Chapter 6: Battle Day Three.

I wonder if Thirty-seven is back yet. I really have no idea what to do to pass the time till tomorrow. After a few minutes I decide to check to see if she is back and I get up and head into the hallway. Once I reach the hallway I see Thirty-seven walking down the hallway I wave at her when she suddenly stops and at the same time a large window pops open.

Rookie dungeon core #3 [Alfred] has perished at the hands of a kobold mage.

After closing the window Thirty-seven continues walking down the hallway and then asks. “did you see that message?”

yes, what was that about?”

Thirty-seven: “I don’t know if Madam Erin told you or not, but every year a handful of rookie dungeon cores are born, and like you, each go through training before they go out on their own. That message just now informed everyone that one of you rookie cores died.”

he died died? Not his fake crystal but actually died?”

Thirty-seven: “Yes, some dungeon cores will attack invaders that are trying to destroy their crystal. It should always be a last ditch effort, but to even do it during training…However some cores even fight in their dungeon regularly. One of the dungeon core elders is his own boss monster.”


Thirty-seven: “Ah, yes.. Well you will have to ask Madam Erin about them.” 

How many of us were born at the same time?”

Thrity-seven: “it all depends. The record is fifty, but there have been occasions it has been as few as three. In your group…. I believe ten.” 

Do you know anything about Alfred?”

Thirty-seven: “He was just born a few days ago, I am sure there is not much too know about him. I can find out who his teacher was, but that is probably the limit to the information.” 

Oh, I see. It seems like such a shame he died before really even getting a chance to live…”

Thirty-seven: “That is the risk all dungeon cores take. Was there something else you needed? It looked like you had a question before the message.” 

No, not really I was just looking for something to pass the time but I think I need to start coming up with a plan for the dungeon.”

Thrity-seven: “Alright, Madam Erin was also curious if you have decided on a name yet? If it helps your designated dungeon core number is two hundred and twelve.” 

No, I haven’t really found one that fits. Two hundred and twelve you said? Alfred was number three, if there are only ten of us why am I number two hundred and twelve?”

Thirty-seven: “there are only eight hundred dungeon cores, and as they die, they are replaced with the new cores. You might consider yourself lucky your number is not 3. in the last century, not a single #3 has survived for more then a year. it’s to the point where there are rumors of a curse, but dying before the end of the first week is a new speed record”

Oh, ok. You know I do believe this is the first time we have actually had a full conversation. Most of the time I ask questions you usually answer them with only the most basic of answers.”

Thirty-seven: “Well then, if that is all.” 

Thirty-seven  walks back down the hallway entering her room.

I didn’t mean to upset her.. It was nice to actually have a conversation for a change.. I don’t think she likes me very much. She probably thinks I am a bother. I was hoping to finally be able to ask her why she keeps carrying that towel around.. Oh well maybe next time.’ I retreat back to my room, I decide to practice my magic for a few hours before retiring for the day.

I wake the next morning and Thirty-seven is already standing over me next to the bed. “Oh no. I overslept again didn’t I? How long till the attack starts?”

Thirty-seven: “I have been waiting for one hour and six minutes, so the attack with start in twenty four minutes.” 

Alright, lets go.” I get up from bed and make my way to the dungeon and transfer to the core room along with Thirty-seven. “You know instead of standing by my bed for that long. You could just wake me up.. Actually I would prefer if you woke me up rather then just stand there..”

Thirty-seven: “Noted, I will wake you up from tomorrow onwards.” 

We sit in the core room without another word until I finally get the message that intruders have entered the dungeon. The first wave of Kobolds is identical to the first set from the last two days, and much like yesterday the goblins take them down without much difficulty. The second wave hits before I can clean the room, though. This second wave also has the same set up as yesterday’s, but the great sword-wielding kobold is now carrying and iron sword and shield. The goblins manage to dispatch the second wave, and we only loose one of the spear goblins. Two more of the goblins manage to gain a level, and now the remaining six all wear the torn leather armor. As soon as the battle is over I quickly use [Menu] to remove the bodies, the extra items, and use 15XP to heal all my monsters before I get the message.

Intruders have entered the dungeon.

The first two kobolds that enter look like more of the same with the torn leather armor, iron sword, and small iron shield. The next to enter is a mage, he carries an iron rod instead of a wooden staff, and with him is a kobold wearing a torn leather armor , with a Iron dagger on his hip, and a small wooden bow with a quiver full of arrows on his back. The final kobold to enter is massive, almost fifty percent larger then the others, he has crimson red scales, wearing a worn and rusty set of chainmail armor, and has a large battle axe.

The archer targets the last spear wielding goblin, firing at him while the mage fires a large fireball, seriously injuring one of the blue slimes. Both of the blue slimes bind the feet of the sword and shield kobolds, and the goblins begin to move in. The crimson kobold jumps cleanly over both the bound kobolds landing in the middle of the spike trap. The trap deploys but the wooden spike just snap when they hit the kobolds armor. The crimson kobold swings his axe hitting both of the sword and shield goblins that have not gained a level yet. Even with both of them blocking with their shields, they are both sent crashing into the wall with one swing, ending up just heaps on the floor. The spear-wielding goblin throws his weapon at the kobold archer, despite his grave wounds, and impales the archer though the gut. The kobold archer pulls himself loose from the spear before firing another shot at the now unarmed goblin. It dives behind the bodies of the sword-and-shield goblins and picks up their gear, then picks up a sword and a shield, blocking  another arrow before charging at the archer.

“I feel this battle is rather intense, is it not?” I ask Thirty-seven.

 The mage kobold hits the injured slime with another ball of fire killing the slime and slightly damaging his ally, but the now free kobold joins in with the crimson kobold, but is blocked as one of the leveled up goblins with a sword and shield moves in and slams him with his shield knocking him rolling backwards into the pit trap.
The other leveled up sword and shield goblin attacks the kobold bound by the slime. The great sword wielding goblin brings his sword down onto the crimson kobold but most of the damage is deflected by the chainmail. The crimson kobold then swings his down at the great sword wielding goblin but the goblin raises his sword trying to block the blow.
There is a massive cracking sound as the axe hits the sword pushing the goblin back a few feet but leaving him mostly uninjured. The goblin charging the archer swings his sword. The archer blocks the blow with his bow but it snaps in half, he then pulls a dagger jabbing it into the gravely injured goblin.
With the goblins last breath he stabs the archer in the chest with his sword then hits the floor. The mage kobold hits the remaining slime with another fireball while one of the sword and shield goblins move in. The bound kobold squares off with the other sword and shield goblin but with the flames licking his bound legs from his ally’s spell, the slime tripping him up, and the goblin attack. He loses the fight and takes a shield bash to the snout falling to the floor.
The two sword and shield goblins close in on the mage, the slime starts moving in on the crimson kobold, and the great sword wielding goblin charges back into the crimson kobold trying to run him through with his great sword. The crimson kobold however slams the sword with his axe breaking it.
The momentum the Goblin gained is not lost though as he continues forward piercing the crimson kobold with the broken great sword. The mage blocks a sword swipe with the iron rod but takes another slash to the back, he is unable to defend himself while the two sword and shield goblins keep slashing at him and he eventually falls.
The crimson kobold kicks back the goblin that had the great sword and pulls the shard out of his gut. He then swings his axe at the unarmed goblin but the goblin dodges and punches the kobold right in the jaw. The blue slime leaps onto the crimson kobold trying to cover its face. The two sword and shield goblins move in from the back both slashing the crimson kobold in the back.
The crimson kobold turns his attention to the sword and shield goblins swinging his axe with a large arc the slime blocking his view manages to save one of the sword and shield goblins but the other is cut clean in two. The slime tries to choke the crimson kobold as slithers into his snout, and mouth.
The ex-great sword wielding goblin grabs the iron sword that hit the floor and buries it into the leg of the crimson kobold. The other goblin shield bashes it causing it to loose its balance and hit the floor. The crimson kobold then drops the axe trying to rip the slime off its face, and the ex-great sword wielding goblin picks it up swing it down into the crimson kobolds chest finally ending the battle.

Intruders neutralized.

Battle results:

Acquired: 27XP, 4 Iron swords, 4 Iron shields, 4 Torn Leather Armor, 1 Iron spear, 1 Iron dagger, 1 Iron rod, 1 Iron great axe, 1 worn rusty chainmail, 1 mage robe.

Losses: 3 goblin brutes, 1 level 2 goblin brute, 1 blue slime, 1 rusty great sword, 1 spike trap

1 Goblin brute has gained a level, Blue slime has gained a level.

Crimson Kobold can now be purchased

Crimson Kobold Cost: 150xp

New Items can now be purchased

Iron rod Cost: 40xp

Worn rusty chainmail Cost: 75xp

Iron great axe Cost: 50xp

Thirty-seven speaks up. “Madam Erin wishes to speak with you, she said congratulations surviving two days in a row.”

So that’s it for today then? Thank god…”

I quickly collect items, dispose of the bodies and remove the broken spike trap but store the switch. I give the chainmail and great axe to the now level 3 goblin. I summon one more goblin brute, and give him a iron sword, small iron shield, and a torn leather armor. I then equip all the kobolds but 4 in the back rooms with the torn leather armor. I move the two spear wielding kobolds, and the mage kobold from the core room to the front room, and give him the iron rod.

[Dungeon Monsters]


1 Level 1 goblin brute wearing torn leather armor and equip with a iron sword and small iron shield

1 Level 2 goblin brute wearing torn leather armor, and equip with a iron sword, and small iron shield

1 Level 3 goblin brute wearing worn rusty chainmail, and equip with iron great axe

1 Level 2 blue slime

2 level 1 young kobolds wearing torn leather armor, and equip with a iron spear

1 Level 1 young kobold mage wearing mage robe, and equip with a iron rod


5 Level 1 young kobolds wearing torn leather armor, and equip with iron sword and small iron shield

Crystal room:

3 Level 1 young kobolds equip with Iron sword and small iron shield

2 Level 1 young kobolds wearing torn leather armor, and equip with iron swords and small iron shields.

I exit the dungeon with Thirty-seven and head to the throne room to meet with Madam Erin. After Thirty-seven leaves the room Madam Erin says. “Congratulations pup, you succeeded in defending two days in a row now. However you are still loosing more xp then you are gaining. Are you almost out of xp yet?”

I am confident I will manage.”

Madam Erin: “Don’t get to cocky, being cocky will get you killed when you start your own dungeon. Now I am rather surprised you managed to take down a crimson kobold with just a few goblins. I don’t expect that luck to hold out against two or three of them though.”

My face goes pale as Madam Erin laughs

Madam Erin: “Your face says it all.” she laughs again. “How about this If you live through tomorrow I will give you a additional 1000xp, but in turn I will just send one strong wave. What do you say?”

If I don’t get that 1000xp she will slowly chip away at my troops until I lose my crystal, and with the amount of xp I have remaining it won’t matter what happens after that point I won’t be able to continue, so my only real option is to accept.

Fine, I accept.”

Madam Erin: “HA, that’s a good pup, now things are starting to get interesting.”

Thirty-seven now enters the room, and leads me back to the room. When we get to my room Thirty-seven starts to walk off but stops when she sees me heading to the dungeon instead.

Thirty-seven: “Are you not finished?”

Well I made a deal with Madam Erin, so I need to make some adjustments.”

Thirty-seven: “A deal? What kind of deal?”

She promised me 1000xp bonus if I manage to protect my crystal tomorrow, but in exchange I have to deal with just one tough wave of monsters. Honestly the small waves are just chipping away at our monsters, so I think one big wave is best.”

Thirty-seven fists clench tight over the towel. “Very well.” She stands there for a minute looking torn as to the direction she is going to move, then finally turns and enters her room.

I wonder what that was about.. I shrug and enter the dungeon. After entering the dungeon I switch the monsters in the front room with the monsters in the crystal room, leaving my strongest to protect the crystal. The others I am hoping can at least do some damage before they are wiped out. Now….What to do….

I have been pretty restricted to my room and dungeon, but I guess I can’t wander around to much because this is another dungeon who knows what kinds of monsters Madam Erin has. Maybe I can get Thirty-seven to show me around again. I head to Thirty-seven’s room after double checking everything in the dungeon.

I reach forward to knock on her door…*Knock knock knock*…. Oh I actually got to knock….Oh she isn’t answering.. I guess she is not in her room.. I guess I will head back to my room then. I lay down on my bed. Man there is nothing to do.

There is not even any books to read.. Wait books, win or lose tomorrow the amount of xp I got left won’t make any difference so maybe I can use what I got let to buy a book. Opening [Menu] I say [Books] the window opens but is blank.. Well it was a good idea, wait I know I seen some on one of the lists somewhere..

I check under [Items],[Treasure], and even [Equipment]….where were they at…Oh, yea [Dungeon Core] I sort through the section till I come up to the books. Most cost way to much xp, there is even one for over 500,000xp.. I finally find a book that is within my price range 5xp Dungeon Core Information. I buy the book and a message pops up.

[Dungeon Core] items only available in dungeon core room purchasing Dungeon Core Information will place it in your dungeon core room. Would you like to continue?

Ah I forgot, I say yes then head over to the core room to check out the book.


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