Inari Chapter 13: Kenta


It wasn’t very long but I got to see Mommy and Daddy again… Daddy didn’t remember me at all, but just to get to see them again was worth it. I wish I could do more to help them out but for now I guess with the distance that isn’t really possible.

Madam Erin talked to me for hours before I met with the others, she basically asked all the same questions she already had about the encounter with the dungeon crystal at the bottom of the cavern, but there wasn’t any new information to give.

She was also pretty worried about me training a new dungeon core this year. The opportunity gave me a bit of knowledge I wanted to know as well. Apparently [Inari’s Providence] doesn’t show up as restricted in her [Menu], but instead it doesn’t show up at all.

She has no information on it at all. I asked her why she refused to step into my dungeon and she said that she could see into the temple grounds, but to her is seemed like an illusion like something painted on a stone. She said she didn’t know how but she knew if she tried to step inside it wouldn’t have been pleasant for her.

That means they are a little worried that something bad might happen to a new core if it is born in my dungeon, but after voicing her concerns with Dyson he simply said “If it dies it dies.” I really hope it doesn’t come to that though.

When asked by Madam Erin if I wanted to train a male or female I quickly said male, I have been having such poor luck with Takeshi some fresh meat might do me some good. Although after hearing what Mommy and Daddy said I felt a little bad, even going as far to say I needed the new core to be the male.

Because it will be so hard for traveling back and forth Madam Erin already gave me the alter in which the new cores are born on, and even the xp for its training, so now I just have to wait till day it is born. As long as I keep the new dungeon core out of sight it shouldn’t be a problem with the village, but I probably should make a few changes to my dungeon to prepare.

All my monsters thought it was a great honor for me to be training a dungeon core while still being so young, but Takeshi seemed hesitant about it. He has had time to get over it though, so after all the time of waiting the day in which the new core will be born has arrived.

Takeshi knocked on my door telling me it is time to get up, he has a door that leads directly to my room from his own, but in all this time I am the only one that ever has opened it. Of course the first thing I tried to do after we started living here was use the door in the middle of the night, but no matter how sound asleep he seems to be he always manages to catch me. He shows so little acknowledgement in regards to the door that even when addressing me like this morning he will exit his room and address me from outside the door in the hallway…

Takeshi: “Miss Inari, it is time to awaken. We have a big day ahead.”

He didn’t even wish me a happy birthday… I could have at least crawled into my bed as a present. I get up and get dressed then meet with the others. I have the new dungeon core alter set up in the middle of the main room of the main building of the house.

“As you know we are welcoming in a new core today, now I understand it is pretty exciting, but there are still many tasks that still need to be completed, so during this month I am asking you to not let me down while I may be busy elsewhere.”

All: “Yes Mistress!”

“Alright, you are all dismissed.”

Akane: “Mistress, we were hoping to get to stay and watch the new core as he is born.”

“As I said there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of, besides how would you like it to have a bunch of gawkers looking in on you we you were summoned in naked?”

Akane: “You summoned Ryota, Saki, Satoshi, and myself at the same time so there was a bunch of gawkers…”

“And see that was a mistake I learned that day so the new dungeon core doesn’t have to suffer the same misfortune that you had to endure. Now you all have things to do, so see to it.”

All: “Yes Mistress…”

After they all depart Takeshi remains so I say. “You to.”

Takeshi: “I am your shield my duty is to protect you and, with another dungeon core arriving that means my place is here.”

“He will just be level 1 without even his dungeon, he wouldn’t be a threat.”

Takeshi: “That may be so, but my place is still here.”

I was hoping to ogle the new core for a while, but I know when Takeshi gets this way there isn’t no talking him down…

“Alright then fine, but you must stay out of the way.”

Takeshi: “Very well.”

Madam Erin gave me the xp bead for training the dungeon core back when we had the meeting. I have already accepted it and made a training room for the new core, so other than equipment the new core should be completely set.

I hope he turns out human. If he is human I might be able to take him outside to do a bit of training after the rifts no longer are enough. He is should have the looks according to my subconscious, but I hope that means it will be on the desire side of it instead of loathing… Oh no… Not a rabbit beastkin…

Luckily when the he is born and the light fades the mold doesn’t have long ears. The outer layer breaks away leaving a human male behind… I wanted him to be human so he could train outside, but this might be just as big of a problem.

Takeshi seems to get a bit uneasy as the dungeon core sits up opening his eyes. I purposely didn’t summon any clothes for him wanting to make sure I got a good view, so when Takeshi quickly looks around the only thing he can find is a small decorative tapestry on one of the tables. He quickly grabs it covering the dungeon core’s crotch.

“Well this was unexpected.”

Takeshi: “Please Miss Inari summon him some clothes…”

Ignoring his appearance he quickly slides off of the alter and kneels down bowing in front of me.

Dungeon Core: “Mistress, it is an honor. Please guide me.”

“I know of a place I can guide you…”

Takeshi: “Miss Inari! Please!”

“Fine. Fine…” –I tap away on my [Menu] slowly till some clothes appear, and Takeshi quickly stands between me and the new core handing him the clothes.-

“Takeshi I can’t see!”

Takeshi: “Did you have to summon clothes like this… This is bad enough as it is…”

Takeshi assists the dungeon core getting dressed and then they both stand there next to each other and I can’t help but laugh… Now we have a fox beastkin Takeshi, and a human Takeshi. Not only his appearance and I mean all of his appearance, but even the clothes I summoned him are a dead match for Takeshi.

Even when Takeshi fled from the bath he wasn’t this embarrassed as now that the dungeon core has been dressed he quickly kneels again.

Dungeon Core: “Please Mistress grant me a worthy name that I may carry for the rest of my life, in which that I can proudly look back and say it was the name bestowed on me by my True Mistress.”

“Alright Dungeon Core #618… How about… Oh I know… Kenta?”

Takeshi: “Miss Inari…”

Kenta: “Thank you Mistress I will treasure this name always.”

“See you could learn a thing or two from him Takeshi.”

A Takeshi that has a subservient personality… I think this is going to be a very good month indeed.

“Alright, I guess we should dive right in then. Let me show you the way.” –I stand taking Kenta’s hand leading him through the house.-

Takeshi: “Miss Inari! That isn’t the way!”

“I was just going to show him around first…”

Takeshi: “You have an obligation to train him to the best of your ability. I think you should get started.”

“I couldn’t agree more.”

Takeshi: “In surviving as a dungeon core!”

“Oh fine, I guess there is still plenty of time after all.”

I could leave Takeshi behind and do what I will with Kenta, but I don’t know,  I kind of like this reaction I am getting out of Takeshi, and like I said I have plenty of time to break him in. So I take ahold of both of them and transfer us to the room I had set up.

The room we arrive in isn’t quite like what Takeshi and I trained in during my training with Daddy, but according to the way Madam Erin and Dyson suggested this is the way to go. The room itself is quite large, the max you can get out of 1000xp, and attached to it is a single double door, on the other side is another room, but its size doesn’t really matter so it is only the standard sized room.

It is the room with all the rifts I placed inside and now we just need to get some gear for Kenta and we can get started.

“So Kenta, what kind of equipment would you like to use?”

Kenta: “Anything that Mistress suggests is the perfect.”

I go through [Menu] through the remaining items we brought back from the castle. All the best gear was already selected by the others, but there are still quite a few choice items. The weapons that we have the most of are swords so I pick him out a good katana and wakizashi.

The enchantments are not that great, but he is only level one with swords equal to that of mythril, so he should be more then fine throughout his training with these. It would also be quite a shame to cover that perfect body in heavy armor so I choose a light armor so he has plenty of mobility.

Kenta: “Mistress I couldn’t possibly accept such treasured pieces such as these.”

“Consider them a birthday present, because that is what you do on someone’s birthday you give them a good present! –I say while staring at Takeshi.-

Kenta: “Thank you Mistress I shall put them on and never remove them!”

“Well I wouldn’t go that far, but I am glad you like them. Here let me help you strap that armor on!”

Kenta: “Thank you Mistress.”

Takeshi looks on uneasy as I help Kenta put his armor on, and it’s been two years, and it I guess it isn’t actually him but getting to explore a bit on Takeshi’s body is what I have been craving for a long time.

Takeshi: “Miss Inari, that is surely enough!”

“Well I guess for now that will do… Alright Kenta get ready. Once we start we won’t stop till you are laid out, and as soon as you recover we will go again.”

Kenta: “Yes Mistress!”

I was expecting him to draw the Katana, but he draws both blades one in each hand as he prepares for the attack. I then slowly begin to have the monsters enter the room. Kenta begins slashing at the slimes entering the room and his training begins.

This is actually quite boring. He has been at this for hours now, and he is just slashing away at these weak monsters. He has gained quite a few levels already, but with the swords I gave him he is making short work of everything.

He doesn’t seem to be casting any magic that is until some of the harder monsters begin to enter, but most spells he casts are of it seems to be earth and shadow magic. Maybe not only his appearance but he might have acquired Takeshi’s earth favored element as well.

Takeshi gives Kenta a bit of instruction as well when he makes a mistake, but for the most part he is handling himself quite well. Takeshi never does seem to relax though. I was thinking of calling Chika to sit with him while he trains, but I don’t want her to get any ideas, and I guess I should be taking his training seriously.

Takeshi: “Miss Inari…”

“What is it Takeshi?”

Takeshi: “Never mind Miss Inari, it is nothing…”

This is really getting under his skin I have never seen him so flustered before, I wish I knew what was going on in that head of his right now.

I continue to increase the difficulty of the monsters, and Kenta cleared the goal for first day and still had plenty of fight left in him, so I started pushing a few more harder monsters at him till he is completely worn out.

“Not bad for your first day Kenta.”

Kenta: “Thank you Mistress.”

“Hey I know. You are probably sore after all that, so how about a nice bath?”

Takeshi: “Miss Inari!”

“What, his training for the day is over, so he might as well get the most enjoyment out of it as he can as well.”

Takeshi: “Very well, but I will escort him.”

“Oh that would be great.”

Takeshi: “Alone.”

“You might not be required to follow my orders Takeshi, but I still have a bit to say about what goes on under my own roof.”

Takeshi: “May I remind you that he will only be here for one month, and with the dangers of Shima he will be required to place his dungeon on the mainland.”

“What’s that got to do anything?”

Takeshi: “That means after a month he will be gone, and it could be years or you may never even see him again.”

“Then we have a full month to make sure he has something good to remember me by.”

Takeshi: “I beg you Miss Inari…”

“I don’t understand why you are making such a big deal of this. This lets you off the hook. I thought you would be pleased?”

Takeshi: “I am concerned with your safety Miss Inari. I must protect you sometimes even from yourself.”

“Fine I will drop it for now…”

I will just wait till Takeshi goes to bed, and then there will be no problem… Or so I thought.

After returning to the house Takeshi took Kenta to the bath out back, and of course I retreated to my screens… Two of them together are quite the sight. Takeshi asks Kenta a lot of questions, but he is mindful of how he asks them well aware I am probably listening in.

After their bath Takeshi prepares a sleeping quarter for Kenta in the male wing of the house. I was going to have him in one of the rooms here in the main house, but that might make it easier to have a nightly rendezvous.

Everyone else then gets the chance to meet Kenta then, and the others have a bit of a shocked expression right at first, but that only lasts a brief second before they seem to treat it like it should only be natural. Kenta seems to be enjoying himself as he gets to know everyone, and I am a little concerned about the gazes a few of the girls are throwing his way especially Kaori… It’s always Kaori…

Kenta: “It was nice to meet you all, but training is sure to be intense tomorrow so I should really get a good night’s rest.”

The others wish him a good night then head to bed as well. I then decide to head to the bedroom to get ready, but shortly after the door opens to my room…But not the one I am used to, it’s the one between Takeshi and my room.


Takeshi: “With another dungeon core in the house we cannot be too careful, so until his training is complete we should err on the side of caution and leave this door open, so I can better protect you.”

“Does he really bother that much? Aren’t you not worried about your honor with the door open we are practically sleeping together.”

Of course I don’t believe that, but the complicated expression on Takeshi’s face proves that it bothers him quite a bit.

Takeshi: “I am sorry if it causes you distress Miss Inari, but I will face the dishonor to keep you safe.”

Wow he is really going all out. I guess I will let him have this win. There will after all be plenty of other chances.

“Alright Takeshi, I leave it to you. Good night.”

He bows then returns to his room and begins preparing for bed, I can’t help but smirk as I start to remove my kimono.

Takeshi: “Miss Inari, what are you doing?”

“I am preparing for bed of course.”

Takeshi: “But you are removing your clothing!”

“Of course, I always sleep without it. Is this not the kind of dishonor you said you were willing to face to keep me safe?”

Takeshi: “I… I’m sorry Miss Inari, please forgive me.” –He quickly turns his back trying his best to avoid looking in the direction of my room.-

I cast [Clean] on my kimono then hang it up with my others. Takeshi really is doing his best to avoid looking my direction. I walk to the door separating our rooms wearing nothing but a smile as I say to him.

“Good night Takeshi, sweet dreams.”

Takeshi: “Miss….Miss Inari… Good night!” –He quickly tries to get in bed but stubs his toe.-

I take a step forward and say. “Are you alright!”

Takeshi: “Miss Inari please!”

“Alright Takeshi… Good night.”

I then turn returning to my room heading for bed, I look over my shoulder at one point and catch him staring from his bed, but he quickly rolls over facing the wall. I was thinking of using Kenta because Takeshi is so adamant to refuse me, but what Takeshi said was indeed true it would only be temporary.

Maybe I have been going about this wrong. It might be a bit more work, but instead of going after Kenta, maybe I should use Kenta to get me Takeshi that way it isn’t just temporary. I then decide to go to bed while trying to think of a plan.

The next two weeks seem to take forever. Kenta does nothing all day but train, and my plan for Takeshi has seemed to stall. I thought I was really started to get somewhere, but it seems like I take one step forward and two steps back.

Kenta: “Mistress, the next group of monsters…?”

“What?… Oh…Wait it looks like that was it.”

Kenta: “That was it?”

“Yes, that was the last of the rift monsters.”

Kenta: “There is still at least 2 hours of training remaining for today.”

“We will just have to call it an early day, but if you can get done with them and we still have 4 or more hours left, we might start seeing about training on some of the Oni outside of the dungeon.”

Kenta: “Wouldn’t it be a problem if the villagers of your dungeon saw me?”

“I actually made a plan for that. Tadaa!” –I bring out a pair of ears and a tail.-

Kenta: “What is this…?”

“I have been working on these for the last few days. My [Elven Crafting] skill is actually good for something after all. I am sure you put these on, and then we could pass you off as Takeshi in town. That should at least let us get you outside to do a bit of training.”

Takeshi: “Miss Inari, if he is posing as me then how am I to protect you?”

“We will be ok a few hours out on our own.”

Takeshi: “I don’t like it.”

“I understand it’s not the perfect solution, but it’s the best I could come up with.”

Kenta: “I understand Mistress, I will do my best.”

That evening after everything done and we are going to bed I start to prepare for bed but Takeshi stops me.

Takeshi: “Miss Inari, hold on a minute please.”

“What is it?”

Takeshi: “Miss Inari, are you unhappy with me?”

“How did you come to that conclusion?”

Takeshi: “I understand your need to train Kenta, but you have seemed to be avoiding me, and now you plan to leave me behind and take Kenta out to fight Oni.”

“It is merely because of convenience, I need to train him and the rifts are no longer enough. If he looked like Akihito, I would have him pose as him instead.”

Takeshi: “But he doesn’t look like Akihito…”

“That’s right…”

Takeshi: “From the very moment I saw Kenta born with the same appearance as me, I couldn’t help but wonder if you had grown tired of me, wishing to replace me with someone more suitable to your needs.”

“That is not it at all. You were born a dungeon monster you know how dungeon core summoning works.”

Takeshi: “It is no secret that you find my appearance to your liking, as well as quite a few others, so Kenta’s appearance was shocking to me at first, but that I could at least understand. When his personality however was so different then my own, I thought I wasn’t what you wanted at all.”

“You’re right, I haven’t made a secret of the fact I want you as my own, and not just as my shield but, my monster and my lover. No matter how I tried however that honor of yours prevents you from allowing you to get close to me. So yes, I can say that no matter what we have gone through together you still keep me at arm’s length so if I can’t have you as you are, then of course I would want a you that I can.”

Takeshi: “I want you to be happy Miss Inari, so if Kenta is the one that would make you happy then I apologize if my actions have interfered with that…”

“You would do that? You would let me walk out of this room, down the hall, and into his arms?

Takeshi has a pained expression on his face as he says. “If that is what you wish Miss Inari…”

“What is it that you want Takeshi?”

Takeshi: “I…”

I was already starting to undress so dropping my kimono to the floor is as simple as pulling the sash so as it hits the floor I say. “Then if you can’t answer that I will be down the hall.”

Takeshi turns his face away and doesn’t say anything so I walk past him but before I make it to the door he grabs my arm.

“I am tired of waiting on you, unless you plan on doing something, let me go.”

Takeshi stands there without moving for a few seconds as his grip starts to loosen I am about to pull my wrist free, but then he quickly pulls me back. Holding me in his arms he says. “I’m sorry Miss Inari, but I won’t let you go.”

I start to unbutton his shirt pulling at the hems of it.

Takeshi: “Miss Inari, what are you doing?!”

“I have waited long enough I am having sex tonight! Now the question is. Is it going to be here in this room with the man I love or the one that will not tell me no down the hall?”

Takeshi: “Miss Inari…”

“How many times have I told you? Just call me Inari!”

I then push him back onto my bed crawling over the top of him and kissing him.

The next morning when I wake up I hurt… Oh man do I hurt… But laying there next to me is Takeshi, so it was all worth it…

Takeshi: “Mi… Inari you’re awake?”

“I didn’t know underneath all that honor and indecisiveness was such a wild beast…”

Takeshi: “Forgive me Inari…”

“Shhh.” –I say kissing him.-

I want him again right now, but I think I would break…I crawl out of bed but my knees are quite shaky and I collapse to the floor. Takeshi quickly asks me if I am alright, but I lay my head back against the bed and laugh.

“Oh that was worth every second of the two year wait, but don’t think I am going to let you get away making me wait that long again!”

Takeshi: “Miss Inari, are you sure you are ok?!”


Takeshi: “I’m sorry…Inari…”

“Better!” –I then pull myself to my feet and start to get dressed.= “I hope Kenta takes his training slow and doesn’t have enough time to go out and fight Oni today…”

Takeshi: “They wouldn’t gather any xp for the dungeon, but the dungeon is doing alright now, so we could send him out with one of the groups.”

I was trying to keep the girls away from Kenta, but now that it is no longer an issue that might work.

“That’s not a bad idea, but I would still have to see them off just to make sure he doesn’t do something that would ruin my lover’s good name.”

Takeshi blushes a bit, and he starts to get up and get dressed. He then starts to look around. “I think I lost something.”

“Are you looking for this?” –I say while holding his shirt then placing it behind my back.- “Come get it!~”

After informing the dungeon monsters today’s plan of action it has a bit of mixed reaction with the girls.

Rin: “Is that really ok Mistress?”

“Of course it only makes since that now the rifts are no longer enough to train Kenta that he begins training against the Oni.”

Hotaru: “We understand that, but what we are saying that you are ok with us being alone with him?”

“I seriously doubt he will try to lay any of you during a fight against the Oni, but as I have little interest in him now even if the chance did arise all I would say is have fun. Although a heads up would be appreciated as to make sure I am available to watch.”

Takeshi: “Inari… Please don’t tell me you plan to keep up such actions.”

I don’t know what they find more shocking the comments about Kenta or Takeshi’s manor in which he addressed me. It seems it leads them to an understanding however as they start to whisper back and forth. Probably on discussing who will get to have Kenta, or if they are going to share. It matters little to me so I take Takeshi and Kenta transferring to the training room to get started for the day.

Kenta really seems to be putting an effort forth today. Maybe he found the prospect of some of the other girls to his liking as well, and he manages to complete with the rifts with plenty of time remaining to fight Oni.

In the efforts to draw Takeshi’s attention in the beginning of Kenta’s training I switched his clothing out from the Gowen style like Takeshi to a more traditional Shima set. Leaving Kenta’s muscular chest quite exposed to give Takeshi a hard time, so for passing him off as Takeshi we are forced to make him change back.

After changing his clothes and attaching the ears and tail in a manner that is believable we found as it turned out the hardest part was hiding Kenta’s human ears. We finally manage to accomplish it by changing his hairstyle, and I then do a side by side comparison of the two…

I have to say I am starting to rethink my position of giving the girls permission to have Kenta. It might be quite fun to have both at once… I however quickly shake the thought from my head because that would surely cause me to break…

“The hairstyle is rather off putting, but I think it will work. Alright Takeshi come here.”

They both step forward.

“Not you… The real one.” –I grab Takeshi’s shirt pulling him down to my level then give him a deep kiss.-

Takeshi: “Miss Inari!”


Takeshi: “I am sorry Inari, but you surprised me, but you shouldn’t do such things in the open.”

“We are in our own home, besides isn’t this the way you should see off your lover that is going off to work?”

Takeshi: “But Kenta…”

“Kenta doesn’t mind. Do you Kenta?”

Kenta: “No Mistress on the contrary I find the pleasant expression on your face most satisfying.”

Takeshi is still a little hesitant and after pulling him into another kiss he at least kisses me back this time but I can’t say it was quite as good as the ones we shared last night.

“Well we will continue to work on it… Now Kenta are you ready?”

Kenta: “Yes Mistress.”

We then head out from the house heading up stairs.

Kenta: “This is the Mistress’s dungeon? It is quite different.”

“Quit gawking so much you are going to ruin Takeshi reputation, but as for the dungeon, this is just the village section, there are three different sections, the village, mine, and the actual dungeon. Most of the actual dungeon has tons of monsters just to increase my consumption, because it still remains undiscovered by the humans.”

Kenta: “So you don’t get xp from adventurers entering your dungeon, but collect all of it from outside sources?”

“Well with the way of the Oni they make it very easy to gather xp, so I do get a little from the villagers living here, but yes most of my xp comes from the Oni.”

Kenta: “I know there are dungeons that breed monsters to supply themselves with xp in their dungeons, and dungeons that have towns and cities on the ground floor of their dungeon to gather xp, but to make a village inside of the dungeon is quite unique.”

“With the protection we receive from Inari space on the ground level was insufficient, but the small houses almost equal  1% of their total cost in xp for xp consumption every day, so if you have access to the xp, then houses really help a lot.”

Kenta: “I see…”

I have three groups gathering now. Since Akane, Yuji, Satoshi, and Saki have become so strong I split them up leading each group, although I couldn’t manage to convince Satoshi and Saki to spit so they co-lead a group together.

Keeping Akane and Yuji apart most of the day has really seemed to improve their relationship, but how they manage to hold onto it I still don’t understand. At the moment I have Akane leading Yuzuki and Akihiro, then Satoshi and Saki leading only Kaori, and the final group is Yuji leading Chika, Hotaru, and Rin.

That is another thing about Yuji and Akane’s relationship I thought strange. I figured Akane would be against Yuji leading the three un-involved girls, but she was actually the one to suggest this match up. Yuji’s flirting with the girls even seems to give her some sort of twisted comfort…

I promised the girls that they could play with Kenta, so I decided to let him train with Yuji’s group. I messaged them earlier telling them wait for us so they have been on standby in the village for a few hours.

The first one I find is Chika. She is talking with Tatsuo and really laying it on thick. She is giggling while blushing rocking her body back and forth, but unfortunately she has still managed to make no progress with Tatsuo.

Chika: “Really Tatsuo-sama I think you do an excellent job of taking care of the village.”

Tatsuo: “No… I really wouldn’t be able to do anything without the guidance of Saki and Yuzuki at the temple, or especially without your Mistress… I don’t know what we would do without Inari-sama… Speaking of Inari-sama.”

“Afternoon, sorry to interrupt.”

Tatsuo: “There was no interruption. Chika was just giving me a security report on the village. She really is a dedicated young lady.”

“Yes her reports… That always seems to be the highlight of her day.”

Tatsuo: “I haven’t seen you in a while. Chika was telling me you were quite busy. Did you decide to take the afternoon off and get some fresh air?”

“Actually as much as I hate to, I must borrow Chika. Her group was going to take Takeshi for a bit of training so he doesn’t get rusty by being cooped up in the house all day.”

Tatsuo: “We couldn’t have that now could we? Your servants really are quite remarkable, and I wouldn’t even mind training with them a bit.”

“I am sure Chika would love to give you some personal instruction some time.”

Tatsuo: “No, I really wouldn’t want to be a bother…”

Chika: “Nonsense Tatsuo-sama, I really would love to!”

Tatsuo smiles and pats Chika on the head. “I might just take you up on that sometime then, when we are both less busy. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to check with one of the farmers… Something about some of the rice.”

After he leaves Chika is beaming. “Thank you Mistress!”

“Well I don’t think he caught the notion, but good luck…”

We then track down the others and then I send them on their way.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”

The girls giggle and all says. “Yes Mistress!~”

We finish out the rest of Kenta’s training much in the same fashion, I have him switch groups a few times to get a hand of deferent styles of fighting, but for the most part it remains the same.

Either the girls are keeping it a secret from me, or I have been too busy with Takeshi to worry about it, but I haven’t caught a single one putting Kenta to good use. It’s kind of a shame really, but I guess it’s their loss as after tomorrow he will be off on his own somewhere in his own dungeon.

I can’t fault Daddy because it was the first year of training dungeon cores like that, but Kenta has managed to pass me by quite a few levels, although with my skills I still have him beat in strength. On his final day we set up his training dungeon and I give him the last remaining bit of the xp left for his training for him to acquire as many skills as possible while we make the final preparations for tomorrow’s evaluation.



Author Note:

(This is a Inari chapter I wasn’t planning on making, but when I was trying to catch up Inari’s side story with the main story I just kept going… I don’t currently have any more Inari chapters wrote out, and at the moment I don’t have any time table on if I am going to make more. They sort of just happen when I hit a rough spot with the main story so we will just have to see.

As always thanks for reading.




4 thoughts on “Inari Chapter 13: Kenta

  1. “After using the last bit of his xp to teach him more skills during his final day we make the final preparations for tomorrow’s evaluation”

    Did Kenta make his training dungeon? If not, how did inari use XP to teach him skills?

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  2. You should add a few words to let people know that the training dungeon has been set up.

    “After setting up his training dungeon and using the last bit of his xp to teach him more skills during his final day,….” Etc

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