Chapter 139: Dyson’s Progress


After leaving Laura behind I seek out that slave trader of a duke, and he is quite easy to find. Although he doesn’t look all too happy to see me, he puts on his best business smile on and greets my arrival.

Duke Emerret: “Aw Master… I’m sorry I never did catch your name.”

“That is because I never gave it. You can just call me Duke.”

Duke Emerret: “Duke?! What did you at the castle?!”

“It’s my name not my position. Now, I heard you are the one to talk to about a beastkin sold to the castle that had a quite peculiar old style slave cuff rather than a collar?”

Duke Emerret: “Not this again!” –He says with his face losing its color.- “I already told the last grand high marshal everything I knew about it!”

“Then you can at least tell me what you told them.”

Duke Emerret: “I was doing my inspections of the foreign slave merchants and came across the beastkin with the cuff, she seemed like just the kind of slave the castle pays a high price for, so after inspecting the traders paperwork I told him it wasn’t in order. He then began to panic and that’s when I told him I would forgive the discrepancy if he parted with that particular slave. He wasn’t happy about it, but between 20 lashes or a single slave he chose to part with the slave.”

“Well who was this merchant?”

Duke Emerret: “I don’t know…”

“You said you checked his paperwork. Let me guess you never even looked at it.”

Duke Emerret: “Of course I didn’t look at it, any merchant that is coming to the walls seeking entry is going to have the proper paperwork, and smugglers are going to try to find another way in, so it is just a formality.”

“And yet you still cheated him out of the slave, and now we don’t even know who he is.”

Duke Emerret: “I know at least where he is from! He kept saying he was some bigshot slave trader out of Duscae.”

“You call narrowing it down to a single kingdom a credible lead?”

Duke Emerret instantly winces at the remembrance of the pain as he said. “The last Grand Marshal said the same thing…”

“That is even if he is as much of a bigshot as he claims, how would one know if it’s the right slave trader?”

Duke Emerret: “He dealt exclusively with beastkin! At the time it was a pretty big deal, because they were not common off towards Duscae, but Gowen kingdom seems like a breeding ground for them the last few years…”

“You better hope he is as much of a bigshot as he claimed or well let’s just say I know how to find you.” –I say then immediately teleport to Duscae.-

It has been quite a few years since I was last in Duscae, the dungeon cores that are all here now are rather pathetic, but there is one that trades her own beastkin for older more experienced slaves to gather xp, so maybe she knows of this slave trader I speak. I believe one of Two-Twelve’s beastkins even comes from her dungeon.

The royalty in Duscae is somehow related to the royalty of Gowon kingdom as well, so perhaps I should get Two-Twelve’s take on this as well. I take out the communication parchment from him and find he has left a message…

All forms of communication have been cut off from me for the last few days, so if you sent anything in that time frame I likely did not receive it. That also means the ones that killed the Elders and Maric are able to manipulate the communication parchment as well as [Communication], so talking through here might no longer be safe as well.

The ones behind the attack of the Elders and Maric convinced Maric’s old boss monster Hecate to attack me, so I had to fend them off. Madam Erin managed to prevent my death, but I don’t know what will happen if they make another attempt.

Dungeon Core #634 [Rosalinda] was at least partly involved with the attacks and by use of rings similar to the ones I am able to make she managed to somehow gather enough strength to put Madam Erin in quite a state.

Was it not for my Archjusticar ability to seal dungeon crystals I fear Madam Erin and I both would no longer be here. I don’t know how you are faring on your end, but if Rosalinda was able to cause that much damage to Madam Erin, you might be cautious as well moving forward.

A meeting will be held today at noon to discuss what it is we have learned including a mysterious party that Rosalinda just referred to just as him. Whoever he is, he seems to be the one leading these dungeon cores, so I hope that helps.

#634…. How does she play into this, and strong enough to nearly kill Madam Erin? I leave and everything goes to shit. I don’t know if there is any point in keeping up this façade any longer, but if keeps me out of those pointless Elder meetings for a bit longer I guess I will leave well enough alone.

I didn’t receive a message about #634’s death, but I never received one about Llewelyn’s death either, maybe I should ask if Two-Twelve knows anything about that as well. I clear the communication parchment and return a message to Two-Twelve.

(Unfortunately Southern Merretta turned out as a bust, I know you wanted it to be Laura, but it just doesn’t seem to be the case. I have followed a lead, but if the communication parchment is compromised as well I am not sure if I should say anything further. I did not receive notice about the death of any dungeon core, so what is #634’s status?)

I then receive another message from Two-Twelve filling me in on all that happened within his dungeon, he says he is off to the meeting with the Elders now, and asks me if Southern Merretta was a bust, then why was Llewelyn killed.

He had one job… And he still told Madam Erin about our plan. It seems she isn’t compromised like we feared, so maybe it is fine that she knows, although that makes me having to explain for my actions a bit tougher, especially with the matter with Llewelyn since it really did not seem to help at all.

Damnit now I am thinking of that damn beastkin woman again, I just finally got her out of my head and now this talk of Llewelyn brought it all back… I reply with a message just saying Llewelyn’s death led to the lead I acquired.

In a roundabout way it is true, but Llewelyn had to pay quite a hefty price for just paltry information. It won’t do Two-Twelve or Madam Erin any good to sweat the details, so I will just leave it at that for now.

Since I could not ask Two-Twelve about the Duscae royalty due to the fact the communication parchment might be compromised I might as well just start with Dungeon Core #47 [Bianca]. I pack up the communication parchment and then teleport one more time reaching an area not far from #47’s dungeon.

I know Bianca deals in slaves, but only beastkin, and that only amounts to enough xp to keep her alive, so she is of really no interest to me, so I haven’t even checked in on her before.  That being said I am kind of walking into this situation blind right now, but a dungeon core like her should be far from a problem even if things do turn bad.

As I approach the dungeon there are quite a few large barn like buildings and a single small house. The bars on the windows and solid walls show that the livestock kept inside are not mere beasts. As I pass through a gate I seem to have entered the dungeon, because a beastkin woman exits the house quickly making her way to me.

Beastkin: “Excuse me sir, are you lost?”

“I had a few questions about Bianca’s slave trading business.”

Beastkin: “I am sure I don’t know what you mean…”

“I am here to do business with Bianca.”

Beastkin: “I don’t know where you heard it from but there is nobody here, by that name…”

“Dungeon Core #47 [Bianca], I am telling you I know exactly where I am.”

The beastkin now makes and effort to send a message though [Menu], and after a few seconds she says. “You are obviously not a dungeon core yourself, who sent you?”

There are quite a few dungeon cores that operate this way, so I choose one at random. “Dungeon Core #112 [Keegan], he thinks trading a few slaves with one another might prove to be beneficial to both parties.”

I don’t know if Bianca and Keegan have even spoke before, but even if they don’t believe me, they should still be looking to find out what I am truly after, and will indulge me in hopes they can find out more about me.

Beastkin: “The mistress doesn’t usually operate in this manner, but she is willing to speak with you, so please follow me.” –The beastkin woman then leads me to the small house having me take a seat outside on an extended porch.-

The beastkin woman makes no effort to hide the fact she is sending messages in front of her as she asks me. “What is it you are called?”

“You can just call me Duke.”

“Well Duke…” –Comes a voice from behind me, and when I turn around a tall lanky weasel beastkin woman stands there.- “I have heard of Keegan and my own similar interests, but our distance from one another makes trading cost more than it is worth. Although I heard Keegan traded in elves, and you do not appear to be an elf.”

“Bianca, it’s a pleasure. Of course, I am sure you have your own couriers out and about selling your slaves and buying up others.”

Bianca: “So what is this deal that would get Keegan to send someone halfway across the continent to propose?”

“As you know brothels deal with quite a number of slaves, especially when the brothel in question has 6 separate branches in 3 cities all over Adra. Keegan managed to procure an agreement with the baron of the establishment, but you can only trade so many elves. Keegan’s hope was to be able to send you a few elves that would serve you while you gather xp from them, while he receives a supply of beastkin to keep his agreement.”

Bianca: “Surely there is a dungeon core closer to Keegan that he could make a deal with that would make this grand distance a waste. Even Elder Dyson with his ability to summon humans, is far closer to my dungeon.”

“The deal isn’t exclusive to just you, but having options is always a good thing.”

Bianca: “I see…”

“Besides as I hear your couriers even make it as far as Southern Merretta, so meeting somewhere in Adra doesn’t seem to far-fetched.”

Bianca: “Southern Merretta? I don’t know where you heard that.”

“I heard of a slave trader that deals only in beastkin that comes from Duscae, he is supposed to be quite famous, and I figured he had to be one of yours.”

Bianca: “Now I see, I thought Keegan seemed a bit of a stretch, but this is about that slave Edward sold in Southern Merretta a few years back isn’t it? I already told Laura’s little pet, and everyone else that has come poking around that it was not one of mine.”

“Fine, we can cut to the chase then, and you can tell me where I can find this Edward, I would like to have a word with him.”

Bianca: “Where else would you find a slave trader but out selling his wears. Where he is I don’t really care as long as he brings me back higher level slaves to exchange for the new ones.”

“You seem to know of this slave that he sold in Southern Merretta, even though it is not one of yours, so what can you tell me about it?”

Bianca: “What’s in it for me?”

“Beastkin are not my style, so I can’t say a trade, but perhaps I can make it simple and just say I will let you live.”

Bianca laughs. “What makes you think I would be afraid of some fat human man that can barely fit into his armor?”

“Well you can just call me Duke Dingleberry.”

Bianca laughs again. “What the hell kind of name is dingle… Wait Llewelyn…”

“That’s right, now what can you tell me about this slave?”

Bianca: “As I told everyone else, Edward claims to won her on a bet in Korta, but she was better quality then the ones he receives from me without special order, so he was holding on to her for the right price. She must not have been a dungeon monster though, because I hear after that other slave trader stole her from Edward she up and died as soon as Laura got ahold of her.”

“Where in Korta?”

Bianca: “For that you will have to ask Edward himself. Now, I don’t know what dungeon you belong to, but if you really did kill Llewelyn, there isn’t much I could do in the way to stop you, so either do it, or leave me be.”

“You don’t seem too shaken up at me killing you where you stand.”

Bianca: “I am sure you wouldn’t hesitate to kill me for any number of reasons, but if you are strong enough to kill Llewelyn then you should also know killing me would be rather pointless, and if you made a habit out of killing dungeon cores just for the fun of it I am sure I would of heard your name far more times than just the once.”

“I can’t argue with you there, besides even if I don’t care much for beastkin it is always good to have a dungeon core that can supply them for certain situations.”

Bianca: “Don’t think I will do you any favors for not killing me, but if your master is interested in a fair trade then I am willing to listen, but if not killing me outright is better than causing me too slowly to starve to death by forcing me into unfair trades.”

I have to admit I kind of like Bianca, she is missing out on a lot of potential, but perhaps once I return to my own dungeon I can point her in the right direction, and turn her into a decent dungeon core someday.

Without knowing where in Korta this Edward received the slave with the cuff, it would be looking for a needle in a haystack, and when he travels as far as Southern Merretta trying to locate him might be just as hard.

Spending all this time as this fat bastard, and I am still no closer to discovering who is behind these attacks. Two-Twelve sitting in his dungeon managed to gather more information than I have acquired. Maybe it is time for me to return to my dungeon.

“Next time you plan to meet with the Edward guy, if you contact Dungeon Core 212, he will pass along the message, and I will compensate you in an amount at least equal to the profit you make off of 5 of those beastkin of yours.”

Bianca: “The Archjusticar of the Elders?”

“Is that a problem?”

Bianca: “On the contrary. Humans have never been squeamish about buying other humans, but for beastkin it is a little different. Free beastkin are quite worried about buying a human slave, but when the slave is another beastkin that fear seems to fade away, so In all actuality Dungeon Core #212’s work in Gowen giving beastkin more power, has been quite good for my business.”

“Good, then I will be on my way.” –Without another word I teleport back to Mar.-

Stepping into my own throne room I remove the ring on my finger, and see Two-Twelve’s monster wasting his grand opportunity as he is passed out asleep in my throne. Several members of my entourage however quickly become confused their heads snapping back and forth between me and the sleeping doppelganger.

They quickly begin to tray to awaken him and he lets out a gruff grunt and pulls one of the women into his lap.

“That is all wrong!”

This startles him causing him to jump to his feet causing the woman to drop to the floor. ”Who are you?!”

“The man whose throne you have been keeping warm while he was away!”

Two-Twelve’s monster quickly appears to be checking [Menu] while he says. “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“I haven’t told Two-Twelve of my return, in fact I wanted to see this with my own eyes to make sure you were doing the job of being me convincingly enough. However to be sleeping in the middle of the day, and fully clothed no less is a disgrace!”

Byson: “Dyson…?”

“Well how many of me do you think there are?!”

Byson: “There is the real you, and the one posing as you to kill the elders, so at least three…”

“Well if I was the fake you already gave yourself away.”

Byson: “…”

“Now, I will be taking my place back now, but before you let Two-Twelve know of my return perhaps we should have a bit of fun.”

Byson: “What do you mean…?”

“I can say I am quite fond of the idea of having someone do the things for me that I really don’t want to mess with, so perhaps we should just see how long we can keep this going?”

Byson: “Well then what do you want me to do?”

“That’s quite simple, everything I don’t want to. As for the perks of it, I will need a whole new entourage of course, and those women there didn’t seem to have any complaints while I was away, so you can have them.”

My entourage seems quite confused, but they know better than to question me as well, so they remain silent. It can be their punishment for being unable to tell us apart, because I am rather disappointed that they didn’t notice that level 1 monster wasn’t me, even if his appearance was close there had to be a difference.

Byson: “I think I would like that.”

“Of course you would, for now however take that ring off, because Two-Twelve explained to me several of my [Menu] items become available to you.  That in itself is quite troubling, but now that we know about it we shall also use it as a chance to investigate it further.”

Once Two-Twelve’s monster removes his ring my entourage or I guess I should say his entourage quickly recoils.

“And there you have it ladies, for the last few weeks you have been treating that man as me. Even though he did it as a favor to me the fact you were unable to tell your master from a fake is quite disturbing to me. As such for your punishment it will be as I said, you will continue to serve that man as you have the last few weeks.”

Many of the women don’t know how to react, but again none dare question me. I open [Menu] and browse a few of the screens making sure everything is in working order, and it feels as good as the first time I regained access to [Menu] after regaining my place as a dungeon core.

This monster of Two-Twelve’s might be of good use to me in the future, so I decide to not only allow him to remain here, but I add a couple rooms to the castle to suit his needs. I then dismiss him along with his ladies and after transferring most of the items from the throne room to a room I prepared for him I replace the items with new ones.

In fact I essentially give him all my items and replace them with all new ones. The only thing I can’t afford to turn over is my armor and sword. I sit on my new throne and the room feels quite empty… I could summon a new entourage, but honestly the women I summon are becoming quite a bore.

There are the two women Two-Twelve is holding for me, but if I send for them he will know I have returned. The only other option is to buy some at the slave market, but even my old entourage would be better than those over used women.

I can’t even wear my armor until it has been thoroughly cleaned, but I just sent everyone away that is capable of casting the spell… I don’t think I have ever felt quite this way before Is this the feeling of loneliness?

Two-Twelve’s PoV

I have reached the neutral zone and begun my meeting with the Elders. Madam Erin and I told them of the things we learned about the ones using Dyson’s name, but for all the power they have between them, they seem so useless…

Draco: “What of Dyson, why has he not arrived?”

Madam Erin: “After learning of #634’s treachery I asked him to look into something for me and have already filled him in with what we know.”

Lucille: “Still playing favorites, and consorting with Dyson before the rest of us.”

Madam Erin: “I thought the matter should be addressed swiftly, and you are the one that wanted to postpone the meeting till noon. So yes I told him what we learned and sent him on ahead, but if there is someone you wish to blame for it maybe you should look in the mirror.”

Lucille: “These are trying times, and to pick up and leave your dungeon without any sort of preparations is quite foolhardy, so forgive me if I value my own life quite highly.”

Draco: “Enough! If these Dungeon Cores that have betrayed the Elders have gained enough strength to put Madam Erin in a bind, we really need to stick together, and what of Hecate? As the wronged party has Two-Twelve decided her fate?”

“I admit before I lost my memory I hear I didn’t think very highly of Maric, but I like to think in the last few months we managed to build a rapport. After what Rosalinda had told Hecate, and even with the manipulation of [Menu] you can’t really blame Hecate from coming to the conclusion she did. That being said there was quite a bit of damage done to my dungeon, so if [Menu] will allow us to grant her Maric’s dungeon core number I say we let her take her place as a dungeon core. That is as long as she is willing to make an agreement with me to take care of the damages I sustained in her attack. After all we have lost quite a few more dungeons and until we are able to find a means to reproduce more in an efficient manner we could use all the dungeon cores we can get.”

Draco: “Madam Erin, you are currently holding Hecate is that correct? Have you spoken to her about this yet?”

Madam Erin: “I grilled her for any information I could about Rosalinda and the ones she is working with, but other than that I thought it was best to leave anything else up to Two-Twelve.”

Draco: “Very well, if you will bring her here we can have Two-Twelve inform her then.”

Madam Erin: “There is one more thing I would like to add… We are quite short right now after Faron and Fredrick’s deaths, and with Dyson chasing down those responsible that just leaves the three of us. Two-Twelve may not be an Elder, but as the Archjusticar of the Elders I think at least until [Menu] allows us to replace our missing members we should allow Two-Twelve to serve as an interim Elder. It may be temporary and not mean much to the rest of you or even Two-Twelve, but I owe him my life, and for that it would mean a great deal to me…”

Draco: “I have no objection, as long as it is only temporary. He already can come and go as he pleases so where he sits is of little importance to me.”

Lucille: “I don’t like it. First we allowed Dyson to become an Elder giving Madam Erin another voice within the Elders, and then we allowed Two-Twelve to become the Archjusticar to serve us, and now you want to place him among us as well giving Madam Erin the majority ruling!?”

Draco: “Very well, we are short two members, so if it is that big of a deal to you how about we allow you to choose a dungeon core to serve on a temporary basis to maintain the status quo?”

Lucille: “Alright, I will have Laura join us!”

Madam Erin: “With the problems between Two-Twelve and Laura I think that is unwise!”

“I will be the first to admit I do not like Laura, and I wouldn’t be saddened one bit to hear she died a slow and painful death, but the truth is at least if she is nearby I have a way to keep an eye on her especially at times like these. As long as it is just temporary I say go ahead.”

Lucille: “Now that we got the approval of the great and wonderful Two-Twelve, then I don’t see any problem.” –She says sarcastically.-

Draco: “You can inform Laura later, for now I think Madam Erin should bring Hecate in.”

Once it has been decided I then receive a message.

Dungeon Core #212 [Archjusticar —— Gowen] will be presented as a provisional elder until such a time a new elder is placed. Accepting binds Dungeon Core #212 [Archjusticar —— Gowen] to those responsibilities, do you accept?

It does say provisional, so I doubt it will be much different than being the Archjusticar, so I accept. Nothing else happens so it seems as a provisional elder there are no grand perks…

Before Madam Erin leaves the room she has me take a position next her at the top of the podium. Faron and Fredrick sat to either side of her, so both spots are open, but I think sitting next to Draco would be better than next to Lucille so I choose Faron’s old spot.

Madam Erin isn’t gone but a few minutes, and when she returns she leads Hecate into the room. Hecate seems quite confused about what is going on, but even more so with me sitting among the Elders. Madam Erin directs her to take a seat in front of us and then she returns to her own.

Draco: “After the matter of Maric’s death we discussed what to do with you, and since the only thing holding you back from starting your own dungeon was the want to remain with Maric, and the availability of your dungeon core number we had decided to see if [Menu] would allow you to take Maric’s number instead, but then you went forth and attacked a dungeon under the protection of the elders.”

Hecate looks rather worried as she sits below us and has her head hanging low. After a few seconds of silence Madam Erin elbows me and motions for me to speak.

“Even with the misunderstanding in place with what happened to Maric you still made an attempt on my life. So after discussing it with the others they left it to me to decide your fate.”

Madam Erin nods and then starts speaking. “Through Rosalinda’s actions you seen a great deal of what kind of situation we are currently in. Not only with the death of the elders, but dungeon cores like Maric and Llewelyn matters like the rules between dungeon cores are of vital importance.”

Lucille: “Not being a full-fledged dungeon core under normal circumstances would make this a non-issue, but you are in a unique position at a time when we need strong dungeon cores.”

Draco: “And so with Two-Twelve’s ok we have decided if you wish to become a dungeon core and [Menu] will allow it we will grant you Maric’s number and start your own dungeon, but there is still the matter about the damage caused to Two-Twelve.”

“You put me and Madam Erin in quite a state, but the ones truly to blame for it is Rosalinda, and the others she was working with. I only lost easily replaceable monsters, but you and Madam Erin lost those who could be counted as friends or family, so as long as you are willing to agree to a magical contract to cover the damages I am willing to leave it at that.”

Madam Erin: “I however am not quite as generous, and will require more than just xp to make up for the damages you caused to me. I will not call for blood, but you can expect if you are allowed to become a dungeon core I will come calling and expect you to answer.”

Hecate: “I have been with Maric long enough to know that to be let off with something like this means that either with the death of the elders and dungeon cores like Master Maric, things are much more dire then you are letting on, or I really do owe Two-Twelve a great deal. If I am able to take on Master Maric’s number I promise to not let Master Maric down.”

Draco then seems to be accessing his [Menu] and afterwards a message appears before me, and Madam Erin and Lucille appear to receive the same message.

Training Dungeon Core #15 [Hecate] will be granted a second chance as a dungeon core under the title of Dungeon Core #1. 4 of 6 Elders are required for approval. [Current vote 3 for/ 0 against]

Once I hit the accept button it Hecate receives a message. After a moment I receive another message.

Dungeon Core #1 [Hecate Maric] has joined the ranks of the Dungeon Cores 50,000xp has been granted and Dungeon Core #1 [Hecate Maric] can now start her own dungeon.

Madam Erin: “Second time through is a little different, and there is still the matter between you, me, and Two-Twelve, so we will let the others return to their own business and then we can finish ours before you start you own dungeon.”

Hecate nods and the other elders then say their farewells and then depart leaving only Madam Erin, Hecate, and myself behind.

Hecate: “I thank you both, I know this decision couldn’t have been easy.”

Madam Erin: “I see you didn’t waste any time to add Maric’s name to your own.”

Hecate: “I didn’t want to take away the name he gave me, but I knew he would like to see Dungeon Core #1 keep his name, so I thought this would be the best compromise.”

Madam Erin: “It doesn’t matter to me what you call yourself, but what does matter is what you owe Two-Twelve and myself. Like I said, it will take far more then xp for me to call us even, but I think 10 million xp should be a fair price to make up for the damage caused to Two-Twelve.”

Me and Hecate: “10 million!?”

Madam Erin: “Your level might be high, but your dungeon will still start from scratch. It may take years for you to reimburse Two-Twelve so I think interest included 10 million is a fair shake.”

Hecate: “I understand…”

Madam Erin: “I even already prepared the contract that says 10% of all the xp your dungeon acquires will go to Two-Twelve’s dungeon until the debt is paid. Of course if you wish to pay an additional amount it will only remove your debt faster. I also made a stipulation that as long as the debt remains you will provide Two-Twelve any assistance he requires, and if he does need your assistance it will reduce your debt accordingly.”

Hecate: “10% seems reasonable…”

Madam Erin: “As for what you owe me I only ask 2 things. You will not attack any dungeon without getting permission from me, unless of course they are attacking your dungeon. The second thing is a simple I.O.U. but when I call to collect no matter what it is I ask of you, you will do without question, do you understand?”

Hecate: “What if you ask for my life?”

Madam Erin: “Then you got to live from now till then which is more then I believe you deserve. Your attack cost me 27 dear friends, and one of which was my boss monster’s daughter who was also like my own.”

Hecate: “I guess you aren’t leaving me much of a choice in the matter.”

Madam Erin: “Now you are getting it. I am guessing you will want to take over what’s left of Maric’s dungeon?”

Hecate: “Yes I think he would have wanted that…”

Madam Erin then pulls out both contracts for Hecate to sign and after she does she hands me the copy for the one pertaining to my dungeon, and then says. “Anything else you would like to add before I send her on her way?”

“I think that covers it…”

Madam Erin then pulls out the large map stretching it across the table, and Hecate selects a location and disappears before the map has even completely taken shape. Madam Erin rolls the map back up and stores it away.

“You don’t look to happy with the way it turned out, if you were not ok with this you should have said something…”

Madam Erin: “The monsters I sent where acting as yours, so the decision was yours to make, and given the circumstances it might have been the right choice, but that still doesn’t mean I have to like it. What about you and Laura, are you sure you are fine with that? What about her being part of Rosalinda’s group?”

“Well unfortunately Dyson sent word just before I arrived that Laura doesn’t seem to be involved, they might have been using her just as much as Hecate, so he is going to start looking elsewhere.”

Madam Erin: “What about your memories?”

“I think it has worked out in the end, I don’t think I would still be standing here today if it wasn’t for what I learned while traveling with Listel…”

Madam Erin: “And what about Listel’s death?”

“Like you said, given the circumstances it might be the right choice, but that still doesn’t mean I like it…”

Madam Erin: “Well I am sure there is still a mess back home you have to still clean up, so I will leave you to it.”

“Thanks for coming to help me when you did… You almost lost your life trying to protect mine.”

Madam Erin: “But it didn’t come to that, what about your Archjusticar ability, using that must be leaving you in quite a bind.”

“The only waste of it was we were not able to learn exactly what it did to Rosalinda before she died, I would have liked to learn what it stopped and what it didn’t.”

Madam Erin: “Well hopefully we won’t need it again.”

“I don’t know, by the way Rosalinda talked matters are only going to get worse.”

The conversation trails off a bit after that, and we finally decide to part ways, and I use [Gate] to return home, but just when I think I finally begin to relax, I hear.

Ceres: “Well look who came though smelling like a rose!”


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