Chapter 75: Catalina

With the crashing waves and the warmer weather this place really is rather relaxing. Although even with the fact  of being a dungeon core the heat still manages to wake me from my slumber before noon. I look around but don’t see Belinda anywhere so I quickly get up and get dressed.

Looking over the room I find a note from Belinda that says. “Gone to the Castle to announce our arrival and take care of things for father. It shouldn’t take long so I thought I would let you sleep. I will see you soon and we can get back to enjoying our honeymoon.”

There isn’t much else for me to do, so I just wait in the room and decide to message Lilah to see how things are going back in Tobes.

Lilah: “Lilah promises master everything is under control. Just enjoy yourself and don’t worry about it.”

“It isn’t that. Belinda went on to take care of things leaving me behind, so I am just bored is all.”

Lilah: “Okay. Everything is running smoothly the elemental rooms are still seeing a great amount of traffic, but that doesn’t result in much gain for Master. On the other hand the main pathway has also begun to pick up again which is netting the Master a decent amount of xp. It is taking Lilah and Lylah everything they have to keep up with things.”

“The others are helping out right?”

Lilah: “Sofia is helping when she can, but she has acquired 2 new dedicated students in her adventuring classes and she has been giving her all with that. Scylla and Kline have been busy with the Adventurer’s guild, while Bell and Roxy are dealing with the Mayor duties, and Katie has been working hard with the blacksmith.”

“What about Zoey?”

Lilah: “Zoey is Zoey…”

“Well if things get to rough I guess I will allow you to summon one more to give you a hand, but only if it gets too much for you and Lylah to handle on your own.”

Lilah: “Don’t worry master. Lilah, Lylah, and Lila won’t let you down.”

“Lila? Wait you already summoned one?”

Lilah: “Sorry master, Lilah has to go now!”


Well it’s not like I didn’t just give her permission, but still to summon another one without asking first… I wonder how Zoey is handling three of them. Two of them was already driving her crazy. I just hope we don’t end up with a small army of Lilah’s running around.

It isn’t long and true to her word Belinda returns looking a little run down.

“You look tired, did it not go well?”

Belinda: “I guess it went as best as could be expected. After all Gowen is on the brink of war with Longolia, so they are trying to figure out if we are really here for the sake of peace like we said or trying to spy. We might have quite a few eyes on us for our trip, but once they see we really are here peacefully relations should improve.”

“I don’t really mind them keeping an eye on us, I just hope it doesn’t hinder our honeymoon.”

Belinda smiles and caresses my face. “I am glad it is so important to you, and I promise it won’t interfere. I won’t let it.”

Now that it is getting close to noon the temperature in the room is enough to make even me uncomfortable so we decide to do some exploring in Catalina. We have had eyes on us since we crossed the border, but now it seems we have actually picked up a few guards following us around.

They don’t seem to be planning anything so it is no problem as we make our way around. We stay out all day and well into the evening long after the sun set. We still have our followers but they are still keeping their distance. When we do finally make our way back to the inn the guards seem to set up post at the end of the hall.

We spend a week just enjoying the capital until Belinda receives a message from the castle requesting another audience. This time however it requests that I attend as well, so we set out to the castle.

Castle Guard: “Greetings, we have been expecting you. Please follow me.”

The guard leads us through the castle and once we reach a waiting room we are told to sit till we are called. It isn’t long till a guard returns. This guard however is wearing much fancier gear and seems to be one of the royal guards.

Royal Guard: “Belinda Gowen, you are to meet with the king now.”

Once we rise however the guard says. “Only Belinda Gowen.”

Belinda: “The letter requested that both of us come.”

Royal Guard: “He will be here when you return.”

Belinda seems somewhat hesitant but nods.

Belinda: “I guess I will be back soon.”

After I nod Belinda follows the royal guard out of the room. I sit back down and wait for Belinda’s return.

The room is pretty bare for a waiting room with only a few seats and tapestries. There aren’t even any windows so I can’t even enjoy the scenery. After what seems like forever two guards enter the room.

They don’t say anything, and it makes me a little nervous, but what happens next causes me to bolt up out of my seat.

Listel: “Nice to see you again Two-Twelve. I have heard you have been keeping quite busy.” –The beautiful beastkin hero says as she enters the room.-

“What are you doing here?”

Listel: “I have been sent to keep you company while the royal guards dispose of your boss monster.”

I have to say Listel is quite a shock, but Belinda and I planned just in case something like this happened. We are supposed to not fight and just immediately teleport back to the dungeon. However as I begin casting the spell Listel leaps at me pushing me to the floor quickly wrapping a leather belt around my neck quickly tightening it.

Listel: “There” –She says then crawls off me sitting down.- “Now that you can’t run away we can talk.”

The leather collar is tight and makes it hard to swallow. I quickly try to remove it but it doesn’t seem to have a buckle anymore it’s just a tight leather band. I then quickly try to teleport again but this time the spell fizzles and won’t work. I try to cast a few more spells but they fail as well.

“What’s going on?”

Listel: “We can now talk, but these guards are a bit of a problem aren’t they?”

Before anyone even can tell what happens Listel quickly fires of a spell killing both guards instantly.

Listel: “Now we can talk without worry of what the Longolia interfering.”

“Are you insane?”

Listel: “That is a rude thing to call a lady. Besides they will just blame their deaths on you.”

“What is it you are planning?”

Listel: “It is quite simple. Laura is finally making her move and you are quickly becoming a problem so she wanted to take care of the situation before it got out of hand. You are fortunate at least she thinks you may still be of use, so she doesn’t plan to have you killed. At least not yet.”

I quickly try to access [Menu] to send a message while Listel talks but even it won’t appear to me.

Listel: “Yes that collar is quite something is it not? Not only does it prevent magic, it also prevents skill use, and prevents dungeon monsters from accessing [Menu]. Now are you ready to talk?”

“You think the elders with let this slide?”

Listel: “The elders?” –She laughs.- “You think they really care about some random dungeon core, but if you are talking about your buddy Dyson. He has no way to know that Laura is behind this. from the outside it will look like Longolia killed the princess to start a war with Gowen and her husband will just been collateral damage.”

“If you think Belinda would be so easily killed you are mistaken.”

Listel: “Even if she does manage to escape with her life, a war is now inevitable. Before any kind of retaliation for your disappearance happens we will be long gone back safe and sound in Southern Merretta without anyone else being the wiser.”

Belinda’s PoV

The royal guard leads me though the hallways toward the throne room. It is the same place I went last time I was here but they didn’t have a royal guard escorting me, and they wanted me to bring Two-Twelve but made me leave him behind. I have to say I am a little nervous, but if things go sideways we have a plan.

Once I enter the throne room there does seem to be far too many guards in the room, but the king is on his throne so he does appear to wish to speak, so maybe things aren’t entirely hopeless yet. I make my way to the front and kneel.

“Thanks for seeing me again your highness. Would you like to continue our negotiations?”

King: “Belinda Gowen, I have it on good authority that you and your husband entered Longolia to attempt a coup.”

Belinda: “I assure you your majesty we just wished to strengthen our bonds with your country by spending our honeymoon here. My father did however wish for me to speak with you if at all possible but I assure you it was for peaceful negotiations.”

King: “The report I received was not the only evidence. Most of my scouts at the border have failed to return, and the few that have told of the Gowen army massing in numbers.”

Belinda: “That can’t be true!”

King: “Guards!”

The royal guards begin to draw their weapons so it leaves me with no choice but to cast the teleport spell fleeing back home. Once I hit the ground back at the house in Tobes I quickly send a message to Two-Twelve telling him what happened. I then transfer to the core room.

Once I transfer to the core room it takes a minute for me to figure out what is going on because there are 3 little rabbit beastkin each a bit smaller than the last.

Lilah: “Belinda! You’re back.”

“Never mind that for now, Have you heard from Two-Twelve?”

Lilah: “Lilah hasn’t heard from master since this morning.”

“We ran into trouble in Catalina and we were supposed to teleport back here if anything happened. I sent him a message so he should be here any second. Why is there three of you?”

Lilah: “This is Lila, she is our newest sister. Master said if Lylah and Lilah needed more help we could make a sister, so we did.”

“Well it’s nice to meet you Lila. Sorry for being a little short right now I am just worried about Two-Twelve.”

Lila: “I understand all too well, if something would happen to Master Two-Twelve it would be the end for all of us.”

“Well at least we know he is ok, but he should have received the message and teleported back by now…”

Lilah: “Lilah will send him a message as well!”

We wait for half an hour and even send a few more messages but we still have yet to get a response or see him teleport back.

“I am really starting to get worried now. Let’s call the others home, and let’s figure out what to do next.”

We send messages to the other monsters telling them all to return home, after telling them it’s an emergency they all hurry home.

Scylla: “What’s going on Belinda…?”

“Two-Twelve and I were in the castle in Catalina and things went bad. I managed to teleport back like we planned, but it’s been almost an hour now and we have yet to hear from Two-Twelve despite sending multiple messages. I am afraid they might have done something from him.”

Sofia: “Most of us are still around, so he is at least alive, but they could have knocked him out.”

Scylla: “This is also a major diplomatic problem, have you warned the capital yet?”

“You are right. I was so worried about Two-Twelve I completely forgot.”

I withdraw the parchment to communicate with Logan from my [Shadow-Pocket] and tell him what is going on.

Logan: “This is terrible news I will have to inform father at once, and I am sorry about Two-Twelve I hope he is ok.”

I send another message. “I know he has to be alive. If I have to bring the entire castle down I am going to go back for him.”

Logan: “I know you need to believe that, but even if it is true there is no way you would be able to fight the entire Longolia army. Father will know what to do next, and I will let you know what he says.”

“Logan said they can’t do anything… We are going to have to go get him back ourselves.”

Sofia: “He is right though Belinda, there is no way we would be able to fight off the entire army.”

“Well I know where the last place I saw him was, if we are lucky he is still there, and if not we might be able to track down where they took him. If things get to tough we can teleport back.”

Lilah: “Lilah is with you, Lylah, Lila, and Lilah will do everything in their power to bring Master home.”

“I appreciate it Lilah, but what you are doing here is too important to abandon even if Two-Twelve is in danger.”

Scylla: “I will go get Kline, I am sure he would want to help.”

“I hate to ask you to be in that kind of position, but at this point I will take all the help we can get.”

Sofia: “What about Master Dyson or that Madam Erin lady. They are both pretty fond of Two-Twelve and might even come to help.”

“Madam Erin is pretty hands off with matters like this but the worst thing she can tell us is no. Dyson on the other hand might try to get him back just so he doesn’t lose Two-Twelve’s help, so it is worth a shot.”

I quickly send a message to both Madam Erin and Dyson informing them of what has happened. We then start to prepare our things, and it isn’t even a few minutes before Dyson is the first to reply back.

Dyson: “By what you said it seems the dungeon is still active so that is a good sign. Are you sure the matter is not dungeon core related?”

“We went to try to patch things up between Longolia and Gowen, and before we set out we tried looking into it as best we could and Longolia didn’t seem to be affiliated with any dungeon, so I am sure it is just humans.”

Dyson: “Being an elder I can’t risk sticking myself in between two dungeons, so until we know for sure my hands are tied. I will do my best to try to track him down and inform you as long as another dungeon isn’t concerned. Two-Twelve is also and valuable asset to me as well so as long as this stays just between us I will send you a few monsters that can’t be traced back to me. I wish you luck.”

A few minutes later Lilah quickly warns me of a group teleporting just outside the cave entrance at the mountain. We are lucky there currently isn’t a group entering or exiting the dungeon because most truly are monsters some with quite grotesque appearances.

I can see why he sent them way out there instead of in town, because even knowing that Dyson sent them I am still a little worried about transferring up to them. At this point I would do anything to get Two-Twelve back, so after my gear is squared away I transfer up the mountain to the creatures.

In person these creatures are even more unsettling they didn’t immediately attack me, so that is a plus, but I don’t see any intelligence to them so I don’t know how much help they can be.

“Do any of you understand me?”

“You must be Belinda?” –A voice calls out from behind one of the creatures, and then a girl squeezes between two of the creatures.-

The girls stature can’t be more then Katie’s, but she is however quite thin. Her face however makes her look quite mature. Even for her size she is quite attractive, but given the fact she was sent by Dyson, I guess that is to be expected. She has large green eyes that match the long green hair on her head, but if that wasn’t clue enough her ears long and pointed giving her away.

“You’re and elf!?”

Elf: “I’m and elf? Oh my god! I’m and elf!”

After a few moments of awkward silence the elf speaks again.

Elf: “Of course I’m and elf, unless of course I am an anorexic dwarf, but that wouldn’t explain the ears so yes, I am most definitely an elf.”

“So are you an elf or are you not?”

Elf: “Yes, I am most definitely and elf, because they are not elves.” –She motions to the creatures behind her.- “So that must mean I am the elf. My name is Azami, but you can call me Azami. There was a bit of a situation so our friend sent me here with my friends to help. Either that or our friend sent my friends and I here to help because there was a situation.”

“So your “friends” there will help us get Two-Twelve back?”

Azami: “Who is Two-Twelve? I am here to help Belinda rescue Two-Twelve.”

“I am Belinda… So you and your friends there are going to help me rescue Two-Twelve?”

Azami: “To help Belinda rescue Two-Twelve I must first become his boss monster is what our friend said. Either that or our friend said I need to become Two-Twelve’s boss monster to be able to rescue him with Belinda’s help.”

“Without Two-Twelve here how can he make you his boss monster?”

Azami: “Once Belinda arrives I am supposed to give her this in secret.” –She hands me a small note and a tiny jewel. – “Of course that is a secret.”

I look at the jewel and then unfold the note to read it.


Dyson’s Note:

I apologize that this is all I can do to asset, but I assure you Azami would be a great assistance even if she doesn’t seem like it. Unfortunately for her to be much help she will need to be bound to Two-Twelve’s dungeon, as sometimes an ultimate command is required to set her on task. With her level and the fact she too is a hero she will probably become Two-Twelve’s primary boss monster, but if he really is incapacitated she should still take orders from the one that binds her to the dungeon. I know xp cost is also a factor so I included an xp jewel that should cover her cost to bind her. If binding her to the dungeon is not something you are willing to do just instruct her to go home, and she will know what to do. Again I apologize this is all I can do, and I wish you luck.


I don’t know about making another monster Two-Twelve’s boss monster without permission, but if she can really help us get him back that is the most important part.

“The note says I am supposed to make you a boss monster for the dungeon, but what about the others do I have to do the same for them?”

Azami: “These guys?” –She motions to the creatures behind her. – “Of course not. You don’t bind weapons to a dungeon. Unless of course you do.”

“Weapons? Are they not monsters?”

Azami: “These guys?” –She motions yet again to the creatures. – “They are my weapons I made them with magic and mud.”

“So you are saying it’s a spell, so they are not monsters?”

Azami: “These guys?” –She motions again. – “They are made with magic and mud, so they are my weapons not monsters.”

“…Are you really capable of helping me get Two-Twelve back…?”

Azami: “Of course not, because I have to become Two-Twelve’s boss monster so I can go rescue him with Belinda.”

“Well is there anything you can do about your “Friends”? I will have to take you back to the house first to make you a boss monster, but if they are seen in town it would cause a commotion.”

Azami: “They go where ever I go, so if I am there so are they. Unless I store them with magic then they disappear until I bring them back.”

“Then can you please store them, so we can go rescue Two-Twelve?”

Azami draws a line in the air casting [Shadow-Pocket], and then the creatures begin to move taking turns crawling/slithering into the line drawn in the air until they all disappear. After the last one is gone Azami looks around confused.

Azami: “Have you seen my friends?”

“You stored them with your magic, now we are going to transfer back to the dungeon, ok?”

Azami holds out her hand, and once I take it I transfer back down to the house with the girls.

Sofia: “Who is this?”

“This is Azami, Dyson sent her to help, but I guess I am supposed to bind her to the dungeon as a boss monster first.”

Lilah: “If her cost is low enough to bind her she won’t really be much help…”

“Dyson also sent an xp jewel to cover her cost, but I don’t know how they work so can you take care of it Lilah?” –I say as I hand her the small jewel.-

Lilah looks it over closely and then says. “I am not exactly sure but I think like this.”

The jewel glows then disappears. Lilah, Lylah, and Lila all three call out in unison. “EHHH!”

“What’s the matter!?”

Lilah: “The dungeon’s xp just jumped by over half a million xp.”

Lila: “650,000 xp to be precise.”

All eyes quickly turn to Azami.

“Azami… Just how strong are you?”

Azami: “I am not strong at all, I am a mage. My level is only 35 and I have only destroyed one dungeon so in comparison to most of our friend’s monsters I am lacking a great deal.”

“Level 35 and a hero… No wonder the note said you would most likely become the primary boss monster, but even still 650,000xp…”

Lila: “A level 35 class based monster would require 302,000xp to summon. Add 2,500 for the average base sentient monster, if you multiply that by 2 for a dungeon to take it as a boss monster that would be 609,000xp, and then you add the 50,000xp for a single dungeon hero you end up with a total of 659,000xp to bind her to the dungeon.”

Azami: “I am sorry it appears our friend might of short changed you.”

“That has got to be close to the xp cost of a dragon…”

Azami: “Don’t be silly, a dragon’s base summoning cost is 1,000,000xp. That is unless you are talking about a lesser drake then that would be about right.”

“Is it really ok to bind someone like that to Two-Twelve’s dungeon?”

Azami: “That would be the reason I was sent here.”

I bring up [Menu] trying to find the way to bind her to the dungeon and sure enough it says the total cost would be 659,000xp on the dot…I am still hesitant however to hit the confirmation. I send one more desperate message to Two-Twelve, but after waiting a few minutes there still is no reply.

Azami: “I thought time was a crucial factor in rescuing Two-Twelve.”

“Yes… I’m sorry…” –I mash the confirmation with my eyes closed.-

Light engulfs the room covering Azami as her figure rises in the air. As she is placed back down on her feet she is now standing before us naked. Her hair was green before but now it is deeper and denser, her eyes now glow like a polished garnet with a brownish red color. She has also grown at least a foot but still only tall enough to come up to my shoulders. Her skin is a darkened tan that even makes me a bit jealous, but I at least can say that my breasts are still superior, I don’t think I could take another hit from another drop in rank in that department.

I quickly summon her some clothing equipping it on her as she looks over her new body.

Azami: “Very nice, our friend was correct in his assumption that I would be very pleased with the results.”

I open [Menu] to Azami’s status page.


Name: Azami                           Race: Divine Elf                                  Class:  Forest Nymph

Level: 1                                XP till next Level: 10                Favored Element: N/A

HP: 5,150                             MP: 4900

Strength: 105

Agility: 159

Endurance: 130

Magical Weapon Arts: 85

Spell Arts: 369

Spell Power: 394

Concentration: 369

Mental Defense: 254

Magical Endurance: 100


Resistances: Confusion immunity, Charm immunity, and Fear immunity.


Equipment:  [Luxurious Clothes]


Elvish Crafting (Rank Max): Elvish crafting gives the term Spell-crafting a literal use. Using magic to summon objects and craft them into a desired shape or use. Rank 1 allows the ability to craft items out of wood, Rank 2 allows the ability to craft out of standard ores, Rank 3 allows the ability to craft items from Alloys or advanced ores, Rank 4 allows the ability to craft items from Iron Wood, and at Rank 5 allows the ability to craft items from Elvish Steel.

Elemental Summoning (Rank 8): Allows the castor to summon elemental creatures from items in nature. Each rank increases the number of max allowed elementals by 1 and increases the strength of each.

Magician Training (Rank Max): Skill grants +100 bonus to Spell Power, Spell arts, Concentration, and Mental Defense.

Heroic (Rank 1):  This skill does not increase with leveling but by destroying dungeon cores. +50 bonus to all abilities, 250 hp, 250 mp

Magic Surplus (Rank 7): Skill grants 100 bonus mp per rank.

Combat Mage (Rank Max): Grants +100 bonus to Concentration, Spell Power, and Spell Arts

Empowered Magic (Rank 2): Allows the user to increases casting time of a spell to increases power. For every time the casting time is increases by 50%, the power by 100% and Magic cost by only 25%. Max of 750% power increase.

Advanced Magician Training (Rank 4): Skill grants +150 bonus to Spell Power, Spell arts, Concentration, and Mental Defense. +50 to Magical Weapon abilities, and 300 bonus to HP and Magic

Advanced Elemental Summoning (Rank 3): An advanced form of elemental summoning allows the elementals being summoned to be made from 2 types of material increasing its strength by 50% at rank 1, At rank 2 increases the quantity that can be summoned by 50%, at rank 3 increases the quantity that can be summoned by 100%

Pride of the Elves (Rank 2): A hero to the elven people grants +50 to agility and endurance, +25 to strength, spell power, spell arts, concentration, and mental defense. Your name is also well known amongst the elves and you can easily rally small groups of elves to your cause.

Advanced Combat Mage (Rank 1): Grants +25 to concentration, spell power, and spell arts, and +10 to Mental defense and Magical weapon abilities. Any magical weapon arts abilities are combined to form a single ability in which allows the use of all magic type weapons to be used under (wands, staves, battle-staves)

Gifted (Rank 4): Most creatures favor one element above all others, and are unable to cast spells from the opposing element. You however do not, thus granting you a 25 bonus to spell power and 100 additional MP.

Fount of Magic (Rank 1): Grants the ability Mental Endurance 100. This previously unrecorded ability is the base in which the amount of mp you gain per level is granted. Unlike normal abilities most skills and effects do not grant bonuses to Mental Endurance


Cool (Wind) (Cost 1mp): Summoning your mana with the power of wind you can cool items and objects up to ten feet away. This spell can be kept active by repaying its original casting cost once per second.

Sleep (Wind) (Cost) (5mp): Focusing your magic you can attempt to put a creature to sleep up to 15ft away.

Wind Blade (Wind) (5mp): Summons a force of wind like a small knife cutting objects up to 30ft away. Causes minor wind damage and minor slashing damage.

Wind Cutter (Wind) (10mp): An advanced form of wind blade that can strike up to 50ft away. Causes moderate wind and minor slashing damage.

Dual Wind Cutter (Wind) (Cost 25mp): Like wind cutter, dual wind cutter is an advanced form of wind blade, but it produces two blades that cut in a cross shape propelled from the castor up to 50ft away. Causes moderate wind and slashing damage, and can cause [Knock-back] to light or unbalanced targets.

Wind Storm (Wind) (Cost 50mp):  Fills an area with a force of wind that can cause [Knock-back], any objects caught inside are dealt major wind and slashing damage. The storm can be maintained as long as the original cost of magic is spent every 5 seconds.

Sleep Cloud (Wind) (Cost 75mp): A more advanced form of the sleep spell that fills the area with a light visible mist that causes all within to grow tired with a good chance of causing the [Sleep] status effect.

Gale (Wind) (Cost 75mp): A slightly more effective version of the wind storm spell, which allows more control allowing you to pick and choose targets within the area that are affected.

Tornado (Wind) (Cost 150mp): A massive whirlwind is formed under complete control of the castor causing massive wind and slashing damage, will likely cause the [Knock-back] status, but is also possible to cause [Airborne]

Dual Tornado (Wind) (Cost 250mp): An advanced form of Tornado that allows to control two tornados at the same time.

Soil (Earth) (Cost 1mp): summoning your mana with the power of earth you can soil items and objects up to ten feet away. This spell can be kept active by repaying its original casting cost once per second.

Stone Pillar (Earth) (Cost 5mp): A small pillar of stone can be grown from any stone, or dirt surface at a location up to 30ft away. Causes minor damage.

Stone Spike (Earth) (Cost 10mp): A small sharp pillar of stone can be grown from any stone, or dirt surface at a location up to 50ft away causing minor piercing damage.

Stone Wall (Earth) (Cost 20mp): A wall of stone can be grown from any stone, or dirt surface at a location up to 50ft away. Causing no damage itself, it has a hp equal to the casters spell arts ability x10. The wall will last 10 seconds, but can be maintained without additional casting for 5 mp per 10 second period.

Piercing Stone (Earth) (Cost 50mp): An advanced form of stone spike that consists of a sharp pillar of stone can be grown from any stone, or dirt surface at a location up to 50ft away that causes moderate piercing damage.

Reinforced Wall (Earth) (Cost 75mp): A advanced for of stone wall that causes a reinforced wall to be grown from any stone, dirt, or metal surface at a location up to 50ft away. Causing no damage itself, it has a hp equal to the casters spell arts ability x25. The wall will last 10 seconds, but can be maintained without additional casting for 50 mp per 10 second period.

Summon Boulder (Earth) (Cost 150mp): Focusing your magic you can summon a large boulder that can be hurled up to 50ft away causing major crushing damage. After the boulder lands it functions like a reinforced wall.

Earthquake (Earth) (Cost 250mp): the ground begins to tremble beneath your feet causing cracks and fissure to form causing the [Stun], [Knock-back] statuses and shards of cracked stone cause massive slashing damage to those the castor targets.

Shadow Pocket (Shadow) (Cost 1mp*): A spell used to store items in shadow. The spell cost is determined by the space created and although the spell can be maintained indefinitely without additional cost, mp used to cast the spell can’t be recovered until the spell is released.
* The cost is 1mp/1 cubic ft. of space created.


I am completely taken aback by her massive spell power, and the sheer number of her skills and spells, but that is when I notice a collection of screens surrounding her status page, 16 of them to be exact each saying the same thing.

Mud and Iron Wood Elemental

Lvl: 16

Hp 1920

Strength: 120
Agility: 120
Endurance: 120

“This is quite impressive, but we don’t have time right now to worry about it. First thing is first are you prepared to help me rescue Two-Twelve?”

Scylla: “I told Kline what was going on and he is back at our place getting ready. Let me go grab him real quick and we will be set.”

Azami: “I have neither robe nor staff, but my weapon is my friends, so I should be fine. Either that or my friends are my weapons so I have no need for a robe nor staff.”

Zoey: “Isn’t that the same thing…?”

“Don’t look too much into it. That just seems to be the way she talks.”

Lilah: “Even without master being here we still get the broken one!”

Scylla quickly leaves the house returning a few short minutes later with Kline.

Kline: “Scylla told me what was going on, I don’t know how much help I can be on my own, but I will do my best.”

Azami: “This one is not from the dungeon but he is still an ally yes?”

Kline: “Who is this, and what does she mean not from the dungeon.”

“Well never mind that for now, we have to find Two-Twelve before something happens to him.”

We all quickly gather together and leaving only Lilah, Lylah, and Lila behind the rest of us teleport. It proves quite difficult to move us all at once, but we all seem to make it in one piece as we arrive in the waiting room Two-Twelve and I were at in the castle.

There are two dismembered guards on the floor on either side of the door, but other than one overturned chair everything else looks just the way it was when I left.

“Well he isn’t here anymore. These guards appear to be from the castle, but their wounds don’t look like anything Two-Twelve might of cast. Just what is going on here?”

Kline: “There seems to be quite an uproar in the hallway, but I don’t hear the sound of combat.”

“Ok Azami, we will let your friends go first and then we will begin our search.”

Kline: “Her friends?”

Kline however is quickly taken aback as Azami draws a line in the air casting [Shadow-pocket] and the grotesque wood and mud made elementals seemingly begin to pour out of the opening. Once the creatures begin to filter out of the room screams and the sounds of combat can be heard.

“Alright we don’t have much time we have to find Two-Twelve quickly.”

Readying our weapons we all then follow the elementals out into the corridors of the castle.



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