Chapter 102: Sidetracked in the Capital

We wake in the morning with several confused messages from Logan trying to figure out what is going on, we just tell him we will explain when we arrive, and make plans to meet. I send Roxy and Zoey a message telling them we will meet with Logan before continuing our investigations today, so they can take it easy for a while.

I then decide we better check on Azami and Moss, to make sure Azami is taking care of him properly. When I arrive at the usual location I suddenly think I should have messaged first because they are both completely naked. With Moss’s back to me Azami is on her knees in front of him.

“Azami! What are you doing?!”

My sudden shout startles Moss and he quickly hides behind Azami, who then stands while holding a wet and soapy rag.

Azami: “I am following your orders, and taking care of Moss.”

Azami is quite short and thin compared to the others, but as she is stands up naked with her glistening, wet, caramel colored skin, petite but well-proportioned body, I can’t help but have a bit of difficulty as I clear my throat and quickly turn my back to her before speaking.

“Were you bathing? I would think someone with your magical ability and disposition would just use [Clean] instead of going through all that.”

Azami: “It is indeed much easier. However I thought to form a closer bond with Moss bathing together would help.”

“I admit he is quite young, but I feel the age in which that would be appropriate has already passed, as he seemed to be enjoying it a bit more then he should have been.”

Azami: “Yes, that was indeed a bit of a problem I instructed him to take care of it, but we were unable to complete our bath before the urge returned. If you had not interrupted however I believe we would have been able to complete without issue. Now we will have to start again.”

I can’t help feel a little jealous of the little guy, but I am sure that had to be more awkward then fun… “There is so much wrong with what you just said… Please just use [Clean], and put your clothes back on.”

Azami: “As you wish.”

I peek over a shoulder making sure they are dressed and then turn back around. If Moss didn’t like me before I am sure he doesn’t now, and I can’t really blame him as he hides behind Azami with a disappointed look on his face.

“Alright… Belinda and I are going to go to the capital, and we shouldn’t be gone for more than a few hours. Have you decided what you plan to do with Moss while we go back to our investigations?”

Azami: ‘He is a dungeon monster so he requires nothing. He is weak but the forest has no monsters in it, so he should be fine here.”

“Well get him situated until Belinda and I return, and I will have the bunnies add a bit more area of the forest into the dungeon so they can keep an eye on him while we are away.”

Azami: “As you wish.”

I then transfer to core room, tell the bunnies what to do, and then head back to Belinda. Out of self-preservation I leave out the part about Azami giving Moss a bath, and we then use [Gate] to head to the Gowen Capital meeting up with her brother. After reaching a small café in the Gowen Capital, Logan joins us.

Logan: “So what is all this about the Faron church looking for you?”

“Well it’s really simple really they asked us to do them a favor, but they seem to have a bit of a misunderstanding of our position on the matter. Anyway they are supposed to contact us when they receive any further information about the matter.

Belinda: “We will not be in Tobes for most of the day while we take care of something else, so contacting us though the church in Tobes would be difficult. If you could help us it would be a great.”

Logan: “Really it’s not that big of a deal. I was just curious is all.”

Belinda: “Well with the war and everything we wouldn’t want to be a bother.”

Logan: “I believe we have that about worked out. Longolia has started to call Queen the Leona’s Red Queen. Leaving the army in the fort she has proceeding into Longolia taking out the military units as they approach the border with little more than some of her beastkin townsfolk. After a while of that Longolia has suffered enough damage that they are talking of forfeiture of some of their land just to have it stop.”

Belinda: “They weren’t the ones that took Two-Twelve but they still tried to cause me harm when I was there, so even though I hate to see the loss of life I still say it serves them right.”

Logan: “Regardless if it was their doing or not Two-Twelve was kidnapped within their castle walls, and with the attack on you, father isn’t letting Longolia down easy this time. I don’t think he will settle less for extending the Gowen border to at least include that dungeon on their west coast that Longolia is so proud of.”

“Is the dungeon really that much of an advantage?”

Logan: “Out of all people you should know that. They bring adventurers and with adventurers there is revenue. In truth that is the only thing holding up the negotiations as Longolia isn’t quite ready to turn loose of control of the dungeon.”

“I guess that makes sense.”

Logan: “I actually wanted to ask you something as well… If you have time after this can you join me to meet with father?”

“Meet with the king? I can’t really refuse an invitation like that can I?”

Logan laughs and says. “Well you are his son, so it is not that big of a deal. He has said he wanted to speak with you however.”

“Well we are rather busy, so how about we get too it then?”

We then head to the castle with Logan, and the time Logan is supposed to meet with his father was still a little ways off so we continued our conversation about the church there, but it doesn’t amount to much. We are finally called in to meet with the king.

King Rondsom: “I see you have brought a few guests to our meeting today.”

Logan: “I know you wanted to have a word with Two-Twelve since his return.”

King Rondsom: “Very well, but that can wait. First thing is first. How is the situation at the border?”

Logan: “Queen has said they have all pulled back. She hasn’t seen any of Longolia’s forces making for the border in a week.”

King Rondsom: “So they are holding up on their deal then. If this keeps up we might have no choice in accepting their deal or we will come out looking as the aggressors to our allies.”

Logan: “As you say father…”

King Rondsom: “Daughter, what is your opinion? Should I accept the deal with Longolia increasing our kingdoms size by 25% while only gaining the open plains in space, or should I continue to press for less land on the western coast that contains the dungeon?”

Belinda: “You want my opinion…?”

King Rondsom: “Isn’t that what I said?”

Belinda: “I… I don’t know, but I would hate to see more lives put at risk just for a little better deal, and even with gaining Exeter as an ally I would hate to lose any others because they think we acted unjustly…”

King Rondsom: “And what does my 5th son have to say?”

5th son… I thought Doug was the youngest and was only the 4th. I quickly scan the room but we are the only ones here and then I realize that he is referring to me…

While talking with Logan before the meeting I was able to use [Archjusticar Menu], and I was able to determine what dungeon he was talking about while learning some information on it. It seems to be a dungeon in a coastal cave that deals in mainly water monsters.

The thing that really concerns me is most of its xp expenditures goes towards items that will benefit Longolia, like eatable creatures, ores, and even gems. That means it looks to have at least some sort of deal with the kingdom, or at least the city residing nearby.

“I agree the dungeon would be an asset to the kingdom, but dungeons are highly unpredictable. Even if it brings good revenue to Longolia that doesn’t mean it will continue to do so after Gowen takes control.”

King Rondsom: “I take it you are in the group that believes the dungeons are living things, with minds of their own?”

“With the way the dungeons seem to react to the adventurer’s presence and the growth of nearby areas I think it would be unwise to think anything less.”

King Rondsom: “Then you are saying if it was your choice you would go against my opinion on the matter, and take the empty plains passing on the dungeon?”

“No disrespect, but I think without being able to investigate the dungeon more closely, yes, I would pass on the dungeon.”

King Rondsom: “I will take that under advisement. I am glad to have children that would speak their minds. Now on to the next matter, with the war coming to an end now we need to start thinking on the matters regarding Mindy’s return and the Mayor of Tobes.”

Logan: “I have searched for a replacement, but none can hold up to what Mayor Gowen, or Mindy has been able to accomplish, and with the construction of a mage’s guild now about to begin in Tobes I really feel it crucial that we have the right person on it.”

Belinda: “You mean they really are going to place a Mage Guild in Tobes?”

Logan: “Yes and that is why it is pivotal that we place the right person in charge of Tobes. If we place the wrong person in charge it might not be long before we see Tobes seek control over the Gowen kingdom.”

King Rondsom: “And that is why we must have Mindy return soon, or she as well might get the same idea doing it herself.”

Belinda: “I know Mindy is a jerk, but you really think she would lead a coup against her own family?”

Logan: “We have already determined she has looked into the prospects of building a castle there at Tobes. That is why we were really hoping we could get brother to retake the position.”

“If you are referring to me I am sorry, with everything that has happened since my memory loss I don’t even know if I would be capable.”

Logan: “I am sorry to hear that… After the progress in New Leona I have even tried to talk Queen into it, but she has refused as well.”

Belinda: “What about Scylla?”


Belinda: “Yes she has been with us for a long time now, and she trained right beside you the entire time. She is quite busy with the baby, but with a few extra hands I am sure she would do a fine job at it.”

Logan: “You are talking about Kline’s wife?”

King Rondsom: “Interesting… You are sure she can be trusted?”

Belinda: “I have put my life in her hands more than a few times while adventuring with her, and she would never do anything to hurt Two-Twelve.”

Logan: “She does seem the reliable sort and not to mention Kline is bound by pact. Do you think you would be able to get her to take the position?”

Belinda: “If Two-Twelve asked her she would never refuse.”

King Rondsom: “I will leave the matters to you then. You had a large setback in Longolia, but more than made up for it in Exeter, so don’t let me down with this my daughter.”

Belinda looks a little worried but firmly states. “I promise!”

King Rondsom: “Good, maybe I should have more of my children attend these meetings more often. Now for the final matter with the beastkin councilman.”

Logan: “He has had quite the struggle with the human members of council, and has held his ground up to now, but I don’t know how much he can fight the uphill battle alone.”

King Rondsom: “Are you suggesting we invite another beastkin from New Leona to the council.”

Logan: “I am sure the council would disapprove, but New Leona isn’t the only option. Asking Miss Scylla to become mayor of Tobes is proof of that.”

King Rondsom: “Yes with Tobes growth it would be only natural that a new councilman would join from there, and if it just so happened to be a beastkin all the better…”

Why do I get the impression this is a meeting that has gone on over and over with no clear resolution until today…

Logan: “What about it brother, any other beastkin gems in Tobes you think would be adequate?”

“Scylla would be the only one I would think… Bell has been there the entire time as well, but her personality is too subservient I think for something like that.”

Belinda: “I think I know just the one.”

“You do?”

Belinda gives me a look telling me to just agree with her eyes. “Yea… I didn’t think of her for mayor, because she works much better in a group setting.”


I hope Belinda knows what she is doing, because I don’t have a clue who she is talking about.

Logan: “Are you sure…?”

Belinda: “Of course, she may be a little green, but she will at least be as good as the one from New Leona.”

King Rondsom: “We will have Logan meet with her at once then and see.”

Belinda looks a little nervous as she says. “Yea, no problem!”

King Rondsom: “Very well, I believe that concludes our meeting for today.”

Belinda: “I thought you wanted to speak with Two-Twelve?”

King Rondsom: “While I did want to check his wellbeing I can see he is quite back to normal. I think my daughter is still in good hands.”

“I will do my best not to let you down.”

King Rondsom: “See that you do.”

We bit our farewells to the king and we leave the room along with Logan.

“It feels you were waiting on our meeting with the king for far more reasons than you originally let on.”

Logan: “Well it all worked out in the end that is what counts. I know you said you were busy today so when would you like me to meet this new councilmember you were so sure about?”

Belinda: “Uh… Of course we haven’t talked to her about anything like this so give us at least a bit to work her into it.”

Logan: “I look forward to hearing from you then sis. Well I won’t hold you up any more, and I promise as soon as I get word from the church I will send the message.”

“Thanks again…”

Logan: “After that meeting, I thank you.”

Belinda and I then leave Logan, and once we are out of the castle I ask her.

“Who exactly are you talking about for the councilwoman?”

Belinda: “You haven’t summoned her yet…”

“How do you expect me to meet all those criteria on a fresh summoning?”

Belinda: “Queen did it, so I have faith in you.”

“You were quick to mention a woman, and here you kept blaming me for all the females.”

Belinda: “Oh shut it… I panicked, and it was the first thing that came to my mind.”

“Well in any case we better get going back to town. I think Draco’s task is going to have to wait to another day if we have to convince Scylla to become mayor and then summon another monster for a council position.”

Belinda: “I’m sorry…”

“No we were just going to work on Draco’s task as we had nothing else to do while we waited on word from the church. Although I am sure the bunnies are not going to be happy about me spending xp on this after using so much on summoning people to help with the task.”

Belinda: “What about those ones you sent out? Are you going to recall them now and have them begin to gather xp?”

“For now I think I will leave them investigating the churches just in case.”

Belinda and I then use [Gate] to return to the house. I am going to have to have to really focus for the new summon, so we decide to start with Scylla. We head over to Scylla’s and Kline’s house knocking on the door.

Scylla: “Miss Belinda and Master… What are you doing here today?”

“Well you mind if we come in for a bit?”

Scylla: “Of course not, come in.”

Scylla moves back into the dining area and checks on the baby who looks to be sleeping.

Scylla: “Can I get you anything?”

“No thanks, we are alright.”

Belinda: “Where is Kline this morning?”

Scylla: “He went to do a bit of shopping, I told him I am tired of being cooped up in the house, but he insists in doing it all, and tells me to just relax. I just don’t think I can take any more of this sitting around the house all day though.”

“Well we might have a solution to that for you, but we should probably wait for Kline to return, as it concerns all of you.”

Scylla looks a little confused but nods. Belinda then quickly changes the subject asking about the baby, and they are able to talk for a while. We finally hear Kline as he enters the house, while opening the door with a large bag in his hand he quickly says.

Kline: “Hey I’m home my sexy salamander. I got something special for you…”

Scylla’s ears turn a little pink as she quickly cuts him off. “Honey! We have guests!”

Kline quickly panics almost dropping the bag and after a minute or two of quick apologize we are finally sitting around the dining table.

“We talked to Logan this morning and he told us that the war looks to be on its last leg.”

Scylla and Kline: “That’s great!”

“Well I don’t think Queen will be too happy about it. She seemed to be having quite a bit of fun with the Longolia soldiers.”

Scylla: “That sounds about right.”

Belinda: “Well the bad news, well I guess it is only bad news depending on how you look at it, but with the war ending Mindy will be needed back at the capital.”

Scylla: “I am sure Bell will be happy to hear about that. Does that mean Master is ready to take over as Mayor again?”

“Well about that… Somebody else’s name was the one that came up.”

Kline: “Are they sending someone new from the capital?”

Belinda: “After what Two-Twelve and Mindy have accomplished here they didn’t think anyone from the capital was right for the job.”

Scylla: “Surely you are not talking about Denova… I am sure she could handle it, but I don’t know…”

“No actually it was a certain salamander beastkin we happen to know…”

Scylla: “But I’m… Wait… What?”

Belinda: “Well you trained right alongside Bell and Two-Twelve. You know it just as well as either of them.”

Kline: “What about the baby… I mean I can watch her without problem, but there are just some things I can’t do like feeding her.”

“Well we will make sure you have some extra hands. There is plenty of room for a couple more offices in the city hall.”

Scylla: “But out of everyone, why me…?”

“We need someone we can trust to take over for Mindy, and even with you no longer bound to the dungeon we know we can trust you with this. I trust you, and know you can do this.”

Kline: “I can’t say no to Belinda because of the pact, and even though she can I know Scylla won’t tell you no either… Just promise me if Scylla does this, she doesn’t have to spend too much time away from baby Listel.”

Belinda: “Like Two-Twelve said, we will get plenty of extra help there, and you and the baby can even be there with her as well. You have done enough paperwork with the Gowen Communication Parchment that you would make a fine extra pair of hands.”

Scylla: “If you are really putting your trust into me… I promise I will do my best.”

“Thank you Scylla, and if you need for anything you just have to let us know. I am sure Belinda would even love to baby sit for a few hours if you just need some time to yourself.”

Due to giving up on heading to Draco’s dungeon for the day we are no longer in a rush so we sit for a while and chat with Scylla and Kline, but after a while I say.

“Belinda you can stay if you like, but I really need to start working on the other promise you made to your family…”

Belinda: “I’m sorry… But I know you can do it!”

I sigh and then after excusing myself I transfer to the core room.

Lilah: “Master! What are you doing back here? Lilah thought you would come get the others and then leave right after.”

“Well there has been a change of plans… I need to spend some xp.”

Lilah: “But Master!”

“I know, but Belinda promised.”

Lylah: “What does master need to summon?”

“Well so far as long as it is a beastkin woman the rest doesn’t matter. She just has to serve as a council member at the capital, so she has to be sharp witted. You two seemed to do really well with making Lila the way you wanted so maybe you can give me a hand?”

The three bunnies seem to be thinking for a minute then nod. Lylah and Lilah then explain to me what they focused on and how they managed Lila like they did. Honestly it is a lot more complex then I would expect.

“I can try, but I don’t think I would be able to do it in the first shot, and we can’t afford several attempts. Can I leave it to you?”

Lilah: “Master just needs a really smart beastkin woman to serve as a councilmember right?”

“Belinda promised she would at least be better than the council member Queen summoned, so you have your work cut out for you.”

The three bunnies then look at each other and seem to come to the same conclusion. All three have a smile form on their faces and they nod.

Lylah: “Leave it to us master! We won’t let you down.”

They then begin a huddle whispering back and forth. While they work on that I have a look over the dungeon. They have really made running the dungeon into an art form. I don’t see how the three of them can manage everything like they do.

I count no less than 10 groups of adventurers making their way through the dungeon, and when I think maybe I am distracting the bunnies to much one will quickly break from the huddle just long enough to issue more orders to the monsters and then rejoin.

They practically don’t even leave the core room anymore, so maybe we should do something special for them to make it up to them. Although with the exception of things like when Maeve was born they usually don’t want to leave the core room.

I don’t really know what they would like then, so maybe I should ask Belinda to come up with something. I then look over at the amount of xp we currently have. We are sitting at around 50,000xp, it’s hard to believe, but that is considered bad shape now.

I wait for a few more minutes and they finally break the huddle.

Lylah: “Master, we have the perfect idea, just watch and see!”

I don’t know how but they all three seem to be working on the summoning together, and when the light fills the room the smallest of the three, Lila, quickly covers my eyes. When she finally uncovers my eyes I see their result.

I am not sure what I was expecting, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. In front of me are now 4 rabbits, but the new one is tall. Even if you don’t count her ears that stick up at least another foot above her head she is easily as tall as me.

She is wearing an outfit that is quite conservative, but the buttons of her shirt are strained against breasts that easily equal to that of Bell’s. The rest of her appearance is easily what you would expect from an adult version of Lilah as she is a feral rabbit rather than a normal beastkin like the other two.

I am now sure that the girls summoned her as their ideal adult appearance, and I am sure none of them will become that tall or have breasts near that large, but even without them two facts I have to say looking at this beastkin does show they are all surely to be very attractive women in a few years.

I did say her appearance didn’t matter much, but I am a little worried that she may be attractive enough to cause a bit of problem among the council. Then again I guess she can use that to her advantage as well, as I think all the other council members are all men. Now the most important part, is she smart enough to serve in the council?

“We summoned you with a specific task in mind, so if you don’t mind I would like to ask you a few questions.”

Adult Bunny: “Of course master. With the knowledge I was summoned with I have an understanding of what I believe you ask of me. You wish me to serve among human politicians in effort to maintain the Gowen Kingdom’s continued success?”

“Well, yes actually…”

Adult Bunny: “I assure you my big sisters made sure to give me all the knowledge I may need to not only do that job, but do that job well.”

“I am a little surprised they knew the knowledge you would need.”

Adult Bunny: “Well as their summoning of big sister Lila, they didn’t have to know everything about math to summon her to be highly proficient in it. My only disadvantage is the stores of information available to me are limited to what a dungeon truly knows about human politics.”

“Well without even asking a question, you already have me convinced. What about a name?”

Adult Bunny: “My big sisters wish to preserve Leila for the next sister they will summon to help them here in the dungeon, so they wish to name me Delilah.”

“They really have thought of everything…”

Lilah: “Lilah promised not to let Master down!”

“I have thought of one problem though.”

Lylah: “But we thought of everything!”

“I need one of you to explain to Belinda I wasn’t the one that summoned her…”

Lila: “I told you the breasts were too much.”

Lylah: “Master hasn’t quit staring at them though, so it proves our point!”

Delilah: “I am sorry master but without a direct order that supersedes big sister Lilah’s I cannot show them to you.”

“I haven’t been…” –I sigh. – “That’s the exact reason I said I need one of you to explain it.”

I end up taking Lila with me, and we take Delilah to meet Belinda. Scylla and Belinda both still seem a little skeptical about it, but after talking with her a while they seem to accept the fact I had no part in it. I then let Lila return to the dungeon core room.

“They really have been doing a hell of a job up at the dungeon. I was thinking maybe we should do something special for them.”

Belinda: “You aren’t just saying that because the way Delilah’s appearance turned out are you?”

Delilah: “As big sister Lila said I assure you Two-Twelve had no part of my appearance.”

Belinda: “I am still not convinced they didn’t do it because they thought it was what he would want.”

Delilah: “Now as to that I can’t argue, my appearance is what they wish for themselves, and they are particularly fond of Master so it stands to reason that may be a factor.”

“I think I sent Lila back too soon.”

Belinda: “No I think we are about to get to the truth of the matter, now Delilah you understand them pretty well, what kind of gift would they like from their master?”

Delilah: “I believe answering that question would be counter to my task of the prosperity of the dungeon and the Gowen Kingdom.”

Belinda: “That’s what I thought.”

“What about allowing them to summon another one? From Delilah’s summoning they have already have another name picked out, so they have at least thought of it.”

Belinda: “So your answer is to add to the problem?”

“Things are quite busy in the dungeon, and sooner or later we will have to do something about it anyway.”

Delilah: “I believe the dungeon core room is quite full with the three of them already, but upgrading the dungeon core room from a basic to an advanced dungeon core room would sure please them.”

“Wait, what is an advanced dungeon core room?”

Delilah: “Obviously as your dungeon increases in size there are only so many [Menu] screens you can have open at once without them overlapping. Among other things an advanced dungeon core room is much larger and [Menu] has added features that prioritize things.”

I open [Menu] and look up the advanced dungeon core room. There are quite a few requirements required to upgrade the dungeon core room, but it looks like we meet most of them. The main problem is the xp cost 1,000,000xp.

“1 million xp… That will take a while.”

Delilah: “The main benefits of the advanced dungeon core room are the effects it has on the monsters, but I don’t know if it will really help our dungeon much because of our unique way of doing things.”

“Is that why none of the other monsters have ever mentioned it to me before?”

Scylla: “Most dungeon cores are 100 years old or better before it is even thought about, and for its cost I never found the reason to mention it.”

Delilah: “It would benefit the dungeon at least as much as summoning another one of my sisters, but I can understand if the cost of an additional sister is much less. The current dungeon core room will only hold so many sisters however.”

“Well it is something to think about eventually, but for now…”

Belinda: “Well I guess, but you better not be building a bunny filled harem.”

After talking with Scylla, Delilah, and Belinda for a while we set Delilah up with one of the rooms at the house and decide to give the news to Mindy that she can begin her perpetrations to return to the capital.

Mindy: “Can’t you see that I am busy? Don’t you have something better to occupy your time with then interrupt my work?”

Belinda: “I thought you would want to know I had a talk with Father and Logan this morning.”

Mindy seems interested but she is doing her best to ignore Belinda.

“I am not taking back over as mayor, but we have found a replacement, so you can now return back to the capital.”

Mindy: “After everything I have done making this place what it is now you decide to push me out?”

Belinda looks to hate every word out of her mouth as she says. “You have done great work here, but we always knew it would be temporary. With the war about to end they need you back at the capital.”

Mindy wears a complicated expression as she thinks on what Belinda just said.

Mindy: “Did Logan and Father say that?”

Belinda: “You know they would never say it out loud, but they said they have been working really hard on trying to find a replacement for Tobes so you could return to the capital.”

Mindy: “So who is this replacement of mine supposed to be?”

Belinda: “Kline’s wife, she is smart, but with Kline bound by pact to the family she makes a good choice.”

Mindy: “A beastkin…If this cow you have around here wasn’t bad enough you want to make the actual Mayor a beastkin as well?”

Belinda: “These are father’s orders.”

Mindy: “Very well, but I will see to it she answers directly to me, to make sure she doesn’t screw up everything I have worked so hard to build.”

Belinda looks like she wants to punch her right in the mouth, but she instead forces a smile. Mindy makes a few more snarky remarks before Belinda can’t take anymore so we excuse ourselves. I then have to listen to Belinda let out her deep hatred for her sister for the next thirty minutes.

We didn’t make it to Draco’s dungeon, or hear from the church, but it does at least seem we have managed to accomplish quite a bit today, even if it isn’t want we had intended. We decide to head to bed a bit early and if we don’t hear from the church by morning we will then begin working on Draco’s task.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 102: Sidetracked in the Capital

  1. Maybe its time they told the king and Logan about two twelve being a dungeon core, with the added secret of his race as a divine being, to convince them not to harm him when they find out what he is.
    Then, maybe they can form deal with proper having from the kingdom.

    And maybe, 212 can finally take up a proper name. “Archjusticar Arngrim Gowen” has a nice ring to it.

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