Chapter 111: The Mage’s Guild of Tobes


Just over 1,250,000xp is what we received from our trip to Shima that includes the 150,000xp bead that Madam Erin gave me, but that is still a quite the haul for only half a month. Not only that but I also received 2 more justicar points for completing a task for Madam Erin, and for increasing the integrity of [Menu] whatever that means.

When I started to check out the book Madam Erin gave me Belinda quickly slammed it shut telling me to store it in the inventory first.

Apparently when we got the [Gate] spell we received it in the same fashion and without knowing it I opened up the book and in the process of consuming the book it taught me the [Gate] spell. It unlocked it for the dungeon, but I could only teach it to the boss monsters then if I could copy the book though I could teach it to anyone.

Belinda’s hunch paid off because after learning how to summon more copies of [Tome of Runic Magic] I took the book back out and opened it all the way. Like she said the words lit up and the book crumbled to dust teaching me the [Runic Writing], [Runic Reading], and [Runic Activation] spells.

It’s still far cheaper to teach the others the spells with [Menu] because each of the three spells only cost 5000xp to learn, but the book itself is 50,000xp. I can however use the books to teach the spells to anyone instead of just the boss monsters, so if the spells are helpful in the dungeon I might have to buy at least one book for one of the bunnies.

After a much needed night spent in my own bed I then joined the bunnies to see what we could do with the xp. Unfortunately it only took us a few minutes to completely drain the xp. We however finally managed to fill out the bottom floor of each elemental wing with rifts and finally replaced the lost mythril swords.

We managed to unlock the next tier of monsters for the elemental rooms and it seemed to be a major difference. They aren’t much more expensive, but instead of just increasing in size and such they are just harder for example the huge fire elemental gave way to a molten elemental and the huge earth golem to a sand golem.

Because of Maeve’s training we didn’t unlock anything in wind, but with the addition of the skeleton necromancers added to the shadow rooms they have gotten considerably harder. They have even had a few evolutions unlocked leading to my new most powerful undead a lesser lich.

“I’m sorry girls, I wanted to do more, but every time we gather xp we basically have to add everything times five to fill every elemental room.”

Lilah: “It’s ok Master.”

Lylah: “We are doing alright for now, I even got to go have a cake the other day all by myself at the diner!”

The others start griping at Lylah because they didn’t get cake and I just decide to not stick my nose into that one, and just thank them for their hard work and head back to the house.

In the time we were gone the construction on the Mage’s guild has really picked up, and some powerful mage types have already started to arrive in town.

With Shima now in reach Belinda will often go visit Inari for a few hours. Maeve, Dawn, and Twilight often send her messages as well so Belinda has been in really good spirits lately, and she doesn’t seem pained anymore after she spends time with Scylla and the baby.

I can’t be for sure if Maeve is being sincere in her messages or not, but I still have to thank all the girls for making my life a bit easier by keeping Belinda happy.

When it is time to recall our monsters that are out and about I wanted to send a group to Shima, but Poppy’s group and Bandy’s group both wanted to go. I had to do quite a bit of rearranging but it could only benefit us so I sent one to Inari’s primary dungeon and one to her secondary dungeon to gather xp from the Oni.

Inari was a little hesitant at first, but I had Poppy’s group take a barrel of alcohol to Inari. It was thank her for her help in the matter, and she then welcomed them in with open arms, even if her villagers were a little more hesitant especially with Lynx.

I told Bandy absolutely no stealing within [Inari’s Providence] and she didn’t like that idea, but I settled the matter about telling her about the item spawns Inari encountered with the corrupt dungeon, and her eyes began to sparkle. I just hope they don’t bite off more than they can chew…

Moss still doesn’t seem to like us much, but Azami has even came to the house a few times asking for things, and I even caught her smiling one day while helping Moss practice his magic, so it looks like it just might work out.

As for Maeve, she seems to be doing quite well for herself. I don’t know how big the actual dungeon itself is, but I heard talk at the adventurer’s guild one day about rumors of a floating island. People have been laughing it off so far, but if she keeps it up the humans are going to find out about it sooner or later.

I doubt many humans would be able to reach it, but the ones that could, would be really powerful so Maeve better start being careful. Speaking of powerful mages just when the mage’s guild is about to be completed we receive a visitor at the house.

Vetala was the one to answer the door, but she quickly calls out to us.

Vetala: “Master! Help some creepy old man is ogling me!”

When I enter the entranceway an old man is circling Vetala with a curious and happy expression. Every inch of his appearance just screams mage, complete with long robes and a tall weird pointed hat.

“Excuse me, I would ask you leave Miss Vetala be. Is there something I can do for you?”

Vetala quickly flees from the man taking up a position behind me.

Old Mage: “My apologize sir. Your undead servant there is quite the gem. Not only can it speak, but even seems to have a personality, so I was quite intrigued with it. The rumors of you being the most powerful mage in town seem to hold some merit.”

“I don’t know about the most powerful part, and I don’t think I like the way you keep referring to Miss Vetala as “it”. Now is there something I can do for you, or did you just come to insult my family?”

Old Mage: “Yes, yes. I apologize again sir. I am Elder Kleed, and along with Elder Zedross, and Elder Madelaine, we will be the council of elders of the mage’s guild here in Tobes. When placing a new mage’s guild it always helps to bring a few of the local talent into the fold to help with the transition.”

“No thank you, I am not interested…”

Kleed: “You don’t just turn down this kind of invitation from the mage’s guild!” –He says in a raised voice.-

“So not only do you come to my house insulting my family, but now you stand in my home and threaten me as well?”

Kleed: “Sir I apologize again… I did not mean it in such a manor. It is only that I believe you don’t understand quite the honor it is.”

“I am saying I am not interested. My wife is the 3rd princess of Gowen, and we don’t have time for such things.”

Kleed: “Yes, we know. We would also like to extend the invitation to her as well. We heard she is also a powerful mage.”

“I am trying to tell you we don’t have time for such things.”

Kleed: “I ask you to at least meet with us so we can discuss the matter in more detail.”

“If it will get you to leave me alone then fine… When is this meeting?”

Kleed: “Is right now too soon?”

“Belinda is out of town and won’t be home till this evening.”

Kleed: “That is fine, you can fill in the details in what it is we expect from you when she returns.”

“I told you we are not interested…”

Kleed: “We will see.”

I sigh and then follow the old man out the door. For an old man he moves around pretty good, and in no time we reach the mage’s guild. The building is still not complete but well over 95% of it is done and with the speed its construction has gone that should be done within the next few days.

The building itself is almost complete, but as the old man leads me through it, I can see that there is only minimal furniture and lots of empty rooms.

“I thought with guild being almost complete there would be more here.”

Kleed: “When a new mage’s guild is built it is not supplied. We believe that gives the mages the opportunity to focus on the items they want to work on instead of being limited to provided equipment.”

“If they don’t have access to the equipment to the start of it, I don’t see that being very helpful.”

Kleed: “Any mage can request equipment, and then they just need to complete the required number of commissions for it to be supplied to them.”

“So you deal in commissions?”

Kleed: “We are part of the adventurer’s guild, or more accurately the adventurer’s guild is a part of us.”

“I thought there were only a small handful of mage’s guilds though?”

Kleed: “Out of the 21 recognized territories, 18 are ruled by a single central figure. Are you to saying because there is countless number of humans, elves, dwarves, beastkin, and demi-humans they are more important than those 18 rulers?”

“In other words just because there are far fewer mage’s guilds doesn’t mean they are any less important than the adventurer’s guild?”

Kleed: “Precisely, where is it you think the adventurer’s guild branches receive their equipment to make adventurer IDs and the like?”

“You are saying all of them are made by the mage’s guild.”

Kleed: “One of them as a matter of fact, the mage’s guild in Livinston produces every device the adventurer’s guild uses. The main topic of their research is all concerning the advancements of the adventurer’s guild.”

“Then what of the others?”

Kleed: “The Dalian mage’s guild deals in advancement in spells and military applications of magic. Adra mage’s guild deals with investigations into the understanding of dungeons. Merretta focuses on the advancement of spells as well but their scope is much wider focusing on all applications of magic not just its combative uses. Then of course Tobes is yet to be determined.”

“There are only 5 mage’s guilds total?”

Kleed: “There was one more in Lodia but it is no more. Their focus of study was monsters in general, but after the undead scourge began to appear they shifted all their efforts into the study of undead until they were forced to abandon the guild.”

The old man then stops at a door.

Kleed: “Now, if you will wait inside someone will see to you once we are ready for you.”

I enter the room and find myself not alone.

Zoey: “Boss! They came knocking on your door as well?”

Roxy: “They said they wanted the best mages, so to be honest it is of no surprise.”

“So they wanted you two as well? They came to the house wanting Belinda and I to join as well.”

Zoey: “What should we do? I was going to turn them down flat…”

Roxy: “But the woman that came to us had a low cut dress with ample amounts of cleavage showing so Zoey just nodded and followed with drool hanging from her mouth.”

Zoey: “Boss! You should have seen these things! They even put Bell’s to shame.”

“That seems like a waste… And painful.”

Zoey: “I would help hold them up for her!”

Roxy: “Zoey! She was old enough to be your mother.”

Zoey: “So, you think that means it would be alright if I asked to nurse?”

Roxy: “That’s enough…”

Zoey: “Fine… But really boss, you should have seen these things…”

Roxy: “What about Belinda, did she not come as well?”

“She went to visit Inari this morning and I didn’t want to bother her.”

Roxy: “She has been happier since she has started to visit with Inari every few days.”

“I am just worried she might be causing a problem for Inari.”

Roxy: “I am sure if she was being a bother, Inari would let you know.”

“I hope your right…”

When the door opens again Zoey quickly hits my shoulder and says. “See!”

The woman that enters the room looks to have been quite an attractive woman in her younger years. She still doesn’t look much older than Logan, and she has aged pretty gracefully. Her dark hair is pulled together in a bun, so I can’t be for certain just how long it is, and she has quite the hourglass like figure with wide hips, narrow waist, and Zoey wasn’t joking about her breasts.

She wears a dress the barely seems to be able to contain them but they must be what is holding the dress on as there are no sleeves or straps holding up. It flows all the way to the ground widening as it goes. The dress is sleek and nothing about it is puffy, but where it meets the ground it is quite wide enough to drag behind her as she walks.

Woman: “Greetings I am Elder Madelaine, and we are ready to see you now.”

Roxy quickly grabs Zoey’s arm reining her in as we follow the woman out the door. We just move across the hall entering another room. The room it looks very much like the council room in the neutral zone, but instead of six chairs on the podium there are only three, and two of which are occupied.

Another difference is there is also a lower area to the podium that has several more empty chairs in. Madelaine joins the other two at the top of the podium and sits in the last unoccupied chair. One of the other chairs has Kleed and the other also has another older gentlemen. The other man, who I assume is Zedross, is dressed in much of the same manner as Kleed.

Zedross: “Two beastkin and two humans, yes that should balance things out quite well, because from my understanding the beastkin are treated rather fairly in the Gowen Kingdom.”

Kleed: “And with the princess and her husband on board that should put people’s minds at ease.”

Madelaine: “Yes we are very fortunate.”

“As I already explained Belinda and I are busy. In fact Roxy and Zoey serve us as well and none of us have times for things like this. I appreciate the gesture, but we just don’t have the time.”

Kleed: “In most cases the city locals serve with us just as figureheads so the locals don’t think the mage’s guild is out trying to overthrow the kingdom or some such nonsense. We would like you to be present as much as possible but we understand if there are meetings you just can’t attend.”

Zedross: “You are the one they call Two-Twelve, is that correct?”

“That’s right.”

Zedross: “I heard you were the one that invented the Gowen Communication Parchment, you are a hero several times over, with just a number for a name you managed to not only convince a king to allow you to marry his daughter, but to even accept you as his son. You have been known to surround yourself in unusual and powerful people, and there are even rumors that Faron himself has blessed you.”

“You make me sound far more grandiose then I am…”

Zedross: “The mage guild can be quite the intimidating place. Even the Royal Army of Merretta has had several close calls with the guild in Merretta. With the influence you have in the kingdom of Gowen your support would go a long way to keeping the peace as it were.”

“I understand where you are coming from, and I have no objections to the mage’s guilds’ presence here in Tobes and will be willing to state that for anyone willing to listen, but all those things you said I have done. I didn’t do them sitting on a council.”

Zedross: “The resources made available to you here in the guild would be second to none.”

“I don’t doubt that, but that isn’t the issue here. I could point you to those in which might be able to help you, but I am just not the type of person that you are looking for.”

Kleed: “Then how about a proxy?”


Kleed: “Or adviser if you will, someone to sit in your place, we can say you are on board, and the adviser can answer to you or not it’s up to you.”

“It would have to apply for all of us, because as I said Roxy, Zoey, and my wife are all members of my party.”

Zedross: “I believe that would be acceptable, I would ask you at least have one actual member attend every once in a while, so no rumors spread about cutting you out of the decisions.”

“I can’t make any promises, but I think it would be possible.”

Kleed: “Very well, who would you like to act as your proxy?”

“How about Vetala? We were training her to help at the mayor’s office, but her clumsiness is just a bit too much of a burden to Mayor Scylla, but something as simple as relaying information should be possible for her.”

Kleed: “The undead under your service?”

“I wish you would quit referring to her as that. Her name is Vetala, and most of the locals don’t even know she is an undead, and unless it becomes a problem I wish it to remain that way.”

Zedross: “To serve as a proxy that should be sufficient, now once we have everything finalized you will receive the official notice. Until then welcome to the mage’s guild.”

We are then excused, but I am quite curious just what it is they are after. The mage’s guild was built on land inside the dungeon, so I quickly transfer to the dungeon core room opening up a screen to see what they have to say with us out of the room.

Madelaine: “He is quite unusual like we heard.”

Kleed: “Kings have begged to be allowed to sit on the council of the mage’s guild, and yet he clearly treated it as a hindrance…”

Zedross: “Maybe the rumors of his powers as a mage are exaggerated, and he doesn’t wish to be found out?”

Kleed: “I don’t know. You haven’t seen that undead servant of his. Him speaking about the locals not realizing she is undead is no exaggeration…If it wasn’t for my skill I would have never noticed it as well.”

Madelaine: “We still don’t know how dungeons work but we do know they tend to grow quickly and stronger in response to the local adventurers. The Elemental Stronghold’s unique and massive growth may be a response to his presence.”

Zedross: “You are speaking of someone that would have to be the caliber of the legendary hero Dyson.”

Kleed: “He didn’t even blink when we spoke of the rumor of being blessed by Faron, so is it really that hard to believe?”

Madelaine: “That is even more reason to treat him with caution.”

Kleed: “But if we could tap that resource, then we could easily make the Tobes mage’s guild the most prominent mage’s guild!”

Zedross: “We have to be careful it doesn’t blow up in our faces though, we already have great potential with the Elemental Stronghold, and angering one of the royal family would be unwise.”

Kleed: “We will just have to see to it he can count us as his allies.”

Their conversation then changes about the final bit of the construction and in recruitment for general members. It doesn’t seem they have any ill intentions, but it sounds like another headache has just fallen on me again…

That evening when Belinda returns home I tell her about it.

Belinda: “I understand what you are trying to say, but it really is a great honor. If Mindy knew that after it was built they would choose us as the local representatives it would really ruin her day… In fact I am going to message Logan right now so he can tell her!”

Belinda looks quite happy about it as she sends the letter to Logan, but I can’t be certain if it is due to the being a representative of the mage’s guild, or just because she can rub it in her sister’s face.

True to their word, a few days after the construction of the mage’s guild is complete we receive a large official looking pair of letters one addressed to me and the other Belinda. The letters contain information about being accepted as the local representatives of the mage’s guild, and asking for us to attend a recruitment gathering they are holding all day at the new mage’s guild.

I wanted to send Vetala but Belinda grabbed my arm and said. “We are not doing anything right now, and it might be pretty fun. Don’t you want to see what the mage’s guild looks for when recruiting members?”

I sigh and we make our way to the mage’s guild. The guild is packed with far more mages than Tobes usually has in any type of adventurer, let alone strictly mages. Some have seemed to travel great distances to be here today.

“Just look at them all…”

Belinda: “What do you expect? Being accepted just as a member of the mage’s guild is a big deal. Recruitment is very strict and being a new guild there will be a lot of new people being recruited, so of course mages will have come from far and wide for the chance.”

We make our way through the crowd we find the three elders from the mage’s guild.

Kleed: “You made it! Excellent and you must be the 3rd princess Belinda Gowen? It’s a pleasure to finally get to meet with you in person. I’m Elder Kleed”

Belinda: “To be accepted as a representative of the mage’s guild I assure you the pleasure is mine.” –She says as she greets Kleed.-

Kleed: “We are getting things set up now, and should begin the process of recruitment started shortly.”

After a few more moments Zedross addresses the crowd.

Zedross: “I thank you all for coming. I understand many of you have come a great distance for this opportunity, but I promise everyone will be tested, so I ask everyone to remain orderly while we get started.”

Madelaine: “We ask you to all separate into 3 groups. The first group being the general population, which will test under Elder Kleed, the second group will be nobles and royalty that will test under me, Elder Madelaine, and lastly will be the adventurers who will begin testing under Elder Zedross, and once Elder Kleed and I finish with our groups we will begin assisting.”

Kleed: “We do wish to also state, that although the test differs slightly between the three groups, being from one group or another will not increase your chances in the slightest, so I ask you to join the group that is most relevant to you.”

We then watch as the large group of people begin moving around forming three separate groups. It takes a while for everyone to gather under their group, but once they do I am rather surprised. I assumed most of the people looking to join the mage’s guild would be adventurers, and the largest group is indeed the adventurers, but there is also a very large amount of people gathered under the general population group. Madeline’s group of nobility is easily the smallest group with a handful of people.

At this point Roxy and Zoey have appeared to arrive and join us. Kleed looks pleased at their arrival and quickly has them join him as he leads the first member of his group into a separate room. Belinda and I are then separated with Belinda helping Madelaine with the nobles, and I am asked to help Zedross with the adventurers.

Picking a young man from his group Zedross and I then enter another one of the side rooms in which is completely empty with the exception to a small desk, a couple of chairs on either side, and a large rock on the table.

Zedross then has me sit to his side behind the desk while the young man nervously sits across from us.

Zedross: “As you can understand we are pressed for time, but we still want to be sure to recruit the right sort for the guild, so I ask you what is it you wish to offer the guild?” –He says to the young man.-

Young man looks really nervous and stumbles though his words before says. “I don’t know… I am a decent mage, and thought the mage’s guild would help me become a better one.”

Zedross: “So you are saying you have nothing to offer and just wish to take?”

The young man begins sweating as he stumbles though his words again. “I can do commissions! To learn to be a better mage I would gladly help with commissions for gathering supplies from the dungeon, or anywhere.”

Zedross: “We do indeed need those to preform menial tasks such as gathering supplies, but researchers are required to gather most of that for themselves. If your only intention is to become a better mage, you could surly continue with the adventurer’s guild commissions, and would gain what you seek in that manner alone.”

The young man hangs his head. “I understand…”

Zedross: “That being said maybe you have some talent that we might find useful, so take the stone from the table and tell me what it is you see.”

The young man begins to get hopeful again as he nervously picks the stone up from the table. Like the one I used in Uthaira runes along the stone glow and a screen appears before the young man. He quickly looks over the screen and his shoulders droop.

Zedross: “And?”

Young Man: “Everything is either below average or average…”

Zedross: “And what of your skills?”

Young Man: “It says Magician Training, and Combat Mage.”

Zedross: “Not necessarily a glowing recommendation. As I said before you may be best suited for performing commissions for the adventurer’s guild. That doesn’t mean you are without talent either, once you gain a few more levels check back with the mage’s guild, and you may someday be ready. I will have you know I was turned down 5 times before being accepted by the guild, so don’t be discouraged.”

Young Man: “Thank you Elder…”

Zedross then escorts the young man out of the room and brings in another. Things continue like that for at least a dozen people before one man says he wishes to become a summoner.

Zedross: “A summoner you say?”

Adventurer: “Yes that was my purpose for coming to Tobes in the first place to study the different types of elemental creatures of the elemental stronghold. Summoning skeletons is a rather simple shadow spell, but I wish to learn to summon different elemental creatures.”

Zedross: “And what conclusion has your investigations led you to?”

Adventurer: “That shadow magic is by far the easiest type of summoning magic, but it also quickly turns into necromancy if you aren’t too careful. I have developed the ability to summon a small water sprite but it is not near strong enough to be useful.”

Zedross: “Interesting indeed, have you had yourself evaluated at any of the capital branches of the adventurer’s guilds?”

Adventurer: “It was before arriving in Tobes, and I have come quite a ways since then.”

Zedross: “Then take up the stone and tell me what it is you see.”

After picking up the stone the adventurer says. “My strength, agility, and endurance are all average or below, but my magical ability has increased from average to above average. I also have the skills Magical Training, Combat Mage, Spell Forge, and Magical Research.”

Zedross: “In that order?”

Adventurer: “Indeed.”

Zedross: “It might take some time before you achieve your goals, but I think the mage’s guild will benefit from you reaching it. I am willing to give you the chance to do just that, so you can take up your things and find a spot anywhere in the building you would like to conduct your research. That is of course as long as someone hasn’t already claimed it.”

Adventurer: “Thank you Elder Zedross, I won’t let you down.”

The adventurer jumps up and shakes Zedross’s hand and Zedross goes over a few details about a meeting to take place later for all new recruits and then escorts the man out, but instead of collecting another adventurer he closes the door and returns to the desk.

Zedross: “And what was your opinion of the gentleman?”-He says to me.-

“Honestly I don’t have one… I don’t know exactly what you are seeking.”

Zedross: “He was quite impressive. He had 3 major things going for him. One he had a goal, most of the adventurers we have seen thus far has lacked any goal other than just gaining power. Two was the skill Spell Forge, which that alone would have granted him entry in Dalian’s or Merretta’s guild. Three was the skill Magical Research, any of the mage’s guilds would take him with that skill. A mage with the Magical Research skill is easily worth their weight in gold.”

“I see.”

Zedross: “At any time, if any of these recruits are of interest to you, do feel free to speak your mind. You are the local representative, so your opinion is valid.”

“Alright, before we get started again can you tell me more about the stone you use to evaluate the adventurers?”

Zedross: “It is a standard tool developed at the Livinston mage’s guild. Have you never used one before?”

“I have once, but I recently have taken and interest in magical runes, and was wondering if I could look at it more closely.”

Zedross: “Well we have many others to see, but after we are done. I don’t see the harm in letting you have a closer look. I am quite interested what it might say about you as well.”

We then return to the process of seeing adventurers. We see a lot of adventurers… I learn of quite a few skills I don’t know, and would like to learn at the dungeon, but of course that means those adventurers would have to either join my dungeon or die in it…

Out of all the adventurers Zedross speaks with, only a small handful are chosen. Even a few that seemed to be rather strong mages are turned down for how they answer his questions. He really does seem to put the mindset of it above the person’s actual ability, but they do at least have to show at least the promise of being able to gain more ability.

Zedross: “You have still remained rather quiet.”

“Well I haven’t seen any reason to say anything.”

Zedross: “What about that gentleman I turned down with the powerful fire magic?”

“His attitude left much to be desired, I figured that was your reason for denying him.”

Zedross: “Yes his attitude was less than desirable, but that was not the reason for denying him.”

“Then why?”

Zedross: “He was focused solely on fire magic, and as we have yet to set a general study here for the mage’s guild in Tobes we need those that are a bit more flexible. At least until a topic of study is decided.”

“Then you did have your reasons, so why ask me?”

Zedross: “You are indeed quite the oddity…”

“I don’t follow.”

Zedross: “It is common for the local mages to request over half of the mages to help solidify their position, yet you did not even care for the position and now haven’t even mentioned a single recruit.”

“Well for one, everyone I travel with but one, you selected as the local representatives, and everyone else I know that can use magic, have other things they are busy with.”

Zedross: “You truly do not have any desire for the power from the mage’s guild…?”

“I told you as much when you asked me to join… I do understand the benefits of having the mage’s guild in Tobes, and it will really benefit the Gowen kingdom, but personally I have no need for a direct connection to it.”

Zedross: “You really are a curious creature… Well we have plenty more to interview I suggest we get back to it.”

Even after the other two finished with their groups, and began assessing the adventurers as well. It is still after sunset before we work through the entire group of hopeful prospects. When we are done the group left behind seems much less then there is room for.

“Are you sure you didn’t judge them too harshly? It looks to be there are still plenty of rooms available.”

Kleed: “Yes, and they will remain empty till we choose a main topic of study. Only then will we fill the remaining rooms with experts in that particular field.”

The mage’s guild elders then gather all of the newly recruited members and then go over the expected expectations and the rules of the mage’s guild. They also speak how the commission process works in the mage’s guild.

Instead of granting the typical reward of gold, they are granted points in which they can trade for research material and items from the mage’s guild. It would seem like it would just be far easier to pay them in gold and let them buy their own things, but point system is actually very reasonable.

A quest that would net a normal adventurer a couple of gold is worth about the same in points, but to trade the points in for items from the mage’s guild seems to be far under the gold cost of such an item. Not to mention the fact some of the items might not even be possible to acquire if not for the mage’s guild contacts.

After everything is done Zedross presents me the large stone used to determine an adventurer’s strength and skills.

Zedross: “As promised. I owe you this much for you helping us out, but if something happens to it you will be responsible for replacing it.”

He looks rather excited when I take it, but seems to calm down after I don’t active it.

“Thanks, I will take care of it.”

The others and I then head home, it isn’t till after I receive the message about the start of day before we finally make it home and start preparing for bed. I then add the stone to the dungeon inventory to see what happens.

New Enchantment Available

Lesser Status                                     Cost: 2,500xp


Like the Agelessness enchantment this one is only a flat cost to add to an object. It looks to only be runes that cause its effect however so maybe after investigating this a bit further I can learn new enchantments on my own by using the spells Madam Erin gave me.

That can be a problem for another day however, as it has been a long busy day. After closing all of the screens I then head to bed.



2 thoughts on “Chapter 111: The Mage’s Guild of Tobes

  1. Uhmm I think it would be worth a smirk if he upgrades the stone enchantment so it displays number values, and people find it useless, simply because they don’t have a frame of reference for it.

    Average, below average, above average, exceptional or mediocre, anyone can understand, but if you just saw a “25” our of nowhere, you’d scratch your head going “so?”


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