Chapter 99: Two-Twelve’s Decision


Once I arrive home from Maeve’s dungeon I get a sudden flood of messages about new items available to the dungeon, so many weapons and armor it is quite hard to keep up with. One thing they have in common is almost all of them have the notation about being made of that metal that can only be summoned with Shima’s style. There is also a plethora of new enchantments available as well.

I then hear. “He’s back!” and am quickly wrapped in a hug.

Inari: “Surprise!”

After Inari’s sudden hug and comment Belinda and Scylla join us from the living room. There is also a young man with them but I don’t think I know him.  He has silver fox like ears and tail with short coal black hair. He too wears the Shima style of clothing.

“I don’t understand.”

Inari: “I really wanted to bring Takeshi with me this time, but Madam Erin said I could only bring one, so I come up with a plan to help Daddy! Yuji has a spell that lets him store things with magic so I loaded him up with all my best gear, brought him along, and let Daddy learn how to make it! I know you wanted skills, but this was the best I could do.”

Yuji: “It is quite the honor to meet the Mistress’s parents. Thank you for allowing me in your home.” –He says while bowing.-

“No… Thank you I really appreciate it, but the cost of these items and the quantity. How could you acquire so much at your age?”

Inari: “I’m sorry Daddy I can’t say because I promised, but like my equipment I got it all in the same place.”

“That must be quite the place…”

Inari: “I just wish I had this ring you gave me back then it would have really come in handy. Maybe then I would have caught up with Daddy!”

Inari then seems to be checking a message and then says.

Inari: “Madam Erin said since it was getting so late that she will start on working to get me home in the morning, so I get to stay the night here! Although that means I won’t have Takeshi to warm my bed tonight…” –She puts an emphasis on that last part like it is really important, and by Belinda’s reaction she seems to agree.-

Belinda: “Inari! You didn’t make him do something he didn’t want to, did you?”

Inari: “What about your poor daughter? Takeshi almost broke me the first time! And I didn’t force anything on him, but I did make him have to make a choice.”

Belinda: “…”

Yuji: “Don’t worry. I understand and assure you although Takeshi doesn’t still agree with some of the Mistress’s habits, he is quite happy with his position at her side.”

Inari: “I’ll say… But I think he is happier when he is in the position on top of me.”

Scylla’s ears turn a bit red and Belinda and I both sigh in unison…

Belinda: “Well if you get to stay the night, we should start making some dinner.”

“Yes and can you make sure everyone is there we need to talk about something, and I want everyone’s opinion on it.”

Belinda looks a little concerned but she then nods leading the group towards the kitchen so they continue to talk while preparing dinner. Inari’s monster Yuji however stays in the entryway with me.

“Shouldn’t you be with your Mistress?”

Yuji: “No I don’t think so…Unless of course you don’t trust me, and then I understand and will return to her side.”

“No actually I would like to talk to you for a few minutes.”

Yuji: “To me?”

“Yes, I don’t know how much Inari told you about me, but I recently lost my memory. I can tell it bothers Belinda and Inari both that I can’t remember Inari, so even if I can’t remember maybe you could help me at least fill in some of the blanks.”

Yuji: “I live to serve my Mistress, so if it would make her happy of course I will do what I can. I don’t believe she would keep secrets from you, but understand there are some things without her explicit permission I can’t speak of however.”

“No, I understand. Just tell me what you can.”

I then lead Yuji into the ballroom and we have a few drinks while waiting on dinner. I manage to learn quite a bit about Inari but the crowd quickly grows as Kline, and Doug join us. Yuji seems to be a lightweight like Doug and they are both pretty drunk by the time dinner is complete.

Inari: “Daddy! Alcohol is hard to come by at home. He has only drank it twice before!”

“How was I to know…?”

Inari: “It’s alright… I am glad you were able to get along with my boss monster, but please ask me before you do anything else like that!”

“Sorry, I will…”

After dinner I then ask them to stay so we can talk.

Inari: “This seems important, do you wish Yuji and I leave now?”

“No it is ok. I would actually like to hear your opinion as well as Maeve already gave hers…”

I then explain to them the conversation I have with Madam Erin and Dyson at Maeve’s dungeon, and ask them what they think about it.

Inari: “I shouldn’t be surprised, Daddy is quite special indeed. I have been wary of Madam Erin like you taught me, but she has helped out a few times. To be part of the elder’s even as something of that level would be next level stuff… There is also the fact if Daddy joins the elders they would tell him how they travel to my dungeon so maybe Mommy and Daddy could come visit me some time!”

Belinda: “I know you have been worried about the amount of xp we have been bringing in isn’t as sustainable as it once was, and this could help us quite a bit, but the tasks they have set us on in the past have always been quite difficult.”

Scylla: “Kline and I might not be with the dungeon, but we are here for you whatever you decide in any way we can be.”

Zoey: “Roxy and I are both with you, boss!”

Sofia: “I course would say that the chance to work closer with Dyson would be nice…”

Katie: “Madam Erin is the one that summoned me, so I know I might be biased on it, but I think master should consider it. We could learn to make a lot of new gear if we helped out the elders.”

Bell: “I can’t help much anymore except at the mayor’s office, so I will leave it to you.”

The only ones not present are the bunnies and Azami, but there is another pair that hasn’t said anything as well.


Doug: “You’re asking me…? I barely know anything about dungeons, so this is all over my head…”

Aria: “I know my Mistress would jump at the chance like something like this, but Dyson was also the one that trained her.”

Inari: “Don’t worry too much about it Daddy. You are very smart I think whatever you decide it will be the right choice.”

Belinda: “Inari’s right, you haven’t ever let us down, and the truth is most of what they will ask of you they will still ask anyway even if you refuse. This way at least if you say yes we will be guaranteed better benefits from it.”

“Thank you all…”

We then break up for the night, Belinda shows Yuji and Inari to rooms for them to go to sleep while I decide to ask the few remaining members just to be sure. I just message Azami, and she worked with Dyson for quite a few years so her opinion would be quite valuable, but she simply says if it will grant us more power than do it.

The bunnies seemed to agree with it as well, but the just seem to think it will lead to more monsters like the griffon and the dragon. Although there is the possibility they may not be wrong… I thank them as well then meet with Belinda for bed.

“Now that is just us… How do you really feel about it?”

Belinda: “I’m worried… When dealing with the elders we have had a lot of close calls… But even though some of the things they do I don’t agree with they have done quite a bit for us as well. There is also the fact I would like to get to visit Inari as well.”

“I don’t know if we could use [Gate] because surely if it was that easy Dyson’s teleport magic should work as well, but it doesn’t seem to work either, but if we learn how Madam Erin does it then maybe it would be possible.”

I let out a sigh. “I wish I knew what the old me would say…”

Belinda moves over to me rubbing my chest.

Belinda: “I think you already do.”

The next morning we get the message from Madam Erin that she is prepping for Inari’s return, so in a few hours it will be time for them to go home. We spend the morning with Inari in Tobes, she doesn’t look much younger than us but the feeling is quite strange, and I really do start to get the feeling of Inari being my daughter.

None of the memories of her training return, but from seeing the way she acts, and hearing the stories I can almost picture it. When it is finally time for her to leave I decide to go with her to Madam Erin’s dungeon to give Madam Erin my answer.

Madam Erin: “You’re here as well?”

“I thought I would take the opportunity to let you know that after talking it over with everyone I had decided to accept the elder’s proposal.”

Madam Erin: “I can’t say I am entirely surprised, I will say I have some reservations about Dyson’s proposal, but I guess on your end it must look like a pretty good deal.”

“I know if I am going to do this you said I could learn information. I know Belinda would really like to see Inari more often, so maybe you can tell me the process you use for going to Shima?”

Madam Erin: “Well it isn’t much different than the manor I usually use, and I use the same portals. The big difference is the amount of magic it takes. Not only that but the runes are completely different as well using the adventurer’s guild magic as opposed to a dungeon’s magic.”

“I saw a large portal in Uthaira that even the humans could use. Could we set something like that up where we could travel back and forth to Shima?”

Madam Erin: “I am by no means a mage dungeon core, but I have built up a hefty supply of magic over the years, and I am here to tell you that even for me I have to supplement in some magic crystals.”

“How much magic are we talking about?”

Madam Erin sighs. “About 50,000 mp worth.”

“That is quite a bit…”

Madam Erin: “And I only have about half that so the other half I have to use magic crystals. Do you know how much xp 25,000 mp worth of magic crystals costs?”

“About 10xp per mp…so 250,000 xp”

Madam Erin: “That’s right so for a round trip within the same day try tripling that because I can only use my own magic the once.”

“But why is it so hard to teleport to Shima to begin with? No matter the distance I travel with [Gate] it still costs 500 mp, so how is Shima different?”

Madam Erin: “It has something to do with the ocean. The ocean is shallow between the mainland and Belgore, not to mention all the ice we can reach about halfway into Belgore because of Elder Fredrick. The waters between the mainland and Shima are very deep so that is what makes it so difficult.”

“But if the adventurer’s guild magic is so weak compared to a dungeon then how can it reach across the ocean and not ours?”

Madam Erin: “I guess you can think of it as a rope. You stretch a single strand a great distance and it will break, but if you have a dozen or two dozen strands wrapped together it becomes stronger. Even if our rope is better material it is still only one strand.”

“So if there were more dungeons in Shima it would work?”

Madam Erin: “It did in the past, I think if we could get at least 2 more there it would be enough, but the Oni problem in Shima prevents that.”

“About that you can tell me what is going on now right?”

Madam Erin: “Fine pup, but can we send Inari on her way first like I said this portal isn’t easy to set up.”


Inari: “Take care Daddy, maybe helping out the elders means it won’t take so long before we can see each other again.”

She gives me a hug and Madam Erin prepares the portal.

“And Inari… Tell Takeshi that if he doesn’t take good care of my daughter I will be coming for him”

Inari hugs me again and laughs. “Oh Daddy.”

“You take care of your Mistress Yuji”

Yuji: “I promise.”

Inari and Yuji disappear though the portal and then it closes. Madam Erin is sweating and panting, which is not something I would say is very appealing…

Madam Erin: “Well… Pup… Time to call the Elders together and make this official.”


Madam Erin: “You have somewhere better to be?”

“Well no, but I didn’t think you could just call the elders together that quick like that…”

It turns out I was right. We traveled to the place where the elders always meet, and Dyson arrived quickly, but it took the rest of the Elders the rest of the afternoon to arrive. They don’t seem too pleased about being called to a meeting either.

I sit in a single chair in front of them while they all sit on the podium arguing back and forth. Finally things settle down and Draco addresses me.

Draco: “It seems you know what we are doing here more than we do. What is it exactly Madam Erin and Dyson promised you?”

“They did say it would have its perks, but they didn’t promise me anything… I have helped with a few tasks here and there for them since my birth, and they asked if I would be willing to make it something more official.”

Faron: “I knew you would be trouble the moment Madam Erin suggested a mere core of 1 year of age to help in the selection of a dungeon core, but what possibly could you even offer us?”

“I believe I have already contributed quite a bit. I can’t guarantee anything but they came to me, so I am not sure why I have to defend myself here.”

Lucille: “Contributed headaches. Every time there is mention of Dungeon Core # 212 it is follows by some unbelievable story that not only is true but causes us trouble.”

Fredrick: “I am actually quite interested in Dyson’s theory myself, but with that I don’t care if it is Dungeon Core #212, or what dungeon core it is. I do feel that if we do this it will be like a slap in the fact to Maric and Laura who were turned down as elders, and now saying this young core deserves more recognition as well.”

Dyson: “Grow a backbone Fredrick. We are the elders, this is our decision and the other cores including Laura and Maric should just accept that.”

Lucille: “Easy for you to say you have only been one of us for a short time.”

Madam Erin: “I quite agree as well, but Dyson has seen the change that is coming. You may all bury your heads in the sand but it is clear. [Menu] for whatever reason is changing, if we don’t have someone like Dungeon Core #212 with us then in a few short years we will become irrelevant. Dyson himself is testament to that. He surpassed us all in under 100 years, and now with the training methods that have been established any one or even all of these new cores could easily be the next Dyson.”

Lucille: “Then we should go back to the old ways.”

Dyson: “That doesn’t change the fact the humans are progressing as well. If the answer to you staying in power is to make those who follow you weaker then you are closer to death then I thought.

Faron: “There are only a few A ranked adventurers less then there have ever been before, and there hasn’t been a single S ranked adventurer since Dyson was allowed to return to being a dungeon, and you say humans are progressing…”

Dyson: “How many imitation crystals have you lost in the past 2 years?”

Faron: “That is different. It is a religious attack against me by followers of the old gods.”

Dyson: “And appointing Dungeon Core #212 could be the answer, he would be the one you send to deal with such a thing!”

Faron: “Very well, I too will agree with this if he can solve this problem of mine, and that is of course if your theory of [Menu] is correct. If it does work we can then see about appointing a select few such as Maric or Laura as well.”

Madam Erin: “There is also the matter about Dungeon Core #212 and Laura. We gave assurances that the matter between them two will remain as such, so even if you do extend the invitation further their matter is still their own.”

Lucille: “Yes yes… We know… But that pet of yours would be wise to drop his foolish plan or his position will be short lived. Laura wasn’t being considered for as an Elder for nothing.”

Draco: “If Dungeon Core #212 is to look into the matter concerning the destruction of Faron’s churches and imitation crystals. He could investigate the recent increase in destruction of my imitation crystals as well.

I already see this is going to become quite the headache… I wonder if it is too soon to back out…

Dyson: “Then we are all in agreeance?”

Lucille: “Fine…”

Faron: “If my condition is met.”

Draco: “Agreed.”

Fredrick: “Yes.”

Madam Erin: “Don’t let me down pup!”

The Dungeon Core Elders wish to bestow you with the title of Archjusticar do you accept?


Dungeon Core #212 has acquired the skill [Archjusticar] (Rank 1)
Dungeon Core #212 has acquired the skill [The Elder’s Chosen] (Rank 1)

The title Archjusticar is appointed to a single dungeon core to act to maintain the integrity of [Menu]. Preforming tasks relevant to the Archjusticar title will result in an increase to the rank of the skill [Archjusticar]. Preforming actions lowering the integrity of [Menu] will decrease the rank of the skill [Archjusticar]. [Archjusticar] can be reduced to (Rank 0) however if an action is preformed to decrease the integrity of [Menu] while at (Rank 0) the skill and title will be removed.


Dungeon Core #212 [Mayor —— Gowen] has been appointed as Archjusticar to the elders.


Madam Erin: “I’ll be damned it worked…”

Dyson: “I told you that [Menu] would accept it, especially if it was Two-Twelve.”

Draco: “Indeed it does appear to be so. Very well then, Archjusticar your first task is to find and put a stop to the attacks that have befallen Elder Faron and myself, do you understand?”

I receive a message from Lilah that seems pretty panicked but I quickly say. “Yes, please excuse me for just a moment.” And then try to find out what is going on.

Lilah: (Master what is going on!? [Menu] made all kinds of racket and changed, and now looks different.)

(Different? Different how?)

Lilah: ([Menu] acted really strange and now there is something called the [Archjusticar Menu] showing up on it. It just showed up everything flashed, made a bunch of noise. It scared us all to death…)

(I think it has to do with helping the elders, I will check it out when I return.)

Lucille: “We are quite busy you know… Is there a problem?”

“I apologize. The changes to [Menu] scared the monsters I have looking after my dungeon, so I had to calm them down.”

Dyson: “Changes to [Menu]?”

“Yes a new item has been added to it.”

Madam Erin: “Like what?”

“So far all I know it added was the [Archjusticar Menu].”

Draco: “What is that?”

“You don’t know?”

Madam Erin: “Of course not. We didn’t even know if this would work or not. Nothing like this has been done before.”

Dyson: “What does it do?”

“I don’t know…”

Lucille: “Well open it up and find out!”

“Isn’t asking about ones [Menu] against the rules?”

Faron: “You are to be part of us yes? We know about the options available to each other for example Elder Dyson’s [Observation] is unique to him, but we all have similar items.”

“Then in the interest of sharing information I will let you know what I have after you fill me in on yourselves. After all trust goes both ways.”

Madam Erin: “I am curious, so I will tell you, but if they choose not to we can keep your secret together. As I explained to you earlier I am by no means a mage dungeon core, but I have a knack for Runes. In truth it is a Rosetta Stone if you will, allowing me to decipher them as well as spoken words, and I am the best at creating them as well. It gives me quite a gift for portals, and things like that map the new cores use when they select the location for their dungeon.”

Dyson: “Mine of course is [Observation] but you know all about that already.”

Faron: “Unlike Dyson or Madam Erin I am not so quick in trusting you. Perhaps you complete the tasks we set you on and we will see.”

The other Elders don’t say anything as well so I take it as refusal.

“Well Dyson didn’t really tell me anything, but it’s not really his fault. I’ll want to take a good look at it and I will then get back to Madam Erin and Dyson.”

Dyson: “I can live with that.  Now about your tasks, Faron uses imitations crystals to spread his dungeon, he conceals them inside statues and relics of his church.  Meaning the major churches of Faron are all secondary dungeons of Faron’s. As you heard earlier he has had a bit of a problem with someone burning his churches and destroying his imitation crystals. He believes that the attacks are just religious fanatics of the old gods, but I believe there may be a dungeon core behind it, so your task is to find out what or who is behind the attacks and put a stop to them.”

Draco: “You second task is concerning my dungeon. I have lost imitation crystals in the past, but recently more and more are getting broken. As many secondary dungeons I have it is hard to keep track all of them at once. Unlike an actual crystal there is no way to know who destroyed it without actually seeing it, and so far I have been unable to find the culprit or culprits involved. You are to investigate to determine if the attacks are more than just a string of coincidences. If it is being done deliberately you are to put a stop to the ones behind the attacks.”

Madam Erin: “If you are unable to get there with your [Gate] spell I will assist you get to Draco’s mountain and to several of Faron’s churches, but then you are on your own.  We can understand there may be an adjustment period so we will give you a bit of time to get started, but we can’t wait forever for results.”

Lucille: “Dyson and Madam Erin are the ones that pushed for this so you will report directly to them, but of course Faron and Draco will be interested in your progress so you might keep them informed as well.”

Faron: “Now I am very busy, and since Dyson and Madam Erin seem so keen on holding your hand I will leave the rest to them.”

The other Elders leave, only leaving Dyson and Madam Erin behind.

Madam Erin: “So pup was it all you expected?”

“Well it definitely sounds like a headache, but if it can give me the peace of mind of not getting wiped out by a dungeon much stronger then me then I guess it is worth it.”

Dyson: “Well as for your tasks Draco’s should be rather easier to deal with, and should take far less traveling, but he is far more patient then Faron. It may be in your best interest to deal with Faron’s problem first.”

“He said it is religious fanatics but you believe there may be a dungeon core involved? What is that about?”

Dyson: “Well you can imagine there are dungeon cores out there that are not happy with the elders. Even being the strongest dungeon core there is, before becoming an elder I knew I didn’t have a chance to take them on myself. Most cores that have a grudge are going to find small ways to discreetly damage an elder, and with the way the attacks on the churches have taken place my gut tells me it’s a dungeon core.”

Madam Erin: “That and because if you wanted to cause Faron to squirm that is exactly how you would go about it.”

“You’re not behind it are you?”

Dyson laughs. “Not this time.  I thought about it, but their fear has led them to hunker down and given me pretty free rein so as long as they continue like this I don’t see them being a problem to me.”

“You would admit that right in front of another elder?”

Madam Erin: “If I counted the times he directly threatened the elders I would spend my entire day counting. I think half of the elders that agreed to him becoming an Elder, was only due to the fact they would think it will mean they no longer have to worry about him attacking at any moment. Besides I am starting to think his crazy ideas might have some merit.”

Dyson: “Well this one panned out didn’t it?”

Madam Erin: “Speaking of which. What exactly is that [Archjusticar Menu]?”

“I would really like time to figure that out before I say too much…”

Dyson: “At least tell us what is listed under it.”

I sigh and then open [Menu]. I was expecting with the distance from my dungeon for everything to be unavailable, but it looks like for some reason in this place the entirety of it is open. I select the new [Archjusticar Menu] and it lists several more options.

[Dungeon Core Information]
[Bestow Penalty] – [Remove Penalty]
[Bestow Boon] – [Remove Boon]
[Bind Crystal] – [Remove Crystal Binding]
[Appoint Justicar] – [Dismiss Justicar] (Remaining 5)
[Justicar Management]

After looking over the list I read them off to Madam Erin and Dyson. I select [Map] and a screen appears showing a map very similar to the one Madam Erin uses for the new dungeon cores but instead of being on parchment it is on a screen.

[Map] looks like a [Menu] version of the map Madam Erin used for the new dungeons.”

Madam Erin: “That took me 100 years to perfect…”

Next I select [Dungeon Core Information] and it asks for a dungeon core number so I just put my own in.  It opens several screens, one of which is similar to my entry in the Dungeon Core Information but has pages and pages of information breaking my dungeon down to every xp point earned or spent, and every possible statistic you can think of…

Another screen shows in a small portion of the [Map] but directly in the center of it is glowing dot marking my location and elevation which currently says -100 feet, and the third screen shows a view of me from overhead. It functions like an [Observation] screen.

I don’t know if I should tell Madam Erin and Dyson about all that so I just say it shows the Dungeon Core Information entry.

Dyson: “Your map and Faron’s book… What about the other items?”

“I am not sure I want to mess with the [Bestow Penalty] so let’s check [Bestow Boon] it sounds like they should be the opposite of one another.”

After selecting [Bestow Boon] it brings up a screen asking for a dungeon core #/Adventurer ID# + Base location. For sake of ease I try to use my own dungeon core # in but it says.

Boon cannot be placed on yourself.

“I have to select someone to place it on but it won’t let it place it on myself, can I test it out on one of you two?”

Dyson: “Bestowing a boon doesn’t sound like it could be a bad thing so go ahead.”

After using Dungeon Core #400, it then lists targets for the boon. I can select the dungeon core alone, any monster in his dungeon, or any combination of dungeon core and monsters. For now I just select Dyson.

Apply justicar points to grant boon. Currently available justicar points 10.

“It says I have to spend something called justicar points to grant a boon, I currently have 10 and don’t want to waste them but we need to know how this works so I am just going to start with a single point.”

Apply 1 justicar point boon to Dungeon Core #400 [Dyson]?

“Here goes nothing… Yes.”

Dyson appears to be reading a message at the same time a message appears to me.

Archjusticar has bestowed Dungeon Core #400 [Dyson] a boon. Dungeon Core #400 [Dyson] receives 10% xp reduction from everything summoned in [Menu] for 365 days.

Dyson: “Damn. You said that was from a single point?”

Madam Erin: “What happened?”

“Yes, but I don’t know how hard these points are to acquire, for all I know I only get the 10…”

We then explain to Madam Erin what the boon did.

Madam Erin: “That is quite the boon… I would suggest you really think hard before spending them at least until you discover how you acquire more. Did you select the boon or was that just all it did?”

“I just automatically granted it. It will even let me target the dungeons monsters or I can even do it to adventurers, so surely that isn’t the only one.”

Dyson: “I would really like to know more about this, but I agree about holding on to the points… I would guess the penalty will function the same way?”

I go through the same process for the penalty till I receive the message about applying the penalty and everything looks the same. It also says justicar points available 9. I then cancel it out returning back to [Archjusticar Menu]

“It seems that way. It even uses the same points.”

Madam Erin: “The next thing on the list was [Bind Crystal], what does that do?”

This screen is like the other but it no longer mentions adventurers after putting Madam Erin’s number in it says.

Insufficient Justicar points. Binding of a dungeon’s crystal requires 10 justicar points, currently available justicar points 9.

“I can’t tell it says I have to have 10 justicar points to use it…”

Dyson: “If one point granted me that much, with [Bind Crystal] costing 10 points I am afraid it might do exactly how it sounds.”

Madam Erin: “That is troubling all onto itself. It might have been a mistake giving this title to Two-Twelve.”

“Well for all we know is that it ties a pretty bow around a crystal, so there is no use just guessing.  I don’t even have enough points to use it now, so until I find out how to get more there isn’t much we can do.”

Dyson: “[Appoint Justicar] sounds pretty straight forward. If you are the Archjusticar, I guess justicars would be your subordinates. We don’t know what kind of options it would give them so I highly suggest you don’t use that, but out of curiosity do you grant it to another dungeon core, or is it like the boons and penalties?”

I don’t even trust myself with this kind of responsibility, so I have to agree with Dyson. I decide to check it anyway however only mentions dungeon cores, so I tell Dyson. I meanwhile check [Justicar Management] but the resulting screen is blank. I guess I have to appoint one first.

“The other screen is blank so I believe that is it…”

Madam Erin: “I think that is enough…”

Dyson: “Well it is already getting quite late, after having to wait on the others so long. Maybe we should pick this back up in the morning, and you can take Two-Twelve around so he can begin his tasks.”

He is right it is already well after dark, so we agree on when to meet up and I then start to use [Gate] but curiosity hits me and I open [Map] I select the area of my dungeon hoping maybe it would work like Madam Erin’s map, but nothing happens so I close it, cast [Gate], and then return home.

Sliding down in a chair in my bedroom I let out a deep sigh. Belinda then sits up in bed.

Belinda: “You made it back, by the way Lilah talked you already spoke to the Elders?”

“Yes, that is why it took so long…”

Belinda: “So how did it go?”

“Well I don’t know yet… They already put two troublesome tasks on to me, but it might work out in the end, but I got to start first thing in the morning.”

Belinda: “Training a dungeon core and then straight into something else? Aren’t they ever going to cut you a break?”

“I don’t know…”

I’m so worn out now I just use [Menu] to remove my things and then crawl into bed. At least with Belinda in my arms it’s enough for me to become relaxed and I then drift off to sleep.


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