Chapter 4



Once the party was over, I went back to my room, dragging Kalkah and Aura along with me. If I let them hang around at the party, there was a fairly good chance that something lew- I mean, immodest would happen to them.


“What do you mean, drain the swamp?” – Aura happily asked while throwing herself on top of my bed with a ‘pomf!’ sound


Her long jacket made a flowing, slightly-too-slow-for-my-comfort descent on her figure, and I was mildly surprised to find I had zero reaction to the sight of Aura’s nubile body in all its glory. I guess the prince me really was fond of her as a little sister, as the feeling she evokes are purely in the ‘must protect’ side of things.


Lying on her stomach, she bends her legs as she swings her feet slowly over her and looks at the second scroll case, opening it without permission and pulling its contents to have a read.


“You’re getting Stella, as expected.” – she says while continuing to look down the list – “As well as two dozen ogres and four dozen orcs. No elites, though. Supplies will be sent during the first three years, but after that you’re on your own… all the standard stuff.”

“Lady Aura, please do not open official seals without permission…” – Kalkah makes a weak attempt and chastising her

“Eeeh… it doesn’t really matters, does it?”


Well, with a dozen ogres, the brute force part of my plan should go along well enough, but now that the limits of my domain have been officially marked as “the edge of the swamp,” I couldn’t really drain the damn thing.


I guess I could go for an aquaculture business, then? I mean, I realize that father expected me to just burn the locals villages, salt their fields and rape the women, but I really wanted to turn my newfound land into a self-supporting domain that would attract immigrants and develop on its own as an actual settlement rather than a forced labor camp/demon fortress of ‘please heroes come slay me’ fame.


Will have to find out about the local species of fish and… ah, I have a feeling that if I sent Kalkah to look for information on fish and shrimp, and Stella hears about it, she would think I have gone weak in the head after the plant business, so I guess I will have to find out what, if anything, may be of value in the swamp. Alright, let’s try and get a specialist to come along and… Where the hell am I meant to find a biologist!?


“Brother is making a funny face.” – says Aura as she stares at me with a -jiii~- kind of feeling


At some point, she climbed down from the bed and walked over without me noticing until she spoke, getting as close as a few inches from my face, too.


“I’m just realizing the harshness of the world, give me a minute.”



Alright, so I need, let’s see… I can sort of do work as a structural engineer, but where the fuck am I going to find an irrigation engineer, waste handling specialist, food or geoprocessing engineers!? Ah in this magically savvy but technically handicapped world, I can probably do some work as a machine design engineer as well, so long as it isn’t much more complicated than a water mill or so…


“There he is, he’s making that look again.” – says my little sister while she turns to look at Kalkah


Hey, you know your breasts are just dangling freely in front of a male, you know? No, I guess you wouldn’t care from the get go once you grew up used to an open coat or robe being your only clothing to begin with, right?


“He did ask me to fetch some books on plants, earlier…”



I can’t, I just can’t ask for books on fish, can I!? I miss the internet so much. I even miss Wikipedi@ right now. The only good news is that I can probably do without a crop specialist, plant breeder, plant geneticist or soil engineer now.



“Ah! He spoke!” – Aura falls backwards on her feet and looks at me with some worry

“Kalkah, get me a druid.”

“A druid, young master?”

“Yes, a primal caster-type, one that is used to working with farmers, if possible.”



Alright, I can’t get a veterinarian or a marine biologist, but magic can heal disease and promote growth, so it should do just fine. I hope.


As for infrastructure, I have the excellent heavy-work machinery known as ogre to deal with it. A dozen of them. I can at least use the orcs as an unskilled workforce and have them lug around cargo, right?


As Kalkah leaves, I stand up, and this time Aura does fall on her backside.



“Ah, sorry. Here.” – I offer her my hand and pull her up.

“So, what are you going to do?”

“You promise not to tell Stella?”

“Yes!” – she answers right away

“I’m going to start a freshwater farm.”

“Yes!” – again, she answered right away

“Eh, you don’t have any questions?”

“Nope. I’m sure you know what you are doing.”


Aura, your faith in your big brother is blinding, you know? So shiny and pure… I have no idea what my prince self, did to inspire so much faith in you, but I’ll try my best to live up to your expectations. Even though I have no fucking clue what to do in order to make it work!


And so, Aura sat down on the bed to read the journal Kalkah got me earlier while I sat at my desk and began working on some ideas and a (temporal) checklist of things I think I’ll need in order to become this world’s most successful demon king of freshwater farms.


That sounds so wrong, somehow… let’s not sweat the small stuff. Right, let’s not sweat the small stuff.


I said it twice because it’s important.




“He wants a druid.” – commented Stella with a couple of ? marks floating over her head

“That is correct.”

“A farming druid.”

“That is correct.”


I had no way to know just how worried I was making my precious [childhood friend] right about now. She lifted her hand as if to mark her words, but found she had no idea what to say.


“Now, if you excuse me, I need to go find a farming druid.” – said my dark skinned elf maid as she curtsied towards my guard captain.

“Ah, yes.”


Stella made her way back to her master’s (my) door, and knocked before going in.


“My prince. It took me a while, but I managed to secure the copper cable you wanted.” – she informs me, and produces two inches of copper wire from one of her jacket’s pockets.


“The rest?” – I ask while receiving it from her

“About 50 meters, will you need anything else?”

“Could you get me some Britta fruits?”

“…yes. I mean, yes, my prince.”

“Thank you.”


“Stella…” – Aura calls over from the bed

“Yes, lady Aura?”

“Fluffy ears. I wanna pet.”

“…I have to go fetch some Britta fruit, my lady.”

“Jeee~ stingy.”


And thus, my guard captain makes a hasty retreat from the room. By the way, Britta fruit are as close as I could get to a potato in this world. Yup, I want to try and see if I can get an electric charge out of them. If the answer is no, I can just use the wire in other stuff.


I know magic can cause lightning, but a mild, constant source of it would be quite expensive to make.


By the way I have zero intention of making a fruit generator, alright? I will properly build a water mill or preferentially a small dam once the availability of either a strong enough current, river or waterfall within my new domain has been ascertained.


Anyway, Aura managed to fall asleep after Stella left, so I took a shower and changed into a fresh set of much more comfortable clothes before my fluffy eared- I mean, my [childhood friend] came back with a basketful of fruit.


Alright, now, any child knows how to make a fruit-I mean, a potato battery. I just took a cheap coin and had Stella slice it in several sections, lengthwise. I assumed she would use a knife or maybe impress me with a coin slash in midair, but the fact she just used her nails to do so is sort of scary.


Stella, scary.


“Thank you, Stella.”

“Yes, my prince.”


I stabbed the fruit after using a bit of magic to weld the cable to the coin slices, then checked to see if there was any sort of discharge by using a hair as filament, and was quite happy to see it lit up and burn.


Of course there’s no such thing as a tiny lightbulb in this world, alright? I just needed to know if electricity was a thing.


“Thank goodness.” – I said as relieved as if I had found a laptop connected to wi-fi

“Uhm. Is that it?” – my fluffy eared-ah, I meant, my guard captain asked from the side


It is Aura’s fault that now I want to pet Stella’s ears. Oh, but her tail is fluffy too… I get the feeling she would really freak out if I said ‘let me pet your ears and tail’ though.


Alright, with this, I can just think about what to take. Since supplies will come in once I install the teleport platform, I only need enough supplies to last for the trip and however long it takes to install it, so let’s err on the safe side and ask for enough supplies to make the trip back, just in case. We’ll have 12 strong ogres to carry our stuff, so whatever.


Ah, I guess there’s still some asshole in me, but honestly I can’t see them whining about ‘too much food’ so it’ll probably be alright.


Wagons, of course, spare sets of weapons and armors… I didn’t see any healers in the list of personnel I was getting, so how should I get one?


Well, it looks like Kalkah isn’t coming back any time soon, so for now let’s just go to bed. Ah, there’s my little sister on top of it.


It’s okay, its a girly-scented bed, so there’s nothing to complain about, I’ll just sleep with my underpants on. Speaking of which, she only has this one coat, right, so I guess I should take it off her.


“Aura, I’m taking your coat off.”

“…” – she’s quite asleep


Alright, off it goes. I unbutton the coat’s neck, and it comes right off with ease. It’s a good thing she sleeps on her tummy. Well, this kid really has a nice figure, uh? Hmm, I guess I’ll throw a blanket on her.


She kicked it off while complaining. Are you really asleep?


“Hey, Aura, are you really sleeping?”



Fine, whatever, I’ll just secure it under the mattress, then pull it over her, and secure it under the other side of the mattress… and now I can’t enter my own bed.


“Uhh… heavy~” – she complains. This brat, since when it’s a single sheet too heavy?


Fine, fine, do whatever you want. I’m getting under the sheets anyway.


And that’s how later that night, when I feel Kalkah sneaking into the bed, I make sure it’s her before wrapping my arms around her. There’s gonna be no incest in this bed, none whatsoever, you know? So in order to prevent cliché developments, I check. I’m genre-savvy enough for that much, at least.


“Young master, I didn’t mean to wake you up.” – she says in a hushed tone

“Its alright. Did you find what I asked for?”

“I couldn’t, I…”

“We’ll talk about it tomorrow.”


And that’s how, in the morning, Kalkah explains that she couldn’t find the person I asked her for. Well, this is the capital, not a farming town, so it’s no surprise.


“Alright, let’s visit the slave merchants today.”

“Yes, young master. Ah, should I wake up lady Aura?”

“Isn’t it fine to let her sleep? But you probably should inform Stella that I’m leaving the palace so she can escort us and all that.”

“Yes, young master.”

“Bring us breakfast, first.”


With that, she leaves for the time being, while I turn around and think on what to do with the petite demoness sleeping naked atop my bed.


“Aura, you´re really sleeping still?”


“Want me to pinch you awake?”


“Maybe I should just tickle you. This little foot looks very ticklish…” – I comment while reaching for her right foot, just to have her yelp and jump away – “You’re just so easy to read.”

“Brother, meanie~” – she pouts while sitting on the bed and rubbing her eyes

“If you’re awake, wash and dress, then we’ll have breakfast. I think the head maid will already admonish you enough over spending the night away, won’t she?”



Having said that, I did my best to ignore the jailba- I mean, my little sister as she washed in the tub set against my room’s northern wall, and sat to think of some uses for a swamp. Well, I already thought of freshwater farming, but that will depend on the loval species and their overall worth as food or materials. Perhaps the trees and plants themselves may be of value, though I held no illusions about mining in a flooded swampland.


“In the end, I really need to get there and look at it myself, uh?”

“Look at what?” – asks a soaking wet Aura as she drips all over my floor while drying off her hair

“The swamp.”


Finally, Kalkah makes it back with breakfast, and shortly afterwards we send Aura back to her quarters before heading out towards the market.


You’d think that purchasing a slave meant going to some shady, fortified barrack, but legalizing slave trade means we can regulate it pretty effectively, and a slave’s collar prevent him or her from moving further away than a set distance from their master’s person or home, depending on the master’s preference, so escape is pretty much impossible.


As such, they are traded like any other good at the marketplace, if there are typically some guards at the entrance of the shops to prevent gawkers and undesirables from going in.


I think I’ve mentioned this before, but while architecture is pretty backwards in this world, magic means it is easy to make straight, polished and orderly streets. Wood can be reinforced to be both as tough and as fire resistance as steel, and the only weakness of doing so is the risk of a caster messing with it afterwards, though of course, that’s no different from fearing someone setting your house on fire back on earth, anyway.


Kalkah was wearing the lightest version of her already small uniform, this being just a short black kamisk with a white lace wrapped around her waist, which left quite a bit of skin exposed from the sides while at the same time giving a very fresh and clean impression at the same time.


I was just in pants, high heel gentleman boots, and an open and thin coat reachiong to the back of my knees. I had no sword, as having Stella around made it as redundant and pointless as trying a butterknife at the end of a two-handed sword.


Stella too, was wearing a lighter version of her guard uniform, though in her case that simply meant high heel short boots, pants and a shirt. She too carried no weapon, but to ask a werewolf to ignore its claws and teeth during combat would just be retarded, after all.


Well, even so, you’d think she was just a lovely girl with a puppy tail and ears if you looked at her, though. A cute cosplayer, maybe.


Aaaanyway, lets not think about petting the fluffy ears and tails, and focus on the present.


“We’re looking for a slave who can use [Primal Magic]”


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