Roxanne (Roxy’s side story)

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Even in my earliest memory I was still a slave, although my first master wasn’t half bad it went downhill after that. After reaching about 14 years old I was sold to my second master as a sex slave for my second master’s awkward son.

Although the son wasn’t a bad person I can’t say that my first time was pleasurable, but if things remained like that I believe I would have been able to find a sense of happiness. However my second master had other ideas, after a while he decided why should his son get to keep me to himself and started to use me as he saw fit as well.

Of course his son didn’t want anything to do with me anymore after that, and the father soon got bored, so they sold me off. My 3rd master was a bit of a creep. I was still pretty young at the time and he treated me somewhat like a daughter, but that never stopped him from using me every chance he got.

He would dress me in expensive dresses only to take pleasure in ripping them from my body. He would also throw me lavish birthday parties several times a month only to take pleasure in making it miserable for me.

I don’t know if it was when I began to get older, or just the fact I became accustomed to his treatment and no longer cried, but he too got bored with me and traded me off. After that I jumped around from slave trader to slave trader for the next few years.

Once I became an adult I was able to perform more than just being a sex slave, and I even received a bit of schooling in that regard learning the [Clean] spell along with several other things considered secondary for an adult sex slave to have.

Of course that drove my price up, but with the training I was able to get purchased one more time. The man that bought me this time however was horrible.  That had to be the worst four years of my life, and when he was through with me he gave me the scar to mark me as one of his old throwaways.

Luckily it was the same scar that allowed Denova to buy me for a low price, and with her promise of being set free after paying off my debt I was greatly enthusiastic. Of course things aren’t ever that easy, and I quickly found out I would be little more than a bar tender as Denova’s clients always chose the younger girls. Only leaving me as a last resort on very busy nights…

With that my debt was slowly going up instead of going down, so I gladly accepted a young, attractive, and enthusiastic feral beastkin girl when she asked me if I would take her on is a client. I had never had a female client before, but I asked for double the standard fee and she gladly paid.

She was pretty naïve, but although she seemed quite unexperienced, she seemed pretty sure of what she wanted. It was quite a unique experience to say the least and after some trial and error we both enjoyed ourselves quite a bit, which for me, was saying a lot.

After that she started making visits almost daily. Even on the days she couldn’t afford to pay for my services she would still stop by the bar area and at least grab a drink or two just to talk with me. I found out she was quite the prominent adventurer here in Tobes, so one day I made a joke saying she should take the commission that Denova placed for capturing a kobold up in the dungeon.

I had no idea at that time, but that little joke had to be the event that changed my life forever, because the very next day she arrived with a female kobold in chains. The most surprising part was instead of taking her reward from the commission she asked Denova for my contract.

Of course by then I already learned she herself used to be a slave, and even though she isn’t one any longer she still has a complicated set of circumstances. The man she calls boss and the kingdom’s princess initially threw a fit about her buying my contract.

They made it sound like they were not comfortable with me being in their house, which at the time I found it ironic because as I understood the princess was the only one there that had never been a slave. They however did pay for me to stay at the inn.

My new master visited me every day, and even though she wasn’t making me do anything I don’t want to, her “boss” still made her release me after a few days. I had no idea what to do after that, but I did enjoy spending time with this girl called Zoey, so I decided to stick around for a while.

I always talked about becoming an adventurer after I was free, but now that I am both I am still clueless on what to do next. Zoey has been helping me quite a bit, and she never seems to tire of being with me.

Zoey was quick to ask me to move in with her after her boss and the princess built a new mansion in town. I was a little hesitant but Zoey’s boss and the princess seemed to be ok with it. Zoey’s boss and the princess were what I thought at the time, quite a unique bunch.

I was quite conflicted for a while, Zoey made me happier than I ever have before, things were great here, and none of the experiences I have had with men would be something I would say was romantic, and yet still to say I would never have a man again… I still don’t know if I would want that.

I then started to notice a few things off about Zoey’s household… The little rabbit beastkin Lilah disappeared for the entire day, almost every day. I didn’t know where she went, but everyone acts like it is normal, and not only that but everyone seemed to have an obsession with the dungeon in the mountains.

They even seem to always ask Two-Twelve’s permission before mentioning anything about the dungeon… I think then was when I started to think that Two-Twelve and Lilah were part of the dungeon.

On a year of Faron’s rest, as winter was just about to set in. Zoey, the Princess, and the other girls left to go train, asking me to help Two-Twelve keep an eye on things in Tobes. I had never been alone in the house without Zoey so needless to say things are a bit awkward.

The princess’s brother was in town and asked me of all people to lead him through the dungeon. I had been through most of it by now with Zoey and others, but to lead the kingdom’s first prince into a dungeon. I was quite worried…

Two-Twelve then volunteered to join us to give us a hand, and when we entered the dungeon he didn’t even bother changing, only taking a sword with him. Even though he had never been through the dungeon before, he was strolling through it with as much care as strolling through the streets of Tobes. I finally got to see the dungeon’s crystal that day, but I thought the entire situation was odd.

After the prince left, I tried to stay out of Two-Twelve’s way, but due to the winter the commissions had just about dried up, so I decided to get a job at the tavern. Two-Twelve then decided one day to go shopping for winter clothes. I wanted to try to save my gold for better equipment, so I can go with the girls next time, but things were going to get pretty cold soon, so I decided he is was right.

Things didn’t go as I expected though as he paid for the outfits including one that cost 4 times what I make at the tavern. He even spent gold on two outfits for Lilah that would take years before she could wear, but he insisted he would be able to resize it for her.

With Two-Twelve spending that much gold on me without asking for anything in return I felt I needed to repay him somehow, so I decided to help out more around the house. After the snow began to fall things really began to get strange.

After a few short days Lilah’s winter clothing had already been resized to fit her like a glove. Stranger yet is the pattern matches its original design perfectly… I remember thinking if Two-Twelve is really that capable with a thread and needle, wouldn’t it of made more sense to make it from scratch to begin with?

Also even though Lilah went to “work” every day, on the few days she had left before me there are no fresh tracks through the snow, so I began to wonder, just where is she disappearing to? After the talk I had with Two-Twelve, I began to wonder, that maybe the wild idea about the dungeon might not be far from the truth.

When everyone returned to training I decided to have a long talk with Zoey about everything going on, and with what exactly goes on in this house.  As much as she adamantly told me how much she cared for me she also refused to answer my questions, and needless to say it put quite a wedge between us for a while.

With their return also came the announcement that Two-Twelve was going to become the mayor of Tobes, and things really started to get busy after that. Tobes had its first ever festival, and the time I got to spend with Zoey was the happiest I had ever been.

I never really gave much thought on love as I thought it was something I would never have, but even after the festival was over and things returned to normal I found myself never wanting to leave if it meant Zoey wouldn’t be there with me.

After the princess had her birthday party and I saw the beautiful necklace that Two-Twelve had made for her. I then realized why Zoey cared so much for these people. Even with everything I had been through when I saw the little wolf figurine on the princess’s necklace I knew they actually thought of me as family.

It was also enough to convince me with the stone representing Two-Twelve looked every bit like a miniature version of the dungeon’s crystal. I knew then when they sat around the breakfast table talking about holding a training camp for the local adventurers. To state the fact I thought that Two-Twelve was part of the dungeon.

There was an initial shock of me finding out, but their reaction was far different then I had imagined. I didn’t quite know what to expect, but they seemed to even be relieved when I told them about it, and Zoey most of all seemed like a huge burden had been lifted from her shoulders.

It wasn’t long after them telling me everything about the dungeon that Zoey hatched a plan. It was fair to say that as much as I thought love was only a dream that I loved Zoey, but she knew I was still hesitant to never be with a man again.

Zoey had told me about Bo before, but I never realized that he was part of the dungeon as well. The fact he was like a puppet was even more shocking, but most of all it was when Zoey asked Two-Twelve to let us have him that really confused me.

Zoey had put in an uncharacteristically amount of thought into just what she could do to make us happy. Although I was hesitant at first it wasn’t long till I realized it was her plan into asking me to marry her. I can say I probably would have told her yes even without the addition of Bo, but with Bo there all doubt in my mind was gone and I gladly accepted her proposal.

I knew Two-Twelve and the princess allowed Zoey and I to be together, but I thought that once we announced that Zoey and I wanted to get married they would put a stop to it. Maybe it was just the fear that everything I had been though I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop. On the contrary though, they didn’t even bat an eye when they congratulated us, and Belinda quickly started planning the event.

I won’t lie and say if I could go back and change the things that happened to me in the past that I wouldn’t jump at the opportunity. As there are many things in my life I wish I didn’t have to go through before I found Zoey. However if every bit of it was necessary for me to find Zoey, and lead me up to this moment, then I wouldn’t change a second of it.

Belinda spared nothing when putting Zoey and my wedding together, and although I can see she is doing it partly because she is preparing for what she hopes is her own wedding sometime in the future. She does still stop herself every now and then to switch gears to focus on what Zoey and I want.

I can’t say I am disappointed in the least. The wedding was far grander then I could have even dreamed about. The dress I wore alone was enough to purchase the contracts of every slave in Denova’s brothel.

It had to be the best wedding someone like me has ever had. The ceremony went off without a hitch, and the realization of all that has transpired is slowly starting to sink in. No matter what happened from now to the end of my life, as long as Zoey is by my side I knew I could be happy.

Two-Twelve and Belinda had to go to the capital for a meeting, so Zoey and I tagged along so we could have our honeymoon there. By now I don’t know why I was surprised, but I thought we still would have had to help Two-Twelve and Belinda while there, but when we arrived Belinda gave Zoey money and told us to have fun.

I would say we did a lot in the capital, but other than a single day for shopping the only time we left the inn was to eat. We didn’t bring Bo with us, but I think I just like the fact of having the option of being able to use him more than actually using him.

I can’t really blame Zoey but when I do use Bo she asks that she at least gets to participate, and I don’t even mind. In fact after the first few times after using Bo I think even when Bo is involved I still pay far more attention to Zoey, so his absence in the capital wasn’t even much of a loss.

There was talks about adding me to Two-Twelve’s dungeon before we left, but I wasn’t sure all what it in tells, but as long as Zoey is there with me, and says it’s ok, I am not too worried. When we make it back however Two-Twelve and Zoey take me a strange dark room.

They tell me this is the place that Lilah goes to do her work, and that she can see the entire dungeon from here. After telling me what to expect I can’t help be startled when a screen appears before me asking if I accept the terms of becoming one of Two-Twelve’s boss monsters.

Once I accept I see a bright flash of light, and before I realize it I feel like I am floating. I don’t know how to describe the feeling, but it was like my entire body was being contorted, but there was no pain involved at all. Almost like I was being molded like a block of clay.

It seems to take a lifetime, but it couldn’t be more than a matter of a few seconds as I feel my feet touch ground again. My vision clears, and there seems to be far more light in the room now, with several open screens displaying different areas of the dungeon.

I quickly notice something finding an extra weight to my head I reach to find my hair has not only got far longer but changed to a color of silver. I then quickly start investigating what else on my body has changed.

After making a few comments about the changes my body went through Two-Twelve seems rather speechless, but Zoey quickly blushes and gets jealous of him looking at me without clothes, which I find rather cute.

After a few jokes and explaining to me how everything with the dungeon works in more detail, Two-Twelve get sidetracked by one of the screens that appeared to him and after watching it for a while Zoey drags me off back to our bedroom.

After joining the dungeon we had quite a few setbacks, and had to go though some hard times, but in the end I don’t regret it for a moment.

“And that is the story of how I joined the dungeon.”

I then kiss the forehead of the little silver haired baby boy sleeping in my arms, and set him into a bassinet next to the bed. Luckily he is still too young to understand any of it, but as I retell the story to him when he gets a bit older I might want to omit a few points of the story. In fact it is probably for the best if I hold off telling him that story till he is an adult…

Zoey: “Does that mean he finally went to sleep? Do you want to try for number 2 now?”

“It just took three hours for him to get to bed. You really want another one already?”

Zoey: “We need at least 3 more so when they go out adventuring with Scylla and Boss’s kids they have a complete group!”

“You’re not counting on me for all three are you?”

Zoey: “Well Scylla and Kline still haven’t had another, and Boss and Belinda don’t seem to be in a hurry so someone has to pick up the slack!”

“You’re impossible! There is plenty of time.”

Zoey: “Then nothing…?” –She says with a pitiful face.-

I roll over the top of her and kiss her lips. “Now I didn’t say that, but how about this. It’s only fair you have the next one.”

Zoey: “But if I got pregnant then I couldn’t wear the ring till after the baby was born.”

“To be in the unique position to have ones spouse understand what childbirth is like, I think I could manage.”

Zoey: “Well… Maybe we should wait a while before the next one.”

“That’s what I thought.” –I then slide the ring onto Zoey’s finger and kiss her.-

I don’t know what lies ahead of us in the future, or what it will be like for our children, but what I do know is that in this moment. I am looking forward to what the future might bring.



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