Chapter 20: New Visitors

After entering the small room Leo gave his shirt to Amy, which caused her to blush brightly, but she didn’t dare refuse in her current state. It has been about an hour since then, and after a “what now” conversation from the group, and Amy’s magic has recovered enough that she heals the group’s wounds. I slide the screen to the side and begin clean-up on the dungeon.

I still haven’t got any food to feed the prisoners so I devise a plan that I hope works. Going through their belongings I find their Adventurer IDs which I add to the others on the desk, 87 of the small gold coins, and various other small items.



Adventurer #16,822 [Gunnar]                                          Base: Gowen Capital

Race: Human                                                                        Gender: Male

Rank: D                                                                                  Level: 3

Class: Duel Warrior                                                             Favored Element: Fire

Commissions Complete: 58

Dungeon Crystals Destroyed: 0


Adventurer #16,823 [Leo]                                                Base: Gowen Capital

Race: Human                                                                      Gender: Male

Rank: D                                                                                Level: 4

Class: Scout                                                                        Favored Element: Fire

Commissions Complete: 58

Dungeon Crystals Destroyed: 0


Adventurer #13,257 [Belinda]                                         Base: Gowen Capital

Race: Human                                                                      Gender: Female

Rank: D                                                                                Level: 6

Class: Spear-woman                                                         Favored Element: Water

Commissions Complete: 104

Dungeon Crystals Destroyed: 0


Adventurer #13,258 [Amy]                                              Base: Gowen Capital

Race: Beastkin (Squirrel)                                                  Gender: Female

Rank: D                                                                                Level: 4

Class: Mage                                                                        Favored Element: Light

Commissions Complete: 72

Dungeon Crystals Destroyed: 0


I take 5 of the small gold coins, make sure no one is near the dungeon, than move out to the adventurer’s camp. I look for the two sacks they received the supplies in the day before, and fold them up setting them in a obvious location I set the 5 small gold coins on top. I then take their bedding items and return to the dungeon core room.

When the villager on horseback returns that evening with more supplies he checks the camp not finding anyone. He then finds the empty sacks, and the coins, and taking the gold coins he replaces the sacks with filled sacks then leaves.

Once he has cleared out I move in take the supplies, add them to the bedding stuff, and have one of the kobold deliver it to the group. They quickly jump to their feet on guard when the kobold enters, but after dropping the supplies and leaving they begin to look though the things.

Belinda: “Hey, this is my stuff.”

Gunnar: “Mine too, there is also food here.”

Leo: “These supplies seem to be more from the village, you don’t think the village is working with the kobold do you?”

Amy: “That crazy. That nice man probably came to deliver the supplies, and when he found no one around he decided to just leave them there. The kobold probably just gathered the food afterwards.”

Gunnar: “Without pay?”

Belinda: “You are the one that told him I was a princess. Maybe he felt obligated?”

Amy wraps herself up in her blanket then sits back on the floor.

Leo: “Well, at least we won’t freeze now. It looks like you two were starting to get pretty cold.”

Belinda: “What is that supposed to mean?” –She says angrily, grabbing her blanket quickly, and covering herself.-

Leo: “That not…” –Leo gets cut off by Gunnar.-

Gunnar: “Look at you, drooling over the poor un-clothed young ladies.” –He says with a smirk.-

Amy’s face turns scarlet, and she hides it behind the blanket.

Leo sighs and moves over to the food supplies and begins going through it.

Leo: “It looks like we won’t be able to use the uncooked vegetables, but there is some dried meat, and some bread.”

I watch them till midnight and receive 150xp from them, and then I set [Menu] to alert me if they try anything then head to bed. I hold them for the next 6 days without incident, but on the seventh day the villager has seemed to get rather suspicious, and is not leaving from outside the cave.

Once darkness sets in the villager still hasn’t left.

Belinda: “They haven’t brought the food today…”

Gunnar: “It has been a week, maybe the village has given up on us.”

I wait till midnight, and gain the xp from holding them. Seeing that the villager still hasn’t left their camp, I send a few kobold to the group. The group begins to struggle as the kobold try to drag Belinda and Leo from the room, but once they are tossed one by one into the tunnel they simply look back at the kobold.

Belinda: “Are they releasing us?”

Gunnar: “Don’t question it. Let’s just get out of here.”

Belinda: “I am not leaving without the others.”

Gunnar: “They know the risks when entering a dungeon.”

Belinda: “I thought Leo was your best friend?”

Gunnar: “I will do just about anything for Leo, with the exception of dying for him.”

Belinda: “Well I am not leaving without the other two! You hear me! If I have to bring the entire Gowen army back here I am not leaving my friends!”

After thinking about it for a minute I decide the squirrel and archer aren’t worth risking bring the entire army down on my dungeon, so I finally drag Amy and Leo out of the room tossing them with the others.

Belinda: “Thank you.” -She says with tears in her eyes, and then hugs Amy.-

The group quickly makes their way out of the cave. When they come running out of the cave the villager about has a heart attack.

Villager: “Are you ok? I was really starting to get worried.” –The man notices the princess’s appearance and quickly averts his gaze.-

Gunnar: “We are fine now. Let’s just get out of here.”

Gunnar and Leo begin to leave, not even bothering to gather things.

Belinda: “What about your things?” –She says as she pulls some clothes from a bag next to her tent.-

Gunnar: “Are you serious? After what we just went though, I want to get as far away from this place as fast as I can.”

Amy: “They let us go though, I doubt we are in any danger now…”

Leo: “You guys are crazy.”

The villager is just standing there in the middle of the camp speechless as Gunnar and Leo begin heading down the mountain. Belinda and Amy make their way inside their tent changing clothes. Once they are done they start breaking down camp.

Villager: “Uhm excuse me… What happened?”

Belinda: “Oh, I am sorry. I lost all my money in the dungeon so I can’t pay you for the food you have been bringing, but I promise once I get back I will send it to you.”

Villager: “That’s ok what you have been leaving is plenty.”

Belinda: “What we have been leaving?”

Villager: “Yea I have been taking the 5 gold you left behind I been leaving behind the supplies.”

Belinda and Amy look at each other curiously.

Villager: “See.” –He takes out 5 coins from a pouch showing them.- “This is what was here today. I figured you were just busy in the cave, but after a week even with the food gone, and the coins I still wanted to make sure you where ok that’s why I waited today.”

Belinda: “Well thanks.” –She says smiling at the man.-

The villager just scratches his head, and once they have gathered all the gear, Gunnar and Leo’s included. They head down the mountain out of sight. I then head to bed.

Over the next few weeks I don’t see any more activity except for a hunter or two down by the lake, but they keep a wide distance from the opening of the cave.

Surprisingly enough the very next people to show up at my dungeon are both Belinda and Amy. Belinda has a new spear and armor but it is not as heavy or fancy as the last. Amy’s new robes look like standard magician’s robes.

Unfortunately this time they don’t set up camp, and after only entering the cave section of the dungeon for around ten minutes they head back down. The next few days go quietly then a large group of adventurers coming heading up to my dungeon one morning.

The group consists of around fifteen people, ranging anywhere from human to beastkin. All of the people’s equipment is in very poor condition except for an iron band around each of their necks. The man calling the shots stands out in the group as he is a burly older man wearing a fancy heavy armor and a sword on his hip.

Once they reach the entrance to the cave the burly man waves his hand ushering the others to enter the cave then he sits down on a large stone taking out a large book. As I look closer I can see they seem to be the Adventurer IDs lined on the pages of the book.

Most of the group entering the dungeon looks like they have never even held a weapon before, except for 4 or 5 at the front of the group. They carefully tread though the tunnel, and once they reach the archway the more experienced ones call out warning of enemies ahead.

They quickly send in a few but the first one passing the archway trips the spikes instantly killing him, The archer and kobold mage quickly begin firing as more start pouring though the archway after the trap is lowered.

The kobold drop an intruder with pretty much every attack however there are just too many of them and when the first room is cleared half of the invaders remain. This time they skip over the trip wire at the entrance of the large room, but they can’t even manage to drop 3 more kobold before the last one falls.

Once the last one falls the burly man at the entrance scoffs, and throws the book on the ground. He then stands, retreating down the mountain side.

Even after breaking down the useless equipment into xp, the 15 people only net me 50xp. I collect the book at the entrance, and after looking at IDs within all 15 of the adventures were still level one. I set the book next to the stack of other IDs I got.

Later that same afternoon I have another group heading up to my dungeon. This time consisting of two men and a young woman, these three don’t seem very experienced either. As a precaution I move the group in the large room forward to the small square cave room, and one of the groups in one of the side rooms I move to the main room.

The manage to avoid the trip wire but not long after they start fighting as soon as one of them falls the other two quickly throw down their weapons pleading for their lives…I decide to go ahead and throw them in one of the rooms.

For the one that died plus breaking down their gear I only get 15xp. When I wake the next morning they have already exhausted all the food they were carrying, and only gave me 2 xp between the two of them so I have them tossed out of the dungeon.

The next few days continue like this.  By the end of the week I manage to build up 3126xp. I also find out that by using a magic similar to [Menu] I can add the entire collection of adventurer IDs I have been amassing into the book the burly man from the first day had.

I finally decide to head down to the village to find out what is going on… Early the next morning I make my way down the mountain. Once I reach the village I can see that there are a few people gathered building a large building on the edge of town, I ignore it for now and head to the adventurer’s guild.

The inside looks much different than last time. Even though it is still pretty early all the chairs are on the floor, and there is even a few people sitting in them. I see one of the adventurers that I held for 2 days sitting at a table talking to another group.

In the corner there is a new counter set up, and sitting behind it is Amy. Next to the counter there is a bulletin board on the wall with several hand-written notes on them. I decide to go take a look at them.


  1. Mapping Ancient Kobold Stronghold:

Rank D+

Reward: 20 gold

Reward granted to first person to complete a map of each floor of the dungeon only.


  1. Ancient Kobold Stronghold Information:

Rank D+

Reward: 5 gold

Any new information gathered about Ancient Kobold Stronghold will be granted a reward per item. Reward granted to discovery and a second confirmation, once confirmation has been established.


  1. Kobold Study:

Rank D+

Reward: 25 gold

A study is being conducted on the strange nature of the kobold within Ancient Kobold Stronghold. Anyone able to provide detailed behavior information about the unique kobold of the Ancient Kobold Stronghold will be granted a reward.


  1. Ancient Kobold Stronghold Trap Information:

Rank D+

Reward: 5 gold

Any new information on traps discovered within Ancient Kobold Stronghold will be granted a reward. Reward will be given to discovery, and a second confirmation once confirmation has been established.


  1. Ancient Kobold Stronghold Second Floor:

Rank: C+

Reward: 50 gold

Reward granted to the first group successfully able to reach the second floor of Ancient Kobold Stronghold.


  1. Ancient Kobold Stronghold Monster Information

Rank C+

Reward: 50 gold

Reward granted for information about new species of monsters found within Ancient Kobold Stronghold. Reward will be given with provided proof.


  1. Tobes Inn

Rank: Any

Reward:  *

Reward granted to each individual participating in the construction of Tobes village inn. Reward amount determined by level of engagement in project as determined by Forman Mathis.




All rewards paid by 3rd Princess Belinda Gowen, of the Gowen Empire, at the adventurer’s guild of Tobes.

Until further notice: Ancient Kobold Stronghold dungeon currently protected under Gowen Kingdom law.


Protected under Gowen Kingdom law sounds nice, although that’s a lot of commissions in my dungeon. No wonder I have been getting so many people this last week.

Amy: “Excuse me. Sir?” –she says to me from behind the counter.-


Amy: “If you are an adventurer heading up to the Ancient Kobold Stronghold, I suggest you find a group. Don’t let the kobold part throw you off the dungeon is quite difficult.”

“Oh, I am not a adventurer.”

Amy: “Oh, if you are here to become one I can sign you up, or if you don’t have the funds Princess Belinda has allowed acceptance of Tobe’s inn commission as payment.”

“Just curious but what is the fee required?”

Amy: “It cost 10 gold to perform an adventurer ID binding.”

“ID binding?”

Amy: “Yes sir, an ID binding is a magic that is added to an adventurer’s ID. It provides a magical link to and ID so that the information is automatically updated. It also serves as identification if the adventurer loses his or her life.”

Belinda: “Amy can you give me a hand a minute.” –She says as she walks up.- “Oh, I am sorry I didn’t realize you were helping someone.” –She extends her hand to me.- “Hi, I am Belinda. Is there anything we can help you with?”

I shake her hand but when I go to introduce myself I quickly remember I still haven’t chosen a name…

“I…uh…call me two-twelve.”

Belinda: “Two-Twelve? I’m sorry I didn’t know.” –she says sullenly. Then she quickly changes her expression to a smile and speaks.- “Well I am glad to see you are here now.”

Apparently using a number for a name is not as unusual as I thought. Although she seems to be misunderstanding something I will just let it go at that.

“Amy was explaining what exactly adventurers are.”

I automatically called her by name even though she still hasn’t introduced herself. Luckily Belinda just said it a second ago. I need to be a bit more careful.

Belinda: -She nods with a sullen face again.- “I understand.”

It seems the misunderstanding is getting deeper but at least it’s benefitting me.

Amy now switches from a matter of fact kind of tone to a softer tone when she continues. “Oh, if there are any more questions you have I would be happy to help.”

“What exactly are adventurers?”

Amy: “Well, a long time ago when dungeons first began appearing around the world. Many sent out monsters attacking anybody they came in contact with, so something had to be done. That’s when the first human went into the depths of a dungeon destroying its crystal.”

Belinda: “History kind of gets fuzzy from there but what matters was humans discovered they could gain a great deal of power if they destroyed the crystal in the heart of a dungeon. They began forming groups and factions to complete that task. Once they began to merge into a grand organization that is when the Adventurer’s Guild was formed.”

Amy: “Nowadays though most adventurers preform simple tasks for villages and cities, much like the inn construction commission. Many countries regulate the destruction of dungeons as they don’t want the power one gets from it to fall into the wrong hands.”

“Then you don’t plan on destroying the Ancient Kobold Stronghold?”

Belinda: “Not for the moment, it may have been sealed for a long time, but even when it was uncovered, none of the monsters have caused any trouble outside the dungeon. Besides there are several aspects of the dungeon that fascinate me, I want to learn all I can about it.”

Amy: “In other words, she would like you join the adventurer’s guild, and help with her research by taking commissions.”

“I better think it over…”

Amy starts to say something but Belinda cuts in.

Belinda: “We understand, but if you change your mind we will be here. You can also work on the inn construction commission if you like, that one will not require you to join the guild.”

“Thanks anyway.”

I head out of there and make my way back up the mountain. It seems like I won’t have to worry around my crystal being destroyed, but surely all the humans don’t follow the rules so I can’t let my guard down.

Once I make it to the lake I have to hide for a few minutes while a party heads into the cave. I give them a few minutes the head up to the entrance and quickly enter the dungeon core room. Watching from one of the screens the party doesn’t even last 10 minutes before they lose two of their own and retreat.

It lets me acquire 18 xp more, and the mage rift in the square cave room even managed to gain a level.


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