Chapter 13: Training

I wake the next morning as Thirty-seven shakes me. I get up to notice a window in front of me.

Dungeon Core #212 [—–] has gained a level

“I finally managed to gain a level.” I decide to check my status.


Name:                               Dungeon: Training hall                      Crystal: Basic Training Crystal

Level: 2                                           XP till next Level: 25                                 XP: 16

HP: 44/44                                  MP: 125/125

Strength: 27

Agility: 28

Endurance: 22

Spell Power: 57

Sword Arts: 21

Resistances: None

Armor: None

Equipment: [Old Cheap Clothes]


“For leveling so much slower than the monsters, I am not very impressed with my progress.”

Thirty-seven: “It may seem like it now, but most dungeon monsters achieve a max level where they cannot grow any further. You however will never quit gaining levels.”

I nod and then move the newly spawned rift monsters to the front room, and wait for the attack.

Intruders have entered the dungeon.

Young kobolds begin to pour into my dungeon, after reaching numbers close to 20 the final kobold to enter is a crimson kobold.

“It looks like it’s the first 3 normal waves all rolled into one.”

My monsters begin firing arrows, and spells at the horde of intruders.  The melee fighting monsters wait for several of the intruders to be taken out by the spike traps before moving in.

The golem easily takes out one or two intruders per swipe of its massive arms, but there are so many a few charging through the group pass the dungeon monsters completely and enter the second room.

For the first time battle begins in two rooms at once.  The monsters in the second room quickly kill the intruders as they enter, but the first room struggles with the sheer number of enemies. Once the last enemy falls everything except the golem looks pretty ragged, but the second room is unharmed.

I pull the golem from the front room to be with the other two in the middle room while crimson kobolds enter the dungeon. The crimson kobold seem like the standard fifth wave group.

The crimson kobolds eliminate the first room, but don’t stand a chance in the second room and they quickly fall without losing any more monsters.

After waiting for about five minutes after the intruders eliminated message I finally speak.

“Was that it?…”

Thirty-seven: “Madam Erin did say she was going to return to the normal scheduled attacks.”

“If that was normal for day 8, then what I have been doing was just crazy.”

Thirty-seven: “Agreed, but most rookie cores make it to day 8 at least by the end of the second week. Now begins a test of endurance.”

“Well she also said she will be adding more things to her dungeon, so we might want to check it out as well.”

After gathering Block, Slash, and Mage, we enter into Madam Erin’s dungeon. Right away there is a large group of young kobold in the hallways, but they don’t even seem to be a threat anymore as they are quickly eliminated.

We check each door clearing each of young kobolds from behind each one. Once we make it to the end of the hall however we still can’t enter the final door on the floor. Moving on we continue the rest of the morning and well into the evening, and we clear 4 more floors. Only in the last floor did the enemy’s difficulty start to rise enough that we became tired, so we head back to the dungeon once the sun starts to set.


Monsters returned from battle

Acquired: 6 watered down healing potions, 1 [Leather Armor], 1 [Iron helm]

Losses: Thirty-seven (boss) sustained minor injuries, Block sustained moderate injuries, and Slash sustained moderate injuries.

Slash has gained a level

Block has gained a level

Mage has gained a level

550XP gained from external source. 55xp bonus for Dungeon Core #212 [—–] participation, 55xp bonus for Thirty-seven (boss) participation, 55xp bonus for no dungeon monster deaths, 110xp bonus for Training core training within parent dungeon.

825xp total rewarded


New items can be purchased from [Menu]

Leather Armor                     Cost: 100xp

Iron Helmet                          Cost: 50xp


“That’s it. It seemed like we killed a lot more than that. Well I guess they were mostly young kobolds.”

I give the Iron helmet to Block, and the Leather armor to Thirty-seven.

“I think starting tomorrow; I will go out in a set of the Magician’s robes instead of the chainmail.”

Thirty-seven: “I rather you stay in the chainmail.”

“Ok, ok. I will stick with the chainmail.”

For the rest of the week we continue to easily win the attacks sent by Madam Erin, and then we move out gaining xp in her dungeon.

With our 12th consecutive dungeon battle victory I now only have half of the month left. Thirty-seven and the named crimson kobold are leveling up pretty quickly. I continue to add new monsters and traps to the dungeon everyday keeping our xp reserve between 500xp to 1000xp.

After victory 15 I send Archer, Block, Mage, Slash, and one of the golems out on their own. While Thirty-seven and I take two new Crimson Kobold Brutes aptly named Hack and Bash, and a Crimson Kobold Elder named Caster with us.

On the day that marks one week from the end of my training. I awake to a window finally obtaining level 3. Thirty-seven on the other hand has reached level 8. With the dungeon battle now taking over half the day before it is over, the two exploring groups set out of the dungeon before the battle even starts.

We finally have achieved our 27th consecutive victory, but as it is our last day there is no use going out into Madam Erin’s dungeon anymore. I sit on the edge of the bed torn, as I stare over at the perfectly calm Thirty-seven clutching her towel just staring out at one of the screens. I don’t know when it started, but now she only holds that towel when she sits in her chair. I never did ask her what the deal with it was.

“You know, I never have asked you. What is the purpose behind that towel?”

Thirty-seven: “It was the first gift I ever received. I know now, that wasn’t your intention when you handed it to me, but all the same I think I will continue to hold on to it.”

Wait all this time it was just because I handed it to her that day. Even so, she has been at Madam Erin’s dungeon for over 5 years, and trained at another dungeon before that. In all that time she never received anything?

I get up, move over beside her, wrap my arms around her pulling her head into my chest, and hug her.

“We have been through so much together, and I know it’s only been a month, but I am going to miss you, my dear friend.”

Thirty-seven never moves, or says anything, but after a few minutes. When I return to the edge of my bed and sit down looking back over at Thirty-seven. Her face remains the same but I feel her cheeks and ears are a bit red.

“Promise me, after I leave, and start my new dungeon. You will keep in touch with me with [Menu].”

Thirty-seven simply nods, gets up from her chair, places the towel neatly on top of it, then goes to bed.


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