Chapter 160: Maeve’s Deal


It has been a few days since the birth of Roxy and Zoey’s son Wolfric, and things have never been livelier around the house. Zoey was quickly disappointed in Wolfric’s appetite. Even though he isn’t required to eat he apparently got Zoey’s love of eating, because he seems no different than a normal baby crying at all hours until he is fed.

After things calmed down I looked over Wolfric’s status. He is just an infant so his abilities are all almost non-existent. It worried me at first as he used up my available boss monster and yet didn’t seem to receive the benefits of it, but maybe he will receive them as he ages because he does have a few unique skills that seem to be blocked, or otherwise unavailable to him that is listed on his status.

Some of them are quite interesting and I would like to learn them myself, as well as teaching them to the others. However I don’t know if it is due to the fact they are sealed, or they are just unique to him, but I haven’t been given the option to copy the skills.

I do know one thing though, since I learned that there is an evolution beyond that of the Divine type races I have been tempted to use that forced evolution from my [Dungeon Defender] on one of the girls to see if that would raise them from the Divine type to the Celestial type. I just have no way of knowing if it would actually work or not, and I definitely don’t want it to cause any harm to any of them, so I am a bit hesitant.

As for the dungeon, I got the chance to start working on sub-level 10 and I used the information about the portals I was making to use them in the dungeon, and apparently using runes to make a portal inside the dungeon itself, allows it to work without a magic stone or the runic activation spell, just as long as the destination of the portal is still within the dungeon as well.

It raises my xp consumption by 1xp per hour, making each portal cost 24xp per day, which isn’t much but still by far the highest xp consumption item I have ever added to the dungeon. The xp isn’t wasted though because it goes into helping raise my own level, so I don’t hesitate in making quite a few of them on the labyrinth in sub-level 10.

Most of the portals are one way, leading to a point about 30 ft in the air above the lake, a few more are a bit more dangerous leading to rooms full of traps and monsters, but I had to make another portal that leads out of that room to be allowed to acquire xp from those who got trapped in it.

That also means when I move my crystal deeper into my dungeon I had to make the portals not only going forward, but also allow a return trip or it wouldn’t count as being accessible. With all the portals I added to sub-level 10 it more than doubled my xp consumption, but that is still lower then what I acquired on a bad day from Tobes, so as long as the city is still there I should be fine.

As for the monsters they are a bit few and far in-between, but I managed to unlock the ability to summon a few higher tier monsters including a stronger version of the minotaur and even a troll capable of sentience, but I doubt I will add any of them to the village any time soon.

The mages don’t mess with the boss like monsters in the elemental wings, but the occasional adventurer group enters the elemental wings after the mages are through in efforts to get a mythril sword, so I also start planning for the expansion of the elemental wings as well.

The same goes for the soldiers, they still haven’t reached the deepest parts I have built for them, but I start lining up what the next areas will look like filling out the floors with all available space used up. I am starting to get deep enough in the mountain now that pretty soon I should be able to no longer have to worry about such a confined space.

It has also taken me over 5 years to reach sub-level 10, so I don’t know how realistic it is, but if I stretch the distance between floors to its max I should be able to connect my secondary dungeon to my primary one with another 10 or so floors. Even with the cost of the rooms doubling it would still be cheaper to connect them then to summon another imitation crystal, so I am half tempted to just add a bunch of stairwells together to connect the two, so I can have the peace of mind of hiding my real crystal.

That feels like a bit of a cheat, creating more floors without adding actual rooms to them, but if it means further protecting me and my family it might be worth it. I can always go back later and add actual rooms to the floor later, so in addition to expanding the elemental wings and the soldiers training areas I also decide to start saving up for that as well.

I decide to leave the dungeon like that for now, and as I am closing screens I receive an excited message from Maeve.

Maeve: (Papa, you must come quickly! I just got the perfect monster to help pay you back for the swan beastkin!)

(The perfect monster? You are saying you gained a monster worth the cost of several beastkin? You didn’t trade something you shouldn’t have, did you…?)

Maeve: (Of course not Papa… And I guess to be honest the xp cost of the monster isn’t as high as the group of beastkin, but its rarity should make up for its cost.)

(You’re not trying to pull one over on me again are you…?)

Maeve: (Of course not, just you wait and see. I am sure you have never seen anything like this before!)

(Well I promised Belinda I would spend the evening with her and Rory today, but if it is to visit you I am sure she would love to see you again.)

Maeve: (Then that saves me the trouble of asking, and I got another surprise for you as well!)

Now just what is this girl planning…? I then head to the house to let Belinda know about the change in plans, which she quickly gets excited about, so I was right in thinking she wouldn’t mind. Belinda quickly gets Rory ready for the trip while I get the information about where Maeve’s dungeon is currently located.

She has finally moved her dungeon out of the Sarnova desert.

I guess spring is close enough that she decided to move on again. I then set up [Gate], and we quickly arrive at Maeve’s dungeon…

Her dungeon looks quite a bit different then the last time I was here, she has kept increasing the size of the meadow every time I visit, but now there are several dwellings lined up forming a small village. The elves were content with their little tent like dwellings, but it stands to reason the beastkin would want a bit more, so I guess it shouldn’t come as a shock, but she must be planning on getting more out of me because the amount of dwellings that have been made far exceed what I have given her.

As Belinda and I approach what used to be the old ruined building before is now been repaired making it a small business looking structure with several sets of tables and chairs of varies sizes catered to humans sized people and some to the much shorter elves.

Maeve exits the building and is followed by two young human women. One quickly draws my attention as even though she appears to be the age of Lilah, her features are remarkably similar to Belinda’s. Her hair even matches with a fiery red glow.

“What is this all about?” I quickly ask and then I notice the second human. She doesn’t look any less like Belinda then the other one did, but she has dark midnight blue hair. While the red head has her head hanging low the girl with blue hair is mimicking more of Maeve’s haughty expression, and I come to a realization.

“Dawn… Twilight? Is that you?”

The redhead quickly raises her head with a bright smile and bound towards me wrapping her arms around me while saying. “I knew Papa would still recognize us!”

“I don’t understand…”

Twilight: “We told you we choose the appearance of humans for the rings you gave us to better suit us for training purposes.”

“But why do you mimic Belinda’s appearance?”

Dawn: “We didn’t intend to, but I just imagined what I would look like as a human, and it’s only natural we would look like Mama…”

“Why the young appearance though? In your true forms you are as tall as Madam Erin…”

Twilight: “We may be taller then you, but the age of our appearance is no different in this form as in our true form.”

Maeve: “Making us call him Papa, and making you both not to mention Inari appear so young. I think the rumors of Papa being a pervert might be true.”

“You know I never made you call me anything, and you also know I had no control over how you girls looked.”

Maeve: “Maybe not directly, but there is part of you that willed us to look the way we do.”

Dawn: “Quit picking on Papa!” –She says she approaches Belinda.-  “Hi, Mama…” –Belinda quickly gives Dawn a hug then introduces her to Rory.-

“I am sure this was the other surprise you were talking about, and it’s good to see you both, but what are you doing here?”

Twilight: “After the meetings we had with you we decided, or I should say Dawn decided to nag Maeve, until Maeve started to talk with her, but after that, Maeve learned about how we operate our dungeons, and we came to an agreement.”

“You’re not taking advantage of them are you Maeve?”

Maeve: “Why would Papa even suggest I would do such a thing to my big/little sisters? I just thought after how I heard they supply each other with xp, that I could help them by sending a few of my monsters to their dungeon, and in return they could send some to mine as well.”

“More like help yourself…”

Dawn becomes ecstatic when Belinda lets her hold Rory, meanwhile Twilight says. “I admit from the outside it may look like that, but Dawn and my dungeons have recently been discovered by the humans, and it makes having our non-rift monsters in each other’s dungeons become quite troublesome, so Maeve’s proposal actually is doing us quite a big favor.”

“And what exactly is that proposal?”

Maeve: “We are not exactly sure how well it is going to work, but if you create a room not attached to your dungeon, and another dungeon connects theirs to that disjoined room, then they obtain ownership of that piece of your dungeon.”

Twilight: “So Maeve tried making a smaller floating island off the side of her dungeon, and managed to get it to work, so in exchange for gathering xp from our monsters, we get the opportunity to plant an imitation crystal on one of Maeve’s floating islands.”

Dawn kisses Rory’s forehead and says. “It’s going to be great! We will get to have our own flying dungeon now!”

Maeve: “Well, the second small island I currently have off to the edge of my dungeon stays the exact distance and speed as the rest of my dungeon, and we aren’t entirely sure if they claim ownership to it, if they will be able to control it then or if it will continue to stay near mine, but either way we plan on bridging the gap and we can continue to gather xp from one another.”

Dawn: “Like big sister Inari has her safe havens in Shima hosting other dungeon cores. Maeve is going to have a floating archipelago with each island being different dungeons.”

Twilight: “We are also hoping that by placing an imitation crystal on one of the floating islands it will allow us to create our own, but if not, it may be a bit harder, but we hope Maeve can at least add to the island and we then take it over in sections, while offering something in exchange.”

“That sounds like a lot of that hinges on staying in Maeve’s good graces…”

Maeve: “You make me sound like some kind of tyrant…”

“Opportunistic is more like it…”

Maeve: “That hurts Papa…”

Twilight: “The cost of the imitation crystal will be quite steep, but we all feel it is worth the risk.”

Dawn: “I know! Why doesn’t Papa make an imitation crystal as well, and we could even get Inari to do it. We could all be together then!”

Maeve: “Let’s just take it one step at a time for now, and make sure this even works first…”

Twilight: “Which we were about to find out, until Maeve unlocked a new monster, and after mentioning you might like one, Dawn wouldn’t quit bugging us until we contacted you.”

Dawn: “I wanted to meet my little sister…”

“Well if you are all sure you want to give it a try I won’t stop you, so I guess we should talk about this new monster, and you can then get back to it.”

Dawn: “Aww, Papa isn’t going to stay to watch? I wanted to spend more time with Rory!”

Belinda: “I don’t mind… We don’t have to return until just before midnight, when we have to enter Ceres’s dungeon, so we could stay quite a while.”

Dawn: “Yay!” –She says while giving Belinda a hug.-

Maeve: “Well as for the monster, I can’t give her to you, but I will allow you to transfer ownership long enough to let you learn how to summon them yourself.”

“You’re not even going to give me one, and you expect it to cover the cost of at least a few of the swan beastkin?”

Maeve: “You’re the one that always say to respect the wishes of sentient monsters.”

“So she is sentient?”

Maeve messes with her [Menu] and then a small girl walks out of the building. Well, I say small girl, but it is actually a full grown woman, but her height threw me off until I noticed her ears. Unlike a normal elf however she doesn’t have earthy or green hair, but instead it is a light and puffy sky blue color, her most defining feature however has to be a pair of feathery wings extending from her back that match the sky-blue color of her hair.

Maeve: “Linna, let me introduce you to my Papa.”

Linna: “It’s a pleasure to meet my Mistress’s Papa, but somehow I expected you to be taller…”

“Well sorry to disappoint.”

Linna: “It makes no difference to me. My joining of your dungeon is only temporary right?”

“Yes, but first Maeve and I need to discuss the terms.”

Maeve: “Surely being able to summon more like Linna is at least worth the beastkin you traded me.”

“You are just giving me the ability to summon more…”

Maeve: “But it’s an entirely new race! Never before has there been any sky elves, and being one of only two dungeons capable of summoning them must be worth the beastkin you traded me.”

“Like you said they have never been seen before, so I can’t exactly summon some to go gather xp for my dungeon, and using sentient monsters to fight in my dungeon is not something I care to do, so it would be quite interesting to be able to summon them, but as for usefulness it is quite low.”

Maeve: “Come on Papa! That’s not fair! It should at least cover the cost of half of them…”

“I’ll make a deal with you, I learn to summon the sky elves and we call your debt paid off, but only if you agree to sign a magical contract with Dawn and Twilight stating that any assistance you give to them for the creation of their secondary dungeons is at cost. You can profit from the monsters you exchange with one another, but in helping them build their secondary dungeons you do it, point for point of xp.”

Maeve: “But Papa…”

“Either that or the summoning of the sky elves is one new monster for the price of one of the one of the beastkin.”

Maeve: “Fine, but that means we are completely even!”

“Alright, you summon the contract and I will fill out myself and the three of you will just have to sign, I will then take Linna back to my dungeon for a few minutes and then return her to you.”

Dawn: “It’s really ok Papa, Maeve is really just trying to help us out.”

“You may be right, but I want to see that it stays that way.”

Maybe I am being too hard on Maeve, because she truly looks like she just wanted to help her sisters this time, because she doesn’t even seem the least bit upset after summoning the contract, and while I fill it out, Dawn, Twilight, Maeve, and Belinda are all visiting and laughing together while playing with Rory.

When I finish Dawn quickly signs the contract, but Twilight actually reads it first, Maeve spends even more time looking it over but she signs it as well. The contract then splits into three and each girl takes their copy. I then leave Belinda and Rory to visit with the girls while I use [Gate] to take Linna back to the house.

After receiving the message about the transfer of ownership a few more screens appear before me.

New Monster Available

Sky Elf*                                                                Cost: 5500xp**

* Sky Elves are a unique race that is considered a wind monster regardless of their favored element. Even Sky Elves that bear earth as their favored element will have access to a limited number of wind based skills and spells.

**Sky Elves can only be summoned as sentient. Sentient monsters are capable of disobeying orders, depending on personality and mood, however once a day an ultimate command can be used, and the monster will be forced to comply.


New Skill Available

Advanced Aerial Combat                             Cost: 5000xp
Wind-meister                                                   Cost: 5000xp


“Alright, that should do it, but since I got you here there is a request I have for you.”

Linna: “My Mistress said I only needed to join your dungeon temporarily to give you the ability to summon more of my kind, she said nothing about fulfilling any requests for you.”

“Well it might be unfair of me to do this, but I just want to see to it that all of my daughters are treated fairly. The contract I made Maeve sign may stop her from taking advantage of the twins with the secondary dungeon, but there is a chance Maeve might still find a way or that one of the twins might try to take advantage of Maeve. By order of an ultimate command once you return to your mistress you will inform me if you hear any one of them acting in a manner that gives them an unfair advantage.”

Linna: “My Mistress may not be pleased to learn that you used an ultimate command on me.”

“I didn’t restrict you from telling her about it, so you can if you like, but I ask you not to.”

Linna: “If she learns that I am forced to give away information that she might not want shared, she may discard me…”

“For that I am sorry, but if it does come to that. You are always welcome here in Tobes, even if you do not wish to join the dungeon itself.”

Linna: “You wished to see that your daughters are not taken advantage of, but by using me, you used my Mistress’s trust in you to do just that. If that isn’t ironic, I don’t know what is…Now, if that is all I wish to return to my Mistress now.”

She isn’t wrong…But with Maeve’s history I just want to make sure they are going to be alright working together. I nod to Linna and then summon up another [Gate] portal, and we return to Maeve’s dungeon.

Maeve: “That took a bit longer then I thought it would, was there a problem?”

I look to Linna and she says. “No problem mistress, but I would like to return to my duties now.”

Maeve: “Go right ahead…” –She says with a confused expression while Linna shoots me an angry look before disappearing into the building behind everyone.-

“I don’t think she likes me very much…”

Maeve: “Linna has been a bit temperamental since I summoned her, but being the first ever of her kind she is bound to be a bit conceited. Once Dawn, Twilight, and I start gathering xp from one another maybe I can afford to summon enough to fill the rest of the village, and maybe she will calm down a bit. Speaking of which, Twilight is just about ready to place her imitation crystal if we are all ready.”

“Where is she?” –I say looking around only seeing Dawn still holding Rory while talking to Belinda.-

Maeve: “She will have to fly over to the island, so while you were gone she went to go change, and remove her ring.” –She says at about the same time Twilight exits one of the small dwellings having to duck to pass through the door as she is back to her normal bird-like form.-

Twilight: “Alright, are we ready to do this or what?”

We then make our way back behind the dwellings and there is quite a bit of meadow behind the buildings that wasn’t here last time I visited Maeve. We cross the open meadow until we reach the edge of Maeve’s dungeon and through the clouds you can make out another small island floating some 50 or so feet past the edge of Maeve’s dungeon.

The small island’s size is hard to judge through the clouds, but as Twilight spreads her wings and flies over to it, it looks to be about the max you can get out of a single room, if Maeve’s rooms function the same way as mine.

You can’t tell at this distance, but it appears Twilight pulls something from one of her pockets and she squats down placing it in the dirt. At about the same time Maeve’s attention seems to be drawn to something that is more than likely a screen that has appeared before her.

Maeve: “Well it looks like that much has worked, but how well it had worked, is still yet to be determined…”

Twilight then sits back onto the grassy ground of the small island as she appears to start messing around in [Menu]. Soon the island quickly doubles, and then triples in size, making the edge of the small island close enough that I could probably easily jump to it from the edge of Maeve’s dungeon.

Soon five large towers grow out of the island forming a perimeter around the small island before the spaces between are quickly filled with large stone walls completely closing off the interior of the island. A large drawbridge forms against the wall directly across the gap between the two islands, and it slowly starts to descend until it touches down on Maeve’s dungeon bridging the gap.

A massive steel gate replaces part of the solid stone wall at the head of the drawbridge, and it begins to open by sliding to either side, disappearing into the stone wall as it does. Twilight can then be seen walking through the gate making her way across the drawbridge back to us.

Twilight: “I used up a bit more xp then I wanted to, but this should be a good start, I will start working on the interior once we start trading monsters.”

Maeve: “I am glad you were able to add-on to the island yourself, I at least don’t have to worry about having to do it for you every time you want to expand. What about the island itself, can you control its movement?”

Twilight: “Unfortunately no, I received a warning when I placed my imitation crystal that my secondary dungeon will forever be bound to move alongside your dungeon. I don’t know what that means if something were to happen to you or your dungeon, but it looks like I now have two little sisters I have to take care of.”

Dawn quickly protests. “I’m not your little sister, we are the same age and size!”

Twilight: “Not from where I am standing.” –She says while looking down at Dawn who is still in the much smaller human form.”

Dawn: “You know that is only because of the ring!”

Twilight: “You have been wearing that ring so often lately I was starting to wonder if you even remembered that it wasn’t your true form.”

Dawn: “Well I can’t exactly go to the human village in my normal form can I?”

Twilight: “But when you return you could take the ring off, but instead you have been continuing to wear it when you go to bed.”

Dawn: “I have to make sure first… I wouldn’t want to take the ring off and find out it caused harm.”

“What do you mean…?”

Twilight: “She is under the delusion that since you got Mama pregnant that she can get pregnant as well.”

Dawn: “It’s not a delusion! I will have my own baby!”

“I’m sorry Dawn, but it doesn’t work that way… You have to use xp at the right time, and at the moment the old gods aren’t allowing any new dungeon cores like Rory. In fact now that Ceres is a dungeon core herself, I don’t know if it is going to even be possible.”

Twilight: “I told you it wouldn’t be as easy as just giving yourself to every man that would have you!”

“Wait… What do you mean? I thought you were seeing a man named Gregory?”

Dawn: “Papa… That was a long time ago. Twilight wouldn’t let me tell him our secret so he couldn’t handle it anymore and he broke it off.  After him I just found it easier to just have fun, and then you don’t have to worry about the secrets.”

Maeve: “You were giving me a hard time about Dyson, but don’t care that Dawn is just like him…”

Belinda: “Dawn, you can’t do stuff like that… It isn’t safe.”

Dawn: “But I am being safe! I found a place just like Roc goes to. I get to find all the friends I want and they even pay me for it!”

Twilight: “Yes, your daughter is working at a brothel, but she is at least taking care of her dungeon better now than when she was dating that beastkin, so it’s none of my business.”

Belinda: “Dawn, you have to promise me you will quit going there! You don’t need to do stuff like that,  unless you really care about the other person…”

Dawn: “But Twilight won’t let me tell them about the dungeons, and they can tell I am keeping secrets from them and it always causes them to leave me.”

Belinda: “But it isn’t right… Two-Twelve, can’t you summon someone for Dawn, so she doesn’t have to do stuff like that?”

Maeve: “Inari, Dyson, and now Dawn… Why am I always the one getting left out?”

“Inari just worked out that way, I didn’t summon Takeshi for that purpose, and you know why I had to summon a monster for Dyson, but I’m not going to summon some tailor made boyfriend for you or Dawn…”

Belinda: “They are all putting monsters in each other’s dungeon to gather xp, so how about you join in as well? You’ll get xp out of it as well, and if Dawn manages to find companionship among one of them, what would be wrong with that?”

“So instead of summoning some tailor made boyfriend for her, you want me to what summon her a harem instead…?”

Belinda: “I just can’t have my little girl working in a brothel… And anyone you would summon would take care of her far better than some stranger.”

“If I summon them, they would be a stranger…”

Belinda: “We both know if you put your mind to it, you could summon someone that would cherish our daughter…”

Dawn: “It’s ok Mama…Really, I just wanted my own baby, but if what Papa said is true, then I won’t go there as much anymore.”

Belinda: “But you are still going to go?”

Dawn: “Well… I do enjoy it.”

Belinda begs me with her eyes… “I’m sorry Belinda, but I won’t do it… I didn’t feel bad about the succubus, but I felt deplorable after summoning Dyson that beastkin… I don’t want to feel like that again, and Dawn is a dungeon core, so even if we don’t like it, those kinds of decisions are hers to make.”

Maeve: “I have a suggestion. What if you summon me some Avian instead? I have already got the makings of a small village, and between the sky elves and the swan beastkin a few Avian will feel right at home here.”

“Whose dungeon I summon them to isn’t the problem, it’s the fact you all want me to summon Dawn a boyfriend…”

Maeve: “Hear me out first… With Dawn and Twilight’s secondary dungeons here, they can come here any time they want to just be themselves. Even if Dawn doesn’t find companionship in one of the Avian, there will plenty of elves, sky elves, and swan beastkin as well, and if nothing else they can just come here to relax.”

“If that is the case why even summon the Avian at all, and what’s in it for you?”

Maeve: “Having more Avian around would make Dawn and Twilight more comfortable here, and like Mama said. You summon them and I gather xp from the group just like we plan to do from the monsters Dawn and Twilight will send, but as sentient monsters they will provide a fair deal amount more xp to me, especially after they train up a bit, while fighting our rift monsters.”

“I don’t know… How do you feel about this Dawn?”

Dawn: “I like humans, and I like being with humans, but you didn’t let us get near Roc when we were training, so the only other Avian I have ever known is Twilight. I can’t promise I will stay out of the human village, but I already promised Sorin that after Twilight and I got our secondary dungeons situated I would visit with him for a while, and it would be nice to be able to have a place I can stretch my wings while still being able to hold a normal conversation…”

Maeve: “Well you and Sorin actually sound a lot alike, but I wouldn’t put too much into his words, if you are interested in a real relationship…”

Dawn: “I don’t know, I thought he sounded sweet.”

Maeve: “So does half the females in my dungeon, he has even tried to go after Syrinx and she is barely humanoid and not to mention she isn’t even sentient…”

Twilight: “If you do decide to do it Papa, I wouldn’t mind sending some of my own monsters to your dungeon as well. I don’t need any fancy sentient monsters, but I wouldn’t mind having even just one of your big strong monsters nearby, just in case the humans get past the rest of Dawn and my primary dungeons.”

“Let me think about it, alright? Belinda and I are going to have to go pretty soon, so are you going to place an imitation crystal as well, Dawn?”

Dawn: “Yea, I got it here in my pocket, but I guess I better go change first.” –She hands Rory back to Belinda and the makes her way to one of the buildings.-

While she changes and removes her ring, Maeve makes her way across her dungeon directly opposite from the side in which Twilight placed her secondary dungeon, and she uses her [Menu] to place another floating island, but even though the size is the same, this time it is only a dozen or so feet off the edge of Maeve’s dungeon.

Dawn swoops in soon after to make sure Maeve is ready, and after Maeve nods, Dawn flies over to the small island. She ends up checking her pockets several times then has to fly all the way back to the building she changed at, before returning and placing the pebble on the ground.

Dawn makes the island bigger just like Twilight did, but as it is already near Maeve’s dungeon on one side she extends it out going the opposite way. Instead of castle like towers and walls, Dawn’s island is quickly filled with ruins.

There are a few entrances leading underground that cause the base of the island to extend further down into the clouds. Other than the ruins she doesn’t do much above ground, and when she is through she summons a rope bridge that she fastens to some pillars on her island then flies back to Maeve’s dungeon with the other ends of the bridge.

Maeve summons a stone archway at the edge of her own dungeon for Dawn to fasten the other end of the bridge to. After she is through tightening it up it looks sturdy enough, but passing over it would still take quite a bit of courage…

“I’m surprised you didn’t make your secondary dungeon like your sister’s.”

Dawn: “I thought about it, but our primary dungeon is already a tower, and Twilight is already making a large castle like thingy over there, so I thought I would like to see what I could do underground this time.”

Maeve: “Well once Papa finally gives the adventurers the means to reach our dungeons, then it will be nice to have a bit of variety for them to choose from.”

“After going through all this trouble to make secondary dungeons away from the humans, so you could trade monsters, it seems like a waste to try to bring them here now.”

Twilight: “We discussed all that before we agreed to put our secondary dungeons here. We know Maeve plans to bring humans here, but the islands are a bit more of a controlled setting, we can always place another island away from the others that the humans can’t reach to do our trades, so I don’t think it will be a problem even after humans arrive.”

“Well it looks like you have it all worked out then…”

Belinda and I continue our visit with the girls for a while longer before we have to return home to make it to Ceres’s dungeon in time for her to collect xp from us. We only have about a week left before Ceres said she should have enough xp saved up that we won’t have to visit her dungeon every evening, but it has grown into a bit of a habit.

While waiting on midnight in one of the buildings in Ceres’s dungeon Belinda and I discuss what we should do about the girls, and we then get Ceres’s input on it, but by the time Belinda and I head home I still haven’t made up my mind or not.

As we lay down to go to sleep Belinda can tell I am still worried about what I should do with the girls so she says. “Don’t be worried, because I know you will do what you think is best, and it has never let us down.”

I give her a kiss, and she wraps her arms around me burying her face into my chest before we settle into bed and drift off to sleep.




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