Chapter 47: Kline Torres

It’s been 4 days since the shipments from the capital have resumed, and all 4 days at least one shipment arrived. Stores are starting to reopen, and business is beginning to return to normal. That means my job as mayor has begun to pick up as well.

The xp I have received from Kline was a little less than I expected, but it was still over 2000xp each day so we have been begun to work on the dungeon again. Several of the local adventurers have made a few more trips up to the dungeon since their training, but that hasn’t really done anything for us.

Today also marked the first day an outside group of adventurers has returned to Tobes. They look pretty new, but they at least have steel gear so still better than the locals. They checked into the inn so I should be able to see their power level before they head up to the dungeon.

Bell and I have had to take care of everything at the mayor’s office as Scylla has been keeping Kline and Amy company. I would say Amy is their chaperone, but she seems to be the opposite. Belinda told me Amy is getting frustrated because they are acting like a couple kids with a crush as they haven’t even held hands more than a moment before blushing profusely and awkwardly laughing it off.

After dealing with my work today I decided to work a bit on the dungeon as I got to prepare for when Queen and Logan show up. While looking though [Menu] I decide to focus on the dungeon for a while instead of covering Tobes as I seem to only get 1xp from each normal villager.

I used almost all of the xp again but I finally finished filling the third floor with rifts. In the huge open room before the crystal room I doubled down on crimson kobolds. I moved the crimson brute and crimson elder back to the crystal room. I left all the golems stored in the crystal with Ike and Bo for the moment.

All the new rifts are set to begin spawning the kobolds of random gender now, so female crimson kobolds will begin to appear in the dungeon sometimes. Zoey sold just a female normal kobold last fall to Denova so I thought I should at least do that much. I am sure Belinda wasn’t the only one that noticed all the kobolds were male.

I couldn’t afford good armor, but with what Lilah did while we are gone the entire dungeon has steel weapons and armor now, so I just moved some of the full-plate armors back to the huge room and then summoned chainmail for the other groups on the third floor.

In a few more days I will be able to add rifts to the crystal room and then I am going to save up for a fourth floor. I haven’t checked on the observation screen in months and I am not surprised to find the screen black when I open it.

I wonder what happened with that huge white bearlike humanoid Dyson seemed to be following. I never did figure out what the purpose of that was. Maybe I will keep a bit of a closer eye on the screen for a few days to see if it ever shows it again.

“Well Lilah we had an outside group return today and check in at the Inn. They booked a few days so I don’t know when but we should start getting adventurers in the dungeon again. I gave you some more kobolds to play with so I am counting on you to keep us safe.”

Lilah: “Master doesn’t have to worry. Leave it to Lilah, she won’t let you down!”

“I know you won’t. Don’t stay up to late alright?”

Lilah nods and I am about to transfer from the room but Zoey suddenly transfers in.

Zoey: “Oh boss… I am glad I caught you before you went to bed.”

Even though she said it, it seems like she didn’t mean it and looks around awkwardly.

“Well is there something you need?”

Zoey looks to Lilah and then back to me before saying. “Boss… Can we talk…? Privately.”

It seems really out of character for Zoey to act this way, so I nod and even though Lilah seems to really perk with interest she doesn’t object when I ask her to step out.

Zoey: “With Kline’s visit we are no longer in a bad way with xp right?”

“Well I did just spend most we got from him, but Logan still hasn’t left the capital so he should be here at least another week, so I guess it’s safe to say we are doing pretty well.”

Zoey: “So if Roxy wanted to join the dungeon, you would be able to help her?”

“I don’t think it would be a problem, but I am still a little worried about something she said concerning the relationship between you two.”

Zoey: “I talked to her a lot about it… She is happy to stay with me but she still wants to feel a man every now and then…”

“So she did talk to you about it?”

Zoey: “I don’t want her to leave boss… But I don’t want to share her with anyone either.”

“Well I am not sure what to say…”

Zoey: “I thought hard about it, and I think I found a solution.”


Zoey: “If boss helped us I think I would be ok with that.”


Zoey seems flustered and blushes in a way I don’t think I have ever seen from Zoey, and she corrects herself while trying to laugh it off. “I don’t mean you personally. Belinda would kill me, but if we could you know use Bo he doesn’t have a brain so I don’t have to worry about him stealing Roxy from me…”

“I don’t know… I mean would that even work?”

Zoey: “Of course… I… It will work.”

“I don’t mean that, I already knew about that… I just meant would that be enough for Roxy…”

This has gotten rather uncomfortable, and I find myself strangely embarrassed about it. I am trying to keep a straight face, but I am sure I am blushing a bit.

Zoey: “Could we at least try it out and see? I would really like to be able to take Roxy with us when we go to train again.”

“Let me think about it… I want to talk it over with Belinda as well before I make a decision.”

Zoey: “You can’t keep this just between us…?”

“If you really want me to I can, but I don’t know if I can give you the answer you want if I don’t at least talk it over with Belinda.”

Zoey’s ears droop but she says. “Ok… You can tell Belinda, but nobody else ok?”

After I agree Zoey thanks me for listening and for considering it then transfers out. I am not exactly sure what just happened but after I manage to regain composure I transfer to my bedroom as well.

Belinda: “What’s wrong?”


Belinda: “You have a strange look…”

“Zoey asked me for a favor…”

I fill in Belinda about what Zoey and I talked about.

“And I am just not sure how to handle this…”

Belinda seems to have a troubled expression as well but she says. “Well I guess it wouldn’t hurt for them to see if it works out for them.”

“Really? I thought you would have been opposed to the idea.”

Belinda: “I mean it’s really something they need to work out, and if it works for them who are we to judge them?”

“But what about Bo, that is what I thought you would be against.”

Belinda: “Well he isn’t sentient right? He won’t care one way or another, but even if he could I am sure he wouldn’t turn down that opportunity even if he was able to.”

“How do you figure?”

Belinda: “Even with Roxy’s scar she is still a very good looking woman, and Zoey is beautiful as well. What man wouldn’t jump at that chance? At least this way we know they will be safe.”

“Ok… I guess I will let Zoey know tomorrow…”

Belinda: “You really don’t get it do you…?”


Belinda: “Well at least now I know I don’t have to worry about keeping you to myself.”

I am still not entirely sure what just happened yet again, but this time it at least it benefits me greatly because the next few hours before we go to sleep are quite enjoyable…

The next day Belinda finally receives word from Logan that Queen and him are on their way. We really need to focus on the dungeon then, even if Zoey’s plan works we are going put off having Roxy join the dungeon till at least after Logan and Queen pass though the dungeon.

Belinda warned me this morning not to let Zoey know until this evening, but she has already asked me three times today if I have talked to Belinda about it. I finally just told her I would give her an answer this evening and she calmed down.

Another shipment from the capital arrives along with another group of adventurers. The guy bringing this shipment said after this one though we should return to our normal shipments after that, but they might still be a bit larger for a few more weeks.

Denova finally has begun to act on what she said, arriving today to ask for approval to open a general store across from her brothel. I can’t really reject her because Belinda and I have had to buy stuff from her.

I am sure it was intentional she always went to Belinda to get her approval before going to the mayor, but now she went to me first. I however still stamp her form, but I send a message to Belinda warning her Denova is on her way.

Belinda tells me the group of adventurers arrives yesterday stopped by today to pick up commissions for the dungeon, and that she already let Lilah know to keep an eye out for them. I too send a message to Lilah telling her to keep me updated.

When Scylla shows up a little after noon it’s kind of hard to tell with her black salamander skin but she is lightly blushing. She then picks up working around the office like she has been here all week…

“Scylla, are you ok?”

Scylla: “Of course.”

“I thought you were keeping Kline and Amy company while they are here?”

Scylla: “I… I have been, but I thought I needed to begin to get back to work though. You and Belinda are counting on my help.”

“We left them to you because we knew you would take care of them though.”

Scylla: “They had a few things to take care of… So I thought I would help out for a few hours.”


We then get back to work, but Scylla isn’t as focused as she usually is. After having to call her twice because she is staring off into space I send a message to Belinda and ask her if she can figure out what is going on from Amy.

Belinda: “I just heard! Scylla is there with you? She should be getting ready!”

“What are you talking about?”

Belinda: “Amy just told me Kline and Scylla are going to dinner together tonight!”

“They have had dinner together every night since they arrived…”

Belinda: “On a date Two-Twelve! By themselves!”

“Oh, so that is why Scylla is acting strangely?”

Belinda: “Just tell her to come here… I will take care of it…”


I tell Scylla that Belinda is looking for her so I send her on her way… These girls really are going to be the death of me… Maybe I should actually consider summoning at least one sentient male beastkin as backup.

After finishing up for the day Bell and I head home. When we arrive Zoey is sitting on the steps, and when she sees us heading up the path she heads inside and I hear her call out “Boss, is home!”

When we walk in the door I see Belinda hastily heading down the stairs.

Belinda: “Two-Twelve! Why are you so late?”

“Late for what?”

Belinda: “Scylla and Kline are almost ready to leave for their dinner, you need to talk to them before they leave.”

“I do?”

She looks angry with me as she pulls me though one of the doors into the ballroom.

Belinda: “Do you not feel anything, about Scylla going out on her first date?”

“I don’t understand. She is the one going out, why would I feel anything about it?”

Belinda: “Do you not feel like her father?”

“How does that make any sense? We appear almost the same age. Besides I don’t know what it would feel like to be a father, but by guessing by your reaction the answer is obviously no…”

Belinda: “But you summoned her! She is your responsibility if something happened to her you are saying you wouldn’t feel anything at all?”

“I don’t see how any of these topics are connected… They are just going to dinner, not to fight a dragon…”

Belinda: “What if things work out and they get married? Or even worse if it goes bad and he hurts her…”

“Well with his level there isn’t much we could do about it if he did, but I am sure your brother wouldn’t stand for anything like that. You explained marriage to me before, and I don’t really see it as that big of a deal, as long as she still preforms her duties…”

Belinda sighs and holds her head, then Zoey pokes her head in the door and says they are ready. Belinda nods then she looks me dead in the eyes.

Belinda: “Just be supportive but strict, and don’t say anything unnecessarily…”

She then forces a big smile on her face and wraps her arm around mine gripping me tightly dragging me back to the entryway.

When we enter the room I can see the entire house has gathered in the entryway… And at the center of it all is Kline and Scylla, both seeming extremely nervous while blushing and one of their arms are locked together at the elbow.

What they are wearing I wouldn’t call formal wear, but it is definitely higher quality and fancier then their normal clothes. Scylla is wearing a dress, and although it is not large and puffy it’s not like the ones Lilah wears either.

I would say it is closer to what Belinda wore when we were at her party at the capital. It is not near a long though, it also seems to be quite sensual. It causes me to notice a few things I just came to realize. I have seen Zoey naked on quite a few occasions, and accidently even Roxy, but even Bell’s normal clothing reveals more of her body then I have ever seen of Scylla’s.

The dress itself is a deep blue color that really causes her black “skin” to shine and stand out. I didn’t realize the size of the yellow spots on her body as well or the quantity of them until now after only seeing the ones on her arms, tail, and one on each shoulder from when she wore the dress at the housewarming party before.

I find her to be quite stunning to look at, but the feeling I feel is not quite something I have felt before. It’s not the same feeling I get when I see Belinda, embarrassed doesn’t seem to be the right emotion  but that seems like the closest way I know to describe it.

Belinda: “You both look great. Don’t they Two-Twelve?” –She says then squeezes my arm tighter in hers.-

“…Yes quite…”

Scylla: “I feel so embarrassed. This kind of thing doesn’t suit me.” –She says nervously.-

Kline: “Don’t be… You look truly captivating…”

Scylla then begins to blush a great deal.

Belinda: “I am sorry there still isn’t much in the way of where you could go in Tobes at the moment, but I hope you enjoy your evening.”

“And be sure to be back here before midnight.”

Kline: “Yes sir! I promise I will have her home before then.”

Kline bows to me and Belinda and they awkwardly leave together.

Belinda: “That was sweet telling him to have her home by midnight all protective like.”

“Well if they aren’t we wouldn’t get the xp from Kline…”

Belinda: “Oh I give up!”

Belinda lets go of me and storms off through the doors heading into the dining area. Roxy’s face looks concerned when she looks to Amy, but Amy doesn’t react.

Roxy: “You already know as well?”

Amy: “Of course I am Belinda’s attendant I know everything concerning her.”

Roxy: “Who else knows?”

“That’s it, Amy is the only one outside the family that knows… Oh except Cassandra at Denova’s but she only knows because she is a dungeon monster herself.”

Roxy: “Wait Cassandra was a dungeon monster?”

“Yes all of the slaves bought from that slave trader Edward are from a dungeon.”

Bell: “There was also the other three from Queen’s dungeon…”

“Oh yea, Diamond, Heart, and Clover, but they only know for the same reason.”

Roxy: “Queen, isn’t that Logan’s girlfriends name?”

“Yea, she is like me, but Logan still doesn’t know about any of us.”

Amy: “Well if Kline and Scylla are going to enjoy a night meal why don’t we as well.”

Amy then disappears though the dining room door as well.

“Bell why don’t you take Lilah and go help Amy and Belinda, I need to talk to Roxy and Zoey for a minute.”

Bell nods then Lilah and Bell head into the dining room as well.

Zoey: “Does that mean you made up your mind boss?” –She says with a bright smile on her face.-

“Have you talked about it with Roxy yet?”

Zoey: “I told her I had a plan but I didn’t want to give her hopes up, and I wanted to make it a surprise.”

Roxy: “What are you two talking about?”

“Well Belinda and I discussed it, and if it is ok with you and especially Roxy then I will let you do what you asked.”

Zoey: “Really!? This is great! Come on Roxy!”

“After dinner! Roxy still has to eat you know.”

Roxy: “Are you going to tell me what’s going on? I am starting to get a little worried…”

Zoey: “Don’t worry its great news!”

Roxy looks a little skeptical about it, but it is forgotten once we join the others in the dining room for dinner.

Kline’s PoV

I spent the entire winter thinking about Scylla, luckily the young master allowed me to have a pair of the communication parchments so Scylla and I could write back and forth but I really wanted to see her again.

I have always been by the young master’s side, but he sent Amy and me ahead while he was waiting for Queen to make it to the capital. He told me it was so I could get things ready for their arrival but he has never done anything like that in the past.

Besides it has been a few days already and they only just now left the capital, if it takes them a week to get here that was way more time then I needed to just let his sister and her fiancé know of his arrival. I am grateful however because it has giving me the chance to spend time with Scylla again.

She doesn’t talk much about herself but she loves hearing the stories of the adventurers I have had with the young master. I usually don’t like telling them stories, but after I see the look on her face when I do I find myself spending hours talking…

I have always been by the young master’s side so I haven’t had much chance to date women. I mean I have dated a few of course but it usually ends in disaster. Like the young ladies that introduced us to Queen.

Of course Diamond and I didn’t talk about dating but I felt we had a bit of a connection. When I found out she was in Tobes I was looking forward to seeing her again but then I found out she became a prostitute…

That’s the story of how my love life has always gone. The young master even arranged a marriage for me once. She was another beastkin that joined the Gowen army and the young master even went as far as to set it up with her family.

I enjoyed speaking with her as well, but a few weeks before we were to be married I found she was also seeing half of the soldiers in her unit… Of course after finding that out the young master allowed me to drop the engagement right there.

There was also a young beastkin woman we met in our travels one time. We were on a long trip after leaving a dungeon on our way back home, and she was the daughter of the trader that was giving us a lift.

After three quarters of the two month trip I found out that she was in fact not the trader’s daughter, but a slave girl he took as his wife… That made the remainder of that trip awkward… Now that I think about it she was a rabbit so her tail was short as well…

Maybe the young master was right I always tend to date the women with a sad story and a short tail and it always backfires on me in the end. When we were younger I did also date a few humans but they never held much interest for me.

That leaves me with Scylla… I don’t know why I find myself so attracted to her as she doesn’t fit type of woman that usually catches my eye. I even have to admit when I first met her I found her appearance rather peculiar.

After Logan forced me to dance with her at his sister’s housewarming party, and we then begin to talk something just sort of clicked. I have seen women that are drawn to adventurers, and that’s a big reason I don’t like to talk about them, but when Scylla is listening it doesn’t feel the same.

She is also very intelligent, and kind… We helped unload one of the shipments from the capital the other day and received a few gold, and I watched her put every one into poor box at a shrine. It was a very small amount, but when I asked her about it she just told me she doesn’t need gold because her master makes sure she has everything she needs so she would rather someone that need it get it.

The young master has always provided for me as well, but when I earn my own gold I have never even thought about those that aren’t provided for. I managed to get a glimpse of her room yesterday and it was very utilitarian with practically no personal effects.

The only personal item she had was a weird shaped stuffed animal that she said was gift from the princess during the winter solstice festival here in Tobes. When she talked about it though, she even made that pathetic stuffed animal look like it was a priceless treasure.

Even as we have sat here quietly at the restaurant for at least 10 minutes she is sitting across from me with a blushing but heartwarming smile. I want to say something to her, but every time I look at her my eyes are drawn to one of the yellow spots on her skin that is barely visible sticking out the top of her dress on her right breast, so I keep retreating to my internal monologue to prevent myself from staring at her breasts…

Scylla: “Kline? Have I done something to make you uncomfortable? If so I apologize I am not very experienced at this kind of outing…”

“No, I’m sorry. I must apologize, I am not very experienced at this as well. The few times I have dated, it always seems to end pretty badly. You are just so perfect, and I have kind of been waiting for the other shoe to drop as it were…”

Scylla blushes and says. “No, I am far from perfect. Maybe if I was it wouldn’t have taken Belinda and Roxy both to help figure out how to get in this dress… And don’t even get me started on the under…”

Scylla quickly stops talking and begins to blush deeply and the silence between us returns…

“You have never really told me much about yourself… I really would like to know more about you.”

Scylla: “Oh well… There is not really much to tell, I just help Belinda and Master with whatever they need.”

“I know what you mean there. I have served Master and the Young Master my entire life. What about your training in The Tower of the Gods, I would like to hear of one of your adventurers since I am always telling you about mine.”

Scylla: “I am sure it’s it nothing as interesting as your stories, we have only made it to the 12th floor.”

“That is pretty good, for a beginner you haven’t even been an adventurer for a full year isn’t that right?”

Scylla: “Yea, but the princess is quite a bit stronger than us so she ends up doing the most of the work, I just stick to the back and heal wounds.”

“There is nothing wrong with that. All of the good groups have a good healer, and you could even say it’s the most important role. Healers also make great leaders because they train to read their groups.”

Scylla: “The first time we went out, Belinda told me something similar.”

“You are even a water healer aren’t you?”

Scylla: “yea…”

“See that’s even more special, because water healers are even harder because their spells are harder to learn and drain your magic to a higher degree then light healing”

“Other than healing spells what else can you do?”

Scylla: “I know a few water attack spells, I also am learning a few earth spells as well.”

“Earth and Water is a good combination. In between the healing you can make barriers and blockades to help your group.”

Scylla: “I am still not that good yet.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll get there. Other then you and the Young Master’s sister what are the roles of the others in your group?”

Scylla: “Zoey is an archer, but she isn’t bad with dual blades in a pinch. This last trip was the first time we had Bell with us, but she is a martial artist.”

“Really a martial artist? By her look you could easily believe it, but once you talk to her she seems so shy and timid to be a martial artist.”

Scylla: “She actually does a complete flip during battle. At The Tower of the Gods she hit a golem so hard she broke her hand and her wrist without any mention of pain she then just looked at me with and shyly asked me if I could heal it… It gave Belinda and me quite the shock.”

“I could imagine… When we went into The Ancient Kobold Stronghold with Two-Twelve and Roxy, they both seemed to handle themselves pretty well. If you all went together it would make a pretty solid team. Although for a mage I think Two-Twelve tries to swing his sword around a bit when he should focus on his spells.”

Scylla: “Yea… I don’t know if they will be able to travel with us when we go, especially now that Master has become the Mayor of Tobes.”

Now that we have finally been able to break the ice the conversation seems to get easier throughout the rest of dinner. There is not really anywhere else to go so after dinner we remain at the restaurant for quite a while just talking until it is time for me to get Scylla home…

Even with most of the snow melted now it is still pretty cold at night, and Scylla’s dress is not really made for a wintertime stroll through town so I take off my jacket and place it over her shoulders to help keep her warm.

Once we make it to Scylla’s home we head upstairs. The sounds coming from the room across the hall in Roxy and Zoey’s room are quite loud and even without any experience it still is not hard to determine the cause, which brings back all the awkwardness Scylla and I managed to shed this evening.

Scylla: “Maybe you should see me to my room, and we part there?”

I nod and we head up to the hall outside of her room. After hearing what was going on downstairs I find it rather hard to concentrate.

Scylla: “I enjoyed tonight.”

“I did as well, and I hope you would allow me to take you out again sometime.”

Scylla: “I think I would like that.”

Scylla returns my jacket to me and I lean in and kiss Scylla on the cheek.

Scylla: “I am going to have to return to work tomorrow, breakfast and dinner will be pretty hectic with everyone there, but maybe we can have lunch together?”

“I’ll look forward to it. Goodnight Scylla…”

Scylla: “Night Kline…”

It must be my imagination, but as soon as Scylla heads into her room it sounds like every door on the floor shuts at the same time hers does… I can’t help but to feel excited, we already have another date planned!

My head is filled with ideas for lunch tomorrow that is until I head back down to my room and have to hear what’s going on across the hall. My mind then begins to wander, and I have a bit of trouble getting to sleep…



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