Chapter 27: A Heroic Encounter

I wake up the next morning with a mind numbing headache, both my legs and arms are sore, a got a pain in my stomach, and there is something tickling my nose.

I try to sit up but my movement is restricted, as I open my eyes, I find Belinda and myself completely naked. Belinda has both of her legs intertwined around one of mine, both of her arms around my stomach, and her face buried in my chest.

What’s worse when I start to look around I find we are in my bed in the core room. Amy is sitting across the room at the desk with a sly smile on her sleeping face, as she using Belinda’s dress and my clothes as a pillow.

“Hey, Belinda, wake up.”

Even talking causes my head to pound.

Belinda: -She slowly beings to wake up raising her head to look up at me.- “Good Mor…”

She quickly realizes the situation she is in pushing hard against my chest causing my head to pound. She quickly retreats to the far side of the bed taking the blanket with her. Belinda’s face is a brighter red then her hair as she sits at the foot of the bed. She stares at my crotch for a few long moments before covering her blushing face with her hands.

Belinda: “What are you doing!?”

I grab my head as it pounds at each one of Belinda’s words.

“Not so loud…My head…”

I casually get up while holding my head walking across the room over towards the desk. Belinda’s gaze follows me the entire way as she peeks at me though her hands. Once I reach Amy, I swiftly tug the clothes from under her head as it thuds on the desk, and she swiftly sits bolt upright.

Amy: “Oye!” –She looks over at me standing there and tries to blow it off, but her bright red face gives her away.- “Well isn’t that a sight to wake up too…”

“What are you playing at?” – I toss Belinda her clothes and start getting dressed myself.-

Belinda quickly scrambles grabbing at the dress, and her undergarments pulling them under the blanket with her, and she tries to put them on. Both of the girls are staring at me with bright red faces, but Amy tilts her head to one side leaning over a bit, while I bend over pulling on my undershorts.

Amy: “Now that’s not what I was expecting.”

“What is something the matter?”

Amy: “No, nothing at all.” –She says with a smile on her face.-

Belinda: “Amy!”

I think to myself as I get dressed, that she may be right.

“You know, now that you mention it. Twice in the past I reacted similarly to the way Belinda is acting. However for some reason I don’t have the same reaction with adventurers for some reason.”

Amy: “Well you are a dungeon monster, you probably just see us as food.” –She says sarcastically.-

“Well I wouldn’t use term food, but… I wonder.”

Amy’s reaction changes as I put more thought into her sarcastic reply. Belinda finally quits fighting with her clothes under the blanket, and gets out of the bed.

Belinda: “Maybe it’s best for now, if Amy and I just return to Tobes.”

“I have no problem with you returning, although I don’t know if I trust Amy enough to let her leave here after everything she knows.”

Amy’s face turns pale as she quickly looks to Belinda.

Belinda: “You trust me though right? I promise you she won’t say anything.”

After thinking about it for a few minutes I finally agree, and send Amy and Belinda back to the entrance of the dungeon.

Once Amy and Belinda are standing outside the cave, they begin to argue about the events leading up to now, and Amy keeps insisting they should say something. I begin to worry, and I start to pull Amy back in, but Belinda finally orders her as the princess to keep it secret, Amy finally hangs her head and agrees.

Once they are done arguing Amy’s face then quickly changes into a sly smile as she nudges Belinda asking her how well she slept. Belinda quickly blushes, and shoves Amy.  They then start making their way down to Tobes, bickering all the way down the mountain.

After they are gone I start checking the pending screens.

Intruders have entered your dungeon.

Intruder’s status changed to allies (Belinda Gowen, Amy Torres)

2 xp consumed

I can understand Belinda being added as an ally, but I wonder why Amy was added as well. Maybe it was just because they entered the core room. Thirty-seven was already registered as an ally before I took her to the core room though, and Madam Erin was an ally until she added monsters for me to fight in her dungeon.

I also didn’t get any xp from them being in my dungeon, maybe it was after midnight when we arrived…I don’t remember anything after passing out at the adventurer’s guild.

Then out of curiosity I check [Communication]


Dungeon Core #712 [Sara]


Belinda Gowen

Amy Torres

Even Sara as listed as an ally, I am not sure how this works. The next list is neutral, and it contains Madam Erin, the other elders, Alex, and a few of the other dungeon cores I talked to but not all.

The next list is enemies, and surprisingly it has Derek, Newt, and some of the other cores I talked too. I am not sure how they become enemies either. The final list is dungeon monsters which has every monster in the dungeon listed.

Over the next few days things seem to return to normal, I finally manage to gain another level, Belinda visits a few times but she can’t quit blushing every time she looks at me. Although each visit her face gets less and less red so maybe things will go back to normal soon.

She told me about the presents she received from her birthday, and about Amy’s return to the capital. She also reassures me that Amy won’t talk after I seemed worried about Amy’s departure.

On one slow day I try sending Belinda a message though [Communication] just to see what happens, but I get no response. However she visits me later that day asking how I changed her adventurer ID, and sure enough my message is shown on the bottom of her ID.

Once I delete the message it disappears, and together we both try to figure out how it works, but it seems like it’s only a one way message, and she can’t send anything back. She even tries manually  writing on the ID but still nothing shows up, in [Communication], but I am able to see what she wrote on the other ID of Belinda’s that I have in the book.

Maybe by writing notes on her ID we can send messages back and forth now. I have since removed her ID from the book, and check it every so often to see if she sends me anything.

She stays the night one evening, and now that she is an ally I can no longer get any xp from her, but when I tell her she doesn’t have to stay anymore she looks down. She told me it was the one thing she felt she could do to help me out, but it seems like there is more too it.

I have added an extra chair in the core room as we now just chat in the core room when Belinda visits. Apparently she still can’t see the screens however.

One morning after checking the condition of the dungeon I look at Belinda’s ID. She has written in a hasty message that there is an emergency, and that she is on her way.

When Belinda arrives I bring her to the dungeon core room, she seems out of breath, and it looks like she ran all the way to the dungeon.

Belinda: -Breathing heavily she tries to talk. – “I just got word from Amy. My father has approved for a Hero to come into your dungeon.”

I begin to panic, but she continues.

Belinda: “There is however a contract stating she is forbidden from breaking the crystal without the kingdom she represents facing serious repercussions.”

“Is there any way to know if she will uphold the contract?”

Belinda: -She is slowly starting to catch her breath as she speaks again. – “ So far the kingdom she represents has been pretty positive, but giving the king’s father I can’t be for certain.”

“His father?”

Belinda: “Well I would have to start from the beginning.”

Belinda explains to me that the Hero is coming from the kingdom of Southern Merretta, apparently Merretta and Southern Merretta only recently separated into two kingdoms. Merretta is an absolute powerhouse, and it is one of, if not the strongest kingdom in the land.

When the king’s son began questioning the king on his pure military standing, the king simply designated a small southern portion of the kingdom to be a new one giving the son control over it. The king stated to his son that he has till the end of his life to prove he can do better.

If Southern Merretta can rival Merretta before then the son will get control of the entire thing at his father’s death, but if not then the king’s second son will take over both kingdoms. Southern Merretta so far has peacefully negotiated a lot of power, but still is only a small fraction of Merretta’s power.

Recently he appointed a beastkin to his council, which is a first for any kingdom. The beastkin was a strong, well known adventurer, and with Southern Merretta’s king’s help was she was able to become a hero. She recently destroyed a dungeon in Southern Merretta that was bothering the locals marking her 4th crystal destroyed.

I think the Hero is the one Sara told me about, and the one that killed #307 Travis a while back.

“Her name isn’t Listel is it?”

Belinda: “Oh, you know of her? I heard she was famous, but enough where even you have heard of her.”

“Kind of, I just heard of her when she destroyed the dungeon in Southern Merretta recently.”

Belinda: “Was that dungeon a friend of yours?”

“Well actually quite opposite he seemed to be giving a friend of mine some trouble.”

Belinda: “Well surely she will hold up to the contract, and will not destroy the crystal. I will even wait here with you that way if things get dangerous you can send me in, and I will try to reason with her.”

“Well thanks, I don’t know if it would help much, but thanks anyway. Do you know how long till she arrives?”

Belinda: “Well the letter was sent out a week ago, and that’s when she was in the capital, so really any day now would be possible. Surely she will stop at the adventurer’s guild first for information, so once I get the heads up I will let you know with my ID, and will quickly make my way up here.”

Belinda decides its best to return to Tobes and wait for Listel, so I send her on her way, and look over the dungeon.

Even if she doesn’t destroy the core and just kills all the monsters, I will be put in a really bad way. I will have to trust in the human’s contract for now to make it out of this alive this time.

I decide to take all but two of the Weak Earth Golems, and store them within the crystal. That way if she kills everything I will still have a few back up, and if things start looking dangerous I can send them out.

Another two days pass before Belinda finally sends word about Listel arriving in Tobes. Shortly later Belinda shows up to the dungeon, and I bring her to the core room.

Belinda: “Listel seemed very interested in the changes the village has gone through since the dungeon was discovered, so I had the villager leader show her around. That should by us at least an hour.”

“I have done about all I can, so how we just sit here and wait.”

Belinda: “Well how will you know when she is here?”

“I can see everything that happens in my dungeon though my dungeon magic.”

Belinda: “Wait, what do you mean you “SEE” everything?”

“This room is filled with magic screens, and I can literally see everything going on in every room of my dungeon.”

Belinda: “Are you telling me when I stayed the night, and changed clothes you could see me?”

“I don’t see how that’s of any relevance after waking up with your naked body wrapped around mine.”

Belinda hits me in the shoulder with her fists and she blushes a bright red and says. “I thought we said we wouldn’t speak of that again.”

“Wait. She is here.” –I say as I get the message about an intruder.-

Listel is a beautiful woman wearing no armor, as a matter of fact barely any clothes at all. Just a small shirt with no sleeves, a wide neck, and it barely extends past her chest. And a short tight pair of black leather shorts. She has soft flowing golden hair that easily extends past her waist, with piercing green cat like eyes.

I have never seen a beastkin thus far with as many animal traits as Listel has. In addition to the long tail and pointed cat ears, her arms are covered in fur from the elbow down and her legs from the knee down. She also has a large patch of fur that covers her shoulders, extends down her back, and wraps partly around her stomach leaving only her chest, and toned abs bare.

Listel extends long claws from her hands as she makes her way down the tunnel, but she also has a beautifully ornate sword made from a bluish colored metal hanging from her waist. Her graceful movements as her hips sway as she walks through the tunnel leaves me captivated by each and every one of her steps.

I can’t think of anything more beautiful than the creature before me as I breathlessly watch every bounce, sway, and twitch from the tip of her ears down to the tip of her tail.

Belinda: “…Are you drooling over her?”

Belinda’s words make me snap out of my trance long enough to shake my head and focus on what’s going on. I head Belinda mumble something about it not being fair as Listel nears the end of the tunnel.

Listel casually steps over the tripwire entering the square cave like room, and what happens next happens so fast it is all over before it even registers in my head.

Listel leaps onto the first kobold swiftly ripping one of its arms clean off its body. She grinds its face into the ground to add insult to injury as she leaps to another kobold beating it to death with the severed arm. By the time she jumps to the third kobold jabbing both clawed hands into the neck of the next kobold, ripping its head off. Only then do the last remaining two kobold realize they are under attack.

She chunks the head at the mage causing it to fall backwards, as she guts the archer before he can even notch his first arrow. She then causally walks to the mage as it starts try to get back up kicking it right in the chin with a echoing crunch, the kobold falls back never to move again.

As casually as she entered the room she casts a spell cleaning the carnage from her body instantly, and after adjusting herself she walks to the door.

“So this is the power of a hero…”

Belinda: “What’s going on?”

“She has already cleared the first room.”

Belinda: “Already?!”


I swiftly try to send in all the kobolds on the first floor to the main room. Even against the 25 kobold she never even gets a scratch, as she grabs arrows out of the air jabbing the kobold she is currently ripping to shreds. She even grabs the spells flung at her returning them to their owner.

She initially sets off several traps just to fling the kobold into. In less than 30 seconds the main room looks of pure brutality with bodies lying everywhere in different sized pieces, and at the center stands Listel.

“How…How do you even fight that…”

Belinda: “She already cleared the big room? Then send in all the rest at once.”

“I moved them all in before she entered…That was all 25 of them…”

Listel swings open the doors to the side rooms, and even looks in one of the small chests, but doesn’t even bother taking any of it. She then heads down the stairs to the second floor.

I don’t think it will make a difference but I pull all the crimson kobold together in the main room, including the brutes, and the elder.

Once Listel sees the kobold wearing Belinda’s armor she speaks for the first time. “Oh, the Gowen’s family crest, someone’s been a bad, bad boy.”

Without another word she begins tearing into the crimson kobold, even being much stronger then the kobold the crimson kobold still fall one after another. The last to fall is the crimson kobold brute wearing Belinda’s armor.

It even manages to get a hit on listel but it barely leaves a scratch as Listel grabs it by the ankle, flinging it around full-plate and all, sending it crashing into a heap on the far side of the room.

Listel: “Not bad, not bad. If this room was filled like the one on the first floor, and they all wore equipment like that, it might have been down right fun.”

As she rubs her hand across the wound on her stomach it disappears, she then cleans herself with a spell, and checks the prison room.

Listel: “Oh, a prison. Naughty naughty, somebody’s been cheating.”

Listel moves on, once she enters the old crystal room she raises her head sniffing the room. She then shakes her head moving down the stairs.

I have to the golem standing on either side of the intersection of the hallway, waiting for to get close. As Listel walks down the hallway she is sniffing the air and looking around.

Listel: “This is all still pretty new?”

Listel walks casually down the hallway, and when she gets close both of the golems swing from around the corner. Listel actually looks surprised for a brief second before she jumps back quickly a smile stretches across her face, and she jumps right on top of one of the golems.

Listel finally pulls her sword for the first time, jabbing it into the golem where its head would be if it had one. The sword slides through the stone like its cutting butter but as the golem crumbles rolling to the floor the other golem catches Listel with a swing sending her flying through the air.

Listel manages to turn herself around so when she crashes into the wall she hits feet first she then springboards off the wall leaping back at the golem, with a black eye and a bloody lip Listel is grinning ear to ear as she slices the second golem clean in two with her ornate sword.

She licks the blood from her lip, and doesn’t even bother healing herself before she now continues down the hallway. She maintains the big smile on her face while checking all the rooms till she enters the crystal room then her smile quickly fades.

Listel: “Ah man…I was just starting to have fun…”

Using magic she draws a straight line beside her, and once she reaches through the line her hand disappears. Pulling it back she has a large book in her grasp, by the look of it, it looks exactly like my copy of Dungeon Core Information. She flips the book open to a bookmarked page.

Listel: “Now now, no holding out on me. You should have 4 more monsters left, and if you plan on hiding them from me I will destroy your crystal.”

“Who is this woman?”

Belinda: “What do you mean?”

“She has something she can’t possibly have.”

Listel: “I am only going to count to three! One…Two…”

I decide I have no choice and send out the remaining four golems. With their large size, and the small standard size room the room quickly fills. The two golems on either side of Listel quickly try to crush her.

Listel jumps up climbing the arm of one of the golems swinging her sword around cutting it to pieces. Another one of the golems manages to catch her in a punch, this time with no time to react she crashes hard into the wall falling to the floor.

But not more than a second later she is on her feet again. Leaping off the body of the dead golem she does a flip swinging her sword full circle along with her slicing a second golem in two. Another fist comes flying her way but this time she blocks the blow with her sword causing the fist to crumble and break.

Another fist is swung at the back of her legs causing her to tumble backwards, as the golem with the shattered arm brings his other one down to crush her into the floor.

Listel: “Dark Arcana Blade!”

Listel begins spinning like a top as shadows flow forth from her sword cutting both of the golems into bits. One of the blades manages to hit my crystal.

Crystal has taken severe damage.

Listel: “Opps, my bad. No harm though. Hard to believe you survived that though. Now, master told me I could destroy you if I decided I didn’t like you, so you and your little human friend better come out here or my mood might sour.”

“Belinda… She is calling for us…”

Belinda: “What do we do?”

“I’m sorry.”

I quickly send Belinda to the entrance of the dungeon then move to the crystal room.

Listel: “Oh, just you then? What about your little girly friend?”

“I sent her on her way, and I don’t see a reason for her to be here.”

Before I can even react, Listel darts forward pushing me to the floor. She is now straddling over the top of me with her soft hair caressing my face as she twirls one of her sharp claws in a circular motion on my chest.

Listel: “Oh the brave little man” –She says with a scrunched up face.-

She then sits on my groin spinning her hips around on my crotch, placing on of her sharp claws on the neck of my shirt slowly pulling it down cutting my shirt like it’s not even there.

Listel: “That means I got you all to myself now.” – She says as she grinds her hips again, and running her fingers across my chest.- “ohh, you like that do you.” –She says seductively.-

She then leans forward and whispers in my ear. “Then I guess I will tell you a little secret.”

With her hips grinding on my crotch, her soft fingers caressing my chest, her long hair bushing softly against me from all over, and her seductive voice tickling my ear. I have no control as I let out a soft moan.

Listel: “I like you.”

She says then licks my cheek, then swiftly as she as she came she jumps up heading out the door, but just as she reaches it she looks over her shoulder as she shakes her hips one last time and flicking her tail.

Listel: “I’ll see you later.”

I continue to lay there on the floor for a minute before I quickly transfer back to the core room just to see Listel run into Belinda on the first floor as Belinda is making her way through the dungeon. Belinda seems terrified as Listel walks up to her.

Listel places something into Belinda’s hands and covers it, then leans in and whispers in her ear causing her to blush bright red. She then places one of her fingers over Belinda’s lips, and winks at her then swiftly Listel exits the room, then the dungeon disappearing down the mountain side.

Belinda is still standing in the middle of the room bright red, whatever she is clasping tightly in her hand she slides into a pouch on her belt. She then starts walking again heading towards the stairs.

I pull Belinda to the core room, and after looking at my state with the torn shirt she blushes even brighter turning her face, letting out a small squeak.

“Are you ok?”

When she tries to speak but fails she then instead just nods her head. Then with a squeaky voice she finally says.

Belinda: “I….I should head… Head back to Tobes for today…”

“…Are we not going to talk about what just happened?”

Belinda violently shakes her head back and forth, so I decide I will have to wait till she calms down. I send her back to the entrance to the dungeon, and she makes her way down to Tobes.

As strange as it started, my first encounter with a hero ends.


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