Dungeon Map


I am posting the older copy of the dungeon map that I have it is probably the way the dungeon was though just before Dawn and Twilight were summoned. Mainly this is a test so I can see if I can add the updated map into a future chapter.

Chapter 85 Ground Floor.png
Ground Floor
Sub-Floor 1.jpg
Sub-Level 1
Sub-Floor 2.jpg
Sub-Level 2
Sub-Foor 3.jpg
Top of Sub-Level 3
Sub-Floor 3 Bottom.jpg
Bottom of Sub-Level 3
Sub-Floor 4.jpg
Top of Sub-Level 4
Sub-Floor 4 Bottom.jpg
Bottom of Sub-Level 4

First image is from the new set, I like the black background around it so I am going to have to try to figure what I did this time different then last time. Looks pretty good though, so let me know what you think.

As always thanks for reading



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