Brand New Chapter!

Yay, I finally posted the first new chapter since my hiatus, some of you have been keeping up with the version 2 of the chapters as I have begun to repost, but just know now I should be trying to return to my monday, wednesday, and friday with new chapters.

The Inari side chapters I am not sure if they are going to be in place of a new chapter or be just extras in the past they were worked into the base novel so only in the revised did I seperate them into their own. I also have a few small extras that I have stored up they I plan to work in eventually.

I can’t stress enough that I would like to hear comments I don’t know if I am doing to a good job or making you guys and/or gals go WTF is this dude thinking. Also I have the chapter notes in their own section, but I have considered adding them to the bottem of the chapter or maybe as a comment on the page, if you guys think that format would be better let me know.

As for the chapter it self it was orignially 93, but after combining several of the beginning chapters that were so short together this this is were we are at. I honestly can say I had hell with this chapter and even for taking me 3 entire months to complete it is still very short.

For the longest time I had the entire wedding as just [Insert badass description here]. In the end I said the hell with it made it short and sweet, and even though I am not hapy with it it should at least let me finally move on.

As always thanks for reading.



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