Dungeon Monster #10 (Lilah’s Side Story)

(Bonus chapter as a thanks for reaching my Patreon goal, and thanks for reading.)


#10 opens her eyes for the first time surrounded by a dozen other beastkin like her. There are dogs, cats, even a squirrel, and a fox. Most are female like #10 but two or three beastkin that are male, but they don’t have fluffy tails.

#10 is different than the rest though she is quite a bit shorter, and younger. The males appearance is that of 20 years of age, but all of the female go down from there with #10 being the youngest. #10’s appearance is that at least 3 years younger than the second youngest though.

There are piles of ragged clothing about and all the beastkin are quickly put them on. All of it seems too big for #10 though so she grabs what looks to be a pillow casing, or sack with holes in it and pulls it over her small body.

#10 then sees her master. #10’s Master is a beastkin like those summoned, but she wears elaborate clothes. Her beastkin subspecies is that of some type of a weasel, and she is tall and lanky.

Being a dungeon monster #10 knows the general idea of what her master was thinking when she was summoned, so even though she appears younger than the rest she is proud that she was summoned with special characteristics.

#10’s Master issues an ultimate command instructing everyone including #10 to never speak of Master’s dungeon and then has the only well-dressed beastkin in the room walk around putting collars around everyone’s neck.

#10 is then transferred to a stable like building with the rest of the beastkin summoned with #10. #10’s Master then steps outside, and after a while the door opens and everyone is instructed to step outside.

While all the newly summoned beastkin file out of the building many more beastkin and humans, with poor clothing and sullen faces all bound together with chains, file back in the stable like building. When #10 steps outside Master grabs #10 by the shoulder.

#10’s Master: “This is the one, I am sure this meets your requirements?”

A human man standing next to Master then looks over #10 and says. “And you are sure even at her age she is able to perform the duties I asked for?”

#10’s Master: “How long have we been making these trades? Have I ever disappointed you?”

Man: “No, you haven’t. This beastkin is quite special however, so everything has to be perfect.”

#10’s Master: “I assure you I spent extra time seeing to your specifications on this beastkin.”

Man: “Very well. Now you go sit in the front I can’t have you getting damaged.” –He says to #10.-

#10 looks to her Master for permission, but she knows this was the purpose for her being summoned so when her Master nods #10 does as she is told.

The man then loads up the rest of the beastkin in the back of a wagon with solid walls, roof, and a wooden door. Once all the rest of the beastkin are inside he locks the door, and then mounts the wagon next to #10.

After the wagon sets out #10 decides to ask. “Are you #10’s new Master?”

Man: “For the moment. You better be all that I was promised.”

“#10 knows she was to be given to a new Master, but what does her new Master wish her to do?”

Man: “I have a buyer all lined up for you, a noble is paying a high price for a slave girl for their daughter. You are going to serve that purpose, so you better behave yourself and do exactly as you are told.”

“#10 understands, and she won’t let Master down!”

Man: “Good, now first of all no speaking unless spoken to.”

“Yes Master!”

#10’s new master looks pleased, so #10 is pleased. She waits for her new masters orders, but he doesn’t give any more. Even after several days of travel #10’s new master hasn’t spoken another word to her going about his business as they travel along on the wagon.

#10’s new master is human, but he must know everyone came from the dungeon because he hasn’t fed us since he took us from our original master’s dungeon. In fact he hasn’t even opened the door on the wagon since then.

Once we reach a human village #10’s new master speaks with a man opening the wagon for the first time pulling all of the beastkin from the wagon. He tells #10 to not move while he shows the others off to a couple more men.

From their exchange #10 learns that everyone refers to her new master as Beastkin Edward. #10’s new master sells a few of the others there in that village before moving on. This goes on for a week until only 3 beastkin remain other than #10.

When riding in to this village #10s New Master does something he hasn’t done before. When stopping in a village overnight #10’s New Master would stay in an inn while leaving #10 with the wagon and other beastkin in the stable. This time however in the morning before they leave #10’s New Master brings her into the room.

#10’s New Master hands her a bucket full of water and says. “Clean yourself up really well, we are going to meet your buyer today.”

#10 quickly does as she is told. While #10 cleans herself up her New Master pulls out a large colorful dress full of frills and lace.

Beastkin Edward: “This dress is worth more than you are, but this sell has to go perfect, so whatever they tell you to do, you do it without question. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master!”

#10’s Master has to help #10 put on the dress because it is so complicated, but after she is dressed 10#’s New Master makes sure everything from the tip of her long ears to the tip of her toes is perfect.

Beastkin Edward: “Perfect.”

#10’s New Master then leads her from the inn, and through town until they reach a large house easily two or three times the size of the inn they were at before. #10’s New Master seems to be rather nervous.

After be escorted into the house by a well-dressed beastkin in a collar much like the one around #10’s neck, they are led to a room and told to wait. #10’s New Master has grown even more nervous as he pick’s over #10’s appearance several more times making sure her hair and dress are perfect.

#10’s New Master makes her stand up straight then does so himself when another human man enters the room along with a human girl that looks to be a few years older than the appearance of #10, but she is dressed in the same fashion.

Man: “Mister Edward, I see you have the merchandise I requested?”

Beastkin Edward: “Yes sir! Her specifications are exactly as you requested.”

The man looks to the girl beside him and says. “What do you think?”

Girl: “Daddy! I said I wanted one the same age as me, not a little girl!”

Man: “She is your first one, I think she should be a bit younger, so that she can serve you for a long time.”

Girl: “Fine, but the next one you get me better be older!” –She then moves up to #10 looking her over. She then grabs #10 by the ears and pulls.- “Come on you got work to do.”

#10 looks to her New Master, but he nods and then seems quite excited as he talks to the man. #10 tries to keep up with the girl, but the girl’s firm grasp on #10 ears is quite painful and makes it hard for her to walk normally.

When the girl finally lets go of #10’s ears they are standing in a elaborate bedroom that has everything a young girl could possibly ask for, but the room itself is quite a mess.

Girl: “Clean my room.”

#10 nods and does as she is told. The room is in pretty bad shape and there is just so much stuff it takes quite a while. No matter how fast #10 works however the girl doesn’t seem pleased with her progress.

Girl: “Is that the best you can do? You truly are worthless.”

“#10 is sorry Mistress, but #10 was told to take good care of her dress, but working in it is quite hard.”

Girl: “You are complaining? That dress is probably worth more than you, so the last thing I want to hear from you is complaints.”

“Yes Mistress…” -#10 then picks up the pace, but the dress is really awkward causing her problems.-

#10 does her best, but it takes her a full hour to get the room completely clean, and her Mistress doesn’t look happy about it.

Girl: “You truly are worthless!” –She starts to say something else but there is a knock at the door.- “Well don’t just stand there answer the door!”

#10 quickly runs to the door answering it. There is a young woman at the door carrying several books with her, and she is quite surprised to see the shape of the room and #10.

Young woman: “Young Miss, are you ready for your studies?”

Girl: “No thanks to this stupid slave! It took her forever to clean up.”

The young woman scratches #10 behind the ears, and then she moves over to the table in the middle of the room setting down her books.  “Well it looks like we can use the table here for a change, so shall we get started?”

#10’s Mistress doesn’t look to happy but she sits down at the table. The young woman talks for quite a while but #10’s Mistress doesn’t seem to be paying much attention. Nobody told #10 what to do so she is just standing near by the entire time waiting.

The young woman is helping #10’s Mistress as she reads a book, but #10’s Mistress seems to be having quite a bit of difficulty with it. From where #10 is standing she can see the words on the pages and it doesn’t look like the words are that hard to her.

The young woman notices #10’s eyes darting across the page while her Mistress struggles on a word. The young woman then picks up the book and closes it.

Young woman: “That’s good enough for today. I will leave the book here so you can practice between lessons.” –She then winks at #10 and hands her the book.- “You can hold that for the young miss till she needs it.-

The young woman then finishes her lesson with #10’s Mistress and then leaves. After the young woman leaves #10’s Mistress scoffs a flops down on her bed. After a while of still laying on the bed she rolls over looking at #10.

Girl: “What are you doing?”

“#10 wasn’t given any instructions, so she was waiting on her Mistress’s orders.”

Girl: “Why do you talk like that?”

“#10 doesn’t understand.”

Girl: “That’s exactly what I mean! Whatever, just get rid of the book and go to your room, I have no further use for you now.”

“Yes Mistress…” -#10 starts to turn but she stops.-

Girl: “Is there something else?”

“#10 doesn’t know where her room is…”

Girl: “You’re useless!” –She says rolling out of bed, grabbing #10 by the ears, and drags her through the hallways. Once reaching a large door she opens it, shoves #10 through it and closes the door.-

#10 is in a room with no light, and after feeling around it is also quite small. She can’t make out her surroundings very well so she just finds a corner and sits in it holding the book to her chest until she goes to sleep.

Even after #10 wakes up, it is still very dark… She waits in the room for a long time before the door suddenly swings open.

Girl: “There you are! Where have you been?!”

“#10 has been in her room like the Mistress ordered.”

Girl: “It is mid-morning already! You are supposed to get up early and take care of my needs before I even get out of bed!”

“But Mistress didn’t tell me what I needed to do.”

Girl: “Do I have to have to spell it out for you?! B-R…-K… Food, you are supposed to get me my breakfast!”

“Yes Mistress.” -#10 jumps up and starts to walk into the hallway and stops.-

Girl: “Now what?”

“#10 doesn’t know where to get Mistress’s food at…”

The get gets angry grabbing #10 pulling her though the hallways till they find the man that is #10’s Mistress’s father.

Girl: “Daddy this isn’t going to work!” –She says roughly throwing #10 to the ground by her ears.-

Man: “What is the matter?”

Girl: “She is useless, she isn’t preforming her duties, and she even stole from me! Look that book in her arms she took that from my room!”

#10 starts to get up off the floor brushing herself off, and says. “But Mistress said…” But she is quickly backhanded by the girl knocking #10 back to the ground.

Girl: “And there she goes trying to lie again! I am told you she was a mistake!”

Man: “Fine, Beastkin Edward said they are guaranteed for 2 years, so if she isn’t what we were promised I will make him replace her.”

Girl: “Good! And I want an older one!”

The man then sends for #10’s second master while the girl grabs #10 by the ears dragging her though the hallways. The girl tosses #10 into the same small room as before, but slams the door hard enough that it doesn’t latch and it jars back open  a bit letting a bit of light in.

#10 doesn’t understand what she did wrong… She did everything she was asked… She rubs her sore cheek from where her Mistress hit her and then looks at the book in her other hand. Her mistress put her here so she doesn’t dare leave the room, so she sits in a way that the light shines over the book and opens it reading its pages.

The story starts out nice with a monster from a dungeon taking a princess to his lair, but it gets dark quick when a prince shows up and starts killing all the dungeon monsters, takes the princess away from the monster, and even slays the monster. #10 then realizes it is supposed to be a happy story with the humans as the good guys and monsters are the ones are supposed to be the bad guys…

#10 doesn’t like the book and tosses it to the floor at her feet while hugging her knees. If humans say the dungeon monsters are the bad guys, does that make #10 a bad guy as well? Most humans don’t know she is a dungeon monster though, so why are they still treating her so badly? If #10 could go back to her original master’s dungeon she would show them.

After a while of sitting in the room the door opens again and there stands #10’s old master, Beastkin Edward, and he has an angry look on his face. He never treated #10 badly before, but now he grabs #10 by the ears like her Mistress did dragging her down the hallways and out of the building.

Once #10 and Beastkin Edward are clear of the building he says. “You were supposed to do exactly what they said! It was a simple task, one any slave would dream of having and you pissed it away!”

“#10 doesn’t understand… She did what her Mistress asked, but her Mistress wanted her to do things she didn’t tell her how to do.”

Beastkin Edward then backhands #10 across her other cheek. “I told you to not speak unless spoken too! They even said you tried to steal from them! This isn’t what I was promised! You costed me double what the normal beastkin cost, I had to fix your screw up by refunding the dukes money back to him, and even have to give him one of the others for free! I already had a buyer lined up for them!”

#10 wants to apologize, but she is afraid to speak.

Beastkin Edward: “I at least managed to patch things up with the duke, so that at least seemed to work itself out, but now I am out nearly 500 gold because of you!” –He then kicks #10 telling her to head back toward the inn.-

Things don’t improve for #10 after that. Once back at the inn he takes the dress away from her, and then instead of putting her on or in the wagon he ties a rope around her wrists and to the wagon before making her walk behind the wagon.

#10 can only keep up with the wagon for so long till she can no longer keep up and after falling over only then will Beastkin Edward throw #10 in the wagon for a few hours. He also takes pleasure in telling #10 what is going to happen to her at the brothel he plans to sell her at to make up at least some of the money he has lost on her.

Things continue like that for #10 for the next week, spending more and more time being tied to the back of the wagon.  If it wasn’t for #10 still being bound to her Original Mistress’s dungeon she would of never made it.

They finally reach a small village in a forest and #10 is dragged out of the wagon again, along with the other two beastkin. In front of them is a woman in her mid-20s, with an attractive face but a devious crooked smile.

The woman squeezes, prods, and manhandles the other two while inspection them closely, but when she gets to #10 she just says. “What the hell is this? This is not the rabbit beastkin you told me about in your letter.”

Beastkin Edward: “I greatly apologize, you are right, I had another rabbit, but this one was a special order that fell through and I had to replace it with the other beastkin.”

Woman: “I will pay what we agreed on for the other two, but I have no use for a worthless slave like that.”

Beastkin Edward: “I am sure there are a few of your clients that wouldn’t mind them a bit young, besides even if not you could have to clean and take care of other chores until she is old enough. I will even sell her to you at half price.”

Woman: “I was a slave to once remember. I want my girls at least old enough to know what they are getting themselves into, so no deal.”

Beastkin Edward: “I spent a great deal to come all the way out here in the sticks to deliver these to you.”

Woman: “And if you would have had the three you promised I would have bought them all, but it also quite a lot to get that goody two-shoes princess and escaped slave boyfriend of hers to let me do business with you.”

Beastkin Edward: “Escaped slave?”

Woman: “Yes the princess has a stray she seems to have taken a liking to. They call him Two-Twelve, and he was the one that made our transaction possible. Of course I had to use his gullibility to my advantage. He comes from one of those that really shelter their slaves. ”

Beastkin Edward: “I might have to speak with this “Two-Twelve”.”

Woman: “If it turns into a profit for you just remember where you got the information, and I guess that means we have a deal on the cat and the fox?”

Beastkin Edward: “Indeed.” –The woman pays him and he gives her keys to the beastkin’s collars. He then throws #10 back into the wagon locking the door.-

After a while the wagon begins moving again, but it isn’t but a few minutes before it stops. When the door opens Beastkin Edward looks angry, and he grabs #10 roughly by the arm pulling her from the wagon.

Beastkin Edward mutters more to himself then anything as he says. “45 gold… out of the 500 gold you cost me.”

Beastkin Edward the plasters a fake smile on his face as he pushes #10 into the building. He walks forward placing a key to #10’s collar in a confused man’s hand.

Beastkin Edward: “Yes, she is a little young I tried to tell Denova in 2 maybe 3 years she would be ready, but I couldn’t convince her, and remember all sells are final… Thanks for your business.”

Beastkin Edward then leaves #10 with the confused man. The confused man looks around the room as several other humans are talking about Beastkin Edward and #10’s Newest Master. He then says. “Can you talk?”

#10 is scared after everything Beastkin Edward told her, but she knows she has to at least speak when spoken to so she manages to say. “Yes Master…”

Newest Master: “Well come on then, I need to figure out how to explain this…”

He then starts to walk out of the building then stops to look back at #10, so she quickly hurries after him. #10’s Newest Master looks deep in thought as he walks in long strides through town. He often looks back at #10 so she quickly speeds up to catch up with him.

When they reach the edge of town #10’s Newest Master scares her when he quickly stops and picks her up. She quickly closes her eyes tight as he starts to tickle the bottom of her feet. She lets out a small giggle but quickly covers her mouth with her hands.

Newest Master: “Well we got a bit to go, it looks like your feet will hold up alright, so let’s go.”

#10’s Newest master then places her back on the ground as he starts walking up a trail into the forest and up the mountain. The trail is quite tough but after what #10’s been through the last week this is nothing.

Newest Master: “Are you having any trouble?”

“No Master…”

Newest Master: “Alright, just a little further to go.”

Once #10’s Newest Master starts walking up to a cave, #10 feels the connection to her Original Mistress’s dungeon break and she is bonded to another dungeon. #10’s Newest Master then looks down at her with a confused expression and says. “You’re a dungeon monster?”

#10 remembers the book and what humans do to dungeon monsters, so she begins to panic as tears fill her eyes. #10’s Newest Master then looks down at #10 with a smile and says. “How about Lilah? Yes, how does that sound? Your name is now Lilah.”

“Thank you master.” –She says but she is still quite worried about what exactly is going on.-

It doesn’t help calming #10 down when a creep smile appears on her newest master’s face. Then without warning #10 is transferred to a dungeon core room.

“Master is a dungeon core?”

Newest Master: “That’s right, and this dungeon is your new home.”

#10 starts to think she can relax but then her newest master quickly picks her up and puts her on the bed. He casts [Clean] on #10 and then lifts the pillow case she was using as clothing off of her. Maybe what Beastkin Edward said about men applies to dungeon cores as well, so she tenses back up fighting back the tears with her eyes close waiting…

A few seconds later however Lilah’s has a dress is equipped onto her. It is nothing fancy but it’s a simple one piece solid blue dress. After having to walk on egg shells because of the other dress she wore however Lilah thinks this dress is best.

Newest Master: “That’s better isn’t it?”

Grateful that her newest master didn’t do anything bad to her, and the fact she is back safe among a dungeon she can’t help feel a bit of relief wash over her so she quickly says “It’s pretty, Master.” Then she jumps to her feet twirling in place.

Newest Master: “Ok, let’s go meet your roommate.”

“Roommate, Master?”

Newest Master: “Yes right now we are pretty short of xp, so until we get more you will have to share a bedroom with Thirty-seven.”

After everything Lilah has been though sharing a bedroom seems like the least of her problems, but she still wonders. “Thirty-seven? Did Master not give Thirty-seven a pretty name like Lilah?”

Newest Master: “I actually tried once, but she turned me down. Anyway we are going now.”

Lilah’s newest master then transfers them to another room, it looks to be some sort of makeshift bedroom and sitting on a small cot holding an upside down stuffed animal is a woman with a blank stare. Once she notices Lilah however she quickly jumps to her feet, pets the stuffed animal, drops it on the cot, and extends her arms towards Lilah.

Lilah looks up at her newest master confused. He just shrugs his shoulders and the woman darts across the room quickly grabbing Lilah dragging her back to the cot holding her tightly as she pets her like she was petting the stuffed animal.

Newest Master: “I guess you like your new roommate?”

Thirty-seven then squeezes Lilah in a big hug, and Lilah is wondering what Thirty-seven’s intentions are as she looks to her newest master for answers.

Newest Master: “Now be careful with her Thirty-seven she is a dungeon monster so don’t go breaking her.”

Breaking Lilah… What is Thirty-seven going to do to her. “m.m…mmMaster?”

When Lilah speaks it only causes Thirty-seven to squeal and squeeze Lilah tighter.

Newest Master: “I have some serious hard work to do now, so Thirty-seven, be gentle with her ok?”

The woman then nods easing up on Lilah but she starts petting her head again. Lilah waits for several hours but the woman doesn’t say a word or move other than to pet Lilah’s head. Every time Lilah asks Thirty-seven a question she just squeals and hugs her again, so Lilah gives up. Even when Thirty-seven goes to bed she doesn’t turn Lilah loose.

By morning the situation improves a little because Thirty-seven lets go of Lilah so she can sit in a chair, but even though Lilah has never eaten before Thirty-seven feeds her. She tries to tell Thirty-seven it isn’t necessary but that just causes Thirty-seven to squeal and hug her again.

The food is actually quite tasty and Lilah does enjoy it. Even better news comes when Lilah’s newest master arrives soon later.

“It’s time for me to head down to Tobes. Now I got Lilah to help me out with my work, so she is going to go with me.”

Lilah’s newest master’s statement seems to really bother Thirty-seven.

Newest Master: “Now when I return I will bring her back, but once you start to be able to interact with humans, you can join us in Tobes and won’t have to leave her side…”

Thirty-seven then looks like she doesn’t know what to do as she eventually gives Lilah a big hug then slowly lets her go. Lilah’s newest master then transfers Lilah and himself outside of the dungeon. Thirty-seven’s actions are rather strange so Lilah decides to ask her newest master.

“Is Thirty-seven alright in the head?”

Lilah’s newest master then laughs and says. “Yes, she is alright in the head. She had a real difficult time, but she is starting to come around. Truth be told I am not bringing you along with me to help. I just thought if I told Thirty-seven you were going to go with me when I went down to Tobes it would make her try a little harder.”

Lilah isn’t sure what she is supposed to be doing so she asks her newest master. “If master doesn’t want Lilah to help with his work, what does master want Lilah to do then?”

Newest Master: “Just keep me company I guess, and don’t forget to keep the fact I am a dungeon core a secret.”

Lilah is confused now, but she does know the trouble that would befall her newest master if they found out about him so she says. “Of course Master.”

Lilah sticks with her newest master all day. Maybe dungeon cores are just far better than humans because her master never makes her do anything. She learns quite a bit about her newest master as well.

Lilah’s newest master has a boss monster that is a princess of the human kingdom his dungeon is in, she seems to be away gathering xp for his dungeon at the moment. Lilah’s newest master doesn’t treat her like the humans did, or even the way her original master did. At one point he even tells Lilah to take it easy and to have fun.

Over the course of the next few days Lilah’s day seems to go much in the same way. She spends her morning and evening in Thirty-seven’s arms getting hugged and petted, and her days with her newest master in the human village.

Lilah has decided that her newest master is her favorite master and is glad she found her newest master. Thirty-seven still hugs and squeezes Lilah, but Lilah has been able to have a few conversations with her now, if that is what you can call them.

Lilah really starts to grow comfortable with her newest master and Thirty-seven, but she is still worried about her newest master’s boss monster. Master said she is pretty scary, but is still a good person. When she arrives however Lilah is confused.

She immediately starts to cry wrapping her arms around Lilah’s Master and Lilah makes the mistake of repeating Master’s words about her being scary. After she calms down she scratches Lilah under the chin and pets her like Thirty-seven does as she says. “This little one must be the one you told me about, and what do you mean scary?”

She then puffs her cheeks and looks at Lilah in a weird way so she can only say. “Master?” Master’s boss monster then looks to him questioning him as well, but he manages to deflect the question by talking about Thirty-seven.

She doesn’t seem convinced and doesn’t let go of Master’s hand as everyone travels through town to meet with Thirty-seven. Lilah hopes she didn’t get Master in too much trouble… Once they make it back to the dungeon Lilah decides that Lilah’s newest master will be her only master from now on!




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