Chapter 66: Dungeon #135

I can’t believe Two-Twelve gave me an engagement ring… I thought the whole thing was beyond him. I love him, but I thought I was going to remain un-married until either my father stepped in or I forced him to go through with it.

Then again he didn’t give a time-frame… Maybe I am just overthinking it. I had to stop myself from sending a message to the capital or it would have caused quite the big fuss already. I don’t want to even risk telling Amy.

I also made sure Scylla doesn’t tell Kline about it just in case. At least I have the girls to talk to about it. They seem happy for me, but don’t seem to think it is quite of a big deal as I do.

We follow a road west though Gowen for a week until we reach one of the other towns of the Gowen Kingdom called Lancaster. We tried to hide who I am when we entered, but with the type of equipment we have, it doesn’t take long for them to discover my identity…

Townsperson: “Are you here because of the new dungeon?”

Townsperson 2: “Are you going to do the same for us as you did in Tobes?”

“Wait… New dungeon what are you talking about?”

Townsperson: “We sent a message to the capital, we thought you arriving here was their response…”

“I am sorry, but I was just passing through town.”

Townsperson: “We are all so scared, it has been sending out its monsters to the town.”

“A new dungeon is attacking the town?”

Townsperson 2: “Well…No it isn’t attacking… But there have been a lot of strange sightings… It has to be the dungeon.”

“Well I am sorry, I have pressing matters to attend to elsewhere, so if it’s not actually attacking… You said word was sent to the capital, was it by letter, or did you use a communication parchment?”

Townsperson: “The mayor sent out an official letter a few weeks ago.”

“Well I can use a communication parchment and tell them what is going on, but I really can’t stay…”

Townsperson: “You should really speak with the mayor then.”


We really need to get on the road, but these are Gowen residents, I can’t just ignore them. I decide I need to at least meet with the mayor. The townsperson leads us through town arriving at the mayor’s place.

It looks much like the old one in Tobes with a small house attached to a small office.

Townsperson: “Miss Mayor! The 3rd princess is here herself!”

Scratchy woman’s voice: “I am in a meeting! Wait… Did you say princess? Don’t make her stand out in the cold let her in!”

The townsperson escorts me inside, but the building is rather small so I ask the others to wait outside. Once I enter I see an older woman quickly get to her feet from behind a small desk and bows to me. She appeared to be talking with someone in a large armchair across from her but from the back I can’t see anyone in it.

“I am sorry to interrupt, I heard about the new dungeon while I was passing through town to attend to some business in Calhoun, and some of the townspeople asked if I would speak with you.”

A young girl’s voice speaks from the armchair “That is quite alright. I believe our conversation has come to an end anyway. Now just remember what I said.”

After that I see a little girl that can’t be more than 10 years old step out from the chair. Even for her age she is rather short and she has quite the doll like appearance. Her eyes however are rather unsettling her pupils are so large and dark that it almost appears that her eyes are solid black.

Her outfit is very cute and frilly, something I would love to get Lilah to wear but she always refuses flatly. It even has a matching bonnet. She walks over to me and appears to be sizing me up.

Girl: “This is the kingdom’s 3rd princess? What did they not have any boys to play adventurer?”

The old lady seems to get a little upset hitting a cane she is using on the floor. “Gowen is a wonderful kingdom. I don’t care where you say you are from, but I ask you treat Princess Belinda with the respect she deserves.”

Girl: “I see. This is Two-Twelve’s pet… Does he make you call him daddy as well?”

“Who are you…?”

The girl stars hard into my eyes for a few moments, then looks somewhat surprised but she shrugs it off. “I am Dungeon Core #514 Ferox Marionette, but if you must, just call me Marion”

I quickly look to the mayor but she is still staring straight ahead with her angry expression with both of her hands on her cane.

“What is going on here?!”

Marion seems no longer interested in talking anymore and simply walks out the door. A few seconds later the mayor lets out a sigh.

Mayor: “Oh she is gone? She does that a lot… Please forgive the rudeness Princess. Marion only recently arrived in Gowen and has been though quite a lot for someone of her age.”

“What do you know of her?”

Mayor: “She is from up north, I am not quite sure where, but apparently her father was a duke and after a rebellion Marion’s mother and father were killed. She had traveled months on foot just to arrive here because her father once told her of an uncle that lived here. However as you know Duke Lancaster has been dead for some time.”

“She claims to be Duke Lancaster’s niece?”

Mayor: “She indeed is, I had completely forgotten, but after Marion arrived I remembered the Duke once talking about his brother up north and Marion had all the correct documentation. Poor girl after all that to find out her uncle has passed and his home has become a dungeon not even a few weeks before her arrival.”

“You’re saying the new dungeon the townspeople were talking about is the old Lancaster mansion?”

Mayor: “That’s right. There have been all manner of foul spirits seen in the last few weeks in the old mansion. Several have even been sighted in town, but so far there doesn’t seem to be any incidents of any kind of attacks.”

“Have no adventurer’s investigated?”

Mayor: “We are quite a ways from any dungeons, so we have few adventurers, but Miss Marion is the Duke’s only living kin so the mansion is now hers, and so far she is hesitant in letting any adventurers inside because she is afraid they may damage the only home she has left.”

“Well unfortunately I am just passing through on my way to Calhoun, but I will use some communication parchment to inform the capital further about the situation. With that maybe you can see a bit quicker response.”

Mayor: “Of course, I wouldn’t want to impede your travels, and I appreciate the assistance.”

“Of course it is the least I can do for the people of Gowen.”

Mayor: “If you will excuse the ramblings of an old woman. I got the chance to meet your young man at the town meetings in the capital last spring. He seems like a very intelligent young man, and I am glad someone with such a tragic background has managed to set an example for others like him. I hope you both find happiness together.”

I can’t help to blush a little bit and I fiddle with the ring around my finger. “Thank you I will be sure to let him know to keep up the good work. Unfortunately it may be a while before I can see him again, but we should be able to say in contact with the communication parchment.”

Mayor: “Some advice from an old woman. Don’t let the small things between you bother you. Once you get my age you only remember the fond memories and wish you took more opportunities to make them.”

“Thanks, I will remember that.”

After a few more pleasantries I show her the communication parchment, and I send a message with it to Logan to tell him the situation that is going on here in Lancaster. After leaving the mayor’s office I also send a message to Two-Twelve asking about this dungeon core #514.

Apparently he doesn’t know much except the fact that she was one of the new cores that lived through the test this year. He didn’t even know that she had chosen to make her dungeon this close. I also tell him I am a little worried about the ability she seemed to have over the mayor.

He doesn’t seem know anything about it, but that isn’t surprising that is sort of the thing I usually have to learn from Scylla or Sofia. After I ask them they don’t know of anything either, but Sofia thinks it might be some kind of charm spell after telling her about Marion’s seemingly surprised expression after making eye contact with me.

After being delayed we decide to rest in Lancaster for the night and set out again the next morning. We then hit the road north out of town heading towards the Gowen border, and after a few more days we reach an outpost on the road separating Gowen from Calhoun.

Relations with Gowen and Calhoun are pretty good so we have no trouble crossing the border, and we don’t even have to use the letter from the king to do it. After crossing we don’t slow down till we hit a Calhoun town that is only a day away from the dungeon.

The only thing in the adventurer’s guild about the dungeon is warning to stay away… Before I left Two-Twelve made sure I read the information about the dungeon in his book until I had it memorized.

The dungeon core seems to be of a shadow favored element using poison type traps and all the monsters mentioned seem to be different types of wolves. There is also rumor of a poison in the dungeon that isn’t curable by medicine or light healing magic, but water healing magic is able to cure it, so we should be ok as long as we keep Scylla safe.

Since there are no commissions we can take we rest up in the town and then continue our trip until we finally reach the dungeon. We set up camp outside the dungeon deciding to wait till morning till heading in.

The dungeon is 35 floors deep with just over 400 rooms, so we won’t be able to head back out of the dungeon each day so the dungeon core is going to be able to know our power level as we are going to have to sleep in the dungeon.

We have already made it clear that we are not to talk about destroying the dungeon since before we even entered the town as not to tip off the dungeon core. As far as she is going to know we are just here to train.

We are even going to try to not let her know we are from another dungeon, but I don’t know if that is something we are going to be able to keep from her for long. I am still not 100% sure we should be doing this, but even the people in the town said this dungeon is a danger to the people, even if it isn’t sending monsters out at the moment.

Katie, Scylla, and I take the first watch while the others head to bed. I send a message to Two-Twelve but I try not to make it obvious I am using [Menu]. He gives me an update on the dungeon, so far it doesn’t seem to have changed except for the xp amount the dungeon has.

No adventurers are entering the dungeon and yet the dungeon has a higher xp count then the last time. Two-Twelve told me so she must be getting xp somehow, so we need to be careful,. After talking to Two-Twelve for a while, he heads to bed so I talk with Scylla and Katie till are watch is up. After that Roxy and Zoey relieve me, so I head to bed myself.

The next morning after breakfast we pack our things up and enter the dungeon.

“Alright everyone, be careful we don’t know what to expect to take your time and play it safe.”

From the entrance of the dungeon there is a long tunnel down similar in the way Two-Twelve’s dungeon starts. Roxy, Sofia, and I all have the dungeon expert skill so we should be able to find any traps or hidden monsters as we go.

We progress deeper in the dungeon with Roxy and Sofia up front, me, Katie, and Bell, in the middle, and Scylla and Zoey in the back. As I start to sense something ahead we can begin to hear growling. We proceed on guard finding a large group of about 10 wolves at the end of the tunnel.

As we swiftly deal with the wolves I can’t help feel nostalgic… The first creature I ever fought for a commission was wolves and they managed to take a good size bite out of me. Even Scylla and Zoey’s first battle included wolves. We have come so far…

I don’t know how many wolves we have killed today, but if things continue this way the dungeon is only supposed to have a little over 2000 monsters, so the dungeon will be out of monsters by the 10th floor. I am sure most of these wolves are rift monsters so they will respawn, but we still try to clear each room before moving on just to gather as much xp as possible.

The entire dungeon so far has been made of natural materials so it’s hard to tell where one room starts and another ends, but after a full day of just killing normal wolves I still think we are only on the first floor.

Once it starts getting late we try to find a room that is easily defendable, but it proves to be a bit harder than we thought and we have to go through at least a couple dozen more wolves before finding one.

“I haven’t been in to many dungeons, but the Ancient Kobold Stronghold, Leona Ruins, and The Tower of the Gods, were all quite different. Are dungeons like this normal?”

Sofia: “Something seems off about the wolves, and we haven’t ran into any traps yet which is a bit worrying, but dungeons come in all shapes and sizes so caverns like this are actually pretty common.”

Scylla: “I would probably even say dungeons like the ones you mentioned are the uncommon ones, it’s just a pretty big coincidence that there are three like that close to each other.”

“How much bigger do you think this floor is? I am not used to them being this large…”

Sofia seems to fumble a bit then says. “Caverns are just like that, and sometimes they are just a single one going on and on.”

I however get a message from her. (We appear to be on the third floor already, but it might give away that we are part of a dungeon if I said it out loud.)

“I see…”

We talk for a while, after setting up camp in the dungeon and it is kind of weird trying to be careful what we say. The girls don’t even use my name just to be on the safe side calling me everything from miss to master. I don’t see how Two-Twelve keeps it straight with each girl calling him by different things…

When Scylla, Katie, and I are about to finish out the first watch I begin to sense a lot of creatures. Roxy and Sofia seem to sense it as well because Roxy pokes her head out of her tent, and Sofia comes charging from her tent wearing nothing but a pair of panties and an undershirt but she at least has her sword and shield…

“What is it?”

We wait almost breathlessly as we can feel something move closer. Roxy quickly tries to wake Zoey while, Bell has already appeared from their tent as well wearing her pajamas.

Sofia: “Here one comes!”

We quickly prepare for battle when suddenly though the opening of the tunnel comes a small bunny hopping into the room.

Everyone: “…”

“What’s going on…?”

Sofia: “The dungeon must spawn rabbits to feed the wolves.”


Before I say anything else I receive a message from Sofia. (I thought there was something weird with the wolves. Not all of them must have been bound to the dungeon, so she must be breeding them and the rabbits are the food for the wolves not bound to the dungeon.)

“This is going to make things quite a bit more difficult, I can’t tell the difference between the rabbit and the wolves with my skill…”

Sofia: “We are going to have to just be far more careful.”

Roxy: “Alright Zoey, it’s our turn. I can’t tell the difference either so we are going to have to watch more carefully.”

“I can stay up a bit longer if you want some help…”

Roxy: “That’s alright. You get your rest now.”

Sofia and Bell go back to bed, and Katie, Scylla, and I then prepare for bed while Roxy and Zoey take watch. I however have quite a bit of trouble getting to sleep when it feels like we are surrounded…

There however doesn’t seem to be any problems because it isn’t till morning that Bell wakes me up, and after a small bit of breakfast we start after it again.

After a week and a half we have continued to progress deeper in to the dungeon. The wolves progressively get more aggressive and larger the further we go until they switch from normal wolves to dire wolves.

The first appearing on what Sofia says is the 10th floor and it also marks the point when traps begin to appear. I guess the monsters from here on out are strictly dungeon monsters. It makes me feel a bit better however because without the rabbits showing up in the middle of the night I am able to rest a bit easier.

We have progressed 1/3 of the way into the dungeon, but it has now been a month since we left Tobes. We only have 4 more months to complete this dungeon. Although with over 2 weeks being traveling time we are making good progress, but the dungeon is only going to get harder.

So far the dire wolves have proved pretty manageable, but we have to actually focus on combat to prevent injury. Even after the week and a half though only Roxy has managed to gain a level, however it proved to increase her abilities by quite a bit.

Even though Two-Twelve’s boss monsters don’t learn new skills or spells at levels 5, 10, 15, and so forth apparently our skills still gain levels at that time. I was already past 15 when Two-Twelve give us both our extra skills, but Roxy was only level 14 so even her new skills gained a level making them better than mine.

It is strange magic was always my weakness, yet that is the only thing she hasn’t surpassed me in yet… I also see what Sofia was saying because she has started to surpass her as well, and Roxy is still quite a few levels behind her.

…30 days… It’s been 30 days since we last saw daylight. We have been stuck on the 28th floor for the last 3 days. The dire wolves gave way to wargs and now we are doing everything we can just to move from one room to the next having to take long breaks in-between.

The truth is the only reason I know we have been here for 30 days is Two-Twelve told me when he messaged me earlier. It feels like it has been far longer.

We have also begun to lose a since of time as we got so off track that when I receive a message from Two-Twelve saying he was going to bed, we all thought it was just before noon not almost midnight…

Logan seems rather proud of me for taking on this task, and often sends me messages to check my progress. He often gives me advice, as he has had to spend long periods of time inside a dungeon 3 times now.

I am still hoping we are done before we hit two months but if these wargs aren’t the toughest thing in the dungeon we might be in trouble.

I am sure the dungeon knows we belong to another dungeon now, because we even ran out of food over a week ago, but we made the decision to keep pressing forward instead of leaving and risk taking too much time to get back.

Even after all this time only Bell and I have managed to gain another level. We spent far less time in Madam Erin’s dungeon and seemed to be gaining far more xp. These wolves and wargs must be horrible sources of xp for their difficulty.

It has now been over 2 months since I last laid my eyes on Two-Twelve. I keep staring at the engagement ring he gave me before we left… I know I love him, but I am starting to forget things about him… Like I can’t remember what color his eyes are. I didn’t even realize it was my birthday until I received a message from Two-Twelve.

I don’t know if it is the time we have been gone, being trapped underground like this, or this blasted poison fog that we have been dealing with since we reached the 30th floor. Scylla has had to bow out of the fights to conserve all her magic on keeping this poison fog from causing us too much harm.

It doesn’t seem to be outright hurting us, but it seems to be sapping our strength. Luckily as long as Scylla casts a healing spell on us at least once every few hours the effects aren’t too bad.

The amount of xp we are acquiring has seemed to pick up as in this last two weeks everyone except Katie has managed to gain a level. With Roxy’s last level I received a message saying that I am now a secondary boss monster, which caused Roxy to panic asking what she did, but I told her it was alright.

It takes us a week for each floor going forward until we only have two floors remaining. We still have 5 weeks until we run out of time and according to Two-Twelve the number of monsters are now under 1000 in the Dungeon Core Information. Most of them should be the rifts behind us, so we should not have many monsters left.

The poison fog is really beginning to take a toll on the girls especially Zoey, she seems to be taking it the hardest. I don’t know if she is going to be able to continue fighting much longer under the strain of it. Luckily the last time her and Scylla leveled Scylla learned a new water healing spell that seems to be helping quite a bit.

Roxy also managed to gain another level pulling even further ahead of me. I am happy for her getting stronger, but I do fill a little jealousy as I should be Two-Twelve’s primary boss monster…

The Wargs on the 34th floor prove to be very frustrating, they look quite a bit stronger than the ones we fought on the lower floor and they almost seem sentient. It seems like we will never clear the 34th floor as the wargs seem to respawn as fast as we can kill them. They are even crossing rooms so we have even had several attacks occur at night.

Before getting a healing spell from Scylla, Zoey weakened by the poison nearly loses her life and gave a great scare to Roxy and me. It took hours of Roxy crying after the battle before she was able to let Zoey go long enough for us to resume movement through the dungeon.

Bell still gets in a random hit here and there, but for the most part Scylla, Zoey, and Bell have just become spectators as even Katie and Sofia begin to struggle while Roxy and I push forward. Luckily we know we are making progress because Two-Twelve has let me know nightly how much the dungeon’s xp has dropped and when it hits under 500xp we finally pass the 34th floor, but it took us two more weeks.

That leaves us with 3 weeks for the last floor, but that is cutting it closer then we wanted to. After 1 more week of fighting wargs we find a door at what appears to be the back of the cave.

“This must finally be it…”

Sofia: “It is a bit early but I say we rest here for at least one more night.”

Roxy: “I am still worried about the effects of this fog are having on Zoey.”

Zoey: “I am fine.”

“The truth of the matter is we still haven’t seen the boss monster either, so it won’t hurt to make sure we are at 100% before entering.”

Zoey: “We are running out of time though, what if there is another 2 weeks’ worth of dungeon on the other side of that door.”

“I don’t think there is… The warg were much lighter on this floor I don’t think there can be much more left.”

That night Roxy wakes a bit early before her watch to have a talk with me.

Roxy: “I am really worried about Zoey… Even after Scylla casts her healing spells Zoey is still not recovering completely. I am worried that the effect may be permanent.”

“I have noticed Bell and Scylla are having a hard time as well, and even Sofia and Katie seem to be effected. We won’t know anything though until we finally clear this fog though.”

Roxy: “What do we do if they don’t recover?”

“Well they don’t seem to be worried about it, and a dungeon monster can even regrow a limb without healing magic, so I am sure after we get out of here even if it takes a while they should eventually make a full recovery.”

Roxy: “I just hope Zoey can hold on that long…”

The next morning Zoey is barely able to move before Scylla casts a healing spell on her, I am afraid if we don’t end this and soon we are going to have to retreat just so we don’t lose anyone to the poison fog.

Once we are geared up we pass through the door carefully finding a large well-furnished room. Out of a large relief the poison fog has also ceased. Being so far underground I don’t know if you can say its fresh air, but at least it’s not poison so we find ourselves taking deep breaths.

We keep up our guard but Roxy helps Zoey over to a couch having her lay down on it. Roxy then says. “I don’t understand. This seems like living quarters did we pass the crystal room somewhere?”

Sofia: “I don’t think so…” –She says while investigating the room more carefully.-

“I don’t see any other doors though.”

Sofia stops in front of a large armoire, and after staring at it for a few seconds she shoves it to the side revealing another door. Without the poison filling our lungs the girls are actually beginning to recover, so we let them rest for an hour before we decide to move on.

When we open the door that was behind the armoire, we can instantly sense the strong presence of something in the next room, and as it begins to growl the entire room seems to rumble at the sound.

We enter the room with our weapons ready. The room is rather small but seems even smaller with over half of it filled with a giant warg. The warg doesn’t attack as it appears to be guarding something behind it. Instead it just snarls and growls at us.

“This may be it everyone, be careful!”

Using a fully powered [Exploding Fireball] that is boosted by my [Empowered Magic] skill stored in my spear with my [Divine Spear] skill combined with the charged spear technique it only boosts the strength of the spell even more aiming straight at the jaw of the giant warg.

The resulting explosion when my spear hits the warg is so strong it pushes the massive creature back against the wall leaving the rest of us with ringing ears and watery eyes. It does seem to cause a deal of damage to the warg, but not as much as I would have liked as that was the strongest attack I can muster.

The warg lunges back at me swiping at me with its massive paw. The paw is so large it takes Roxy, and Sofia both to block the blow. They manage to push it back between the both of them but it takes everything they have.

Katie likewise uses her strongest technique slamming her maul into the chest of the warg causing the entire room to shake. Scylla summons a stone wall next to the warg trying to further reduce its ability to move. While Zoey uses her strongest technique shooting a fiery arrow hitting the warg in the shoulder.

Bell seems a bit hesitant but she dives into the fray as well using her flurry of blows technique causing no damage in the beginning, but as the attack begins to build it seems to start to cause a little bit of damage.

I use my technique again, but without the charged spell it causes considerably less damage. The warg kicks with one of its back legs landing a blow against Bell sending her across the room crashing into the wall.

The warg then reaches down with its massive jaws trying to pin me to the ground. Sofia and Roxy are using all their effort to hold back its front paw, so I am forced to dodge out of the way. Katie doesn’t let the chance pass her by now she can hit it upside the head with her maul.

Another earthshaking blow hits the warg’s head this time seems to leave it a bit dazed. It quickly shakes its head back and forth catching Katie with its snout throwing her across the room as well. Scylla has switched over to healing spells starting on Bell who seems to be having trouble getting off the floor.

Zoey quickly fires off several arrows but even though they seem to pierce the warg’s hide I can’t tell if they are doing any actual damage to it. I can’t tell how hurt Bell is, but even though she is having trouble standing it doesn’t look like she is in life threatening danger.

Katie on the other hand looks like her armor took the brunt of the damage as she is already charging back across the room with her maul.

Roxy and Sofia nod to each other quickly fall back, and both then they each take a side of the warg’s head hitting it with their strongest attacks. The deafening sound of their attacks seems to cause a great amount of damage to the warg. Now unhindered by Sofia and Roxy, the warg now lunges forward again.

Roxy and Sofia manage to stop its paw again, but it manages to grab me in its teeth lifting me from the ground shaking its head back and forth. I can feel its hot breath, and the pressure of its jaws as it crunches down on me.

Although the pain is quite intense I would imagine if I was still in steel armor it would have crushed me instantly. I can hear the girls calling out to me, but I can’t make out what they are saying with the loud sounds of the warg’s teeth on my armor ringing in my ears.

Sofia and Roxy appear to have given up on defense again, and begin hitting the warg with all they got. I can’t move well, but my unique position leaves me in an opportune spot to swing my halberd around, charging my spear technique again I shove it into the warg’s eye.

I don’t quite know the extent of the damage caused by my attack as I am quickly thrown across the room out of the warg’s mouth, but there is the sound of the explosion and the yelp from the warg.

My ears are still ringing from the sound of the warg crunching down on me, and I am still about dazed, but I can feel the pain in my body begin to alleviate so someone must be casting a healing spell on me. I start to regain my bearings, and I look around the room.

The warg is collapsed on the floor with half of its head missing. I guess the explosion being tightly confined inside its eye socket was enough to cause half of its head to explode.

Sofia: “Are you ok Belinda?”

“I think so… Do you see the crystal?”

Across the room is a black glass like stone growing from the wall, and it’s only a bit larger than Two-Twelve’s diamond. We return to being on guard as I walk forward towards the crystal. When I begin to get close a creature appears in front of me.

I can tell it was transferred in and didn’t come from the crystal. The first thing that comes to mind when I see it is a lycanthrope, but I always thought it was some misguided legend made to make wolf beastkin look bad.

It appears to be female and even is wearing a rather well made set of clothes, but they are in good condition so they appear to be made to fit this large wolf like form.

Lycanthrope: “Stop this now!”

“You can talk?”

Lycanthrope: “I will warn you. If you harm me the elders will bring their wrath on you and your dungeon.”

“You mean you are Serena?”

Serena: “So you know who I am, then you know I have been given an important task from the elders. If you don’t want them to retaliate against your dungeon you will leave right now!”

Sofia: “The elders don’t work that way.”

Serena: “They never had my special poison before either.”

“You plan to release it outside your dungeon.”

Serena: “Not just outside the dungeon, but over the entire continent.”

“That is insane. Even if it was possible, do you know how many humans it would kill?”

Serena: “That’s the plan. We figured it would be an 80 percent mortality rate. Without the humans we won’t have to live in hiding in our dungeons any longer.”

Sofia: “If you kill the humans how do you expect to acquire xp to survive?”

Serena: “Fredrick is an elder and no human has even discovered his dungeon. It’s easily possible.”

“Even if the elders agreed with this plan I simply refuse to.”

Two-Twelve told me if I get a chance to talk to Serena make sure she actually proved a threat to humans, but if what she is saying is true she poses far more than of a threat then we even could imagine. I no longer have any hesitation as I point my halberd at Serena.

The girls seem hesitant but after I start to battle with Serena they quickly move in to assist. Serena is a level 20 dungeon core, but between all of us she doesn’t stand a chance. After finally piercing her heart with my halberd the black stone against the wall shatters and the room begins to shake.

After Serena falls I feel a rush of power flow into me as the shards of the broken crystal fly into my body without leaving a wound, and I receive a message about becoming primary monster again. The girls seem to have a lot of questions, but now isn’t the time as pieces of the walls begin to crumble and fall. We begin retreating back though the dungeon.

Now that the dungeon is dead the poison fog, and all the monsters have vanished leaving the trek back though the dungeon much quicker. Even at a quickened pace however it still takes us the rest of the day and most of the night till we finally exit the dungeon.

Once we are finally safe outside the dungeon we begin setting up camp, and the girls finally start asking me what is going on. Now that is over I tell them about everything. I then see a message I received from Two-Twelve asking me if everyone is ok, so I reply to him and decide to get a few hours of sleep before we begin our trip home.



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