Chapter 29: Belinda’s Decision

Over the next hour an over emotional Belinda, embarrassingly tries to explain. Apparently while in the dungeon Listel gave Belinda a note, and they met to talk after leaving the dungeon.

The reason for Belinda’s emotional outburst is still quite unclear, but it seems to be due to some miscommunication that Listel purposely orchestrated.

From what I have pieced together, Belinda wishes to become my boss monster, and in doing so she wishes to begin her adventuring again, while returning xp to me. Listel apparently explained in great detail how, and what Belinda would be able to do as my boss monster, enough that some of it includes information that I didn’t know.

After careful considering the information, I can’t really find a disadvantage other than the fact, that in Belinda’s absence she wants me to deal with the employees she has hired at the adventurer’s guild, and several other small tasks she attends to.

Even with checking the xp cost of taking her as a boss monster in [Menu] is even the same as if I were to summon one if I could, at 1000xp. The most difficult part is her party must exclusively consist of dungeon monsters for her to return xp to the dungeon.

As kobold would be hard to explain traveling with a human, so we will have to come up with another idea.

Belinda now sits silently on the edge of my bed with her hands in her lap, staring down at them, still red in the face. Meanwhile I set up [Menu] to accept Belinda as my boss monster.

When I finish and hit accept, one of the magic screens appears before Belinda for the first time causing her to jump. After carefully reading it she starts to reach forward. She hesitates briefly then pushes against the screen.

Once she does a light begins to emanate from Belinda, she is lifted off the bed, and begins to float as her appearance is completely shrouded by the light. A message then quickly appears before me.

Due to the unique nature of Small Polychromatic Diamond crystal, your first acquired boss monster, along with boss monsters acquired after reaching crucial points in the dungeons growth, will have their favored element removed, and be granted the [Gifted] skill.

Evolution has occurred in Boss Monster [Belinda Gowen] Race has changed from Human to Divine Being Level has reset to 1.

HP bonus +50, MP bonus +50, Ability bonus +5 granted to Strength, Agility, Endurance, Spear Arts, Sword Arts, and Defensive Arts Ability bonus +10 granted to Spell Power, Concentration, Mental Defense, and Spell Arts.

 Status Resistances Acquired: Confusion immunity, Charm immunity, and Fear immunity

New Monster Avaliable

Divine Beings          Cost:  10,000xp

Once the light surrounding Belinda fades her feet touch the floor, and a now naked Belinda stands before me. Her facial features, and shape of her body looks much the same as before. However her once short auburn hair, now has grown extending past her shoulders, and has changed to a flaming crimson red.

Her once green eyes are now a deep blue that shine with a light that would rival the finest sapphire. While maintaining the same shape, her body seems far more toned, and her soft pale freckled skin now seems to glow. Belinda’s shadow now seems to dance independently from the light given off by the screens lighting the room.

Through the changes the person is clearly the same woman, which I have seen naked on multiple occasions her appearance now causes a burning in my cheeks, and I advert my gaze.

Belinda quickly waves her arms grabbing the blanket from my bed next to her, and wraps it around her body. I try to turn and face her now, but after only a few seconds of eye contact I can’t help being drawn in by the way the thin blanket sensually wraps her curves.

After I turn my head again, Belinda speaks, and although the voice is that of the panicked and embarrassed Belinda, it seems softer and more harmonious.

Belinda: “Why are you getting all embarrassed now?!” –She then sits on the bed, crosses her legs, and covers her chest further with her arms.-

I try to speak but it comes out as a squeak, so I clear my throat and try again.

“U… Use the [Menu] and put on some clothes!”

Belinda then begins fiddling with the screen in front of her for a few minutes before I get a message.

Boss Monster [Belinda Gowen] requested to equip [Luxurious Clothes] from equipment.

I quickly accept then look to Belinda. Belinda stands looking at herself while dropping the blanket back to the bed. The clothing she is wearing looks to be the same clothes she had on before, so when she changed it must of just added her clothes to the dungeon inventory.

Belinda: “Wow, that’s amazing. [Menu] really is a lot like the adventurer’s guild magic, just so much more…”

She then twirls around, and that’s when she notices her hair. She runs her hands though her hair looking at it.

Belinda: “My hair! It so much longer… And the color.”

She then quickly starts to investigate herself, lifting her arms looking, and running her hands all over. I find a small mirror in [Menu] for a few xp and buy it handing it to Belinda.

Belinda takes the mirror looking into it, she rubs her face as she speaks.

Belinda: “My face looks the same, but my eyes, and my hair… My body even feels firmer.”

“Your voice is a little different as well.”

Belinda: “Really? ♪La La La♪ I can’t really tell.”

I then pick up Belinda’s adventurer ID of the desk and look at out of curiosity.


Adventurer #13,257 [Belinda]                                         Base: Ancient Kobold Stronghold

Race: Divine Being                                                              Gender: Female

Rank: D                                                                                Level: 1

Class: Spear-woman                                                         Favored Element: N/A

Commissions Complete: 113

Dungeon Crystals Destroyed: 0


I show the ID to Belinda.

Belinda: “What is this? How can I be level 1 I worked hard to raise my level… I don’t feel any weaker though, actually on the contrary I feel stronger… Divine Being, what does this mean? And my element, how is it not applicable?”

“How bad of a problem do you think this will be?”

Belinda: “Well lucky for most situations I can use my royal seal to use as identification, but when I try to rank up, I have to go to a capital branch of the adventurer’s guild, and I don’t know how they will react.”

“How long do we have to figure something out?”

Belinda: “Technically I could have ranked up to C once completing 100 commissions, but I never seen the need. I have heard of adventurer’s races changing when they become heroes but short of that I haven’t heard of it before. Also the favored element part has me worried, I haven’t ever heard of someone’s element being N/A.”

“Yes, that apparently seems to be a pretty big deal on my end as well.”

Belinda: “Oh so dungeon bosses are bound by favorite elements as well?”

“All of them with the exception of me apparently, do you think you could play it off if you managed to become a hero?”

Belinda: “Well sure, I guess, it’s never been seen before but heroes often get things that haven’t been seen before. There is no way I would be able to destroy a dungeon crystal though especially now that I am level 1 again.”

“What if I could tell you where a dungeon was that was barely surviving as it is? Although it is all the way out in the Adra Mountains.”

Belinda: “But aren’t the other dungeons like your family? Could you really have me destroy one?”

“Well we started at the same time, and for some reason he has decided I am his enemy, so I don’t think it would bother me. Dungeons often kill other dungeons from what I understand.”

Belinda: “Well that just seems wrong somehow, so let’s try to avoid that if we can. Besides it would be at least a 6 month round trip to the Adra Mountains.”

“Do you have another idea then?”

Belinda: “Well C rank shouldn’t be too big of a deal once at Gowen capital I could use my status, and the fact I have been running this adventurer’s guild to be able to do it myself. But once I try to go to rank B it will be a whole different story that takes an examination, and is far more detailed.”

“For now I guess that will have to do.”

Belinda: “I am actually more worried on how I am going to explain my appearance change. Sure in the capital they haven’t seen me for quite a few months so I can blow most of it off, but my eye color won’t be so easy. And the people of Tobes see me almost every day explaining my hair or my eyes to them will be hard.”

“Well for Tobes, the adventurers are all still pretty new, and the villagers are just hunters, so I bet they will believe any story you give me. You could even say it was an item you found in the dungeon, and place a fake commission for people to try to find more.”

Belinda: “That might actually work…”

“Oh, I completely forgot I need to take some food to Thirty-seven your arrival earlier made me completely forget. You should freely be able to move about the dungeon now that you are a boss. I will be right back.”

Belinda: “Wait boss? I thought you were the boss?”

“Well technically I am the dungeon core, or I should say I am part of the dungeon, so the dungeon core and dungeon boss monster are actually two separate things. No point in hiding it now that you have come this far.”

Belinda: “So you ARE the dungeon? So dungeons really are alive? If I could tell that information to the guild it would be so helpful, but I guess I can’t help the guild anymore…”

“Well I don’t see a problem with helping the guild, as long as it doesn’t affect us, because like it or not you are a dungeon monster now. Your fate is as bound to this place as mine.”

Belinda nods and begins to think on it, I then take the food and drink I prepared for Thirty-seven hours ago, and transfer down to her room. Belinda quickly follows me transferring herself for the first time, and she waits right outside the door as I enter Thirty-seven’s room.

“Sorry, sorry. I got distracted and forgot to bring your meal down to you, I hope you didn’t get to hungry.”

Thirty-seven: “It makes no difference. As long as I retain this amount of food daily my body shall survive. It doesn’t matter when it is consumed throughout the day.”

“I do try to bring it to you early though, so I am sorry.”

“I see you have finally managed to summon your boss monster.” –She says motioning to Belinda that is standing there peeking in through the door.-

“Well, something like that…” –I say as Belinda quickly opens the door and bows apologizing for peeking.-

“Wait doesn’t that bother you?”

Thirty-seven: “Why should it?” –she says as she picks at the food in front of her.-

When Belinda steps forward into the room, and Thirty-seven shows no sign of reaction I continue.

“But she is a human, or at least she was until she became my boss monster.”

Thirty-seven: “Clearly that is impossible, as humans level up indefinitely as it is, but foolish dungeons that take humans to be boss monsters, neither evolve nor advance very quickly.”

Belinda: “But it’s true! I have even met you before, don’t you remember?”

Thirty-seven: “I have never met you before, the only other person I have seen has been a human, and that clearly is not you.”

Belinda: “But that was me, before I joined Two-Twelve’s dungeon!”

Thirty-seven: “Impossible.”

“Wait are you saying she looks completely different then before? She looks relatively the same to me…”

Belinda has a concerned look on her face as she feels her face with her hands.

Thirty-seven: “I clearly do not understand what it is you are speaking of.”

“Ok, sorry for confusing you. I will leave you to it then…”

I take Belinda by the hand and escort her out of the room.

“What should we do? Do you think you really look different?”

Belinda: “I don’t think so..”

“Maybe I should return with you to Tobes, just in case…”

She nods and we head back to the core room, after gathering a few things we make our way down to Tobes. As we reach the base of the mountain we slowly head into town cautiously. The first building we come up to is one of the new shops Belinda has commissioned, and it is run by a small family that moved in from the capital.

A small boy runs up to Belinda pulling on the edge of her shirt.

Boy: “Princess, princess! The things you ordered from the capital have arrived.”

Man: “Boy. Don’t go bothering the adventurers… Oh! Excuse me princess, I barely recognized you, did you do something with your hair?”

Belinda awkwardly laughs and pats the kid on the head.

Belinda: “haha, you could say something like that. I ran into something odd in the dungeon. It seemed like some kind of trap sprayed me in the face. I quickly washed it off, and it seems like it just it did this to my hair.”

Man: “Oh…You’re not going up there by yourself again are you? You might want to ask one of the adventurers that can cast healing magic to take a look at you just in case though.”

Belinda: “Yea, I’ll do that.”

The man then retrieves a package from the store, and Belinda pays him with a few of the small gold coins. We then move on heading towards the adventurer’s guild.

“Well it seems like the villagers are easily convinced now we just have to see if the adventurers are as easily fooled…”

Belinda: “I don’t like deceiving them this way, but I guess I have no choice at this point.”

At the next building Belinda asks me to wait outside then she heads in by herself, I move to the door listening in just in case she needs my help.

Lady: “Hey princess, how did the steamy lunch date go? It must have gone well, because you look positively radiant.”

I hear a strange noise escape Belinda then I can hear her rush though the store. The women continue talking, but I can no longer make out what they are saying.

Lady: “Alright, Belinda. You have a good one, and maybe next time you will at least let me get a glimpse of your little stud muffin.”

Belinda quickly retreats from the store now carrying another package. Belinda maintains a bit of distance ahead of me as we make our way to the adventurer’s guild, with her ears and cheeks dyed a light shade of pink.

Once we reach the guild I sit at one of the tables, and Belinda heads to the back. She returns a few seconds later without the packages, she then moves to the counter grabbing a few items and brings them over to the table sitting down with me.

Belinda talks to several adventurers, and only about one in three even notice anything different about her. The ones that do notice ask her if she did something to her hair, and nobody even mentions her eyes.

“I guess when you are a princess most people tend to avoid eye contact.”

Belinda fills out a commission for a mysterious spraying trap in the dungeon, giving it only a D class rank, even the reward amount is low, so people will only take it with others, and not go looking specifically for the trap.

After hanging the commission Belinda gets herself a drink then sits back down.

“You don’t have to eat or drink anymore you know.”

Belinda: “I forgot… I guess sense I got it though I might as well drink it.”

Belinda looks like she has something else to say, but she sits there silently drinking her drink.

“Was there something you had a question about?”

Belinda: “Oh!” –She quickly says choking on her drink. After coughing a few times she begins to blush before saying.- “Should I gather my things and move in with you now?”

“Well you are my boss monster now, but I don’t think there is any requirement for you to having to live in the dungeon.”

When I say that her face seems a little sad, but she quickly recovers and proclaims.

Belinda: “You have to promise me though if I bring back a bunch of xp, you will give me my own room like you did Thirty-seven!”

“Well Thirty-seven is borrowing all of your things, so technically the room is more yours then hers.”

This causes Belinda to smile, but her face gets serious again as she says. “Not technically though, I want a room where I can put a real bed, furniture, and all of my things in.”

“Well if you bring in a lot of xp I don’t guess that would be a problem, but if you just want a place for now, you could always just use the core room. That’s the room we were in before.”

Belinda: “You want me to move in with you in your room?” –She quickly says, and blushes a bright red, which causes me to blush as well. She then shakes her head saying.- “I…I’m not mentally prepared for that yet.”

I want to fix the misunderstanding, but I can’t bring myself to say anything, and I somehow feel disappointed for some reason. I then decide to change the subject.

“So, what are we going to do about your party? Kobold would stick out to much, just about the only other things I can summon are slimes or goblins, and I don’t think either of them would be any better. Now that your race changed I can summon divine beings but there is no way I can afford them. What about golems? Do mages use golems as protectors?”

Belinda: “Yea goblins and slimes are defiantly a no. Only powerful mages can use summoning spells or create golem spells, so even as a princess it would look pretty strange without a mage around.”

“Your magic shouldn’t be too bad though.”

Belinda: “Oh my magic is pitiful, I can barely cast a clean spell long enough to… Well it barely works, and that was my favored element.”

She seemed to get a lot of bonuses to magic type abilities when she became a boss monster so I figured she could do decent magic as well. I look around the room to make sure no one is looking then quickly open [Menu].

Outside the dungeon it is pretty limited but I am able to bring up Belinda’s information screen. Looking it over for a second I then tell her how to access it herself.


Name: Belinda Gowen                 Race: Divine Being                   Class:  Spear-woman

Level: 1                                  XP till next Level: 10                                   XP: 0

HP: 302/3022                              MP: 250/250

Strength: 36

Agility: 35

Endurance: 36

Sword Arts: 30

Spear Arts: 36

Defensive Arts: 37

Spell Power: 40

Concentration: 35

Mental Defense: 35

Spell Arts: 35

Resistances: Confusion immunity, Charm immunity, Fear immunity

Armor: None

Equipment: [Luxurious Clothes]


[Gifted] (Rank 1): Most creatures favor one element above all others, and are unable to cast spells from the opposing element. You however do not, thus granting you a 5 bonus to spell power and 25 additional MP. The more magic is used the greater the bonus that will be granted from [Gifted]

[Spear Training] (Rank 2): Spear training allows the use of basic spear techniques.

Lunge (5mp): A quick lunge attack with a spear boosted by magic.
Whirlwind Swipe (10mp): A spinning attack that causes damage in all directions at spear’s length.
Spear Throw (10mp): A thrown spear attack granting bonus accuracy and distance with the assistance of magic.
Armor Piercer (20mp):  An attack that can bypass most armor.
Furious Strike (20mp): Multiple quick attacks that do great amounts of damage to unarmored foes.

[Iron Defense] (Rank 2): Rigorous training with Heavy Armor, grants a %25 bonus to armor when equipping Heavy Armor.

[Pampered Princess] (Rank 1): Nurtured at youth with the best of everything, you gain a bonus of 5% when learning new skills and spells. Interactions with others that are aware of your status grants you a 10% bonus on negotiations.


Clean (Water) (Cost 1mp): summons water to clean items and objects up to ten feet away. This spell can be kept active by repaying its original casting cost once per second.

Cool (Wind) (Cost 1mp): Summoning your mana with the power of wind you can cool items and objects up to ten feet away. This spell can be kept active by repaying its original casting cost once per second.

Light (Light) (Cost 1mp): Summing your mana with the power of light you can light items and objects up to ten feet away. This spell can be kept active by repaying its original casting cost once per second.


Belinda quickly jumps up from her chair startling several of the adventurers in the room. After apologizing she sits back down.

Belinda: “I have never seen so detailed information about someone before…Is this really me?”

“Yes, I told you that the adventurer IDs were similar to what dungeons used.”

Belinda: -She can’t help but laugh- “…This is in no way similar, this is FAR more advanced magic. I don’t quite understand though, I am not sure what these numbers mean but by going by just how high the number is. It says my spell power is even higher than my strength, and that can’t be possible.”

“Well, I did get a message in the dungeon when you changed races. You got quite a few bonuses to magic type abilities, also the [Gifted] skill helped quite a bit as well.”

Belinda: “But this is crazy, if I assume the numerical value is point for point, then my magic will surely be stronger then Amy’s now, and she has dedicated her life as a mage… This also says my spear techniques use mp…”

Belinda thinks for a second before continuing.

Belinda: “Nobody has ever heard of that before. When I joined your dungeon I could only hold a clean spell for almost 10 seconds before I would get close to blacking out, so no wonder I couldn’t master my spear techniques.”

“Well you shouldn’t have a problem now.”

Belinda nods then says. “I am going to have to learn more magic now.”

“Well we can’t do it here, but once back in the dungeon you can spend some of the dungeon’s xp to learn spells. I haven’t checked what spells are available lately, but you should at least be able to learn the basic attack spells.”

Belinda: “You mean you can “buy” spells?”

“Yes, and I believe you can learn skills the same way, as long as its knowledge the dungeon has collected.”

Belinda: “What do you mean collected?”

“When something dies in the dungeon I then learn the ability to reproduce it, and in the case of mages or those who have skills I can learn them by spending the xp cost.”

Belinda: “So you can summon humans?”

“Well unfortunately no, humans are unique and must take some kind of special circumstance, as only one dungeon core is capable of doing it, and that was only after spending years as a hero destroying dungeons.”

Belinda: “There are even dungeon cores that are heroes?”

“Well each dungeon core goes through training to determine if they are allowed to start their own dungeon, and once Dyson failed he joined humans taking out his anger killing other dungeons. Once he killed his replacement he was allowed to start his own dungeon. It still hasn’t stopped him from killing more dungeons though, and so far he is the only one that can summon humans.”

Belinda: “Dyson? THE Dyson? He was a legendary hero from over 100 years ago, many adventurers still become adventurers because of his stories, and you are saying he is still alive, and is a dungeon?”

“Yes, he has a dungeon in Merretta Pass, between Merretta and Adra, called the Portal to Hell.”

Belinda: “The Portal to Hell is a dungeon?”

“You know of it?”

Belinda: “Of course I know of it, it’s also called Mar the largest city of bandits, thieves, and scoundrels in the entire world. Entire armies have tried to raze it but have perished, and your telling me the legendary hero Dyson runs that city?”

She seems floored I am practically turning her entire world upside down.

Belinda: “Well if not humans, what about beastkin, you once said they started in dungeons right?”

“No they must require something special as well, however there are quite a few dungeons that make use of beastkin.”

Belinda: “And the other races like Elves, Dwarves, and such?”

“I honestly have no idea about them, I haven’t seen anything about them, or even met any.”

Belinda: “Yea they are not common among adventurer’s and wouldn’t come to a backwater place like this place. I am sure if we go to the Tower of the Gods though we could see some.”

We continue to talk until late in the evening, then we decide to reconvene in the dungeon first thing in the morning. I then head back to the dungeon while Belinda stays in Tobes.


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