Chapter 3 ~ Feast of Demons



And the result was a journal, a log book from some human adventurer’s travels. I feel so dumb having asked for Stella and Kalkah’s help now, but there was no way to know this is all the info available on plants.


It doesn’t make any sense to me. I know that healing magic makes medicine look downright barbarous, but surely not every little village and town have magic healers available, do they? If anything, there should at least be a need to know which plants are poisonous, after all.


Well, that much at least is mentioned in the journal, along with dangerous monsters, as well as venomous and poisonous critters of all types.


I find it somewhat interesting that there’s no spiders, but you can’t expect a parallel worlds to have duplicate species, after all. I think the fact we already have intelligent humanoids is plenty amazing to begin with.


Ah but if my ‘dream’ is a guide to follow, since souls all looked humanoid, maybe it actually is per the course across most worlds?


Anyway, Stella’s awkwardness feels really heavy as she sits straight as an arrow next to me. I did tell her I wanted her help, but then it ended being just this much… I’m not trying to get you in bed, you know? You don’t need to be so on your guard around me!


“Is this all you could find? Really?” – I look towards Kalkah as she stands by the door

“Yes, my prince.”

“Come think about it, how did you find it? It’s not labeled in any way that suggests it could help with my request.”

“Your Kalkah likes reading such books.”


Oh, so her hobby is reading travel logs? I guess it’s a replacement for entertainment in this world… yeah, sounds about right.


“So, you had read it before?”

“That is indeed the case, young master.”

“Hmm.” – I turn slightly towards Stella – “That being the case, I won’t be needing your help, after all.”

“Is that so?”


Eh? Why do you look slightly disappointed all of a sudden? Didn’t you hate being next to me?


“Well, instead, could I bother you with something else? I need you to send someone to a blacksmith and make a request in my name.”

“Of course, my prince.”


I ask for copper cables. It’s actually not that hard to make at all, you know? You just carve a wooden or ceramic plank and pour the copper in the dent, then remove it when its cooled down and you have serviceable copper wires.


If you wanted thin filaments, though, it would be harder, but… I just want to try and see if I can get an electric circuit with some fruit… I want to know if the same laws of physics apply here. It may sound like a weird thing to worry about, but this is a world with magic, so it may even happen to be in another universe, thus I need to check.


I ask for some vegetables and fruit… should I ask for potato-like roots… ? Anyway, as the prince, it shouldn’t be hard to secure some basic stuff.


“Very well, I will see to it, my prince. With your permission.”

“Yes, thank you.”


The beautiful dark skinned girl stands up and leaves. Ah, it feels so awkward to have to interact with someone I did that to, on a daily basis.


I mean it’s hard to interact with her every day! It’s not like I pushed her down every day, alright!? It was just the one! Please believe me!


Anyway, being around Stella sure is stressing, or should I say, it makes me feel guilty?


“Kalkah, how long until I have to talk with father?”

“There should be some time left, young master, would you like to enjoy your Kalkah in the meanwhile?”

“Eh… no, I wasn’t asking because of such a reason… please prepare me a bath and a change of clothes.”

“Yes, my prince.”


Alright so taking notes… I think I need to check the local market and visit vegetable salesmen. With some luck, they can tell me the sort of stuff I want to know.


I’m busy reading the journal, when Kalkah calls over to me and announces the bath to be ready, so I close the journal and stick it in my night table before heading over to her… ah, the old me… young me… the previous me… uhmm I am not sure what would be appropriate as a way to think of myself before the awakening of my previous life’s memories.


I’ll just go with the prince.


The prince had made it an everyday thing to ‘have Kalkah assist him in the bath,’ though. And yeah, it was sex. I’m not going to sugar coat it, the prince was pretty much a spoiled brat. Well, at least, it doesn’t seem like she hates it nowadays…


It wasn’t my intention, but like I said, I’m not a saint, either, and Kalkah’s curvy, dark and soft body is just so very tempting when she’s wrapped in nothing but a towel.


Aaaanyway, an hour later, she’s helping me dress for my audience with the demon king. A pair of soft, thin and elegant pants with a flowing coat atop an elegant shirt. It is all much lighter than you may think, as we do have tropical temperatures year round.


“This should be a short ceremony.” – I comment, mostly to myself

“Yes, my prince. Your father will simply hand over an official deed for your new territory, and another assigning troops to you.” – Kalkah replies all the same while buttoning my shirt and fixing the ends of my sleeves.


All the same, it is quite the shameless thing, and the lands that will be ‘granted’ to me are actually part of a human kingdom already, but it does lend an air of legitimacy, I suppose.


“Your clothes are ready. How are you feeling, my prince?” – the attractive elf maid looks at me with bright blue eyes, showing more concern than I thought she would.

“I am prepared.” – nodding, I lower my arms and pull on my coat for that very final, last minute adjustment, before walking out of the room and down the corridor.


Stairs, corridor, stairs, corridor, turn, corridor, garden, gate, corridor, turn, gate, and I’m at the entrance to the throne room.


It is far more decorated and imposing than those on Earth, by the way, which only makes sense since it was created pretty much using nothing but magic. Sharp pillars run along the walls and stand freely near the center of the room, holding a massive (but actually very thin) dome of black stone, laced with gems in order to simulate a night sky.


From left to right, there’s a small group of courtiers and nobles, then Stella’s father, general Brass, a tall and wide werewolf that is pretty much a moving tower. Then come a few officers and royal guards before the steps of the throne, where my father sits comfortably while leaning back, eyes closed.


Like my own, his skin is blue, and his hair deep black, with two tall horns, though his turn black towards the tip, each capped with a small eldritch flame. Father has many consorts and plenty of concubines, but no queen. Instead, his favorites are sitting or standing around him and on the steps to the throne, as well as my youngest brother, sitting while one of our mothers hugs and caresses him, and a few of my sisters that have yet to be married or have been taken into father’s harem.


He has no issues about taking anything he wants, as expected from a demon king. Of course the land he’s ‘granting’ isn’t his own. Did you think he’d let go of anything of his?


“Asmund. We allow you to speak.” – he proclaims


I stand and proclaim my age, as it’s already traditional, then ask for a land of my own.


“Is that so? Are you ready to fight us in a bid for the throne?” – he asks amusedly. This too is part of the ceremony

“No, for I am much too weak. Please, grant me a land in your name.”

“Very well.”


He gestures, and one of the courtiers comes over and hands me two scroll cases with father’s seal.


“You will rule over the swamps on the east. Fish and game are plentiful, as are the slaves. Make sure to groom your own land to our liking.”


By this, he means there’s nothing but swamps, beasts and enemies, of course.


“Yes! In your name!” – And with my reply, the formal part of the ceremony is over.


The side doors are opened, and the servants enter carrying tables, chairs, food and drink. A ‘feast of demons’ is about to start, and will likely continue for three days or until someone dies, whichever happens first.


The nobles are not really interested in having words with me beyond what is absolutely necessary, so after the meal and the dancer’s show, I find myself rather free.


The grey stone floor is covered with grease stains from fallen food, which father’s pets quickly and quietly devour. There’s a few princes and princesses from recently conquered villages amongst their number, but the gross number of them is mostly ‘heroes’ that dared the trip with dreams of slaying the Demon King.


“Brother, why the frown?” – The playful voice of one of my sisters precedes a pair of soft feminine arms as she hugs me from behind, pressing herself against my back.


As a part of father’s harem, her clothes are mostly jewelry and accessories. Or rather, that’s all they are. Her perfume is fruity sweet, and her long nails are dyed a deep purple, with tiny gold drops along their length. There’s so many thin chains hanging between her accessories, that she tingles whenever she moves.

“Hm. It’s because I won’t see big sister for a while.” – I reply as I lean back my head unto her shoulder

“What a spoiled child.” – she smiles and leans in her face towards mine a little bit – “Aren’t you taking Kalkah to play with while you’re gone?”

“Hm. I can’t miss you?”

“Fine, you bad child, I’ll allow it.” – she replies and starts leaning in towards my lips


It is at this point that Aura, the sister closest to my age, steps in and pulls on my ear to pull me away from our older sister.


“Hey! If father sees you doing that, he’ll break your horn, you know!?” – she chides me while knitting her eyebrows together


Aura is about a year younger than me, and has managed to escape father’s interests thanks to our older sisters keeping him suffiently entertained. Currently, she’s wearing an open, long and flowing black coat with red rims and a tall turtle neck. Despite what you may think, the coat can only be closed around the neck, and is otherwise open, showing off an ‘ultimate cleavage’ that is several inches wide and goes down uninterrupted all the way to the floor. What little modesty she has, is thanks to her curling her tail around her right thigh and then up, just barely covering between her thighs.


“Hmm… his horn? Yes, you’re right. It wouldn’t be his horns, but his horn, after all!” – our older sister laughs and leaves us while Aura fumes at her

“If you know that, then don’t get Asmund into trouble!” – she lets out

“Alright.” – and even after that, our sister still gives me a quick kiss before fleeing from Aura’s nagging.


Aura is a full head shorter than myself, with a cute baby face on top of an explosive body. Her horns are curved like those of a ram’s rather than straight, and she always enjoyed following me around whenever she could.


By the way, she’s the only person my prince self honestly cared about. Actually pure, innocent filial love, too.


“Ah, it looks like father was looking elsewhere thanks to sister Dusk.” – she sighs in relief – “Do you want to have your horn broken, you idiot?”

“Yes, yes, I’ll be careful.” – I reply as I pat pat her head gently – “Don’t get too upset, alright?”

“Uuuh~ you idiot… even though I’m always telling you to be careful…”


Her soft, bare feet smacks the ground to show her discontent. It makes a cute plaf-like sound.


The prince me didn’t really had any plans beyond enjoying his future slaves, but if I accumulate achievements from now on, I plan in asking father to leave Aura to me.


Of course, I have no plans to bed my cute little sister, though. It’s just so father doesn’t add her to her harem.


“So, what did you get?” – she asks with interest

“Let’s see…”


I properly wash my hands in a water bowl and dry them off before opening the scroll cases.


In the name of his immortal majesty…


The scroll starts as you’d expect from an official document, and then describes the limits of the land granted to me as extending from the mountain peaks to the immediate east of the Valimar region, to the end of the swamplands.


“Well, this might be a problem.” – I say to her

“Eh? Why?”

“I was going to drain the swamp.”







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