Chapter 15: My New Home

My eyes adjust to the darkness of the cave, and laying less than twenty feet from me is a large brown bear curled up in the center of the small cave. A small sigh of relief escapes me as the creature in the cave with me is at least asleep. I however fear moving or making a sound not wanting to wake it. Screens begin appearing in front of me one after the other.

New dungeon has been formed.  50,000xp obtained

Dungeon has utilized existing structure [long cave room] -1000xp.

Set Dungeon Core #212 Permanent name.

Small Polychromatic Diamond cannot be placed due to intruders within all available dungeon rooms.

[Cave] added to available textures for 0xp extra cost.

Current xp consumption set at 1xp/7 days.

I quickly access [Dungeon Core] and find [Dungeon Core Room] for 10,000xp. It’s quite expensive but I need to get away from this sleeping bear so I try to purchase it.

Dungeon core room requires dungeon crystal to be set

I quickly add a new room to the back.

Current new room texture set as [Cave] extra cost is 0xp. Would you like to proceed?

When I nod the room is finally added.

Small Polychromatic Diamond added to room [small cave room]. Dungeon will remain inactive while crystal room is inaccessible. If crystal room remains inaccessible for 23 hours 49 minutes, crystal will be moved to deepest accessible dungeon point.

I quickly add the [dungeon core room] and then move to it.

From inside the dungeon core room I can see both rooms clearly. The entryway is a small tunnel roughly 50 feet long and 10 feet wide. At the very back where the tunnel ends is where the bear is sleeping. I can now see that around the bear there are 4 small bear cubs curled up with the mother.

The other room is a rough square shape about 20 feet by 20 feet, and it has the same cave like natural walls. In the back of the room a small clear rock the size of an apple is growing from the wall. It pulses like a heartbeat with a light changing color with each pulse.

Now that my life is no longer in immediate peril I calm down enough I look at the screen asking me to enter a name… I look at it for a moment then I slide it over to the side and begin working on the dungeon.

Opening the screen I find many new items for room construction. I start with adding another room and this time instead of using the natural cave texture I use a stone block look.

This time without the panic, I notice I can change the parameters of the room before finalizing it. Instead of the standard 20 foot by 20 foot room I stretch it out to 50 feet long, 30 feet wide, and even raise the ceiling to 15 feet high. Ironically, even with all the changes when I finalize the room it still only costs me 1000xp.

I connect the large stone room to the natural cave room by a large rusty iron door for 50xp. Next I add another room to the side of the large stone room I start to make it standard size then decide to stretch it out to run the full length of the large room. I then place a 5 foot thick stone wall right in the middle then attach each side to the main room with weak wooden doors. Costing a total of 1120xp

I don’t understand if you can make the room any size, you can just place walls at a fraction of the cost, but I guess if you end up making a dungeon one huge room. Using the walls, floors, and such if any intruders enter your entire dungeon then would be unable to be edited…

I place another room on the other side of the central room setting it up the same exact way. Next I select to add a new floor, and a screen appears showing the available types of staircases. I select a stone spiral staircase, and once I try to finalize it a message pops up.

Warning! Placing [Sub-Level 1] permanently sets dungeon to build [Sub-Levels], and locks the ability to place floors above [Ground Floor]. Do you wish to proceed?

I nod, the floor is set, and 10,000xp disappears…

From the bottom of the staircase I place a large 50 foot by 50 foot room with tall 12 foot ceiling. I place one more standard size room at the end of it attaching them with the rusty iron doors and move the crystal inside.  Cost 2100xp

Now I got 22,660xp for traps, treasures, and monsters.

I never did learn how to summon a boss monster… I use one of the things Thirty-seven taught me.

[Search] [Boss Monster]

Boss Monsters: There are three types of boss monsters. The most important of which is the dungeon’s [Primary] boss monster. This particular boss monster will always be the most powerful boss monster in your dungeon.

[Primary] boss monsters will evolve along their race and class qualifications as they gain obtain levels. [Primary] boss monsters are capable of leveling indefinitely.

[Secondary] boss monsters maintain a boss status, and have higher stats then a normal monster.  However they are unable to evolve, and will reach a max level at a 10% higher level than others of their race and class qualifications.

If a [Secondary] boss monster surpasses the [Primary] boss monster in power, they will become the [Primary] boss monster.

[Non-summoned] boss monsters are monsters that you recruit from outside your dungeon. You pay double the xp cost of the recruited monster for it to become a boss monster. Monster must be intelligent enough to accept.

Once becoming your boss monster they are then broken down into either the [Primary] or [Secondary] category. This is the only way to get a boss monster of a favored element that differs from the Dungeon Core.


Boss monster summoning: You can summon a boss monster once you create a dungeon for the first time for 1000xp. Boss monster summoning also becomes available again after reaching key milestones at a higher xp rate.

When summoning a boss monster, they share the favored element of the summoning dungeon core. They are from the race and qualifications of the strongest monster available for you to summon, albeit typically 2 ranks higher.

Ok… [Boss Monster Summoning]

Would you like to summon a boss monster now for 1000xp?


Boss monster summoning unavailable, no monsters able to be summoned that match Dungeon Core’s favored element.

I don’t have a favored element, how am I supposed to summon a boss monster then?

Due to the unique nature of the Small Polychromatic Diamond, only non-summoned boss monsters are possible.

I am out of training, and still getting screwed out of my boss monster from the start…Well putting off a boss monster for now I guess I will summon the rest of my monsters.

I don’t know how strong the local humans are so it makes it kind of tough to decide a balance. If the dungeon monsters are to strong they might send for heroes because they are afraid, but if I don’t put enough defenses they might take out my crystal…

I put four of the earth golems in my crystal room, just in case. With my [Uniquely Gifted] skill they only cost 750xp each, leaving me with 19,660 xp

I won’t set any rifts for now till I get a handle on how strong the locals are.

I can’t place anything in the entryway because I don’t want to mess with the bear, so in the square cave room I put 4 young kobolds with various rusty equipment and 1 young kobold mage. Cost: 384xp

In the large central room I place 4 normal kobolds with various iron equipment, and 1 kobold mage. Cost: 948xp

I put one more set of normal kobolds in each of the four small rooms to the side of the great room. Cost: 3792xp

In the big room on the bottom floor I put 4 crimson kobolds with various steel equipment, and 1 crimson Kobold Mage with good equipment. Cost: 2100xp

I spend another 2000xp on random décor items, furniture, and lighting. That also includes a bed, desk, and chair for the [Dungeon Core Room]. The last Items I purchase are 4 small unlocked chests for 25xp filling each with 75xp worth of small treasure items like coins, and gems. I then stash them in random locations in within the dungeon.

Dungeon not active must move crystal to room accessible from the outside. 15 hours 10 minutes remaining till crystal is moved automatically and dungeon is activated.

Dungeon consumption now 2xp/day

That ought to do it…It will all be for nothing though if I can’t get the bears out of the dungeon long enough to connect the first two rooms though.

I try to send in one of the young kobold, but I receive a message.

No direct access to room, monster cannot be moved.

I try to summon a new young kobold in the room with the bear but get another message.

Cannot summon monsters into a room occupied by invaders.

Well I was able to transfer to the core room from there with the bear there. I could try luring them out but I don’t exactly know how strong that bear is. I guess even if my crystal moves to that room the bear wont mess with it. Once they finally wake up and leave I can quickly move it back to the second floor. After all, how long can a bear sleep?

Unable to sleep I slowly watch, and as  the timer finally runs out I get a message.

Dungeon forced activation. No path accessible to dungeon crystal room, crystal will automatically move to the deepest room accessible to the outside.

All rooms accessible to the outside are inhabited with invaders. Crystal has begun to take damage, if crystal not placed within 29 minutes 32 seconds, crystal will break.

Oh…That’s not good… I quickly borrow the gear from one of the crimson kobold and leave the core room appearing next to the exit of the dungeon. I cast a [fireball] at the bear causing it to catch on fire.

The sleeping bear wakes up with a roar, and starts rolling around on the ground. The bear cubs being tossed about when the momma bear started rolling wake up as well.

I quickly make my way out the mouth of the cave, and bang my sword on the walls to make noise. I hide behind a huge rock by the front of the dungeon as I hear the loud thuds of the bear running through the tunnel.

The bear charges out of the dungeon and roars causing several birds in the trees to take flight. After a few moments the bear roars again and moves over to the nearest tree standing up on its hind legs it scratches and shreds the bark of the tree with its large claws. The small cubs however do not leave the confines of the cave…

I hit the momma bear again with a [fireball] causing it to catch fire again. As she starts to roll around on the ground again I dive back into the cave running along the tunnel.

“Sorry baby bears but I don’t have time.”

The bear cubs have curled back up together onto the floor at the end of the tunnel so I toss another [fireball] right in the middle of them.

They squeal and make all kinds of weird noises as they catch fire. Their voices echo in the cave and the momma bear enters the cave behind me at a full charge.

“Damn it!”  I quickly enter the dungeon core room.

I watch on one of the screens as the momma bear charges all the way back into the tunnel back to her cubs. Three of the cubs manage to roll on the floor and put themselves out, but the fourth didn’t make it.

The momma bear gathers the three remaining cubs and slowly leads them out of the cave.

As soon as the last one hits the door I get the message.

Intruders neutralized.

Battle results:

Acquired: 1xp

New monster can now be summoned

Bear cub                     10xp

I quickly shut the screen and place an archway for 20xp to connect the tunnel with the square cave room. With barely 5 minutes remaining I get a message..

Crystal room now accessible from the outside, dungeon has been activated.

 Crystal no longer taking damage.

2xp consumed, normal consumption will begin at the start of the day.

That was a close call… I yawn and stretch. Fatigue finally catches up with me I set [Menu] to play a loud sound if intruders enter, and then I lay down and get some sleep…


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