Chapter 172: Help

(Just a little warning my proof reader told me to put a Guro warning for this chapter, I honestly didn’t realize it was that bad, but I trust his opinion, so here is the warning. If you are squeamish you might skip the first section of this chapter until it switches back to Two-Twelve’s PoV. … Continue reading Chapter 172: Help


Chapter 171: Dyson’s Revelation

  Even before the traitorous dungeon cores were around I often dealt with would-be assassins trying to take me out. It just goes with the territory when you are the king of a city known as the largest collection of murderers and brigands in all the land. Most of the would-be assassins are female, working … Continue reading Chapter 171: Dyson’s Revelation

Chapter 168: Down the Well

  “Ready!? 3…2…1… Begin!” War breaks out on three small floating islands above the clouds.  A small castle with large walls drops its drawbridge, bridging the gap between islands as hordes of water-type pour across it. On the other side of the central island hordes of fire-type monsters cross fallen pillars and a single rickety … Continue reading Chapter 168: Down the Well

Chapter 164: Inari’s Trip Through the Dungeon

    Takeshi finally returned after confirming that the location he went to check out for me was in fact one of the corrupt dungeons. The last one took us weeks, but from what Takeshi said this one is spitting out the Oni Generals, so I don’t know if that means it is going to … Continue reading Chapter 164: Inari’s Trip Through the Dungeon