Inari Chapter 13: Kenta

  It wasn’t very long but I got to see Mommy and Daddy again… Daddy didn’t remember me at all, but just to get to see them again was worth it. I wish I could do more to help them out but for now I guess with the distance that isn’t really possible. Madam Erin … Continue reading Inari Chapter 13: Kenta


Inari Chapter 10: Battle on Two Fronts

  As we continue through the Mine the shaft only seems to get larger, I send a message back to Chika letting them know we made it through another night, and we continue on even deeper. The Oni, bats, another creatures like that have all disappeared now and instead we are dealing with the large … Continue reading Inari Chapter 10: Battle on Two Fronts

Inari Chapter 5: Repercussions

(Author notes:  I wanted to start out with an apology it seems I somehow screwed up with the last Inari chapter and posted it before it was complete. Hell somehow it looks like it was even mid-sentence… Another thing worth noting is after talking with a friend I decided to change the way Inari’s monsters … Continue reading Inari Chapter 5: Repercussions