Chapter 57: Scylla’s and Zoey’s Birthday

Scylla, Kline, and I are all speechless after I appeared right in front of their eyes in the entryway of the house. Without knowing what else to say I simply say.

“Uh… Sorry about that, I still haven’t gotten used to this teleport spell…”

Kline: “… Really you were able to learn a teleport spell? I am rather envious… That would help the young master and me a great deal on our trips.”

Scylla: “Yea… He hasn’t figured out how to take anyone else with him yet, and hasn’t been able to travel more than a couple hundred feet. He has even left his clothes behind after teleporting once.”

…I don’t know if that comment was really necessary but maybe it was her way of getting back at me for not paying attention when we have visitors in the house, so I guess I kind of deserved it.

Kline: “Well I am glad I at least got to miss that one…But once maybe you get it figured out you could teach Scylla and we could visit each other more often.”

Scylla: “I couldn’t possibly learn a spell that hard…”

Kline: “You have already come so far, I am sure you will be at that level in no time.”

Scylla: “Well I only have Water magic and a bit of Earth magic as well.”

Kline: You should consider making a trip to the capital pretty soon and see if you have awakened any hidden talents as you have leveled up. The young master and I make a point to check it out every few months just in case.”

Scylla: “I am sure I don’t have anything like that, but next time I am in the capital maybe you could take me…”

“Well if you will excuse me, I better to check how things are going in the kitchen…”

I screwed up pretty bad… But maybe a teleport spell isn’t a bad idea. Dyson has quite a few ways to travel quickly, and maybe he could teach me one as payment for copying something for him. I guess it won’t hurt to ask, it could help the training of the girls a great deal.

Belinda: “How did things go? Bell said you had a request from Dyson, and Lilah said you were quite focused on your [Menu] most the afternoon.”

“Oh it wasn’t anything to important, but I screwed up and Kline has seen me transfer… We passed it off as that I leaned a teleport spell.”

Belinda: “But they are very high level spells…”

“We told him it was only a few hundred feet and only single person…”

Belinda: “Well I guess there has been quite a bit of teleporting traffic as of late in Tobes so I guess we can make due. You also have covered a good chunk of Tobes with the dungeon, so we can use it just in case a townsperson sees you transfer as well.”

“I was actually surprised they haven’t made much larger deal about it as they have…Like you said it should be a pretty high level spell.”

Belinda: “Tobes has progressed so much in the last year and a half, I don’t think much would surprise them anymore…”

“I was thinking of asking Dyson if he would teach me a teleporting spell for my next fee anyway. He seems to have various methods to go about it, surely we could utilize at least one of them to help us out.”

Belinda: “I don’t know I am sure it would take massive amounts of magic…”

“So, how are things going with Scylla and Zoey’s birthday preparations?”

Belinda: “Everything is all set, you have gotten them both birthday presents already right?”

“Of course…”

Belinda: “Yea I know better… You better summon something up for them pretty quick if you don’t plan to get it in town.”

“I will take care of it tomorrow.”

Belinda: “You better their party is the day after.”

The next day when I sit down to get gifts for the girls I quickly summon two stuffed animals. I am going to give Zoey a dog stuffed animal, and Scylla a salamander stuffed animal, and see what their reactions are before giving them my actual gift.

I spend quite a bit, on Zoey as her gear was the worst of all the girls. Unfortunately I can’t use better material, but I up the quality to master level and put a great bit of detail into the design of them. The bow comes out normally enough as [Intricately Designed Master Quality Stout Wooden Bow], but the armor however something strange happens.

New Item Created

Through painstaking effort the [Intricately Designed Master Quality Black Leather Armor] has resulted in the creation of a unique item.


The armor that is called [Zoey’s Armor] is made of a combination of black leather, with plates of dark steel leaving the body protected without restricting movement. There are several additions to it that seem to be catered to an archer.

Both sleeves of the armor contain the dark steel plates extending down to a wrist guard on one side and the other extends into a three fingered glove. Unlike normal leather armor it extends down the legs with leg and shin guards, even with a small curved plate covering the top of the foot.

Not preventing movement leaves quite a few weak points in the armor, but over all, I have seen full-plate armor with less coverage. It has a half helmet with plates to protect Zoey’s pointy ears. There is even a leather strap that has plates attached to it to protect her tail…

Each plate of the armor has intricate carved designs into it. I looks like it will have decent protection, but by the look alone Zoey will be unable to complain about her armor anymore at least. Now the only problem is Scylla’s gift probably won’t be able to compare…

New Items Available

Archer’s Armor                                     Cost: 1500xp
Archer’s Half-Helm                            
 Cost: 250xp
Beastkin Tail Armor                            
Cost: 400xp

New Skill Learned

Advanced Summoning (Rank 1): The details are everything. Focusing on smallest of details when summoning items or monsters it can lead to results greater than anticipated. Advanced summoning increases the chance of such an events occurring.

I learned a skill while preparing for Belinda’s birthday, and another now while preparing for Scylla’s and Zoey’s… I don’t understand though if there are three new pieces available to summon why did [Zoey’s Armor] show as 1 item.

I use [Menu] and search [Zoey’s Armor]

[Zoey’s Armor]: Zoey’s armor is a unique set of beastkin only archer’s armor, combined with an archer’s half-helm, and beastkin tail armor, that when worn together provides a set bonus increase to the defensive ability of the armor. Zoey’s armor is considered a light armor.

If I thought preparing a gift for Scylla before was going to be hard now it seems all but impossible… her robe and staff are already of master quality, she has the minor ring of magic. I can’t teach her skills or spells. I don’t believe anything I could get her would help her during training so I need to think of something else…

The only time she isn’t working is when she gets the chance to talk or spend time with Kline. Maybe I could come up with something for both of them that she would like. I come up with an idea, but I will have to get Belinda and Logan’s approval.

I pack up Zoey’s armor in a box similar to the one I gave Lilah for her birthday, and take the bow and the box transfer to the bedroom. After setting them down I set out looking for Belinda.

The next day while we finish up preparations Belinda takes the stuffed animals away from me placing them on the table on either side of the cake telling me I can’t give them to as gifts… When we are finally ready we tell the girls we are ready for them.

The party goes off without any problems and we spend quite some time visiting. There wasn’t a good way to wrap Zoey’s bow so it just has a bow tied to it, and that seems to keep catching Zoey’s eye the entire party till she can’t take it anymore and demands we open presents.

Everyone laughs and we agree. Zoey makes a beeline to the bow now finally able to give it a closer inspection.

Zoey: “Boss got me this right?”

“Yea I am sorry only the quality is better than you old bow, but I hope you like it.”

Kline: “The design of it is quite impressive, I would almost think it was elven made, but they use special wood when they make their bows.”

Most of the gifts from the others are clothing and such items Scylla thanks everyone for every gift after opening it, but Zoey seems indifferent about the gifts of clothes. When we get down to only Zoey’s armor I decide to let Scylla know about my gift to her.

“I had a lot of trouble trying to think of a gift for you…But after talking it over with Belinda I think I came up with something. Anywhere you and Kline want to go, here, the capital, where ever for the next month, Belinda and I will cover the cost of it.”

Scylla: “…But…”

“And don’t worry Kline I made sure to get Logan’s permission and he gave me the go ahead. He even said he would chip in if needed.”

Scylla: “We have so much work to do though…”

“Don’t worry about it. You and Kline don’t get to spend very much time together so take this chance while you can.”

Scylla: “I don’t know what to say.”

Belinda: “Just say you will have fun.”

Scylla: “Of course!” –She hugs Kline while he is trying to grasp the situation and he then quickly begins to blush.-

The two of them begin to discuss what they want to do with their month while I get the last box. I hand it to Zoey while she is messing with a questionable set of lingerie that Roxy got her.

“I got one left for you.”

Zoey: “Ha! Boss got me two gifts!” –She calls to Scylla, but Scylla is too preoccupied blushing while talking to Kline.”

Zoey opens up the box looking at it questionably…

Zoey: “This is made out of the same thing as Sofia and Roxy’s armor… You didn’t make me a dress did you?”

“It’s not a dress I promise.”

Zoey takes the helmet out first sliding it on her head, only one ear slides into the correct slot the other must be lying flat against her head. She then takes out the tail armor. After looking at it and flipping it over a few times she tries to wrap it around her waist.

“Why don’t you and Roxy take it in the other room and she can help you put it on…”

Zoey tilts her head questionably and Roxy looks over at Kline then nods her head she picks up the box from Zoey’s lap and leads her from the room. From the other room all I can hear is Zoey call out with a loud voice. “Hey! It’s got my name on it!”

Belinda asks me. “That didn’t look like any of the armor I have seen before. How did you make it?”

“I got lucky I guess.”

When Zoey walks back in the room it catches Kline’s attention causing him to stand up, which causes Scylla to turn to look as well. With Zoey in her armor her goofy nature is hidden and her appearance is at least equally intimidating as Logan and Kline in their armor.

Kline: “What kind of armor is that? Did you have it custom made?”

“Something like that, it is made of black leather and dark steel.”

Kline is interested enough that he walks over to check Zoey out.

Zoey is still checking out the armor as well.

Zoey: “See I told you Boss is still watching, how else would he know which fingers I use?” –She says at looking at the three fingered glove.-

Roxy shakes her head and says. “They are the fingers you use to hold your draw your arrows with, dumb dumb…”

Zoey: “Oh that makes sense…”

Kline: “The craftsmanship is simply magnificent…”

Zoey: “Scylla your boyfriend is getting handsy with me…”

Kline quickly blushes taking his hand off Zoey. “I am so sorry…” He then turns to me. “Where did you have the armor made? Was it at the capital?”

“No…Not really…”

Kline: “I didn’t think so… The young master and I had to have ours made in Merretta, but to be able to have it sent that amount of distance and even a perfect fit…”

Scylla: “Kline… What about our trip? –She says while hanging on his arm.-

It doesn’t seem to get his attention however so she blushes and lightly kisses his cheek which does draw his attention.

Kline: “… I’m sorry… I got distracted…”

Scylla then drags him back over to their chairs…

Zoey: “Hey Boss. This is great!”

“I am glad you like it.”

The party slowly begins to progress again, Roxy has a hard time trying to get Zoey to take off the armor, but after whispering in her ear, she quickly heads out of the room coming back a few minutes later without it… Poor Zoey is so easy to read…

Scylla and Kline decide on heading to the Calhoun Capital, which is where the girls went to raise Bell’s rank when they were at Madam Erin’s dungeon. I am not quite sure why they are going there instead of Gown’s Capital, but Belinda figures it just so they can actually be alone.

To make it back before my birthday Scylla and Kline have to leave within the week, but by the next morning they are already packed and ready to go… We have breakfast together and see them off. Belinda whispers to Scylla causing her to blush a brightly and then she hands her a bag of gold coins that should be enough to get them though a month.

Kline’s xp has left us in relatively good shape now, and we have the 10,000xp put back plus a decent amount in reserve.

Dyson sends me some messages every now and again over the next few weeks making sure I am prepared for the birth of the new core and about a week before my birthday he arrives in Tobes again. This time he is without his armor.

Dyson: Greetings. “I thought I would bring you your core summoning stone, and go over the last bit of details before hand.”

“Well I think I am pretty much set I have and two ideas for the new core’s training. If the first doesn’t work I got a backup so it should be alright.”

Dyson: “Good to hear.”

He talks about how the summoning process is going to work.

Dyson: “You seen the most of it last year during the elder selection, but once we set the core summoning stone in your dungeon it should take care of the rest.”

I leave Bell to the office and take Dyson to the house. The summoning stone is like a large stone bench so I take him into the ballroom.

Dyson: “This should work fine, although I wouldn’t throw a party for the summoning if I was you.”

“I didn’t plan on it…”

Using the storage magic he pulls the large stone bench practically out of thin air. It is solid stone so it much weighs a ton yet he carries it like a simple wooden bench setting down in the middle of the floor.

“I would really like to learn that magic one of these days. I also was wondering if the next time you need something copied, if I could ask for a means of teleportation magic as a reward.”

Dyson: “Storage wouldn’t be hard at all unless you can’t use shadow magic, but teleportation… They are all pretty high level spells. I think the only one you would be able to cast would be a self teleport, and the range wouldn’t be that great.”

“Well I have a mage type class so maybe that would help?”

Dyson: “The lowest group teleportation spell I know costs 500mp”

“Well I could manage… It would be at my limit, but I could use it.”

Dyson: “Really you have exceeded 500mp at your level? You really must have taken every mage skill available. In that case I will see what I can do.”

“I hope the ring was sufficient for your needs for the last request?”

Dyson: “It was a big help, although you didn’t need to spend the extra on such an elaborate ring, a simple band would have sufficed.”

“Well it wasn’t really a problem.”

Dyson: “I was glad to hear the xp gem was sufficient as well, I think I have a pretty good understanding the value of items xp cost compared to how much the item would cost with gold, but rare items like that ring can really throw you off sometimes.”

“Human gold still leaves me scratching my head most days.”

Dyson: “Well you are all set up. The new dungeon core #245 will be born in one week at exactly 10am. Her race and personality will be based on her training core, so hope you don’t have any weird fetishes or your princess might find out about them.”

“Well I don’t have anything like that.”

Dyson: “Well we will see… I will be keeping an eye on the training of the new cores so don’t be surprised to see me looking in on you.”

“Like I said I really don’t mind as long as you avoid the bedrooms and bathrooms if you don’t mind to keep the girls at ease.”

Dyson: “Well I have never been particularly fond of beastkin, so no need to worry much there. Well you are my first stop, so I got 6 more of these to deliver so I better get along with it.”

Without as much as a nod he disappears… I open up [Menu] and it shows a screen for the core summoning bench, but I can’t do anything with it and it just has a countdown timer. That ends what is most likely 10am, 7 days from now.

Since I am already here I decide to pop in on Lilah to see how things are going in the dungeon. She has summoned a few combat training items in the core room and when I arrive it is just in time to hear a loud crack of her whip at it hits a training dummy.

“You have gotten pretty good with that thing. I remember thinking that there was no way it would make a good weapon, but I guess it just takes the right touch.”

Lilah: “Lilah practices every chance she gets.”

“Well I am glad you are getting the use out of it, but don’t over work yourself. Don’t forget to take some down time as well.”

Lilah: “Yes Master.”

“How are things going in the dungeon?”

Lilah: “Lilah used the xp from Kline to finish out most the rifts in the existing rooms, but the dragonkin. The slimes at the bottom however are a rift.”

“Has anyone made it past the last floor yet?”

Lilah: “We had a few get close, but the silver slime are sneaky and quick, even with the warning about them at the adventurer’s guild they are still unable to pass the room.”

“Just be careful we don’t need a hero showing up.”

Lilah: “Lilah would like to see what one fights like though.”

“We have come quite a ways since Listel visited, but I assure you, we still aren’t ready.”

Lilah: “Yes Master…”

I leave Lilah to the dungeon and return to the office looking at the new office as I pass by. It is taking quite a long time for its construction and I was quite surprised when Belinda said it might take even till the end of the year before it is completely done.

It however seems to be at least the size of our house and is constructed from stone they are cutting directly out of the mountain and hauling down so I guess it shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

Also the stone that is left from when a one of the golems in the dungeon dies is quite sought after for buildings such as this, so a commission has been set to recover as much as possible from the dungeon.

I finish out the rest of the day at the office with Bell and we meet up with the others for our weekly dinner together. Things seem to still be going great with Roxy and Zoey. Bell and Sofia seem to have kind of grouped up together, but they are mostly quiet.

Lilah has still been worrying me a bit with how she is acting in the dungeon, but we make her take a few days off a week, and with her combat training she seems to be making a bit of progress.

I tried to get Belinda not to make a big deal about my birthday because I will be busy with the new core, but she has already began making the preparations, and invited what I think is half the town for it. She told me Scylla and Kline are also on their way back from their vacation and should arrive the day before.

I wake up on the morning of my birthday with a small wrapped package sitting on my chest. I move it out of the way and sit up. I am alone in the bedroom even though the sun still has yet to rise. I pick up the package and look it over.

It just a small box wrapped in a bright green colored wrapping with bow on top. I unwrap it and open the box. Inside is a very high quality set of clothing folded up along with a note.

Good morning~
I hope you like the clothes I got for your birthday, and to welcome a new core into our home you should be dressed in the best. After you get dressed I will be waiting for you downstairs with the girls.


I set the note down and pull the clothes from the box. I thought with the quality of the clothes it would be something flashy, but after looking them over they don’t look much different than my other clothes another then the quality of the material and the craftsmanship.

I feel the softness of the material with my fingers for a second then I notice something… I pick up Belinda’s pillow next to me and take a deep breath, and then hold the clothes up to my face taking another deep breath…

I am not quite sure why but the clothes smell like Belinda… I have never known her to sew anything so surely she couldn’t have made them, but I can’t think of another reason she would have enough contact with them to leave her scent behind.

I guess it isn’t like it matters, I actually find the scent rather comforting and enjoyable. I find myself putting the clothes on without using [Menu] like I am afraid the scent will disappear if I do. After getting dressed I prepare to leave the room taking ahold of my shirt briefly just to breathe deeply again before walking out of the room.

When I enter the dining room everyone is already sitting around the table chatting happily. They all seem to be wearing their best sets of clothes. Even Zoey’s and Lilah’s hair have been brushed thoroughly…

I have a bit of a questioning look on my face as Belinda quickly makes her way to me wrapping one of her arms around me, kissing me, and rubbing my chest with her other hand.

Belinda: “That looks great on you.”

“I thought I said I didn’t want you to make a big deal of my birthday, what’s going on?”

Belinda: “You are going to begin training a new core today, I just want to make sure we all make a good impression. We are all your monsters, and if we are not up to par it would look bad on you.”

“It isn’t really that big of a deal…” –I turn my attention to Scylla. – “I see you made it in last night then? Is Kline still in bed?”

Scylla: “I think so, he wanted to stay for your birthday party this evening, but he has already been away from Logan so long… He is going to begin heading back this morning so I wanted to let him rest.”

“How did things go for you and Kline?”

Scylla blushes and turns her head.

Zoey: “We were just asking her when you came in, but so far she won’t give it up.”

“Well as long as you enjoyed yourselves that is what matters, if you don’t want to talk about it, it’s ok.”

Zoey: “Don’t tell her that Boss I want the details!”

Roxy hits Zoey on the shoulder.

Scylla: “Thanks…”

Lilah says matter-of-factly “Couldn’t have enjoyed it to much they still used separate rooms last night.”

Scylla is blushing brightly as she quickly says. “Of course we are, we had our own rooms the whole time!”

Zoey: “What’s the point of a romantic getaway if you don’t spend it together?”

Scylla: “We did! But sharing a room… That is just too much…”

Roxy: “It’s alright Scylla ignore them, take all the time you need.”

Zoey: “That sounds strange coming from you.”

Roxy: “You think I wanted to grow up the way I did? I think the fact she gets to make the choice herself very important.”

Zoey: “I didn’t mean…” –Zoey’s ears droop.-

Roxy: “I know… -She says with a sweet smile while kissing the end of Zoey’s nose.-

Sofia: “I am surprised even if you haven’t made a move that he hasn’t tried it yet… I mean he is a man right?”

Belinda: “As long as I can remember Kline has been at Logan’s side, he has always been reserved.”

Sofia: “From what I have heard about your brother. He seems like he was quite the ladies’ man before Queen wrapped him around her finger. If Kline was around for all that you would think they would be just alike.”

Scylla: “Kline has his duties to Logan, and he is afraid a serious relationship will affect that.”

“Of course it would, but I thought it was obvious by now that Logan is obviously alright with that.”

Scylla: “…”

Lilah: “Maybe he just doesn’t know how to do it! I could show him how if you want!”

Scylla couldn’t possibly blush any brighter as she quickly says “No! Besides if that was the case I would show him!”

Lilah: “So you do want him to!”

Scylla: “…”

Belinda: “Alright, that’s enough girls… We have a lot to do today, to be worrying about Scylla’s love life…”

We then finish up with breakfast, and even after cleaning up the sun has barely begun to rise. When Scylla leaves to check on Kline, Belinda pulls me off to the side.

Belinda: “You know not the showing him part, but what Lilah said might be true…He could be holding back because he doesn’t know what to do and is embarrassed about it. Maybe you should talk to him about it…”

“Yea I am sure that would be a fun conversation.”

Belinda: “I didn’t say it would be fun, but I can see Scylla is frustrated like I was… And you explaining it to him is far better than having a prostitute do it like you did.”

“…Alright… If I get the chance I will talk to him before he goes, but shouldn’t that be Logan’s job?”

Belinda: “Kline would never talk to Logan about it. He would be too ashamed to lose face in Logan’s eyes.”

Belinda then goes and begins setting up the ballroom for my party this evening. Lilah heads to the core room, but if there aren’t any adventurers in the dungeon just before 10 she is supposed to return for the birth of the new core.

The core summoning stone is kind of in the way being in the middle of the floor of the ball room, but after the new core is born I should be able to remove it with [Menu]. I decide to check on Scylla and Kline and find them passionately kissing in the hallway outside his room, so apparently they were able to make some progress during their trip. When they notice me they both blush and seem ashamed…

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

Kline: “It’s quite alright. I should really get on the road anyway.”

“Well I will let you say your goodbyes… If you don’t mind I would like to have a word with you before you go, so when you are ready I will be downstairs.”

I sigh as I sit in one of the chairs in the large dining room. For some reason Kline knocks on the door before entering.

Kline: “You wanted to talk to me sir?”

“I wanted to ask how things were going between you and Scylla.”

Kline: “…Things are going great Sir! Scylla and I had a great time during out trip.”

“That’s good… But you had separate rooms the entire time?”

Kline: “Yes sir! I promise!”


Kline: “Hu…?”

“Do you not feel strongly enough about Scylla to sleep with her?”

Kline: “I am not sure I understand Sir… I care for Scylla very much…”

“Is it her appearance then?

Kline: “Of course not. I am not going to lie and say it was love at first sight or anything like that, but after I got to know her I begun to see her as beautiful…”

“Then what is it?”

Kline: “We barely know each other…”

“You have talked to each other almost every day for almost a year now.”

Kline: “We both have are responsibilities, mine to the Young Master, and Scylla to you…”

“You had a full month without having to worry anything about that.”

Kline: “We haven’t even talked about getting married…”

“Belinda and I aren’t married. Not that I am sure one of these days she isn’t going to make me eventually marry her…”

Kline: “I still don’t understand Sir… I mean you are making it sound like I should have slept with her.”

“By the way I have seen you two when you are together, and by what you said. I was wondering if there was a good reason why you haven’t slept with her, because so far I haven’t seen one.”

Kline: “…”

“Logan told me you were still a virgin. Do you not know how to do it?”

Kline: “Just because I haven’t done it before doesn’t mean I don’t know how!”

“Well at least I was saved from that one…”

Kline: “That isn’t the only thing though. What about her?”

“Well take it from someone that has been there… Women are quite finicky about the when and where or at least Belinda is, but I am sure you probably missed quite a few chances over the past month.”

Kline: “…”

“Well I will let you get on the road, but next time you two are able to spend time together, if everything is going good, just try to go further. If she wants you to she will tell you to stop.”

Kline: “Well Sir…Thanks for the talk… I think…”

After a bow Kline leaves the room and I slunk back in my chair… “Well I did more than my part, the rest is up to them I guess.”

A sudden voice causes me to sit bolt upright in my chair.

Belinda: “Well not “too” bad of a job. It’s your birthday today so I will give you a pass.” –She says as she enters the room from the kitchen.-

She then walks over to me putting a hand on each arm of my chair leaning forward kissing me. After I warp my arms around her pulling her closer she sits in my lap without our lips ever parting. While we kiss I begin to manipulate one of her breasts over her clothes, but once I reach down to slide my hand up into her shirt she stops me.

Belinda: “Na na na, you can squeeze the package a bit, but you can’t open all your presents before your birthday party.”

She kisses me again then jumps up saying. “Besides we don’t have enough time.”

I check a screen looking at the corner. “We still have just over an hour.”

Belinda: “Like I said. Not enough time.” –She says with a wink before leaving me alone in the room alone again.-

I lean back in my chair again for a moment before slapping my cheeks a bit and getting up straightening my clothes then heading into the other room.


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