Chapter 19: Gunnar’s Rematch

When I wake up the message showing how much xp I got from the group is 75xp…

By what I have figured I get around 10% of what a creature’s cost in xp is when they die, and judging from the first group of adventurers the amount I get per day is likely 10% of that. That means to summon creatures as strong as this group of 4 I would have to use 7500xp…

I hope I can fend them off with what I have… I add two more [Weak Earth Golems] to the core room just to be safe.

I watch as it takes almost 15 minutes for Amy to help Belinda equip her armor, so I guess that means humans can’t use [Menu]. After the group eventually gets ready they head inside the cave, Belinda and Gunnar arguing over who takes point while Leo tickles Amy behind the ears causing her to blush profusely.

As they get close to the end of the tunnel Gunnar stops the group.

Gunnar: “We cleared the area just up ahead, but if this really is an ancient dungeon the monsters will have surely re-spawned. Be careful of the doorway, there is a trip wire.”

As soon as the group gets within range I have the two mages and the archer open fire though the door way having them step back behind the cover after each attack.

Gunnar and Belinda quickly dodge the incoming spells and arrows, but with nowhere to hide they just pick up the pace though the tunnel.

On the third volley when Gunnar dodges a fireball it puts Leo right in the path causing it to hit him right in the center of the chest.

Amy blushes brightly as he quickly places her hand on Leo’s chest healing the wound.

Gunnar: “What I tell you, isn’t this great!?”

He makes one last mad dash diving over the tripwire, rolling on the ground, than popping up behind all the kobold.

As the young kobold mage jumps back out to cast a 4th spell Belinda brings the blade of her spear down killing it in one fell swoop.

Belinda: “They don’t seem any tougher than normal kobold though.”

Gunnar: “That one doesn’t count! It was the runt!”

The melee kobold charge after Gunnar, he however parries a sword swing with one sword, a spear thrust with the other, and dodges out of the way of the greatsword.

The next time the kobold archer pokes his head out to fire, Leo sends an arrow back. The kobold however manages to dodge sending the arrow passing by Gunnar’s head.

Gunnar: “Oy! Watch where you aim that thing.”

Belinda jumps past the trip wire now moving in to assist Gunnar. The kobold Mage hits her with a fireball as she passes but Belinda doesn’t even acknowledge it.

Belinda: “Amy show them what a real fire spell is!”

Amy swings her staff around then when she brings it in a straight line from one side to the other the floor between the melee group and ranged group erupts in fire creating a wall separating the two.

Gunnar spends his time parrying the blows of the spear kobold and the sword and shield kobold. Meanwhile the greatsword wielding kobold turns his attention to Belinda.

Bringing the sword around in a fine arc it hits Belinda hard but she just rams her spear into his gut then promptly flings him across the room.

Belinda: “I thought you said you were good at this?”

Gunnar: “Oh shut up.”

Gunnar then parries another spear thrust, but when he finally finds a opening in the sword and shield kobold’s defense, at the last second the kobold manages to block the blow with his shield.

When the kobold mage sends another fireball this time hitting Amy causing her to scream out, Leo swiftly shoots it an arrow, but the kobold manages to duck back behind the archway again.

Leo: “Are you ok?”

Amy: -blushing brightly. – “Don’t worry this robe has good magic resistance.” –With a new determination she swings her staff around again causing the wall to thrust out shoving the kobold mage back into the opening of the archway.-

This time Leo nails it with an arrow as the protruding section of wall seemingly crumbles leaving no traces behind.

The kobold archer pulls the mage back to the other side of the archway and fires another arrow out but Leo dodges it.

The spear kobold is forced to turn its attention to Belinda while the sword and shield kobold continues fighting Gunnar.

With the spear user distracted Gunnar turns all his attention to the sword and shield kobold finally able to hit it with a fatal blow. Belinda easily parries the other spear and strikes hers down as well.

Gunnar: “Mine hit the ground first!”

Belinda: “Maybe, but that was still my third one.” =She then calls out to the other group.- “Ok Amy you can drop the flames now.”

Once the flames recede, Gunnar and Belinda shove each other trying to get to the archer first. Belinda’s spears range lets her take out the archer but Gunnar at least claims the badly injured mage as a consolation.

Amy and Leo move up and join the other two.

Belinda: “Told you.”

Gunnar: “I will make it up in the next room.” –He starts to move towards the door when Belinda grabs his arm.-

Belinda: “Hold on we got to give Amy a minute to rest.”

Amy moves around the room checking over everyone, she casts a healing spell on Belinda even though she appears uninjured sits down in the middle of the floor. Gunnar simple plops down on the floor as well.

After a few minutes Amy using her staff as support, she pulls herself back to her feet and dusts off her backside.

Amy: “Ok I should be ready to go on now.”

Gunnar: “Ok, we have only taken a look in the next room but looks to be about double what was in this room…Wait.” –He kicks over one of the dead kobolds looking at the weapon it had.- “Damn these where the weaker ones. The other day a set with better equipment was in this room and these guys were mixed in with the others in the next.”

Leo: “Your right, the ones we fought the other day didn’t have rusted gear like this.”

Belinda: -She peeks in the door. – “Well not including the little mage that was in here I would say the group is the same size. Although, you are right about their equipment being a little better.”

Amy: “Maybe you were just wrong about this being a dungeon, and the kobold that was left had to spread out?”

Leo: “I might agree, but we left all the equipment behind, Why would the kobold pick up the better equipment from this room but still use the rusted gear?”

Gunnar: “I think to be on the safe side we need to assume there is another group just in case.”

Belinda: “I agree. Well let’s go.”

As soon as they enter the room the kobold take cover behind some of the crates scattered around the large room. The archer opens fire from the far side of the room aiming at the less armored Gunnar.

From that distance Gunnar easily just steps out of the way of the incoming arrow but as soon as he does Leo yells.

Leo: “Not there!”

It however is too late as Gunnar steps on one of the tile switches small icy darts shoot from the roof raining down on Gunnar.

Most of the darts just hit his armor and fall to the floor, but a few find his flesh. One of his legs and both arms begin to freeze over as Amy rushes forward quickly casting a spell.

Amy struggles to maintain her spell that is slowly stops the growth of ice covering Gunnar’s arms and legs, as the kobold mage takes the chance to launch a [Fireball] at her.

Belinda quickly jumps in front of Amy blocking the fireball with her body. The fireball doesn’t seem to cause any damage to Belinda’s armor, however her face contorts as the spell hit.

Leo quickly returns fire at the kobold mage, but before his arrow reaches the kobold is already safely behind one of the crates.

Gunnar struggles to move as the kobold archer fires another arrow. This time however he only manages to turn taking the arrow in the back.

Amy: “Hold on Gunnar!”

Amy’s spell finally begins to cause the ice to disappear from Gunnar’s limbs.

Leo quickly fires another arrow at the archer, but only manages to graze the kobold as it takes cover.

Leo: “At this rate they are just going to pick us off at a distance, we need to get in closer.”

Amy finally clears the ice from Gunnar but she moves behind him.

Amy: “I have to remove the arrow before I can heal the wound.”

Gunnar: “Ok, do it quickly.”

Amy reaches up yanking on the arrow, and then begins casting a healing spell.

Belinda: “We need to fall back and regroup.”

Another [Fireball] is sent hurling at Belinda crashing into her armor. This time Leo was waiting, he quickly fires an arrow hitting the mage in the chest, and the kobold falls back behind the crate.

The group then quickly falls back into the square cave room. Gunnar grabs the iron spear laying in the floor from the earlier fight, and shoves it through the door handles blocking the door from being opened.

Belinda: “Hurry, help me get out of this!” –She quickly pulls at the buckles of the heavy armor.-

It takes the group a few minutes to get her out of the armor, and in the process the armor burns all of their hands. With the armor now in a heap on the floor Amy begins healing Belinda who is lying on the cool stone floor.

Belinda suffered only minor injuries due to the protective leather armor underneath so she is healed verily quickly, Amy then moves on healing the guys burned hands. Once everyone is finally healed Amy collapses to the floor.

Gunnar leans against the wall and slides to the floor.

Gunnar: “I’m sorry. That was all on me.”

Leo: “No, I should of seen the trap sooner. I did see at least two more, but there could be more.”

Belinda: “It’s ok, we made it through alive, and that’s the important part. After Amy rests up for a bit, and my armor cools down we will give it another shot, this time with a plan.“

Gunnar simply nods.

Amy: “I think that trap proves that this is indeed a dungeon. No kobold could have conceived of such a thing.”

Belinda: “I tend to agree. The tactics of the kobold also suggest it, like Gunnar was saying.”

Gunnar: “Kobold are like rabid dogs they always just charge straight in, yea the mages and other ranged ones stick to the back, but to use cover, and the others… They were just waiting… I would never believe it from a kobold.”

After twenty minutes or so Amy begins casting a spell on Belinda’s armor making sure it has cooled down.

While the group rests and recovers I turn my attention back to the central room. I heal the critically wounded kobold mage for 15xp, the kobold archer for 5xp, and reset the dart trap for 20xp. I also move a few of the crates closer to the door, and move the melee kobolds in closer.

Leo said he seen three of the traps, with that and the way he spotted the trip wire before I think he must have some sort of trap detection skill. The trap descriptions have mentioned it before. He only seen three of the dart traps though, so it has to have a limited range. I need to try to use that.

I set another trip wire and ice covered spike trap right past the door, maybe they will set it off before Leo can spot it. I also put in two more with tile switch activators behind the crates near the kobold. That way when they move in to engage the kobold in melee they will set them off. Cost: 325

These adventurers are going to cost me all my xp, and I even need to try to keep most of them alive so I don’t have an entire kingdom after me…

I look back in on the group to see them trying to come up with a plan now. They have drawn out a map of the central room. Leo marks out the trap Gunnar set off along with the other two he spotted. Belinda then marks out the crates where the kobolds were hiding.

Belinda: “Ok, if Amy sets up her wall of flame here.” –she marks a line.- “That should prevent the archer and mage from being able to hit us.”

Gunnar: “Meanwhile Leo, you try to take out this guy.” –marking one of the dots on the map.- “While Belinda and I move in on these two.”

Their plan seems pretty good. Well it would have been if I hadn’t changed the room up that is. For good measure though I move the archer and mage a bit further apart, and bring in one more of each from one of the side rooms.

When the group decide they have the plan down, they roll up the paper and Gunnar stuffs it in his pack.

Gunnar: “Ok, we got this now. Let’s do it!”

By sheer luck Belinda and Gunnar, both miss the trip wire as they rush in, and Leo sees it right as Amy is moving in right behind them.

Leo: “AMY!”

Leo dives into her and both of them crash into the ground as the ice covered spike launch from the ground. Neither are wounded but fear takes hold of the group as they quickly notice the changes to the room, and the fact their exit is now blocked off by the spikes.

Gunnar: “What the hell is this?”

Belinda: “I don’t know, but we have no choice now.”

Amy quickly scrambles to her feet spotting the new mage and archer I added to the room, and casts a spell blocking them from attacking the group with a wall of fire.

The other two now spread further apart now rise from behind their crates launching attacks. Amy quickly jumps forward taking the [fireball] cast from the mage so it doesn’t hit Belinda, while Gunnar manages to swat the arrow out of the air with one of his swords.

Belinda: “Amy!”

Amy: “Its fine, my robes are resistant to magic, its better this way.”

Belinda and Gunnar charge forward leaping over the crates to attack the melee equip kobold. They set off one of the icy spike traps, but miraculously they both dodge the launching spikes.  The kobold with the sword and shield wearing rusty chainmail, and the greatsword wielding kobold attack Belinda. While the spear wielding kobold, and the one with sword and shield, wearing leather armor attack Gunnar.

Amy and Leo move forward using the blockade of crates the kobold where using as cover themselves. Amy swings her large staff around knocking the kobold mage out from behind his crate with a earth pillar, and Leo swiftly hits it with an arrow.

The kobold archer fires an arrow but just hits a crate. The second mage and archer kobold are ordered to just stay where they are on standby until the flame wall drops.

Parrying the swipe from a sword with her spear Belinda brings the backside of the spear around hitting the greatsword wielding kobold in the jaw with it, while Gunnar manages to hold off the two kobolds he is fighting.

Amy and Leo do another stone pillar and arrow combo on the archer, this time however as soon as the pillar pushes him away from cover he dives behind a different crate the arrow missing him completely.

The kobolds fighting Gunnar manage to cut his leg causing him to lose focus, and the other stabs his arm. Belinda on the other hand seems to be gaining an edge over her kobold duo, but still unable to land a critical wound.

Amy casts a healing spell on Gunnar, and now the flame barrier is beginning to fade. Leo quickly covers Amy with his arms as an arrow flying across the room punctures his side. Pulling the arrow out of his side, he then fires it back at the kobold causing minor damage to the kobold archer.

Belinda finally manages to kill the sword and shield kobold she is fighting but had to allow a slash from the other kobold’s greatsword though her defense. The armor she wears blocks most of the damage but she still takes some damages from the brute force of the impact.

Amy casts another pillar of stone, this time Leo manages to kill the archer, but now the flame wave completely dissipates leaving another archer and mage to deal with.

Gunnar is still struggling he manages to block the sword and shield kobold, but receives another stab wound in his stomach from the spear user. Belinda is able to deal with the greatsword kobold now that it’s by itself.

Amy: “I am sorry, that’s all I can do.”

Leo shoots another arrow this time trying to help out Gunnar, the arrow misses and hits a crate but it causes enough of a distraction that Gunnar stabs the spear wielding kobold in the throat.

Belinda dodges an arrow, and is hit by a [Fireball] but she turns her attention to the one kobold left that Gunnar is attacking. Now only the one archer kobold and one mage kobold remain, but they are close to twenty feet away and the group is starting to take a pretty bad beating.

Gunnar grabs ahold of Belinda rolling over the crates leaving them by Amy and Leo.

Gunnar: “There are only two left, but with the distance it’s going to be hard. If Belinda or I distract them do you think you two can take at least one out?”

Amy: “I am sorry, my magic is drained. I might have just enough to block one of the fire spells, but I can’t attack or do anything about the archer.”

Belinda: “You cast the spell on me I will give everything I got to take out the mage, Gunnar you and Leo focus on the other archer.”

The group nods. Amy casts a spell on Belinda covering her with a faint red light, but afterwards you can tell she has reached her limit and appears like she is about to pass out.

Belinda and Gunnar both jump the crates again charging in, the mage targets Gunnar however so Belinda has to step in front of him to stop the spell slowing them down. Leo quickly fires a few arrows as fast as he can at the archer kobold so he won’t fire back.

Another [Fireball] crashes into Belinda just before she reaches the mage. She is starting to look seriously wounded but she still manages to end the mages life. When Gunnar arrives at the archer he jumps over the crate plunging both of his swords into the archer but at its last breath it slashes with a small dagger badly wounding Gunnar.

Belinda and Gunnar return to the group behind the crates.

Belinda: “Right now we need to get out of here.”

Gunnar: “How are we supposed to do that? The way out is blocked.”

Leo: “Calm down, I might be able to reset the trap but it will take a little time.”

And on that note I decide to send in the next group of kobold from one of the side rooms. The three melee kobold run forward taking cover behind crates, while the archer and mage takes positions in the back.

Gunnar: “Oh come on!”

Leo: “I have a idea…”

Belinda: “You do? Quick what is it?”

Leo: “We have to surrender.”

Amy: “We can’t kobold don’t care if you surrender or not.”

Leo: “I didn’t say it was a good idea…But they did take that last group of adventurers as prisoners, I…I just don’t think we will be able to beat them.”

Gunnar: “He is right, the first group managed to escape, it’s the only chance we have.”

Belinda: “Well it’s your bright idea you first…”

Gunnar and Leo both stand up placing their weapons on the crate in front of them and step back with their arms raised in the air. The kobold look like they are about to attack but I order them to hold there ground. After a few moments Belinda and Amy also both stand placing their weapons on the crate and stepping back with their arms raised.

The groups faces sink further into despair when another group of kobolds walks out one of the other of the side rooms, and all of them surround the group. Two of the kobold set down their weapons and move forward. They sniff the group and both move up to Gunnar.

Gunnar begins to resist as the two kobold begin tugging on him, but they manage to forcibly remove him from his armor placing it on the crates behind them. As they move back toward to Leo, he nods and unbuckles his leather armor pulling it off himself and dropping to the floor in front of him.

The two kobold place it on the crates then return next moving up to Belinda.

Belinda: “I can’t.”

The two kobolds quickly step back and two with spears move forward shaking them in her face while making weird grunting noises. Leo quickly steps forward, and they turn the spears to him.

Leo: “She means she has to have help to take it off.” –He nods to Amy and they help Belinda remove the armor.-

Once dragging the heavy armor to the crate they return still standing in front of Belinda shaking the spears.

Belinda: “Are you kidding me? Fine!” –She then pulls off the light leather armor, and throws it at the kobold in front of her.-

Once they move on to Amy she quickly turns to Belinda shaking her head. They shake their spears at her but she remains determined. When the two unarmed kobold move forward, and start tugging on Amy’s robes Belinda tries to intervene but the two kobolds with the spears shove them at her face.

When the kobolds finally pull the robes free and add them to the pile. They leave Amy standing there wearing only a small pair of pink panties, cupping her small bare breasts with her hands, with tears in her eyes, and her head hanging low.

The kobold then force the group to walk into one of the small side rooms closing the door behind them.

Intruders subdued

Battle results:

Acquired: 2 [Top Quality Steel Swords], 1 [Finely Crafted Wooden Bow], 1 [Master Quality Halberd], 1 [Superior Quality Battlestaff], 1 [Superior Quality Chainmail], 1 [Superior Quality Leather Armor], 1 [Master Quality Full-plate Armor], 1 [Superior Quality Leather Gambeson], 1 [ Magic Resistant Magician’s Robes], 2 [Leather Packs], 2 [Leather Pouches]

Losses: 1 young kobold mage, 2 kobold, 1 kobold mage, 8 kobold (rift), 2 kobold mage (rift)

New Items can be purchased

Halberd                         75xp

Battlestaff                    75xp

Full-plate Armor         300xp

Leather Gambeson     50xp


Acquired first superior or better quality item, you can now select higher quality goods for purchase at a higher xp cost.

[Magic Resistant] sub trait can now be added to items at a higher xp cost.


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