Chapter 76: The Aftermath

Once the group enters the hallway the elementals are quickly spreading out. This has gotten the attention of quite a few guards that now have begun to engage in combat with the elementals. Non-combative people of the castle are beginning to flee in every direction.

Belinda quickly grabs one of the fleeing maids asking if they have seen Two-Twelve, but she is too afraid to speak. Belinda decides that the group is going to have to search for him on their own so she let the maid go and she runs off. The path to the left leads to the throne room, and everything that way will be more heavily guarded and more than likely they would take a prisoner that way.

Besides the guards were already dead in the room so maybe someone came to Two-Twelve’s assistance. If that is the case they would have tried to get out of the castle as quick as possible. Belinda then decides to take the path to the right heading towards the main courtyard of the castle.

For a single mage being able to summon so many elementals and them being as strong as they are is quite frightening. Any guards that the group comes in contact with are swiftly dealt with by Azami’s elementals. By the time the group makes it to the courtyard the entire castle is on alert, but the group is still no closer to finding any information about Two-Twelve.

With the guards getting thicker and even the army beginning to move in the group has no choice but to retreat back to Tobes.

Kline: “Miss Belinda, I am sorry we were not able to locate Two-Twelve.”

Sofia: “There is just no way to know where they took him, and with the guards dead when we arrives we don’t even know who took him.”

Scylla: “With him still being alive after this much time has passed I am sure the intention isn’t to kill him.”

Kline: “I guess with your pact you are able to tell if he is still alive? Can we use that to locate him?”

Scylla: “Well something like that, but as far as I know we can’t. That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth investigating though.”

Belinda: “We will find him…”

Sofia: “For now maybe your father or brother will be able to do something. They may be holding him for ransom.”

Belinda: “Knowing he is still alive that is probably the best bet, but It’s the dead guards that were there when we arrived, something just doesn’t feel right…”

Scylla: “I agree, and as much as it pains me to say, I don’t think we are going to learn anything else today. We can only hope where ever Master is he will be safe.”

Belinda: “As worried as I am about Two-Twelve, I am also concerned about you girls. Roxy and I should be ok if something happens to Two-Twelve, but with the rest of you still being bound to him. I am sure he would not want something to happen to you all.”

Bell: “I accept the risk. I couldn’t imagine not being bound to Two-Twelve.”

Sofia: “It is just part of the deal.”

Katie: “Besides it’s our job to keep him safe and if we failed him we deserve whatever comes from it.”

Belinda: “But Zoey has Roxy, and Scylla has Kline it wouldn’t be fair to them if something does happen to Two-Twelve.”

Zoey: “That just means we have to make sure and find Boss before something does happen.”

Kline: “Wait, you mean your pact even includes your lives ending if his does? That is too much…”

Scylla: “I’m sorry, Kline I told you our situation is complicated.”

Belinda: “No, he is right. I am going to un-bind Zoey and Scylla no matter how strongly you feel on the contrary. That doesn’t mean you are not still family, but you just won’t be bound anymore. If anyone else wants to be unbound I will unbind them as well.”

Zoey: “Won’t boss be mad?”

Belinda: “I am sure he will understand given the circumstances.”

Scylla: “I don’t know… What would I do if I wasn’t bound.”

Belinda: “Like I said you don’t have to stop doing anything, I just want you all to be safe.”

Belinda accesses [Menu] sending Two-Twelve a message about what she is going to do, then accesses Scylla’s and Zoey’s information and confirms their removal from the dungeon.

Belinda: “We don’t know what is going to happen next, so anyone else wish to be unbound?”

Bell: “No, I wish to keep serving the mayor even if he is not here at the moment.”

Sofia: “If I remain bound to Two-Twelve even in a situation like this maybe Dyson would look favorably on it, so I too wish to stay bound.”

Katie: “Understand your reasoning behind it, but I too wish to remain bound.”

Belinda: “Alright… Now that is taken care of what DO we do now?”

Roxy: “I am sure after trying to siege the castle gathering information is going to be tough now.”

Belinda: “I am sorry Kline this some of this doesn’t make since to you, and I will let Scylla explain the details to you later, but right now the only thing important is finding Two-Twelve. Your experience with combat and being with Logan in foreign kingdoms could really be helpful right now.”

Kline: “You’re right about being confused, but from now two things will happen. Your father will most likely declare war against Longolia for the assault on you and the capture of Two-Twelve, and after that I am sure there will be a few skirmishes along the border of the two kingdoms. After that it is too early to tell if this will be a war fought with sword or one fought with a pen, but depending on which it is will vary greatly on as to what happens after that.”

Belinda: “So we very well could actually have to defend Tobes against invaders?”

Kline: “The position of Tobes leaves it pretty safe. Only if Longolia joined in an alliance with Calhoun, but with you helping them with their dungeon problem earlier this year I think we are safe in Tobes. If you add the fact your brother Ben and your mother in with the Duscae kingdom, and the recent acquiring of a hero in Korta due to a Gowen dungeon I am sure all our neighbors to the north will be allies. Now if they assist Gowen or not is a different matter completely.”

Belinda: “Where does this leave us with Two-Twelve?”

Kline: “If he is being held by Longolia, they might use him as a bargaining chip. He might only be your husband, but with what he has accomplished in Gowen he might even prove to be a bigger bargaining chip then you would have been. No offense…”

Belinda: “But there is no way to even know if they have him or not…”

Kline: “What we need is eyes in Longolia, but with our assault earlier I am sure none of us could even get close to Catalina now. With your pull in the adventurer’s guild you might be able to commission some adventurers to act as mercenaries for you, but you leave it up to chance they in turn might be bought.”

Belinda: “I might be able to take care of that. Scylla can you go get Lilah, Lylah, and Lila?”

Scylla: “I am sorry… Without being bound…”

Belinda: “You’re right… Bell would you please?”

Bell nods and begins to walk out the door.

Belinda: “It’s ok Bell just go.”

Bell looks back at Kline before nodding then she transfers from the room.

Kline: “She can teleport as well?”

Belinda: “I will let Scylla explain everything to you later, but for now just go with it.”

A few seconds later Bell returns with the three bunnies.

Lilah: “Where is Master?”

Belinda: “I am sorry Lilah we still haven’t found him yet.”

Lilah: “Then Belinda has to go back! We have to find Master!”

Belinda: “I know Lilah, but it’s just too dangerous for us to go back so I wanted to ask you how are we doing with xp?”

Lilah looks confused when she looks over to Kline.

Belinda: “It’s ok Scylla is going to explain things to him later, can we afford getting a few more people?”

Lilah: “Well level 1s shouldn’t be a problem we could probably spare enough for half a dozen.”

Belinda: “What if we made them level 15?”

Lylah: “Level 15!”

Lila: “Not including gear that is 14,500xp.”

Lilah: “If it’s to save Master we could push and get 2…”

Belinda: “How high could we get a group of 4?”

Lilah: “Let Lilah think…”

Lila: “To maintain current functionality as we are using only our reserve funds we can stand to lose 30,000xp without our… “Job” being compromised.  Using gear we currently have stashed away we could make 4 standard beastkin level 13, but even just cutting it down to level 12 we could switch out the beastkin with advanced beastkin or even humans.”

Lilah: “Yea what Lila said.”

Belinda: “That’s very good Lila, I am sorry everything going on I haven’t gotten the chance to welcome you to the family…”

Lylah: “Big sister Lilah is really smart, but we she was acquiring Lila I suggested we focus on her being really good at the things we don’t like so she can do them things.”

Belinda: “Well I am glad it worked out, but don’t let them overwork you ok Lila?”

Lila: “I am currently happy with our arrangement, big sister Lilah and big sister Lylah let me do all the fun stuff while they do the work.”

Belinda: “Well as long as you are enjoying yourself… Now back to the group… I think a group of just beastkin would be suspicious as most beastkin have been fleeing from Longolia to Gowen since Queen’s town was established. What kind of gear do we have stored for them to use?”

Lilah: “Most of the items we have stashed away are the items Katie made for us. That means their value would surpass the groups level, but we still could make better.”

Lylah: “But if we made gear better then Katie made we couldn’t afford the group.”

Belinda: “Azami, aren’t you capable of making equipment as well?”

Azami: “Why yes I am, but it would take days to make entire sets of armor. Unless I just made sets of armor then it would only take days.”

Katie: “To make a great suit of armor it can take me a week easy…”

Azami: “While I do acknowledge dwarven armor might be better for heavy armor, I still find the process of making such a thing barbaric.”

Katie: “You don’t use a forge? Then how do you make equipment?”

Azami: “Elves use their magic to make equipment of course. Either that or we make our equipment with magic.”

Katie: “I am not saying that would be better, but I would like to see that sometime.”

Azami: “Once the matters concerning Two-Twelve are dealt with I would be happy to show you how it is done.”

Belinda: “Alright, for the group we should make at least two or three of them humans, then the last we can make a beastkin.”

Katie: “What about making one a dwarf? I don’t mind human company, but if they make it back alive maybe I would have someone I could relate to a bit?”

Kline seems confused about the conversation, but he hasn’t said anything more.

Sofia: “If we are making requests maybe you can make the beastkin a big handsome bull? I am sure that would make Bell happy.”

Bell quickly shakes her hands out in front of her then covers her face blushing.

Belinda: “I am sorry Katie, but a dwarf would probably stick out to much, besides Two-Twelve usually sticks with the random settings so he can acquire more variety. That way when we get him back we can at least say we unlocked some more for him.”

Katie: “I understand… But once Two-Twelve is home safe I am going to ask him for a drinking buddy.”

Belinda: “We know the advanced beastkin can take magic classes and the normal ones cannot, and I don’t know how things work with the humans, so let’s do the beastkin as an advanced random, and then three random humans. At this point I think Scylla, you should take Kline home and explain things to him.”

Kline: “I admit I am confused, but I am also curious do you mind if we stay?”

Belinda: “Alright, but this next part is going to be quite shocking, having it explained to you is nowhere near as shocking as when you actually see it.”

Scylla: “Kline maybe we should…”

Roxy: “Scylla if I may, it might also help. I know I figured it out on my own, but actually getting to see it was shocking, but with it also came a great sense of relief.”

Scylla nods then takes ahold of Kline’s arm firmly.

Belinda: “Ok Lilah, Lylah, Lila you three take the humans and I will do the beastkin, and remember we want them to blend in. Try not to give them bright pink hair or something.”

Lylah & Lila: “Understood.”

Lilah: “Now all Lilah can think about is pink hair…”

There is no way to really have a clue what they are going to turn out like so Belinda summons 4 sets of unisex style clothing. Just the appearance of the clothing seems to shock Kline quite a bit so telling how he is going to react to the next part.

Lilah, Lylah, Lila, and Belinda seem to hit the acknowledgment at the same time, and the house is filled with light as the headcount in the room increases by 4.

Lilah’s human results in a young woman around 16 or 17 years old, with pale skin, freckles, and short red hair. There are a lot of features of the girl that match with Belinda. It is almost like Lilah was trying to picture what Belinda looked like before she joined the dungeon. Luckily her face is rather plain, she isn’t unattractive, but she is leagues behind the other girls. Even Katie the girl with the most normal looking face of the group is even a rank higher. If Lilah really did focus on what she thought Belinda looked like before hopefully Belinda doesn’t find out.

Lylah’s human is a female as well with shoulder length dark brown hair, with the very essence of normal. If you were to put some clothes on her right now and toss her into a group of people none in the room would probably be able to pick her out.

Lila’s human is the first male of the group and given the fact the dungeon could only summon sword maidens before at least one new class has become available. The male human has dark brown hair that is a perfect shade match for the female Lylah summoned, as a matter of fact he too looks to be cut from the most generic cloth one could find. Lila and Lylah’s humans could easily pass as siblings.

With three successes there was bound to be a mistake… Belinda’s beastkin ends up being far from ordinary. Being a feral beastkin you would expect quite a few animal like features and patches of fur. For this beastkin however his entire body is covered in short gray and tan fur sporting a multitude of black spots.

From the tip of his sharp claws on his paw like feet up to his neck is covered in the coarse fur. Even though he has a tail it is very short maybe 10 to 12 inches long it too covered in the gray and tan fur. The fur that continues up his neck and the side of his face starts to get longer giving him long sideburns of fur. The fur continues at that length to the top of his head giving a bit of semblance of hair. The fur even extends past the tips of the pointed ears on the top of his head with black flayer tips at least 2 inches past the end of the ear.

His face extends into a short muzzle with a cat like nose and even whiskers, likewise his teeth seem to be that of a cat, along with piercing blue-green eyes with slited pupils. Unlike his pawed feet his arm and hands look normal enough with the exception of more of the grey and brown fur. He is also sporting what looks to be some razor sharp claws from the end of his fingers.

Belinda quickly uses her [Menu] to clothe the three humans but for some reason [Menu] won’t allow her to put the clothes on the cat like man. Instead a screen appears to her

Cat-folk being a third tier beastkin cannot equip standard gear.

Belinda: “It won’t let me put clothes on him, it says he is a third tier beastkin and cannot equip standard gear.”

Lilah: “Master said the same thing about Roc, he just asked [Menu] for clothes equitable to Rocs race and it worked fine after that.”

Belinda:  “Clothing for Cat-folk.”

Belinda scans the short list at 35xp she selects and item and has it equipped on the beastkin.

The outfit doesn’t look dissimilar to a normal traveling outfit, even for a normal beastkin [Menu] automatically takes care of size and shape to fit a tail, so you can’t help but wonder what makes this beastkin that different.

Belinda: “Well he is at least clothed now what do we do…?”

Zoey: “Belinda always gives Boss a hard time, but it looks like her fetishes aren’t far off of the Boss’.”

Kline’s original shock has worn off now as he steps forward inspecting the cat-folk male that stands at least a head taller than him.

Kline: “That is amazing, how did you do that? And what is he?”

Belinda: “You know as  much as I do, as I said he is a third tier beastkin. Sometimes this happens I guess. Same thing happened when Two-Twelve tried to summon an advanced beastkin for Queen.”

Kline: “What do you mean summon a beastkin for Queen?”

Belinda: “You remember Jack? He was summoned the same way. Two-Twelve’s first attempt was Roc, he then tried again to get Jack.”

Kline: “So Queen knows you can summon people from thin air like a dungeon summons monsters?”

Scylla: “Kline… that is exactly what it is.”

Kline: “But…How…?”

Scylla: “Two-Twelve, the dungeon up in the mountain is his.”

Kline: “What do you mean it’s his?

Belinda: “I guess it is more accurate to say he IS the dungeon, the dungeon crystal is like his heart. That’s how we know he is still alive, because if he wasn’t the dungeon and the monsters summoned from it would die as well.”

Kline: “But how can a person be a dungeon?”

Scylla: “I promise I will explain it all, but right now we need to find Two-Twelve.”

Kline: “…”

Belinda: “Well I don’t know if we can use the beastkin, but the humans look like they will do nicely. Any ideas on names?”

One of the newly summoned humans speaks for the first time with a shy but cutesy voice and it happens to be the girl with red hair.

Redhead: “If master wishes to hear, I would adore being called Poppy.”

Belinda: “That sounds acceptable. Do the rest of you have any preferences?”

The other two humans shake their heads. And the beastkin speaks for the first time with firm voice.

Beastkin: “I only require a name if you wish for me to leave the dungeon, if that is the case then I resemble a Lynx so that should suffice.”

Belinda: “So you want your name to be Lynx?”

Lynx: “Yes, that will work fine.”

Belinda accepts the name with her [Menu] along with Poppy’s she then looks at the other two.

Belinda: “We got a flower, a type of cat, now what about you two?”

The brown haired girl finally speaks and she has a tomboyish voice.

“If you want to stick with flowers, I guess I wouldn’t mind being called Iris.”

Belinda: “Alright Iris, and then how does Aster for you?”

The male human isn’t very muscular or even that tall, the beastkin is probably double his weigh, and when he speaks the tomboyish voice of Iris even sounded more masculine.

Aster: “If master wishes, I accept.”

After accepting both Iris’s and Aster’s names in [Menu] Belinda then turns her attention back to the group of humans.

Belinda: “It will be faster if you just tell me, what are your three classes?”

Poppy: “I am a sword maiden.”

Iris: “I am as well.”

Belinda: “That’s a little unfortunate, but I guess it can’t be helped, what about you Aster, surely you aren’t a sword maiden as well.”

Aster: “I am just a warrior.”

Belinda: “Just plain and simple, I guess it is something at least, no castor classes though.”

Poppy: “I can cast the most basic of spells, but not near the strength that a mage could.”

Iris: “Same here, for the moment I know the basic [Light] spell and [Mending Touch]

Poppy: “I don’t have any healing spells, but I have [Heat] and [Fire].

Aster: “I can’t cast spells but you can give me any weapon combination and I should be alright.”

Belinda: “What about you Lynx?”

Lynx: “You haven’t set a class for me yet, but my race allows me to be a caster.”

She doesn’t know if they will be able to use the beastkin for the group, but there is no point in him being without a class so she opens [Menu] to see his options.

Assign Class


Martial Artist:
+10 Strength, Agility, Endurance, +5 Unarmed, 1 random class based skill
Warrior: +15 Strength and Endurance, +5 Weapon Ability, 1 random class based skill
Thief: +15 Agility, +10 Strength, +5 Endurance, +5 Dagger Arts, 1 random class based skill
Vagabond: +15 Agility and Endurance, +5 Strength, 1 random class based skill
Archer: +15 Agility, +10 Strength, +5 Endurance, +5 Bow Arts, 1 random class based skill
Mage: +15 Spell Power, Spell Arts, +5 concentration, 1 random class based skill
Magician: +10 Spell Power, Spell Arts, Concentration, +5 Mental Defense, 1 random class based skill
Sorcerer:+5 Strength, Agility, Endurance, Spell Power, Spell Arts, Concentration, Mental Defense, 1 random class based skill


Agile-warrior: +15 Strength, Agility, +10 Endurance, +10 Weapon Ability, 1 Weapon skill, 1 random class based skill
Rogue: +15 Agility, Endurance, +10 Strength, +10 Weapon Ability, 2 random class based skills
Pilferer:  +15 Strength, Agility, Endurance, +5 Weapon Ability, Pilfer skill, 1 random class based skill.
Shaman: +15 Endurance, Spell Power, Spell Arts, +5 Concentration, 2 random class based skills
Alchemist: +20 Endurance, + 10 Concentration, Spell Arts, +5 Spell Power, Mental Defense, Alchemy skill, 1 random class based skill

Cat-Folk Warrior: +25 Strength, Agility, Endurance, +10 Weapon Ability, 2 random class based skills
Cat-Folk Thief: +30 Agility, Endurance, +25 Weapon Ability, 2 random class based skills
Cat-Folk Mage:
+15 Agility, Endurance, Spell Power, Spell Arts, Concentration, +10 Mental Defense, 2 random class based skills

It seemed to be a pretty big deal when Lilah had 1 special class available and this guy has 3… Well a mage was the reason for summoning him so Belinda selects the Cat-Folk Mage and assigns him the class.

Belinda: “Will that work?”

Lynx: “If that is what you require of me, that is what I will be.”

Belinda: “We actually need someone that doesn’t stick out in a crowd and you unfortunately kind of stick out. What I need is a group to enter the kingdom of Longolia to the south and try to uncover any information in the location of Two-Twelve without arising suspicion..”

Lynx: “The Dailian Kingdom treats all non-humans as monsters, but they use quite a few species to fight their wars for them as slaves. They have a group within their army that consists of strictly Cat-folk slaves. If you place a slave collar around my neck claiming the group is from Dailian, it would explain how we obtained our levels without adventurer IDs, and also allow me to assist.”

Kline:  “So you were summoned from Dailian?”

Lynx: “No, I was just born.”

Kline: “I don’t understand, if you were just born how are you an adult, and how can you know so much about Dailian military?”

Lynx: “I don’t understand, you don’t appear to be from the dungeon, how is it you are here?” –Lynx appears to start getting tense.-

Scylla: “It is ok, he is family, but he is just learning about things. I promise I will explain everything to you Kline.”

Belinda: “I am curious about the second question as well, how can you know so much about Dalian military from birth?”

Lynx: “I know the history of my race, as it appears the only cat-folk are that of the Dailian military, so I was born with such information.”

Belinda: “I am a little hesitant to put a slave collar on one of our own, but if it is just for show I guess at least allow you to accompany the others.

Belinda finds Lilah’s old slave collar in the dungeon inventory equipping it on Lynx. She then equips the rest of the group in some of the extra gear held in storage that Katie manufactured. She even tries to equip several different types of mage robes for Lynx but they like the clothes say they are not able to be equipped by his race. She does however manage to give him one of the basic battle staves.

Belinda: “Alright I think you are all set. We can’t have you just appear in the capital, but sending you to the border would take at least a month of travel. Two-Twelve and I passed a small village about a day north from the capital when we were traveling there. If I transport you just outside the village, that should work. You will just have to make sure you are seen by several of the villagers before continuing south to the capital.”

Lynx: “As you wish.”

Belinda: “Keep us informed about what is going on in Catalina with [Menu], and be careful, and please please! Help us find Two-Twelve’s location.”

Poppy: “I promise we will do everything in our power to help.”

Belinda continues to talk to them for a while and after preparing them with some gold and making sure they all got their stories straight she uses her [Gate] spell to send them 20 minutes or so outside the village in Longolia.

That would put them in the village just as it gets dark so they will stay in the village for the night then set out for Catalina in the morning.


Two-Twelve’s PoV

I am not sure what happened… After Listel killed the guards we talked for a while then she appeared to get some type of message that she seemed to find unpleasant. The next thing I can recall is waking up in this cold damp cell.

There are no windows, there is a set of bars separating this room I am in from another but it appears to be identical to the one I am in with no windows or doors in it as well. I am still unable to cast magic, or even access [Menu] so I can’t sure how much time has passed but it feels like it has had to be at least a few days since I originally woke up here.

In that time frame I haven’t seen or heard anything, so I can only assume I must be in the depths of Laura’s dungeon somewhere. If that is the case maybe there is a silver lining that Dyson might find me, but he can’t see everything and he has little reason to be looking for me in Laura’s dungeon.

With little much else to do I have given up counting the 1440 blocks that make up the wall and have begun to counting the strands of straw that makes up the pile on the floor that is my bed. I only make it to 346,000 and something when I get distracted and loose count because someone has appeared nearby.

Listel: “Man you look pitiful, I have been watching you for hours…”

“If you really felt bad about it you would let me go.”

Listel: “I can’t do that, you have become too much of a variable in Laura’s plan.”

“I already told you I don’t care about Laura, I just want to live my life.”

Listel: “You say that. Yet you are on close enough terms with at least 2 elders in which they rely on you and ask for favors of you. You quickly established yourself in a kingdom and then propelled one of the smallest kingdoms and have quickly been able to raise its power by introducing them communication parchments. Not only that, but even have quite the pull in the adventurer’s guild itself. I have heard your name spoken as far away as Sarnova.”

“Honestly I just want to survive, most of them events are purely coincidental, and I didn’t actively pursue any of them.”

Listel: “Well it makes no matter, the truth is Laura is still unsure what to do with you. The good news is until she makes up her mind I have talked her into giving me permission to have you do my bidding. Of course with your dungeon abilities sealed along with your magic you are still easily recognizable, so I got a few gifts for you.”

Before I can respond or even react she closes the distance between us securing a slave collar around my neck along with the leather strap that is blocking my abilities. Next in the same fashion she attaches a metal cuff around one of my wrists that once connects together appears as seamless as the leather collar.

Listel: “Now we won’t have problems with you in public. See?” –After drawing a line in the air casting [Shadow-pocket]  she takes out a small hand mirror handing it to me.-

Looking into the mirror I don’t recognize the man starring back at me… I feel my face and it has indeed changed shape and even my hair has changed from the drab brown color to a golden blond. I wouldn’t say I was unattractive before, but I can say I was the lucky one to be surrounded by so many beautiful women before, but now my face is all but the perfect chiseled shape, with the sharp chin, dashing blue eyes, and wavy blond hair.

“What did you do to me?”

I quickly grab at the throat… Even my voice has changed.

Listel: “I don’t know I think I would consider it an improvement to your normal boring look.”

“What is it you are expecting me to do?”

Listel: “Let’s just say you are my new plaything. Although I am not allowed to break you I can still get to bat you around a bit and have some fun. First thing is first however. If we are going to be wondering the continent together I need to make sure you are not going to try to cause a scene, blab your mouth, or try to stab me in the back. If you can do that I might see about letting you have some of your magic back.”

Listel then seems to begin casting a spell then says. “Under contract I bind you to do my bidding, you are not to cause harm to me, my Mistress, or by your actions or words lead others to uncover your true identity, under these rules you may retain most freedom of actions until such a time I release you.”

After her words the collar around my neck glows brightly and becomes hot as it feels like it begins to burn my skin, but as the light fades so does the heat.

Listel: “Wonderful, it actually worked. Now lets see how well it worked. What’s your name?”

I try to say my name but the words won’t come, not only can I not speak it but the harder I try the hotter and tighter the collar around my neck seems to become.

Listel: “Perfect. Now where are you from?”

Again as I try to speak my voice is lost and the collar restricts.

Listel: “This is going far better than we could of ever of predicted. Now what do you say we go for a walk?”


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