Chapter 1: Birth

I woke up with a big yawn it feels like I have been asleep forever.. I slowly rub the sleep from my eyes as I sit up. I slowly open my eyes and wake up enough to realize a few key points. I am sitting here on large stone block and I am completely naked… I quickly look around for something to cover myself and that’s when I hear a voice.

Voice: “Awe I see you have finally awoke. Not a bad-looking pup if I do say so myself.”

There is a person leaning against the wall that towers over me in height but has to be just as big around as he is tall, has the ears and tail of a wolf, and a unpleasant looking face. As he steps forward he tosses a large strip of cloth at me.

Voice: “Here cover yourself with this for now.”

I wrap the cloth around my self.

“Who are you? Wait..Who am I?”

The person puffs out his large chest.

Voice: “I am your teacher. I am here to make sure you don’t die right away, and you can call me Madam Erin.

Wait, Madam Erin. You mean it’s a she?.. Besides that what she said is even more distressing.  “Make sure I don’t die? What do you mean?”

Madam Erin scratches her large chin.

Madam Erin: “I will explain it all don’t you worry. Now as for a name.. Lets see. How about Fred.”

Fred? That doesn’t seem right.”

Madam Erin: “Don’t like Fred? How about Tom? Larry? Ah it doesn’t matter you can choose your own name. As for where we are that’s simple you’re in my dungeon. You were sent here for me to train you to become part of the next group of dungeon cores. Being just born and all I am sure you have lots to learn but lets start with he basics. Now in one month’s time you will be given your dungeon crystal. Its like the life force of your dungeon if it dies, you die. You can build your dungeon any way you want but everything takes experience points or XP for short. Now to open your dungeon information you just say [Menu] and you should be able to see. Go ahead and try it out.”

as I say [Menu] I see a screen floating in front of me. At the top it says name and has a blank space and directly below that it says dungeon, and says Undeveloped.

Madam Erin: “Now, what ever you want to build in your dungeon you just think of it and it will bring up a list of options based on your knowledge and skills. You want to fill your dungeon with monsters and traps to keep humans and other dungeon cores from coming in and destroying your crystal. Everything you summon from [Menu] costs you XP, but you always want to save an amount of xp on hand because it is slowly consumed by your crystal which is what keeps you alive.  You can break down anything summoned from [Menu] back to XP but you will only get a fraction of what was cost. You also cannot break down rooms if any intruders are on that floor or any floor between them and the exit. Now we will go over a few things on your [Menu]. Lets starts with your status by saying [Status] with your menu should bring up more information. Try it now.”

I say [Status] and the screen expands in my view to show an image of me standing there wrapped in the cloth and other information.

Name:                                          Dungeon:                                                     Undeveloped Crystal:

Level: 1                                          XP till next Level 10                                   XP: 0

HP: 20/20

Str: 25

Agility: 25

Endurance: 20

Resistances: None

Armor: None

Equipment: [Old Towel]

Skills: None

Madam Erin: “Under your [Status] it should show you information about yourself, and your dungeons, since your dungeon is still undeveloped there is probably not a lot to look at. Next lets look at monsters. With your [Menu] open say [Monsters] this should bring up the menu of available monsters to you. This list will greatly change by the type of dungeon you have, and the elements that govern it. Right now without a dungeon your list will probably be pretty limited.”

After calling [Monsters] that [Status] window disappears and now it shows a page with only a few options.

Sickly Slime                              Cost: 1xp

Slime                                         Cost: 5xp

Husky Slime                            Cost: 10xp

Ill Goblin                                 Cost:  5xp

Goblin                                     Cost: 15xp

Goblin Brute                          Cost: 25xp

Madam Erin: “Once you develop your dungeon the list will grow quickly, once everything starts getting cluttered you can just think of a type of monster when you open [Monsters] and it should only show monsters in that type. The same goes for rooms, traps, and treasure items. Speaking of treasures you want to put treasure items in your dungeon to attract intruders so you can gain their xp. Lets end for now and pick up here later for now I will show you where you will be staying for the next month.”

Madam Erin motions for me to follow her then opens a door into a long stone hallway. The hallway is made like a exquisite castle, large wooden doors bound in brass line the hallway every few meters. When we pass a window I look out and I see nothing but sky as far as the eye can see. Pressing against the window I look for the ground and I can’t tell how far it is but we are very high up. Madam Erin tells me to hurry as she turns a corner and I pull myself from the window and follow her.

After taking several stair cases and going down many hallways we reach a door and Madam Erin suddenly stops and opens the door. Inside is a simple bedroom. A rug made from some type of animal hide sits in the middle of the room, with a small wooden desk and chair in one corner, a bed in another, and along the wall there is a small cabinet and vanity.

Madam Erin: “Rest here for now and I will send someone to collect you later.”


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