Chapter 174: Desiree and Angela


Duke Dionysus’s dungeon has not had visitors in a number of years. Since acquiring his status as a Duke he added a mine as his secondary dungeon and most of the xp he acquires is from slave labor he has in the mine.

That doesn’t mean his dungeon is unguarded, and when we take our first step into his actual dungeon we are met by dozens of goblins.

Even at level one, with the equipment on the girls, a handful of goblins shouldn’t pose any danger, but this is far more than just a handful, so I cast a fire spell causing flames to fill the area. This spell of mine isn’t of the highest caliber, and becomes weaker for every strike, but it is more than enough to deal with the vast majority of the goblins leaving behind only injured ones behind for the girls to deal with.

Desiree is the first to spring into action while she quickly lashes out with her whip-swords, she still hasn’t gotten used to them yet, but the use of a whip must come pretty naturally to a succubus, because she still manages to down two of the goblins.

Even as a level one succubus, she’s still a high-class demon, so it isn’t like goblins pose much of a threat to her. Thus, I can enjoy the graceful and purposefully sensual movements she makes for my viewing pleasure alone, even if that means she keeps leaving herself wide open to attacks that way.

Between my spell and Desiree’s quick lunge into battle, the two remaining goblins are still fumbling all over themselves and miss the chance to attack. Angela seems quite nervous as she pulls one of the javelins from behind her and she throws it at one of them.

Disappointment seems to cross her face as the javelin misses its target, but it doesn’t last long and she becomes quite excited when by sheer luck the javelin finds the other goblin instead, burying itself deep into the monster’s chest.

The last remaining goblin in which Angela’s javelin passed within inches of is unable to put up any resistance as Desiree manages to wrap one of her whip-swords around the neck of the monster and quickly pulling it taut.

This severs the last goblins head clean from its shoulders and it rolls around the floor coming to a rest at Angela’s feet. This startles her a bit causing her to yelp and kick the head across the room.

Desiree: “Oh? Angela managed to pierce that goblin right in the heart with that javelin, I feel like that each time Master takes me from behind…Anyway, nice shot.” –She says flicking her wrist causing her whip-like swords to shrink back to the appearance of normal swords.-

Angela: “Thanks…I think…”

Desiree: “Master dealt with most of those goblins for us, but wasn’t that a bit much for a dungeon’s very first room?”

“Duke Dionysus, doesn’t need to repel adventurers anymore, as he gets his xp from that slave mine of his, so he doesn’t need to appeal to the adventurers with a hard but fair challenge anymore. On the other hand, completely redesigning the whole thing would be a pain, so he just flooded his old dungeon with rifts to increase his xp consumption, which in turn increases his level faster.”

Angela: “Then all the rooms are going to be like this?” –She says nervously.-

“At bare minimum they will be like this room, the monsters will only get tougher from here on out though.”

We start pressing forward though the rooms one after another, and in each one I use a spell clearing the majority of the monsters out before leaving the girls to mop up the remaining monsters, and as I watch them beginning to get the hang of things I start leaving more and more monsters behind for them to mop up.

These are only simple goblins but I still find myself unconsciously wiping out a few that start to get to close to the girls, so I have to start forcing myself to hold back more. By the time I am confident they are working well together, Desiree has gotten the hang of the whip-swords using them to cover large areas of the room while Angela does precision strikes against high priority targets like casters or ranged attackers.

The rooms are so full of monsters that it doesn’t take long for Angela to gain quite a few levels, and even Desiree who gains levels at a much slower rate has gained a few as well. Not that the girls can notice through my armor, but I have also placed the ring I got from Madam Erin to assume the appearance of the farm boy, on my finger, because even if they are just goblins every little bit of xp helps.

With each room the girls are getting better and better, so I force myself to hold back more and more until the time they begin emptying the rooms of monsters all on their own. I still deal with any credible threats that approach my girls but for the most part they have managed to proceed without even taking any damage worse than a light graze.

Angela has seemed to gain quite a bit more confidence, so I am starting to think that this might just work out the way I wanted.

Once the enemies start wearing armor however, Desiree’s whip-swords become far less effective against them. With the quality of her blades she should be able to cut clean through the armor if she used them right, but for now they keep getting caught on the armor slowing her down, and forcing her to focus the aiming of her strikes far more carefully. At the same time, though, Angela’s attacks have grown far more efficient as her javelins have a much easier time piercing though the thin and cheap armor the monsters have begun to wear.

Just like that, between Desiree switching to keep the enemy at bay with quick lashes while Angela finishes them off. I can’t help but smirk a little, while considering what a duo they have become. For enemies to get closer they have to get past the intimidating, lashing whip-swords of Desiree, and not getting close marks them for elimination from one of Angela’s javelins. It has become quite the lose/lose situation for the monsters.

These tactics might help them more against sentient creatures though, because these brainless goblins just keep charging forward into Desiree’s blades while Angela picks off the ones she can before they make it that far.

It comes to no surprise that one of the first skills each one of them acquired was the skill allowing them to use the techniques of their chosen weapons. Gaining skills like that early on, means they quickly rank up as they continue to level as well.

Gaining levels as a monster race means Desiree acquires quite a bit of magic each time she levels, and that helps her a great deal when she gains a technique that allows her to use her favored element of darkness and imbue her weapons with it. This makes her have a much easier time dealing with the armored monsters.

Angela’s magic starts to pan out as well, combining that with the rare spear wielders class I gave her, she gains the ability to summon javelins with her magic. They are of poor quality and disappear immediately after impact, but once she levels up more they will only improve. This doesn’t only stop her from having to worry about running out of javelins in the middle of combat, but also increases her rate of fire as she no longer has to reach back to pull another javelin from the quiver.

Well, not everything is song and dance, though, as a tall hobgoblin manages, by accident, to serve as a meatshield for its peers, whom successfully rush Desiree and Angela. They have been doing so well I let my guard down, as I was checking their status in [Menu] and I managed to miss the initial rush. I quickly dive into combat and obliterate the hobgoblins that moved in on my girls, but not before one with a heavy-looking broadaxe hits Desiree in the chest.

The blow was enough to knock Desiree back into Angela, and they both hit the floor, but I can tell even a broadaxe like that would have no chance of penetrating Desiree’s defenses. There are only a few hobgoblins left so I quickly dispatch them as well before going to help my girls back to their feet.

Angela is fretting over Desiree, running her hands up and down her looking for the wound the axe made, but Desiree just stands there with a smirk on her face.

Desiree: “And here I thought you didn’t want to get all touchy and grabby with me. Ah, but let me get out of my clothes first.”

Angela: “But… Your wound…”

Desiree: “Honey…That was nothing. Master Dyson’s hips hit way harder than that little love tap.”

Angela pulls her hands off of Desiree while she begins to blush, and she still seems quite worried as she says. “D-do you have to use dirty jokes now?!”

Desiree: “Who’s joking? If you want a demonstration I am sure Master Dyson would be happy to oblige.” –She says while dusting herself off.-

Angela doesn’t quite know how to take that, and she quickly shakes her head trying to regain her composer while she saying: “You’re impossible…But I’m glad you’re alright.”

After the next few rooms I am pleased to see that the girls have gotten much better at dealing with monsters that have gotten closer to them. Their teamwork has gotten good enough that I might even start getting jealous soon. Desiree manages to learn a new technique that allows her to thrust her whip-swords directly in front of her stretching them to their max, while Angela’s summoned javelins can now explode on impact spreading the damage out in an area.

This gives them both a little more versatility when dealing with monsters in groups, or focus on them one by one as they approach. I do still see a glaring weakness, which if left untreated, will prove to be their undoing.

It’s their gear. I wanted to make sure they were well protected, but against monsters like these they are putting their all into attack and their fighting styles have become far too reckless for my taste… It is already getting rather late, and they are close to leveling up, so after their next level we will head back to the castle and work on their defense.

They went from fighting weak goblins to goblins, which gave way to the elite goblins before switching over to weak hobgoblins which likewise gave way to regular hobgoblins and then the elite ones all in one day so I can’t really say I am disappointed as we finish out the day after they acquire a pivotal level.

They have each gained a few skills, but most of them have just been boosts to their abilities, it’s their weapon skills that have been the most useful and so far.

“That will do for today, but I am rather disappointed in your defensive capabilities… Perhaps before we return we should take to the training grounds at the castle. There we can spar and I can drill some defensive practices into you.”

Desiree: “Yes please, do drill into me, Master!” –She says with a coy smile.-

Angela meekly complains. “B-but Master is far too strong.”

“You will both have to get used to defending, and being able to defend yourselves was the whole to leveling you up! Now that you have attacking down, learning defense will be much better to do with someone who’s not trying to kill you.

Both: “Yes Master.” –They say in unison.-

“Now come here, I’ll teleport us back to the castle, and after some defensive training we can rest, and return first thing in the morning.”

I wrap my arms around the waists of my two beauties which causes Desiree to lean into me while Angela bows her head and clasps her hands in front of her. After a brief second we are out of the dungeon and standing in one of my castle’s training grounds.

Our sudden appearance startles several of the guards and one even drops his weapon. One of the training officers quickly approaches. “Sire!? What do we…” –He says before noticing the girls and he quickly takes a step back and bows his head.-

“Those three seemed a bit lack in their training to be startled in such a way, and you!” –I say while point at the guard who dropped his weapon.- “Losing your weapon in a surprise attack is akin to suicide. Sergeant you take those four and discipline them properly while I use the training grounds, then you are dismissed for the rest of the day.”

The four soldiers in training look quite worried, while the training officer gives them their orders and marches them from the yard.

Desiree: “I thought the men Master Dyson summoned were of a less scrupulous nature?”

Angela: “Yes, they seemed like a normal soldiers.”

“Seeing beauties like the two of you, they knew it was in their best interest to get lost.”

This causes Angela to blush a little, but she no longer makes a big deal out of it. I then move over and take one of the training weapons off the rack.

“Even with this I could obliterate someone with a single blow, so don’t let your guard down or I can’t guarantee you will remain unharmed. Even with your weapons I doubt you could even scratch me or my armor, so give me all you got!”

We then begin sparring 2v1 for the rest of the evening till long after the sun is completely gone from the sky. I give them instructions and even try to dumb myself down as much as possible, but the girls still spend most of the evening knocked on their butts, and by the time we are finished they are quite exhausted.

Desiree: “If Master Dyson wanted to give me a sore ass I could have thought of much better ways to go about it.” –She says rubbing her bare backside as crawls into the bath.-

I then join Desiree in the bath and she quickly mounts me while Angela sticks to her normal routine by huddling in a corner with a bucket washing herself while keeping her head down and blushing. The bath is large enough for ten plus people, but Angela won’t even enter the water if I myself am in the bath.

I stare at her while she washes herself, and once again can’t understand what is going through her head. She is blushing profusely while trying to keep herself covered, but it isn’t like she can keep herself covered 100% of the time while bathing herself by hand.

Yet I haven’t ordered her to bathe at the same time as us, so she is only here by choice. She even seems to get some kind of enjoyment from me watching her even though she is blushing and covering herself. It’s the ultimate tease is what it is…

Desiree grabs my cheeks to turn my attention back to her while using her wing to block my view of Angela. From bath to bed Desiree’s assault against me only has a short intermission in-between as I even begin to get excited when Angela doesn’t quickly flee from the bed, but I am disappointed when I learn it is only because she fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

For being as exhausted as they both were, Desiree seems to have an extra energy reserve just for sex, as she keeps me busy long into the night. Our next week continues much in the same fashion, with the girls gathering massive amounts of xp during the day at Duke Dionysus’s dungeon, with their asses getting knocked to the ground every evening while I teach them defensive tactics, and then Desiree spends her nights intertwined with me while Angela either sleeps nearby or in a chair across the room if Desiree and I started before she had fallen asleep.

The girls have both grown quite strong, long since passing creatures like goblins and hobgoblins as we moved on to orcs, then ogres, an trolls. They even managed to pass them while dealing with creatures like minotaurs, and guardian elementals, but Desiree has reached the max level for the type of succubus she is, and Angela’s first special skill was a disappointing attack type skill.

We are still dealing with Duke Dionysus’s rifts, but it won’t be long until we proceed deep enough into his dungeon that we will start dealing with his non-rift monsters. He has still yet to return to his dungeon, and my girls still have a lot to learn so that is his problem.

The larger problem however is no matter how much stronger Angela gets, Desiree will be unable to grow anymore, unless…





With all the new monsters Sara got into her small dungeon, she had quite a bit of trouble trying to move them around without alerting the adventurers.

Thankfully, most of the adventurers head straight for the areas in which the mushrooms grow so they pay little attention to the areas in which they don’t. That first night after giving Sara the monsters she sent a message, as she was flabbergasted at the amount of xp she acquired.

She used the first bit of xp to expand her dungeon exterior further into the forest so the elves could live outside, and she then created some rooms large enough for everyone else. The following nights, each time midnight hit, she repeated this process, expanding the area she covered in the woods and the underground rooms, but it took her a full week until she finally had enough room for everyone to live somewhat comfortably in their new accommodations.

If it wasn’t for the dungeon monsters being able to go without eating she would have really been in trouble, but luckily she has been able to manage.

Whenever there were no adventurers nearby, the elves worked trying to transplant the fungus to other rooms within her dungeon, but sadly, the adventurers just picked them up the instant they spotted them, which made their efforts futile.

A more experienced adventurer may have advised them not to pick everything up, leaving enough for it to replenish itself, but the adventurers were too low-level  thinking that since it is a dungeon it should just automatically be there for them every time.

In the end Sara seems to be doing ok now, we managed to give her some good direction, and I have enough xp gathered to help another dungeon, so Ceres and I continue on with the next dungeon within our group that needs help.

That doesn’t mean we are abandoning Sara, but giving her all the help in the world won’t do her any good if she can’t manage her own dungeon, so we come up with a plan to give her a bit of space while only checking on her once, every few days.

Ceres and I start working on helping the next dungeon core on our list, but I then receive a message from Dyson.

Dyson: (Madam Erin told me of your return, but not about what you have been up to this entire time. As curious as I am, that isn’t the reason I contacted you. Instead there is a matter in which I wish to discuss with you.)

(I am quite busy at the moment, but I guess a bit of time won’t hurt, so where would you like to meet?)

Dyson: (I am already here, but that undead girl of yours said you were currently taking care of some matters in town.)

I let out a deep sigh and tell Ceres about Dyson’s sudden appearance.

Ceres: “Shouldn’t we use this to our advantage? We already got Madam Erin to join our group, or at least partially. We promised not to say anything to anyone, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to recruit Dyson on his own as well.”

“I guess, but I figured it would be far easier to get Madam Erin completely on board before making another attempt at Dyson.”

Ceres: “But there isn’t a reason to let an opportunity like this pass us by either.”

“I have already failed several times, so maybe you can give it a go this time?”

Ceres: “I’d be happy to.”

We then put our plans on hold and leave from Ceres’s university heading to meet with Dyson. When we arrive at the house I have to say, I have grown quite accustomed to seeing Dyson in his armor, but I am still taken aback when not only Dyson is wearing his armor, but Desiree is wearing… Well I can’t really call it armor, but it seems to be some kind of combat gear, and Angela wearing armor that looks identical to Queen’s.

Desiree is hanging off of Dyson pressing her body against him, and Angela is standing there meekly with her head bowed and her hands clasped together holding Dyson’s helm for him. Dyson meanwhile is impatiently waiting with one arm around Angela’s waist and the other has Desiree’s tail wrapped loosely around it leaving his hand firmly grasping her butt.

When he sees me he takes a quick step forward causing Desiree’s tail to uncoil from his arm and both girls to look up. “What took you so long, and why is she here?”

Ceres: “Oh?” –She says curiously.- “You know who I am?”

Dyson: “Of course, I am a Dungeon Core Elder!”

Ceres: “You sure it wasn’t just wasn’t the fact I introduced myself to you when you showed up in my dungeon hand in hand with Madam Erin?”

Desiree: “Master you were with Madam Erin?! Why was I not invited?”

Dyson: “That is absurd! That is a notch that will never be on my bed post!”

Ceres: “Never say never, because I thought you two looked like a cute little couple, while wearing those rings.” –she says with a smirk.-

Dyson: “Madam Erin told you about that?!”

Ceres: “Of course not, she was as surprised as you. I will just say some habits die hard, so what was it we can do for you?”

Dyson: “We? It was Two-Twelve that I came to see not you.”

Ceres: “Fine I can see what I am not wanted, but there is still something we should discuss, so call me when you are done.” –She says just before she walks away.-

Dyson watches her walk off then he says. “What is the deal with you two? Are you working together now?”

“She is my justicar, so it stands to reason that we would work together, so what is it you want from me?”

Dyson: “I need your assistance in a big way, but first I have to ask. Are you capable of acquiring another one of you special boss monsters?”

“I believe so, why…?”

Dyson: “Good, and any monster you take as a special boss monster evolves, is that right?”

“I have only have humanoid sentient boss monsters, but it worked for all of them…”

Dyson: “I would like to purchase one of your available boss monsters.”

“You know better than even suggest something like that to me…”

Dyson: “I am not saying one of your current boss monsters, I am saying I want to give someone to you so they can become one of your special boss monsters, and I then after they evolve I want you to trade them back to me.”

“Would it not be far easier for you to just make them one of your boss monsters?”

Dyson: “My primary boss monster is level 306. There is no way the monster I want to evolve can become strong enough to become my primary boss monster where they can evolve naturally.”

“Surely there is a far easier way to evolve a monster.”

Dyson: “I hear there is a magic item that is capable of doing it, but I have never seen one in my lifetime, even from Madam Erin’s perspective it seems like a myth.”

“What about the [Dungeon Defender] skill? I am sure at least some of the dungeon cores you have killed have been within your own dungeon.”

Dyson: “I have never heard of it, are you saying that skill will allow me to evolve monsters?”

“I acquired it for a dungeon core dying within my dungeon during Hecate’s attack. I ended up with 2 ranks, but I got a rank in it instead of it contributing to my [Heroic] skill when they fell.”

Dyson: “And what is its cost to evolve a monster?”

“I can evolve one monster for every dungeon core that parishes in my dungeon, so I have been trying to save them for something important.”

Dyson: “I need to have a monster evolve, now if it is by becoming one of your special boss monsters, or with the use of that skill it doesn’t matter to me so as long as she evolves, so name your price.”

“It isn’t that simple… We are not talking about just reproducing something for you, but using something I can only have a limited usage of.”

Dyson: “Are you saying you will not help me?”

“I am saying this is a tough decision and I don’t have the first clue of cost of such a thing you are asking of me…”

Dyson: “I will make matters easy, I will bring a dungeon core for you to kill in your dungeon and you won’t be out anything.”

“I’m not killing a dungeon core for something like that!”

Dyson: “Then what is your price?”

I am not using that skill for anything else, and I am curious how it works. I wanted to try it on the girls, but I am also scared of it having a negative effect on them, so this way I should at least find out how it works.

Besides if Dyson has a monster that he needs a higher evolution of and he can’t just summon it himself, then not only will I unlock that monster, but its evolved form as well. What kind of cost do I put on that though. He seems to be getting impatient again as I think of it so after ruffling my hair I say the first thing to come to my mind.

“Aww, 10 million xp?” –I blurt out.-

Dyson: “Done.” –He says firmly without a hint of hesitation.-


Dyson: “Transferring her ownership means you won’t have to pay the cost to bind her, so the skill should be far cheaper, but either way it doesn’t matter to me as long as she evolves. After it is done I will present you with a 10 million xp bead, and then you transfer her back to me.”

What kind of monster does he want me to evolve, that 10 million xp warrants no hesitation…? “Alright, should we go to the neutral zone?”

Dyson: “Here should suffice. While I go acquire the bead, you can take care of your end.”

“What about the monster?”

Desiree: “That would be me.” –She says stepping forward.-

“Wait, you want me to evolve Desiree?”

Dyson: “Is that a problem?”

“I didn’t use the skill on my own girls because I was afraid what forcing the evolution in them would do, but even if it works exactly as planned surely there would be a cheaper way to get a higher evolution of a succubus.”

Desiree: “You are suggesting that Master discard me for another stronger succubus? And you accused him of mistreating his girls…”

“I didn’t… I guess I did, didn’t I… You’re right, and I’m sorry.” –I say feeling horrible about myself, but in my defense it would be the normal Dyson like move to make…-

We then step into the house and Dyson transfers ownership of Desiree back to me, and I quickly receive a few messages. One tells me that Desiree has reached max level so I can summon succubi up to max level at an additional cost, another is a list of a few new skills most of which are monster skills.

Dyson: “I will go acquire the xp bead now, Angela you keep an eye on things and make sure Two-Twelve takes care of Desiree.”

Angela nods while blushing and then holds his helm out to him before Dyson takes it and disappears from the room. Once Dyson is gone I close the screens in front of me and ask the girls. “He is treating you well, isn’t he?”

Desiree: “Of course! Master indulges in all of my desires.”

“What about you Angela?”

Angela hangs her head meekly and just nods.

“Are you sure?”

Angela: “Yes, Master takes good care of me, he gets angry some times because I don’t do the things Desiree does, it’s my fault that I only watch…”

“He makes you watch?!”

Angela: “It’s not like that! I’m just scared!”

“If he scares you, you don’t have to go back I made sure the rules were quite clear.”

Desiree: “I think you are greatly misunderstanding the situation.”

“What is there to misunderstand? She said she was scared of him.”

Angela:  “I’m not scared of Master! At least not anymore, but what if I am not good enough, I can’t do those things like Desiree can. What if I am just a disappointment to him, and he doesn’t let me stay by his side?”

“I’m sorry. I can’t answer that for you. Dyson’s reputation isn’t exactly the best, and I made the rules the best I could, but just because he has to continue to take care of you as long as you want to remain with him, it doesn’t mean he will continue to let you stay by his side either.”

Angela nods and hangs her head, but Desiree gets angry and says. “You may have summoned us, but you are speaking of things you know nothing about! Master would never abandon Angela like that, and before you use his old entourages as your justification, remember I am able to peek inside his head, and I can assure you he doesn’t see either one of us the way he has seen those girls in the past.”

Desiree then moves over patting Angela on the shoulder, raises her chin gently with one of her hands, and then turns back to me with a scowl. “I think it is time you hold up your end of the deal, so we can return to where we belong!”

How did I become the bad guy here…? I then start accessing my [Menu] just in time for Dyson to reappear in the room and ask. “Is it done?” Angela quickly jumps up from the bench she was sitting on and runs to Dyson grabbing ahold of his arm.

Dyson: “What happened?”

Desiree: “Don’t worry Master, it is nothing, and Two-Twelve was just about to take care of it.”

I select the skill in [Menu] activating one of the forced evolutions. [Menu] asks me to select one of the available monsters, but the list is quite shorter than I expected, and most of the available options are of rifts, which was unexpected.

Luckily Desiree’s name is on the list, but that makes me understand what is going on. Only monsters or rifts that have achieved max level are listed, that means I will never be able to use this skill to forcibly evolve one of the girls as they level indefinitely.

“I guess it is a good thing a succubus reaches max level or I would have been unable to use this skill. Then again I guess if she didn’t you wouldn’t have come to me to begin with. Are you sure this is what you want?”

Desiree: “Do it!”

I hit accept, and Desiree is covered in light while being lifted from the ground, It seems to be working just like the evolution in my boss monsters, which brings forth a message about new items becoming available, and a new monster in the form of a higher ranked succubus called a Carmilla’s Succubus, but at the same time it brings forth the realization I am about to have a naked succubus standing right in front of me.

By the time the light fades I have still been unable to locate her gear within [Menu]. Upon seeing Desiree’s state Angela becomes quite flustered, and quickly steps forward hugging her while trying to wrap Desiree with her wings.

Desiree: “You sure have been putting your hands all over me a lot in the last week, maybe the reason Master is having so much trouble with you is because it is not him in which you are after.” –she says while turning her body within Angela’s wings to press it against Angela.-

Angela is blushing profusely as she stammers while saying. “I-It’s not like that! Only Master should see us like that!”

Desiree: “Us?”

A squeaky sound escapes from Angela’s mouth before she buries her burning face into Desiree’s shoulder, but not daring to release her.

With all the items that are in the dungeon’s inventory now, trying to find Desiree’s gear is harder than I thought. I eventually have to look at the list of new items that became available to me to help me search for me to find her equipment.

[Menu] called that armor, and a gambeson…? You were wearing a gambeson, and what is Arachne Empress Silk, and even Orichalcum, that is the dwarven equivalent to Mythril isn’t it? Are these swords like the ones Hecate used?”

Desiree: “You are awfully interested in my equipment. Can I just have it back so Angela can stop stepping on my toes?”

Angela and I both apologize at the same time, and I start equipping Desiree’s items back on her. Angela then looks over Desiree closely before releasing her lets us finally get a look at her.

Honestly I can’t tell any difference from her appearance now then it was before, her body was already perfection, so I guess there is no reason messing with perfection.

Angela: “Did it work? I don’t see any difference.”

Desiree: “Are you kidding?! These weren’t there before.” –She says while parting her hair to reveal two tiny horns not even visible unless exposing them like she just did.- “And not to mention my tail a at least an inch longer and a little bit thicker. There is also…” –She says leaning forward whispering into Angela’s ear causing Angela to blush bright red again.-

Desiree then straightens herself back up and looks at Dyson while licking her lips, she then quickly turns to me with a scowl and says. “I think it is time for you to return me to my Master now!”

“Yea, no problem…” –I say while transferring her back to Dyson.-

Dyson: “Perfect, This should cover our deal, and you should start preparing for the next time in which Desiree is in need of your assistance.”

“I did it this once, but I can’t just keep doing it…”

Dyson: “We shall see. We have much to do now, and must be on our way.”

“Ceres wanted to speak with you before you left.”

Dyson: “She will have to wait till next time.” –He says quickly wrapping his arms around his girls and disappears.-

I sigh and return to Ceres telling her what happened, and we then get back to work on helping members of our group.



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