Chapter 62: Inari’s Evaluation

I wake up the next morning with Inari pushing me from the bed again… I don’t know why but for some reason I feel like I am going to miss that when she is gone. I think she has pushed the mommy and daddy thing so hard even I have started to accept it…

I see that I have received a message about the evaluation that is supposed to take place in less than an hour, so I quickly try to wake Inari up. It takes me a few minutes and it wakes Belinda up in the process but I finally manage to get Inari out of bed.

Belinda: “It’s your big day baby, are you ready?”

Inari: “But if I do a good job that means I won’t see Mommy and Daddy for a long time.”

Belinda: “Well now that you have access to your [Menu] you can talk to us any time, no matter how far apart we are. Besides you need to show them elders how much work you ad Daddy put forth this month.”

Inari nods.

Belinda: “Two-Twelve why don’t you go wait outside, I am going to get her ready, but before you go though I am going to need 500xp.”

“500xp? What for?”

Belinda: “We can’t have our daughter meet the elders without looking her best. It’s not a problem is it?”

“500xp for clothes seems a lot, but I guess for a one-time thing it will be alright…”

After I set it up Belinda gives me a kiss and then pushes me out of the door. I wait till almost right on the mark of the time we are supposed to set out before the door to the bedroom opens back up.

Inari looks really nice, but I honestly don’t see a reason for this set of robes costing so much more than her normal ones, but it does look to be made of a very luxurious material. Her hair has also been tied up with what I could only describe as some kind of headdress.

“Alright, Inari you look great, but we are running a little behind now, so wait downstairs and I will be there in a second.”

Inari hugs Belinda really tightly and says. “I love you Mommy, take care of Daddy for me ok?” Belinda then hugs her back and nods. Inari then heads downstairs.

“They said something about some kind of competition or something so I don’t know quite how long this will take, but I will be home as soon as possible.”

Belinda: “I know she isn’t really our daughter, but she is still quite young, and has been our responsibility since she was born, so… Just take care of her ok Two-Twelve?”

I nod and give Belinda a kiss. I then head downstairs to meet up with Inari who is giving Takeshi a hug.

Inari: “I don’t know if it will work out, but I hope I will get to see you soon Takeshi…”

After Inari lets go of Takeshi he takes a knee. “I don’t care if I have to swim across the ocean, I promise I will be there to protect you Miss Inari.”

She ruffles his hair as he kneels saying. “I really wish you would at least just call me Inari.”

Takeshi: “…”

I pat Takeshi on the shoulder as I pass. “I will do what I can.” Inari and I then head down to the entryway just in time to hear a knock at the door. When I open it, surprisingly it is Madam Erin who has come to collect us.

“I am rather surprised to see you being the one to come get us.”

Madam Erin: “Well I wanted to personally see the competition before we get to the evaluation. I heard you went through quite a few unorthodox methods for her training, but no matter how I tried, I couldn’t get Dyson to spill any more details.”

“Well I am confident that she will surpass everyone’s expectations, and I will win our little bet.”

Madam Erin: “You seem pretty confident, even with limiting her training to only 2 weeks instead of the normal 4. It didn’t seem to instill enough confidence into Dyson for him to join in on our bet as well so we will see.”

Inari: “Daddy’s training is the best! I will show you!”

Madam Erin: “Daddy?” –She says with a sly smile. – “Isn’t that cute. Well shall we pups?”

We head out of Tobes heading up towards the dungeon till we find a large stone and Madam Erin begins to draw the doorway on it. Before she is done however a group of adventurers can be seen making their way to us.

Adventurer: “Mister Mayor, what are you doing up here in the mountains?”

“I have some business to attend to out of town, and Madam Erin here was going to use some magic to make the trip a bit quicker.”

Adventurer: “Is Miss Inari going with you as well?”

“Yes she has managed to get on her feet, and felt it’s time to move on so she is going along for the ride.”

Adventurer: “I am sorry to hear that… I hoped she would stick around like some of the others you have helped out.”

Inari: “Well Daddy helped me so much, but I need to go out into the world and prove myself.”

Adventurer: “I understand. Is Takeshi not going with you? I thought he would never leave your side.”

Inari looks kind of sad as she says. “He has something to take care of first, but he is going to try to catch up with me later.”

Madam Erin: “Excuse me, but we are quite pressed for time.”

“Sorry… You guys heading up to the dungeon? We’ll be careful up there.”

The adventurers nod and watch us as we disappear though the portal.

Madam Erin: “I see you have managed to make quite the impact among the humans, no wonder Dyson has so much interest in you. They weren’t even surprised by me or the teleportation magic.”

“Well they are starting to get used to that sort of thing. I have found humans to be very adaptable…”

We head though the hallways reaching the waiting room. Madam Erin asks Inari to wait inside while she leads me to the evaluation room. Once we enter I find we are the last to arrive. Madam Erin takes her place among the elders and I move over to stand behind one of the ten chairs before the podium like the other 7 I met at Dyson’s dungeon.

Draco: “Welcome. You were all chosen by Dyson to host new dungeon cores this year, and I have heard quite a few rumors about unorthodox training methods.”

Faron: “That being said, we expected as much when we turned the responsibilities of training the new cores over to Dyson.”

Madam Erin: “However we decided to not just take his word that his way of training new cores is better, so we decide to have a bit of a competition pitting the training cores against a dungeon that all of the elders built together.”

Fredrick: “We are going to separate the 10 training cores into 3 groups, and only 2 groups will be allowed to start their own dungeons the one remaining group will fail.”

Lucille: “If both of Dyson’s groups are the winning groups he wins, but if the elder’s group beats either of the other two groups it will be our win.”

Dyson: “As such I have been allowed to group you how I see fit, and the others were quite curious about how I wanted to separate you so let’s get started.”

Draco: “Iakovos, Duke Bozhidar, Archbishop Hayden, Tom, and Duke Dionysus, your 5 training cores will make up group 1.”

Faron: “The elder’s group will be group two.”

Madam Erin: “Sierra and Two-Twelve’s cores will finish out with group 3.”

After that Lucille stands walking out the door and returns with the 10 training cores, each taking a seat in front of us.

Duke Dionysus’s training core is an ugly skinny man he appears to be some kind of mouse or rat beastkin with beady eyes, a crooked smile. His entire being just screams villain, but after what I have heard of Duke Dionysus he seems to match with him quite well.

Next is a young woman sitting in front of Sierra with short blond hair, wearing chainmail. Her appearance is rather average, but the look in her eye shows determination.

In front of Iakovos is another beastkin this one appears to be some kind of dog, but doesn’t have a fluffy tail like Zoey. He appears to be some kind of hunting dog with sleek black hair, ears, and tail.

Next up is Inari who standing in front of them, then on the other side is another young human woman who is quite young and beautiful with long blond hair taking the seat in front of Duke Bozhidar

The man in front of Archbishop Hayden, at least I think it’s a man. He looks somewhat like some kind of furry beast with dog like features that is quite disturbing to look at like some kind of were-creature.

However the most disturbing of the group is in front of the dungeon core Tom. She appears to be a child like Tom, but her appearance is almost doll like, even with solid black doll like eyes. She is wearing a very puffy blue and white dress complete with a bonnet.

The last three chairs are for the cores that were trained by the elders. I am not sure who trained who, but out of the three the young human woman looks suspiciously a lot like Thirty-seven, so she probably is Madam Erin’s.

Madam Erin didn’t summon Thirty-seven though so I may be wrong. One of the guys as well although he is human also appears to resemble Simon’s facial features.

Fredrick: “Group 1 you remain here with your training cores, and the rest of you will wait till your turn.”

Madam Erin, Faron, and Lucille gather with us and leads their cores, Inari, Sierra, her core, and me back to the waiting room. The human man that resembled Simon appears to be Lucille’s training core, the female is indeed Madam Erin’s, and the last is Faron’s.

Once we reach the waiting room Madam Erin is the first to speak.

Madam Erin: “Of course Lucille, Faron, and myself help set up the challenge, but so was Dyson so you should take that as comfort.”

Lucille: “The others are explaining the rules right now, after that they will begin. We will only hear the results until after all three groups have finished.”

Faron: “This will take quite a while so you might want to get comfortable.”

Inari pulls on my arm and we go sit down on one of the couches in the room. Sierra and her training core sit down across from us.

Sierra: “Do you know why Dyson put our cores by themselves in the third group?”

“if only one of his groups had to out preform the elders training cores it makes since to give one group an advantage, but both of his groups have to, so I guess that means he thinking Inari, and your training core can handle it by themselves.”

Sierra: “But he seemed so displeased with Mira’s training I was sure he must of just wrote us off. Maybe he doesn’t expect to win now, so he just chooses us as sacrificial pawns so the others will be allowed to start their own dungeon.”

“I don’t know Dyson really well, but I think losing is the last thing on his mind. Besides I am confident Inari can handle it. I am not quite sure what they are going to have to do, but I think it would be a good idea for Inari and your training core to use this time to get to know each other better.”

Mira: “But we don’t even have any idea what is coming.”

“The elders said they prepared a dungeon. I could only assume that means they have to beat that dungeon, but as most of the elders just hold up in their dungeons, I would assume they will have the training cores prepare one as well and have to fend off attackers.”

Sierra: “So you really think that it will just be an extreme version of the normal training?”

Inari: “Daddy is very smart, I would trust him if I was you.”

Sierra: “Daddy?”

Inari squeezes my arm as she says. “Yes Daddy! I was born in his dungeon so he is my Daddy!”

Sierra seems to lose the confidence she was starting to gain about the situation. She then gets up calling Mira and they go talk to the elders group. After what looks like Sierra arguing for a few minutes Madam Erin leaves from the rest to sit across from us.

Madam Erin: “Seems like Sierra isn’t very satisfied with the way Dyson is handling this.”

“I am sure he has his reasons.”

Madam Erin: “I was actually starting to think I might have to worry about losing my bet with you, but after Dyson suggested the group arrangement I guess I was overthinking it.”

“So you side with Sierra, you think Dyson has gave up on winning and is just pushing to get as many of his cores to pass as possible?”

Madam Erin: “This will be no easy task even among 3 strong cores. After hearing how unsatisfied Dyson was with Sierra and Mira, I am sure even if you did you best your poor core doesn’t stand a chance.”

Inari: “You’re wrong! Daddy trained me better than any core has ever been trained before. I inherited his special traits and with them we will show you, you mean lady!”

“That’s enough Inari.”

Madam Erin: “Really? His special traits you say?”

Inari looks troubled at her outburst and Madam Erin now looks extremely interested.

Madam Erin and I talk for a while, and she keeps trying to push for information, but Inari now remains silent. Madam Erin eventually gives up heading back to the other elders, Sierra and Mira have now taking a seat at the other side of the room.

After a while I message Belinda and catch her up with what’s going on, and it isn’t till noon till we hear the first bit of news. Although it isn’t the kind of news we wanted to hear.

Dungeon Core #344 Naulin has died at the hands of a crimson kobold.

After that Faron stands up addressing the room. “As you can see, this is no easy task. Remember do not let your guard down for a second.” He then sits back down whispering to the other cores with a troubled expression.

Not long after that we receive two more messages back to back.

Dungeon Core #454 Chase has died at the hands of a crimson kobold brute.

Dungeon Core #593 Kellam has died at the hands of crimson kobold brute.

Inari: “Daddy… I am scared… I rather fail and stay with you and Mommy then die…”

“You will be alright, look what killed them. I don’t quite know what the battle looks like, but you can easily handle crimson kobolds”

We then receive one last message.

Dungeon Core #2 Caecilius, and Dungeon Core #514 Ferox Marionette completed elder’s trial at 4 hours 37 minutes.

Lucille stands and addresses the elder’s training cores. “There was only two left, it doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as all three of you make it though we win.”

Faron and Madam Erin then stand leading the three training cores out of the room. Now only Sierra, Mira, Inari and myself remain in the room. Inari lets go of me standing up heading over to Sierra and Mira.

Inari: “I couldn’t help hear them say if all three make it they win. That means no matter if they win or lose we need to beat 4 hours and 37 minutes so that we at least pass.”

Mira: “What of it? It took three of their lives to complete it that fast, do you really think we even stand a chance?”

Inari: “Daddy didn’t train me to be weak. I will do it even if I have to do it alone, but that doesn’t sound like it will be enough for me to pass. I promised Daddy I would pass and make him proud, so like it or not you are going to have to at least survive.”

Mira: “Easy for you to say in that, what is that anyway a dress? A robe? You probably sat in your dungeon core room you entire month throwing monsters out.”

Inari: “My Mommy gave me this Kimono for meeting the elders today, and for your information I only had to defend my dungeon 4 times as every other day I left my dungeon to train in Daddy’s dungeon.”

Sierra: “4 times? You only fought intruders 4 times? No wonder Dyson is displeased with your training.”

“That’s enough. This isn’t going to help the girls pass. Besides Dyson had no complaints about Inari’s training. All the others died by crimson kobolds or crimson kobold brutes. As long as there are not too many of them I have no doubts Inari can handle at least that much.”

Sierra: “We don’t even know what they are giving to attack with, they all died in a fight so for all we know they aren’t even giving them any monsters to defend with.”

“Like I said Inari can handle that much. You are going to have to be careful though Inari, if there are too many you are going to have to try to conserve your magic as much as possible only using it if you have to.”

Inari: “I wish Takeshi was here, I wouldn’t be worried at all if he was with me…”

“Well did you use your xp like I said?”

Inari: “I did… I already knew all the spells, but since I haven’t been able to level the skills are all still rank 1, so I don’t know how much they will help.”

Sierra: “You both are delusional if you think they are going to stand a chance. They were not just kobolds, but crimson kobolds, and even a crimson kobold brute. There is no way a training core can handle that much.”

“#2 and #514 did.”

Sierra: “By sacrificing 3 others, I sure they just pushed to the crystal ignoring those that fell.”

Inari: “Is Mira’s armor just for show then? Look if you are just going to be a liability as soon as it starts you find a place and hide. I will take care of it. I can’t afford for you to die.”

Mira: “You both are crazy…”

“Come on Inari, we aren’t going to get anywhere with these two.”

Inari and I go sit back down on the other side of the room while Sierra and Mira scoff at us. We sit around waiting for word, but after the 5th hour mark we still haven’t heard anything. I send Belinda another message telling her that the second group is still in battle and that Inari’s group has to go after that so I probably won’t be home at least till the middle of the night.”

Just after the 6th hour we finally receive word.

Dungeon Core #792 [Garnier] had died at the hands of a crimson kobold elder.

Dungeon Core #602 [Ivetta] and Dungeon Core #682 [Ysaac] completed the elder’s trial at 6 hours 5 minutes.

“This is good news, one died right at the end that means the first group beat them. As long as neither of you die and you beat 6 hours Dyson wins.”

Sierra: “Are you still going on about that? They don’t intend for us to win. Even one of the cores the Elders personally trained died.”

Madam Erin enters the room and says. “Alright pups its time.” She then leads the four of us back to the main room. The four remaining dungeon cores are sitting behind the table in the corner, even though their wounds appear to be healed their clothing shows of quite the battles they had to face.

Draco: “As you can see we are at quite a stalemate. Both of our groups completed the trial with two cores still alive. Now it just comes down to time completion.”

Faron: “If either of you die, or the time surpasses 6 hours 5 minutes it’s over, your group will automatically fail.”

Madam Erin: “Now for the rules. We have two dungeons joined by a single small hallway, your dungeon will be a basic training dungeon and you must defend it against attackers while sending out monsters in effort to destroy the crystal of the other dungeon.”

Fredrick: “Now our dungeon isn’t quite a basic as a training dungeon you will have to face 8 rooms each rising in difficulty. The enemies sent to attack your dungeon will be the difficulty of the first room, and for every hour of defense they will rise in difficulty as well.”

Lucille: “The other groups were giving the option of just sticking to defense and after 10 hours it would have been considered a win, but as you have to beat 6 hours 5 minutes you do not have that option.”

Dyson: “Now for the good news, you are allowed 1000xp every 10 minutes, and you are allowed to bring anything you had in your training dungeon.”

Inari: “Does that even include our boss monsters?”

Dyson: “Yes it includes your boss monsters.”

Inari: “My boss monster wasn’t bound to my dungeon though, so will I still be able to use him?”

Dyson: “He wasn’t bound…?” –He then looks to the others.-

Draco: “Explain.”

Inari: “Daddy summoned him for me, I… He didn’t feel comfortable being bound to me in case of an ultimate command, so he just protected me without being bound.”

Draco: “So he was summoned by someone other than you… It isn’t uncommon to takes boss monsters from outside a dungeon or from another dungeon, but I have reservations.”

“If it is any comfort I used the xp dedicated for Inari’s training, and his level is not any higher than that of Inari’s.”

The other elders seem to be discussing it amongst each other but Dyson’s face curves into a sly smile while giving me a nod. He quickly however resumes a natural expression when Lucille asks him.

Lucille: “And what about your thoughts Dyson?”

Dyson: “As this is one of my groups, I feel I shouldn’t get a say. I will leave it up to your judgements.”

Draco: “What is the monster’s race?”

“He is a beastkin. Just a fox beastkin.”

After a short while of discussing it again they reach a decision.

Draco: “Very well, we are still a little concerned he may possess a few extra abilities because Dungeon Core #212’s unique nature, then what a normal monster of his level should have, but at that level it shouldn’t be as much of a concern. As long as his level is not higher than that of Inari, we will allow it.”

Lucille: “As he isn’t bound to a dungeon, Dyson do you mind returning to Dungeon Core #212’s dungeon to collect him?”

Dyson: “Very well, I will go right away, Two-Twelve if you could let your boss monster know I am on my way as to not cause any problems.”

After I nod Dyson leaves the room and I send a message to Belinda. It doesn’t even take 5 minutes for Dyson to return with Takeshi. Takeshi looks a little confused and worried until he sees Inari and me, he starts to walk over to us but looks to Dyson. After Dyson nods Takeshi joins us.

Madam Erin: “Now that that is taking care of let’s get started. Inari’s boss monster, you might want to take ahold of her arm or something.”

Takeshi looks a little nervous still but takes Inari’s arm. Then Inari, Takeshi, and Mira both disappear. A large screen appears on the far side of the room displaying the three in the crystal room of a training dungeon with a small glowing training core against the back wall.

Inari’s Evaluation

Inari: “I am so glad you made it Takeshi.” –She says while hugging him.-

Takeshi: “I am not quite sure what is going on, but if it means I can be assistance to Miss Inari, I am happy to help.”

Mira: “That’s a touching reunion and all, but what are we going to do? We have 1000xp and under ten minutes to prepare.”

Inari: “Ok let’s get started. Mira what kind of monsters can you summon?”

Mira: “Just the basics, same as you. My element is fire, so what about you?”

Inari: “I am curious, I know being of a fire element you can summon them at a lower cost, so how much is a small flame elemental.”

Mira: “It should be the same as the creatures of your favored element, unless your element is light, I heard theirs are different.”

Inari: “Humor me…”

Mira: “125xp of course…”

Inari: “Mine are 187xp…

Mira: “Then what is yours?”

Inari: “That’s what I am saying it cost 187xp for me to summon a small flame elemental.”

This conversation seems to pique the interest of the elders as they begin whispering back and forth. I hope she doesn’t say too much… But it has been something I have wondered for quite a while now.

Mira: “That’s unfortunate…”

Inari: “We don’t quite know what they will send in but the elementals don’t require equipment so they should be the least costly. If we summon all flame elementals a few freeze spells will be the end of us, so I will take care of the rest.”

Mira: “Alright, how many do you want me to summon?”

Inari: “We have 1000xp… So let’s start with one.”

Mira nods and after messing with her [Menu] a small flame elemental appears in the room. Inari quickly starts tapping away on her own [Menu]. The screen functions like the observation window so we can see what is displayed on her screen.

Her screens appear far different than mine… Is that normal? It even has a floral pattern in the background of the screens. That doesn’t get any reaction out of the elders, but what does is when she accesses her [Monsters].

She summons a weak skeleton, weak Lizard man, weak pixie, and a small weak earth golem dropping them down to 2 xp. Next she does something I have never heard before. Inari sets a queue to summon a dozen of each type of monster again on 10 minute intervals at a designated location.

I can’t do that… I thought that is what rifts are for. The elders are kicking up quite a fuss at the fact she can summon monsters from all the elements, even Mira seems shocked as the monsters begin to appear in the room.

Inari however pays her no mind spending the last 2 remaining xp on two rusty daggers throwing one to the lizardman and the other to the skeleton.

Inari: “Alright every 10 minutes you should now get a set just like this, the lizardmen and the skeleton will need gear, so after dropping the attackers try equipping them with their gear. You just summon another small flame elemental.”

Mira: “Well what are you going to do?”

Inari: “Takeshi and I are going to go destroy that other dungeon. You can handle this right?”

Mira: “I think so…”

Inari: “If you fail, we fail, and that I can’t accept. Do you understand?”

Mira: “Yes…”

Inari: “Good, well we will try to wrap this up quickly then.

Inari then opens [Equipment] finding her and Takeshi’s gear among them.

Draco: “What is the meaning of this Two-Twelve?”

“You said they could have what they used during their training.”

Lucille: “I have never seen a sword like that before.”

“It is actually her mage’s staff…”

Fredrick: “How much of your own xp did you spend on their equipment…?”

“None, I actually spent 10,000 xp from her training in my dungeon, and there is still around 6000xp left.”

Lucille: “Unique items, and high quality equipment, you must be taking a page from Dyson’s book.”

Madam Erin: “Well it’s too late to change the rules now, let’s just see if that gear does them any good, if they don’t even plan to take any monsters with them it will be near impossible.”

After Takeshi manages to get his armor equipped Inari and Takeshi then begin to make their way from the dungeon. Mira looks to be a little scared, but more of Inari now then of the monsters that will soon be attacking.

Inari and Takeshi enter into a small hallway from a doorway at the far side there is a dozen young kobolds filtering out of it.

Inari: “This looks simple enough, I don’t want to waste any magic so let’s stick to melee, we should be able to buy Mira 10 more minutes this way.”

Takeshi nods and the quickly begin to charge across the room.

The proceeding fight looks no less then like when Listel waltzed though my dungeon and all the elders appear to be speechless. Dyson however has his fingers interwoven in front of his face with a devious look on his face…

The first room of the dungeon Inari and Takeshi enters appears to be more of kobolds like they just killed and Inari still has yet to cast a spell after they clear it. The next room starts to get harder but not by much as it only switches out half of the young kobolds for young kobold mages.

By the time they enter the third room Inari’s second set of monsters appear in the room with Mira causing her to jump, she then summons her next fire elemental and then begins pushing the group forward.

She as least seems to have the sense enough to leave the lizardmen and skeletons in the back while moving the monsters that don’t require weapons towards the front.

As Inari tears into the third room they are fighting against a dozen normal kobolds, and Inari uses her first spell. She however seems to be conserving her magic as it is just a single spell. It still however gets quite the attention from the elders as a simple [Fireball] spell wipes 3 of the kobold completely from existence.

Draco: “How is this even possible?”

Fredrick: “It must be the equipment, there is no way a new core can cast spells with that much strength.”

I can’t tell if Madam Erin is mad or proud as she simply says. “I’m not so sure about that…” As she looks at me across the room…

The second wave of attackers has finally entered the dungeon and begun attacking the defensive force. The little kobolds however stands no chance against the much stronger element based monsters. It does however allow the two lizard men and two skeleton gather some better gear even if it is still rusted.

Inari and Takeshi make their way into the fourth room about the same time the last of the attackers are defeated. This room too is normal kobolds, but like the second room there are now kobold mages mixed in.

Takeshi appears to take his first bit of damage from a spell, but it doesn’t appear to faze him at all as they still clear the room. It does take them a bit more time however as a third group has now appeared in the defending dungeon.

Mira directs the skeleton and lizardman to pick up some gear and then they prepare for another wave. There are more of the young kobolds entering the dungeon this time, but the power level difference is still way in favor of the defense.

If things keep up like this the defense will be able to stand up at least until Inari’s monsters quit spawning in. at the two hour mark, but even then I don’t know how much stronger the waves of attackers will be so they might be safe even after that.

The fifth room has the first set of crimson kobolds.

Inari: “I am getting tired of all these little guys… Takeshi can I cut lose a bit?”

Takeshi: “I don’t know why you are asking me Miss Inari. You always do as you please regardless.”

Inari: “I guess you are right…”

Inari then begins to focus as twelve of the balls appear in front of her, but from what I can tell they are nowhere near full strength. The elders seem interested at first but even Dyson is shocked when the 12 balls each seek out their own crimson kobold.

With explosions, gusts of wind, frost, and even stone filling the room, two crimson kobolds just seems to fade from view and disappear while balls of light pierce two more. After the dust settles Inari simply dusts her hands off. As they proceed to the next room.

Lucille: “What was that?”

“I am not one to give out information about other dungeons, so you will have to ask her yourself.”

Draco: “That was clearly too much for a training core, it even appeared to contain every element.”

Madam Erin: “So she did indeed inherent your unique traits.”

“I am not sure what you mean.”

Even with the addition of the mages in the sixth room one set of balls from Inari that room is clear as well. I don’t know what skills she learned and such, but she has two more rooms to go so she better save some magic…

There is easily 30 young kobolds in the fourth wave of the defense but still even though the sheer numbers begin to cause a bit of harm to the defending team Mira really seems to be a decent core after all as she cycles out the injured before they fall spreading out the damage more.

I still have yet to see her attack personally, but there is quite a bit going on so I guess it could be chalked up to having to keep an eye on everything. Even though one of the skeletons appears to be missing half of his bones none of the creatures seem to fall by the time the last of the kobold falls.

It takes Inari two set of balls to deal with the crimson kobold brutes in the 7th room, but in the 8th room when the crimson kobold elders are in the mix she just cranks up the balls to what appears to finally being full power and she clears the elder’s trial, after giving the dungeon crystal a little tap with her staff.

Mira, Inari, and Takeshi are instantly teleported back to the room as I receive the message.

Dungeon Core #108 [Mira] and Dungeon Core #245 [Inari] completed the elder’s trial in 47 minutes.

Mira looks a little confused after teleporting until she reads what is most likely the message in front of her. Inari however hugs Takeshi and says. “We did it!”




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