Chapter 18: Gunnar and Leo

For the next two days after the two adventurers “escaped” I have had a few humans enter, but before they even step a few feet in my dungeon then turn around and leave again. Unable to see what goes on just outside of the cave I decided to spend 1000xp to add a room to the front of the cave.

Without selecting any walls or anything it essentially just adds the section of dirt outside of the cave as part of my dungeon grounds. With the limits of the terrain and such I am only able to set it about 10 feet in front of the dungeon but I manage to cover about 20 feet on either side.

Now that I can see what goes on within a reasonable distance though a screen so I don’t think the 1000xp was a bad cost.

There are a couple of people set up down by the lake, they don’t look like adventurers though, more like the hunters from the village. They are probably making sure that the kobold aren’t going to attack the village.

I might have sent kobold out to hunt, but after that Herald guy told me that there are no monsters in the forest I didn’t really see the point. Sara is lucky, she told me she sends out a few of her pixies and fairies to hunt goblins in the forest she is in.

After two more days pass a group of adventurers show up, and set up camp right outside the cave, and fortunately for me with the room added outside they are now within my dungeon. They look quite a bit tougher the last group, and there are also 5 of them.

After a conversation they have that evening I learn the leader’s name is Gunnar, he is a warrior that has a nice set of chainmail armor and wields two rather nice swords. By the way the others talk to him he seems like some kind of noble or lord or something.

After what I read about what happened to Leland I better try to let him escape my dungeon alive. There is also an archer that seems well equipped named Leo. He has a good bow and wears a nice set of leather armor.

The other three are less notable. An older man seems like some kind of holy man with robes and a staff named Domino, there is also a young mage named John,  but he doesn’t seem any better equip then Colleen was. The last man named Terrence is wearing a set of heavy armor but it looks rather worn, he also has a small one handed axe and small shield.

I can’t make any heavy armor yet so I would like to make sure I take him out. I might be able to learn a few spells from the holy man and the mage, so need to try to bring them down as well. As for the archer it doesn’t matter, if I can take him out for the extra xp I will but I am not going to push for it.

In preparation for the groups attack I move the set of kobold in the rusty gear into one of the side rooms and replace them with an iron gear wearing set of kobold. I set [Menu] to wake me up if the intruders enter the cave, or just before dawn, then I go to bed.

When [Menu] wakes me I quickly jump out of bed, but then realize it is just because of the time. There is a screen telling me I received 50xp from the intruders, and after twenty or so minutes of waiting the group begins prepping to enter.

The group enters the cave and slowly makes their way down the tunnel. I move the kobold in the cave room back against the walls so they can’t see them from the tunnel. Once they are within 20 or so feet of the archway the archer, Leo puts his hand on Gunnar’s should stopping the group.

Leo: “There in the opening, there is a trip wire running across the floor. I also sense multiple kobold in the room just past it.”

I begin thinking that maybe I didn’t give this archer enough credit…

They attempt to pass the archway in an X formation with the casters in the back, melee up front, and archer in the middle, but as soon as Gunnar and Terrence step over the trip wire the kobold attack.

The mage hits Terrence with a fireball, but Gunnar simply slices the arrow fired at him out of the air. Both mages cast spells on Terrence, one healing his burns the other enveloping him in a soft red light.

Leo moves forward stepping over the tripwire and fires his bow at the kobold archer in the corner. The arrow hits him square in the chest but he isn’t quite down yet. A spear kobold moves in straight down the middle of the room trying to stab Leo.

Meanwhile two kobold close in from the sides with a greatsword swung at Terrence, and a kobold with a sword and shield engages Gunnar. With nowhere to go Leo reaches past the spear tip being jabbed at him and grabs the shaft of the spear trying to use brute strength to block the kobold.

Gunnar parries a blow with one sword while smashing the shield with the other causing the kobold to recoil. Terrence is having a bit more trouble blocking the massive greatsword with both his shield and small axe.

The kobold archer in the corner looks to be seriously struggling to breath as he fires an arrow at Leo.

Leo unable to dodge the arrow while grappling the spear takes the arrow to the shoulder, he then jerks the spear from the kobolds hands causing it to fall forward. Spinning the spear around he jabs it into the fallen kobold.

The mage in the other corner casts another fireball at Terrence but this time the spell fizzles as it hits the red haze surrounding him.

Gunnar smashes the kobold with the sword and shield over and over with his two swords pushing him back. The kobold changes tactics and tries to dodge instead of block, but when he jumps to the side Gunnar finds the opening he was waiting on swiftly decapitating the kobold.

The seriously wounded archer kobold and the mage kobold retreat through the rusty double doors while the greatsword wielding kobold holds off the intruders. He puts up a good fight against Terrence but once Gunnar and Leo move in the kobold swiftly loses his life.

John and Domino finally step over the tripwire and enter the room. Leo removes the arrow from his shoulder and Domino heals him. The men quickly inspect each other’s gear, and then give the mages time to recover.

Gunnar: “I see why that new group of adventurers had such a struggle against these kobold. They performed exceedingly well. They even possessed far greater tactics then I usually see in kobold.”

Leo: “I know, I am starting to get fired up.”

Terrence: “Are you two always like this? That kobold was just insane. One misstep and it would have been me instead of him.”

Domino: “I quite agree. If the battles get any more intense John and I will have to decline on joining you moving forward.”

Gunnar: “Come on guys don’t be like that.”

Domino: “I just hope you keep our limitations in mind moving forward.”

Leo: “Agreed. Now let’s see what else this place has in store for us.”

Not wanting to lose any more xp then I have to, I move the critically wounded archer all the way back into the crystal room with the golems. I also move the one young kobold mage that is left as well. I move the set of kobold with the rusty gear in along with the other set in the main room but have them set for back-up.

The invading group slowly peek in though the double doors.

Domino: “I am sorry Gunnar, that is over double what we fought here. John and I will not be going in.”

Gunnar: “But look, half are barely even armed.”

Domino: “I am responsible for keeping you in fighting order, but John and I are just not ready to take on a group like that. If you want to stay here, John and I can find you replacements once we get back to the guild.”

Leo: “That will take at least a week.”

Terrence: “I am sorry guys, I am with them. I appreciate you giving someone like me a chance to hunt with you, but I just don’t have the confidence to step foot in that room with all of them kobold.”

Gunnar: “Fine lets head back, but I guess it’s not like we have much choice in the matter.”

The group examines the dead kobold but decide that none of it is worth taking and they head back outside. Once outside Gunnar and Domino discuss setting a commission for some reinforcements, and once Domino gets Gunnar’s signature Terrence, Domino, and John head down from the mountain.

Gunnar: “Well there they go. I guess that’s what we get for hiring on armatures.”

Leo: “We didn’t have much choice, they were all that was available on such a short notice. Do you want to head back down to the village while we wait?”

Gunnar: “Nah, I asked Domino to send a villager with some supplies up to us. Tobes doesn’t even have a inn, besides we already have our stuff set up here..”

Leo: “Sounds good to me.”

After a few hours a man on horseback comes up the mountain from the direction of the village. After giving Gunnar a bag full of supplies Gunnar gives him two of the little gold coins like the ones the other adventurers has on them.

For the next few days the two men spend their morning sparring together, and their afternoons lounging about. The man on the horse returns every evening giving Gunnar more supplies for two of the little gold coins.

Even with just Gunnar and Leo I still manage to bring in 30xp every day. On the fourth day I wake up to a message about gaining a level and even after the crystals consumption I bring in 168xp by the 6th day.

When the man on a horse returns on the evening of the 6th day he has two women with him. One of the women has short red hair and has attractive face, but you can’t tell about her body due to a massive set of heavy armor she is wearing. She also has what I think is a type of spear on her back, but it looks more small axe at the end of a 8 foot pole then a spear.

The second woman is much shorter with light olive green hair, also kept short. She has two fuzzy round ears sticking out of the top of her head and a large poufy tail. Her appearance is more cute, then femininity attractive, she is wearing better mage robes then I have yet seen, and carries a wooden staff that is as tall as she is.

Horse man: “These young ladies said they were looking for you, something about a commission.”

Gunnar and Leo’s eyes get big when they see the redhead’s face and they quickly bow.

Gunnar: “You fool! Do you know who you are talking about? That is the 3rd princess.”

The man on the horse scratches his head, and starts to stutter but the redhead cuts him off.

Redhead: “Really it is ok, I never introduced myself so how is a village way out here expected to know who I am. Besides my linage is merely a formality, between my 4 older brothers and 2 older sisters I never even come close to the throne.”

Gunnar: “But, milady!”

Redhead: “Really its fine, I rather you call me Belinda anyway. Besides the only thing my title has ever given me is the endless marriage proposals like the one I received last month from the eldest son of the Travin family.”

Gunnar’s face manages to turn even redder then Belinda’s hair. Belinda speaks with the man on the horse about the supplies giving him 5 small gold coins, and taking two sacks of supplies. The man on the horse nervously rubs his head, takes the coins, and then leaves.

Belinda: “Oh where are my manners.” –She pulls the beastkin over in front of her.- “This is Amy, her family has served mine for years. She is also a dear friend of mine, and I also hear she has a crush on the son of the house of Luis.”

The little beastkin blushes as much as Gunnar did a few minutes ago, and tries to hide behind her staff.

Belinda: “I was rather surprised when I seen the commission from you two, I thought your families where at odds?

Leo: “That’s sort of a long story.” –He says looking rather embarrassed. – “Gunnar and I have been friends since practically birth though. That was one of the reason we joined the adventurer’s guild, to get away from the bickering.”

They continue talking for a while, and begin fighting over who would prepare dinner. As the princess wanted to cook but the other three objected. Belinda eventually pulls rank making the others back down. When it’s finally ready Amy gives Leo a bowl then blushes bright red again, and runs and hides behind Belinda.

Apparently Gunnar is the eldest son of the Travin family Belinda mentioned, and Leo is the son of the house of Luis. Great everyone except the beastkin is from an influential family. This might prove to be a pain in the ass.

After dinner Belinda removes her armor setting it on a rack that Amy set up. Under her armor she was wearing a set of leather armor, but it looks like it seems to be more to protect her skin from the heavy armor then from receiving damage.

When she removes the leather she almost has to peel it off of her skin revealing a stunning figure glistening with sweat. Now only wearing a short white undershirt and short shorts that stick to her sweaty body Gunnar, and Leo can’t help but drool.

Amy jumps in-between shaking her arms up, and down then casts a clean spell on Belinda, and then covers her with a silken robe that she pulls from her backpack. For some reason an image of Belinda in the sweaty underclothes hunched over my crystal, while I stand behind her hitting her with a paddle gets stuck in my head…

They then sit around the fire discussing my dungeon.

Belinda: “So what is this “ancient dungeon” that you think you have discovered way out here in the sticks?”

Gunnar: “Well this cave has been around as long as the villagers can remember. However after a bear, waken  from hibernation by fire spells from a kobold started to trash the village, they sent in a commission for some adventurers. Now the group that came out was pretty green, and they lost one of their numbers in the fight, but the kobolds actually took them as hostages.” –he seems to put a lot of reference in that point.-

Gunnar: “The remaining two were then stripped of their gear, and held for two days in a stone building in the cave, before they managed to escape. After hearing that unusual behavior from kobold I thought I would come check it out.”

Leo then picks up the rest of the story

Leo: “We entered with three others we hired, and when we got inside the kobold seemed like normal kobold. However when we began fighting the kobold started to display tactics far greater than anything I have ever heard.”

Surely my kobold aren’t that special… After all they dealt with them easy enough.

Leo: “Unfortunately when the guys we hired seen the group inside the stone building they took off on us before we got a chance to check it out.”

Belinda: “Surely you guys are adding flare to a simple story.”

Gunnar: “Well you will see for yourself when we enter tomorrow, unless you brought that walking armory with you just for show.”

Belinda: “Ok how about a friendly wager then? Amy and I will take out more kobold then you and Leo, even with Amy taking care of the healing.”

Leo: “I will take that bet.”

They continue small talk for another hour, or so while I decide to work on my dungeon.

I replace the kobolds in the square cave room, but this time I add a 4/day total of 4 kobold rift, and a standard kobold mage rift. Each of the kobold use different gear so I don’t set their equipment, and just put a weapon rack in the corner for 25 xp setting the rusty gear up.

Setting it up that way only cost me a total of 2225xp where 5 standard rifts to set up each kobolds different weapon set would of cost me 4000xp, so I decide to do the same in the large room.

The young kobold mage is still running around, and I have an extra archer, so I had to buy one more mage robe and a wooden staff for the kobold mage rift in the first room, and switched the archer to the Iron sword, shield, and old leather armor I got from the first group of adventurers. I now have 3836 xp left.

My dungeon monsters and traps are now set up like this:



G-0: (outside)



G-1: (entryway and tunnel)



G-2: (square cave room)

Ice Covered Spike Trap in Archway (trip wire)

(Rift) Kobold (Iron Spear, Rusty Small Iron Shield, Torn Leather Armor)

(Rift) Kobold (Rusty Iron Sword, Rusty Small Iron Shield, Torn Leather Armor)

(Rift) Kobold (Rusty Iron Greatsword, Torn Leather Armor)

(Rift) Kobold (Rusty Iron Dagger, Small Wooden Bow, Torn Leather Armor)

(Rift) Kobold Mage (Mage robes, Wooden staff)

Young Kobold Mage (Mage robes, Wooden staff)


G-3: (large central room)

4 Ice Dart Traps (tile switch)

Kobold (Old Leather Armor, Iron Sword, Small Iron Shield)

(Rift) Kobold (Rusty Worn Chainmail, Iron Spear, Small Iron Shield)

(Rift) Kobold (Rusty Worn Chainmail, Iron Sword, Large Iron Shield,)

(Rift) Kobold (Rusty Worn Chainmail, Iron Greataxe)

(Rift) Kobold (Rusty Worn Chainmail, Small Stout Bow, Iron Dagger)

(Rift) Kobold Mage (Mage robes, Iron Rod)


G-4 A: (side room)

Kobold (Rusty Worn Chainmail, Iron Spear, Small Iron Shield)

Kobold (Rusty Worn Chainmail, Iron Sword, Large Iron Shield,)

Kobold (Rusty Worn Chainmail, Iron Greataxe)

Kobold (Rusty Worn Chainmail, Small Stout Bow, Iron Dagger)

Kobold Mage (Mage robes, Iron Rod)


G-4 B: (side room)

Kobold (Rusty Worn Chainmail, Iron Spear, Small Iron Shield)

Kobold (Rusty Worn Chainmail, Iron Sword, Large Iron Shield,)

Kobold (Rusty Worn Chainmail, Iron Greataxe)

Kobold (Rusty Worn Chainmail, Small Stout Bow, Iron Dagger)

Kobold Mage (Mage robes, Iron Rod)


G-4 C: (side room)

Kobold (Rusty Worn Chainmail, Iron Spear, Small Iron Shield)

Kobold (Rusty Worn Chainmail, Iron Sword, Large Iron Shield,)

Kobold (Rusty Worn Chainmail, Iron Greataxe)

Kobold (Rusty Worn Chainmail, Small Stout Bow, Iron Dagger)

Kobold Mage (Mage Robes, Iron Rod)


G-4 D: (side room)

Kobold (Rusty Worn Chainmail, Iron Spear, Small Iron Shield)

Kobold (Rusty Worn Chainmail, Iron Sword, Large Iron Shield,)

Kobold (Rusty Worn Chainmail, Iron Greataxe)

Kobold (Rusty Worn Chainmail, Small Stout Bow, Iron Dagger)

Kobold Mage (Mage robes, Iron Rod)


B1-1 (large central room downstairs)

Crimson Kobold (Chainmail, Steel Spear, Small Steel Shield)

Crimson Kobold (Chainmail, Steel Sword, Large Steel Shield,)

Crimson Kobold (Chainmail, Steel Greatsword)

Crimson Kobold (Chainmail, Large Stout Bow, Steel Dagger x2)

Crimson Kobold Mage (Magician’s robes, Gem Studded Iron Rod)


B1-2 (Crystal Room)

Weak Earth Golem

Weak Earth Golem

Weak Earth Golem

Weak Earth Golem


After I finish with the dungeon I take one last look at the group. Gunnar is sprawled out inside his tent snoring loudly, while Belinda is curled up holding onto Amy both sleeping soundly. Only Leo is left awake sitting by the fire poking it with a stick. I set [Menu] to wake me if they enter the cave, and then head to bed myself.


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