Chapter 58: Dungeon Core #245

The girls continue to work on the ballroom preparing for my birthday party, but about 15 minutes before the time the new core is supposed to be born they stop while we gather around.

Belinda: “It is supposed to be a girl right? How old is she going to look?”

Scylla enters the room after following Kline to the edge of town before returning, and she says. “It all depends on Master.”

Belinda: “What do you mean?”

Scylla: “The number and sex of the new core is determined beforehand, but the age, how she will look, or even her race will depend on Two-Twelve’s tastes.”

Zoey: “In other words it will be like being able to take a peek into Boss’s pervy mind. I bet you she will be a beastkin.”

Scylla: “I highly doubt that, I am sure she will resemble Belinda.”

Zoey: “Oh yea? I’ll bet you!”

Scylla: “I got some gold left from the trip so ok, if the new core is a beastkin you win, if its anything else I win.”

Zoey: “That’s not what you said, but ok 5 gold.”

Belinda: “…”

Zoey: “How about doubling it if she has larger breasts!”

Scylla: “No deal on that one…”

“I like Belinda’s breasts just the way they are!”

Bell looks skeptical and a little nervous covering hers… I just sigh.

As the countdown hits 5 minutes I actually begin to get nervous and Belinda takes ahold of my hand. At 2 minutes I remember clothing and quickly scramble to summon some clothes. It’s a dress much like the ones Lilah wear but the size is quite a bit larger.

Zoey elbows Roxy and says. “See.”

Light then fills the room. When the light fades the stone statue looking featureless figure on the bench appears quite a bit small then I anticipated. The dress is clearly way to large, I try to summon a smaller size but not before the rock begins breaking off the statue disappearing.

Ears like Zoey’s but at least twice as large twitch on the girls head and she sits up. The girl appears older then Lilah but not by more than a year or two. Other than the large snow white ears on top of her head and bushy snow white tail she has only a few small strips of fur on her body.

I want to say I proved my point because her breasts aren’t as large as Belinda’s, but they are only barely smaller, and with her size as she grows they probably will be quite a bit larger then Belinda’s… She raises her arms and begins to stretch causing them to jiggle. I quickly resume my effort to summon another dress.

As she stretches she also yawns showing some rather large canine teeth in her mouth. She finally opens her eyes and they are a captivating golden color with slit pupils. She blinks a few times looking around the room as I finally find a dress again.

Before I have a chance to summon another one she jumps up, runs to me, and jumps wrapping her arms around my neck and begins to rub her cheek against mine as her snow white tail waves back and forth behind her.

Girl: “Daddy!”

Scylla sighs handing Zoey a couple of coins while Zoey has her chest puffed out. I grab the girl by the shoulders trying to pull her off of me while I summon another dress. I pull the dress over her head  and she puts her arms through the arm holes before she wraps her arms back around me rubbing her face against mine while her tail wags under her dress.

Belinda: “This isn’t normal is it…?”

Belinda seems to be a bit upset, but the girl pulls herself off me then looks at Belinda.

Girl: “Are you mommy then?”

Belinda: “Aww…” –she holds her arms out to the girl and the girl jumps in her arms rubbing her face against Belinda’s.- “You can call me mommy if you want!”

“Wait just a minute here!”

Sofia says to Scylla. “Have you guys ever had a normal day…?”

The girl quits hugging Belinda and looks back at me tilting her head. “What’s wrong Daddy?”

“You are a dungeon core right?”

Girl: “Of course! And once Daddy trains me I will become the best dungeon core ever!”

“You know everything on how a dungeon core is right?”

Girl: “Silly Daddy, Of course I do.”

“You know how to use [Menu], [Communication], how to use magic, and stuff like that?”

Girl: “Doesn’t everyone?”

Belinda: “Don’t worry little Inari, Daddy had a rough time when he started” –She says hugging the girl from behind.-


Belinda: “You don’t like it?”

“Well I guess it doesn’t matter she can choose her own after her training is over.”

Inari: “So is Daddy going to begin my training now?”

“Well I want to try something a little different. It will take a lot of work, but if it works it will give you a major head start.”

Inari: “Daddy is the best! Ok let’s do it!”

Belinda: “first let’s get you some proper clothes,because that dress just isn’t cutting it.”

Inari: “Let me know where to set up my training dungeon and I will just summon some.”


Belinda & Inari: “…?”

“Sorry, just try not to use [Menu] for now.”

Inari: “I don’t understand.”

“If my plan is going to work at all you are going to have to avoid [Menu] for the month.”

Inari: “If Daddy says so…”

Belinda: “Ok let’s go get you some clothes.”

After they are gone I begin looking at several messages that have appeared.

Zoey: “Boss is more of a perv then I thought.”

Roxy: “What does that make you? You have asked me to call you daddy before.”

Zoey quickly covers Roxy’s mouth and has a sheepish grin on her face.

I shake my head while looking at the messages.


Dungeon Core #245 has been born in your dungeon


 242,500 xp jewel added to dungeon inventory for her training. Due to restriction removal by Elder Dyson, xp may be used without restrictions.

New Items Available

Training Core Crystal*                                  Cost: 0xp

*Item can be only be used by training cores.


New Dungeon Set Available

Training Dungeon Set*                                Cost: 0xp

*Item can only be used by training cores.



Dungeon Core #245 name has been temporarily set as [Inari] until the end of her training.


242,500xp… That’s a lot of xp, if my first plan works Inari’s dungeon after training might quickly grow larger than mine…

Sofia: “Am I the only one that finds it creepy everyone just handled that event like it wasn’t strange?”

Zoey: “After being with Boss long enough you just get used to stuff like that.”

Roxy: “I don’t know what normal would even look like anymore…”

“Thanks a lot you two… I guess you guys can get back to planning the party for this evening. If you don’t mind though I might borrow you Sofia.”

Sofia: “Why me?”

“You are the highest level monster I got. Besides like you said you found it weird, you probably have the best sense for what normal is for training a core, so I might need your help.”

Sofia: “Alright… but don’t expect me to ever call you daddy…”

I sigh. “Just go get your gear ready.”

Zoey: “Wait Boss is going to fight? I wanna go!”

“We won’t be doing any fighting. Just Inari.”

Sofia equips her gear with [Menu], after 20 or so minutes Belinda returns with Inari, but Inari appear to be wearing an odd bathrobe.

“What is this?”

Belinda: “It’s formal wear clothing in Shima”


Belinda: “It’s an island off the coast way up north. I heard a legend they worship a snow white fox god named Inari there, and that was why I chose her name and clothes.”

“If they worship it, then it is probably a beastkin dungeon core, you could have just stole another dungeon core’s name.”

Belinda: “I have looked in your book before, I have never seen it.”

“She needs clothes for combat anyway, because I am going to begin her training.”

Inari: “It’s ok Daddy, this is like a mage robe so it will be ok.”

“Oh so you a mage type of core?”

Inari looks like she struggles with herself for a minute before saying. “Well I guess it is ok if it is Daddy asking, but yes I am a mage.”

“Ok, let you prepare for the party, I will make sure we are back before then. Come on Inari.”

Belinda: “But I want to go…”

“You’re starting to sound like Zoey… I am just going to take her to get her adventurer’s ID then to the dungeon to train.”

Belinda: “But if you are going to the adventurer’s guild I really should go!”

“Fine… but you come back when we go up to the dungeon alright?”

Belinda: “…ok…”

We head to the adventurer’s guild with Inari walking between Belinda and me holding our hands which might look cute if Inari appeared about 10 years younger instead of looking at most 5 year younger then Belinda… Sofia follows up behind us shaking her head.

Receptionist: “And who is this?”

Inari: “My mommy and daddy brought me here to get my adventurer’s ID.”

The receptionist has a confused look on her face.

“We are giving her a hand like we did the others…”

Belinda: “Isn’t it so cute! She calls me mommy!”

Me and Receptionist: “…”

We go through the process of making Inari an adventurer ID. Belinda quickly snatches up the ID so the receptionist can’t see. She then shows me the result…



Adventurer #92,157 [Inari]                                       Base: Tobes

Race: Divine Beastkin (Fox)                           Gender: Female

Rank: D                                                            Level: 1

Class: Spiritual Mage                                   Favored Element: N/A

Commissions Complete: 0

Dungeon Crystal Destroyed: 0


I grab one of the most basic commissions off the board for the dungeon for Inari.

Receptionist: “You are already going to take her to the dungeon?”

“She is a mage so she can stay in the back safe.”

The receptionist approves the commission and we quickly leave the adventurer’s guild.

Inari is holding her ID looking at it. “Lookie, I am like Daddy!” she points at the N/A on her favored Element.

“Wait you know about my element?”

Inari: “Of course, because it’s Daddy!”

“What kind of skills and spells do you have?”

Inari: “I don’t know you told me not to look at [Menu].

“Hmmm…Well if we don’t know what spells you can use being a mage won’t help you much. I guess open it up but only look at your status screen.”

Inari: “Ok, I should be ok now.”

“You have some skills and spells already?”

Inari: “Of course, I am a mage class after all.”


When we get back to the house I have Belinda sit with Inari while I go and tell Lilah the plan. And make sure we won’t run into any problems with other adventurers. I then transfer back to the house and find Belinda hugging Inari as she sits in a chair.

“… Alright time for us to get to work…”

Inari: “Later Mommy, I will work hard just watch.”

Belinda looks extremely pleased as she lets go of Inari and I transfer us to one of the pit rooms. The golems at the end of the room ignore us and I pull a chair from storage for Sofia and myself sitting down.

“Ok we are going to start with some simple slimes, about 10 of them after you finish them I want you to check your status screen again.”

Inari: “But I don’t have my dungeon set up yet Daddy, I can’t take xp back if it’s not set up.”

“That’s alright I am actually hoping for that result.”

Inari: “I don’t understand.”

“It’s only one battle, but if I am right you will see. Are you ready?”

Inari: “Ok daddy!”

I summon 10 husky slime for a total of 100xp. They don’t attack just kind of blob around about 30ft around on the ground.

“Ok get rid of them.”

Inari: “But they aren’t doing anything.”

“I just want to check this if it works then we will do a real fight.”

Inari: “Ok Daddy. Watch this!”

Inari holds her hand in a weird shape and draws a circle in the air after reaching several points a small ball appears in the air, and after the circle complete there are 6 different colored balls. With direction from her other hand each ball shoots through the air each hitting a different slime having a different effect.

1 burns a slime, 1 freezes another, 1 brown ball simply crashes into a slime, 1 green ball flattens into a disc slicing another, a glowing ball shoots through a slime, while the last black ball completely consumes a slime in shadows and when the shadow fades the slime is gone.

Sofia: “Did that spell use all 6 elements at once?”

Inari: “Each ball was an element, so all 6 would have to hit at once to be affected by all 6 elements.”

Sofia: “The magic cost must be extremely high….”

Inari: “Not as high as you think, I combine all 6 basic attack element spells, but it only cost as much as casting four of them. I am sure as my skill ranks up it will become better though.”

“Well you got 4 left, so don’t let your guard down in combat.”

Inari: “But they aren’t doing anything! And Sofia started it…”

“These are the only monsters that won’t attack you so don’t get used to it, now take care of the other four.”

Inari puffs out her cheeks and stomps her feet, she then turns back to the 4 remaining slimes. She draws the circle again taking the slimes out with 4 of the six balls the other two circle around her for a few seconds before they disappear.

Inari: “Daddy! Daddy! I leveled up!”

Sofia: “How is that possible?”

“Yes!” –I have a sly smile on my face as I say. – “Simple she killed enough monsters to gather enough xp to level up.”

Sofia: “But she is a dungeon core they don’t level like that.”

“How do you think Dyson reached such a high level in only short time? He must have kept his levels he gained while he was a human. Inari hasn’t formed a dungeon yet so she is basically just a dungeon monster, not a core.”

Sofia: “But that’s….”

“My job is to make her strong enough so she can survive, if I spend this month training her this way, she could easily be stronger then me before the end of the month.”

Inari: “So what is next Daddy?!”

“How are you doing on magic?”

Inari: “I am still ok…”

“Ok I am going to summon 6 more slime this time they will try to attack you. Once you defeat them I will summon 6 more, we will repeat it until you are low on magic then we will take a break and start again.”

After two more waves of the slime none have even came close to her, but she has to take a break. After a little rest we go again and after 3 more waves she levels again. However she seems pretty tired so I make her take another break.

“The down time is longer then it takes her to fight and run out of magic… How many rings can you wear?”

Sofia: “As many as you want…. But I think what you are getting at is you can only receive benefits from 2 rings at a time.”

“What about other jewelry?”

Sofia:  “1 necklace, 1 set of earrings/helmet/headband, 1 bracelet/set of bangles, 2 rings. You also have Clothes/underarmor, Armor, belt, and boots. You also have you primary and seceondary weapons. In the end though you can only have one of each type of enchantment.”

“So no matter how many I do if I can only increase her magic once?”

Sofia: “Well if you have different types of enchaments it will work, or even different ranks, but you can’t combine the powers of Belinda and Scylla’s rings. You could use one of their rings and another one of higher rank however.”

“I only know the one enchantment…”

I summon another minor magic ring for Inari, using a small silver band. Of course I can’t leave it just a plain band so after some work once the ring is summoned it is 6 different colored strands woven together forming the actual ring.

“Inari, use this it might help with your magic just a bit.”

She rubs the ring against her cheek saying. “Thanks Daddy! I will cherish it!” She slides the ring onto her middle finger and hugs her hand.

After taking a few more breaks and defeating 9 more waves of husky slimes she reaches level 3 but she is almost out of magic again so I finish her off with a 10th wave before letting her rest.

“Only spending 1500xp and you are already a level higher then when I started my dungeon.”

Sofia: “I can’t believe this…”

Inari is inelegantly sitting on the floor breathing roughly. “Daddy… How much more…?”

“I think we are done with the slimes, it still takes 1 ball per slime even though it easily kills them so your magic won’t keep up. Maybe we should also give you some kind of weapon to help supplement some damage.”

Sofia: “Well if she is a mage you should stick to a staff or a rod…”

“I got the perfect thing…”

I open [Menu] finding the battle staff. I go ahead and crank it up to master quality. A plan staff of course however isn’t good enough so I spend the next 20 or so minutes thinking up a design. Inari’s breathing has finally calmed down and she is repositioned herself to be kneeling sitting with her legs kicked over to one side.

Once I finally have a plan for a staff I focus while summoning. The resulting item is a staff that is far from perfectly straight appearing like a branch from a tree although appears to be made of strands of metal like her ring. Along the length of the staff are 6 colored stones representing each element woven into the strands, and each end of the staff has been tapered down to a bladed end.

Inari looks extremely happy and Sofia quite shocked as I receive a message.

New Item Created

Through painstaking effort the [Intricately Designed Master Quality Battle Staff] has resulted in the creation of a unique item.

New Items Available

Bladed Combat Staff:                              Cost: 500xp


[Inari’s Staff]: A unique bladed combat staff made by dungeon core #212 during Inari’s training. Made with elven ironwood woven around a dark steel staff with bladed ends, and contains 6 gemstones able to store 1 spell of the element determined by the stones color.

“I have never even seen elven ironwood. For Zoey’s armor I at least had access to the materials when I created it. If I can keep creating items like this I might need Dyson’s help for much longer…”

Inari jumps up taking the staff from me. It is easily as tall as her but she has no difficulty as she twirls it around expertly.

“Well I guess there is no need to worry if you will be able to use it…”

Inari runs up to me giving me a hug. “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Daddy. This is the best!”

“Well are you ready for some more training?”

Inari lets go of me she then turns to the empty room sliding her feet across the floor taking a battle stance. Her ears perk up and her tail sticking straight out twitching at the end.

I don’t want to start her off with too much so I summon a single young kobold giving it some gear from storage. As soon as it hits the ground it charges Inari swinging its sword. Inari twirls her staff around parrying the sword with one end of it as the kobold passes her.

She spins around slashing the kobold’s back with the other side of the staff, causing the kobold to scream out. It doesn’t drop him however as he turns quickly swinging his shield crashing into Inari pushing her back a few feet across the floor.

She has a small amount of blood on her lip but the distance gives her the advantage. Now without using her hand and just twirling the staff the 6 small colored balls appear in a circle all shooting out at the kobold at once.

The kobold manages to hit the red ball with his sword causing a small explosion, but not big enough to affect him. He also manages to block the blue, green, and brown balls with his shield. He also would have blocked the black one but it seemingly passes right though his shield, and it along with the white ball hits his body.

The light and shadow seem to fight for dominance over the kobold’s body but it doesn’t make the kobold any less dead as it hits the floor.

“Are you alright? It looks like he got you pretty good there with his shield.”

Inari wipes her mouth with the back of one of her hands looking at the blood.

Inari: “I am ok Daddy…”

“You think you can handle two at once?”

She looks a little worried but she nods. She then turns back around taking her stance again.

This time when I summon two young kobolds I give one a spear and the other a great-sword. Inari doesn’t give them a chance this time. As soon as they hit the ground and begin their charge she pelts both of them each with three of the colored balls.

The spear kobold can’t handle the spell and falls but the great-sword kobold manages to evade one of the balls and block another with its sword only taking the third in the shoulder which begins to ice over.

It swings its massive sword down when it reaches Inari, but she holds her staff out to block the blow. She manages to prevent being sliced up, but the sheer impact of the blade causes her to fall back on her butt and she drops her staff.

She scrambles across the floor to try to grab it but the young kobold kicks her causing her to roll over grabbing ahold of her stomach. As the kobold begins to bring his sword down on her again I order it to stop a mere inches from her face.

Inari begins to cry while clutching her stomach as the kobold stands down stepping back.

“No use crying, if this was a real battle you would be dead now. Get up and let’s go again.”

She chokes back the tears and pulls herself to her feet dusting herself off. She then walks over picking up her staff.

“You ready to try again?”

She returns to her battle stance after nodding but her tail is now drooping loosely and her ears are no longer perky.

As soon as I summon another kobold the great-sword wielding kobold charges which she targets with all 6 balls this time. She however is caught off guard as I summoned the other kobold with a bow this time. The great-sword wielding kobold didn’t hold up to her entire spell, but she also takes an arrow to the shoulder loosed from the archer.

Inari screams out in pain, then casts a single spell this time hitting the archer with a small [frost] spell then charges forward with her staff. This time the archer aims down hitting her in the leg causing her to drop to the floor.

Inari begins to cry again as the archer draws back it bow with another arrow. She closes her eyes tight as the arrow flies though the air, but it clanks against floor right next to where she is laying, and the kobold stands down.

Inari: “I’m…I’m sorry *sniffle* Daddy, I wasn’t ready for that…”

“Ready or not adventurers or monsters are not going to go easy on you. You must be ready for anything. You didn’t have enough magic to hit the archer with a full volley did you?”

Inari: “No… *Sniffle* I thought if I took care of the one with the *Sniffle* Great-sword, the spear user would have been easy against my staff.”

“Well let’s rest a bit, before we try again.”

I get up walking over to her pulling the arrow from her leg and shoulder causing her scream out. I then heal the wounds.

Sofia: “Aren’t you being a bit hard on her? I mean it is her first day…”

“If this kind of trying is going to give her a head start, we have to push her to her limit.”

Sofia: “But she is a mage…”

“And she went into battle without enough magic. We have given her plenty of chances to rest, so she should have known better. I am not going to let her die in these fights, but if I take it easy on her she won’t take it seriously.”

Inari: “I’m sorry Daddy…”

“Now is the time to make these mistakes, you won’t get the chance after your training is over. It may be painful, but maybe that pain will remind you not to make that mistake again.”

Inari: “I understand Daddy, I will try harder…”

“Rest up, and when you are ready we will go again.”

After 10 more waves she finally gets the knack for it though, I switch the weapons and equipment every time I summon them but she doesn’t lose another match. She has taken quite a bit of damage however and I heal her between each wave but her “robe” is in pretty bad shape.

At one point though the observation window I seen Dyson watching her practice so to keep him on his toes I made sure we stopped long enough for us to wave at him.

She still has only reached halfway to level 5 but it is now almost time for the birthday party so I transfer us back to the house… When we arrive Belinda is wearing a gorgeous dress the hugs her curves. She sees the state of Inari’s outfit she yells at me, but I don’t mind much because the dress has me distracted.

Belinda takes Inari and they retreat to the bedroom. When they return the outfit is a completely new one. Even the colors and patterns are different.

“You know I haven’t seen anything like that in the [Menu] where are they”

Belinda: “I searched formal wear for females selecting Shima for region.”

“I didn’t even know you could do that…”

Belinda: “You two better go get dressed as well.”

“I thought I was didn’t you set these clothes out for me just for that reason today?”

Belinda: “That was for meeting the new core! Of course I have something else for your party!”

I sigh and head to the bedroom.

I stand looking at myself in the mirror after changing my outfit for my birthday party… I can’t really tell the difference between this set of clothes and the ones I just took off, but I am sure if I didn’t change Belinda would have noticed.

I head down to the ballroom in time to see the guests begin to arrive. I put on my best “mayor” smile and greet them welcoming them in. I find Inari sticking close to Belinda as they walk around greeting a few people that have already arrived and making the final touches.

The people are rather confused when Inari introduces herself as Belinda and my daughter, but Belinda seems oblivious as she rubs her cheek against Inari’s smiling. I find Lilah upset sitting in a chair with her arms crossed wearing a puffy dress with her hair all made up.

All the other girls seem to be wearing matching dresses as well. Sofia and Bell seem to be hiding in the corner, while Scylla and Roxy are busy helping Belinda with the final touches. Zoey is sitting at the bar wearing one of the dresses as well but talking with several of the villagers like she is just one of the guys…

I ask Belinda if there is I can do to help and she send Inari to me, and tells me just to relax. I don’t know if Belinda had the chance yet or not, so I take Inari to meet Lilah.

Inari: “Are you one of my big-sisters?”

Lilah watches Inari suspiciously then says. “Lilah is Master’s number 2. Remember that and you will be fine.”

Inari runs up to Lilah wrapping her arms around her jumping up and down while Lilah has a sour expression on her face.

Inari: “Big sister Lilah is funny and a cute bunny!”

Inari appears to whisper something into Lilah’s ear while hugging her, which causes Lilah’s face to change from annoyed to that of concern. Inari lets her go then looks to me.

Inari: “Ok Daddy, I worked hard and am tired, and Mommy said to relax so let’s go sit down.”

As I take Inari to go sit down. Lilah jumps up from her chair moving over to Bell and Sofia to begin talking with them.

The party is nothing if not what I would call bland… A bunch of villagers all gathered gossiping all evening. Of course a lot of the conversations have been about the sudden appearance of Inari, her unique clothing, and her manner of calling Belinda and me, Mommy and Daddy.

I open quite a few of the gifts from the villagers, but none of them have anything that are very relevant to me. Only a few will be used and mostly they are gifts that pertain to things I would use at the office.

The gift I received from Belinda is a simple coffee cup but each girl has seemed to write something along it.

Belinda wrote “I love you”, Scylla wrote “Thanks for everything Master”, Zoey wrote “Two-Twelve is #1 Boss”, Roxy wrote “Thank you”, Lilah wrote “Master is the best”, Bell wrote “Best Mayor”, and Sofia wrote “You’re Alright”

There is one more bit of writing which still hasn’t completely dried that I can only assume belongs to Inari which says “I love Daddy!”

After the party starts winding down and the guests begin to leave I can tell Inari is extremely tired. She trained really hard and even though her wounds were all heal it still takes quite the toll on you so I have Scylla show her to one of the guest rooms so she can go to sleep.

“Just don’t forget it only gets harder from here on out, so rest well we will start training hard first thing in the morning.”

Sofia: “Are you going to still have me sit in on the training?”


Sofia: “I am not doing anything though, the monsters are yours so there is no way they could hurt her if you tell them not too.”

“I am more worried about myself actually… She may be calling me Daddy, but she is still another dungeon core.”

Sofia: “I am actually surprised you thought that much about it…”

“I don’t know if a training core has ever made an attempt on a teaching core, but you never know…”

Sofia: “But still why me?”

“I need Scylla and Bell at the office while I am busy with Inari, Zoey is…Zoey. Roxy is getting quite strong but I don’t know if she is ready for something like that yet, and again you are the highest level of them all.”

Sofia: “Why not Belinda?”

“Belinda seems quite taking with Inari… I don’t want to have to put her in that kind of situation, so I would also ask you to keep this to yourself.”

Sofia: “Alright papa” –she says with a smirk-


After we clean up Belinda and I head to bed.

“Does that mean I can finally open the present I have been waiting on all day?”

Belinda giggles while kissing me, however when I start to run my hand up her nightgown there is a knock at the door…


Inari opens the door walking in and rubbing her eye with one hand wearing one of Lilah’s old pajama sets.

Inari: “I can’t sleep… Can I come sleep with Mommy and Daddy?”

Belinda: “Alright darling come here.”

“What about my present…?”

Belinda: “Well its Inari’s birthday to you know.”

Inari runs and jumps crawling between Belinda and me snuggling up to us appearing to instantly fall back to sleep… I still don’t want to say anything to concern Belinda, but I am rather nervous about the situation as Belinda settles back down falling asleep.



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