Chapter 12: The Seventh-Day

I feel refreshed and confident when Thirty-seven wakes me. I check over my menu to make sure my surprises are set. Then with a smile I say. “I wonder what Madam Erin’s big reward is when we win today.”

Thirty-seven: “I believe Madam Erin has something special in store for today. I would not drop your guard.”

“I understand.” I nod but can’t help smiling.

I make sure everything is set up then await the attack.


Intruders have entered the dungeon.

Four of the small earth golems make their way into the dungeon, but I expected as much. I pull forward all the mages from the second room to help.

With the golems bumbling around falling into the pit trap and hitting the spike traps the 5 mages manage to bring down 2 of the golems before they even make it to them. The other two are just no match for all the mages with the rest of the monsters holding them back.

Once the intruders fall I instantly clear the room gathering the items they left behind, but with only seconds to spare the next wave hits.

Again it is another set of the four small earth golems and I begin storing [Freeze] spells in the 4 [Magic Stones] I just gathered. The group quickly knocks out the second wave of small golems, and I again clear the room. They do manage to break the last [Weak Spike Trap] though.

Next to enter the dungeon is one of the large earth golems that we faced inside of Madam Erin’s dungeon. I quickly pull the Crimson kobold mages including Mage back into the second room, and the blue slime back into the crystal room. Then continue filling the new stones I gathered.

“I figured this might happen now let me show you what I got.”

I finish filling the last stone, and the golem trashes the last of the monsters in the first room.

As soon as the golem enters the second room it is pelted by darts launched from the walls on either side, and as they hit the golem frost begins appearing on the golem.

Thirty-seven gives me a confused look as I message the archers forward.

Archer, and the other two bow wielding crimson kobold step forward. They each pull a frost covered arrow from their quivers and shoot at the feet of the golem. The golem manages to struggle a few more feet forward before ice covered spikes launch from the ground crashing into it.

The golem begins to freeze solid as I order the melee group to move in, but instead of drawing the steel weapons they all pull iron ones hacking and slashing at the golem breaking slowly chipping away at it. Eventually the golem finally collapses into rubble on the floor without losing a single non-rift monster.

“Alright! That went better then I even could of hoped.”

Intruders have entered your dungeon

“Wait! What?”

Two more of the large golems enter my dungeon.

“Damn  it’s ok. We got this”

I reset everyone to their positions, and reset the traps as the two golems make their way across the first room.

As the two golems enter the second room the dart trap activates again, but with the damage being split it doesn’t cause as great of effect.

The archers fire more of the frost arrows at the two golems, but the golems keep pressing forward. The frozen spike traps also do a little damage but it barely slows the golems.

The mages begin flinging spells at the golems as soon as they pass the spikes and the melee group pull out their steel weapons.

“Ok, This is still going well.”

When the steel weapons hit the golems, ice and frost begin growing at the impact site. The golems start to slow, but begin their attacks smashing two of the crimson kobolds.

“I figured the new crimson kobolds would die with one hit, but I hoped the higher level ones would be able to withstand.”

The mages fire another volley of spells, and the archers loose more frost arrows.

One of the golems target Slash but he dodges out of the way the impact instead hit one of the [Lvl 2] Crimson kobolds crushing it instantly.  The second golem smashes the last [Lvl 1] Crimson kobold.

With only Block, and Slash manning the melee team I order a regroup into the crystal room. Block loses his shield as he is attacked suffering major damage, and we lose the 1 [Lvl 1] crimson kobold mage.

The injured Block, Slash, Archer, Mage, 2 [Lvl 1] archers, 2 [Lvl2] mages manage to make it into the crystal room.

“Everyone focus at one at a time, I didn’t want to use it but, here goes.”

Using one of the [Menu] items that Thirty-seven showed me the night before I pull a monster I had stored within the crystal out. Out of the crystal appears a golem identical to the ones attacking although his fists are frosted over.

Thirty-seven looks truly shocked. “How did?” -She stops herself.-

As the intruding golems enter the crystal room the mages release more spells, and the archers release more frost arrows.

My golem rushes across the room smashing one of the enemies instantly freezing over a shoulder joint. The rest of the group attacks the second golem.

Archer fires another frost arrow, but the other two archers gather around the crystal pulling their daggers. Mage likewise casts another [Freeze] spell, and his subordinates retreat to the crystal holding their [Gem Studded Iron Rods] in front of them.

Slash kicks Block away as a fist comes crashing down barely missing them both, and he slashes at a joint.

My golem and the other golem intruder duke it out pounding each other with their boulder fists. My golem manages to get the upper hand when he hits the frozen shoulder joint and knocks the arm off of the enemy.

“This is starting to look tight.” I quickly pull two swords from storage handing one to Thirty-seven. “It looks like we are going to have to get our hands dirty.”

I pull Thirty-seven and myself to the crystal room as Archer fires the last frost arrow and Mage casts his last spell. Afterwards both then gather behind us at the crystal. Thirty-seven charges forward without another thought, and I quickly follow.

Slash unable to get away blocks a swinging blow with his sword throwing him back to the floor alongside Block.

Thirty-seven reaches the golem slashing in quick succession at the frozen parts of the golem. When I finally arrive I raise my sword for the first time bringing it down against the golem as hard as I can.

The blow jars me, and before I realize it Thirty-seven kicks me back as the golem barely misses us. Thirty-seven continues to slash at the golem while I cast a [Freeze] spell then stagger back to my feet.

My golem is slowly making progress as he beings breaking off large chucks from the other intruder golem.

Thirty-seven’s swing manages to finally remove a leg from the golem we are attacking, as I manage to land another blow.

My golem plants both fists into the intruder causing it to crash down into pieces.

Thirty-seven then removes one of the arms of the golem and lets me land a final blow.

Intruders neutralized.

I quickly run to Block and Slash. Both are wounded badly but will recover. I then pull Thirty-seven and myself back to the core room.

“I don’t want to get stuck down in the crystal room just in case another wave hits. There is no way we could survive another.”

We wait a few more minutes but another attack doesn’t come. I finally go through the battle results window.

Battle Results:

Acquired: 500xp, 8 tiny magic stones, 3 small magic stones, 50 stones

Losses: 2 [Lvl 2] Crimson kobolds, 2 [Lvl 1] Crimson Kobolds, 1 [Lvl 1] Crimson Kobold Mage

Dungeon Core #212 [—–] participated in his first dungeon battle, and obtained victory. Granting a +5 bonus to Spell power, and granting the Sword Arts ability.

Thirty-seven (boss) has gained a level

Mage has gained a level.

Archer has gained a level.

Due to decline in dungeon XP consumption has been reduced to 1 XP/day


My consumption went back down to what it was before adding the golem and new traps last night. I also haven’t checked my status since I gained two new skills, so I decide to check it now.



Name: ——-                            Dungeon: Training hall          Crystal:  Basic Training Crystal

Level: 1                                        XP till next Level 2                                    XP: 1418

HP: 20/20                                                                                                    MP: 100/100

Strength: 25

Agility: 25

Endurance: 20

Spell Power: 55

Sword Arts: 25

Resistances: None

Armor: None

Equipment: [Old Cheap Clothes], [Steel Sword]



[Recycle] using parts from monsters and [Magic Stones] you can summon constructs and undead at a 50% reduced xp cost.

[Enchanter] by combining [Magic Stones] with stored spells and items, the items gain the effect of the stored spell. The duration of the effect depends on the [Magic Stone] and spell that is used.

[Gifted]  Most creatures favor one element above all others, and are unable to cast spells from the opposing element. You however do not, thus granting you a 25 bonus to spell power and 50 additional MP. The more magic is used the greater the bonus that will be granted from [Gifted]



Clean (Water) (Cost 1mp): summons water to clean items and objects up to ten feet away. This spell can be kept active by repaying its original casting cost once per second.

Heat (Fire) (Cost 1mp): summoning your mana with the power of fire you can heat items and objects up to ten feet away. This spell can be kept active by repaying its original casting cost once per second.

Cool (Wind) (Cost 1mp): Summoning your mana with the power of wind you can cool items and objects up to ten feet away. This spell can be kept active by repaying its original casting cost once per second.

Soil (Earth) (Cost 1mp): summoning your mana with the power of earth you can soil items and objects up to ten feet away. This spell can be kept active by repaying its original casting cost once per second.

Light (Light) (Cost 1mp): Summing your mana with the power of light you can light items and objects up to ten feet away. This spell can be kept active by repaying its original casting cost once per second.

Shadow (Dark) (Cost 1mp): summoning your mana with the power of darkness you can cast shadows on items and objects up to ten feet away. This spell can be kept active by repaying its original casting cost once per second.

Fire (Fire) (Cost 5mp): a small burst of fire at targeted location up to 30 feet away. Causes minor fire damage, and may inflict [Burning] status.

Fireball (Fire) (Cost 10mp): A small projectile of fire can be fired at a target up to 50ft away. Causes moderate fire damage, and may inflict [Burning] status.

Freeze (Water) (Cost 10mp): Ice forms at targeted location up to 50 feet away. Causes minor water damage, and will likely cause [Frozen] status.


I then receive a message from Madam Erin. “That is simply amazing pup. I would have never guessed. I have cleared the hallways for now, why don’t you come pay me a visit and let us have a chat.”

“Madam Erin is inviting us back to the throne room.”

Thirty-seven: “Very well, remember to keep your secrets to yourself though even from Madam Erin.”

I nod and then send a reply back to Madam Erin that we are on our way. This time when we arrive at the large hall before the throne room there are 2 golems towering on either side of the door. My golem and the ones we fought would each fit in the fist of one of these massive golems. Thirty-seven and I make our way inside.

Madam Erin: “Ah, Pup Oh I see you both came.” Madam Erin seems a little vexed. “No matter, simply an amazing show you put on for me. The secret to your frost magic, and along with you being able to summon such a golem this early, I see you are clearly living up to your Dungeon Core number.”

“Thanks, by what I have read Leland that sounds like a great honor.”

Madam Erin: “Haha, honor he says. That just goes to show that you never met the perverted old coot. He did make a good elder, and friend thought. Of course that was when he wasn’t automatically trying to pass every female rookie core.”

Thirty-seven finally speaks up. “I believe you promised him a reward if he made it seven days.”

Madam Erin: “Yes, of course pup. A promise is a promise. Consider yourself passed on the evaluation. At least my vote, after the others see what you have accomplished in only 8 days I don’t see a problem. However don’t think you can just slack off the rest of the month either”

Thirty-seven cuts in. “You can’t be serious.”

Madam Erin: “Well it is against the rules to give tangible rewards so my hands are quite tied.”

Thirty-seven speaks to me. “How are you not the least bit upset after all that?”

“Well anything she where to give me, would only last till the month was up anyway. It’s not like it makes much difference.”

Madam Erin: “That’s the way pup, forge your own path. Although I guess I can ease up a bit, I will resume the normal Rookie Core training tomorrow. I will also add some more goodies to my dungeon if you guys decide to explore. You will have to give me till tomorrow to set everything up though.”

“Thank you.”  I lightly bow to Madam Erin. Then Thirty-seven and I return to our dungeon.

‘Well, not much for us to do today, so I guess we should just prepare the dungeon for tomorrow.”

I use two of the three [Small Magic Stones] that we gathered today, along with a heap of stones, and create two more of the [Weak Earth Golems]. I place two in the second room, and leave the one I created last night in the crystal room.

Using most of my remaining xp I summon 2 more crimson kobold mages. I place them along with Archer, Block, Slash, Mage in the second room with the two golems.

“Alright, we are now set.”

Due to the rise in power of the dungeon consumption has reached 2xp/ day.

I spend about an hour holding a one way conversation with Thirty-seven then decide to spend some time looking through the Dungeon Core Information book.


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