Chapter 113: Fortifying the Dungeon


After dealing with the situation with the old gods and Maric, it was nice to spend the remainder of the day lazily with Belinda. By the next morning I feel quite refreshed and decide to begin taking a closer look at that stone the mage’s guild lent to me.

The runes on the stone gave me the Lesser Status enchantment when I added to the inventory, if the adventurer’s guild magic is lesser status, I would guess [Menu] screens are the normal version and my [Archjusticar Menu] status screen would be a greater status.

Maybe if I use the spells I learned from that book Madam Erin gave me I might be able to learn a little more. I cast [Runic Reading] and even though the runes themselves don’t change, it seems like I am able to find more meaning in the symbols now, and understand what they do. There are still a few I look at with confusion, but for the most part I get the basics of the runes.

There is a series of runes that act as the enchantment itself, a series that defines the parameters in which the screen that appears to the user is displayed, and lastly a series on each side that act as the [Runic Activation] spell that I learned from the book as well.

I want to play around a bit with it, but I can’t risk breaking it, so I decide to head to the dungeon core room to talk with the bunnies about making another.

Bunnies “Morning!~”

“How are things going in the dungeon this morning?”

Lylah: “We have been really busy since the completion of the mage’s guild. Instead of buying their supplies from the general store in Tobes it seems they have had the new members of the mage’s guild begin collecting supplies to fill their stock. We have even had to add a few more rifts to the weak areas of the elemental rooms just to meet the demand of people entering the dungeon.”

Lila: “216% increase in the amount of adventurers entering the elemental wings to be exact.”

Lilah: “Since all the mages appeared in town though the dungeon has gotten an extra 15,000xp a day just from them being in the dungeon though.”

Lila: “The average daily income has increased by 16,142xp per day.”

“It sounds like you girls are really working hard… Now that Logan knows about us though I really want to show him we want to help, so I would like you to start putting aside some xp so we can expand an area of the dungeon strictly for training Gowen soldiers.”

Lila: “Unless the factors change again, in 4 days, we should achieve a balance from the additional humans entering the dungeon and the number of rifts we have added.”

“How about the mythril swords, are they still safe?”

Lylah: “Adding the lesser lich to the shadow rooms has kept the adventurers at bay, the dragon, griffon, and crab are all holding their own as well. The fire wing is the only one that has posed a problem we have lost the mythril sword there again, but with the extra xp we have enough to replace it, but we wanted to ask you first.”

“I have heard several times about item rifts, but I have never seen them in my own [Menu] would they help?”

Lilah: “Unlike monster rifts, item rifts work more like [Auto-Renew] traps, that is to say it doesn’t cost less it just automatically summons more when it is removed from the dungeon. Kind of like if Master has equipment sets on monsters from a rift and the humans take the armor.”

Lylah: “We like to change up the rewards for the adventurers in the dungeon, so we agreed early on that until the dungeon gets much larger we will continue without them, so we have the option to change the items.”

“I see. Well the swords cost almost the exact same amount as one of those boss style monsters, so we should really focus on a boss for the fire room before too long. I wanted to work on something else, but I think this is a matter I need to address first.”

The only powerful dungeon cores I know that favor the fire element are all elders. Dyson’s favored element if fire, but I think he focuses more on the humans then monsters. Draco and Lucille are both fire as well, but I don’t know if either of them would be more receptive of a trade.

I hate to keep relying on Madam Erin and Dyson so much, but I decide to send Dyson a message.

(Good morning, I am in need of a more powerful fire based monster, and although Draco and Lucille both favor the fire element, I was hoping due to our agreement you would be receptive of a trade.)

Dyson: (Well isn’t this unusual. I am of course quite busy, but I believe I would be willing to trade that is if you are willing to make it worth my time.)

I am a little apprehensive but after confirming an amount the bunnies will allow me to use I set up a meeting with Dyson at the neutral zone.

Dyson: “I have to say I was quite surprised to hear you ask to initiate a trade.”

“I have asked for your help in the past on several occasions.”

Dyson: “You have asked for direction in the past, and offered help in exchange for things that benefit you, but to actually ask for a formal trade I have to say is probably a first.”

“Well as you know my limits I can’t offer much, but I can at least offer an equal exchange for something at the value of what it is I am requesting.”

Dyson: “Well what exactly is it you are looking to acquire.”

“You have seen my dungeon so you have seen my elemental wings. I have a creature to serve as a boss for each one save the shadow wing and fire wing. Now with the necromancer I got from Tom I have been able to unlock a lesser lich that has proved to keep the shadow wing relatively safe now, but the fire wing is still my weakness.”

Dyson: “So you are looking at something around the power level of your griffon or small earth dragon?”


Dyson: “Well my favored element is Fire, but I am by no means an expert on fire monsters. However something of that level should easily be doable. Now as for a trade I doubt there is anything at that amount of xp I could receive from you that would even be worth my time. There is the matter with the sword of Exeter that still remains unsolved between us.”

“Even with your xp going into the cost of summoning the item, summoning another adamantium sword I think still holds more value than a monster such as this.”

Dyson: “We have already established that I cannot help you with the matter concerning Laura, but in addition to the xp required to summon the sword I am willing to offer an additional 1,000,000xp. I will even throw in the fire monster you want, and a shadow monster of the same caliber on top of it.”

“To be clear, you are offering me a 1,000,000xp bead, a fire monster worth between 50,000xp to 75,000xp, and a shadow monster worth 50,000xp to 75,000xp. In exchange I just have to summon a legendary quality adamantium sword using xp you will provide as well?”

Dyson: “It’s not Laura’s life, but what do you say?”

“Xp doesn’t go near as far as it once did, and now there are other things I need that are of higher value then just raw xp. I will accept, if you add the skill that allows the crafting of mythril items, as you must have access to it because I heard you made Queen’s weapons and armor yourself. A book that provides the skill or a monster that has it doesn’t matter, but that is my final offer.”

Dyson: “I have no monsters capable of crafting with mythril, and only can craft them myself, but if we can come to a deal right now, I will give you everything else you asked for and I guarantee I can provide someone that, won’t join your dungeon, but they could teach the elf Azami how to craft mythril items. It will however take her up to a year to acquire the skill depending on how much time she focuses on learning it.”

“Azami is part of the group I use for my work as the Archjusticar. If we get busy it may take her longer than that to learn the skill, if that is acceptable we have a deal.”

Dyson quickly pulls a small xp bead from his pocket that he has seemed to have carried with him ever since he first learned of me acquiring the ability to summon the sword. He then accesses his [Menu] and summons another xp bead.

Maybe I under estimated just how badly he wants this sword… Perhaps I should have asked for more.

Dyson: “Alright I will give you these now, and once I have the sword we can summon the two monsters. You can imagine their size will be quite great, so it will be easier to leave it to the end.”

“Well the monsters are by far the cheapest part of this exchange, so I am sure I can hold you at your word.”

Not to panic the bunnies I send them the message about Dyson giving me the xp to make something for him, but I don’t tell them the terms of the deal, because they only knew about the fire monster so want the rest of it to be a surprise.

I then use the 3.75 million xp bead. I then access the weapons screen and select an adamantium sword. Taking the quality to legendary I watch the cost of the item quickly climb. The displayed results are a [Adamantium Sword of Darkness] but surprisingly the critical chance is quite high compared to items I usually summon.

When I accept the summoning of the item it does result in a critical success and I receive several messages along with a [Legendary Void Sword]

New Enchantments Available

[Darkness Attack] Item cost x10 or 1,000,000xp whichever is less (100,000xp minimum)
[Void Attack] Item cost x100 or 10,000,000xp whichever is less (1,000,000xp minimum)


[Legendary Void Sword] The sword of Exeter, used in Exeter’s Royal seal is said to be made by the finest dwarven crafter that has ever lived. Not to be out done a legendary hero begged a powerful monster to create an even finer sword. The result was the [Legendary Void Sword] it is said the blade is so sharp it can cut any substance including the very air itself.

[Darkness Attack] weapons are coated with pure shadow magic, any attack made from the weapon is completely unaffected by armor acting as under the effects of a shadow based spell.

[Void Attack] weapons must first bare the [Darkness Attack] enchantment. Focusing magic on an attack not targeting a physical object but the very air itself the weapon will create a void pulling objects with great force towards it. Objects consumed by the void are impossible to recover, and it is even possible that the very existence of the object to be consumed. The void remains as long as the user of the weapon focuses.

The sword sounds extremely dangerous, but Dyson can kill me a hundred times over even without the sword, and I have little choice but present it to him. I have never seen Dyson as happy as he is now while he holds the sword unsheathing it from its elaborate scabbard.

Dyson: “I hardly begged… I sometimes wonder how [Menu] comes up with such descriptions, after all I am a “powerful monster” as well.”

“Are you saying you are disappointed?”

Dyson: “I have waited for this moment for over 100 years, and even then didn’t expect a unique item such as this, so no, I am far from disappointed.”

“I was just wondering, as that smile on your face is hard to judge, as it is quite creepy.”

Dyson sheaths the sword back in its scabbard, closing his eyes listening to the sound as he does. He then quickly removes the sword from his waist replacing it with the new sword then drops the old sword into my hands.

Dyson: “I have no use for this anymore, and it has to be better than the one you use, so I will throw that in as well, and now as for your monsters.”

Dyson turns his attention to his [Menu] looking at it with deep concentration and focus while running his hand across the sword hanging from his hip. After a while he looks around the room looking as he is judging its size.

Dyson: “Alright, I think I have an idea as to what to summon.”

“How big of a monster are you planning on summoning? I can only make [Gate] so large…”

Dyson: “Well they aren’t too large, but there are two of them. Actually three as I could not make up my mind, but even though it’s favored element is fire it is still not a fire monster, so I am going to add a third.”

“That isn’t necessary, and not part of the deal.”

Dyson: “Neither were the enchantments, but here we are.”

“That is just an effect of my skills, it didn’t cost any extra.”

I am not sure if Dyson was just, that pleased with the sword, or if he has an ulterior motive. This overly excited Dyson is far from what I am used to.

Dyson: “Don’t worry I still count us even.”

“Then I accept…” –I say a little hesitantly.-

The first monster Dyson summons looks to be built like Madam Erin, and just as bull headed. Except this monster’s head is literally that of a bull. I don’t know how much extra it cost but he is also wielding a large double headed axe just as tall as he is, made from enhanced dark steel.

The next monster Dyson summons is a bird, with brilliant purple and red feathers that look like they could catch fire at any moment, and it is easily the size of the minotaur, with claws the size of my fingers. The third monster Dyson summons is a dog, but with coarse black fur it is larger than a bear and has glowing red eyes and fire dripping from its mouth like drool.

“That is a minotaur, and I am assuming the bird is a type of phoenix, but what the hell is that?”

Dyson: “You’re half right, it’s a hell hound. Despite the fire, I assure it is a shadow based monster. Actually it is classified as a type of demon.”

“And you are saying all three of them are within the agreed amount?”

Dyson: “The minotaur definitely no problem, and the phoenix is one of the weaker varieties, and not even sentient, so it is on the upper end of the agreed amount. I have to pay a bit extra for shadow monsters because it’s not my favored element, then there is the 10% discount due to the boon you granted me, so add the amount I saved on the other two back to it, and well I only went over a bit on the hell hound.”

“The three monsters, the sword, and you will send someone to teach Azami the mythril crafting skill. All that and we are still even right?”

Dyson: “I may have exaggerated a bit on how easy it would be to get the one to teach Azami the skill. I have confidence once he sees this sword, he will want to meet you, and I will give him the condition of teaching Azami the skill in return for the meeting.”

“He will do it through, right?”

Dyson: “Especially for another elf, I am sure he will. I will contact him shortly and will message you when you can expect him to arrive.”

“Alright… I guess I will get these three squared away… Thanks for the trade.”

Monster Minotaur has changed ownership from Dungeon Core #400 [Dyson] to Dungeon Core #212 [Archjusticar —— Gowen]. Would you like to change Minotaur’s name?

Monster Phoenix has changed ownership from Dungeon Core #400 [Dyson] to Dungeon Core #212 [Archjusticar —— Gowen]. Would you like to change Phoenix’s name?

Monster Hellhound has changed ownership from Dungeon Core #400 [Dyson] to Dungeon Core #212 [Archjusticar —— Gowen]. Would you like to change Hellhound’s name?


Dyson just gave them names of what they are, so I guess that will work. After decided to not change their names I receive a message.

New Monsters Available

Minotaur                                             Cost: 50,000xp
Lesser Phoenix                                 Cost: 75,000xp*
Hellhound                                          Cost: 100,000xp*

*Elemental Type monster are granted a discount of ¼ due to [Uniquely Gifted] skill.


New Skills Available

Brute Strength                                  Cost: 10,000xp
Superior Endurance                        Cost: 10,000xp
Immolate                                            Cost: 10,000xp
Rebirth                                                 Cost: 25,000xp
Hellfire                                                                Cost: 25,000xp
Hounds of Hell                                 Cost: 25,000xp

New Item Available

Double Axe (Enhanced Dark Steel)    Cost: 5,000xp


After confirming the transfer of ownership of the monsters Dyson teleports from the room while petting his new sword… I can’t exactly transfer these three directly to the core room so I [Gate] to one of the large rooms on the bottom floor of the dungeon that adventurers haven’t yet arrived to yet.

I then transfer to the core room and am quickly met with 4 very excited little rabbits.

Lilah: “Master brought back more than just a fire monster!”

“Well the lich has worked pretty well you said, but it still isn’t exactly a boss, so he helped us out with that as well, and the minotaur can be added to one of the rooms in the primary section of the dungeon. That isn’t all though I got one more surprise.”

With the addition of the mages entering the dungeon the summoning of the 4th bunny has already become mandatory, so I decide to use the 1 million xp bead to expand the dungeon core room into an advanced dungeon core room.

Once I select the advanced dungeon core room and finalize it I receive a message at the same time the dungeon core room increases in size. The only way to tell the room gained size however is that the screens that make up the wall launch backwards spreading apart.

Advanced dungeon core rooms grant the use of [Advanced Dungeon Menu] however unlike normal [Menu] it can only be used within the dungeon core room. [Advanced Dungeon Menu] adds additional settings allowing for greater control of a dungeon.

Monsters summoned in a dungeon with an Advanced Dungeon Core room are inherently more intelligent and stronger with settings that can be changed within the [Advanced Dungeon Menu]. Monster rifts, item rifts, and auto-renew traps have improved settings that can be adjusted in [Advanced Dungeon Menu].

Lilah: “What did Master do!?”

“I upgraded the dungeon core room to an advanced one, so you four have a bit more room to work with.”

Lylah: “But Master the cost of it was so much…”

Lila: “A more cost effective measure would have been to summon another sister.”

Leila: “I like it…”

“Thank you Leila, as least someone appreciates it… You four where getting cramped as it was I don’t know how many more of you we could of summoned before it became a problem.”

Lila: “There was effectivity room for 2 more sisters, before additional space would have been required.”

“That doesn’t mean it would have been room for 2 more comfortably… Besides I had the xp now, so I used it, I didn’t even spend the xp we agreed on for getting the new monster, so we are fine.”

Lylah: “Does that mean Master wants us to replace the missing mythril sword now?”

“With the phoenix to guard it now it should be harder for them to take it. Hopefully by the time they start making it though the bosses Azami will have learned to be able to make mythril weapons.”

Lilah: “Does Master have a plan to teach Azami how to make mythril items?”

“That was the final part of the deal I made with Dyson, he is supposed to send someone that can teach her the skill, but it may take a while for her to learn it.”

Lylah: “Minotaur, phoenix, hellhound, 1 million xp, and mythril crafting skill… What did Master trade Dyson?”

Lilah: “Lilah belongs to Master, so Dyson can’t have her!” –She says while covering herself with her arms.-

“I don’t even want to begin to understand what you mean by that… But I finally made the sword Dyson wanted.”

Lilah: “But Master… What about Laura?”

“After all this time he still didn’t change his mind about it, so I doubt it would of ever worked, so I figured it was time. We will just have to find another way to get Laura.”

Lylah: “Can we add our own beds here now?”

“Of course.”

Leila: “I can have my own bed?”

“Each of you can, the core room looks big enough now you can each have your own area to yourselves. I don’t know how much you can do, but as long as you continue to take care of the dungeon like you have you can do what you like here.”

They all then begin setting up sections for themselves. Lilah was on her own for a while, but the rest of them have sort of been a package deal, so getting to see how they do each of their areas slightly different I can finally see a bit more of their individuality.

Lilah’s “room” is as mundane as they come with everything from standard bed, chair, desk, and set of drawers for her clothes. The only thing that stands out is the armor rack holding her armor, a curled up whip that doesn’t look to have been used in a while, and a single stuffed cat on the center of the bed.

Lylah’s “room” is far more colorful, the bed appears far fluffier and there are at least three or four stuffed animals. I get sudden flashes of memories from when Lylah was first summoned about Lilah having her wear fluffy dresses that Belinda couldn’t get Lilah to wear.

Lila’s “room” isn’t exactly mundane as it has several creature comforts, but it is also very practical and uniform.

Leila is the youngest and her “room” shows it, she has over a dozen stuffed animals and even though they are just now summoning these items, they are already scattered in disarray around her area. Like Lylah’s area all of Leila’s things are bright colors and full of fluff and ruffles.

I decide to leave them to finish up while I go back to what I started doing this morning. I can’t summon just a normal looking rock, so I summon a small gem placing the [Lesser Status] enchantment on it.

The effects of [Runic Reading] are long gone so it is rather strange to look at the runes carved in the small gem knowing that I knew what they meant earlier, but can’t make them out now. After casting [Runic Reading] again I then cast [Runic Writing] trying to change the effects on the stone.

The bunnies start to gripe at each other saying someone spent too much xp on their room, so I have to step in, and tell them it was me after completely destroying 3 of the gems before getting any kind of results.

My total expenditure was 10,000xp, but I managed to change the parameters on the 4th gem to show a numerical display when showing the person’s status with the gem. I test it out on the bunnies and where the mage’s guild stone shows below average, average, or above-average, the gem I made shows like the [Menu] displaying the girl’s actual score.

It still doesn’t display my skills that are dungeon related, but I am quite happy with the result.

Lylah: “Master why spend that much xp on something like that when we can use [Menu]?”

“The stones the adventurer’s guild use just bothered me, and I was just testing the use of the spells I learned from Madam Erin. It may take a while, but if I keep working at it maybe I can learn new enchantments, or make things like Madam Erin does with her runes.”

The bunnies however are not convinced that what I accomplished amounts to much, so I decide to take my gem and head back to the house.

Belinda: “They just don’t understand because they have always had [Menu]. I was floored when I saw my full status page in [Menu] for the first time, so even though it’s a small step I am sure that gem will really turn some heads at the mage’s guild.”

“You think I should show it to them?”

Belinda: “Isn’t that why you made it?”

“I didn’t really think about it, I just didn’t like the old stone worked. It might help a bit without causing any harm, so I guess it wouldn’t hurt I guess.”

Belinda: “Well why don’t we go show it to them.”

“Right now?”

Belinda: “Why not? I don’t think the elders of the mage’s guild believed the stories about you, I would like to rub it in their faces just how smart you really are.”

Belinda then grabs my arm and practically drags me out the door towards the mage’s guild. When we arrive at the mage’s guild we are blown off by Madelaine and Kleed when we run into them, both say they are too busy.

Zedross: “I understand you are the local representatives, but we are just getting off the ground so you have to understand there are quite a few things that need our attention.”

“Well that is quite the attitude switch from when you begged me to join the guild. I wanted to return the stone you let me borrow because I was done with it.”

Zedross: “I thank you for returning it, but it wasn’t really necessary to meet with us just to return it.”

“I made an improvement, and thought you might like to see it.”

Zedross: “That is impossible, it has taken years to perfect it and you haven’t even spent more than a few days on it.”

“Actually I was busy yesterday, and this morning, so it was just this afternoon.”

Zedross quickly activates the stone I handed him and scoffs. “I don’t see anything different.”

“I didn’t want to damage the one you lent me so I made another.” –I then hand him the small gem which seems to now begin to draw his attention.-

Zedross: “You are saying you replicated the runes on the stone in just a single afternoon?”

“Not exactly, as I said I improved it.”

Zedross looks over the small gem curiously. “How did you manage to add the runes to a gem like this?”

“I have the spell [Runic Writing]

Zedross: “That is an exceptionally advanced spell. I thought you said you just started to take an interest in runes.”

“Acquiring the spell is why I took an interest in it. I guess you could say it was one of my hidden talents I received while being a hero, so this was my first attempt in using the spell.”

Zedross looks rather skeptical but he then activates the gem, when the screen appears in front of him there is a mix of shock and confusion on his face.

Zedross: “You really managed to get it to work… But what are these numbers?”

“The stones the adventurer’s guild use I felt was to broad, I mean average, above-average, what is that all about? I thought a numerical value would show the difference in ability in much more detail.”

Zedross: “Then this can’t be very effective. My magical ability says it is 415 and my strength is 18. I don’t know the scale, but my strength shows to be average on a normal stone, and if 18 is normal with my magical ability is exceptional the difference the number displays seems far too great.”

“Wait 415…?” –It was at that moment I realized my mistake.-

When I was in Uthaira and was tested everything was extraordinary or heroic and the man at the adventurer’s guild didn’t blink an eye because I was a hero, but with a number value, I have over 4 times the magical ability of this man who is supposed to be the pinnacle of a human’s magical ability. Our difference will become far clearer with this gem I made…

Zedross: “That is what I am saying the number can’t be accurate, what did yours show?”

“You’re right… I must have made a mistake somewhere…”

Belinda: “What do you mean? It sounds right to me…”

I quickly and lightly squeeze Belinda’s hand and shake my head.

Zedross: “Well you may have made a mistake somewhere, but it shows great promise, you mind if I work with it a while.”

“Actually I think I would like to work on it myself.”

Zedross: “A bit of a shame… But if you get it figured out, I would be happy to look at it again.”

“Sorry for bothering you…”

When Zedross drops the gem into my hand it activates. Unlike [Menu] these screens can be seen by anyone, so I quickly try to close it before Zedross can see. Zedross has a confused look on his face and has a nervous chuckle as the color drains from his face.

“Yep must be broken…” –I say with my own nervous chuckle.-

I then quickly drag Belinda from the guild.

Belinda: “I don’t understand…”

“I was shocked how low his magical ability was… The stones might not display a number for good reason…”

Belinda: “You could have proven you were not some country mage, but a hero like advertised though.”

“My magical ability shows as Heroic, which is fine because I am a hero, but Zedross is an elder of the mage’s guild with only 415 spell power. That is to say if the others are around the same level my spell power is easily higher than the three of them combined, how do you think they would take that if they could see the actual number difference?”

Belinda: “I think I see what you mean.”

“I am afraid he saw some of the numbers though, I hope he really bought it when I said the gem must not be working correctly… I might need to keep an eye on them with [Menu] for a few days.”

With nothing else to do we return home and I store the gem for now.


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  1. Honestly at this point he may as well just let them have it, since the cat’s out of the bag already. Well, maybe it would be better to use it as a tool for the soldier’s training, as it would be useful there, and would also help the kingdom further if they monopolized it, since they lost the monopoly on the communication parchments


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