Chapter 36: Beastkin Edward

The next few days following my run-in with Denova pass relatively smooth. After a turn around the lake I manage to get Thirty-seven within view of Tobes, but she then turns back. The hype about the better gear from the kobold is starting to die down.

Many of the adventurers are now starting rumors that the group never even made it into the depths of the dungeon, and that they were all making it up. With the current groups entering I am slowly beginning to increase my xp again.

That is until an adventurer discovers the chest with the 50 gold in it. A new surge of adventurers taking commissions begins, and I am forced to use Belinda’s maximum capacity rules just to keep the adventurers from rolling though the dungeon.

Apperently 50 gold was far more valuable then I anticipated…

On the day I receive the message that Belinda has reached the Tower of the Gods, I also receive a tough looking C-ranked group in the dungeon. I am forced to use the golems but I manage to catch three of the five alive.

Now I have to decide to either release them letting people know about the golems, or just keep them. I have a few days to make up my mind, so for now I will just hold them. A few days later however the decision is made for me when another group of adventurers manages to free them.

After asking Belinda what I should do, she tells me that I am going to have to start posting some C-rank commissions. She does tell me to keep the rewards about the same as the D-rank commissions always have been high.

Adventurer: “Did you see the new C-rank commissions?”

Adventurer 2: “I know there is almost no difference in the reward. That ex-slave that Belinda left in charge must just be airing on the side of caution until Belinda returns. Once she gets back she will fix this…”

All the good faith I got when I commissioned the brothel now seem to be long gone. Some of the adventurers defend me though.

Adventurer 3: “What are you saying, if the C-rank commissions rewards were better than this place will start being flooded with C-rankers, and we wouldn’t be able to go hunt in the dungeon anymore…”

One day I manage to capture an entire group, unfortunately they are all D-ranked. I manage to hold them for three days before another group manages to free them as well. The prison only being on the second floor is not working out to well anymore.

After scrapping the walls I manage to have enough xp to add another rift in the room adding two more crimson kobold. I give them some of the gear I have been gathering from groups I have taken captive, but it’s not very good.

It’s the halfway point in Belinda’s trip now, and she told me she hasn’t lost anyone yet, but they have been really struggling. She doesn’t even feel she has managed to gain as much xp as she did in Leona.

After reassuring her that she still has one more week before she has to head back, she seems even more discouraged. With Thirty-seven’s next trip out we manage to make it all the way to the edge of Tobes, but at the first sign of a human she hides behind me, and begs that we return to the dungeon.

After a long day I am sitting in the adventurer’s guild drinking one of the alcohol drinks that I have started to become fond of. If I could only drink them without having to expel it afterwards I would drink them every day…

While drinking my alcohol a well-dressed man enters the adventurer’s guild. He asks several of the adventurers a question until one of them points to me, and when the man looks at me his face changes to a complicated expression.

Well-Dressed Man: “Excuse me, may I sit?”

“Go right ahead, do you have a question for me?”

Well-Dressed Man: “Well I heard about you, and I just wanted to make sure, I was hoping I would have been able to negotiate with the princess, but alas luck wasn’t on my side.”

“Was there a question in there somewhere that I missed?”

Well-Dressed Man: “I apologize, call me Edward.” –He reaches his hand out.-

“Well Edward, you still have not told me what you want with me.”

Edward: “I was just here on business with the dear Denova. I heard that you made our little transaction possible, and to my understanding I have roughly till sunset to sell out of my merchandise. Maybe I can interest you in purchasing? After all it works so well for Denova.”

“No thanks, not interested.”

Edward: “But the princess has taken on so much in this village, and doing this and that, helping everyone here and there. Surely it’s all a bit tiring is it not? I’ll make a deal with you I have one left, and it’s yours for 100… no make that 75 gold, then you could spend your time with your feet up, relaxing.”

“Yea that does sound nice, but still I will pass.”

Edward: “Come on now, you have been here with the princess what half a year already? How about 65? You know I like you, and since it’s my last one, and I am on my way out of town, just so I don’t have to tote it all the way back to the capital. Surely you can come up with a simple 50 gold.”

“If it will get you to leave, and let me drink my drink in peace, fine, I’ll take it but not for more then 45, we will call it an annoyance fee.”

Edward: “I like the way you think. It’s a deal!”

I collect 45 of the small gold coins from the funds Belinda left me, I will replace them from what I have in inventory tomorrow, and then I give the coins to Edward.

Edward: -He carefully counts out the coins.- “Now remember all sales are final!”

Edward walks out the door, a few short moments later he returns with a small Beastkin child. The child is young, probably no more than 10 human years old, she has long fuzzy ears and a small poufy ball of a tail. She is wearing what looks no more than an old dirty pillow case with holes cut in it, and a collar around her neck.

She has a lot more fur then most beastkin similar to Listel, although this little girl is some kind of rabbit instead of a cat. She has several small bruises on her exposed arms and legs, and she is simply covered in dirt. When Edward pushes her forward with his knees her nose fidgets but she quickly beings walking again.

“What is this?”

Edward then walks forward placing a key in my hand.

Edward: “Yes, she is a little young I tried to tell Denova in 2 maybe 3 years she would be ready, but I couldn’t convince her, and remember all sells are final… Thanks for your business.”

Without another word Edward quickly retreats out of the adventurer’s guild.

Adventurer: “Did you see that? I heard Beastkin Edward was good, but he even managed to sell a slave to a slave… He even got him to pay the price of a full grown adult for a mere child.”

Ohhhh. Belinda is going to be so mad at me now…

Adventurer 2: “But that’s one of Beastkin Edward’s beastkin though, they are supposed to be the best in three kingdoms, surely even a child would be worth even what a normal beastkin adult would be.”

Adventurer: “It’s a feral beastkin at that.”

With the way the two adventurers are talking I can’t tell if it was a good purchase or a really bad one, but either way I am sure Belinda won’t be happy that I bought a slave…

Adventurer 3: “Who cares about that, didn’t you hear! He was selling to Denova…”

Adventurer: “Then you think?”

The three adventurers now quickly race each other out of the door.

“Can you talk?”

Bunny girl: “Yes master…” –she answers quickly but her voice is low and soft, her legs are trembling and she seems terrified.-

“Well come on then, I need to figure out how to explain this…”

I walk out of the adventurer’s guild, the little bunny girl hesitates, but when I stop looking back at her she quickly rushes forward to catch up. She follows me though town slowly falling behind with each step, but as soon as I look back to make sure she is still there she rushes forward to catch back up.

Once we reach the edge of town I reach forward to pick her up, and she closes her eyes tight. I sit her down on the stone fence at the edge of town and raise her feet up looking at them. The bottoms of her feet are scratched and filthy.

When I brush my hand against them she beings to giggle, but she quickly forces herself to stop covering her mouth with her hands.

“Well we got a bit to go, it looks like your feet will hold up alright, so let’s go.”

I pick her up placing her back on the ground then begin walking up the mountain. When we reach the lakeside she isn’t even out of breath. Even for an adult human that trip is kind of rough.

“Are you having any trouble?”

Bunny girl: “No master…”

“Alright, just a little further to go.”

We continue up the rest of the trail, and once crossing the threshold into the dungeon an odd message pops up.

Monster 10 has changed ownership from Dungeon Core #47 [Bianca] to Dungeon Core #212 [——]. Would you like to change 10’s name?

I look down at the little bunny girl.

“You’re a dungeon monster?”

The little bunny begins to panic, tears welling up in her eyes, she looks terrified.

-I hit yes on the screen.- “How about Lilah?”

Would you like to change 10’s name to Lilah?

“Yes, how does that sound? Your name is now Lilah”

Lilah: “Thank you master.” –She seems to ease up a bit but she still remains quite scarred.-

Another message now pops up in front of me.

New Monster Available

Feral Beastkin*                           25xp


A new monster available to summon containing sub-species, when summoning a creature with available sub-species you can select the sub-species, or allow a random sub-species to be selected. When random sub-species are selected it is possible to summon a sub-species not currently available.

Feral Beastkin are capable of being summoned as sentient at x100 xp cost. Sentient creatures have minds of their own and may ignore orders. Once per day you can use a Ultimate Command, and force a sentient dungeon monster to follow any command.


Odd I didn’t receive the warning when divine being was unlocked, I wonder if that means divine beings aren’t sentient… Their cost was so much higher though… I won’t be able to afford to summon one for a long time, so it’s not like it matters much anyway.

I transfer Lilah and myself into the core room, and she seems startled by the transfer.

Lilah: “Master is a dungeon core?”

“That’s right, and this dungeon is your new home.”

I pick her up again setting her on the bed, I then cast [Clean] on her. It takes almost 10 seconds before she is completely clean. Even though the pillow case she is wearing is now clean, it is still tattered and torn so I take it off of her.

Lilah chokes back tears after I take the pillow case off her she then closes her eyes tightly and lays back on the bed. Her naked petite figure begins shaking as she is laying on the bed. After a few seconds I buy a blue dress from [Menu] that barely cost a few xp.

I didn’t even think about if it would fit her or not, but as soon as I equip it on her it fits her perfectly. I guess that’s just how it works. The blue dress fits well with her greyish-silver hair.

“that’s better isn’t it?

Lilah then realizes she is clothed and stops shaking.

Lilah: “It’s pretty master.”

She then stands from the bed and twirls in the circle. Curious, not only was the size perfect but even her fluff ball of a tail Is sticking through a hole in the back. I might have to investigate this further. Now that I think about it, the gear I have taken from the human always fits the kobold and vice versa.

“Ok, let’s go meet your roommate”

Lilah: “Roommate master?”

“Yes right now we are pretty short of xp, so until we get more you will have to share a bedroom with Thirty-seven.”

Lilah: “Thirty-seven? Did you not give Thirty-seven a pretty name like Lilah?”

“I actually tried once, but she turned me down. Anyway we are going now.”

I transfer us to Thirty-seven’s room. Thirty-seven is sitting silently on the edge of the cot holding the upside down cat in her arms. She looks at me uninterested as I enter, but when Lilah peeks out from behind me she quickly stands up.

She looks down at the stuffed animal in her arms, and pets the butt softly. She then drops it to the cot, and extends her arms out towards Lilah. Lilah looks at me questioningly and I shrug my shoulders. Thirty-seven then rushes forward grabbing Lilah, she retreats to her cot where she has Lilah in her lap having her head rubbed by Thirty-seven.

Lilah and I are both surprised by Thirty-seven’s quick movement, I look at the ground by my feet, and to her cot several time.

“I guess you like your new roommate?”

Thirty-seven then quickly wraps her arms around Lilah giving her a tight hug. Lilah looks to me with pleading eyes.

“Now be careful with her Thirty-seven she is a dungeon monster so don’t go breaking her.”

Lilah: “m.m…mm Master?”

When Lilah talks Thirty-seven squeals… She then hugs Lilah tighter… I have never seen Thirty-seven excited before, she is even grinning as she hugs Lilah…

“I have some serious hard work to do now, so Thirty-seven, be gentle with her ok?”

Thirty-seven quickly nods releasing her bear hug on Lilah, she then strokes her head.

I return to the core room, open [Communication], and stare at Belinda’s name…

“I have some great news!”

Belinda quickly responds. “Really what happened? I could use some good news after the day I had…”

That plan backfired…

“I can now….Summon… Feral beastkin in the dungeon.”

Belinda: “That is wonderful news! Wait, why does it seem like you are leaving something out?”

“I may or may not have done something that will make you mad. Then I may or may not have made it worse…But the good news is we can now summon feral beastkin!”

Belinda: “What did you do…?”

“Well it started a little over a week ago, Denova began pressuring me about a merchant friend she wanted me to let her do business with in town. Something seemed off, but if it wasn’t some kind of legitimate business, she wouldn’t ask for permission right?”

Belinda: “You didn’t…”

“I gave her 24 hours, I made one of the business forms like you showed me, but I made a stipulation that they were only allowed to conduct business for 24 hours, so even if it was something I did wrong, at least its only temporary.”

Belinda: “It was a slave trader wasn’t it? But I am impressed the 24 hour pass was a good call, but wait you said you made matters worse…How did you make matters worse?”

“I said I may or may not of made matters worse.”

Belinda: “Go on…”

“When the guy arrived, I had no idea who he was. After talking to me for a while… I may of accidently bought a slave…”

Belinda: “How the hell do you accidently buy a slave?”

“Well I think he purposely misled me! He talked about his merchandise, and how it would help me with work. He never said it was a person…It turns out it was a little feral beastkin bunny.”

Belinda: “Little…? How little are we talking about here?”

“His goal was to sell her to Denova so not really young…”

Belinda: “Two-Twelve quit fooling around with me, how young is she?”

“10 human years? But its ok, because she turned out to be a dungeon monster, and she really hit it off with Thirty-seven. Thirty-seven replaced her stuffed animal with her.”

Belinda: “But Thirty-seven has nearly squeezed the stuffing out of that poor thing…”

“I told her to be gentle, and I am keeping a eye on her on the screen. Besides the most important part is that we can now summon feral beastkin…”

Belinda: “One month, I just asked for one month without something crazy happening… I even left a full list of instructions… But what happens? As soon as I turn my back you go out and buy a slave! This is too much right now. I am going to bed…”

When I check on the screen Thirty-seven is now lying down in the cot holding onto Lilah. She is slowly rocking back and forth while petting Lilah’s head. Well I guess everything else is tomorrow’s problem… I decide to go to bed as well.

The next day I watch a group enter the dungeon, they manage to make it down to the second floor, but they run away after emptying out one of the chests.

As they exit the dungeon I hear them complain that there was only a few gems and stuff in the box. Apparently people are still hoping for boxes with the small gold coins…I watch Thirty-seven and Lilah on the screen for a while. Thirty-seven has Lilah sitting in a chair at the table. She is carefully feeding her, every time Lilah says something or does something on her own Thirty-seven squeals and hugs her tightly.

Once it starts to get time for me to head down to Tobes I come up with a great idea… I transfer down to Thirty-seven’s room.

“It’s time for me to head down to Tobes. Now I got Lilah to help me out with my work, so she is going to go with me.”

Thirty-seven looks mortified at the suggestion.

“Now when I return I will bring her back, but once you start to be able to interact with humans, you can join us in Tobes, and won’t have to leave her side…”

Thirty-seven looks extremely torn her face keeps changing expressions. Eventually she gives Lilah a big hug then reluctantly lets her go. Once Lilah and I transfer to the exit of the dungeon Lilah looks at me seriously and asks.

Lilah: “Is Thirty-seven alright in the head?”

I can’t help but to laugh. “Yes, she is alright in the head. She has had a real difficult time, but she is starting to come around. Truth be told I am not bringing you along with me to help. I just thought if I told Thirty-seven you were going to go with me when I went down to Tobes it would make her try a little harder.”

Lilah: “If you don’t want me to help with your work, what do you want me to do then.”

“Just keep me company I guess, and don’t forget to keep the fact I am a dungeon core a secret.”

Lilah: “Of course master.”

When we are walking though the town I happen to bump into Susan the baker, she asks me about Lilah, and then she quickly returns to her shop. The rest of the evening continues on rather smoothly, Lilah proves to actually be very smart, even though I told her she didn’t have to she manages to help me with the paperwork.

She also seems to be very agile as one point of the evening she is entertaining several of the adventurers by standing on a chair, balancing it on one leg, while holding a dagger balanced on one finger, a full mug balanced on her forehead, and a plate of food on her other fingertips.

Lilah: “Master! Master! Here they gave me three gold coins!” –She pushes the coins at me.-

“Well they gave them to you, so you should keep them.”

Lilah: “What am I supposed to do with them?”

“I don’t know, that’s for you to decide”

Lilah: “Ok I have decided” –She says with a bright smile.- “I want you to have them!” –She pushes them to me again.-

“Ok, I will hold on to them for you if that’s what you want, but let me know if you see something you want.”

Lilah: “Ok!”

When we return to the dungeon Thirty-seven is ecstatic to see Lilah, Lilah however droops her head then goes, and crawls into Thirty-seven’s lap. Thirty-seven hugs her then begins rocking again while petting her head.

The next few days continue like that, When Thirty-seven and I take our normal walk, we head down to Tobes. Thirty-seven still refuses to enter the village but, I tell Lilah to run into the village about twenty feet away. Thirty-seven begins to panic, then chases after her. When she reaches Lilah she picks her up clutching her in her arms, but across the street is one of the old ladies.

Thirty-seven freezes while Lilah waves. I decide to go save them, after apologizing to the old lady, and telling her my sister doesn’t interact well with strangers, we return to the dungeon. Thirty-seven manages to forget about the ordeal as she is holding Lilah.

This is actually working pretty well, she still got scared when she ran into a human, but she managed to calm down quickly this time… After patting myself on the back, for my great idea, I receive a distressing message from Belinda.

Belinda: “I am so sorry Two-Twelve, I lost 1, 2, and Tanya. I can’t continue in Madam Erin’s dungeon like this so I am on my way back. I should be home in about a week.”

“They are easily replaced, are you ok?”

Belinda: “I broke my halberd, and got busted up pretty good, but I will live. One advantage of being a dungeon monster I heal quickly.”

“Ok, be careful on your way home.”

Belinda: “Thanks, and I will.”

The next week goes by pretty uneventfully, Thirty-seven has stepped it up, by going down to Tobes with us Three times this week but she still can’t bring herself to enter the village. When one of the villagers passed by she still became scared, but she was able to stand her ground, and now as long as the villagers don’t try to approach her she is ok.


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