Chapter 84: The Next Task

Listel hasn’t been the same since we left the dungeon, we retired to the inn, but she has returned to treating me distant like before we entered the dungeon. Even after he mood briefly improved during another passion filled couple of hours her mood quickly returned to sulking.

“Listel, I wish you would tell me what’s wrong.”

Listel: “Don’t worry, we will take care of it tomorrow… We will take care of everything.”

“I don’t understand.”

Lying over me, she kisses me, and gives me a painful but genuine smile. “I love you…”

By the time I wake in the morning she is already dressed. I quickly get up and get ready as well.

“We got a long trip ahead of us don’t we?”

Listel: “I am going to release your [Gate] spell, you think you could use that to get us back?”

“Well sure, I don’t remember using it, but I feel like I know how to…”

Listel moves over touching my leather collar messing around in front of her I can feel the collar slacken and then she slides it off.

Listel: “There, now all of your magic is no longer blocked.”

“So back to your Mistress then?”

Listel looks worried but nods.

I don’t know how I know, but I just do it casting [Gate] and Listel and I step though. Exiting from the portal we arrive inside our room in the dungeon.

Listel: “Alright… We have to go see Laura now.”

Listel looks genuinely frightened.

“Are you ok? We did what she wanted right surely she has no reason to be mad.”

Listel kisses me briefly and then transfers us. We arrive in a cold stone room with no windows and little light sitting on a chair across the room is a beautiful young woman.

Laura: “Aw my pet, I see you returned and so quickly. I would assume that means it is complete and we can continue on to the next stage?”

Listel: “…Yes it is done…”

Laura: “You seem worried. Do you feel the power was not enough to take care of this task?”

Listel: “No my Mistress that isn’t it.”

Laura: “Then you are afraid the conditioning will not hold up?”

Listel: “I want to ask you not to go through with the next task.”

Laura: “We can’t run the risk of them being able to sway him… Aww I believe I see now… You don’t want to hurt him. You feel for him. I warned you about getting to close.”

Listel: “I know my Mistress, but perhaps there is another way…”

Laura: “If you truly care for him you will do it for him. If you don’t you may lose him.”

Listel: “But…Yes Mistress.”

Laura: “Very well, start the task at once.”

Listel: “Alright Arngrim, I want you to do something very important but it will probably hurt quite a bit alright?”

“I don’t understand… but I trust you.”

Listel: “Alright in the mountains next to the city of Tobes, in the Gowen kingdom, there is a dungeon. It is Two-Twelve’s dungeon, and inside there should be a room just like this one. I want you to focus on bringing it from the depths of your memories and open us a path with [Gate]

“I have been there before?”

Listel: “Yes… Now focus…”

She is right as I try to picture it in my head I start to get a pain in my neck, but she said it would hurt. I keep trying to focus but the pain gets to be pretty strong then when I think I got it I quickly cast [Gate]

Listel: “Alright, you are sure the gate leads to the destination I said right?”

“Yes, but it’s hard to hold because I feel quite a bit of pain…”

Listel: “I am sorry I will try to make it go away as quick as possible.”

Listel grabs me and gives me a quick but deep kiss.

Listel: “I am sorry I hope you will someday forgive me…Two-Twelve I release you from the bounds that shackle you.”

Laura: “Listel! Do you know what you have done?”

Listel: “I am sorry my Mistress, but I can’t go through with it. I can’t hurt him like that.”

Laura: “In 42 years you have never failed me, but this is unforgivable.”

Listel casts a spell hitting me in the chest with a gust of wind. As I am thrown backwards though the portal I can hear her say. “I love you…”

Once I hit the floor on the other side of the portal I quickly look around finding three rabbit beastkin staring at me in shock. I am not quite sure what’s going on but just looking at them is causing an extreme pain in my neck. However I don’t have time for that.

I quickly try to cast [Gate] again but I don’t exactly know where the room I was in was at, and no matter how hard I try I can’t get the spell to work.

Looking around there are large screens everywhere I can hear the beastkin talking but I ignore them as I quickly try to push the screens out of my way. I don’t know how I know but I find what I am looking for.

It is hard to focus with the searing pain but I hit the screen where it says [Observation] bringing up a black screen. I begin focusing my magic as hard as I possibly can focusing on Listel until her image is brought to me.

She is lying on the ground with Laura standing over her with a sword piercing her chest. Listel however has a large smile on her face as she says. “I could disable the cuff and return his appearance, but only my death could break the bond on the collar. Thank you for setting him free.” Laura looks furious as she pulls the sword out of Listel, but Listel slowly closes her eyes, and as soon as they do the pain in my neck disappears and I hear a faint click.

I pound my fists on the screen and begin to scream and sob, and only then do I realize that two of the small rabbits have their arms around me. I collapse to my knees.

Lylah: “Master what’s wrong?”

I turn and look at the rabbit with tears in my eyes. I know I recognize her, but I just can’t place it…

“She is gone… I couldn’t do anything…”

Lylah: “Don’t worry master Lila went to get Belinda, once she is here we will figure everything out…”

I don’t know who these rabbits are but it brings me a small amount of comfort as they hug me so without another word I just hug them and cry…

I hear someone scream. “Two-Twelve!” And am almost tackled by another embrace but this time is much larger and stronger.

Belinda: “Your home! I was so afraid I would never see you again!”

The scent of the new person starts to put me at ease but then she tries to kiss me.


Belinda: “What’s wrong?”

“Don’t kiss me.”

Belinda: “I don’t understand we have been so worried about you. You have been missing for months!”

“I don’t know you…”

Belinda: “Two-Twelve…”

“Quit calling me that! My name is Arngrim!”

Belinda: “Arngrim…?”

The human woman looks to one of the rabbits and says. “Isn’t Arngrim the hero that the others said was with Listel.”

“Listel…? She killed her…”

Belinda: “Just come down… Calm down and tell me what happened.”

“I don’t know what happened we were supposed to be starting the next task, but Listel pushed me though the portal and then her Mistress killed her.”

Belinda: “Her Mistress? You mean Laura? Laura killed Listel?”

“Yes… She said something to me and I think it disabled my bracelet…Then she told me…She…”

I start to sob again and the woman hugs me…

Belinda: “Lilah, send a message to Dyson, and Madam Erin, tell them Two-Twelve is back but I need their help.”

I don’t know how much time has passed, woman has kept asking me questions but when she called me Two-Twelve again I got angry and since then she has just held me. Eventually she says.

Belinda: “I am going to take you down to the house to meet with Dyson and Madam Erin, do you think you can talk to them, so we can figure out what is going on?”

“I think so…”

The woman transfers us and I am now in a large room with a couple of soft chairs and couches the walls are lined with books and there is several doors one pair of double doors have glass panes in them leading to what looks like outside.

The woman sits me down on the couch and sends one of the rabbit girls out the door, the woman then sits next to me grasping my hand. A few seconds later someone I do recognize walks in with a beastkin woman that looks more the size of an ogre.

Dyson: “Belinda…”

Madam Erin: “What happened?”

Belinda: “I don’t know he has been talking nonsense since he arrived, he said he doesn’t know me, and saying Laura killed Listel, but I haven’t been able to get much out of him.”

Dyson: “That armor, so it was true…”

Belinda: “Dyson… What do you know?”

Dyson: “I am not sure how, but I think he has been living as Arngrim this whole time.”

“Of course I am Arngrim.”

Madam Erin: “No dear… You’re not… You are Dungeon Core #212”

“I don’t understand…”

Dyson: “I think they brain washed him or something… I mean when I met Arngrim, he seemed similar to Two-Twelve, but he definitely was a different person.”

“Thank you. See I told you I am Arngrim.”

Dyson: “Well you are kind of both. I think it had something to do with the collar and the cuff like I was talking about.”

Belinda: “Will he ever remember me…?”

Dyson: “I’m sorry Belinda, but I just don’t have an answer… My best guess is to give him some time and see what happens.”

Lilah: “He remembered how to use [Menu] the first thing he did when he arrived is to use that screen the rest of us don’t have to look at Listel, but then he said Laura killed her…”

Madam Erin: “The [Observation] screen? But how?”

Dyson: “I don’t know how, but I knew he had it… His is very limited, but it appears he can see the main screen I am looking at when I use it. I haven’t heard of him using it by himself though.”

Lilah: “He has never been able to use it for more than a few seconds before draining all his magic, but this time he had it open for at least 30 seconds…”

Dyson: “Hey bunnies… Can you watch Two-Twelve for a minute I think we should speak to Belinda a few minutes alone.”

Lilah: “It’s Lilah!”

Dyson: “Lilah then. Watch your master.”

Dyson and the big beastkin woman stand up and the human woman follows them out of the room…

Belinda’s PoV

“How bad is it?”

Dyson: “Like I said we really don’t know…”

“Then what did you want to talk to me about?”

Dyson: “Well there are a lots of things I am sure happened while he was away, and I don’t know how to say this but he might never be the Two-Twelve we remember.”

“I don’t care if he doesn’t ever remember, but you said they were similar, I am sure he is still in there somewhere. Even if we can’t get him back to who he was maybe we can at least help him recover and move forward.”

Dyson: “I am also worried about him and Listel…”

“What do you mean?”

Dyson: “Well I can’t be certain, but from my interactions with them I am pretty sure Listel and Arngrim were intimate.”

“Intimate? Intimate how?”

Dyson: “I am only speculating, but I would guess completely intimate.”

“Two-Twelve wouldn’t do that!”

Madam Erin: “That is what we are trying to tell you dear.”

Dyson: “ He might eventually be the Two-Twelve you know, he may stay Arngrim forever, or he might regain some of his memories and be somewhere in between, so you can’t hold Two-Twelve responsible for anything Arngrim might of done or vice versa.”

“What if he doesn’t go back, and doesn’t want anything to do with me…”

Dyson: “That is a possibility as well…”

“So you are saying that even though my husband is finally home after all this time. I still may never actually get him back?”

Madam Erin: “I think Dyson just wanted you to know the risks before going forward.”

Belinda: “Well I don’t care… As long as he doesn’t physically throw me out I will be there for him at whatever capacity he needs me to be…”

Madam Erin: “Just don’t try to force anything on to him too hard, especially right at first.”

Dyson: “We are going to have to go now. We are going to have to call a meeting of the elders about what Laura has done. If she is able to brainwash dungeon cores we might have to intervene. “

Madam Erin: “And if you find out any more information let us know.”

“Ok I will…”

I watch Madam Erin and Dyson leave with concerned looks on their faces… Come on Belinda… You can do this you need to be strong for him now… I resolve myself then and there and then return to the living room.

Arngrim’s Pov

The woman with the soothing scent returns and she sits down across from me and takes my hands.

Belinda: “I don’t know what I am supposed to do, so I am going to start from the beginning. I am Belinda Gowen 3rd princess of the Gowen kingdom, and my husband the mayor of Tobes Dungeon Core #212 disappeared the day that Arngrim appeared. I don’t know if you will get his memories back or not, but just know as long as you will have me I am Two-Twelve’s boss monster so I am here for you.”

“I… I am sorry… I don’t remember you.”

The woman Belinda has tears in her eyes as she rubs her thumbs across my hands as she holds them.

Belinda: “That’s ok, if we have to start over from scratch then that’s what we will do…I will re-introduce everyone to you but there are some things we are going to have to go over alright?”

“What about Listel? Did Dyson say anything about her?”

When I mentioned Listel’s name it seemed to cause Belinda quite a bit of pain but she forces a comforting smile and says.

Belinda: “Dyson said they are going to have a meeting of elders about what happened to you… Because Listel was Laura’s monster I don’t think they can do anything on that front but because of what happened to you they might take action.”

“You are my boss monster then?”

Belinda: “That’s right.”

“You will do whatever I ask?”

Belinda: “If it is in my power I will do anything for you.”

“Then we need to start training, because I am going to kill Laura.”

Belinda has tears in her eyes but she holds her smile as she nods and stands up pulling my head to her chest and hugs me tight… Belinda then stands up again with a determined look on her face.

Belinda: “Ok. Then first thing is first, I will recall all our monsters, I will fill you in on the situation, and get you settled in, and then we will begin training.”

“Thank you…”

Belinda sends me and the one bunny girl that come with us back to where we first started as she goes to collect the rest of the dungeon’s monsters.

Lylah: “Is master going to be ok?”

Lilah: “Nobody knows Lylah, but master has given orders and Lilah won’t let him down.”

Lila: “What’s master want us to do?”

“What is it that you three do?”

Lilah: “Lylah, Lila, and Lilah control the non-sentient monsters in the dungeon, it is something only our dungeon does it makes our monster the best.” –She says with her chest puffed out.-

“I’m sorry… And which is which?”

Lilah: “Lilah is Lilah, That is Lylah, and that is Lila. Master hasn’t actually met Lila yet, she is the newest sister Lilah summoned while master was away.”

“I thought you were Lilah? So where is Lilah?”

Lila: “Master that is Lilah, and that is just how big sister Lilah talks.”

“I see…”

Lila: “Lilah… Look at our xp…”

Lilah stares at what I assume to be a screen with wide eyes and starts to hop around the room.

Lilah: “Is this what master brought back?”

Lylah: “We assume so we noticed it after you took master to the house. We were about to check to see what else master brought back.”

“I’m sorry I brought back xp?”

Lila: “1,234,831 xp to be exact.”

“I assume by the three of your reactions that is good?”

Lylah: “Master we have never had this much xp at one time before.”

Lilah: “In Master’s absence Lylah, Lila, and Lilah have been in the process of increasing the dungeon to keep the stronger adventurers that we have started to enter.”

Lila: “Master’s current xp consumption rate is 102xp/hour and the average intake minus the consumption, damages, and replacement items for treasure chest is 1072xp/day, but that is only based on the last seven days, if you base it off the entire month it is 1074xp/day, and for this year is currently 987xp/day.”

“Did she just figure that all out on the spot?”

Lilah: “Lylah and Lylah summoned Lila to be very good at maths.”

“Then if the xp has been in a steady incline how much xp do we have saved up?”

Lila: “After what master returned us with 1,247,384xp. No correction 1,247,379xp  I just seen an adventurer sit on one of the chests and break it so we will have to replace it.”

“If you have been steadily building xp then why was there only like 10,000xp on hand before I arrived?”

Lila: “12,548xp…”

Lilah: “Every time there was enough xp Belinda will summon another group of monsters to go out and search for master.”

Lila: “There are currently 6 groups with 4 monsters each dispatched that were out searching for master, each consisting of 3 humans and 1 beastkin. Out of the 18 humans there are 10 sword maidens, 4 warriors, 3 monks, and one 1 mage, from the 8 beastkin we received 1 3rd tier cat-folk mage, 2  normal rabbit beastkins (1 archer, 1 knight), 2 normal cow beastkin (1 knight, 1 soldier) , 1 feral fox (Lancer), 1 feral cat (Swashbuckler), 1 particularly shifty feral raccoon, and as you can guess she is a thief…”

“Hold on… I can’t keep up.”

Lylah: “Don’t worry master I have to look at [Menu] to figure out who is who.”

Lilah: “Lilah thinks Belinda will unbind them to the dungeon now that master has returned, unless master doesn’t want her too.”

“Isn’t that the purpose of dungeon monsters to defend the dungeon or go out and acquire xp for the dungeon, so shouldn’t we leave them bound and have them return periodically to give us xp?”

Lilah: “Yes, but Master has never required a sentient monster to remain bound if they didn’t want to.”

“I don’t understand… If they are born from the dungeon don’t they want to serve it?”

Lilah: “Lilah loves Master so she wants to stay bound, but not all monsters think like Lilah”

Lylah “Belinda has also been unbinding monster that didn’t want to be unbound just in case master died they wouldn’t die as well.”

“… I thought monsters were just born and die for the dungeon… Sentient or not.”

The three bunnies look at me with concern and drooping ears but don’t say anything. I am not so sure I understand what is going on, but if I really was this Two-Twelve I guess I will be staying here until I can get strong enough to get my revenge on Laura.

I start taking off my armor when the oldest of the rabbits Lilah taps me on the shoulder and says. “Master can store his things with [Menu] if it is easier…”

I guess she is right, I store the armor but keep the sword for now and while keeping an eye on the other screens I begin to look though the massive amounts that surround me…

New available this, new available that, monsters, beastkin, items, skills, spells… there is just no end to them eventually I end up just closing all the ones that start out as New Available.  Once I finally clear the view I am actually able to see what the dungeon consists of.

There are still screens everywhere… It looks like an entire city is within the dungeon… I finally find the ones that pertain to the actual dungeon… and I have to say it I kind of like it…

“What are all these rooms here?”

Lilah: “Master doesn’t have a favored element so he is able to summon monsters from every element so we have a wing designated for each element, plus the main wing that extends down to where the crystal is.”

“Wait if I am a dungeon core that means if it breaks I am a goner…”

Lilah: “Don’t worry master Lylah, Lila, and Lilah would never let that happen.”

“But that is only 5 floors, which is nowhere deep enough!”

Lylah: “Master’s dungeon is protected by the kingdom, so humans won’t try to destroy it carelessly, and like Lilah said Master’s monsters are the strongest.”

“I brought back all that xp let’s take it down at least 10 more floors.”

All three of the rabbits eyes begin to sparkle… but Lilah shakes her head and says.

Lilah: “Hold on Master… Lilah promises Master’s dungeon is safe. Lylah, Lila, and Lilah will gladly add more to the dungeon, but Master maybe should get to know that dungeon first?”

“I am sorry I can’t take your word for it, I have to at least see for myself.”

I quickly use [Menu] to equip my armor.

“How do I transfer?”

Lilah: “Maybe we should get Belinda…”

“No… I am your master right? So do as I say.”

The girls look a little upset and Lila looks like she may even cry but they nod.

Lilah: “Just think of where you want to go and just go…”

I look at the screen and see the giant winged kobolds in the bottom floor, I haven’t seen them before but how hard can they be? I think about going there…”How do I…” … and I am there. Looking around the room looks a lot bigger than it did from the screen, so that means the flying kobold things are as well…

I draw my sword and say. “Alright, show me what you got…”

I expect the group to swarm down at me but they don’t they remain in the air flying around… Alright fine… I cast [Ice Javelin] at one and hit it square causing it to fall from the sky. Alright not so hard…One of the creatures begins to throw a fireball at me but I easily evade and an arrow wizzes by leagues from coming in contact. The other two then draw hand axes and dive for me.

This is more like it. I grab ones wing as it gets close just tossing it away and bring my sword down again the second cleaving it in two. After dodging another spell and arrow I fire another [Ice Javelin] at the one with a bow killing it as well. The one I tossed is making a return while something catches my eye.

Instantly I dive out of the way to see a massive creature made of slime engulf the area I was a few seconds ago. I throw a [Exploding Fireball] at the slime causing it to splatter while I take the first attack to the shoulder by the swinging hand axe. The axe grazes against my armor and I quickly take the creature out with my sword.

As another slime slithers to the top of the platform it quickly stops in its tracks… the other flying kobold thing likewise takes off to the other side of the room and the slime then starts retreating…

“Hey! What’s going on?”

A screen appears in front of me with a message from Belinda… “What do you think you are doing?! Get back here this instant!”

… Man I thought I was supposed to be the master…

I transfer back to the room I was before and Belinda is standing there with her arms crossed and upset the three bunny girl’s ears are all hanging down.

Belinda: “What are you doing fighting in your own dungeon?”

“I told the bunnies that I wasn’t comfortable with my life being guarded by only 5 small floors and weak monsters. They said the monsters weren’t weak so I was proving them otherwise when you interrupted us.”

Belinda: “This had protected Two-Twelve without fail, these girls have worked their hearts out for him and if you want to add more to the dungeon is fine, but don’t talk down like that to them again!”

“If a real threat comes to this dungeon it won’t stand a chance, and if the only thing to stop me from being killed is these little bunnies, then they need to drop the full of themselves act.”

Belinda: “Listel was the only Hero to ever enter the dungeon! With the protection of the Gowen kingdom no other hero can enter unless we say, and with me at the adventurer’s guild and Two-Twelve as the mayor we could even control the flow of the normal adventurers. Protecting a dungeon is far more than just having the meanest monsters it takes brains too, and apparently you lost yours with your memory!”

“Wait Listel was in the dungeon before?”

Belinda: “Oh I give up! If you want to meet the rest of your girls then come back to the house otherwise go back and play with the dragonkin.”

“Fine I will go meet the others…”

I store the armor away with [Menu] again and then follow Belinda transferring back to that room I was in earlier.

When I arrive the room is full of women… Lots of attractive women at that…and they all look very excited to see me… No wonder Dyson liked Two-Twelve he was a total pervert! They all seem familiar to me, but it’s like meeting someone that you know you know, but can’t place from where or how…

“All of these are my girls?”

Belinda: “Yes.”

“… Well I am sorry ladies… I don’t know how Two-Twelve used to do things, but I just have no need for you all anymore…”

Shocked and hurt expressions fill the room.

Belinda: “What are you saying!? We all have been worried sick… I know you lost your memories from being with us, but to just turn them away like this…”

The most peculiar of the girls is a lizard looking girl with dark wet looking black skin. She has tears in her eyes when she says. “Belinda explained the details to us, and regardless if we are no longer bound to your dungeon, or you want us here Kline and I have built our life here and we will still be here for you if you change your mind.”


Belinda: “Yes. That is Scylla she one of the first sentient monsters you summoned, her and her husband are expecting their first child. Just in case something happened to you while you were missing we unbound her from the dungeon just to be on the safe side.”

“She is married? “

Belinda: “Of course, and the other monster you summoned at the same time Zoey.” –She motions to a beautiful but tomboyish feral dog beastkin with pointed ears and a large bushy tail.- Was unbound as well for the same reason. Zoey’s wife Roxy. –she motions to the wolf beastkin next to the dog with long silver hair.-  is one of your other boss monsters.”

She then goes around the room introducing each girl while motioning to them.

Belinda: “Bell was a gift from another dungeon Queen that is nearby as a truce. Sofia was a gift from Dyson for training one of the new dungeon cores, Katie was a gift from Madam Erin, who you met earlier , or winning a bet against her, Azami was sent by Dyson to help rescue you when we still thought Longolia had you, and of course you met Lilah, Lylah, and Lila who are still up in the core room taking care of the dungeon for you.”

“I’m sorry… I think there has been a misunderstanding… When you said my girls I thought you meant… My girls…”

The tomboyish dog beastkin says. “Boss lost his memory and became a pervert! But I don’t mind sharing Roxy with boss as long as I get to join too!” The wolf beastkin Roxy elbows her….

The cow beastkin Bell has seemed to begin blushing a bright shade of pink and so is the lizard looking Scylla.

Belinda: “Of course not! I meant your girls like family, you always treated them as family!”

“What about helping with the matter we discussed?”

Bell: “Of course Mayor, we will go to battle for you if that’s what you ask for us.”

Zoey: “I don’t care if I am still bound to the dungeon or not I will be happy to help boss get revenge on the one that did this to him.”

Scylla: “With the baby I am unable to fight… But I am sure Kline would be more than willing to help in any way he can.”

Belinda: “Like I said, these girls are Two-Twelve’s family and will go to the end of the earth for him.”

“Thank you all. Lila said there are several groups of monsters still out in the field?”

Belinda: “Yes… I already messaged them and told them you are home, and they are on their way back, if you wish we can bring them home with [Gate].”

“You have [Gate] spell as well?”

Belinda: “Yes Roxy and I both have it. Your unusual dungeon treats its boss monsters basically like the dungeon core itself, so we don’t gain spells and skills as we level but only when you teach them to us like yourself.”

“But only you two?”

Belinda: “That is correct.”

“Well tomorrow after testing all of your abilities, and making sure the dungeon is more secure, I will then teach you some new spells and skills to help in our task.”

Belinda: “I understand Arngrim is a hero a few times over now, and I seen part of the battle you were having against the dragonkin, does that mean you are going to participate in the fighting as well?”

“If I can get the dungeon secured enough that I am comfortable leaving it behind then yes, I will.”

Zoey: “I can fight alongside boss? I have never seen boss actually fight.”

“Well I know the spells he had, but I am sure my way of fighting will be far different then what he is capable of.”

Roxy: “You’re a hero now so I am sure our strength will be far less then you, but we will do what we can.”

“That is the reason I will test you all tomorrow to see which of you that might be useful.”

Belinda: “Ok girls we don’t want to put too much on him right from the start, so why don’t we all meet back up in the morning to discuss our action plan going forward.”

Zoey: “Were not going to have one of Belinda’s home cooked meals for dinner?” –Her ears droop.- “With boss home I thought we would celebrate… It’s been so long since we last all gathered together…”

“I’m sorry, but I am not in a celebrating mood…”

Zoey: “But…”

Roxy: “Zoey!”

Belinda: “I’m sorry… They are just excited you are home… and we are sorry to hear about what happened to Listel…”

Zoey: “But Belinda!”

Belinda: “Zoey please!” –She says with tears in her eyes.-

“I’m sorry… I know it must be hard to think you got Two-Twelve home but ended up with me instead…”

Belinda: “It isn’t your fault… I have faith even if just a little a bit of Two-Twelve will come back…”

With mixed reactions the girls then depart from the house. Belinda then explains to me that her sister and brother who don’t know about the dungeon are staying there as well. She tries to fill me in as best she can but it seems pretty hard for her as I don’t recall any of it.

Belinda: “I already told all my family about your condition. If it was Logan I wouldn’t worry, but with Mindy and Doug I just don’t know how they will take it. As long as you leave out any information about the dungeons though we should at least be ok.”

“I understand, I may not have the memories of Two-Twelve but Arngrim was from a dungeon as well so I know how to conduct myself around humans.”

Belinda: “I see, I’m sorry, I am just having difficult trying to figure out what you know and what you don’t…”

“I understand I am sure there is going to be quite a bit of an adjustment period…”

Belinda: “Well I am sure there is going to be a long day ahead of us tomorrow, so I guess I will show you to your room.”

Belinda leads me to the top floor of the house opening the door to a large well-furnished bedroom. The bedroom is even nicer then Listel’s in the castle complete with a balcony outside and its own large bathroom.

“Wait this is your room isn’t it?”

Belinda: “Well it was our room, but as you are the dungeon core it should be your room. I will take my things to one of the others tomorrow.”

“It really isn’t necessary I can surely take one of the other rooms I have been sleeping outside almost daily for the last few months so one of the other rooms would be more than enough.”

Belinda: “I insist, as I hope staying in your old bed you might start to remember some things even if it’s a small chance.”

I want to still turn her down, but the pleading look in her eyes makes me feel bad so I nod.

Belinda: “I will be in the first door right in the hall if you need anything.”

She looks torn as what to do next for a few seconds then exits the room. After shutting the door though I can hear her quickly make her way from the door as she begins to cry…

I check out the room. Everything is so familiar but not its rather disconcerting… The bed is much like the one in Listel’s room as well. Listel… I know you sent me here deliberately because you thought this was where I belonged… But I just wish I was back with you…

Needless to say sleep doesn’t come easy, but with the comforting scent from the bed and fatigue building I eventually drift off.



4 thoughts on “Chapter 84: The Next Task

    1. Thanks for pointing that out I don’t know how that happened. I literally copy and paste the entire chapter from a word doc to wordpress then drag the chapter’s title up to the title bar, so as to how it got mixed up somehow I am left scratching my head. Anyway it should be fixed now.


      1. Thanks I am glad to hear it. Grammar never was one of my strong suits, and English is my proofreader’s second laungaue, so there is that. Lol but I appreciate the feedback and will try to do even better.


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