Chapter 205: Tipping Point

  “What are you doing down here…?” Quinn swings the torch around practically squealing at the sound of my voice. Quinn: “Two-Twelve! Where did… How did you get here?” “I can teleport remember… And we have been looking for you for hours.” Quinn: “This place! I saw several monsters out there in the corridor… I … Continue reading Chapter 205: Tipping Point


Chapter 203: The Attack on Tobes

  Lylah: “Master! Tobes is under attack by monsters!” Lylah’s words echo in my ears, without me being able to grasp their meaning for a few moments, or maybe it is just that I can’t believe it. Belinda: “Two-Twelve…Two-Twelve!” Belinda snaps me out of it… I anticipated that the failed dungeon cores might attack Ceres … Continue reading Chapter 203: The Attack on Tobes