks me what I got for her in Tobes…

Lilah: “That’s no fair! Master promised.”

“Things went a little crazy, I am sorry. I will make it up to you.”

Lilah: “Fine.”

Lilah then crawls under the covers in my bed.

“What are you doing now?”

Lilah: “Master said he wanted to make it up to Lilah, so she wants to sleep with master.”

“Fine, if that’s what you want.”

Belinda: “Wait a minute! Lilah can’t sleep with you.”

“Why not? You do it all the time.”

Belinda: “But that’s different, and tonight is my last night…”

“Well I guess you do have a point.”

Belinda: “Good.”

“Lilah how about tomorrow night instead?”

Belinda: “No no no… Fine she can stay tonight, but only tonight.”

Lilah: “Yay!”

Belinda then uses [Menu] into her long night gown, then says. “But if she is so am I.” She then quickly climbs into my bed…

“Where am I going to sleep then?”

Belinda: “What are you talking about there is still plenty of room.”

I sigh, maybe this new bed still isn’t big enough… I start to take off my shirt when Belinda begins to blush and quickly asks. “What are you doing?”

“I always take off my shirt. You said it’s uncomfortable…”

Belinda: “Not with Lilah here… Leave it on…”

I pull my shirt back on… I then crawl into bed. Belinda quickly pulls one of my arms over her, wraps her arms around my chest, wraps her legs around on of mine, and places her head on my shoulder. Lilah on the other hand just buries her face into my other arm while wrapping both arms around it.

After lying there a few minutes Lilah then asks. “Master…Are you going to have sex with Belinda and Lilah now?”

Belinda quickly shoots up in the bed, blushing brightly, and says. “What are you talking about Lilah? Two-Twelve is not going to do…That…With you. Where did you get that idea?”

Lilah: “Before Lilah was with Master the mean man before him, told Lilah when a man gets in bed with a woman he has sex with them.”

Belinda: “That’s wrong! That was only because that guy was trying to sell you to a brothel…Don’t worry Two-Twelve isn’t going to do that to you…”

Lilah: “Oh… Is master going to have sex with you then?”

Belinda: “No! Two-Twelve is not doing that to anyone tonight!”


Belinda blushes again then hits me on the chest a few times telling me to shut up, then buries her face into my shoulder, I can feel the heat from her cheeks though my shirt… She starts to calm down when I start to rub my fingers softly up and down her back.

Lilah doesn’t say anything else but she holds my arm tightly. Both of the girls go to sleep rather quickly, but I can’t manage to get comfortable with both of them pinning me from both side so it takes a while before I manage to fall asleep.

The next morning Belinda wakes up early and begins preparing Bo, Ike, Scylla, and Zoey. I have to wake up Lilah who is still clinging to my arm when I get out of bed. Belinda then brings the others to the core room giving each a pack to wear with misc. Items held within.

“Do they really need to pack food, because won’t that just slow you down?”

Belinda: “It’s for appearance sake. If you run into someone three days into the trail and don’t have any food on you they are going to get suspicious.”

“I guess I will take your word for it… So you guys all set then?”

Belinda: “Almost.”

Belinda hugs me tightly which is rather uncomfortable with her wearing her armor, she then places her lips against mine kissing me softly. This causes Zoey to smirk and elbow Scylla, but Scylla just rolls her eyes.

Belinda: “Ok, you be careful alright?”

“You guys are the ones going to be taking all the risks… Come back safely, no need to push to hard.”

Belinda gets on her knees to hug Lilah who is still rubbing her eyes as she is just waking up.

Belinda: “Take care of Two-Twelve, and the dungeon while I am gone ok?”

Lilah: “Leave it to Lilah!” –She says while giving Belinda a thumb up.-

Lilah and I watch the group leave heading down around the lake, they then hit a hunter’s trail that should lead them out of the forest, and after they completely disappear from sight Lilah and I return to business as usual in the dungeon.


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