Chapter 16: Tobes Village

I wake up early the next morning, and quickly check the status of the dungeon. With nothing to do in my training dungeon the monsters acted like dolls, but now the kobolds are wandering around their rooms interacting with the furniture and such I put in the room.

After watching them for a while I figure their intelligence is somewhere between a tool using animal like a raccoon or otter, and primates like a chimp or gorilla. I quickly get bored however then buy another copy of Dungeon Core Information from [Menu] for 5xp.

First I flip it open to my own page.


Current Dungeon Core #212 [——]                                        Location: Emeraldline Mountain

Dungeon: Kobold Stronghold                                      Crystal: Small Polychromatic Diamond

Dungeon contains 2 floor, 7 rooms, 39 monsters, 0 traps

Dungeon core level: 3                                                                       XP: 10,028

Dungeon active: 0 years

Kobold Stronghold is a small stronghold buried in the back of a small cave, on top of a small mountain in the Emeraldline forest. No humans know of its existence. Most favored monster weak earth golem, most favored trap N/A, most purchased monster kobold, most purchased trap N/A, boss monster N/A


Emeraldline, wasn’t Emeraldline forest where Madam Erin’s dungeon was. I quickly flip back to her page and confirm it. I guess her dungeon is pretty close by then. I then flip the page to check and see how the other rookie cores are doing.

Current Dungeon Core #108 [Newt]                                        Location: Adra Mountains

Dungeon: Windy Cave                                                                Crystal: small wind jade

Dungeon contains 2 floor, 5 room, 23 monsters, 5 traps.

Dungeon core level: 3                                                                XP: 5661

Dungeon active: 0 years

Windy Cave located in the eastern mountains of Adra is a small dark cave where the wind steadily blows from its depths. No human has discovered it yet. Most favored monster wind imp, most favored trap dart trap, most purchased monster wind imp, most purchased trap moving tile trap, boss monster lesser wind demon.


Current Dungeon Core #405 [Derek]                                        Location: Merretta Border

Dungeon: Forgotten Soldiers Rest                                             Crystal: small shadow quartz

Dungeon contains 2 floor, 3 room, 70 monsters, 20 traps

Dungeon core level: 4                                                                XP: 341

Dungeon active: 0 years

Forgotten Soldiers Rest is the site of a large battle between the Merretta and Adra kingdoms more than 50 years ago. The rumor has started to spread among humans that the long dead soldiers have begun walking the battlefields. Most favored monster skeleton knight, most favored bone spike trap, most purchased monster skeleton, most purchased bone spike trap, boss monster death knight


Current Dungeon Core #594 [Alex]                                        Location: Adra Mountains

Dungeon: Southern volcano                                                                 Crystal: small fire garnet

Dungeon contains 3 floor, 10 room, 5 monsters, 20 traps.

Dungeon core level: 3                                                                XP: 75

Dungeon active: 0 years

Located in a small volcano in the southern Adra Mountains, no humans have yet to discover it. Most favored monster weak fire elemental, most favored flame trap, most purchased monster fire elemental, most purchased flame trap, boss monster Amy.


Current Dungeon Core #712 [Sara]                            Location: Southern Merretta

Dungeon: Fairy spring                                             Crystal: small water tanzanite

Dungeon contains 2 floor, 5 rooms, 20 monster, 3 traps

Dungeon core level: 2                                       XP: 3319

Dungeon active: 0 years

Fairy spring is a small pond in the southern forest of Merretta, recently small pixies and fairies have been witnessed by humans passing through the area. Most favored monster Pretty Pixie, most favored trap mud trap, Most purchased monster fairy, Most purchased trap mud trap, boss monster Pixie queen.



I see that Corpse, and Midget already changed their names… I really need to decide on a name… I bring the screen forward asking me to enter a name… After a few minutes I give up sliding it back out of the way.

Midget, well I guess its Sara now. She told me to send her a message after I got set up so I decide to send her one.

“I see you changed your name. How are things going on your end?”

Sara: “Yep! Yep! You can call me Sara now! You better hurry and pick one yourself.”

“Yea, I am still thinking on it.”

Sara: “Oh! Oh! Oh! I got a Pixie Queen as a boss monster! She is so CUTE! I named her Lili! What did you get?”

I decide its best not to tell her that I can’t summon one so I just say.

“I haven’t summoned mine yet.”

Sara: “You need to hurry! They are super great! Oh! Oh! Humans have already passed by my dungeon. They just wandered around for a bit watching the fairies I had already summoned.”

“Be careful.”

Sara: “I will! Oh! Oh! And some of the wildlife from the forest use the pond where I set up my dungeon, so I am getting BUNCHES of xp!”

“Good for you.”

Sara: “Oh! I just had a goblin wander in! I got to go!”

After that I send a message to the others as well, but only Alex answers me back. We only talk for a few minutes, sending a few pleasantries and that’s it. I then send a message to Thirty-seven asking her how she is doing.

She replies with just. “Fine.”

I send her a few more messages but with short one or two word answers I finally give up.

Over the next few days not even so much as a mouse enters my dungeon. I continue talking with Sara, off and on she always seems excited and happy to talk. On the fourth day Sara tells me about a beastkin hero that came to the pond.

Sara: “And then! And Then! She camped by the pond! I got… Well I got lots of xp just for her sleeping here!”

“Well be careful, it sounds like someone like that could easily wipe out us dungeons that are just starting out, If they want to.”

Sara: “I didn’t have the fairies attack her because I seen she had a magic sword. When she woke up this morning she left. I think she was looking for the goblins that have been coming around.”

We talk for a bit longer then I decide that I want to check out the area around the dungeon.  I take the gear from one of the crimson kobolds, and spend 20xp on a few gold coins from the [Menu]. I then set out of the dungeon.

A few hundred feet from the opening to the dungeon there is a large open area in the trees with a rather sizable lake. I go around the lake till I find the path the humans’ use that go down to the village at the bottom of the mountain.

Once I find it I make my way down the mountain to the human village. I make it to the edge of the village in only 15 or so minutes and I look back up the mountain.

“That’s a bit further then I thought it was. This might complicate things a bit.”

The village proves to be quite a bit larger than I anticipated and I quickly get lost among the streets. Soon several of the villagers wearing just normal clothing start whispering about me. Soon an older man walks up to me.

Villager: “You lost sonny? We don’t have much of a adventurer’s guild here in Tobes, but it is right off the village square.”

With a little assistance I find myself at the village square. There isn’t really anything in the line of shops and such but one of the buildings have a sign that reads adventurer’s guild.

Once I enter the building it seems clear that it is more of a pub then a adventure’s guild. There is a bar and quite a few tables but the chairs are all stacked on top of the tables and I don’t see anyone around.

“Hello?” I call out to the empty room..

After a few moments a stout redheaded guy with a bushy beard walks out of a door behind the bar.

Man: “Well, I haven’t seen one of you in over a year. What brings you way out here in the sticks?”

“Isn’t this the adventure’s guild?”

Man: “Well technically it is, but like I said we don’t get many adventuring types here. Mainly the townsfolk just gather here in the evening for a drink.”

“I see.”

Man: “We don’t got no commissions or anything like that, but if you are looking for something to do before passing through town you might talk to Herald. He’s the one that keeps the peace around here I think I heard him say something happened up in the forest a few days ago.”

“Ok, I guess. Where can I find him?”

Man: “You take the road on the left side of the building here, and goes down two. No three houses and that should be his.”

I leave the pub and head to the house the man mentioned and right next to the house there is 3 guys standing there. One is up on a stool stretching out a pelt tacking it to the side of the wall while the other two guys are talking to him.

Man on stool: “I am telling you that’s why we need you guys to check it out.”

Man 1: “If it can do that to a bear I am not going to go look for it.”

Man 2: “Maybe whatever it was just passed us by and won’t be a problem.”

Once the guy steps down from the stool I notice he it was a bear pelt that he was hanging and it has two large scorched holes in it… The man getting down from the stool notices me.

Man on stool: “Who are you? Well, I guess that really doesn’t matter. You might just be what we are looking for.”

The other two men turn and look at me and suddenly seem a like they are greatly relieved.

“Are you Herald?”

Herald: “Why yes I am. Did Duke from over at the adventurer’s guild send you this way?”

I assume that’s the name of the man I talked to at the adventure’s guild so I nod and Herald continues.

Herald: “We don’t get adventurers though these parts very much but if you got the time you might be just the man we are looking for. You see we had this bear come charging into the village a couple days ago. She hurt two hunters pretty bad before they brought her down.”

“I am sorry to hear that.”

Herald: “Well something must of attacked her in the forest, because she had these huge burn wounds on her. I was trying to recruit someone to go up into the forest, but these two are useless.”

“I have actually been lost in the forest the last few days found a cave with some kobold in it maybe it was them?”

Herald: “Kobold? Are you serious? There have not been any monsters in the forest in over a hundred years.”

Man 1: “Hey if you are talking monsters we are definitely out.”

Man2: “You need to send word to the city, to the real adventure’s guild if there are monsters moving into the forest.”

They seem to be a little to panicked over a few kobold, maybe it wasn’t a good idea of letting them know we are up there just yet.

“The adventure’s guild wouldn’t send a hero way out here for a few kobolds would they?”

Herald: “Na, I doubt they will send anyone to a backwater place like this without major pay, especially if they aren’t bothering the village. Besides you are already here, surely a adventurer like you can take care of a few kobold.”

“Well you see I am not exactly a adventurer, I just wear this for protection while I travel.”

Herald: “That’s awfully expensive gear for just a traveler.”

“Better safe than sorry right?…”

Herald: “If your just a traveler why where you in the forest in the first place?”

“I thought I would cut through the forest on my way to the tower of the gods and I ended up getting lost.”

Herald: “Lost is an understatement if you were trying to get to the tower of the gods.. You’re even on the wrong side of the mountain…”

Herald is starting to look at me suspiciously I guess Madam Erin’s dungeon isn’t as close as I thought..

Herald: “Well anyway if you can’t help I guess I will have to send word to the city.”

I nod and try to sneak away.

Herald: “You think you could lead one of the hunters to the cave? That way we at least know where to send the real adventurers.”

“Yea it shouldn’t take long; it’s up there by that lake in the mountain.”

Herald: “You mean they are that close? I think I know what cave you are talking about if it’s by the lake. Well if they are in that cave, I better warn the other villagers to keep an eye out. Oh and this time go around the forest.”

I nod as Herald heads to the town square.

I guess I need to sneak back up to the dungeon now…


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