Chapter 144: A Roadside Meeting

  After Dyson bringing me into his investigation of the ones that killed the Elders we found out that Belinda’s sister Mindy might hold further information. She is not the easiest person to talk with, but after leaving Dyson behind due to his nonchalant and otherwise strange behavior we finally caught up to Mindy’s carriage … Continue reading Chapter 144: A Roadside Meeting


Chapter 138: The Storm’s Conclusion

  We are minutes away from complete annihilation at the hands of Hecate and Dungeon Core #634 [Rosalinda], with Rosalinda’s werecreatures fighting the two hellhounds at what is essentially my dungeon crystal room, even if they manage to hold them off there is no stopping Hecate or Rosalinda now. At the end of this horrible … Continue reading Chapter 138: The Storm’s Conclusion

Chapter 136: The Unending Storm

  On the second day in her attempt to destroy my dungeon Hecate already has reached my final defense, a gigantic labyrinthine room filled with traps, trolls, switches, among a few extra surprises as well. Even though she has the strength to destroy any monster that I could possibly summon, she still needed numbers to … Continue reading Chapter 136: The Unending Storm